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A Vampire? Aca-Believe It.

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It was the beginning of the school year. Beca was a freshman, and she was trying to navigate her way through the chaos. To add another layer of fun on top of that? She couldn’t really go outside during the day. Whatever - she was a night owl anyway.

Lucky for her, the activities fair had to be moved inside this year due to inclement weather. She was looking around for anything music related - apparently the Barden DJs were the Deaf Jews. What? Did the universe truly have it out for her? On her second loop around the events center, she spied two girls trying to recruit people for their acapella group. Yeah… that’s not lame or anything. When the redhead started talking to Beca and she had to force herself not to roll her eyes. The girl seemed so spirited though, Beca tried to at least seem interested – the girl introduced herself as Chloe. Beca couldn’t help but notice these fluorescent lights were doing wonders for Chloe’s eyes… What? Beca’s allowed to notice things about other people… especially gorgeous redheads. Somehow she walked away with a flyer though. Tryouts were like a month away.

Finally, she made her way to the booth for the local radio station. WBUJ. She talked to the station manager Luke, and he seemed interested in an intern for the station. It was a start. At least it’s music-related.

Headed back to her dorm, she was so excited to see her roommate Kimmy-Jin. Not. They had barely spoken to each other over the two weeks together. She opened the door, and the girl had another group of kids over playing some sort of video game. Whatever, she was going to start on another mix. Her work for the semester was done a few days ago, so no homework or papers or anything to distract her. Just one perk of not needing to sleep. Kimmy-Jin wasn’t really around during the day, she actually attended her classes, and it gave Beca ample time to get work done. At night, she usually wandered around campus looking for something fun to do. Or someone to make friends with. The redhead at the activities fair was the first person to even take any interest in her. The blonde with her seemed like a stuck-up bitch though. She wasn’t used to not having friends. She seemed anti-social, but she missed her core group of friends. Stacie was the only one who came to Barden with her. And she was busy with her own classes. Cynthia Rose was in Maine at some flight school and her other friend Jen had gone to a school on the West Coast.

It was about a year ago when Beca’s life got flip turned upside down (God, she HAD to stop watching those Fresh Prince of Bell Air re-runs…). She had snuck into a bar as an 18-year-old senior and found a beautiful woman to dance with. Dancing led to something else, and before you knew it they were making out in the bathroom. It was super hot and sexy, up until the point the woman had decided to bite her neck. Sure, Beca had gotten a hickey before, but this was different. It was like she was trying to eat her. She left right after that… she was plenty wasted anyway.

The symptoms came on slowly over a month or two… first her favorite foods didn’t interest her a bit - and when she did eat them, they made her sick. Then she started getting weird looks when she went outside (soon she realized it was because she was translucently pale in the sunlight). It was only at the end did she realize what was happening. She was a vampire. Of course. The only things she ever knew about vampires was from Interview with the Vampire that movie with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, and the Twilight books. Neither one really seemed too accurate as to what was happening to her. She didn’t sparkle and blood was actually pretty easy to come by.

Classes were easy. She seemed like a slacker in high school, but honestly Beca just didn’t seem to have the time to care. Between actually attending school and then coming home to her mixes, she didn’t have time to do homework or study for tests. Now that she had all the time in the world? Yup. She was an amazing student. How great would this have been the whole time she was in high school? Her dad seemed pleased with her good grades so far.

Over the next week or so Beca saw the redhead Chloe a few times on campus. Yeah, she wasn’t really supposed to go outside too much – but fortunately for Beca, most buildings were connected by a footpath with an awning over it (the Georgia sun can be brutal). She was sitting in the Barden Bean – the local coffee spot on campus – working on (you guessed it) a mix when Chloe sat down across from her.

“Whatcha workin’ on? You seem super focused. Is it for a class? Anything I can help with?” Chloe smiled sweetly putting her mocha frappe down on the table. Even though Beca didn’t have a coffee of her own, she could smell that thing from a mile away. 99% sugar and a splash of coffee.

Beca slowly slid her headphones off her head and onto her neck.

“Hey Chloe, no it’s not for a class. I’m working on a music thing. I have an internship at the radio station,” Beca found herself opening up to this girl she barely knew.

“Music! Beca you know I love music. It’s aca-amazing. My favorite thing in the world. What kind of music thing? Are you writing a song or something,” Chloe responded enthusiastically.

“Is this girl on drugs or is she just this peppy and excited all the time?” Beca wondered. “No… I just mix songs together sometimes. Stuff I think sounds cool together. You wanna take a listen?”

“Oh my god yes!” and no sooner had Beca taken her headphones off and moved them toward Chloe had the other girl taken them and shoved them over her ears.

“THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!!” Chloe accidentally shouted grinning madly. Chloe was listening intently to her mix with her eyes shut and head bopping to the beat. She didn’t see that literally every single person in the café was staring at them. Now this – this made Beca uncomfortable. She was never used to being the center of attention. Even before her… change she was never the girl who was in the middle of everything. She had her core group of friends and that was who she hung out with. Not head of the cheerleading squad, or even a member. Just another number at her high school in a class of 400. She wasn’t really anything too special and now with her being a vampire and everything – she still wasn’t too special. Still didn’t like being the center of attention.

Beca got up from her chair and slid the headphones off of Chloe’s head. “Chloe, you’re screaming. I’m glad you liked it though,” Beca smiled back at the redhead.

“Oops, thanks Becs… I just get so excited when I listen to music, and that was awesome! I haven’t really heard anything like that. You did that yourself? You’re amazing! Even if you don’t join the Bellas, maybe we could like work something out and use a mix of yours in our set? I’d have to convince Aubrey though…” Chloe faltered.

“Becs? No one calls me that except for Stacie. Aubrey must be the blonde who was with Chloe at the fair,” Beca thinks. “I wonder if they’re captains or something…? They must be right? If they’re like recruiting people for their club or group thingy.”

“Anyway, sorry for bothering you Beca! I hope you come to auditions in a few weeks. See ya around!” And with that, Chloe was out of her chair and headed toward the door.

Beca stared after her for a moment after she left and started working on her mix again. Sure, she’d already seen Chloe all over campus. Even if she doesn’t go to the auditions, she’d see her around, right? So why did Beca actually consider going to auditions if only to see Chloe again?