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prayers for the guilty

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It started off innocent, as most darker things do.

As Jeongguk was Bangtan’s maknae, it was only natural for the hyungs to pile quite a bit of dirty work on his shoulders, putting him in charge of laundry and dishwashing, which Jeongguk always complained about but did without much prodding because he knew it was his place as the youngest to do chores for his hardworking older brothers. However, he’d never heard of blowjobs being in the job description. “It’s just something all maknaes do for their hyungs,” Hoseok had told him one night while the other boys were out, gesturing for Jeongguk to get on his knees. “It doesn’t mean anything, Guk. Just think of it as...a favor. Like hanging up clothes.”

“Like a chore?” Jeongguk had asked innocently, not knowing any better. After all, he’d grown up with Bangtan as his brothers; they’d taught him everything he’d ever known about life as both an idol and a teenage boy, and he looked up to them like they’d hung the moon in the sky. Hell, they’d taught him what a blowjob was in the first place on a night of Never Have I Ever, discussing their experiences with various girls while Jeongguk looked on quietly, unable to relate - they were like a second family to him, and he took their word as law. They were practically gods to him back then.

It wasn’t like that anymore, but Jeongguk still respected them enough to do whatever was asked of him within reason. So when Hoseok hesitated, rectifying his own words - “no, no, it’s just something nice to do for a hyung, y’know?” - Jeongguk chose to trust in him, obediently getting on his knees and pulling Hoseok’s hard cock out from beneath his boxers.

Jeongguk had just turned nineteen; he’d learn later that the rest of his members had just been waiting until his birthday to jump him, but hadn’t had the time. Hobi had gotten there first. Dutifully, Jeongguk had taken him in his mouth, tried to gulp down too much at once, choking and spluttering around the hard shaft, but his discomfort hadn’t mattered to him, because Hoseok was moaning, slipping his hands through Jeongguk’s hair and calling him a “good, good boy, good little maknae.” Jeongguk had been so happy when Hoseok had come down his throat while balls deep, so far down that Jeongguk couldn’t even taste his bitter orgasm, that he hadn’t even minded the sore throat the next day.

So it started out innocent, and slowly, the rest of the hyungs joined in, recruiting Jeongguk for meaningless blowjobs every once in a while. But good things could not last, and it wasn’t long before Jimin took the next step, bending Jeongguk over the kitchen table on day and sliding down his pants and boxers.

“W-what are you doing, Jimin?” Jeongguk stuttered nervously, leaving off the honorific out of habit, and Jimin slapped his bare ass in retaliation.

“How many fucking times have I told you to call me hyung, Jeongguk?” Jimin growled dangerously, in no mood for jokes.

Jeongguk paled, feeling the sting of Jimin’s hand against his bare flesh, and shivering in confusion over Jimin’s uncharacteristic aggression. “I-I’m sorry, Jiminie-hyung. Are you, um, okay?”

“Fucking peachy,” Jimin responded, bitterly angry for little to no reason, because he just couldn’t deny how badly he’d wanted Jeongguk to submit to him for the last couple of months and Jeongguk wasn’t as eager as he had hoped. He was supposed to want it, damn it! Fuck, Jimin would make him want it if he had to. “Look, Jeongguk. You’re going to do something for hyung, alright? I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to like it, yeah?”

“L-look, Jimin-hyung, I don’t know about this. Can’t we just go play Overwa-”

Jimin gritted his teeth and slapped Jeongguk on the ass once more, causing Jeongguk to squeak high in his throat. “C’mon, Jeongguk. Don’t be selfish. Just do something for your hyung, okay? Lots of maknaes in other groups do this.” When Jeongguk didn’t respond, Jimin snarled. “I need a yes or a no, Jeongguk-ah.”

Jeongguk really just wanted to go play Overwatch, but if it was true that this was another one of the maknae’s jobs, he’d do it for his beloved Jiminie-hyung. He didn’t want Jimin to be angry, after all. “Uh, yes, I guess,” he whispered, still hesitant and oblivious to Jimin’s grin at finally getting what he wanted despite the morality of his actions. “You can f-f-fuck me, J-Jiminie-hyung.”

Jimin smiled nastily and laid one more tap on Jeongguk’s creamy asscheeks. “Strip, Jeongguk,” he ordered, already turning to go and grab lubricant, “and I’ll be right back.”

Tentatively Jeongguk shed his clothes, sliding his pants and boxers down his legs and his shirt over his head, and tried not to pay attention to how exposed he was there at the kitchen table despite the fact that it was only him and Jimin currently in the dorm, as the other members had gone out drinking. “Ji-Jiminie?” he called out, nerves fluttering in his gut. He’d never had sex before, and he could vaguely remember someone in middle school telling him that he was supposed to wait so it could be special, but-

No. He trusted Jimin. If this was what maknaes did, then this was his job too, so he’d lose his virginity without complaints.

When Jimin jogged back with a bottle of lube in hand, Jeongguk turned to look at him, awkwardly cupping his hands over his dick and blushing shyly while Jimin raked his eyes up and down Jeongguk’s exposed body and wolf whistled. “Pretty.”

Jeongguk ducked his head, secretly pleased by the praise even in the midst of his discomfort. “U-um, thanks, hyung.”

Opening up the lube bottle, Jimin advanced, gripping Jeongguk’s shoulder and bending him over the table in one smooth push so that he had easy access to Jeongguk’s fluttering virgin asshole. “This is gonna be cold,” Jimin advised. With that, he jammed one finger roughly into Jeongguk’s rectum and without waiting for any sort of adjustment, began to thrust in and out, ignoring Jeongguk’s mewls of surprise and pain. Jeongguk took in a few deep breaths. Was it supposed to feel this...foreign? He didn’t know, but he sat there letting out quiet whimpers when Jimin made it really hurt by adding in two then three fingers, sliding and pumping inside his warm hole with impersonal jabs.

Before long, Jimin was slicking up his bare cock, choosing to forego protection with the knowledge that he was clean and that he wasn’t sure if Jeongguk even knew what a condom was, and slowly breaching Jeongguk’s hole, sliding home in one long thrust. And it hurt. Badly. Jimin wasn’t that big, but he wasn’t exactly being careful, and due to the messy prep job and the fact that it was Jeongguk’s first time Jeongguk swore he could feel his rim tearing and a few droplets of blood dripping down his inner thighs. Jimin didn’t wait for Jeongguk to adjust, either, immediately pulling out once he reached the hilt and then pistoning back in, rubbing Jeongguk’s sensitive insides raw.

It wasn’t really Jimin’s fault that it hurt, either, Jeongguk told himself, because he was used to girls, wasn’t he? He wasn’t sure Jimin had ever done this with a guy before, and judging by the way Jimin was moaning, it must have felt pretty damn good, so Jeongguk sucked it up, figuring that it must stop hurting eventually, right? He gritted his teeth while Jimin began to jackhammer in and out at a merciless pace, praying it would be over soon so that it would finally just stop hurting and he could go take a nap or something. However, Jimin apparently wasn’t okay with Jeongguk’s pained whimpers and prayers for weak stamina, because he began to jerk Jeongguk’s limp cock under the table, his small hand curling around the long shaft and sliding up, down, up, down.

Jeongguk gasped at the sudden pleasure-pain from the way Jimin’s dry palm chafed on Jeongguk’s cock, the sensation taking his mind off of the pain in his ass for the time being, and just as it was starting to feel too weak the stimulation increased as Jimin bent Jeongguk over further and switched angles, suddenly hammering directly into a little gland inside Jeongguk that made him squeal like a girl. “J-Jiminie!” Jeongguk cried out at the striking ecstasy from the striking of his prostate. Suddenly, things were changing; his cock was hardening, and the pleasure, god, the pleasure was whiting out his mind, making him mewl and pant and whine and moan for more because of how completely incredible the dual prostate and penile stimulation felt, and everything was falling apart and Jeongguk was moaning Jimin Jimin Jimin as he approached an earth shattering orgasm-

And then with a heavy pant, Jimin pulled him close and thrust up hard into Jeongguk’s pliant body, and the two came in tandem, warm cum shooting into the depths of Jeongguk’s bowels and onto his stomach as their climaxes ripped explosively through their tight-strung bodies. Jimin rode it out, too, thrusting in and out languidly as the last ropes of cum splashed against Jeongguk’s hot insides, panting and suddenly pulling Jeongguk into a wet kiss despite Jeongguk’s attempt to struggle because this wasn’t something bros did, was it?

“Jimin,” Jeongguk gasped out at the two lay there in silence, panting, “why did you just kiss me? I thought that was only for girls…”

It took Jimin a moment to respond in his fucked out state, and as he began to answer he pulled out of Jeongguk’s gaping hole. “Don’t worry about it, Guk-ah. It’s another maknae thing.” Jeongguk wasn’t convinced, so Jimin leaned into another fiery kiss, this time wilder with hints of teeth and tongue. “Don’t you trust hyung?”

Jeongguk nodded hesitantly. “ hyung.”

Jimin smiled and watched pink, bloodstained semen run down Jeongguk’s taint. “Good.

“Now, do you want to play Overwatch, Gukkie?” Jeongguk nodded eagerly, wincing at the feeling of air hitting his raw, bloody insides as he searched for his boxers. And that was it - it was over. That had felt pretty good, had otherwise sucked - but he could move on now and never do that again, right?

Wrong. To Jeongguk’s dismay, things only became more insidious.

On the outside it appeared as if Jeongguk was simply a promising young idol, full of vivacity and life, but inside the dorm a slow transformation was taking place as at least once a day one of the members would take Jeongguk to their room, pull down his boxers around his ankles, and fuck him fast and rough, leaving him with tears leaking out of his eyes and cum trailing down from his ruined hole. If Jeongguk was to be honest, the sex was pretty nice, and the orgasms incredible, but what he didn’t like was the way he was slowly becoming a toy for the rest of Bangtan to use and abuse with absolutely no say. So one day, after Seokjin had left Jeongguk on the floor, cock hard and completely untouched and hard sobs wracking his sweaty, cum-stained body, Jeongguk cleaned up and called a group meeting.

“Guys,” Jeongguk began, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the way the rest of Bangtan were all silent and staring, wrapped around him in a circle. “Um...I wanted to, like, talk about...the’ve been treating me.

“This - er - f-fucking me and then throwing me away thing, like, you say all hyungs do that to their maknaes, and maybe, um, that’s true, but it kind of...hurts my feelings. Don’t get me wrong; I like you f-fucking me! I just don’t like how much it hurts...and how you just leave me there afterwards…”

The room was silent, and the six other members turned to look at each other, silently conversing. Jeongguk became more and more, nervous, wanting to know what they were thinking, so he began to speak - only to be cut off by Namjoon.

“Look, Guk-ah. Here’s how things are going to go,” Namjoon began, not unkindly, but as if he were speaking to a dog. “We’ll try to be kinder to you, but I don’t think you understand how things work in other boy groups.

“Maknaes to other groups? They’re slaves, complete and utter toys for the hyungs. They do whatever their other members tell them to without complaint. Now, see, we’re kind. We let you feed yourself, watch TV and play Overwatch on the couch, sleep in a bed, backtalk us. We’re so much nicer to you than other boy groups. But the thing is, you’re ungrateful, Guk. Maybe it’s time we showed you your place as our plaything.”

“Yeah,” Taehyung piped up, and all of the others began to nod, predatory smiles stretching across their faces. “You’re going to be our fucktoy, but nothing is going to change on our persona, you fucking hear that? I’m still your best friend out on screen, but my true place is your master.”

“What Tae’s trying to say,” Seokjin continued, “is that your old life is gone now. We’re not babying you anymore. You’re our slave now, and if you aren’t happy with that, too bad. If you try to alert anyone outside of us six to what’s going on or try to ruin our ‘seven best friends’ image, I swear to god, Guk-ah, I will personally make sure you have an ‘accident’. Okay?”

Jeongguk nodded quickly, utterly bewildered and terrified. What was going on? Just a month ago Hoseok had made him give his first blowjob and before that the others just been his silly, caring hyungs. Now they were telling him that all groups treated their maknaes like toys? But that didn’t make sense. They’d been raising Jeongguk since he was fourteen goddamn years old. They couldn’t be turning him into their...slave. This had to be some kind of prank. “W-w-why wait?” Jeongguk stuttered, his voice a high whimper. “Why wait until I turned nineteen?”

At this Namjoon let out a bellowing, mocking laugh, caught up in full body chuckles at the question and even wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “Are you serious?” When Jeongguk didn’t reply, he laughed harder. “Because you’re worthless for anything else than being a little cum dumpster, and we’re not pedophiles.”

“That’s not true!” Jeongguk cried, even though he felt something cold beginning to close its grip around his heart as he began to see his bandmates for who they truly were: monsters. He didn’t want to believe it, though. “I-I’m the golden maknae,” he whispered weakly, trying to convince himself that Namjoon’s biting words were falsehoods.

“Are you, sweetie?” Jimin cooed, rising from his place on the couch and pulling Jeongguk to his chest. “Because to me it looks like you’re just a dumb set of fuckholes.”

Jeongguk made a choked noise in his throat, and before he even had time to react Jimin was bringing his foot up to plant a powerful kick to his balls, bringing Jeongguk to his knees with a yowl of pain. “J-Jim-”

“Shut up, you stupid piece of fuckmeat,” Jimin growled, backhanding him across the face and causing Jeongguk to see stars. “From now on we are all ‘Master’ to you, got that?”

Jeongguk’s eyes widened in horror as it finally began to sink in that this was what had become of his best friends: monsters. Surely this wasn’t okay! “No!” he cried in rebellion, clenching his shaking fists and doing his best to stand up to his former family even with tears streaming down his flushed cheeks. “You can’t j-just do this to me...I...I’m your baby, your maknae, remember?”

Seokjin sighed. “Joon, I don’t think he’s getting it.” Namjoon made a move to speak, when-

Yoongi cut in abruptly. “Look, kid,” he began, sighing in discomfort for the way the situation was playing out. “We don’t want to do anything to you against your will. This is just the way all maknaes act for their groups, okay? It’s not that bad. We still love you, Guk-ah. You’re just now, alright?”

The rest of the group nodded besides Jimin, who was still a little worked up from their confrontation, and Jeongguk did his best to calm down. See? They still loved him. It was just a natural consequence of being a maknae.

He couldn’t shake Namjoon and Jimin’s words, though: “You’re worthless for anything else than being a little cum dumpster.” “You’re just a dumb set of fuckholes.” Jeongguk shivered. Maybe they had just gotten a little too into it.

“Okay,” Jeongguk responded in a small voice, still on his knees, though his whimper transformed into a yelp when Jimin, clearly disgruntled by Yoongi’s interruption, dragged Jeongguk into his lap by the hair and pulled down his own pants and boxers. “Your duties start now, yes?” Jimin looked to Namjoon for confirmation, and when he received a nod, he dragged his zipper down, pushed his boxers to his ankles, and yanked Jeongguk’s head onto his cock.

“Don’t struggle, kid,” Yoongi advised, sliding down his own boxers so that he could jerk his own reddened, engorged cock. “This is your job, remember? Don’t make it worse for yourself.” And Jeongguk tried to listen, he really did, but it was just so hard when Jimin was immediately fucking his face with no buildup; he couldn’t help but struggle a bit. He’d never been good at sucking cock anyways. He always turned into a bit of a baby, whining and messy and drooling all over the shaft, unable to let the cock lay in his throat without immediately choking and gagging around the hardness. It was so hard to breathe through his nose as well, so he found himself desperately trying to pull off because it was so hard to get in air, but Jimin just held his head down hard until Jeongguk started to really struggle, thrashing and pulling with all of his might until he eventually overwhelmed Jimin and toppled over on the floor, gasping with vision swimming because he’d just been that close to passing out.

“You stupid little whore!” Jimin yelled, backhanding Jeongguk across the face, hard, and instead of fighting back Jeongguk just curled up into a little ball while Jimin screamed insults because he deserved this, right? Sure, he didn’t think he was a whore, or stupid, or anything like that, but Yoongi and Namjoon had said that this was his job as maknae, so Jimin’s anger made sense...right? It was his own fault for not being able to suck cock correctly.

However, deep down a little voice told Jeongguk that something wasn’t right, that even if all groups treated their maknae this way it didn’t mean it was okay, but he forced himself to squash that voice down. His hyungs knew what was good for him. He...he trusted them. So he cried out to Jimin for forgiveness, proclaiming that he was “sorry, I’m sorry, please, give me another chance!” and amidst the snickers of his fellow group members (he wasn’t sure what was so funny, but it didn’t matter), Jeongguk unsteadily got to his knees again and with dread in his heart took Jimin’s cock back into his mouth, bobbing his head before Jimin could try and fuck his face once more. Jimin tasted like skin and sweat, clean and manly, and he did his best to flick his tongue around the frenulum and head, trying to do anything that would prevent him from being forced to deepthroat again.

Thankfully, it seemed that Jimin was satisfied by Jeongguk’s efforts, and he ran a hand through Jeongguk’s tousled hair, telling him quietly that he was a “good whore” and that “at least one of your holes is good for something.” Amidst Jimin’s moans Jeongguk could also hear the slick sounds of the other members stroking their hard cocks, making a circle around Jeongguk and slowly advancing. Someone’s hand was suddenly on his ass as well, and Jeongguk yelped around Jimin’s cock as a long, lube-slicked finger suddenly breached his rim, wiggling in slowly and carefully with the precision and skill that could only come from the group’s resident pianist: Yoongi.

“MMPH!” Jeongguk moaned into Jimin’s cock as Yoongi began to steadily pump his finger in and out of his tight hole. Yoongi had always been much more thorough with his preparation than the rest, and Jeongguk was incredibly grateful for it. It actually felt quite good as Yoongi stretched him out, tapping at his prostate as he explored his insides, and Jimin began to yank on Jeongguk’s hair as Jeongguk moaned long and loud around Jimin’s cock. Sure enough, just as Yoongi added a second finger and began to scissor Jeongguk Jimin came while bucking into Jeongguk’s tight, hot mouth, flooding Jeongguk’s throat with hot, thick semen and causing him to cough and choke abruptly, jerking back and trying his best to get a hold of himself while Yoongi rubbed at his prostate mercilessly, because god, it was so hard to breathe when cum was going down the wrong pipe but the stimulation to his sweet spot also felt so damn good. “Yoooooongi,” Jeongguk sighed out when he finally swallowed all of Jimin’s cum and Jimin pulled back. “Feels so good, please…”

“Please, what?” Hoseok asked, snickering, as he approached Jeongguk. “Please let me suck your cock, Hoseok?”

Well, that hadn’t exactly been what Jeongguk had been going for, but he’d go with it. “Yes, please,” he piped up, getting into it now, because all he really wanted was to be good for his hyungs, to do everything a good maknae was supposed to do. All apprehension was gone. “I want it, hyung.” Slowly but surely, Jeongguk let Hoseok feed his cock into his mouth, licking up his beading precum as he circled his tongue around the bulbous head. He also couldn’t help but squeak when Yoongi finally added a third finger, really massaging his prostate then and sending white-hot pleasure up Jeongguk’s spine, arousal tingling through his hands and feet as his untouched cock chubbed to full hardness. It felt...amazing, fucking incredible, as it was a different sort of pleasure from the kind of intense, in your face sensation jerking off brought. No, instead it was more concentrated, more full-body, and more gradual than penile stimulation; neither was superior to the other, but Jeongguk had never felt anything like the ecstasy a prostate massage brought, and it wasn’t long before he found himself coming - hard and untouched, shooting cum up his stomach while he choked and gargled around Hoseok’s thick cock.

Yoongi, however, decided to keep the massage going, milking Jeongguk straight through his orgasm and into overstimulation and refusing to stop even when Jeongguk began to thrash uncontrollably, unable get away due to the way Hoseok was holding him down on his cock. It was too much, switching all too quickly from pleasure to pain, and Jeongguk couldn’t handle it. As a result, he began to cry for help, screaming out a “Yoo-phi! Pllemph-stmpppph!”

Thankfully, Yoongi got the message, and pulled out with a slap to Jeongguk’s milky ass. “Pathetic,” he chuckled. “Little slut can’t even handle one orgasm.” Jeongguk, surprisingly, felt his dick twitch from where it hung untouched; he hadn’t liked the degradation when it had come from Jimin and Namjoon, but it occurred to him that that was probably because that degradation hadn’t been during sex, where Jeongguk knew Yoongi didn’t truly mean it but was saying the filthy words to get the both of them off.

“Who wants to fuck him first?” Namjoon asked as Hoseok pulled out and came all over Jeongguk’s face with a groan, covering it in milky spurts of jizz that striped along his eyelashes, cheeks, and nose. Jeongguk let out a little whine as Hoseok pulled back, licking around his mouth to collect as much of the cum as possible, and he could hear Taehyung volunteering. Due to this Jeongguk felt his stomach sink in dread; Taehyung had the longest and thickest cock out of all of them, and Jeongguk imagined being fucked by him when he’d only been prepped by three fingers wouldn’t exactly be the most pleasant experience. However, it was his duty, and he stayed quiet while Yoongi and Taehyung switched places and Seokjin walked up so that Jeongguk could get a taste of his cock.

“You’re so hot,” Taehyung marveled as he lined up his massive cock with Jeongguk’s hole, and Jeongguk mewled, feeling underprepared but not in a situation to make any sort of protest. Instead, he simply opened his mouth and let Seokjin slide in and fuck his face shallowly, squeezing his own eyes tightly shut and praying that it wouldn’t hurt to badly even though he knew realistically that he should trust Yoongi. So when Taehyung began to slide in, bottoming out in one smooth, slow thrust, he simply let out a sigh of relief at the mildness of the resulting pain.

Taehyung had never been someone to favor adjustment periods, always working up to a pace that was brutally fast and hard from the get go, and that day was no exception; immediately Taehyung withdrew and then thrust back in with a vengeance, knocking Seokjin’s cock into Jeongguk’s throat with the force of the thrust and causing Jeongguk to spasm around both of their dicks as suddenly he found himself cruelly spitroasted and full at both ends.

And it felt absolutely incredible.

The friction of Taehyung’s cock pistoning in and out of Jeongguk was one of the most euphoric feelings Jeongguk had ever experienced, and when combined with the way Taehyung was spot-on in hitting Jeongguk’s prostate Jeongguk swore he was in absolute ecstasy. It was overwhelming, too, combined with everything: the squelch of his hyung’s cocks, the way Yoongi had started playing with his sensitive, puffy nipples, the crude remarks Taehyung was making about how much of a disgusting whore Jeongguk was. Jeongguk couldn’t take it. It was all so good and all so much, flooding him with sensation at every angle, and before Jeongguk knew it there were tears trickling slowly down his cheeks, mixing with the saliva dripping from around Seokjin’s cock. It felt so good it was almost too good, almost too much pleasure for one man to handle, and Jeongguk strained, clenching and unclenching wildly around Taehyung’s shaft.

With the way Jeongguk’s hole was pulsing, it didn’t take long for Taehyung to blow his hot load in Jeongguk’s now loose cunt, sending cum leaking out from the moment Taehyung pulled away and stepped back over towards the couch. Jeongguk couldn’t see it, but from the way he felt it dripping down his taint it most have looked absolutely obscene, all pearly white and oozing.

After Seokjin pulled out to also come all over Jeongguk’s face, things began to spiral out of control. Namjoon took his place at Jeongguk’s ass and Yoongi at Jeongguk’s mouth after a brief power struggle, and the two of them nodded at each other in tandem, silently swearing to give Jeongguk the ride of his life and show him how pleasurable his new occupation as toy could be. The two slid in simultaneously into Jeongguk’s slick channels with no regard for the way he quietly wheezed around their cocks, his whole body shaking as he sobbed from the way his untouched cock was throbbing against his thigh, already hard once again, and both of them picked up a merciless pace, moving Jeongguk’s torso back and forth from the force of their bruising thrusts and causing Jeongguk to gag and drool all over himself, cock-drunk and delirious as he was fucked within an inch of his life. Everything around him was fading into a haze as all he could feel was the cock in his mouth and ass and the throbbing of his abused prostate and untouched dick; he was practically catatonic by the time he came with a wail as Namjoon thrust hard and deep, unloading his own seed deep into Jeongguk’s wet, sloppy hole and Yoongi reached his peak so far down his throat he barely tasted it.

Jeongguk was still twitching when Namjoon and Yoongi pulled out, leaving him on the floor in a puddle of cum and drool, delirious with tear tracks drying on his cheeks. “Ngggghhhh,” Jeongguk babbled, ass up, face down. “Ahhhh-unfffff.”

“Is he okay?” he could hear Jimin ask, his concern tangible.

“He’ll be fine,” Yoongi replied gruffly, and the tension in the room visibly dissipated. “You’re not supposed to care, remember? He’s our toy.”

“Well, I don’t want to break him,” Jimin responded indignantly, and the others laughed, remembering how an hour ago Jimin had been telling Jeongguk that he was a stupid little whore. Even if he was just an object for him now, they couldn’t help but still be a little soft for him; after all, just because he belonged to them didn't mean he wasn’t a member of Bangtan. So Yoongi and Taehyung took it upon themselves to clean Jeongguk up, wiping him down with a cloth and carrying him to his room.

“Rules tomorrow?” Jimin asked Namjoon.

“Rules tomorrow.”

The next morning, Seokjin roused everyone much earlier than usual so that they could fit in a meeting before dance practice at nine. “Up, up, up!” he shouted, scurrying from room to room. “Y’all wanted to discuss Jeongguk’s rules? Let’s discuss! Living room in five!”

When Namjoon trudged into the hallway, glaring, Seokjin simply shrugged. “What? I’m only following your orders.”

It took an additional ten minutes for all of the members to make it to the living room, as they’d been woken up two hours earlier than usual to make sure their discussion of Jeongguk’s new rules was thorough. Everyone was sleepy and Yoongi and Namjoon looked like they’d woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but Namjoon quickly perked up when he saw Jeongguk, who looked adorable in boxers and an oversized t-shirt, practically inventing baby boy culture and additionally giving Namjoon the strength to get the meeting started.

“Alright,” Namjoon began. “I...realized we were a little harsh on you yesterday, Jeongguk-ah, but that won’t happen again as long as you follow the rules, alright? Remember, this is just a maknae’s job. We’ve just been waiting for this day for...years, which is why a couple of us-” Namjoon turned to glare at Jimin even though he was practically just as guilty “-got ahead of ourselves. Will you forgive us, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk felt his heart warm; he’d essentially forgiven them last night by letting them fuck him without complaint, but it meant the world to him that his lovely hyungs were kind enough to offer a formal apology. Plus, they’d even provided an explanation for their behavior, which in Jeongguk’s opinion, justified the mistakes they’d made, so it was an easy decision in terms of his response to Namjoon: “Of course I will, hyungs!”

Namjoon smiled, ruffling Jeongguk’s hair, and Jeongguk beamed like the sun.

“Anyways,” Namjoon continued, turning his attention back to the rest of the room. “To prevent a situation like the beginning of last night from happening, we’re going to be setting some rules in place for Jeongguk to follow. After all, it’s not fair to punish him if he doesn’t even know what the maknae job entails. Rules one through five will be about the dorm only, and rules eight through eleven will apply even when we’re out in public. Jeongguk-ah, will you wait until I’m completely finished with the rule list to speak?” Jeongguk nodded, and so Namjoon moved on to the list:

“Rule number one: in the dorm, no clothes are to be worn.”


Surely Jeongguk couldn’t have heard him correctly - he opened his mouth to ask for a clarification, but promptly closed it when the glares from the other members reminded him of his temporary speech ban. Namjoon couldn’t have really said that Jeongguk had to walk around the dorm naked! But speaking of walking:

“Rule number two: walking is prohibited. You will crawl.

“Rule number three: no speaking unless spoken to.

“Rule number four: you will keep yourself prepped and clean, and will receive an enema at the end of each day you are used.

“Rule number five: we will all be called Master - just Master when alone with you, and Master...fuck, Namjoon or Jimin or whatever whenever we’re in a group. Is that clear? Master when alone, Master Namjoon and Master Hoseok etc., etc., when in a group.

“Rule number six: you eat on the ground at dinner and sleep on a dog bed. Your room will no longer be inhabited; we’ll use it as a kind of...punishment room.”

“Rule number seven: no phones or internet. Video games will be given out as a reward for being especially good.”

Jeongguk couldn’t believe what he was hearing. These sounded like rules for a slave, and the list wasn’t even over yet!

“Rule number eight: in public you are our urinal and cum dumpster. Instead of waiting in long lines, we’re going to piss in your ass and plug it up inside you. You also will swallow our cum.

“Rule number nine: no speaking to other members of other groups. The role of the maknae is a very special job, and can differ from group to group, so in order to keep our maknae rituals secret, as is tradition, there will be no interaction with anyone outside of us and Bighit/event staff.

“Rule number ten: never, ever reveal what’s going on. If you have a vibrator in your cunt, no one is allowed to notice; unless you want to ruin the integrity of the group, of course.”

“And finally, rule number eleven: you will immediately and happily follow any orders given to you. If I want you to cockwarm me, you get down on your knees and cockwarm me. If Taehyung wants to fuck you, you will immediately remove your plug and present yourself, even if your hole hurts. Understood?”

Jeongguk's brain was spinning; the rules had gone by much too fast for him to even comprehend the weight of the words, but he knew that surely they all must have been a joke. He heard something along the lines of urinal, vibrator, cockwarming, orders? That couldn't mean anything good - it seemed like all of this was straight out of some twisted porn flick. It didn't make any sense. Just yesterday he'd been their maknae, golden and loved by all (even if he was occasionally used for stress relief), but now it sounded like his job was much more akin to slavery if anything. "Wait, wait, wait, that's all the rules, right?" Jeongguk interjected when Namjoon paused, and continued when he nodded. "I'm - is this a joke? If it is, this isn't funny, guys, really. I'm not some kind of...slave."

There was a thick and heavy silence, until finally someone chose to break the stifling quiet.

"It's not a joke," Yoongi spoke up, "and you're right that you're not a slave, Jeongguk-ah. These are just traditional maknae guidelines, nothing else."

"Here, I wrote them down." Namjoon offered Jeongguk a piece of paper, and he quickly scanned through the words, eyes widening when he saw the fact that in the dorm he'd be treated like some sort

"Guys, if this is a prank, it's really time to stop now," Jeongguk said, voice growing higher as he became frantic, his stomach dropping as the rules became all too real. "It's not okay.

"If-if this really isn't a joke...and you make me do this..." Jeongguk leaped up from the couch and began to back away slowly. "I-I'll tell management."

You could hear a pin drop until the bomb finally sunk in, and suddenly the room was full of angry insults. Jimin and Hoseok immediately stood up, shouting various expletives and threats - even Yoongi was seething and he'd been the kindest about the whole situation. As a result of the fury running through his veins, Jimin began to advance on Jeongguk, who had backed up into a corner and was doing his best to shield himself from Jimin's harsh gaze. "This is insane - how could you do that to your best friend, you inconsiderate little-"


Namjoon leapt to his feet as well, having bellowed loud enough for the rest of the room to go silent, his leader status doing the trick of controlling his enraged bandmates. "This is absolutely ridiculous. Jimin, Hoseok, sit the fuck down, and the rest of you wipe that look off your face. Now, take a deep breath."

Jeongguk sucked in an inhale while Namjoon waited for the others to give in to his orders, eventually one by one calming down even though an undertone of wrath was simmering in the air. Was Namjoon going to let him off the hook? That had to be it; why else would he tell everyone else off? Jeongguk began to let out a heavy sigh of relief, happy that they could discuss the rules like adults, even tweak them a bit - when Namjoon turned to face him.

"Jeongguk. Sit down too." Jeongguk tentatively returned to his spot in the chair, careful to keep his gaze fixed on Namjoon and only Namjoon. "Jeongguk...we're really trying to make this as easy for you as possible, but you just aren't getting it. Hell, you've already broken the rules and we haven't even finished the discussion."

At this statement Jeongguk, utterly bewildered by the idea that he'd done something wrong, felt his jaw drop. What could he have possibly messed up? Quickly, he scanned the page of rules he'd been given to check for what he could have done wrong in a five minute period - nothing, nothing, nothing - and then he spotted Rule Ten: never reveal to anyone what was going on. But that rule simply wasn't fair! This had to be some kind of...human rights violation!

Moving to interject, Jeongguk opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Namjoon's deep baritone. "Just wait until I finish, alright? What I was trying to say is that we really respect you as a person and that's the reason we told you about these rules and allowed you to discuss them with us in the first place. Other groups would just force you to follow the rules immediately with absolutely no slack on the figurative leash.

"We're not like that, Jeongguk-ah. We just want to help you fulfill your traditional duties to us as hyungs by following a personally tailored set of maknae rules that we believe will make all of us incredibly happy. Do you want your hyungs to be happy, Jeongguk?"

Jeongguk nodded slowly, afraid he was walking into a trap but still agreeing wholeheartedly with Namjoon's statement. Ever since he was fourteen years old, a huge motivation for the way he acted was to make his beloved hyungs happy and proud. He couldn't stand to see them sad because of something he had done.

"Yes," Jeongguk whispered, looking over the rules once again and feeling dread pool in his stomach but also a strange sense of excitement. Jeongguk's hyungs would be so happy with him - but would Jeongguk be happy? He didn't know. All he knew is that he wanted to please the men who had looked after him since he was fourteen years old.

Jeongguk nodded his head slowly, trying to convince himself he was making the right decision. It wouldn't hurt to just try it, right? He could always go to the managers if it got too much for him or something went wrong. "Okay," he whispered, trying to summon up the courage he'd need to agree to such a...vile, dehumanizing contract. "I-I'll try it...if it'll please my hyungs."

Immediately there was another uproar, but this time it was because of joy as opposed to fury; all around him his older brothers were telling him that they "knew you'd make the right choice!", "we're going to have so much fun, Jeonggukkie!", "such a good boy for your hyungs." Jeongguk felt himself glow from all the praise and the kisses the boys were lightly sprinkling on him now, jubilant in every sense of the word, and he looked up to Namjoon, who simply gave him a soft smile.

"Alright, alright," Namjoon laughed, bringing the attention back to the center of the room. "Here's what we're going to do. We're going to get dressed and go to practice, where all the rules will be in place. Then, when we get home, we'll set up all of the other details. Oh! Also! Jeongguk, baby, we love you, but you still broke a rule, and we can't let that slide, sorry. Tonight we'll have another meeting absent Jeongguk to discuss his punishment, alright?" When he was greeted with nods everywhere and a shaky thumbs up from Jeongguk, who was beginning to think this was a very, very bad idea, Namjoon grinned and wrapped up the meeting. "Alright, we all have a little extra time this morning, so take showers, all of you. Kitchen table in thirty!"

When the rest of the boys went to bound up the stairs, Jeongguk began to follow them, shaking from his nerves and the distinctly bad feeling he had in his gut, but Namjoon called him back. "Jeongguk-ah, c'mere for a second." Jeongguk froze, felt his heart sink. It probably had something to do with his punishment, which he wasn't prepared for at all and wasn't sure he could survive without breaking down. It simply wasn't fair! He'd broken a rule while they were still discussing the content of the rules! How was punishing Jeongguk for something that technically hadn't even been in effect yet just?

Namjoon saw the way Jeongguk awkwardly shuffled over, but didn't reassure him with any words of encouragement he usually would have when ever he had one-on-one conversations about Bangtan, and it made the pit in Jeongguk's stomach grow even deeper. However, his tone was kind. "Jeongguk, I feel almost...bad, doing this, but do you understand why you're being punished? Be honest."

Honesty. He could do that. "No," he laughed harshly, voice brittle and threatening to crack under the strain of the bomb that had been dropped on him before the past thirty minutes.

Thankfully, Namjoon seemed to understand. "I know the rules technically weren't in effect yet, but this is different. Rule Ten is the most important rule of all, because you could compromise the fate of Bangtan itself if you reveal any of what's happening, understand?"

Jeongguk supposed it made sense when Namjoon put it that way. After all, if it ever got out to the media that Bangtan were using Jeongguk as some kind of sex toy - and that they were all involved in a homosexual relationship - it would be safe to say that BTS would be over. Boom. Career gone.

However, it didn't sit right with Jeongguk that he couldn't talk to other groups. Namjoon had explained to him that every group had their own rituals, but why were they secret to other groups with maknae toys? Jeongguk sighed and simply told Namjoon that he understood, heading upstairs to take a shower and choosing to trust Namjoon over the other groups issue. He could deal with that another time; he just had too much on his plate at the moment, like how from that afternoon he was going to be treated like a literal dog whenever he was at the dorm.

It'll make your hyungs happy, Jeongguk told himself, taking in a deep breath. For the time being, that was good enough for him.


The ride to the dance studio was more cheery than it had been for a long time, and Jeongguk was grateful from the reprieve from the angry hyungs who had stared him down and backed him into a corner that morning. For once, Jeongguk was allowed to ride shotgun, which confused him until he realized why all of the other members were sitting in the back: it was so they could talk about all they had in store for him from the time when they arrived at the dance studio to...forever? Jeongguk didn't know, but it wasn't something he wanted to think about, and so he sat quietly in the front passenger's seat, playing with the radio and getting a kick out of blasting cool air on his hyungs just to listen to them complain instead of talk about "reaming his tight ass."

He pretended not to notice that he was half-hard in his shorts.

When they arrived, Jeongguk was first out of the car, suddenly finding the air a tad stuffy when the rest of the boys were staring at him like he was a seven course meal. He knew exactly where their eyes would fall when they walked behind him too, but tagging behind them wouldn't work, because they'd just wait for him to catch up, so instead, Jeongguk ran on ahead, keeping up a light jog on the short strip of asphalt from the van to the studio.

Immediately after stepping inside, Jeongguk let out a long moan at the feeling of heat on his cold skin; they'd be expecting snow in a few days, and the air was absolutely frigid. Unfortunately for him, this moan was a little too long and a little too loud, because the second the rest of the hyungs got inside they wolf-whistled, making remarks on how Jeongguk had a little stiffy in his shorts, and Jeongguk simply flipped them off. Even if their sexual comments and blatant admiration of his body had gotten much, much less subtle, at least some things would never change.

Dance practice went relatively well as practices go; all of the boys had enough stamina to last for a good two hours with copious amounts of water until they finally decided to take a break, in which everyone except Hoseok and Seokjin immediately dashed for the bathrooms in a race to get there first. The boys yelled and hollered as they stormed through the halls of the Bighit studio, accidentally scaring a few starstruck trainees because holy shit, Bangtan Sonyeondan-sunbaenims, and traveling a familiar road to get to the men's restroom. However, it was what they saw on the door that quickly would turn into Jeongguk's nightmare: a sign on the door proclaiming that the entire goddamn restroom was "out of order."

"C'mon!" everyone groaned, snapping their towels and shifting from foot to foot, trying to come up with a plan considering the only other men's restroom in the building was on the floor below them on the opposite half of the building, and was one hell of a run. "Is this even legal?" Taehyung complained. "What the hell are we going to do?"

There was a murmuring of noise as they debated if the jog down to the other restroom was worth it, until a lightbulb simultaneously clicked in Yoongi and Jeongguk's heads, and when Yoongi began to speak Jeongguk held his breath and crossed his fingers, hoping desperately that Yoongi wouldn't say what he thought he was going to-

Unfortunately, Jeongguk was out of luck. "Wait, wait," Yoongi called out with a gleam in his eye. "Don't we have a perfectly working condition right here?" Jeongguk felt his heart sink; he didn't think his duties would be starting so soon!

There were a few confused mumbles at first before it finally dawned on everyone that maknae rules declared Jeongguk as their personal urinal, their dumpster for their waste. "In the bathroom," Namjoon ordered, and the boys filed in, disregarding the sign and seeing how all the toilets were completely overflowing, soaking the floor in "mystery" water. "On the floor, Jeongguk. Shorts and boxers off and on the counter."

No. No. Surely Namjoon was insane; there was no way in hell Jeongguk would be getting down and soaking his legs in dirty toilet water. That was too fucking far. However, it didn't appear as if Namjoon was going to back down, and Jeongguk swallowed. "Jeongguk, do you want another punishment? Right. Now."

It was the threat of double punishment that really served as incentive for Jeongguk to slide off his shorts and boxers and sink down to floor level in the nasty water, and he tried his best not to think about where that water had been (the South Korean sewage system wasn't always the best at filtration and recycling). The next instruction, though, had him reeling. "Face down, ass up."

Jeongguk felt his jaw drop to the floor. He almost wanted to argue with Namjoon but eventually chose just to go along with it. Cringing, he slowly lowered his head into the three centimeters of water all over the floor, trying not to listen to the snickers coming from his hyungs as they watched him humiliate himself; he couldn't help but think that for four guys who were about to piss in his ass, they were finding the situation a little too funny. However, there wasn't much he could say to stop their obnoxious remarks when he literally had his face in toilet water and his ass in the air with his hole exposed and winking.

"Who was supposed to bring the speculum?" Namjoon asked, and Jimin quickly raised his hand, holding out his palm to reveal a silver object that looked more like an instrument of torture than anything but in reality was a medical tool to spread sphincters. Jeongguk gulped; he'd never thought speculums might be involved, even though in retrospect it made sense. He wasn't sure what he'd been thinking, actually. Was he assuming they were just gonna...shove it in there, let his asshole rip?

Well, after being declared a literal sex toy, he honestly wouldn't be that surprised.

"Lube?" Namjoon questioned, and Taehyung pulled a packet out of his pants, nudging Jimin and Yoongi and making them burst out into laughter by whispering who knows what. Jeongguk bristled; why was his cock so damn hard at being humiliated like this? He wasn't supposed to like it (though he supposed that would make things easier in the long run). Jeongguk growled in frustration. Why was his body doing this to him?

Above him, Namjoon was quickly lubing up the speculum before sinking two fingers into Jeongguk's asshole, still slack from the brutal pounding he'd taken the night before, and scissoring, causing Jeongguk to let out a choked moan because god, prostate stimulation was something he'd never stop loving. One touch to his prostate and it made him want to bend over and get fucked by as many cocks as possible like a slut.

God, he really did like this, didn't he? Jeongguk tilted his face away in embarrassment.

"Just get it over with," he muttered, which apparently was the wrong thing to say, because it earned him a fierce slap from Namjoon, and a yowl twisted its way out of his throat.

Namjoon, however, was unperturbed by Jeongguk's pained cries. "Shut up, slut." Pretending like his cock didn't twitch from the shame he felt deep in his belly, Jeongguk let out a body wracking sob and did his best to shut up, still shaking from the brutal hit. The pain in his asscheek was good for something, though - it allowed him to focus less on the pain of the speculum entering him with much too little prep, tearing at his hole as it was locked into place, already spreading his ass three centimeters wide.

And then Namjoon began to twist the crank, and Jeongguk screamed.

He swore it was some of the worst pain he'd ever felt in his life; even though they'd used a lot of lube, the sloppy prep job hadn't prepared him to be stretched wider than a fist. Namjoon simply pushed his head down into the water to drown out his wails, and Jeongguk began to panic as he went underwater, unable to take a breath from the way his head was squashed against the floor. Distantly, he could hear Taehyung's concerned lilt: "Namjoon-hyung, I don't think he can breathe."

All of a sudden, just as Jeongguk was beginning to get lightheaded, Namjoon pulled him up by the hair out of the water, where Jeongguk choked and gasped for the air that wouldn't enter his lungs fast enough. "Nam-joon!" Jeongguk gasped out, utterly bewildered that Namjoon had actually been close to...drowning him.

Namjoon, however, was perfectly calm. "Are you going to scream again?" When Jeongguk didn't answer, Namjoon dunked him down into the water again until he was flailing and kicking desperately. Namjoon pulled him up once more. "I said, are you going to scream again?"

Jeongguk looked into Namjoon's eyes, defiant - and at seeing the pure dominance in his leader's eyes he just melted. "No," he sobbed. "I-I-I'm sorry, Namjoon-hyung."

Namjoon just tsked and returned to adjusting the stretch of the speculum, which, in all of the commotion, had blessedly dulled to simply an ache. "I'm sorry it hurts, Jeongguk-ah, but one of our rules is that you always keep yourself clean and prepped so that we can slide in you whenever. If you'd done that this morning it wouldn't be so painful. But I'll give you some Advil after this, alright?" Jeongguk didn't even have the strength to think about the potential problems in Namjoon's statement; he simply nodded and resigned himself to his fate, keeping his head just a centimeter above the water as Namjoon fiddled around in his sensitive rectum, feeling up and down the channel and causing Jeongguk to squeal as he hit his prostate. "We're going to piss in you now, alright? Are you feeling alright?" Jeongguk nodded imperceptibly, eventually giving a verbal yes after Namjoon prodded him. "Good. Boys, show this little piss slut what he's good for."

Yoongi was the first one to step up, as Taehyung and Jimin were too busy bickering to notice and Namjoon had resigned himself to going last. "Good little slut," Yoongi murmured, reaching down to tousle Jeongguk's locks. "Filthy." He slotted himself inside, his dick not touching Jeongguk's walls due to how wide the speculum had stretched his rectum, and before Jeongguk knew what was happening, Yoongi was aiming his cock and beginning to piss.

The first thing Jeongguk was aware of was the sensation of a warm, wet liquid dripping into his hole, almost like cum but much thinner and more copious, coming faster and faster and never stopping as it filled up his bowels. Thankfully Yoongi's cock was far enough down that none of the piss irritated his swollen, bloody rim, but the sensation was still incredibly strange and everything about it just made him feel absolutely filthy. However, his body told the truth; Jeongguk was hard and leaking all over his thigh.

As a kid, degradation and humiliation had always made much more of an impact on Jeongguk than praise, and it seemed his adulthood was no different. Jeongguk tried to hide his blush, reach back to cover up his hard cock - but both Taehyung and Jimin managed to spot him before he covered up all of his junk. "Aww," Jimin cooed sweetly, "is baby hard? Huh? Baby gets off on being called a filthy piss slut?" Jeongguk groaned under his breath. "Look, Tae, his cock twitched! He likes it!"

"Y'know, I felt kind of bad about this before," Taehyung admitted, "but you can tell he wants it so badly, even if he tried to pretend he's a shy, blushing virgin. The little baby wants cock, you can just tell. Look at him; he's so hard. He loves it, loves piss and cum and cock. Dirty."

Jeongguk couldn't help but let out a long, high moan at the degradation, especially because it wasn't too far off from the way he really felt about this. As humiliating this entire situation was, he would do anything to please his hyungs, and even though he wished he could just get out of this situation and go back to dance practice, his cock was throbbing hard against his leg as a dead giveaway. Taehyung and Jimin were right: he was a little piss and cum and cock slut. But he'd still fight the new maknae rules; something about them gave him very bad vibes. Maybe it was the fact that under the rule list he was to be literally treated like a dog or a sex doll. Maybe.

When Yoongi stepped away, Jeongguk groaned; he already felt so full, and he wasn't sure how he'd be able to take three more loads of similar sizes. He could already feel the piss sloshing around in his rectum, and he hated the way that spurred heat in his gut, hated how easily he'd been reduced to a little whore, hated how he loved every fucking moment of it.

Suddenly, it occurred to Jeongguk that maybe one of the reasons that the hyungs had decided to piss in him was because they knew what he liked and simply wanted the best for him. The guess didn't seem too far off, especially with Jimin and Namjoon's comments about how taking cock was the only thing he was good for. Maybe...maybe they'd known that this was his true purpose and were simply attempting to help him find happiness.

But maybe it wasn't that at all. Maybe his hyungs were sick, perverted bastards who had literally groomed their maknae into a point of trust where Jeongguk would willingly become their toy...

No. Jeongguk shook his head to clear it; he knew his hyungs would never do anything like that. They'd looked after him since he was fourteen, for god's sakes, and Jeongguk knew in his heart that they loved him and that he could trust them. Even if he hated getting down in dirty toilet water and being stretched so far he bled, his hyungs knew what he was good for, and...Jeongguk swallowed. He trusted them, and if he really trusted them, he wouldn't put up this big of a fuss about something that would make his older brothers happy. So Jeongguk, smiling into the grimy water, tilted his head to look up at the others, and said what he knew they would want to hear: "Thank you for giving me your piss, Master Yoongi."

A silence fell upon the bathroom.

All of a sudden, a slow clap resounded throughout the bathroom, echoing off the walls and causing Jeongguk to jump from the abrupt shock, though he knew he could never truly be scared by his leader, Namjoon. "I must say I'm impressed, Jeongguk-ah," Namjoon lauded warmly, grinning down at the maknae. "You followed Rule Five, and were gracious to your master. I think that deserves a reward when we get home - if you continue to be good, of course."

A reward? Wasn't the reward he got being allowed to play video games with the rest of Bangtan? Jeongguk positively glowed with excitement, nodding his head quickly. "Yes, yes! I'll be good, I promise, Master Namjoon!"

Namjoon simply chuckled in reply. "I trust that you will, baby boy. Jimin-ah, your turn."

Jeongguk was too absorbed with the fact that he had almost come just by being called baby boy to notice that Jimin had stepped up behind him and began to add to the piss already sitting inside him, aiming and letting out a relieved "ahhhhh." Whimpering as the pee hit his prostate, Jeongguk tried his best not to squirm because the warmth felt so odd but simultaneously so good. It was an incredible sensation, with nothing else like it, and Jeongguk loved it, smiling even in the midst of his predicament.

Until the cramps started.

Out of nowhere he was hit with a series of bowel contractions that caused a severe pain in his stomach, and he almost toppled over, barely managing to catch himself just in time. However, he wasn't able to stop a high wail of pain from escaping his lips and his four hyungs began looking down in concern. "Jeongguk?" Jimin asked, continuing to piss. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," Jeongguk gritted out as another wave of agony hit him. "I - fuck, Jim-I mean, Master Jimin, it hurts. Please make it stop!"

Namjoon frowned, trying to figure out the source of Jeongguk's strange ailment, when it suddenly hit him. When he'd been reading up on enemas, he'd discovered that large amounts of liquid entering the bowels could cause extreme stomach cramps, and Jeongguk had quite the amount of piss pouring into him. "Jeongguk-ah, does it feel like a cramp?" Namjoon asked. At Jeongguk's nod, he furrowed his brow, not sure what to tell him, and eventually settling for reassurance. "Jeongguk, that's natural when a lot of liquid enters you. It'll be over soon, okay? They shouldn't last forever." Jeongguk merely whimpered. He would trust his hyung that the torturous pain would soon stop.

Blessedly, Jimin eventually finished, and slapped Jeongguk on the ass for good measure, who mewled in pain as his cock finally went soft. "Does it really hurt that badly?" Taehyung asked. "Jiminie can't even kill an ant with a slap like that." Soon only the sound of shrieks filled the bathroom, and even Yoongi chuckled at their antics.

"It's not...the slap, Masters," Jeongguk responded as pain raced through his veins and pooled in his stomach. "It-cramps. In my tummy...they won't stop."

"Hmm," Namjoon murmured, instructing Jimin to rub Jeongguk's belly. Jimin did so awkwardly, trying his best not to get the shorts he'd hastily pulled back up wet, and he squatted in the water and stared down at Jeongguk's tummy.


"What?" Taehyung exclaimed, kneeling down alongside Jimin to see what he was pointing at, and when he finally discovered the source of Jimin's cry, his jaw dropped and his cock throbbed. "Oh my god," Taehyung whispered, staring at the way Jeongguk's belly had swollen from all the liquid inside, making a little pouch on a previously flat stomach where his body made space for the piss. "That's gotta be the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. Namjoon, can I come in him?"

Namjoon and Yoongi also squatted and nearly toppled back into the water when they saw Jeongguk's swollen tummy. "That's-" Namjoon began, unsure how to describe what he was seeing but feeling his cock twitch in his pants. "Yeah, Taehyung, you can. Piss first, though."

Taehyung was already on it, nearly spraying pee everywhere in his desperation to empty his bowels, and Yoongi harrumphed when he nearly got hit in the face by a flying drop of urine. "Slow the fuck down, kid," Yoongi growled, and even through the cramps Jeongguk couldn't help but giggle. Jeongguk also had to admit that he was a little - okay, very proud of the way that he'd made Taehyung nearly cream his pants at the sight with the other three not far behind. This had been a good idea, hadn't it? Even though it really fucking hurt, Jeongguk was starting to not feel so bad about the maknae rule list, and so he smiled into the water as Taehyung's piss hit the liquid already in his ass with a series of trickles and splashes, because that was him, Jeongguk, important enough to do the job of carrying his hyungs' - wait no, his masters' - waste. Maybe he really was made for this.

A dark little voice in the deepest recesses of Jeongguk's mind attempted to protest, telling Jeongguk that forcing him to do this with no say couldn't be completely consensual, and could almost be considered a human rights' violation. However, Jeongguk squished it down. It simply couldn't be true. These were his hyungs he was talking about! Jeongguk shook his head and tuned back into the way Taehyung had finally finished pissing and was now jerking off furiously, reaching his peak within the next two minutes while Namjoon waited for his turn, and Jimin and Yoongi gave each other lazy handjobs, listening to the way Taehyung grunted and groaned while Jeongguk wailed and whined. "God, this is so hot," Jimin breathed out. "Look at the way the little piss slut takes it like a champ even through the cramps."

Jimin's comment must have been what pushed Taehyung over the edge, because Taehyung abruptly came into Jeongguk's cunt, mixing thick cum with thin, watery piss. "Jeongguk," he moaned, steadying himself by squeezing Jeongguk's pert bubble butt. "I am so fucking glad we finally brought up the maknae rules."

As soon as Taehyung moved, though, Namjoon pounced on Jeongguk, squeezing his sides hard enough to leave bruises and adding one last load of piss as Jeongguk, who had managed to get hard again, jerked off his cock, desperate to come and feeling too incredible to focus on the simmering pain of the cramps. Namjoon's stream seemed to go on forever, and just when it trickled to a stop and Jeongguk thought it was over it started up again, causing the pouch in his stomach to become noticeable even from where Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung were standing. Namjoon also had no shortage of curses to spit out, and they fell freely from his lips as he completely emptied his bladder while looking down at the maknae who was currently spread out like a full-course meal. "Hand me the plug, Taehyung," Namjoon ordered, breathing heavily with his stream of piss finally beginning to slow to a permanent stop, and just as he stopped the flow he pulled out the speculum, took one last look at the way Jeongguk’s gaping asshole was filled to the brim with piss, and eased in the plug gently as to not hurt Jeongguk's already torn rim.

Jeongguk gasped as the plug slid in and came to a stop with a jeweled end just above his hole, and prayed desperately that the plug would hit his prostate - just a little farther to the left - and then all of a sudden he was coming as the large toy, bigger than a fist, stimulated his sweet spot and caused him to splatter thick cum all over his hand, which was still jerking him through his orgasm all the way into oversensitivity, a pain-pleasure he craved that caused sparks to shoot up through his entire body and into his toes and fingers.

"Quick, quick!" Yoongi shouted, grabbing Jeongguk by the shoulder. "Get him up here, now. Jimin, Namjoon, you ready?" And when the both of them nodded Yoongi pulled Jeongguk up off the floor and onto his knees and instructed him to stay still in Yoongi's choice position: one where it would be as easy as possible for the three of them to come on Jeongguk's gorgeous face.

It was barely five seconds before Yoongi blew his load, aiming it at Jeongguk's milky pale cheeks and perfect little nose, striping cum all across his cheekbones and the bridge of his nose between his eyes, even going so far as to get some in his eyelashes (Jeongguk barely closed his eyes in time). Jeongguk mewled, a pathetic sound appropriate for a little slut like him, and with a mind to please his hyungs, he stuck out his tongue and waiting for Namjoon and Jimin to stripe his face with cum. Of course, neither of them were that far behind, and in a burst of pleasure at seeing the way Jeongguk presenting himself to them, the two came simultaeneosly, striping Jeongguk's forehead, chin, and lips with their seed.

There was a long moment then, everyone breathing heavily in the cramped bathroom, until Jeongguk suddenly did something the four of his hyungs couldn't even imagine in their wildest dreams: he ran a finger through the cum on his cheeks and popped it into his mouth, sucking and swallowing and smiling. "Thank you, Masters, for giving me your cum, and thank you for giving me your piss, Master Jimin, Master Taehyung, and Master Namjoon. A slut like me is so lucky to have it."

You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed.

And then the four simultaneously groaned.

"You can't just say shit like that, Jeonggukie," Jimin gasped, shaking his head. "I'm gonna get hard again, for god's sake. You really are a little slut."

Jeongguk simply beamed at the four men above him, cum on his face and piss inflating his stomach, and he still managed to look like an angel. Maybe this maknae rules thing wouldn't be so bad after all.


Dance practice was...interesting, to say the least. Jeongguk cleaned all of the cum off of his face and pulled his shorts up in a hurry, so he didn't notice that he still had a little semen drying on the corner of his mouth, and as soon as the five of them hurried back into the studio room, Hoseok immediately told Jeongguk with a shit-eating grin that he had a little "something," and Jeongguk nearly burst from embarrassment.

Then, they began to work on the choreography for a new album being released in February, a fast-paced, high-energy piece with intricate moves and lots of member interactions. Another aspect there was lots of just for that dance practice, though, were yelps from Jeongguk as the plug brushed up against his prostate that caused their choreographer to stop the music. "Jeongguk! Why the hell do you keep squeaking?"

Jeongguk blushed a brilliant red. "I just have...body cramps. They act up whenever I touch someone."

The choreographer clearly didn't buy it, but suggested to Jeongguk that he sit out. Jeongguk was fully ready to take him up on his offer, but a furious glare from Namjoon froze him to his spot. Oh, god, what had he done now? That was when it dawned on him: Rule Ten, again! Never let anyone know what was going on. Shit; Jeongguk felt his blood freeze like ice, and he hurriedly told the choreographer that he was fine, and that he felt magically recovered. In response, the choreographer started up the music again, shaking his head, and Jeongguk let out a sigh of relief, though he knew there was no way he was off the hook.

On top of the plug nearly constantly brushing against his oversensitive prostate, Jeongguk could hear the piss sloshing around inside him with every step as he dance, and he praised the lord that the t-shirt he was wearing was loose enough to hide the considerable swell of his stomach. Even worse, he was already starting to get hard again like some horny teenager with a minuscule refractory period - which, to be fair, he still kind of was - and his boner was a little harder to hide when his shorts were skin tight, even if they were mostly covered by the shirt. It was absolutely miserable - and the whore in Jeongguk loved it.

However, the sensible part of Jeongguk wanted to spontaneously combust on the spot, as those punishments were still in the back of his mind along with his lingering doubts about the maknae rules. To make matters worse, he couldn't even call any of his maknae friends, like Yugyeom, to see what punishment he usually got for bad behavior (GOT7 also followed the rules, right? They certainly did if Namjoon was telling the truth). At the end of dance practice Jeongguk could barely walk, feeling heavy and bloated and aroused with every splash of the piss inside him, and he swore he could still feel the ropes of cum striped across his face like lingering phantoms. He wasn't sure what to feel: exuberant or terrified.

When the group piled into the car, Jeongguk was instructed to sit in the back middle between Jimin and Taehyung, who both bore shit-eating grins on the faces at the moment Namjoon informed them they'd be graced with Jeongguk's presence. Yoongi ended up taking shotgun, and Namjoon, Seokjin, and Hoseok all sat together in the seat in front of them, discussing something Jeongguk was frankly too distracted to care about even if it concerned him.

The car started, pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street - and suddenly Jeongguk, who was already suffering because of how much deeper sitting made the plug go - felt two hands, one large and one small, slink their way up his exposed thigh. It took all of his willpower not to immediately yelp out as their fingers sneaked over his waistband and into his shorts, overcoming the barrier and immediately diving into his shorts, bypassing his cock, and moving to fiddle with something on the end of a plug - from the sounds, Jeongguk would guess it was some kind of switch, but why would a buttplug have a switch on it-

And then vibrations ran up through the plug and directly onto his prostate, and Jeongguk shrieked and jumped about a foot in the air, causing the entire car minus Jeongguk and their manager to burst into howling laughter. "Oh my god, Jeonggukkie, you should have seen your face!"

Jeongguk huffed, and their manager came to his rescue, reducing the laughter to just a few snickers with a reprimand and call of "Is everything all right back there?"

"Yes, of course, hyung," Namjoon responded coolly, turning around and fixing Jeongguk with a look that informed him that he'd just broken Rule Ten again. Jeongguk groaned; that had been Taehyung and Jimin's fault, and plus, this rule was impossible! How was he supposed to be quiet with a gallon of piss inside him? Thankfully, the vibrations, which had felt brutally strong in the beginning, had dulled to a comfortable buzzing that splashed around the piss inside him and vibrated directly against his prostate, but he wasn't sure how much more of this he could handle, especially when Jimin and Taehyung moved their hands up this time to twist at Jeongguk's pert, sensitive nipples, and Jeongguk had to shove his fist into his mouth just to stop himself from wailing once again because god, that felt so good. "Jimin, Taehyung, fucking stop," he hissed, breaking a different rule in his attempt to not break Rule Ten once again.

Jimin promptly tapped Namjoon on the shoulder. "Joon-hyung, Jeongguk called us Jimin and Taehyung."

Namjoon raised an eyebrow. "Just Jimin and Taehyung?" At Jimin's nod, Namjoon simply shook his head and stared at Jeongguk with eyes full of disappointment. "Rule Five, Gukkie. You were good at following it earlier, but I guess my expectations were too high when it comes to a dumb slut like you."

Jeongguk, biting his lip as Jimin and Taehyung massaged his nipples and hard cock, desperately turned to Namjoon. "Please, Master Namjoon," Jeongguk whispered, remembering the proper title. "Please, give me another chance! I'm so sorry! Please, Master, I promise I won't do it again!"

Jeongguk's conscience again told his that sympathy from Namjoon was too much to hope for, but he suppressed it, hoping for a miracle - that didn't come. "No," Namjoon said pleasantly, and turned back around.

"That," Taehyung remarked as he pulled Jeongguk's shorts down to reveal his throbbing cock, "was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. What do you think, Jiminie-hyung?"

"Pitiful," Jimin agreed, raising a hand to brush the sweaty hair out of Jeongguk's eyes, where tears threatened to spill. Jeongguk again put his hands up to his mouth, biting down hard and wiping away the few tears rolling down his face, but he was too late; they were already down, unfortunately, and Jimin and Taehyung had seen them, clear as day. "Aw, is the little baby crying?" Jimin mocked. "Why, because he's such a fucking disappointment?"

"That would make sense," Taehyung replied, stroking up and down Jeongguk's cut length. "Sweet little slut, can't even follow a simple rule. That's what, four rule breaks today? That's actually kind of sad, Jeongguk."

Jeongguk merely mewled pitifully as his two tormentors played with his erogenous zones, and he started to pant as the pleasure was cresting high, and he bit down on his hand because he was almost there, so close to coming-

And then everything stopped.

Jeongguk wailed into his fist loudly enough for Hoseok to turn around, and Jeongguk was panting and crying with salty tears streaming down his face from the denial. How was this fair at all? He'd been so close and they'd just - taken his orgasm away! He reached down to jerk at his cock, desperate to finish, but Taehyung slapped his hand away and turned the vibrator up, pulling Jeongguk's shorts up as he spasmed from the increased intensity, the vibrator really humming away now and doing wonders on his prostate. It was so good, good enough to keep him on that edge - but he couldn't come without any form of penile stimulation. Jeongguk sobbed, slumped down in his seat, and pouted like a child, only to be met with laughter from Taehyung and Jimin, who seemed to find Jeongguk's suffering hilarious. When the fuck would they get back to the dorm? Jeongguk tried to pull his earbuds out, only to find he had no phone; it had been taken away that morning before breakfast so Jeongguk couldn't contact anyone without Namjoon's permission and supervision.

The hyungs know what's best for you, Jeongguk told himself, taking a deep breath. Trust them. Taehyung and Jimin are just being mean.

Ignoring Taehyung and Jimin, however, was much harder than Jeongguk had originally thought, and as Jeongguk leaped out of the car Jimin jumped on his sore back, causing the piss to splash around in him once again. Jeongguk staggered; on a good day supporting Jimin's weight would be easy, but he was already sore from dance practice and he had a gallon of pee and a vibrator inside him. It was safe to say Jeongguk had some...additional baggage. Still, despite his discomfort Jeongguk sucked it up and walked into the dorm with Jimin screaming his goddamn ear off, because he had to be obedient in everything, yes? Rule Eleven: he couldn't resist any advances, not even a piggyback ride, and at this point Jeongguk certainly didn't need any additional punishment.

As Namjoon worked to unlock the door and waved goodbye to their manager-hyung, as luckily Bangtan had the rest of the day off, he shouted an announcement above the din: "Everyone, go take showers, whatever, but be in the living room in thirty minutes. Jimin-ah, get off of Jeongguk. Jeongguk, come with me."

Jeongguk's heart was beating a thousand miles a minute, thudding away in his chest as his cock went soft from the anticipation of the unknown. They wouldn't punish him now, Jeongguk knew that; Namjoon had said he would have a meeting with the rest of the members about his consequences. Still, Jeongguk had no idea what was coming, and he felt as if he were blindfolded on the edge of a cliff, not knowing which way was up or down or what to expect from Namjoon. So Jeongguk simply shuffled along behind Namjoon as the other boys raced to the showers, trying to jump in first.

Finally, the pair reached the living room. "Master Nam-"

"Shut up, Jeongguk. Get on the floor."

Stung, Jeongguk did as instructed, trying to hide his hurt and instead following his blind faith and Namjoon's exact instructions. He immediately moved to start stripping when Namjoon ordered him to take his clothes off, underwear and all, and Jeongguk was reminded of Rule One: clothes were prohibited. He gulped. This would be humiliating. Jeongguk hated how his cock was half-hard.

"Stay," Namjoon instructed as Jeongguk finished stripping, and headed into his bedroom while Jeongguk sat with his knees folded under him, pressing against the bulge in his stomach with fascination. True to Namjoon's words, the cramps had faded, and Jeongguk had to admit the way his tummy swelled was really fucking hot, so he smiled, thinking of the way that Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung had been so affected by him. However, his blood ran cold once again when Namjoon returned with some kind of wooden instrument that looked vaguely like a curly brace or an upside-down yoke. He was tempted to ask Namjoon what it was, but he decided to hold his tongue. It looked fucking terrifying, to be honest.

"I know you're curious," Namjoon said as he headed over to Jeongguk, looking significantly less cold but still as stern. "It's a humbler. The balls go through the opening and then it sits behind the ass. Now, get on your hands and knees, now that you've seen it." Jeongguk immediately unfolded his legs and assumed the least humiliating hands-and-knees position possible, but Namjoon was having none of it. "Stupid slut! Face down, ass up."

When Jeongguk had his cheek squished against the carpet, Namjoon got to work. "This won't hurt if you do everything you're told," he informed Jeongguk, and Jeongguk's head began to race. What exactly did the device do? Was Namjoon going to make it clamp down on his balls every time he did something bad? Surely that couldn't be too awful, Jeongguk thought as he sat perfectly still, picking at the carpet as Namjoon placed his balls inside the adjustable opening. It stung a little, because Namjoon had to pull his balls back away from his body to clamp the wood down around him, but Jeongguk had had worse. Hell, those cramps he'd had that morning had been some of the worst pain he'd experienced in his life.

Namjoon screwed the top part of the humbler back into place so that the balls went back to their normal position and the two lower curves framed Jeongguk's buttocks perfectly, and stood up and crossed the room, only to face Jeongguk from roughly ten feet away. "Come, whore," he instructed, not unkindly, but there was an edge to his voice, something sharp and dangerous Jeongguk didn't want to play with, so simply out of habit Jeongguk got up on his knees and tried to stand - and the entire dorm was pierced by a series of shrill shrieks as Jeongguk screamed his lungs out.

Jeongguk had forgotten about Rule Two: crawl everywhere, but the humbler was punishment enough, because it made it that the balls were pulled ridiculously far away from the body, causing even the toughest of men to...well, be humbled and always stay on their knees. And the pain - god, the pain was like nothing he had ever felt, intense and shocking and causing pain to ripple in waves up his spasming body. Jeongguk, for a moment, thought he was going to die, because it was so, so much worse than even getting kicked in the nuts, and that was already bad enough. Jeongguk, however, had not been humbled enough to not throw a few choice swear words the device's way (even if they were only in his mind): Fuck this. Fuck this stupid fucking humbler.

The worst pain, however, was the way Yoongi and Hoseok came dashing out when they'd heard Jeongguk screaming bloody murder, only to see him lying slumped over with his scrotum between the humbler. "Oh," Hoseok laughed, "that explains it." And then the two chuckled and went back to continue their dressing. Jeongguk sobbed. He couldn't do this, couldn't do the way that Namjoon was laughing too, big and bold and mocking.

"Jeongguk-ah, if you could follow the rules like I said, this wouldn't be an issue. But until you get a feel for crawling everywhere, you're going to be wearing the humbler for a while until I'm confident you won't try to stand again inside the dorm. Rule Two breaks won't be a separate punishment; I think the humbler is bad enough, yes?" At Jeongguk's teary nod, he laughed again. "Good boy. Now - come."

Even though every part of his body protested in pain, Jeongguk managed to get to his hands and knees and crawl, careful not to straighten up and cause himself more torment. When he reached Namjoon after an agonizingly slow few seconds, the smile on Namjoon's face was almost worth all of the trouble he'd been through from the humbler. "Good! I think that deserves another reward, yes?" Jeongguk nodded excitedly, as the pain in his balls was already fading, and even though it hurt horrendously, reminding himself that his hyungs knew was best was enough to allow Namjoon forgiveness in Jeongguk's mind. Plus, it was technically his fault that he'd caused himself so much pain, wasn't it? After all, he'd broken a rule, and rule-breaking warranted punishment.

Jeongguk was brought back to the present when Namjoon ordered Jeongguk to follow him over to the kitchen. However, while Jeongguk was crawling, burning all over from the humiliation of crawling completely naked with his balls stuck in a hunk of wood, Namjoon decided to enlighten him on a key part of their punishment system. "Oh, yes! Before I forget, you have four punishments, yes? Well, you also have two rewards. What you can do is you can either take all punishments and have two rewards afterwards, or only take two punishments and no rewards because of how they cancel out," Namjoon explained, his shoes clacking on the tile. "I'd like you to choose now. Your decision is final; you can't take it back."

As they continued to walk, Jeongguk pondered the question. Getting to play video games with his hyungs sounded so fun, but Jeongguk didn't know how he'd be able to survive four punishments in a row. On the other hand, he could keep one reward and trade in the other - but the idea of three punishments still sounded daunting. Jeongguk sighed; he'd really wanted a reward, but he'd much rather take two punishments compared to three or four. "Um," Jeongguk started, trying to shake out the pain in his palms and knees as they reached the kitchen. "I think I'll trade in two rewards for two punishments, please, Master."

Namjoon nodded approvingly, stopping when they reached the space between the counter and the dining table. "Good choice, Jeongguk-ah." Jeongguk smiled up at him, all pain from the humbler completely forgotten. All he really wanted was his hyung's praise, and honestly, he'd do anything to get it - the outcome was always so worth it.

"Alright, now, on the question of Rule Six: where you eat and sleep. Let's start with eating. I'll still allow you to eat with a fork and knife and on a plate, but it'll be on the floor. However, if one of your masters wants you to service them under the table, you will do so immediately, and when you finish, you can return to your food. I'll get you a mat and you will eat on hands and knees.”

Jeongguk swallowed. He could do that. His hyungs would be so happy with him if he pleased them even during dinner time, wouldn't they? Jeongguk managed to summon up a smile and replied with a quiet "Yes, master."

Namjoon smiled, ruffling Jeongguk's hair. "Good boy. Alright, let's head back to the living room to discuss your sleeping arrangements." The leader turned and gestured for Jeongguk to adjourn, which he did so, wincing in pain when he straightened up a little too far and accidentally pulled on his balls, but steadily followed, beginning to get the hang of this crawling thing, even though he knew it must be quite a sight to look at with his ass jiggling in the air as he moved and his butt plug on display for all to see. Jeongguk couldn't help but flush, padding behind Namjoon and feeling the piss slosh around in his stomach. He desperately hoped that none of the members would come out that moment and ogle his ass, though realistically they'd be seeing Jeongguk's naked body every day for a considerable period of time. It would just be something Jeongguk would have to get used to.

Namjoon snapped, getting Jeongguk to speed up, and led him over to something plush between the TV and the fireplace that Jeongguk hadn't spotted when Namjoon had been fitting the humbler on him. As he came closer, he began to notice the little details on what seemed to be a large dog bed, outfitted with adorable little bones. Jeongguk looked up at Namjoon, opening his mouth to inquire, but he shut it again when he remembered Rule Three: no speaking unless spoken to. Surely this couldn't be his-

"This will be where you'll be sleeping from now on unless one of the other members requests your presence. You'll also have a blanket so you don't get cold. Go ahead, try it out."

Jeongguk shuffled over to the bed, a little in disbelief that he'd literally be sleeping in a dog bed from then on, but he kept his mouth shut. He didn't have permission to speak, and he wasn't planning on getting another punishment, so he simply padded onto the cushion and laid down in the center, tugging his legs up under him and curling up into a little ball, whining when the humbler restricted his movement. He wanted to complain, so badly - how was this fair? - but he figured Namjoon certainly wouldn't appreciate it, and regardless, Jeongguk needed to work on getting used to his new life. He couldn't be opening his trap at every new adjustment.

Thankfully, Namjoon answered his concerns about the humbler, proving once again that everything would be worked out if Jeongguk relied on his faith in his master. "I'll be removing the humbler when you sleep, don't worry," Namjoon told him, reaching down to pet Jeongguk. "Now, I'm going to go grab your blanket, and you're going to stay here until Master Seokjin calls you for dinner or one of your other masters calls you to service them. Then, at the end of the day, I'll give you your enema and you can go to sleep. Any questions?" Namjoon asked in a tone that told Jeongguk he really didn't want questions.

However, Jeongguk knew that it would be a little hard to service his masters when he was filled to the brim with piss, and so he voiced his concern. "Um, Master? I-I'm still full of piss, and it's going to be a little hard for any of my other masters to fuck me when I'm full like this."

Namjoon jumped, slapping his forehead and groaning. He'd completely forgotten. "Sorry, Jeongguk," Namjoon responded. "Follow me to the bathroom, and I'll empty you out."

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Jeongguk got back up on his hands and knees and crawled across the floor, overwhelmed with gratitude towards his gracious, kind master. He wasn't sure how long he'd have been able to go on, filled the the brim with piss and a switched-on vibrator, but of course Namjoon was generous enough to relieve him of his burden. How could he have ever doubted him?

When they reached the only open bathroom, Namjoon helped Jeongguk into the tub and unscrewed the top part of the humbler so that it wouldn't get messy when Jeongguk was emptied of the mess inside him. Thankfully there wouldn't be much coming out of him besides piss and cum, as he'd cleaned himself out that morning before going to dance practice, but it did occur to Jeongguk that being filled with piss was one kind of enema. He wondered if being emptied out meant he didn't have to sit through another enema that night, but he doubted it, considering the other members would probably dirty him once they were all done with their showers.

By far Jeongguk's least favorite part of this process was not the rough way Namjoon removed the vibrator, or the way that all of the liquid rushed out in a flood, as his asshole was too gaped for Jeongguk to even try to clench it together so that all of the piss didn't gush out, but rather the way that Namjoon stood there and stared. Jeongguk was incredibly grateful that Namjoon was emptying him out, but the way Namjoon's stare was burning into him made Jeongguk's cock twitch and cheeks tinge red from the humiliation. In addition, nothing escaped Namjoon's eagle eyes, so he noticed the way that Jeongguk's cock had jumped at the minimal amount of degradation, and chuckled. "Wow, what a filthy little whore," Namjoon commented as all of the piss surged out of Jeongguk's loose cunt, streaming down his thighs and dripping into the tub, some even wetting Jeongguk's poor cock. "Ever wonder why you're so pathetic that you actually like people pointing out your sad, slutty inadequacy?"

Jeongguk merely whimpered as he watched the piss run down the tub and pool together before streaming down the drain. "Yes, Master," he responded. "I do wonder what I did to make myself so pathetic and inadequate."

Namjoon chuckled, a usually rich sound that sounded oddly tinny in the confined space of the bathroom. "I can imagine you want to come, don't you, Jeongguk?" Jeongguk nodded, and Namjoon smacked his ass, reveling in the little squeak that Jeongguk made as more piss splattered in the tub in an unending stream. "Just this once. But you get yourself off. I'm not getting my hands wet with your disgusting piss."

Jeongguk felt his heart race; he hadn't thought that there would be any possibility he'd actually be able to come that night unless one of his masters made him. "Thank you, Master," he breathed, resting on one elbow so that he could reach up to take a hold of his soaking, rock-hard cock, and he shook and nearly toppled over as a shock of pleasure raced up his body like electricity, grinning up at Namjoon, who was looking down at Jeongguk with a strange gleam in his eye. "Master Namjoon is so generous."

"Indeed he is," Namjoon finally responded when the piss coming out of Jeongguk's hole had slowed to barely a trickle and the pouch that had distended his stomach was completely gone. Jeongguk, however, was not finished, and was frantically jerking himself off, trying to get to completion before Namjoon changed his mind and decided to drag him back into the living room.

At long last, Jeongguk finally came with a groan, splattering the tub with his thick load, cock twitching as it spat out creamy cum and eventually went soft, leaving Jeongguk panting with his head hanging, only looking up when he felt something soft land on his back and a soft hand on his nuts, reattaching the humbler. "Clean up and be down in your bed in two minutes. I've gotta go talk to Yoongi about a track; I expect you to be there on time and not move unless you're given an order, else I will know. Got it?" Jeongguk nodded and heard the door click shut behind him.

It didn't take long for Jeongguk to clean up; he simply picked up the towel Namjoon had thrown on him and wet it under the tub's faucet, carefully scrubbing away all the piss and cum so that neither could chafe. It was a rather disgusting process, as the pee had gone lukewarm so it stuck cold against his thighs, but there was no use in crying over spilled milk - or piss, that was - so Jeongguk simply wiped the remnants away around the humbler, doing his best to clean his wet balls even when they were clamped inside wood. From then on, it was a little tough to grab the door without straining his balls, but Jeongguk managed to do so, and began to tread down the hall on hands and knees, desperately praying that he'd make it to the dog bed in time.

However, he wasn't expecting to be stopped on his way there. Jeongguk paused in his tracks when he heard a wolf whistle come from behind him, high enough to only belong to one person: Jimin. Jeongguk stiffened; after all Jimin had put him through in the car, Jeongguk couldn't imagine this would be good.

"Looking good, Jeongguk-ah," Jimin jeered. "Turn around and come here." Jeongguk did so obediently, even though he'd much rather just return to his bed. "You look so sweet and clean," said Jimin mockingly, patting his thighs as one would to summon a dog and clicking with his tongue; Jeongguk was seriously having to exercise his self-restraint. "Just...ready to defile."

Jeongguk felt his stomach drop and his throat dry, nearly whispering a curse under his breath but stopping himself just in time so he wouldn't break Rule Three. Instead, he simply crawled towards Jimin, keeping his eyes low so he wouldn't have to see the wide smirk likely plastered across Jimin's face. This attempt, however, was in vain, because as soon as Jeongguk was in reach Jimin took ahold of his jaw and roughly tilted his head up so he could stare into Jeongguk's eyes with a knife-like gaze. "Fucking slut, Gukkie. You are one huge fucking slut."

Jeongguk couldn't help but whimper. "Master Jimin-" he said before he could stop himself, and in retaliation a large smack! reverberated through the hallway - until Jeongguk suddenly realized he'd been hit by one of Jimin's famous resounding slaps.

"Shut the fuck up, stupid cunt," Jimin spat, and Jeongguk's soft cock twitched in interest - even though he'd just come - due to his teenage refractory period. "You're lucky I'm not going to tell Namjoon you just broke a rule." Jeongguk paled, silently thanking Jimin, who merely scoffed. "Stop looking pitiful and come suck my cock."

Dragging Jimin's jeans zipper down with his teeth, Jeongguk did his best to get a hold of Jimin's cock without straightening up too much and pulling his balls away from his body. Thankfully, Jimin decided to take pity on Jeongguk and make things a little easier for him by dragging him over across the floor and all the way to the living room, where Jimin plopped down on the couch in a position where when Jeongguk was on all fours he was eye level with Jimin's cock so that he didn't have to get up off of his hands and knees to suck.

And Jeongguk sucked. He sucked as best he could in order to display how thankful he was to Jimin for moving to the couch, for calling him a stupid cunt and a fucking slut just the way he liked. He practically fucking slobbered all over Jimin's cock, laving up and down and covering it in a coating of spit in his enthusiasm, twisting his tongue around the frenulum and over the head, into the soft slit, moaning and looking up to make eye contact with Jimin, who swore loud enough that Taehyung actually ducked out of his room in a towel to see what was going on.

"Oooh," Taehyung catcalled, making his way towards the pair even though Jimin shot him a look that made it very clear Taehyung was not welcome. "You look like you're having fun with Gukkie, Jiminie-hyung."

"Shut up, Tae," Jimin grumbled. "You can have him after me. Stop distracting him."

"But why can't I have him now? He can sit on my cock and suck you at the same time."

"Um, no, he actually can't sit on your cock because he has the humbler on, and it'll hurt him too badly. Even Gukkie isn't that much of a masochist to really put effort into pleasing people who are trying to fucking pull his nuts off." Taehyung, however, merely huffed and walked around the couch to begin fiddling with the humbler, and Jimin made an affronted noise. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Taehyung chuckled. "You do realize you can take this thing off really easily, right? I asked Namjoon and he said it was fine to take it off as long as I put it back on afterwards."

Jimin sniffed haughtily and pulled Jeongguk off his cock once Taehyung finished removing the humbler. "Fine. But I get his fucking mouth the whole time. Don't you try to pull him off."

"Yeah, yeah." Taehyung waved a hand and pulled Jeongguk up onto the couch with him, feeling Jeongguk's hole to see how loose it was and smiling triumphantly when he found it was still slick and gaping from the piss and the vibrator. "Just give me a second, Minnie." Feeling back in the couch for something, Taehyung beamed when he pulled a bottle of lube out of the couch cushions and snorting when he saw Jimin's scandalized look. "What?" Taehyung asked snidely when he slicked up his cock and placed Jeongguk over his lap, slowly lowering him onto his monster of a cock.

Jimin simply shook his head. "Give me his fucking mouth, dumbass."

Jeongguk smiled as he simultaneously bounced and sucked, listening to the two squabble while lewd squelches came from both of his holes. This wasn't as bad as he'd thought - and after all, some things never changed.


Dinner was an enjoyable experience for Jeongguk as well, despite the fact that he spent much more time swallowing cum than swallowing food. Hoseok and Seokjin both recruited him to blow them, one after the other, and he spent most of dinner without the humbler and on his knees, deepthroating as best he could and attempting not to choke, licking at the wrinkled skin of their balls while they were hilt-deep in his throat. The sounds of his masters' cheery conversation drowned out the slick noises of sucking and gagging, which Jeongguk was grateful for, because he had to admit he was actually kind of enjoying this - being treated like a sex toy, that was. He was so grateful he hadn't gone to the managers when he'd heard the maknae rules; it felt like forever ago but it had just been that morning when he'd been so upset over following what he thought were human rights violations but now knew were just guidelines to help Jeongguk live the happiest life possible as a sex slave. The thing was, he didn't feel like a slave. He felt like he'd felt his true purpose in life, and maybe that would change later, but at that moment he felt comfortable and happy: he was a member of the biggest idol group in Korea, and he'd get to service his beautiful masters for the rest of his career. Jeongguk had never been so happy he'd ever trusted anyone in his life.

There was only one issue left on his plate, and that was punishment.

Jeongguk had already resigned himself to the idea that he'd have to be punished; after all, he broke the rules, so it only seemed right that there would be some kind of retribution for his actions. However, there was nothing his masters could do to make him look forward to said punishment, so when Namjoon ordered Jeongguk that they'd get him for his punishment and do his nightly enema in the morning, as he had they had tomorrow off, and that Jeongguk should go to bed so they could discuss, Jeongguk crawled away with his head hung low, padding across the carpet before he finally curled up in the comfortable dog bed and pulled the snuggly blanket up around him and over his head, blocking out the light so he could drift into an uneasy sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


"Jeongguk. Wake up. Jeongguk!"

Someone was shaking him; Jeongguk woke with a start, nearly falling out of the dog bed and opening his eyes to be met with a grinning Hoseok. "He's awake, Namjoon!" Hoseok then left, pulling the blanket off of Jeongguk in the process, and Jeongguk made a hurt noise, rolling up into a ball to shield himself from the cold.

"Good morning, Jeongguk-ah," Namjoon called, coming into the living room and stopping directly in front of Jeongguk's bed, where Jeongguk was rubbing his eyes and blinking sleepily, not sure where he was yet and why the hell he wasn't in his own bed - and then it hit him.

Maknae rules. Sex. Punishments.

"It's time, Jeongguk," Namjoon said kindly, and Jeongguk felt his heart race. He didn't want to be punished! God, the rules were so easy to had he messed up so badly? He wanted to argue with Namjoon, to apologize and maybe weasel his way out of the punishment, but he knew speaking would only make things worse. It looked like Jeongguk would just have to suck it up and take the punishment.

Namjoon clicked his tongue and gestured for Jeongguk to follow. "Can I trust you to crawl, or do you need the humbler on?"

"You can trust me, Master," Jeongguk replied respectfully even though his heart was practically thrumming out of his chest. "I'll crawl."

"Good boy. Come with me to your old room." Jeongguk slowly crawled out of the dog bed and followed behind Namjoon, wincing when his winking hole was exposed to the cool air and noting how...abnormally quiet the house was. It was never this silent; there was always some sort of noise to be heard from the other members playing video games, horsing around, or getting ready for the day, but lo and behold, the house sat in an eerie hush that only served as a fuel for the raw fear in Jeongguk's heart. Jeongguk, to be frank, was completely and utterly terrified.

Namjoon held the door open for Jeongguk when they both reached Jeongguk's old room, and Jeongguk soon discovered why the dorm was so silent: all of the members were waiting for them, scattered in various places around the room. The bed had been pushed out of the middle and off to the side, leaving a large concrete floor area where Jeongguk was instructed to present himself on his hands and knees. When he did so, Namjoon addressed the room. "Alright, so we all know why we're here. Jeongguk-ah broke four rules yesterday, but traded in two rewards for punishments, so he now will have two punishments: one for Rule Ten and one for Rule Five.

"Jeongguk, your punishment for Rule Ten is going to have to be severe, which is why you get five lashes from the cat o' nine tails per member. Can you tell me how many lashes that is?"

Jeongguk gulped. "Thirty, master Namjoon."

"Good," Namjoon eulogized. "Now, the punishment for Rule Five was chosen by the two members you disobeyed: Taehyung and Jimin. They decided we should...have some fun, and by that they want us to play a game. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, Jeongguk; I doubt it's a game you'll like, as this is a punishment, after all. The way it's played is that you're going to kneel with this," Namjoon said, holding up a black PVC funnel gag, which consisted of a funnel connected to a tube strapped into the mouth, which would force the wearer to swallow every drop of whatever liquid was poured in...or drown, "and we are going to stand five feet away and see how much piss we can get in the funnel. Whoever gets the most piss in the funnel wins, and at the end of the game you get to take off the funnel and lick everything that missed off the floor. Understand?"

Jeongguk nodded, taking deep breaths in and out to steady his heart rate. Lashes? Piss? Funnel gags? God, Jeongguk had known his punishment wasn't going to fun, but he didn't think it would be this bad.

"Then, after everything is done, we're going to fuck you, alright?" Jeongguk replied with a simple yes, Master. He could do that; that sounded much less daunting than everything else that had been proposed. If only they could fuck him first so they tired themselves out...

But that was too much to hope for, wasn't it? Namjoon gestured for everyone to get off of the bed, and pulled Jeongguk up so that he was leaning over the side on his knees and presenting his naked back. "I'll be administering the lashes today, if that's okay. You will count." Jeongguk gulped as he heard shuffling, oohing, crude comments from his other masters about his thighs and ass, and he closed his eyes tightly, feeling the beginning of tears coming on. Then there were footsteps - Namjoon's footsteps - heading toward him-

And Jeongguk wailed.

The first blow of the cat o' nine tails was brutal, each leather thong digging into Jeongguk's back and leaving dark red stripes along the wide expanse of unblemished skin. The only sensation Jeongguk could think of that was even remotely close to how badly it hurt was of a hot knife cutting through skin like butter, and he barely even remembered to get out the words "One, Master!" before Namjoon was swinging the instrument back again, causing it to whip through the air with a deadly sound before it landed on Jeongguk's sensitive skin once again. "Two, Master!" Jeongguk screamed.

Around the tenth strike was when the tears finally fell, and Jeongguk was a man who didn't cry easily from pain - from pleasure or humiliation, sure, but never pain. The pain of the flogger didn't even compare to any other pain he'd experienced in his life; it was agonizing, and by strike fifteen Jeongguk was begging for it to stop, begging that he'd do absolutely anything if Namjoon would stop flogging him - but no one did anything, and the only sounds that could be heard of the room were that of the cat o nine tails whipping through the air and landing on Jeongguk's back, and the way Jeongguk cried and babbled and counted each and every strike.

Strike twenty-two was when Jeongguk stopped being able to form words. The pain was that intense, that all-consuming, that Jeongguk didn't even realize someone was screaming his name:

"Gukkie, are you okay? Namjoon, shouldn't you stop?"

"He has to learn, Taehyung. If I cut the punishment short he's going to learn that he can just get out of consequences whenever he wants."

Namjoon, however, stopped for a moment, and went to rub Jeongguk's shoulder. "Jeongguk, are you okay?" When Jeongguk imperceptibly shook his head, he sighed. "Well, I won't make you count anymore, but we still have to finish your punishment, yes?" Jeongguk simply made a sad, sad sound, sniffling into his elbow.

The cruel strikes continued, and Jeongguk howled, bit into his elbow until it bled, sobbed until his five other masters were murmuring in concern. Namjoon brought down the flogger for the last strike, the hardest one yet-

And then it was over.

There was a long, heavy silence.

And then Namjoon broke the quiet. "Jeongguk-ah, are you alright?" When Jeongguk didn't respond, Namjoon pulled him into his arms, careful to avoid his bleeding back. Namjoon figured he might have been a little rough, but hey, if Rule Ten was broken by Jeongguk telling the managers Bangtan's career might be over. The punishment was harsh...but necessary, which Jeongguk had told the other members the night before, making sure that they fully understood why the punishment was so severe. Namjoon hoped some of them weren't starting to get cold feet, though.

"Get him some water and the first aid kit," Namjoon muttered, and Taehyung and Seokjin hurriedly scurried out of the room, clearly not wanting to see the way their maknae, only nineteen and unwilling to hurt a fly, was lying broken in their leader's arms. As for Jeongguk, all he wanted to do was sleep. It hurt so fucking badly, and even though Jeongguk had always been a little bit masochistic, this level of pain went straight past arousal and far into overkill. Jeongguk shuddered in Namjoon's arms; he was barely lucid, and he wasn't sure how he could survive another punishment.

After a long period of tense silence, Taehyung and Seokjin finally returned, and while Taehyung gave Namjoon the first aid kit Seokjin fit the glass of water to Jeongguk's lips and tilted, letting the cool, refreshing liquid rush down Jeongguk's parched throat, irritated due to all the screaming he'd been doing.

"Can you speak, Gukkie?" Taehyung asked quietly while Namjoon disinfected and bandaged Jeongguk's bloody back, and Jeongguk simply swallowed, becoming more lucid as the pain faded.

"Yes," he croaked out. However, the way everyone was doting on him made him want to throw up. He just wanted to get the next punishment over with so that he could go to sleep.

Unfortunately for Jeongguk, the others saw the punishment a little differently: less of a chore than something they wanted to enjoy. "I don't want to do this if you're going to be miserable the whole time. You're not supposed to like the punishment, but you're not supposed to be hung up on the last punishment, either."

"I'm fine. Just give me a minute." Jeongguk tried his best to sit up while Namjoon stroked his hair, taking another sip of water from the glass. "I promise."

The worst part was that Jeongguk didn't have anyone to blame for the pain other than himself. If he hadn't threatened to tell the managers and had just trusted his hyungs, none of this would have ever happened. Jeongguk could wail and cry and scream from the flogging all he wanted, but it didn't change the fact that this was his fault, which was why he knew he needed to accept both punishments in the way they were designed to be given.

"Master Namjoon? I'm sorry for speaking without permission, but this is really important," Jeongguk mumbled into Namjoon's chest, and when Namjoon gave him the go-ahead, he continued speaking. "I-Masters, I promise I'm not going to be miserable this whole time. This is my fault and I need to accept it. B-but...there is one thing that I think might perk me up enough to convince all of you that I'm ready for the second punishment."

Jeongguk bit his lip, attempting to look as pathetic as possible, which wasn't too hard considering his current state. "Can I touch myself?"

Almost immediately a sequence of groans resounded through the room; Jeongguk had already had all of his masters under his spell, so they fell for the innocent and pitiful act hook, line, and sinker. Despite the pain throbbing through his back, which was already beginning to dull to a calm ache due to the advil Taehyung had given him, Jeongguk had to hide a smile, because even if he was technically his masters' slave now, he still had the adorable maknae card at his disposal.

"See, it barely hurts anymore," he added, getting off of Namjoon's lap, kneeling, and making grabby hands for the funnel gag. "I want to make my masters happy. Please?"

Namjoon groaned, and the sound rumbled through the room like thunder. "Fuck, baby boy. So good for us, taking your punishment like a good little whore. Yes, go ahead and touch yourself."


Beaming, Jeongguk laid down on his side, trailing his fingers down his stomach but unexpectedly bypassing his cock in favor of pressing at his perineum. He let out a small little moan as pleasure immediately sparked through him when he managed to stimulate his prostate from the outside, and he continued to press while his other hand reached down to his ass. Jeongguk whined when one finger accidentally slipped in; he was still slick from when he'd been fucked by Taehyung the night before, tacky from lube but thankfully not cum considering the day before Taehyung had changed his mind and decided to come all over Jeongguk's perfect cheeks. It was a well-kept secret of Jeongguk's that he actually loved when his ass gaped, loved to stretch himself out until his hole couldn't even close anymore and anyone who walked in could see down, down, down, deep into his bowels. He always liked to squeal and blush whenever he was called a loose whore or told he had a slag of a cunt, but truthfully both insults made him feel alive, like he was fulfilling the purpose he was made to feel, and he'd felt like this even before the maknae rules came out, even when he was first being fucked by his hyungs before they became his masters.

"Can I ask another question?" Jeongguk inquired shyly, and when Namjoon nodded, he managed to crack a smile even though just moving made his back explode in pain once again. "Will one of you...fist me? I like it when I gape."

"Holy fuck," gasped Yoongi. "Kid, you're fucking freaky." Jeongguk simply grinned, though, finally recovering from the last punishment (despite the lingering ache) when Yoongi took over the fingering and immediately scissored two fingers in Jeongguk's lube-slicked hole. Jeongguk couldn't help but moan at that, either, fucking himself down on both digits and letting out a little wail when Yoongi's fingers curled into his prostate and made him see stars.

Yoongi fit in one, two more digits, and then eventually made his fingers into a cone shape and slid them in slowly, watching the way Jeongguk's face contorted into a mixture of pleasure and pain. However, even when the widest part of his hand slid in and Jeongguk's hole clamped onto Yoongi's hand at the wrist, Yoongi kept going sliding in, in, in and until half of his forearm was inside - and finally clenching his hand into a fist, rubbing his knuckles against Jeongguk's sensitive walls just to hear Jeongguk cry out. It wasn't long before Yoongi was fisting him with ease, sliding in and out nearly to the elbow and so far up in his hole that Jeongguk could see the bulge in his stomach from Yoongi's hand deep inside him.

Jeongguk was babbling, choking over his words and letting out these sad wails because of how good it felt, so good that he couldn't even express the pleasure in mere Korean. In addition, the slick sounds coming from his masters only served to fuel the ecstasy that was gradually building to a volcanic crescendo, and when Yoongi punched his fist back inside his gaping hole, he made a remark that finally pushed Jeongguk over the edge: "You are so fucking disgusting, aren't you? Stupid slut, would die for anything up your cunt, wouldn't you? Y'know, if you weren't an idol I bet my life you'd be a prostitute."

Jeongguk flailed as his vision whited out and he slumped on the ground, eyes rolling back in his head as strings of cum hit his chest and collarbones and waves of pleasure swept over him like a swimmer caught in high tide. It felt so incredible he couldn’t even speak, couldn’t breathe.

He didn't even realize someone was calling his name until he accidentally shifted onto his back and rubbed at the wounds the cat o nine tails had left, which alerted him to the concerned faces looming over him, and it occurred to him that he might have passed out for a second from the strength of his orgasm. Oops. "Thank you for making me come, Master Yoongi," Jeongguk whispered sheepishly. "I feel a lot better and I think I'm ready for my second punishment."

Namjoon threw up his hands, looking impressed. "Good boy, Jeonggukkie, taking your punishments like a champ. I'm impressed."

Jeongguk grinned as something warm bubbled up inside him. "Thank you, Master Namjoon."

Namjoon smiled down at him, and Jeongguk positively glowed, unaware of the way Yoongi had left his hole a loose, cavernous gape. "Alright, then. Jeongguk, take your position in the center of the room."

Shaking out the pains in his limbs and wincing at the way his open hole clenched around nothing, Jeongguk crawled over the the center of the room and obediently sat with his legs folded beneath him, feeling his heart thrum in his chest as Namjoon retrieved the funnel gag and slowly walked toward him. He still couldn’t believe how badly the cat o nine tails had hurt but how he’d been able to get over it so quickly just by getting off, just another sign that he’d made the right decision by accepting the maknae rules. Even though it had been a short time, he couldn’t believe how much it had changed his life for the better. He already felt as if he knew where he wanted to be.

Namjoon carefully and quietly began to attach the funnel gag while Jeongguk sat still, moving the straps behind his head and fitting in the mouthpiece so that he was forced to breathe out of his nose. It took him a minute to get everything in place, but once Namjoon was done he smirked in satisfaction. “Good. Who’s going first?”

“I’ll go,” Seokjin volunteered, silencing Taehyung and Jimin who had been on the verge of argument. “The little slut’s never gotten my piss before; I’ll make him appreciate it.” He walked up to roughly around five feet from Jeongguk, pulled his pants and boxers off and tossed them in the direction of the bed, aimed his cock. “I’m going to win this fucking game, easy.”

And then he began to piss, aiming up so that a long, golden stream shot through the air, completely missing the funnel and instead hitting Jeongguk dead in the face. Jeongguk didn’t even have time to close his eyes before the pee splattered everywhere, and he cried out in shock as urine got in his eyes and streamed down his face. “Whoops,” Seokjin snickered, and aimed his cock farther down so that pee streamed directly into the funnel, and all of a sudden Jeongguk’s mouth was full to the brim with hot, hot piss, watery and sour and flooding everywhere, and he had absolutely no choice but to swallow the stuff down, grimacing at the bitter taste.

But it just kept coming, and soon enough, Jeongguk was choking and gasping, barely managing to get everything down, but finally Seokjin stopped the stream and Jeongguk gulped in air through the funnel, heaving so hard that his erect cock bobbed, giving away how much he secretly loved being treated like a dumpster for his masters’ waste. He could hear them high fiving Seokjin, who had only gotten piss on Jeongguk’s face and in the funnel, not having spilled a drop on the floor, and he quivered, waiting for the next load, which came much sooner than he expected as Yoongi stepped up to the five foot line.

Maybe it was due to his origins as a basketball player, but Yoongi was much better at aiming than Seokjin, and his stream went into the funnel right away - a little too early for Jeongguk, who hadn’t been expecting it and as a result choked on the hot liquid as it came down the funnel in a rush, and he grimaced as he could hear laughs all around due to his unfortunate predicament. He wanted to tell them all to shut the fuck up, but unfortunately he couldn’t do so and instead had to settle for balling his fists up and hoping his masters got the message, which reminded him that he couldn’t simply say things like that anymore. He had to be respectful now. Still, they couldn’t stop him from being a little vengeful, so he furrowed his eyebrows and attempted to seem as angry as possible with a giant funnel in front of his face. This act, however, quickly dissipated when Yoongi finished and Hoseok sprayed Jeongguk in the face with his load just as Seokjin had done, leaving him absolutely drenched and very much pathetic.

Hoseok had the least control out of all of them, and was spraying all over the place: on the floor, on the outside of the funnel, on Jeongguk himself, but none of his piss was actually ending up in Jeongguk’s mouth and Jeongguk was grateful for the reprieve. Still, at this point he was soaking wet and achingly hard, and he wanted nothing more than to slide a hand around his cock and stroke himself he finally came from being used like a stupid toy. However, he knew touching himself without permission likely wouldn’t result in anything good, so Jeongguk kept his hands on his knees as Hoseok finished spraying Jeongguk with hot piss and Jimin stepped up to the line.

Jimin’s aim turned out to be average. He started out by getting a good amount of his piss on the floor, but then managed to get ahold of himself and sent the rest straight into the funnel, sending more hot pee down Jeongguk’s throat and forcing Jeongguk to swallow. Taehyung was similar to Hoseok, and much more impatient, so while his piss went everywhere it wasn’t in one particular place for any extended amount of time, and just as his stream was dying down he finally got the hang of it and fed Jeongguk more liquid, at which Jeongguk retched and hacked.

Lastly was Namjoon, who had the best aim of all, hitting the funnel dead on and feeding all of his piss to a sobbing, aroused Jeongguk, who couldn’t get over how he hated the taste of pee but how it made his little cock so, so hard. He was just a little piss slut, wasn’t he? A whore for humiliation, a toy to be used? God, Jeongguk was so grateful that Namjoon had shown him the light. He felt happier than he had in a long time, because even before the maknae rules, he’d known that degradation got him off, and now he was getting to experience the pain of humiliation up close and personal and it was fucking fantastic. He loved it, just like he loved all his masters.

Before he knew it, Jeongguk was being snapped out of his reverie and the funnel was being removed, popped out of his mouth and unstrapped and suddenly he was on the floor, getting a face full of piss-soaked concrete, and Namjoon’s boot was on the side of his cheek, grinding his head into a mess of Bangtan’s waste. “Clean it up,” Namjoon growled.

And so Jeongguk cleaned. Slowly he flicked his tongue out and began to clean off the dirty, wet floor, the taste of piss really sinking into his tongue as he lapped up everything his masters had spilled, licking and licking while his cock throbbed all the while and Namjoon sent a few hard kicks his way, ordering him to clean faster so that they could all have their way with him. “Useless slut,” Namjoon jeered, punting him in the ribs. “Worthless even to clean off a floor. You really are only good for your holes, aren’t you?”

Jeongguk whined and tried to clean faster, and the moment he licked the last drop of piss off the floor Namjoon gripped him by the hair and yanked him up, tossing him at Seokjin, who was eagerly awaiting his turn to fuck Jeongguk. “Stupid slag. Put your loose hole to use, won’t you?” Seokjin sneered as Namjoon nodded in approval, and Seokjin manhandled Jeongguk until he was in a position where he could sink down on his cock. As a result, Jeongguk couldn’t help but jolt when Seokjin suddenly pulled him down and Jeongguk sank to the hilt, the sides of his gaping hole barely touching Seokjin’s cock due to the brutal fisting.

A choked little gasp escaped Jeongguk’s mouth as he was suddenly filled to the brim with cock, and it turned into a wail when Seokjin began to bounce Jeongguk up and down, up and down on his cock, until Jeongguk was delirious and wanting, whining about how he was nothing but a disgusting whore who just wanted a thick dick in his holes year round, a cum dumpster who just wanted to please his masters. He was so out of it, in fact, that when Seokjin flipped him on his back and began to jackhammer in and out of his gaping cunt, all he could do was sit and drool because of how concentrated the pleasure it was, so good it brought tears to his eyes, and before Jeongguk knew it he was crying, body shaking with sobs because of how damn good it felt and how badly he just wanted to come.

By the time Seokjin finished Jeongguk was getting really desperate, begging for someone to lay even a finger on his dick, but it seemed his masters were intent on dragging this out as long as possible, because they weren’t even using his mouth, just his hole. Unfortunately, just using his hole one at a time wasn’t the best plan for anyone, because Jeongguk’s pussy was so loose that his doms couldn’t get any friction on their cocks in the same way that Jeongguk couldn’t get any friction on his prostate. Due to this, when Hoseok slid in he immediately called Yoongi over, complaining about how Jeongguk was too loose, looser than a street whore and that he desperately needed another cock to tighten him up, and at that point Jeongguk really was so loose and so gaped that he didn’t even need any additional prep; Hoseok flipped Jeongguk so that Jeongguk was riding him, and Yoongi slid his cock in right above Hoseok’s with only minimal give and no pain for the wailing Jeongguk.

“Please!” Jeongguk cried out when Yoongi took a hold of him, wrapped his arms around his chest, and thrusted into his with all his might, immediately hitting his prostate and causing Jeongguk to howl. “Please, agh, I can’t...please, fuck me!”

So despite the fact that Hoseok told Jeongguk to shut the fuck up, he and Yoongi pounded into Jeongguk harder, so hard that Jeongguk shook back and forth between the solidity of their bodies, their grunting in contrast to the way that Jeongguk sung like a siren, whimpering and wailing at the top end of his vocal range, and if anyone had been outside the Bangtan dorm that day they would have immediately known what was going on. The sounds were unmistakable: the squelching of leftover lube and cum, the deep groans and high whines, the slapping of skin against skin. Jeongguk couldn’t breathe. The pleasure was mounting and mounting, and he was so full inside, completely stuffed, and he felt as if the air had been knocked out of his lungs by Yoongi and Hoseok’s cocks, and god, Jeongguk thought he was either going to come or die-

Just as both Yoongi and Hoseok came deep inside Jeongguk, ecstasy exploded behind Jeongguk’s eyes like fireworks, and for the first time Jeongguk came completely untouched, coming all over his stomach and slumping over in exhaustion, riding the pleasure straight through orgasm and all the way into sleep.

Jeongguk woke when both Jimin and Taehyung were coming in his ass; he’d learn later that while he’d been out, everyone had been taking turns tag teaming his slumbering body, covering his peaceful form in jizz and dark hickeys. “Look, he’s up!” the both of them exclaimed, slapping Jeongguk on the ass good-naturedly while Jeongguk rubbed his eyes and looked up tiredly.

“Get out of him,” Namjoon chided, taking Jeongguk’s hand. “How are you feeling, baby boy?”

“Guh,” Jeongguk responded sleepily, curling up into a heap when Jimin and Taehyung pulled out. He could feel warm cum dripping out of his hole, and he almost cringed at the feeling, but all he really wanted to do was sleep. Why had they had to wake him up?

Namjoon, however, had other plans, and scooped Jeongguk up in his arms, bridal-style. “You took your punishment so well, Jeongguk. I’m so proud. You just have one thing left to do, okay? We have to do your enema and then you can relax. Is that alright?” No, not really, Jeongguk thought, but he couldn’t really say that aloud, so him simply nodded, and Namjoon grinned. “Good boy. Everyone, follow us to the bathroom.”

Ugh, why did everyone have to see him get cleaned out? Jeongguk whined tiredly in Namjoon’s arms, trying to protest in a way that wouldn’t end with him getting the shit beaten out of him like he had that morning as his punishment for Rule Ten, but he ultimately gave up as they reached the bathroom and Namjoon gently sat Jeongguk down in the tub while his other masters piled in to watch. “Alright, Guk,” Namjoon said while Jeongguk watched with drooping eyelids. “This shouldn’t take too long. Who has the enema kit?”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “It’s under the sink, Joon-hyung.”

“Oh. Right.” Namjoon stooped over and retrieved the enema kit, removing the nozzle and immediately filling the bag with cold water. He then promptly fit the tube in the bag and clamped it shut to stop the flow before hanging the bag from the shower curtain rod. “Lube?” When Taehyung handed him the lube, he carefully lubricated the nozzle of the tube and sat on the edge of the tub, gesturing for Jeongguk to flip over and lay with his face down and ass up, and then gently slid the nozzle into Jeongguk’s gaping hole. “Um, Jeongguk, your hole’s pretty loose so I’m afraid the tube’s gonna fall out. Can you move your ass up a little higher?” Jeongguk nodded, and Namjoon grinned. “Ready?” Namjoon opened up the clamp, and the water steadily made its way down the tube and into Jeongguk’s cum-filled rectum.

“Ah!” Jeongguk cried out. “Cold!” His masters merely snickered, and Hoseok went as far as to squeeze on the enema bag, causing Jeongguk to yelp and Namjoon to shoot Hoseok a reprimanding look. And truthfully, the water really was freezing; enemas were supposed to be given at room temperature, but Namjoon had filled the bag up with frigid water, which Jeongguk had to assume was on purpose just to torture him because Jeongguk knew for a fact Namjoon knew how to properly administer an enema. Due to the temperature, the first few cramps hit early, too, and Jeongguk gasped as the pain hit him, sharp and unexpected and pooling in his steadily inflating stomach.

After a few more minutes, Jeongguk was groaning, full to bursting and unable to take more liquid. “Please, Master Namjoon,” he moaned, “It’s too much! Please, let me release…”

“No. You can take more and you will.” Namjoon removed the clamp altogether to hasten the flow, and Jeongguk cried out like a wounded animal, begging for it to stop, hating just how mean Namjoon was being. Tears were streaming down his cheeks once again - and he trusted Namjoon, he swore he did - but it just hurt so badly. He looked down and could already see a considerable bulge from all the water, even larger than the one he’d gained from the piss, and god, it hurt so much worse and felt so much more strange, as if he were having an out of body experience.

“Please, Master,” Jeongguk whispered one last time, feeling nauseous and on the brink of throwing up, and finally, finally, Namjoon took pity on him.

Namjoon sniffed coldly, clamping off the water. “Fine. But stand up. I expect you to hold all the water in until I say that you can release it.”

Nodding slowly, Jeongguk let Namjoon slip the nozzle out of his ass and he slowly stood up, yelping when all of a sudden the liquid came out in a flood, a dirty mixture of cum and water rushing down his legs. Jeongguk squeaked, tried to keep it in as he rose up to his full height, but his hole was so loose that it couldn’t even begin to close, and Jeongguk stood there, humiliated and red-faced as everything surged out of him at once and soaked him in grimy fluid - and even though he’d already talked too many times without being spoken to for Namjoon to let him off the hook, Jeongguk cried out again, “Please! I can’t hold it!”

“You will hold it,” Namjoon informed him, and Jeongguk sobbed, face flushed and snotty and teary, his cock beginning to chub up again from the degradation and the way that everyone was staring at him, but truly, he physically could not hold it, and so he just stood there, covering his face with his hands and crying the kind of cries that end in hiccups and won’t stop no matter how hard you try to shut yourself up.

And then all of a sudden, Jeongguk was on the floor of the tub, the last of the enema trickling out of his ruined gape, and Namjoon was above him, shaking his head and spitting on Jeongguk in contempt. “Can’t even follow simple orders, stupid slut. No, you’re too busy being a whore for that, aren’t you? Look at how hard your pathetic cock is.”

Namjoon scoffed and looked back at the other boys, who were sneering nastily at their teary, humiliated baby. “Clean yourself up and go sit in your bed. I was going to reward you for taking your punishment so well but you’re so pitiful that you just lost all privileges. Dumb bitch.”

Jeongguk’s masters slowly filed out, spitting their own degrading insults at the broken mess of a boy on the floor of the tub, and Jeongguk slumped over, rested his piss-soaked hair on the wet bottom of the bath, slid his fingers back over the curve of his ass to feel how open he was, and cried. The worst part was how he knew he deserved it. The worst part was how his cock was fucking hard.

There was no one for Jeongguk to blame but himself, and he hoped his generous masters would forgive him for fucking up yet again. After all, they’d shown him the light of his true purpose, been so generous as to not just spring the maknae rules on him but had talked them out, had given him a place on the floor to eat and a dog bed to sleep in and all the cocks and cum he wanted. He couldn’t believe that only a few days ago he’d just been an idol; he was eternally grateful to his masters for making him a slave.

Jeongguk just wished he could be better for the men who had given him everything.