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Shepard's Dream Catcher

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It took a while, but the Normandy arrived at the Citadel and landed at the docking bay. When bystanders saw the hijacked ship park next to the Alliance vessel, they began whispering questions among one another. For the most part, the Rachni stayed onboard while Amber and Saren attempted to dissuade the C-Sec officers outside. It didn't take much long for Chellick to meet up with the Spectres.

"Alright, what've we here?" Chellick asked.

Saren and Amber exchanged brief glances.

"This vessel is currently run by Rachni as opposed to Cerberus personnel," Saren answered.

Chellick raised a browplate.

"You're joking, right?" Chellick objected, "you managed to find some untouched sect of a species that nearly wiped out all of galactic civilization and you haven't buried them under miles of rubble?"

Saren scratched his mandible.

"Well, they're friendly," Saren clarified, "they're at least willing to reason and they've come to realize that the reason they were nearly wiped out two millennia ago is because they were a threat to the rest of us."

Chellick huffed as he folded his arms.

"That's the story, huh?" Chellick remarked, "how can you be so sure they won't attack us?"

"They had ample opportunity to take us down, and wasted no time cleaning out what was the crew of that ship," Saren replied, "do you need us to paint the picture more, or are we done?"

After a moment of silence, Chellick shook his head.

"Fine," Chellick said, "but we're keeping them on that ship before I have to deal with panicking civilians too."

Saren smiled softly as he nodded.

"Will do," Saren agreed.

"Yeah yeah," Chellick shrugged as he and the other officers turned to leave.

Coincidentally, the rest of the crew began disembarking the Normandy. Among them, Garrus escorted Kelly onto the docks with her arm over his shoulder. They limped over to the Spectres, catching their attention.

"I suppose we'll catch up with you later?" Garrus asked.

Amber glanced over her shoulder.

"Sure," she nodded, "you guys get some rest."

Garrus and Kelly smiled at Amber before they made their way out of the docking bay. In the meantime, Saren turned on his omni-tool and composed a message before sending it to Sparatus, Nihlus and Desolas. He wrote about the potential for a wedding between himself and Amber. Knowing Desolas, he'd most likely be the most resistant to the idea, but his opinion didn't matter. He waited for a brief moment before he received a ping from Nihlus.

{Awwwww, how cute. Of course I'll come along. I'll try not to take any embarrassing pics during the ceremony.}

Saren smiled before he glanced at Amber.

"Shepard?" he paused.

Amber shifted her gaze towards Saren.


"I got the word out about our plans," Saren told her, "so far, Nihlus is enthusiastic."

"So," Amber mused, "want to meet up with him?"

"If he's available," Saren nodded.

Saren and Amber made their way out of the docking bay and through the Presidium. They had been walking along the Presidium when Nihlus crept up behind them.

"Hey hey hey, what's this I'm hearing about you two tying the knot?" Nihlus blurted.

Saren and Amber yelped in shock and glanced over their shoulders.

"Nihlus," Saren scolded, "it's rude to sneak up on people like that!"

Nihlus ignored the complaint and flicked out his omni-tool.

"Trying out a new triangulation method," Nihlus said, "so when did you two get back?"

"Several minutes ago," Amber shrugged.

The three Spectres continued sauntering through the Presidium, making their way to the Citadel Tower.

"So," Nihlus clamored, "what plans did you have in mind for the ceremony?"

Saren and Amber stopped in their tracks shortly after entering the building.

"Nihlus, this is still a few months out," Saren replied, "we have plenty of time to start making arrangements and we just started thinking about the idea not but yesterday."

Saren, Amber and Nihlus wandered through the Citadel Tower and made their way to Sparatus's office. The older turian Spectre knocked on the door and waited until the door opened moments later, revealing Sparatus and Desolas. The two had been arguing with each other when they entered. They already stopped when they focused their eyes on Saren.

"Welcome back, Spectre Arterius," Sparatus greeted.

"Desolas, Sparatus," Saren said, "I hope we're not interrupting anything."

"No. However, I must ask if you're really serious about this?" his brother returned.

Saren nodded at Desolas before he closed the door and they all sat down.

"So, I assume you're fine with this occasion, Councilor?" Saren asked.

Sparatus let out an enthusiastic hum as he placed his talon on his mandible.

"An interesting pitch," Sparatus agreed, "a good gesture to the Systems Alliance. I do approve of your proposition, but good luck convincing your brother."

Amber took this as a cue to tilt her head towards Desolas.

"Well?" Amber paused.

Desolas raised a browplate at Amber.

"What are you looking at me for?" Desolas demanded, "I'm just…not sure about this. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you two are together, it's just…I'm not particularly sure about an event like this."

Amber gave Desolas a soft smile.

"I'm sure we'll make it work," she reassured him.

He craned his neck nervously.

"If you say so," Desolas sighed, "when is this happening exactly?"

Amber placed her hand behind her head.

"Shepard and I considered holding the wedding on her first anniversary of her Spectre induction," Saren suggested.

"I suppose that would be a date of significance and that you two do have my approval," Sparatus said.

After Sparatus gave them a nod, Saren and Amber stepped out of the turian Councilor's office with Nihlus following them.

"Should I help in preparations, or is that something you two would prefer to have direct control over?" the councilor asked before they left.

Saren and Amber glanced over their shoulders.

"I think we'd prefer if we handled preparations," Saren said.

Sparatus nodded, allowing the Spectres to make their way out of the Citadel Tower.

"Sounds fun," Nihlus whistled, "so, I'll be heading off, and you two have some fun. Sounds good?"

"See you later," Amber waved her hand at Nihlus.

Once Nihlus left, Saren and Amber made their way to their apartment, shedding their suits of armor before settling down in the living room. Saren took a quick breath before heading off to the bathroom to shower. It took him a matter of minutes before he finished and dried himself off. Amber was still on the couch, looking over her omni-tool as he walked to his office.

Later that evening, Amber and Saren returned to their apartment with some takeout boxes. They sat down at the living room couch as Saren turned the vidscreen to a comedy show. Both Spectres sat in close proximity as they ate their meals. The humor in the show was also enough to keep them entertained throughout the evening. After finishing, they got up to the kitchen to dispose of the leftovers. While they made their way to the bedroom, Amber offered her hand, allowing Saren to grasp it.

"Saren?" Amber noted, "you know how turians claim their mates?"

"Of course. Why?" he returned, raising a brow.

Once they reached the door, Amber leaned closer to Saren.

"Since we're engaged now," Amber suggested, "I'm eager to accept your mark."

"As am I to accept yours," Saren gave Amber a smile.

Once they stepped into their bedroom, they climbed onto their bed with Amber hovering on top of her mentor. She gently nuzzled her face along his neck. Saren purred as he leaned his head back, exposing more of his neck. He brushed a hand along her back to her neck, feeling along her spine. She responded by nipping at the base of his neck. Her face was nuzzled against a small chink in his plates, where there was a patch of unprotected tissue. She didn't hesitate as she bit down hard.

Keeping her firm grip, she would now wait for him to return the gesture. She got her answer when suddenly, a sharp pain rose from her own shoulder as Saren's jaws clamped down. Fully aware of what he was doing, Amber perched her hands on his shoulders as he held her close. Letting loose his grip, he pulled his head back to look at her. Smiling, Amber pressed her forehead against her mentor's.

"Saren?" Amber whispered, "you in the mood?"

He felt his plates shiver from her words.

"Of course I am," Saren nodded.

Upon cue, Amber pulled Saren into a passionate kiss. The two remained locked in their kiss for what felt like an eternity. Shortly after they broke off their kiss, Amber dug her hands underneath her pants and slid them down her legs. The turian Spectre also didn't hesitate to unzip his pants. They sloppily kicked off their clothing and reconnected their kiss. They rolled over on the bed until they lay on their sides, Amber kneading the back of Saren's neck. Grasping his hand with her other hand, he guided it to her folds, allowing him to slide his talon inside of her. She moaned and gasped with each centimeter he dug deeper. With each thrust, she ground her hips against his hand. Her hand yanked more enthusiastically on his forearm. He circled his thumb around her clit as he perched his other hand on her shoulder.

He leaned in to lick the side of her neck, feeling under her chin with his tongue. While Amber nuzzled her face against his, Saren lapped up the blood from her bitemark. Then, Saren drew back his talons and pulled up on her folds to widen it. His length had started extending and he angled himself for entry.

"Shepard," Saren purred, "you ready for more?"

Amber took a moment to catch her breath before she stared into Saren's eyes and nodded.

"Yeah. Fuck me like you would a turian," Amber whispered.

Saren pressed his forehead against Amber's as he slid home, hearing her gasp as his thick length filled her until their sheaths met. He did as ordered and did very little to restrain himself from plowing right into her. With their fluids coating their nether regions, Amber hooked her legs over his hip spurs. Her walls closed in the moment he entered and remained locked onto him.

When he propelled into her, her walls made a suction-like sensation which sent pleasurable thrills into his nerves. She struggled to keep herself locked on as pleasure-induced spasms would cause her grasp to slip. Saren compensated by holding her close, his talons raking down her back. Every thrust made him trill with enthusiasm. In between pants, Amber craned her head over his shoulder. She looked down on his shoulder as she watched the blood she drew from him dribble onto her chest. As heat pooled in her stomach, she placed her hand behind his neck.

Saren let loose his first orgasm, only pausing to let the pleasure take its full effect before slowly starting back up. In the midst of thrusts, he started building up his biotic particles in his hands. Vibrations shook their bodies and biotic energy illuminated the bedroom. The energy rippling through her nerves was enough for Amber to shudder in her first orgasm. She barely had time to recover before her body continued to beg for more. Luckily enough, Saren kept his pace slow and steady until she was ready to continue their next round.

"That wasn't too much for you, was it?" he whispered.

"It's fine," Amber reassured him between pants.

Saren craned his head and gave Amber a soft kiss.

"Good to hear. I can still go another round or two."

After a minute or so, Amber felt reinvigorated, so she nodded at Saren.

"Come on, keep going," Amber begged.

Upon cue, Saren picked up the pace again. He moved a hand under her leg, and hooked it under his arm. Amber mewled as the ridges and spines along his length kneaded her walls. Her breathing had been amplified to an exhausted panting. Saren's breath also quickened as he accelerated his pace. He craned his head and licked her ear. Subsequently, she shifted an arm from his shoulder to his neck to keep her chest supported.

As the turian Spectre kept up his pace, she could feel her folds being stretched taut each time his sheath touched hers. She heard her mentor purr deeply as her bliss grew closer to its peak. With each jolt from his spines, her head rolled back with excess ecstasy. Amber let out a loud cry as her walls tightened around Saren's cock and she arched her back while her orgasm pulsated in her muscles. Seconds later, her mentor slammed into her and kept still, allowing his length to release his seed inside of his new mate.

Saren drew his still throbbing member out, drawing strands of fluid along with it, and lay beside her. While they came down from their high, the turian Spectre purred as he nuzzled his face against hers. Moments later, Saren stood to his feet and made his way to the bathroom to fetch a glass of water and some dextro allergy meds. Ignoring the blood smears from earlier, he rolled back in with Amber. The Alliance commander washed down a tablet with water before setting the glass and the container on the nightstand before she nestled into Saren's embrace. They quickly slipped into a deep slumber in the warmth of each other's arms.