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Shepard's Dream Catcher

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Saren, Amber, Wrex, Jack and the salarians have yet to find an opportunity to slip past the krogans on patrol. They crept through the hospital, looking for ways back to the entrance. Now, the hospital was flooded with Weyrloc warriors, searching them out room by room. To avoid getting spotted, they resorted to ducking into cover at intervals. It was slow, and they continued going in circles to keep them off. At that point, they wished they found a shortcut. However, there were no vents, no side corridors, and only one entrance to the subterranean hospital. Having had enough of running and hiding, Saren double-checked his pistol.

"We're making a break for it. Get ready," Saren instructed.

Amber nodded while she loaded a thermal clip into her rifle. They started off at a run, with Wrex providing a biotic barrier first. The instant the squad came from hiding, the warriors patrolling the corridor immediately opened fire on them. The shots bounced off, giving them the breathing room to simply focus on running. When one warrior blocked their path, Amber fired a few rounds at him. Finishing the warrior off, Jack tossed the corpse aside with her own biotics.

By focusing on this strategy, Saren, Amber, Wrex, Jack, Mordin and Maelon were able to reach the entrance to the hospital. Close behind, the Weyrloc clan members followed. Saren made a brief glance at a weak structure on the ceiling, so he had an idea in mind. Passing through the front door, he placed a remote charge on the door frame, and hurried to follow the others. Triggering the devices from his omni-tool, they watched as the door behind them collapsed.

"That'll buy us enough time to get clear," Saren informed, "let's keep going."

Saren led his squadmates away from the hospital and through the vast landscape. Several minutes later, they found where they had parked the vehicle and boarded. While Saren switched seats with Jack, Mordin and Maelon also sat in the back seat. Wrex returned to the wheel and began their drive back to the Urdnot Camp. During the drive, Amber and Jack felt relief flooding their veins, so they relaxed in their seats.

"Not bad as for how smash-and-grabs go," the former sighed.

"Yeah," Jack nodded, "maybe if we're lucky, we could use this method to get back at those Cerberus bastards."

A dead silence fell between the two. Over the last few months, a new group had been slowly revealed within the shadow of the Alliance…nothing more than a circle of opportunists with the soul intent of rearranging the status quo to favor humans in a more slanted fashion. Already, the Alliance began tugging at the roots only to find the trail went deeper inward towards itself. Still, an elaborate network of front companies were designed to undermine other governments while simultaneously bolstering human integrity through a series of unethical and seemingly aimless actions and investments. These thoughts swam in her head while reflecting on the day she and her squadmates found Jack in one of their labs. It was long before first contact when the organization was much smaller and more centralized around a transhuman identity.

Amber snapped out of her thoughts when she saw the structures of the Urdnot camp outside the window. Wrex continued driving down the highway, watching as the garage door opened up. Once the vehicle moved inside the garage, it came to a complete stop before its passengers disembarked it. Wreav was heading up to the garage to meet them.

"I'm surprised you made it back in one piece," Wreav commented.

"We met Weyrloc Guld on the way in," Wrex grunted, "I put him down."

Wreav chuckled while he placed his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I'm surprised. He was one tough sonuvabitch," Wreav commented.

"That doesn't explain how he got ten inches of steel through his crest," Wrex added, "that aside, I'm sure the salarian back there can explain what he found."

Wreav focused his eyes on Maelon upon cue.

"Who're you?" he asked.

Maelon snapped out of his thoughts as Wreav approached him.

"I'm Maelon, Lieutenant of the STG," he began, "I was taken a few months back to work a cure for them due to my previous expansion."

Wreav raised his browplate.

"How close were you, anyways?" Wreav asked, "I'm not sure if you were aware, but Weyrloc made some pretty big claims about your progress."

Mordin suddenly jumped.

"Analyzed work on way back," he interrupted, "a few years out, but still possible."

Now Wreav became increasingly confused.

"So helpful all of a sudden," he muttered.

Mordin and Maelon exchanged glances. The mentor ignored his former protégé's expression of disdain.

"Unexpected?" Mordin paused.

Wreav nodded.

"All things considered. I'm surprised you didn't wipe it."

"So what're you going to do with it?" Wrex eyed cautiously.

Mordin refused to make eye contact.

"Don't know yet," he replied, "can't tell full social effect. Will hold on for now. Maybe work on it during free time."

Wreav made a gesture of dismissal, so Saren, Amber, Wrex, Jack, Maelon and Mordin made their way out of the garage and down the corridor, taking a flight of stairs before they reached the hangar.

"Once again, thanks for the help. Having you on the field makes things easier on my part," Wreav repeated.

"Anytime, brother," Wrex nodded.

Wrex, Saren, Amber, Jack, Mordin and Maelon boarded the shuttle.

"Well, I suppose the payoff was satisfactory," Saren sighed, taking the ship controls.

They lifted out of the hangar area and back into the now much clearer Tuchanka skies back to the Mass Relay. After the relay flung the shuttle into FTL speed, the turian Spectre made a brief glance at his human protégé as she lay back in her seat.

"You alright after that?" he asked.

Amber made a brief glance at Saren and nodded.

"Yeah," she told him, "that was actually invigorating."

A long while later, the shuttle emerged from the Mass Relay and made its way to Citadel. It landed at the Spectre docks before Saren, Amber, Wrex, Jack, Mordin and Maelon disembarked. Wrex and Jack returned to their homestead, Mordin brought Maelon to Huerta to check on his health, and Amber and Saren walked to their apartment. Since it was still afternoon, the N7 soldier fetched her miniature console and The Binding of Isaac. She seated herself on the couch and started playing her game.

Saren tore off his suit and walked into the bathroom, turning on the shower. When he felt the warm water spray, he sighed in content. He struggled to ward off tingles of exhaustion as streams of water ran down his rocky plates. He started by scrubbing the grime off of him. Sweat had flung to his skin. Dust and sand had somehow gotten inside of his suit on the way back. This motivated Saren to use a bar of soap to build up enough suds to wash off the evidence of today's battle. Fifteen minutes later, he stepped out, wiped himself off, and stumbled to bed without bothering to put on any clothes.

Saren wasn't sure how long he was asleep, but when he opened his eyes, he noticed Amber was sitting next to him.

"Hey," Amber whispered, "are you hungry?"

Saren blinked twice before he yawned.

"A little. I think there should be something in the kitchen."

Saren rolled out of bed and followed her straight out of the room. They made their way into the kitchen before they began searching the pantry and the fridge for quick meals to heat up. Placing a tin in the microwave, Saren leaned over the kitchen counter, waiting for the food. Amber used this time to search the fridge for drinks. After heating the food, he brought the dishes out and set them on the table and took a seat, Amber bringing drinks shortly after. They both sat down at the table before they started eating. Saren partially regretted not putting on any clothes. Hunger had won over every other thought at the time, and the matter hadn't crossbred his mind in a bid to get food. Amber made a brief glance at him and shrugged before she took a sip of her drink. Dinner had otherwise passed quietly between the two.

After they finished their dinner, Amber and Saren took care of the empty food tins before making their way towards his bedroom and climbing into his bed. While she nestled into his embrace, he nuzzled his face against hers and let out soft purrs.

Night passed and they rose the next morning to start the day anew. While Saren brewed his kava, Amber took a moment to read through her message inbox in her omni-tool. Saren brought his cup over to the table.

"What's new?"

Amber opened up a message from Liara.

"It's from Liara. Maybe she's found a lead."

Saren raised his browplates before he and Amber read the message, the turian Spectre looking over her shoulder.


I've done a decent about of digging through the data cache you found. While it has mostly put out external schematics, I have found another lead loosely pointing to another beacon. Call me if you have the time.

Dr. T'Soni}

Once they finished reading, they returned to eating their breakfast. Once they finished, Amber got dressed before she gave Liara a call.

"Liara, are you there?" Amber called.

{I see you got my message from last night,} Liara yawned.

"Yeah," Amber replied, "so what's the lead?"

{Another beacon's coordinates. You in? This could take another few weeks for my excavation team to pull it out though.}

"Sure," Amber nodded, "I'll talk to Saren about it."

Amber emerged from her bedroom and made her way to the living room. Saren had been applying some new upgrades on his equipment.

"Liara says the next lead is coordinates for another beacon," Amber informed, "it might take a few weeks for her crew to dig it out. Sound good?"

Saren nodded.

"Nothing wrong with a little wait."

Saren and Amber took several minutes to gear up before they left the apartment and made their way through the Presidium. Liara met them outside of the Spectre Academy, already with her excavation team waiting nearby.

"I hope you two don't mind if we use a vessel provided for my team instead. The digging equipment, much less the whole crew, will probably not fit on your shuttle."

"That is…understandable," Saren nodded in agreement.

"Considering the nature of this mission, you don't mind if I invite some of my teammates to assist with protecting the cargo, do you?" Amber asked.

"Go ahead," Liara nodded.

Upon cue, Amber turned on her omni-tool and began calling Kaidan. While they made final preparations inside the academy, Ashley and Kaidan met with the others just outside to be briefed on the mission.

"So, Shepard," Ashley said, "what have we got?"

"We'll be protecting a dog as they search for a Prothean beacon. Its contents possibly regard the fate of their species, so any outside communication about what we're doing should be kept to a minimum," Amber explained.

Kaidan raised an eyebrow.

"Why the secrecy if it's this important?"

"Prothean tech is incredibly valuable regardless of what it is, extra if it's functional," Amber clarified, "it's in Alliance territory, so we won't be heading far out."

"Oh, right," Kaidan blurted.

"How long do you think we'll be out?" Ashley added.

"It's just Eden Prime. We probably won't be getting any traffic."

The group headed to Liara's vessel shortly afterward. Once they were aboard, Saren, Amber and Liara made their way towards the bridge.

"I haven't heard much of this Eden Prime outside of its beauty," Liara started, turning to Amber, "what's it like there?"

Amber placed her finger on her chin.

"Can't say," Amber admitted, "I've never been there before."

Liara nodded while the crew continued to board the vessel.

"Just setting my expectations," she replied.

It didn't take long before the pilots settled into their seats and the ramp door closed. They remained on the bridge as the light vessel took off for the relay out to the Exodus Cluster. Once the vessel reached the Mass Relay, the ancient structure enveloped it in an energy field and flung it into FTL speed. A few hours later, they were already in orbit over the human colony.

"I had already talked with mining registration back on the Citadel. We should have no problems landing and setting up our operation," Liara informed.

Amber made her way out of the bridge with Liara and Saren following her.

"Then let's get going," she suggested.

The colony hailed them a few minutes later as they drew closer for their initial landing phase. After receiving clearance, they initiated landing procedures. At the space port, they started to unload the equipment onto a tram to the heart of the colony. Finally, after clearing through security, they arrived at the site of where the original beacon led them.