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Shepard's Dream Catcher

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She admittedly trembled with anticipation late the next morning. Saren had already planned their assignment and would be heading out the following day in the mid-afternoon. At the moment, Amber scrolled through the details of the mission in her omni-tool so she'd make preparations ahead of time. Once she finished reading the mission details, she found a message from Garrus in her inbox. The message had been titled 'private matters'.

{Commander Shepard,

I've been with Kelly for some time now and we've taken notice of your developing relationship with Saren. We've been hoping for a few tidbits of advice regarding how to approach this. Is there any time we could meet up at your apartment? We really feel for each other and I don't want to mess this up.

Garrus Vakarian}

Amber couldn't help but smile as she turned off her omni-tool. She turned her head towards Saren as he sipped his kava.

"Uhh, Saren? Garrus just sent me a message, he says he wants to discuss his relationship with Kelly with us in person."

Saren raised his browplates and flexed his mandibles.

"Anything specific?" Saren pondered.

"I think they're moving onto bigger things," Amber shrugged, "I figured he might mention allergies to dextro acids."

Saren ran his talon along his mandible while he thought over the question for a moment.

"We can," Saren confirmed, "we're adults, there's no need to shun such topics."

Amber gave Saren a smile as she nodded.

"I'll let them know," she acknowledged.

Amber turned on her omni-tool and started typing down her message.

{Officer Vakarian,

We can have you over. Saren says we still have time before our next mission. Feel free to come over whenever possible, and bring over whatever medication you have for Kelly regarding chafing. We can explain further when you get here.


After she sent the message, all she would have to do is anticipate their arrival. They cleaned up after breakfast and got out of their pajamas when they heard a ring at the door. Amber scurried towards the front door while Saren fetched a container of dextro allergy meds, the human Spectre candidate opening the door. As anticipated, Garrus and Kelly stood outside.

"Hey, Amber!" Kelly chirped, "I'm glad you could have us over."

"Good to see you too, Kelly," Amber nodded.

Amber wasted no time as she gestured Garrus and Kelly into the apartment, making their way into the living room.

"So, where are you two currently at in this relationship?" Saren asked.

Kelly and Garrus sat down on the couch.

"Well, we've come to terms with our affection," Garrus started.

Garrus paused for a moment while he turned his glance towards Kelly.

"We did take a short trip to the pharmacy," Kelly added, "you know, to get the ointment to reduce the amount of chafing?"

"Yeah, the chafing is a bit of a problem," Amber admitted, thinking back to the scars she got from Saren.

Both Amber and Saren sat down next to Garrus and Kelly.

"You did research on each other's anatomy, right?" Saren asked.

"Yeah. We've also previously visited Huerta to check a few things. Turns out Kelly also displays minimal allergic reaction to dextro amino acids," Garrus replied.

Kelly pulled out the container of ointment and set it next to the container of allergy meds on the coffee table.

"In that case," Saren nodded, "I believe a demonstration is in order."

Saren stroked Amber's head with his hand and nodded at her, encouraging her to lift her tank top over her head. He began to apply the waxy substance to her skin.

"Prominently, you'll want to apply along the stomach, back, and inner thighs where your bodies will be making the most contact," Saren continued, "other areas you'll have to figure out yourself depending on how you go about the exercise."

Once Amber took a moment to slip her shorts and her panties down her legs, Saren slathered the ointment along her thighs. Once he finished, he handed the container to Garrus.

"Like so. Now, perhaps you would like to give it a try," Saren offered.

Kelly took a minute or so to strip herself of her uniform before she nodded at Garrus to slather the ointment on her stomach, her back and then her thighs. Garrus quickly stripped his own clothing, piecing together the direction of the tutorial.

"By the way, Kelly," Amber interrupted, "you're absolutely sure you're not allergic to dextro?"

"Last time I checked," Kelly nodded, "yeah."

"Trust me, we headed to the clinic and checked her out. Same applies to myself and levo," Garrus added.

After Saren finished stripping himself of his garment, Amber straddled her legs on his lap and tapped her forehead against his.

"Now, if you really have researched our anatomy Kelly," Saren continued, "you'll know that our genitalia has evolved to be retractable due to the lack of radiation protection our homeworld offered."

"So will stimulation encourage it to come out?" Kelly clarified.

Saren nodded. Kelly took this as a cue to cup Garrus's face with her hand and give him a passionate kiss. Similarly, Amber's hands went instinctively to the back of Saren's head and his hips. This encouraged the turian Spectre to knead her shoulder with one hand while stroking her back with the other. Garrus and Kelly followed suit, attempting similar motions. As they deepened their kiss, Saren pulled Amber closer into his embrace. She brushed a hand along his back, feeling the coarse plates like sandpaper. As Amber felt warmth building up inside her, she craned her head and licked Saren's neck. He felt his plates twitch as the warmth of her tongue brushed against him. He slithered his hand between her legs and began stroking her clit with his talons, eliciting soft moans out of her.

All the while, Kelly squeezed out some lubricant and slathered it on Garrus's slit. She perched her hands on his shoulders and angled her hips to line her folds against his crotch.

"I'm pretty sure everything else from here is pretty straightforward, no?" Garrus whispered.

Kelly nodded before she started grinding her hips against his, sending carnal thrills through their veins. He continued to taunt her, brushing his length against her folds as it slowly emerged from its slit, testing her sensitivity. Naturally, she mewled as she buried her face into his shoulder, encouraging Garrus to softly nip at her ear.

"I'm feeling…just about ready…to make my entrance…" he growled.

Kelly reached down and inserted a finger inside of herself. After swirling it inside of her for a moment, she pulled it out and examined the sticky fluid. He then angled himself for entrance, looking up to her face as to silently ask for her preparation. Kelly nodded before she lined the tip of his length with her nether region. She slid herself down on him, gasping as the sensation of the ribbed, uneven surface of his length brushed against her walls.

Meanwhile, Saren turned over and seated Amber on the couch before he got to his knees and lined his face with her nether regions. With a talon, he picked at the damp folds for a few moments before leaning forward and licking them. Amber moaned as she perched her legs over his shoulders. Remembering their last encounter, he would rub his upper lip plates against her clit with every brush. She brushed her hand along his fringe which encouraged him to snake his tongue inside of her. Prodding a bit longer, his tongue found an angle at which to push in.

Amber bucked her hips, encouraging Saren to probe deeper until the tip of his tongue reached her cervix. He reached as far as he could before having his tongue wave back and forth like a snake. He then started purring which sent vibrations deep into her core. She let out a string of small pants as he wormed his way inside her. Several moments later, Saren withdrew his tongue with threads of fluid dripping out. The turian Spectre leaned closer to Amber and tapped his forehead against hers, paying little attention to moans from Kelly and Garrus as they had already started grinding their hips against one another.

"Shepard?" Saren whispered.

Amber aligned the tip of his length with her nether regions.

"Yeah…go on…" she panted.

Saren grasped Amber's shoulder with one hand and grasped her hip with the other before he pushed his way inside of her, watching as she cried out at the savory sensation of ridges and spines stimulating her walls. Simultaneously, Garrus and Kelly climaxed amidst their own dance of pleasure. As they took a moment to rest, he licked her cheek.

"Kelly," Garrus purred, "you up for a second round in a few?"

Kelly slowly nodded. While Kelly and Garrus continued their momentary rest, Saren started rocking into Amber. From their side of the living room, they let out an ecstatic, incoherent line of moans and mumbling. The turian Spectre craned his head and licked the N7 soldier's neck. With what little mental capacity remained, she wrapped her legs around his hips, driving him to thrust harder. With Amber bucking her hips to match his pace, Saren pulled her into a deep kiss. Other than her musty breath, he could feel little outside of the electric buzz. The next thing they knew, both Amber and Saren shuddered in their orgasm.

"Ready for more?" she asked after she mustered enough willpower.

Saren made a brief glance at Kelly and Garrus as they reapplied lubricant onto their nether regions. The turian Spectre gave Amber a nod before he started thrusting back into her again. Seconds later, Garrus sank back into Kelly again and started up his rhythmic pace, eliciting moans out of both of them.

"Just a-angle it…ah…right there!" Kelly gasped as she shifted her position on Garrus upon reentry.

With both cross-species couples grinding their hips in a rhythmic pace, heat built up inside both of them. The sound of their stifled moans and the shuffling against the furniture drowned out the ambience in the living room. With Kelly perching her chin on Garrus's shoulder, Amber gave Saren another soft kiss. Kelly found herself on the verge of another climax. Garrus took this as a cue to accelerate his pace. For Kelly, it was an experience didn't think she'd have imagined a year prior. The slick feeling of the anti-chafing gel aside, she couldn't get enough. When Kelly and Garrus cried out in their second climax moments later, Saren and Amber felt their pressure building up. Not a second later, Amber shuddered in her orgasm and her walls tightened around Saren's length. The turian Spectre groaned as he released his sticky fluid inside of the N7 soldier. Kelly was racing to catch her breath, still clinging onto Garrus.

"I…I think y-you…ruined humans for me…"

"Were you planning on…returning to humans?" Garrus paused between gasps.

Kelly shook her head.

"No…but if I had any doubts about you," she replied, "I don't now."

While Garrus flexed his mandibles into a smile and purred, Kelly pressed her lips against his. Saren and Amber slowly rose from the couch.

"If you two are done, feel free to use the shower," Saren offered.

Garrus withdrew from Kelly before they turned their heads towards Saren.

"Thanks, Spectre," Garrus nodded.

Saren carried Amber into the kitchen area while Kelly and Garrus took their clothes into the bathroom.

"Excuse me if I had my mind set on a different local," he hummed as he set her down on the kitchen table.

"I see where this is going," Amber mused.

Once Saren leaned in to give Amber a kiss, she perched her hands on his shoulders. He spared no time for additional foreplay and pushed his length inside. Moaning, Amber wrapped her legs around his waist. Pinning her to the table, Saren rocked his hips like the steady pace of waves. As she bucked her hips to sync with his thrusts, she perched her arms over his carapace. Amber let out another moan as his ribbed surface continued hammering into her. The fluids that mixed and coated their nether regions eased the friction of their rhythmic pace. Saren's breathing was now at a rapid panting, drawing in gulps of air. They both felt their heartbeat quickening as the turian Spectre nuzzled his face against hers. He finally let out a harsh growls as his climax washed over him. Seconds later, he heard her scream as her walls tightened around him. Taking their time, he slowly pulled out, watching as their fluids dripped out onto the table.

"I assume you enjoyed yourself?" Saren purred.

Amber nodded, encouraging Saren to tap his forehead against hers.

"Yeah. Thanks, I needed that," Amber smiled.

She slid off the table, cautious not to make a bigger mess than necessary. Saren stepped into the living room to grab the container of allergy meds while Amber started to clean up the mess in the kitchen. The turian Spectre filled a glass with water from the sink and handed it to the N7 soldier, allowing her to wash down the tablet. Garrus and Kelly finished their shower shortly later and walked out of the bathroom.

"You about to head into the shower soon?" Garrus asked.

Saren slowly nodded.

"Maybe we can watch a movie afterwards," Amber suggested.

Amber and Saren left the living room and made their way to the bathroom. They wasted no time washing off the remaining fluids, anti-chafing gel, and any aroma of sex that may still linger on their bodies. Once they dried themselves up and slipped their clothes back on, they returned to the living room and sat down next to Kelly and Garrus while they were browsing through the channels. Eventually, they settled for a space opera series.