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Shepard's Dream Catcher

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Amber stepped out of the shower, mopping up her drenched hair with a towel. Drying herself off, she checked her omni-tool for a message she received just after breakfast, which happened to be from Anderson.

{Shepard, while we have been able to avoid any conflict from first contact, we're not out of the woods yet. A local small detachment of troops just reported an incident between a group of civies and turians. Might want to check it out.}

Once Amber finished reading the message, she headed over to the living room where she found Saren.

"Hey. I'll be heading out shortly," Amber informed, "Anderson called, wanted me to handle something."

Saren raised his browplates in curiosity.

"What about?"

"Angry humans and turians. I'll find out more when I get there," Amber clarified.

Saren slowly stood to his feet.

"If that's the case, I may as well come along."

Amber and Saren took a matter of minutes to slip into their suits of armor and gather a few of their weapons before they made their way out of the apartment. They ventured through the Presidium until they reached the Spectre docks, meandering towards the shuttle. Once they boarded the shuttle and left the Citadel, they traveled to a Mass Relay on their way to a colony on the edges of Alliance and Hierarchy space.

Once they reached the planet in question, Saren sent a transmission to the air control on the surface. The turian colony granted them access and even said they would lend ground transportation to the site of conflict. Saren landed the shuttle in the docking bay and turned off the engine before he led Amber outside. They made their way through the port until they reached its entrance, noticing a ground vehicle waiting for them. Saren boarded the vehicle with Amber following suit before he manned the controls. With the two settling into their seats, the turian Spectre drove the vehicle away from the station and down the road. The turian colony was comparatively small, as barely five minutes passed before they entered the open plains of the mountainous planet.

Almost another half hour went by before they came into view of a human-made boundary. When Saren and Amber emerged from the transport, they could see human mine workers bickering with turian officials. Saren and Amber got off the transport, Amber taking point.

"What's going on here?" she demanded.

The humans and turians in question paused in their argument and turned towards both Amber and Saren.

"These damn raptors won't let us mine here!" one of the miners complained.

Amber folded her arms and tilted her head sideways.

"You do realize you're on a turian colony, right?" Amber pointed out.

"Even if you are to initiate mining efforts miles away from a colony, you'll still need to register with colonial maintenance back on the Citadel and the local administration," Saren continued with the diplomatic approach, "mining can potentially be harmful to local populaces as it threatens to pollute ground water, polluting the air, and killing any crops nearby."

Another miner placed his hands on his hips and leaned forward.

"Oh, I see. You're one of those N7s," he mocked, "what the hell are you doing out here, anyways?"

She put her hands behind her back.

"My job is still making sure our people are safe, but that also means that conflicts don't come to rise to begin with. Your stubborn attitude will only exacerbate the problem."

The miners gave Amber puzzled expressions.

"Chances are, you can set up somewhere else," Amber continued, "I can set you on the right path and you can probably still get clearance to set up somewhere else on this planet, or within this same system. However, continuing here and now won't get you anything but legal issues."

One miner turned his gaze towards the turian officials.

"She is right, you know," one of the turian officials insisted.

The miner sighed in defeat.

"Fine. I'll let my boss know what the situation is. We'll be packed up before the end of the week."

Saren nodded at the miners.

"Glad this came to a resolution. I assume everything else can be taken care of?"

"Yeah, I'm sure your presence isn't necessary, sir. Same for you N7," the miner grunted, turning away.

The turian officials nodded at Amber and Saren. They returned to the transport as Amber pulled out her omni-tool.

"Captain, I investigated the disturbance," Amber reported, "it was a team of miners who hadn't registered for a mining license at the Citadel."

{I see. Good work out there, Shepard.}

"We'll be heading back to Citadel shortly," Amber concluded, "Shepard signing off."

Amber ended the transmission before she and Saren boarded the transport.

"Quick and painless," Saren hummed cheerfully.

Amber nodded in agreement before she gave Saren a high five. The turian Spectre took control of the steering handles and moved the transport away from the site. They returned to the spaceport, depositing their transport with the facility personnel. They ventured through the docks until they reached their shuttle. Once they boarded it, Saren settled into his pilot seat.

"Good thing this trip didn't need backup," Amber mused.

"Yeah, well things will ramp up soon enough," Saren agreed, "hopefully, it won't involve more Makos."

Saren turned on the ignition and began flying the shuttle out of the spaceport, launching it through the atmosphere into the vacuum of space. She relaxed in her seat for a bit, occasionally looking to Saren. He didn't appear to be…preoccupied with anyone else. Perhaps she still had an opportunity with him.

"Uuummm…Saren? Quick question," Amber blurted.

Saren tilted his head towards Amber and raised his browplates.

"Yes?" he paused.

"I was thinking tomorrow we've got some time to ourselves. Want to head out for dinner? Or…head out for…something?" it sounded better in her head.

Saren tilted his head sideways, his mandibles flexing into a soft smile.

"Yeah, we can do that," he answered.

With a boost of confidence, Amber smiled before she rested in her seat while the shuttle approached the Mass Relay.

They were quickly whisked back to the Citadel and returned to the Spectre docks. Returning to their apartment, Saren got to work looking up a good place to go. All the while, Amber slipped out of her armor and rummaged through her closet in search of a suitable dress for the occasion. She soon settled on a dark red halter minidress that flared out at the waist. Similarly, Saren pulled out a suit that he brought for formal occasions and infiltration missions. It had been a while, but it was still laundered after the last time he wore it. Now that they were ready, they met up at the living room.

"It's not exactly an evening outing, but I think this'll do nicely regardless," Saren said.

Amber nodded while Saren showed her some options on his omni-tool. Once Amber made her selection, they left the apartment and made their way through the Presidium. It didn't take long before Saren and Amber arrived at a high-end diner. They both made their way inside before a waiter escorted them to a table sitting near a window that displayed a remarkable view of the Presidium outside. Just outside was a large balcony that extended outward, but relatively short of any hovercars. Amber read through the menu and examined the ingredients of each asari and salarian dish. She chose an asari dish and Saren chose something more dextro-friendly.

While they waited for their drinks to arrive first, Amber extended her hand, allowing Saren to hold it.

"To think we've known each other for three and a half months," Amber mused.

"A strange sensation, I know," Saren acknowledged.

Amber nodded while she and Saren took a moment to gaze at the interior of the diner. It was definitely more decorated than the calm, down-to-earth types of places they'd eaten at up until then. Using minute amounts of the most desired metals the galaxy could offer, the pillars, stair railings, and carved statues were composed of various shiny and chrome materials. The wallpaper depicted distant mountain sides with paper embroidering at the bottom, feeding into panels of wood before touching the ground. Adding that to Saren's companionship gave Amber a sense of tranquility until the waiter arrived with their drinks.

"So, have you been comfortable living within my household?" Saren asked.

"Definitely," Amber smiled.

"It…means a lot hearing that," Saren reciprocated.

Amber leaned her face closer to Saren's, allowing him to nuzzle her.

"Same here," Amber added.

Saren and Amber took a moment to take a sip of their drinks.

"You wouldn't mind becoming a Spectre, would you?" Saren offered, "I mean, it'd be beneficial for humans in the long run. Like I said, non-Council-race Spectres are not mythical."

Amber blinked twice.

"What brought you the idea of a human Spectre?" she paused.

Just then, the waiter arrived with their entrees.

"Remember that first ring we took out?" Saren pointed out, "deep in the parking garage? I saw how you fought. That's when I hit upon the idea. Spectres aren't so much trained as they are chosen from the best a species has to offer."

Amber smiled for a moment before she took a bite out of her lunch.

"I appreciate the offer," Amber answered, "I might need some time to think about it, though."

Saren nodded while he started eating his lunch.

After they finished their lunch and paid the bill, Saren and Amber stepped out of the diner and meandered through the Presidium. They entered a nearby park and sat at a bench facing an elaborate fountain. Amber leaned closer to Saren, encouraging him to wrap an arm over her shoulder. He tugged her close, letting out a deep rumble from his chest like a drum. Amber nestled into her embrace while she stroked one of his arms with her hand. Slowly, he tapped his forehead against hers, looking deep into her eyes. Amber gave him a soft smile before she cupped his mandible with her hand, leaning forward until she pressed her lips against his. Initially surprised by the gesture, Saren quickly came to lean in.

"I was unaware you felt similarly."

"I'm glad you do, too," Amber replied.

With that, Saren and Amber deepened their kiss and closed their eyes. It felt like time froze as they maintained their kiss, the world remaining unchanged around them. A minute later, they broke off the kiss and Amber nuzzled her face against his, eliciting even more purrs from him.

"I admit that I was afraid coming out like this would negatively impact our friendship," she whispered.

"I assure you it didn't, Shepard," Saren chuckled softly.

Another fifteen minutes passed of silently enjoying the presence of the other before they got up and returned to the apartment. Since it was still afternoon, Saren took a moment to search the medicine cabinet where he found a container of dextro allergy meds. While it wasn't in anticipation for what he had in mind, it was good to have been prepared. He trudged out of the bathroom and made his way towards the door to his room, where Amber stood waiting for him. She already stripped herself of her dress and stood in her underwear.

"I was wondering what you'd do to come prepared," Amber mused.

Saren nodded while he opened the door and gestured her into his bedroom. There, Amber climbed onto his bed. He quickly undid what was left of his own suit.

"Just meds," Saren answered, "I've also got a thing of medi-gel in the closet in case of emergencies."

Setting the allergy meds nearby, Saren climbed onto her bed, encouraging Amber to crawl closer to him until she wrapped her arms around him. Leaning in for a kiss, he slowly tugged off the last of his undergarments before reaching around to take off Amber's. Amber raised her arms while he slipped off her bra and tossed it aside. When he reached his hands underneath her panties, she lifted her legs so he could slide them off. He then started by massaging her shoulders with his talons. Amber reciprocated by massaging the base of his neck with one hand and brushing her other hand along his waist. With his left hand, he ran his fingertips down her side, feeling the transition between the smooth, silky skin and rough scar tissue. Amber let out soft moans as the scar didn't hurt anymore and Saren's touch felt pleasant. She felt his hand clamp onto her hips, with his other hand still affixed on her shoulder.

Saren craned his head and started licking her neck, encouraging Amber to tilt her head upwards as she let out a soft gasp. She brushed one hand underneath his fringe as he began trailing his tongue along her collarbone and between her breasts.

"I take it these are sensitive like an asari's?" Saren murmured.

Amber nodded in between moans, so Saren took hold of one of her breasts into his hand. Cupping it in the palm of his hand, he curiously thumbed the nipple in a circular motion. She leaned forward and brushed her tongue along his neck, eliciting a soft groan out of him. He moved his hand from her hips to her folds, confidently prodding her nether region. The instant he heard her moan and buck her hips, Saren dipped one talon into her folds. The louder she moaned, the deeper he dug. Not too long later, he withdrew his hand, sniffing the fluids that cling to his talons.

"Tell me, Shepard," Saren purred, "what else makes you tick?"

"Humans can use their mouths to stimulate one another," Amber replied.

She reached down and grabbed his fully extended member. Saren raised a browplate in curiosity.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Saren asked.

Amber gave Saren a reassuring smile before she leaned down and brushed her tongue along his tip. Saren's eyes widened.

"I s…s-see," he mumbled, distracted by the sensation.

She grasped his base with her other hand before she took his length into her mouth. Audibly breathing, he put a hand on the back of her head and craned his neck back. She bobbed her head and stroked his base while she swirled her tongue over the ridges and spines. Saren tried to mutter something, but only had his words drowned out by waves of pleasure. Just as he was halfway to his climax, Saren tapped Amber's shoulder, causing her to withdraw her mouth.

"Saren?" Amber paused.

"You all right with me returning the favor?" Saren offered.

Understanding what he meant, Amber nodded before she lay back, allowing Saren to scoot along until his face was closer to her nether regions. His leathery tongue quickly found its way inside of her and started brushing along her walls. Lightly, he would brush his upper lip against her clit with each bobbing motion. As she keened in bliss, Amber perched her legs over his shoulders. Every now and then, her hips would spasm, and he opted to hook his hands over her hips to keep her locked in place. When his tongue reached her cervix, Saren purred which sent vibrations into her core. With the first vibration, she let out an unintelligible, pleasured cry. Just as Saren stroked her clit, he could feel the salty fluid coating her walls. In a burst of heat, he felt a spray brush against his face plates. Chuckling, he withdrew his tongue.

"I suppose you enjoy this, don't you?" he let out a seductive purr.

Amber panted while she nodded. She slowly sat up before she straddled her legs on his lap, positioning his tip at her folds. She impatiently shoved him inside, taking the full length. Within an instant, she gasped as she felt him stretch her. Saren panted as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She felt soft, unlike any turian woman he'd been with prior. It was strange feeling her slick, rubbery walls glom onto him.

Amber wrapped her legs around his waist, savoring the ridges and spines that brushed along her walls. Each bump provided a small jolt to her system, slowly building up a charge like static electricity. Once she gave him a nod of approval, Saren gripped her hips before he started pounding into her. She instantly gave up the fight to maintain any coherent line of thought and rode the waves of ecstasy. With each thrust, Amber panted as she nuzzled her face on his neck. He maintained his firm grip on her hips and hooked her shoulder with his mandibles. The bedroom seemed to spin as fluids mixed to ease the friction with the turian Spectre pounding into her flesh. The sensation was rather addicting to the point they didn't want the sensation to end.

With heat building up inside both of them and carnal thrills surging through their veins, Amber rocked her hips in sync with his thrusts even when he slowly accelerated his pace. Saren was just able to muster enough willpower to only lightly nip at her neck. It didn't leave behind any marks, which Saren could easily accept. Amber's moans gradually grew louder as she tightened her thighs around his waist, wanting to savor as much pleasure he could give her. They only began to slow down when they reached a second climax, having exerted much of their energy already.

Amber gave Saren a passionate kiss before he withdrew from her. While she rested on the bed, Saren climbed off to fetch a glass of water and open the container of the allergy meds. Once the turian Spectre handed them to her, she sat up and washed down a tablet before she handed the glass back to him. Saren set the glass aside before he lay down next to her and ran his talons through her hair.

"You know," Amber mused, "this could work out well."

"Definitely," Saren agreed.

Smiling, Amber nestled into Saren's embrace while his chest rumbled with deep purring. Even after she'd fallen asleep, he continued to watch over her, treasuring her beauty. It wasn't until forty-five minutes later that his eyelids weighed down and he drifted off.