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Shepard's Dream Catcher

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Three months have gone by, and there was still no luck in finding ways to contact the Alliance. Amber still wasn't willing to give up on her attempts to get back home, though. At the moment, she lay back on her bed as she played The Binding of Isaac. Saren was working away in his office on the most recent lead with no luck in sight. Though he knew there might be times she would need to cope with her past grief, she didn't have nightmares as much as she first came here. While it was tranquility found from dependence on Saren, it was helping her sleep at night.

By late evening, Amber finished her fifth playthrough for the night, so she paused at the main menu to double-check the time. After she did, she shut off the game and placed her miniature console on her end table. She rest her head against her pillow, eyelids weighing down.

She could feel veins pulsating beneath her feet. The area was not well-lit, but Amber took notice of bones holding the structure together. Her eyes began to adjust to the darkness to better see the fleshy walls. This didn't appear to be an ordinary cave, so what could she possibly have entered? Amber began scanning the room for anything she could use as a light to guide her through this fleshy cave.

She kept a hand brushing against one of the walls to find her way while being careful not to trip on the uneven floor. At the end of the tunnels, she found herself approaching a large, rounded wall with a small vent at the center. What could possibly be down there? Taking extra caution not to slip on anything, she slowly approached the vent, planted her hands on its edge and peered inside. To her disappointment, she found nothing of interest. Whatever was inside, it was even darker than the main cave itself. A burst of steam rushed out and slapped her across the face with a brush of heat.

Bravely enduring the steam, Amber figured that there might be something of interest inside, so she reached her arm into the vent, only to find that she wouldn't be able to fit her whole body through. She took another moment to scan the room for a flashlight. She couldn't find one, so she returned her gaze towards the vent, wondering if she'll be able to stretch it with her hands. She climbed inside, barely able to fit herself, and started climbing forward. It was dark, cold, and every now and then, another burst of steam would brush against her. Despite the fact she could barely see what was up ahead, she kept crawling forth, not paying attention to the heat building up in her stomach.

As she reached the end of the vent, the air increasingly became moist. Climbing out the other side, she found herself in a smooth, more compact chamber that looked initially pear shaped. Ahead, she found Saren standing along the fleshy wall and staring at it for some reason.

"Saren?" Amber called over, "what are you doing in here?"

Saren paused what he was doing and tilted his head towards Amber.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," he replied.

That was when she realized that he wasn't wearing anything and that all his plates were exposed. Amber tilted her head downwards, only to find she wasn't wear anything either. She blushed as she returned her glance at Saren.

"Were you able to fit through that vent?" she asked him.

"I got…stuck. But I learned to improvise," he resumed his calm stride towards her.

Likewise, Amber slowly stumbled towards the turian Spectre. All of a sudden, she tripped over an exposed blood vessel, eliciting a startled yelp out of her as she almost fell forward, only for Saren to catch her. She gazed up at his bright crystal blue eyes, feeling herself lustfully tremble as she exhaled. That's when she felt her loins heating up, her folds gradually becoming slick with fluids.

"Saren," she gasped, "are you feeling…?"

Saren nodded as he ran his talon through her hair.

"I am."

He leaned in, brushing his mouth plates against her cheek, allowing his tongue to roll out and lick her. Saren lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the center of the room, where he lay her on her back and he hovered over her. As he followed and knelt down, she brushed a hand against his hip, her gaze transfixed on him. He brushed his talon along her nether regions, watching as she gasped and arched her back. Her hand traced the crisp lines until she reached the plates between his legs. She'd done enough research to know what she was looking for.

"Tell me, what's it going to take to make that thing show itself?" Amber whispered.

Saren chuckled as he pressed his hips against hers, encouraging Amber to grind her hips against his.

"Nothing much, just a bit of encouragement," he muttered.

They pressed their lips together, tongues tangling in a ritualistic dance. While Saren held her close, he and Amber continued grinding their nether regions, her fluids lubricating the friction. The next thing she knew, she felt his plates beginning to shift and the tip of his length started to slowly emerge. When was the last time she had sex, anyway? She breathed a needy moan as her folds brushed up and down his length.

"Don't…don't hold back…" she begged.

By the time Saren felt himself fully emerge, he pushed his way inside of her, eliciting a sharp cry out of her. He started slowly enough to become accustomed to her while Amber swung her legs around his back to hold on. With the turian Spectre pounding into her flesh, she perched her arms over his carapace. The room seemed to spin, and her fingers were struggling to find purchase. Saren craned his head and nipped her ear while she relaxed in his embrace.

"Y-yes…keep going…" she mumbled, barely able to coherently focus on the world around her.

With pressure building up inside of her, Amber clenched her thighs while Saren slowly picked up his pace. Yelping with bliss, she reached her climax and clung onto Saren in a wave of orgasmic pleasure. As she panted, she closed her eyes as the turian Spectre nuzzled his face against hers.

The instant she opened her eyes, she found herself in her bedroom. Amber took a moment to scan her surroundings until she found her fingers pressed against her clit underneath her pants while her thighs clenched her hand. Pulling out her hand, she came to the embarrassing realization of just how wet she was, seeing the fluids still clinging to her fingers. Was this some sort of result from her being homesick?

Amber tilted her head towards the window, only to notice the artificial morning light illuminating the station. She pushed her legs off the side of the bed and stood to her feet before she stepped over to the drawers to pull out a clean pair of panties. Hastily rushing off to the bathroom, she tossed the soiled one in the laundry bin, put on the new one, and hastily washed her hands in the sink. By the time she finished, she slipped her pajama pants back on and stepped out of the backroom. She stumbled her way into the kitchen, where she could see Saren in the middle of brewing his kava. She didn't completely focus on him as she headed over to the fridge to fetch a tin of food.

"Ah, good morning, Amber. Did you sleep well?" he greeted.

Amber shuddered shortly after she closed the refrigerator door.

"It was…pretty restful last night," she stammered nervously.

Amber stepped over to the counter and read the directions on the tin before she popped it into the microwave and turned it on. Saren paid no attention as he looked back to his omni-tool.

"That's good to hear," he said.

While she waited for her food to finish heating up, Amber began browsing the cupboard for tea bags.

"Looking for something?" he asked, slightly looking up from his omni-tool.

Amber shook her head as she gestured to a tea bag she already pulled out. She quickly pulled her breakfast from the microwave, made herself some tea and hastily sat down. Saren finished brewing his kava minutes later before he poured some into his mug and sat down across from her. During the early hours of the morning, the two remained otherwise silent. Amber, however, would give an occasional nervous glance at Saren when he wasn't looking.

Since they didn't have much going on today, Saren resorted to spending time in his office doing paperwork, allowing Amber to play Undertale in the living room. Playing games did help, but it didn't entirely distract her from thoughts about her dream from the night before. It seemed disturbingly vivid, yet pleasurably desirable. She wasn't sure how she would be able to bring this up to Saren without having the conversation end up embarrassing. Additionally, the two had managed to work up a relative sense of commerce. She didn't want to dash their friendship completely due to possible out-of-place feelings for him.

A long while later, Amber found a saving point before she shut off her game. She stepped back into her bedroom and picked up her personal datapad from the top of the dresser. More recently, it was where she'd been stashing images of barren turian men she had found while researching their anatomy. She closed the door behind her before she lay on her bed. She slowly undid her belt and slipped a hand under the pants waist. Once she located her nether region, she began stroking herself in a circular motion. Her breathing began to slow, taking deep, cautious breaths. With each stroke from her own hand, she arched her back while she stifled her moans.

By now, it was relatively easy to imagine the sensation of leathery, coarse talons feeling her in anticipation. Would Saren even want to fuck her at some point? Even if he wouldn't, there was no harm in having a guilty pleasure. The memory she had from the dream was enough for Amber to continue her ministrations. She started digging her fingers into herself, quietly pondering what a turian's length would feel like. As she bucked her hips upward, she thrust her fingers in and out of her folds. She let out a long moan, arching her neck back a bit. While she kept up her effort, she felt heat pooling in her stomach as her fluids coated her fingers. She met her climax and gave an uncoordinated yelp in response.

While Amber took her time to catch her breath, she pulled out her fingers and observed the sticky fluid coating them. She wiped off the fluids and put aside her datapad. Reconnecting the latch on her belt, she made for the door. By the time she finished washing her hands, she returned to the living room. Saren walked out of his office when he notice Amber on the couch.

"Amber, want to head to the Armax Arena?" he offered.

Amber tilted her head towards Saren.

"So what is the Armax Arena?" Amber asked.

"It's a combat simulation arena where you go up against holographic enemies," Saren explained, "want to try it out?"

Giving Saren a soft smile and a nod, Amber stood from the couch and headed for the shoe rack, grabbing her boots and slipping them on. They left shortly after for the arena. They wandered into the Silversun Strip and made their way to the Armax Arena. The arena front lobby and walkways remind her of something like a basketball arena back on Earth, with spectators overlooking several large fields, highly detailed to resemble certain locals described by Saren. If she got lucky, maybe she could introduce this place to her friends.

"I was thinking of starting off with something much more difficult. What about you?" he proposed.

"Promise me you won't change the setting to Akuze," Amber insisted.

Saren nodded at Amber in agreement.

"I'll keep that in mind," he reassured her.

To further confirm his oath, Saren gave Amber a pinky swear. Saren had a moon-like area reserved for them.

"So the Geth are a race of synthetics that were designed and produced by a race called the Quarians," Saren explained, "they were initially a line of robotic slaves, but when they got wiser, the Quarians lashed out in panic and were subsequently booted off their own planet. We'll be going up against them today."

Amber nodded at Saren as she picked up a simulation rifle from the rack. They both started their fun for the rest of the afternoon, facing off against numerous simulated enemies during their time in the arena.