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The Glitch

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Idea:  Zach suffers from a particularly evil malfunction in the early days of his bionics: he reacts to the Tri-D remote control, and his son is a passionate "zapper"... 

"No, no, commander. SIR. Please. It's just my son watching channel 6..." 
     "Dare I ask what will happen if he changes to the Playboy channel, Captain?" 
     <embarrassed studying of boots> "Better don't." 

"Son, would you please stop channel surfing? At least while we have company? I've already offended 3 officers by inadvertantly making an obscene gesture when you press the channel button. And I dislike walking into the fridge on a continuous basis as well." 

"Dad, where are all the batteries?" 
     "Confiscated until Q-Ball fixes this glitch." 
     "How am I supposed to watch Tri-D without a remote?" 
     "GV can change the channels for you." 
     GV: "Little Zach, please, not so fast! I'm getting quite dizzy!" 

Z: "And now to the two of us, QBall..." <impressive growl worth the Goose> 
     Q: "Captain, I am doing my best! But you must realize, that with over 2 billion fine bio-mechanical nerve connections in your arm alone, tracking the problem to the specfic faulty ones will take time!" 
     Z: <leaning in closer> "Fix. It. NOW." 
     Q: "Ah, Fredrick? Hold all my calls until further notice. I've got a few billion circuits to test before I find myself dropped off of the charging platform..."