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Collecting You

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Bernie’s fingers plucked nervously at the label on the bottle of wine in her hands. She glanced at the clock on her dashboard. Six fifty eight. She tried to tell herself it was an old army habit to arrive early. The truth was that she hadn’t been able to think about anything other than Serena since they kissed.

A tap on the window broke her out of her reverie and she turned, finding herself looking into a bemused face. Bernie smiled back and grabbed the bottle before pushing the car door open.

“I thought I would rescue you before someone reported you for loitering.”

Serena watched the blush rise in Bernie’s cheeks and she couldn’t help but wonder how many more times she would see that tonight.

“I was early and I didn’t…” Bernie paused. “How did you know I was out here?”

It was Serena’s turn to blush. “I might have been watching out for a certain blue MX5 for the past ten minutes.”

“You do know me so well.” Bernie took Serena’s hand and laced their fingers together. Now that she knew how her skin felt, it was impossible to resist touching Serena whenever she had the opportunity.

“Shall we?” Bernie felt her hand being pulled forward as Serena led them back into the house.


“Thank you for dinner,” Bernie murmured into Serena’s ear as she leaned over to place the last plate into the dishwasher. Serena’s breath hitched at the proximity of her voice. She hadn’t realised that the blonde was right up behind her.

“We need to get you louder shoes.”

“Oh?” A pair of arms slipped round her waist and Serena leaned back into Bernie’s embrace. “Why is that?” The arms tightened a little and Serena felt Bernie’s breath on the back of her neck an instant before that very same patch of skin was covered by the softest pair of lips. She moaned and arched her neck, granting further access which was eagerly accepted.

She knew she was meant to answer but her brain could just about cope with breathing and keeping her heart beating at the moment. Higher order skills were simply an impossibility.

“You smell so good.” Bernie had reached the little hollow at the base of her neck and Serena’s resolve broke.

She wrenched herself around, her lips hungrily finding Bernie’s as she pulled their bodies flush. Her fingers stumbled across a sliver of bare skin at her waist and it was all the excuse that she needed to slip her hand under Bernie’s shirt. A strangled moan at the touch was her permission to proceed. Her hands relished their newfound freedom and started exploring the contours of Bernie’s back. There was so much strength and definition but at the same time softness and fluidity as her muscles reacted to Serena’s touch. Her hands chased the rippling movements until they met the edges of something rougher, possibly lace. Somehow she managed a moment of logical thought and paused, steadying her breath as the kitchen came back into focus.

Bernie pulled her head up from the rising swell of Serena’s chest and looked at her. The top two buttons on her blouse were undone and nimble fingers were in the middle of working on the third.

“We should stop.” Serena just about managed to keep her voice from squeaking.

Bernie’s reflexes were a little slower than usual and her cheeks flushed pink when Serena’s words finally sank in. “Oh god, I’m sorry…” She started pulling away but the hands around her torso pulled her back.

“I just meant,” Serena husked, “that we should stop before I start being badly behaved.” She emphasised her point by edging a finger under the lace.

A bolt of desire shot through Bernie’s body and her voice wavered as she mumbled a response. “And what makes you think I want you to behave?”


Serena’s back hit the wall with a thump, hard enough to knock a picture askew. The blouse she was wearing was abandoned halfway up the stairs along with Bernie’s shirt. Bernie pinned her against the wall as her lips skimmed the skin of Serena’s chest. Serena groaned and tugged at the elastic under her fingers, nudging the strap off Bernie’s shoulder. Her tongue soothed the faint marks it left and that drew another strangled moan. Her fingers deftly dismantled the rest of the lace and she stared unabashed.

Bernie Wolfe laid bare and gasping before her. This was the stuff of her wildest fantasies come true. Her hand ran through Bernie’s hair, the overhead light catching the subtle hues. It was mesmerising - like watching liquid gold drifting through her fingers. When she’d lost count of the shades of light tumbling over her fingertips, she pulled her gaze away and lowered her lips onto the soft swell of Bernie’s chest.

“God, Serena.”

“No need to worship me.” Serena pushed them both away from the wall and pulled their bodies towards her open bedroom door. “Not just yet, anyway.”


Bernie couldn’t remember the last time she’d found herself doing this.


But then again, watching was a massive understatement. Adoring. Craving. Devouring. Those would be more appropriate words because what she felt when she looked at Serena went beyond anything proper or inhibited. Bernie almost chuckled aloud because propriety should be the least of her concerns seeing that she was lying naked in Serena Campbell’s bed.

She shifted, keeping her arms wrapped against the sleeping figure of her lover.


Because that was what there were now, without a doubt. There had been a moment of hesitation as the final piece of clothing was tossed away unceremoniously but it hadn’t lasted long. They had stared reverently at each other for a moment before Serena pulled her in for a kiss. That one brief moment lit the touchpaper and their world transformed into a blur of tangled limbs and heated skin.

A warm ache grew within her as she remembered the delicious weight of Serena’s breast in her hand as she placed hot, wet kisses along the luscious curves of her belly. The trembling hand buried in her hair, urging her lower. Bernie’s lips curled into a satisfied smile at the memory of the sounds Serena made when she did. Soft moans when she dipped in for the first tentative touch, turning into louder groans as Bernie grew in confidence. She vaguely heard her name punctuated by pleas and curses when her fingers filled Serena for the first time. And when the slick skin of Serena’s thigh thrust upwards between Bernie’s legs, she pressed herself onto it without hesitation, greedy for the friction. Bernie’s eyelids fluttered shut as her skin tingled anew at the thought of how they’d clung desperately to each other as the waves of pleasure wracked through their bodies.

Serena shifted and pulled Bernie’s arms round her a little tighter. Bernie heaved a satisfied sigh and snuggled in against Serena’s back and placed a kiss on the curve of her shoulder.

“Hmmm?” Serena grunted sleepily.

“Nothing,” she murmured.

Serena twisted her head round just enough so that their eyes met.


The blonde placed another kiss on her temple. “It’s nothing, really. It’s just that…”

Serena pulled herself up and turned onto her back. Her hand curled around Bernie’s neck and brought their lips together. It was a kiss full of promise and reassurance, conveying all the emotions that weren’t quite ready for words just yet. Serena’s eyes sparkled as she pulled away when she saw that the ploy had worked. The remnants of doubt were fading from Bernie’s eyes.

“I know, darling,” she said. “We need to work out who we’re going to kill on Monday for trying to forge our handwriting.”

Bernie laughed as she thought back to the other night in Albie’s: Morven’s spreadsheet and Raf and Fletch’s conspiratorial grins. “I may have some idea,” she murmured, then thought of the good that had come of their meddling. “But...let’s go easy on them, hmm?”