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she'd make wind-cleaver sing (Manon Blackbeak)

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she was never made for love, she thinks.

but they, the Thirteen, look at her with so much,

so much that she couldn't do it—

couldn't bring the Wind-Cleaver down,

when it had been so easy every other time.

wasn't cutting down enemies her forte?

but Asterin was her Second,

who trusted in her,

who confided in her the truth of when she lay abandoned

broken and afraid,

who looked at her with reverence,

even in farewell.

so she decided that even if this was the last time,

she'd make Wind-Cleaver sing

over and over for Asterin—

for the rest of the Thirteen

because she dreamed of a day when they would be in the skies together again,

of a day when the world was remade,

shaped by every dream Elide had for the universe.

wasn't that a fool's hope?

but she did not care.