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She definitely thinks she should have thought this through beforehand, but recently she’d taken up the habit of throwing caution to the wind when it came to Delphine.

It ‘s a bad idea, she knows.

She knows it when she leads Delphine up the stairs to her dorm room one evening and her fingers fumble around with the keys for a good three minutes before getting inside. Deep breaths Cosima, think zen, she tells herself, but her mind’s in a flurry still trying to process the fact that Delphine hasn’t once let go of her hand since they started their trek from the quad. It’s not like she’s never liked anyone before- because obviously- but it’s only been a few months since she came to Minnesota. Between her PhD research and Clone Club, she hasn’t really had a vibrant social life and this is a whole other level of complex part of her isn’t completely sure she wants to explore right now. Another part of her clearly likes the attention and finds the unsureness of it all somewhat thrilling.  

"Well, this is moi." Cosima twirls a bit before shrugging off her jacket. "And uh, sorry about the mess. I don’t usually have any visitors and I’m up to my neck in reading."

Delphine looks around in interest, her hands occasionally brushing over certain items. “You wouldn’t want to see my room then,” she says with a smile,  “and this… this is so you.”  She turns, facing the shorter girl and tilts her head, eyes never straying from Cosima’s as if to say ‘what now?’.

Cosima’s eyes drift from where Delphine’s hands are bracing herself on the back of the couch and up long sleeves to the exposed skin of her shoulders -which she most definitely hadn’t been thinking about for days now. She feels the urge to kiss her right there and then but quickly breaks eye contact and reaches towards her fridge.

"Can I um, get you something to drink?"


It’s certainly way past a bad idea by now when they’re both barefoot half-lying, half-sitting on the throw rug by her bookshelf surrounded by cushions. There’s incence burning somewhere by the entry way and Cosima feels like it’s seeping into her every pore. She doesn’t know if it’s because Delphine is there, but she’s never felt this alert while high. She watches as Delphine finishes the last of the joint she helped her roll, the smoke from her lips dissipating into the dimly lit room.

Now would be a really good time to crack open the window, she thinks.

Under the lamp light, Delphine’s pupils look as round as saucers and deep enough to swallow Cosima whole. Her lips press into a line as she hums the tune to some French song about dancing on a bridge -or so she says- pointedly looking at Cosima amusedly when she sings
something about beautiful girls doing something.

Les belles dames font comme ça
Et puis encore comme ça 

They don’t attempt the dance but this somehow leads to a semi unintelligible discussion about chromatin bridges and how fucking awesome fluorescence microscopy is.  


Cosima sips what’s left of her wine to wet her lips. She hasn’t done this with anyone in a while plus Delphine keeps staring at her and it’s making her uneasy. A little voice in the back of her mind reminds her that she needs to keep her guard up, that this could be a trap but it’s quickly drowned out by Delphine’s voice.

"Come here, Cosima " she drawls, patting the empty space beside her. She smiles when Cosima obliges.

Delphine leans in slowly, and Cosima swears her heart might just fall out of her chest. She fixes her glasses subconsciously but doesn’t shy away from the eye contact. “I had a really good time tonight.”

"Me too."

They stare at each other for a beat before Delphine stands and heads towards the entry way for her stuff. “It’s late, I should get going.”

Cosima nods dumbly before following the taller woman and waits for her to put on her coat, scarf, and shoes; surprised when Delphine turns to touch her arm. Delphine leans forward and Cosima turns slightly expecting another one of her standard cheek kisses, but the taller woman follows the movement and aims for another target. Their lips touch briefly -which sends Cosima’s nerve endings into a frenzy -before Delphine starts to pull away. Before she can leave though, Cosima’s hands reach for the lapels of her jacket and tug her forward again for a kiss that feels more real. She feels light-headed. 

This time when they pull apart Delphine whispers something in French that she doesn’t understand. Cosima bites down on her lip, gaze flickering between Delphine’s eyes and lips. “I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded really sexy.”

Delphine walks slowly to the stairs, like she’s considering something before turning to reply “I’ll tell you next time.”


It’s later while clearing up that Cosima realizes she hasn’t heard from Sarah or Alison all day. Her conscience once again reminds her that the situation is serious and she’s just spent half the day with someone who might just be her monitor. Her intelligent, intoxicating, beautiful monitor.

Picking up her pink ‘Clone Phone’ she activates the screen and sees:

4 missed calls: Sarah.