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A Very Elejah Christmas

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Elijah sighed when he realized exactly what he had done. Taking a step back from the tree he found himself tangled in Christmas lights; so much for putting them on the tree before Elena returned from shopping. His head jerked towards the window when he heard her car pulling in the driveway.

“Elijah,” Elena skipped through the door to shed her coat. She dropped her bags on the floor when she saw him in the living room. “If you were going to wrap yourself in Christmas lights then why did we bother with a tree?”

“For the smell, of course,” Elijah chuckled, “That’s the real reason people put trees in their homes.”

“I should have guessed that,” she started pulling the lights from his body. “Have I told you today that I love you?”

He pretended to think about it for a moment. “Not today,” the last of the lights hit the floor.

“Well I do,” Elena stretched up to kiss his cheek. “Maybe next year wait for some help to put up the lights,” Elena suggested teasingly.

“Care to help me now?” Elijah bent to pick up the strand of lights again.

Elena nodded and together they untangled the string of lights to hang it on the tree. Twenty minutes later they had finished.

“How was shopping with Caroline?” Elijah asked as he pulled out the box of decorations.

“It was fun,” Elena took a few Christmas bulbs from the box and hung them on the tree. “I finished most of my Christmas shopping, and got a few new ornaments for the tree. Would you mind grabbing them?”

“Sure. Which bag are they in?”

“The blue one,” Elena bent to lift some green balls from the box and place them on the tree. She could hear Elijah returning with the bag. Tissue paper rustled as he pulled out one of the decorations.

“Elena,” Elijah whispered behind her. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“No,” she hung a few more bulbs, “I don’t think so.” She glanced back to see him staring at something in his hand. “Did you find the ornaments?”

“Yes,” he gazed at the back of her head. “Are you sure you don’t have something to tell me?”

“Umm,” Elena scrunched up her nose in concentration, “I wrote another chapter of my book. Other than that nothing really comes to mind.”

“Nothing?” Elijah edged closer to her. The ornament from the bag was still in his hand. He used his free hand to turn her towards him. “Are you sure?” He passed her the bright red ornament.

“I’m su-,” Elena trailed off when she saw what he was handing to her: a bright red ornament with cursive writing. Her brain scrambled for an explanation that wouldn’t reveal Caroline’s secret; nothing came to mind. “I, um, those aren’t the ornaments I bought.”

“So you’re not…”

“No,” Elena gently put the ball back in the bag beside them. She squeezed Elijah’s hand gently. “I am not pregnant.”

“How did it find its way into your bag?” He gazed at the bag in question.

“Would you believe me,” Elena wrapped her arms around his neck to force him to look at her, “if I said I didn’t know?” She smiled in an attempt to distract him.

Elijah shook his head and splayed his hands along her lower back. “There’s only one plausible explanation,” he evaded her kiss to continue. “You and Caroline mixed up the bags.” He smiled when Elena stiffened in his arms. “Is Caroline pregnant?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Elena pushed back a bit. Her pulse raced with the lie, and a flush flooded her face.

“That’s a yes then,” Elijah chuckled, “and she hasn’t told Niklaus yet which is why you can’t tell me.”

“If you ever decide against teaching you could be a detective,” Elena rolled her eyes.

“I told you that you should know better than to lie to a teacher,” he laughed and bent to brush his lips against her forehead.

“You can’t tell him,” Elena cupped his face forcing him to stare into her dark eyes.

“I won’t,” Elijah grinned gently removing her hands from his face.

“Thank you, Caroline would kill me if she knew that you had figured it out.” She teased. She turned her eyes towards the half decorated tree before quickly cutting back to Elijah. “You thought I was pregnant? What was going through your head?” Elena laughed passing him some more decorations. “Were you freaking out?”

“I forgot how to breathe for a minute there,” he admitted taking the ornaments to place on the tree.

“What would you have done if I’d told you I was pregnant?” She turned a serious gaze on him.

“I would have been ecstatic,” Elijah pulled her in for a hug, “after I regained consciousness.”