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Better Scared Than Bored

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"Come on, babe," Craig coaxed, tugging on Tweek's hand. "It's just a roller coaster."

"Just a roller coaster?!" Tweek exclaimed. He refused to budge. "JESUS, look at it! I'll die!"

They were half-blocking the entrance to the amusement park line while they argued, other people giving them dirty looks as they shuffled by. Craig flashed the finger at anybody glaring at them without paying them much attention.

"You won't die," Craig said patiently. "We just watched it run like twenty times and no one died. Look, there it went again. Anybody die? No."

"I don't care! Nngh!" Tweek yanked on Craig's hand, but he wasn't moving either. They stared each other down, Tweek twitching, Craig's expression impassive.

"Craig, quit it, it's fine if he doesn't want to," Bebe called, leaning over the metal queue railing. She, Clyde, Token, and Nicole were already in line for the ride, having gone into the queue before the stalemate began. "He can just wait for us!"

"Shut up, Bebe," Craig called back, a flicker of irritation making his eyebrow twitch. "We talked about this. We're finally tall enough. You aren't scared of heights, you like the ferris wheel."

"It's not the fucking ferris wheel!" Tweek shrieked, making a mother passing by tsk at them. "Ugh!"

"Don't be a dick, Craig!" Bebe hollered. "Look how scared he is! Tweek, honey, you don't have to do anything you don't want to!"

"Don't tell him what he wants!" Craig turned around to glare. One of the few things that broke through Craig's flat affect was other people acting like he was being a jerk to his own boyfriend, as if they knew how to handle Tweek better than he did. "He's always scared, and treating him like a baby doesn't make him less scared, does it? No!" Craig turned back to Tweek, scuffing his sneakers against the pavement. "I hate it when she calls you honey."

"I know." Tweek's mouth flickered into a smile for a split second. Their palms were getting sweaty from how tightly Tweek's fingers were clutching his.

"You don't really want to be the only fourth grader who's never ridden a roller coaster, do you?" Craig asked. Tweek shook his head. "It's not even the really scary one. There's like one loop."

"Nnngh." Tweek tilted his head to side-eye the bright blue track twisting over their heads. "Okay, AAGH. Let's just, jesus christ, get it over with!"

"There we go," Craig said, pulling Tweek along the empty part of the line until they were even with Bebe and the others. He push-pulled Tweek through the metal railing, ignoring the glares of the people behind them. He and Tweek had been here first so they could just fuck right off. Letting go of Tweek's sweaty hand, Craig wrapped an arm around Tweek's waist instead; every time a car of the roller coaster passed over their heads, Tweek jerked into Craig's side for a second.

The thirty minute wait was useful, because Craig could feel Tweek relaxing by incredibly slow degrees as they talked around him, and that was what everybody else didn't understand about Tweek: if you held firm about something he was freaking out about and just let him do it, most of the time he'd eventually calm down back to normal. Craig had figured out through painful experience that the best thing to do was to present the reasons why Tweek would want to do something (you like the ferris wheel, you don't want to be left out) and then let him have whatever kind of freakout he was going to have. It was fine that Tweek had become closer friends with Bebe and some of the other girls this year, but they still didn't seem to understand Tweek at all in situations like this.

That thought made Craig smile, just a little.

When they were nearly at the part of the line that split into individual seat lines, Craig eyed Tweek out of the corner of his eye to see if he needed to grab Tweek's hand again.

"I'm fine!" Tweek said, sounding snappish, but Craig knew it was just nerves.

"I know. You want front, back, or in the middle? I don't care."

"I don't know, don't pressure me," Tweek moaned. Token looked over his shoulder as he led Nicole towards the front; Craig eyed him impassively back. "I guess m-middle. AGH. If we, fuck, fall off the track, people will, ehh, break our fall in either direction."

"Practical, I like it." Craig tugged him towards a row with only two kids in front of them; they'd ride the same time as Clyde and Bebe, but have to wait at the bottom of the ramp after for Token and Nicole. "Hey. I'm proud of you."

"Don't use psychology on me," Tweek grumbled, butting his cheek against Craig's shoulder. "Saying, nngh, positive stuff like I already did it so I, ugh, I won't back out."

"Nah, I'm proud of you all the time," Craig assured. He squeezed Tweek's hip where his hand was resting. "But I really want to ride this roller coaster with you."

"I know." And then Tweek added more quietly, almost covered by the whoosh of the roller coaster rolling into the platform, "M-me too."

Tweek screamed bloody murder the entire ride, which was a little silly for a roller coaster with only one loop, but perfectly acceptable roller coaster behavior in general. At the end when they were waiting the half a minute for their turn to unload, Craig looked over and met Tweek's eyes over the padded shoulder harnesses. Tweek was clutching at his so hard his knuckles were white, but his cheeks were flushed furious pink and his eyes were glittering, his hair whipped into peaks by the ride. Craig wanted desperately to kiss him, annoyance mixing with the adrenaline churning in his chest that the stupid harnesses made that impossible.

He made it halfway down the ramp before pushing Tweek up against the side of it and stealing his kiss then instead.

"Craiiig," Tweek muttered, embarrassed, but Craig knew the way Tweek said his name when he meant 'seriously stop it' and this wasn't it. He didn't care that people were passing by them, or Clyde's voice scolding "Dude!" behind them. "H-hey. Can we, ehh, ride this again? Later?"

"Yeah?" Craig asked. Tweek nodded. "Definitely." Craig kissed him again for positive reinforcement. Just because Tweek knew it was psychology didn't make it not work. "We'll try some other stuff and come back. I bet we can make Clyde puke on the teacups."

"We totally can!" Tweek agreed. They grinned at each other.

"I heard that, you gay jerks!" Clyde snapped from the end of the ramp.