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“Hey everyone!” greeted Rikido. Fans of him would realize already that the venue for this video is at a kitchen they haven’t seen before. “Sato here this week again! This is a special video I thought of in honor of my six hundred subscribers!”


A large audience off-screen was cheering and applauding Rikido as he pretends to accept some sort of trophy award in the middle of a big hall, fake tears and all.


“Because of that,” we’re back suddenly to the real world, “I thought of inviting two of my classmates to do a special video to celebrate! Everyone, I want you to meet Midoriya and Bakugou!”

Two people suddenly walk into the video on either side of Rikido, one more excited than the other.

“Hey you two, say hi to the viewers.”

“Hello Sato-kun’s viewers!” Izuku greeted energetically.

Katsuki merely nodded, smirk on his face. “’Sup.”

“What we’re going to do is simple,” Rikido bent down quickly to get something from under the counter, “Bakugou and Midoriya are going to help me make and decorate sugar cookies for our class’ Halloween party later!” A plate full of cookies with the different frosting designs on them are displayed for all the viewers to see. There were werewolf, ghost, pumpkin, and spider cookies to name a few.

“Those look so good, Sato-kun!” Izuku complimented, looking at the plate in awe.

“Deku can’t cook for shiii—oot, just a heads up.” Katsuki said simply, reaching over to grab a ghost cookie.

Below Katsuki appeared a text that said: NICE NO-CURSING, BAKUGOU !

Katsuki took a bite of the cookie he took and actually closed his eyes at the taste. Izuku beamed at the reaction and reached over to try it out himself.

“This should be fun.” Rikido laughed. “Because you two will be baking on your own.”

Both Katsuki and Izuku froze in whatever they were doing and stared at Rikido warily.



Let’s start baking !”

“Wait, Sato-kun—!”

“What kind of joke are you pulling—?!”


The trio can be seen already set-up in the kitchen, aprons worn properly and all, but there was a big sort of cardboard wall separating Katsuki and Izuku with Rikido.

“So this is why Sato-kun couldn’t use our dorm’s kitchen.”

“Yep!” Sato chirped. “The table wasn’t long enough for it. By the way, this video’s kitchen was sponsored by Bakugou, so thank you for that!”

“I can’t believe you repay me by leaving me alone to work with Deku .”

“Kacchan, that’s mean!” Izuku whined. “Also, Sato-kun, you didn’t mention anything about this!”

“You two wouldn’t have agreed to join my video if I said so!” Rikido pointed out. “Also, Uraraka and Kirishima said not to mention anything to you two.”

Below the screen was a cartoon drawing of Uraraka and Kirishima’s faces underneath Izuku and Katsuki respectively, the phrase “ best friends ” in crayon-like font appearing between the two drawings.

“Traitor!” Katsuki shouted, glaring at whoever was off-screen.

“Uraraka-san.” Izuku whined.

Off-screen they can hear a voice cry out, “ Plus ultra, Deku-kun! Good luck to you two, Bakugou-kun! ” while another voice can be heard laughing their guts out.

They still stayed and did the video with Sato.



“Okay, next, you take your cup of sugar and put it in with the butter.”

“Kacchan, here—one cup of sugar!”

Izuku was about to dump the whole thing in the bowl when Katsuki stopped him, grabbing unto his wrist. With his free hand, Katsuki took a pinch of the contents of the cup and brought it to his mouth.

“Salt. You really are a deku aren’t you, Deku?”

Izuku spluttered, turning red—from embarrassment or anger, nobody knew. “They look alike!” Katsuki rolled his eyes, face expressing more amusement than exasperation.

“Yeah, yeah. Now put it back, nerd.”

“…You two okay back there?”

“Yeah. But I still hate you, Candy Crush.”

“Please wait a while for us to catch up, Sato-kun!”

Someone save Katsuki .



“I am so proud of the two of you for making it this far without my visual help.” Rikido said with a laugh, transferring some of the cookies – now cooled – unto a drying rack on top of a pan lined with parchment paper.

“Somehow we’re alive.” Katsuki said, wiping his hands with his apron. Beside him, Izuku was dividing the now cooled cookies evenly amongst themselves. “And my kitchen’s still in one piece. Shocking since Deku’s here.”

“You’re so mean! For that, I’m giving you the ugly cookies.”

“Those were the ones you made, though.” Katsuki leaned unto the table with his arms, smirking at a flustered Izuku.

“You have no proof!”


Replaying a few scenes previously involving Izuku whining about his failed attempts at cutting cookies and Katsuki patting his head in “comfort.”

In the middle of the screen, in big bold red letters, were the words: Katsuki’s Proof .


“Whatever. Oi, Candy Crush, we still gotta do the decorating sh--tuff, right?”


“I think it’s called icing, Kacchan.”

“I think I didn’t ask for your opinion.” So he says but he bumped hips with Izuku, knocking the smaller teen slightly off-balance. This resulted in another (fourth) playful fight-shove-thing until Sato starts talking again.

“Let’s decorate the spider cookie first!”



“So get the frosting color you want for the background of the cookie. It can be any color.”

“Where is the—Kacchan!”


“I wanted to use red!” Izuku whined, pulling on Katsuki’s arm that was holding the red pipette bag.

“You can use it later.” Katsuki frowned at Izuku.

On the other side of the cardboard, Rikido was holding on to his own bag of yellow frosting and looking like he wanted to finally look around the cardboard and see what was happening on the other side.

“Please! You can use green!” Izuku said, shoving the green frosting bag to him. Katsuki looked like he wanted to protest but then reluctantly agreed to it.

“Are we okay now, over there?” Rikido’s voice was just oozing with amusement.



“Okay! To make it easier, you want to first outline your cookie’s borders so that you’ll have an easier time later on filling in the rest of the cookie.” Rikido said, already starting his work.

“Got it!” Izuku pumped his fist close to his chest and leaned in close to the table to get

“Knowing you, though, you’ll somehow mess it up.” Katsuki snickered before getting to work on his cookie.

“Just focus on your own work instead of teasing me for once.”

“Once you’re done outlining the cookie, you can proceed to fill in the middle with the frosting.” Rikido said, already moving on to frost the rest of his cookie.

As expected from 3A’s baking prodigy!

“Okay, I’m done with both of my spider cookies!” Izuku cheered happily.

“About time, nerd.”

“Well, I’m sorry for having shaky hands!”

Katsuki pinched Deku’s nose with his two knuckles, earning another round of whines from the shorter teen.

“Now we get the white frosting we prepared earlier.” Rikido easily cut in, too used to their antics to even bother at this point. They can either keep up with his audio instructions or not. “This one has a smaller mouth than the one we first used—easier to design. We’ll put in the spider web before the spider.”

“Mm! Got it!”

“Why are you always so gung-ho about everything?” Katsuki muttered, but was smirking (Smiling?? Maybe??) in Izuku’s direction anyway.

He grinned at him in reply. “Because I like everything!”


The video suddenly zooms in on Izuku’s grinning face and happy stickers fill the screen.


“Of course you do.” Katsuki raised a hand and patted—sorry, gently slapped Izuku’s cheek once.

“First we start off with filling the cookie with crosses,” Rikido said, easily moving his bag around. “Personally I’d prefer to go with just two, but you can make it as intricate as possible. And then we can go on and do the inner web—the curved silk strands connecting the major strands together.”

The screen then shifted to Katsuki, who worked slower, and was a lot tenser than Rikido, but looked like he got it just the way he wanted. Katsuki chanced a look at Izuku’s work and appeared to instantly regret it.

Izuku on the other hand, was happily doing his own business when Katsuki let out an exasperated groan. Izuku stopped in his work and tried to look for his companion but found him underneath the counter, hidden from cameras.

“Kacchan? Is something wrong?”

Katsuki let out another incoherent sound before shooting up and pointing to Izuku’s cookies. “Deku, we’re making spider webs.”


Realization in 3




“Is everything alright, there?” Rikido asked in concern. All he can hear from his side of the kitchen were Izuku’s whines and Katsuki’s barking laughter.

“Just Deku living up to his name.”

“Kacchan, don’t be mean!” Izuku was now off to the side, lightly banging his head against the wall. Katsuki was beside him, cackling without inhibitions. There was an attempt to pry Izuku away from the wall but it was futile.

… At least there was an attempt.



Rikido looked like he was trying so hard to stop his grin but ultimately failing.

Izuku, finally next to the counter with Katsuki by his side, let out a whine that was muffled by his hands and Katsuki’s shoulder he was leaning on.

“You technically did put two crosses.”

Katsuki snickered and patted Izuku on the back. The camera then zoomed in on Izuku’s work, red-frosting covered cookies with two big white crosses taking up the entire cookie.

“You never fail to surprise me and go beyond expectations, Deku.”

“Kacchan, please shut up.”


“I have decided.”


All three of them are eating the cookies in a different counter, with glasses of milk in front of them. Katsuki took a cookie and pointed to Izuku with the same hand.

“I’m handling all food concerns when we get our apartment. You just clean.”

“You can teach me!” Izuku protested, pouting at Katsuki.

“Sorry Midoriya,” Rikido took a sip from his glass. “But just from our small activity there, I think I’ll support in your… temporary ban from the kitchen.”

“I’m enough of a chef to cook all our meals. Desserts included.” Katsuki clicked his tongue and threw a crumb at Izuku playfully. “Be grateful I didn’t decide to leave you to starve.”

“My hero.”

The sarcasm is strong in this one .








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Chapter Text



Famous gaming Youtubers Kirishima Eijirou and Kaminari Denki would normally start their video first off a few seconds with a warning for the faint-hearted that they will be shouting a greeting in 5 seconds…

4… 3… 2… 1—


Today was no exception.

“I’m Eijirou—”

“I’m Denki—”

And together, “And welcome to DenKiri!”

Cue opening animation.

“Denki and I noticed that a lot of you would request we do prank calls to our friends whenever we do a live.” Eijirou said, getting straight to the point.

“I think it mostly came up after we did the collab with YaoMomo,” Denki added, looking at Eijirou as if in confirmation to his words. “Right? When she made us dress up like our friends while she does our make-up and we did impersonations of them.”

Eijirou snapped his fingers and finger-gun-pointed at Denki. “Oh yeah! Guess we were better than we thought, bro.”

“What can I say,” Denki mock-stretched, “it’s a gift .”


“So we’re going to prank call our friends.” Denki said with a slight laugh in his voice. Beside him, Eijirou was also looking like he was holding back from laughter. “But we’re going to prank call them while pretending to be our other friends – other Youtubers.”

“We managed to get a really old flip phone.” Eijirou in amazement, showing the box. “It’s the old model that has just like only two games in them at most . I couldn’t believe they were even still selling these!”

“I bought one for myself, actually.” Denki laughed.


A black and white clip featuring Denki going gaga over the flip phones and buying one for himself suddenly takes up the entire screen.

“What are you going to do with your old phone then, bro?” Eijirou can be heard off-screen.

“Donate to charity?”

“That works.”


Eijirou is busy unboxing their prank call phone while Denki is busy flipping his own flip phone.

The words “ behold the face of absolutely no regrets ” appears below the blond.


“You wanna go first, bro?” Eijirou grinned, waving the new phone in front of Denki.

“Oh, sure! I know just the person to prank…”



“Well that was a failure.” Denki said gloomily, finally dropping his first call.

Eijirou finally let out the laugh he has been holding in. “Jirou recognized you right away! Haha!”

“I didn’t realize Jirou would recognize my Tokoyami impression. Now I’m very sad.”

“There, there, bro. I’ll redeem you!”


Hello ?”

“Izuku.” Eijirou said in a deep gruff voice. Denki was beside him, giving him a two-thumbs-up. “It’s Shouto.”

Oh Shou—wait, really?! ” Eijirou shared a wide-mouthed grin with Denki. Trust Midoriya Izuku to still be such a gullible dork after all these years of being friends.

“Yeah, I’m using my brother’s new phone to call you right now since my old one got destroyed.”

Oh, okay! But what a coincidence! I was just about to call you about our collab tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah?” Eijirou makes a face at Denki who covered his mouth with his hands. “Cool.”

I know, right? It’s amazing how you just called me up right now! What a big coincidence!

“I’m just amazing that way.” Eijirou said, pushing Denki who was making weird faces at the camera.

Yeah, it’s really so cool! Anyway have you seen the links I sent you to your email?

“Oh, no I haven’t.” Eijirou then winked briefly at the camera. “I don’t know the password to my email.”

It was silent for a few moments in the other line. Eijirou and Denki (and even the audience at this point) can practically hear the gears turning in Izuku’s mind right now.

… This isn’t Shouto . Oh my god, who is this? I mean, it has to be someone I know because this is my personal number and I only gave it out to only my close friends and family —”

Eijirou and Denki were full-out snickering right now, trying to collect themselves as Izuku went on one of his famous mumble-rant-brain-storm things. Just as they were collecting themselves, another voice can be heard on the other end of the line with Izuku.

I thought it was Shouto but—don’t look at me like that! They sound exactly like Shouto!

A rustling can be heard and suddenly the other voice became much clearer to everyone. “ Half n’ Half?

“Bakugou.” Eijirou said, refraining from greeting him like he usually does. “Long time no hear. Wish it would have been longer, though. Did Izuku put me on loud speaker?”

It was silent on the other line before Izuku went rambling again.

See! It sounds exactly like Shouto! You have to admit that even you were fooled Kacchan —”

Shut up, Deku. It’s Hair for Brains .”


Eijirou and Denki suddenly made weirded-out faces and looked at the phone where Katsuki and Izuku were now debating (arguing) over who it really was.

Don’t they sound a little like Tokoyami-kun—Kacchan, I think it’s Tokoyami-kun!

Deku are you fucking kidding me right now?

No, I mean—I’m sure now it’s not Shouto but I really think it’s Tokoyami-kun now!

Oh my god, Deku. That’s Hair for Brains and Pikachu probably with him.”

Denki and Eijirou were mouthing out words to each other and motioning to the camera. They were probably wondering how Katsuki was able to guess it was them right away.

No, but it can’t be them, Kacchan! They have a deep voice like Tokoyami-kun!

Deku, you are so. Fucking. Gullible.



Denki got the phone and brought it to his mouth and said “It’s Tokoyami, actually.”


Now that was Pikachu.


Denki and Eijirou are practically falling off their seats trying to silence their laughter.


Deku , fuck— you’re so gullible! How did we become friends again?

I lent you my red crayon in our daycare days .”

I concur. But why are we still friends?”

But they don’t sound anything like Kaminari-kun or Kirishima-kun! ” Deku was whining, and their sides were killing them. “ And don’t be mean to me, Kacchan!

I wouldn’t have to if you would just fucking believe me that it’s Hair for Brains and Pikachu calling you!

…How can you tell it’s them? ” You can actually hear the pout in his voice.

Because I fucking know !

… But they already filmed their video for the week.

Denki let out a loud snort and Eijirou shushed him, not even trying to hide his voice anymore.



Eijirou – the slightly more composed of the two – confirmed between laughter he can now freely let out.

We know it’s you two!

Yeah, Deku, now you believe me.

They sounded just like Shouto and Tokoyami-kun, sorry !

“Ah, never change, Midoriya.” Denki said loud enough to be heard from his seat. “That made my day.”

You two are soooooo good !”

You’re just gullible, Deku .”





ebonyravenway i can’t with katsuki’s omg of course he would recognize his boyfie’s voice <3 <3


RedRiotFangurlll they haven’t confirmed it but it’s soooooo obv

catman648 omg please prank call asui tsuyu next time!!!!!!!

Sand Guardian, guardian of sand Izuku was so cute when he thought it was Shouto! OMG the disappointment in his voice when he realizes it wasn’t Shouto ahhhhh my shipper heart

steven ikr?? like omg just make it canon already

Blue Reyes why are they so cute I can’t OMG :((

Yeng Gatchalian yesssss they need to confirm their relationship already ahahahuhu

Kaluluwa why is denki so good at everything :((

DenKiri hehe thanks ;) – denki

Kaluluwa oh my god I love you


Kink Monster MOOD

Geno Via I think it’s cute how Jirou was able to tell it was Denki even after many attempts he put into changing his voice or impersonations. Haha adorable

vityaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg no hetero in this area pls

Geno Via I’m just saying it’s cute. :/ I don’t really ship them, but admit they have good chemistry. Also I thought Denki was bi?

Shin-chan yeah but no way is he straight with the way he looks at Katsuki or Eijirou lololol or even Shouto!!

steven Pls keep Shouto out of this. He is happily married to Izuku.


Acacia am I the only one wondering why were bakugou and deku together at that time

Baron of Explodo Kills I heard they’re sharing an apartment together.

Acacia oh thanks, Baron!

KATSUDONDON omfg why tho when TdDk are practically married <3 why would Izuku look at anybody else when Shouto is always there and so nice to him <3 <3 <3 aaahhhhhh so perfect together <3








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[Katsuki is sleeping on Izuku’s shoulder and everyone (but Katsuki of course) is making a silly face]

henry-etta omg hope you have fun!!!

irri-onana eiji taking a picture of his sleeping beauty

lalalu @irri-onana oh my god it’s been three years since mina and eiji came out as a couple. stop forcing your ship unto them.

irri-onana @lalalu let me ship who i want to ship

pinky-minaaa @irri-onana get yourself a so first and experience what it’s like having everyone pair them up with someone else before you keep saying “let me ship ship who i want to ship”

xander-ferrari @redriot_eiji don’t be jealous

redriot_eiji @xander-ferrari i'm seriously not

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Chapter Text



“Hello everyone,” Shouto greets immediately after the typical opening sequence for his videos. “I’m Shouto, and welcome to my humble channel.

“Some of you may recognize this place as the skating rink where majority of the film that I starred in, Shall We Skate, was filmed.” Shouto said, already gliding around. “I asked the owner if I could rent out this place the whole day so I can do a video with my friends.

“Thankfully, they said it was fine.”

Shouto smiled at the camera and you could hear the millions of viewers get pierced through the heart.


“So I’m here today with my coach from my SWS days,” Shouto put his hand out and into the camera’s field of view skates a petite brunette. “Coach Nagachika.”

“Hello, Shouto’s viewers!”

“She’s going to help me teach my friends,” the camera then pans and zooms to the said group of friends putting on their skates near the entrance to the rink, but Shouto keeps talking, “how to skate some of the choreography I learned for the movie.

“And did I mention I picked my friends who had no background on skating at all?”


Cue a short and sweet video montage of Shouto’s victims—err, friends that will take part in today’s activities. Their reactions ranged from “I’m very excited to learn how to skate (Ochako)” to “Ice skating shouldn’t even have been invented (Fumikage)” to “I watched all the videos I could find on ice skating so I hope I don’t fall as much on my face (Eijirou)” and to finally “I was blackmailed into this (Izuku).”

They also paid little tribute to the people who came to act as the film crew: Denki, Momo, Mezo, and Kyouka. Katsuki was there but not skating due to a fractured ankle.

They were dubbed the Moral Support Crew.


“More like the Moral Support Crew and Katsuki.”

“You wanna go, Half n’ Half bastard?”

“I would, but I don’t want to fight an injured individual.”

“This fracture’s nothing. Name a time and place, and I’ll beat you in whatever game you’re playing.”

“Alright, it’s a date.”

Such a wonderful friendship Shouto and Katsuki have, really (not).


“Today, in my channel, we have someone who exceeds all expectations.” Shouto attempted to say in his most serious voice, which ended up not being so serious because he was trying hard (and failing) not to laugh along with his friends in the background. “And we are all honored to have him.”

The camera then turned around to the entrance where Izuku was on the floor, not even on the ice, glaring daggers at the rest of their friends. Katsuki was beside him, head in the hand not supporting him on crutches.

“I’m getting second-hand embarrassment just from being in your presence.”

“Just help me up, Kacchan.”


Katsuki does help him out, which surprises everyone that he was actually being nice.

Katsuki? And nice? Katsuki being capable of nice ??

The moment Izuku is stable on the ice, Katsuki pushes (read: shoves) him towards Eijirou, so they bump into Ochako, causing them to knock over Fumikage. The end result was a big pile of first-time ice-skaters near the feet of Shouto and Coach Nagachika.

All's right with the universe again.


“Nobody has fallen on their butt yet,” Denki’s voice can be heard as the camera follows the small group marching around the ice. “Place your bets as to who is the next to fall!”

“Definitely Deku.”

“That was quick, Bakugou.” Kyouka said with a laugh. “That little faith in Midoriya?”

“I actually have faith in Deku that he won’t fail to meet expectations. Like falling face first into the ice.”

“My money’s on Eiji.” Mezo said simply.

“I think it’d be funny if Tokoyami-kun fell.” Momo chirped.

“I’ll believe in Ochako, then.” Kyouka decided.

Such wonderful friends these all are, really.



Shouto was holding a camera and skating towards their resident edge lord, who was leaning awkwardly along the wall, legs and feet somehow keeping balance while in a very precarious position.

“Tokoyami, do we want to know how you got into that mess?”

In response, Tokoyami glared towards Shouto and said, “I hate you so much.”



“... Uraraka?”

“Yes, Shouji?” Ochako looked up from her work of scraping up the ice at the edge of the rink, and smiled at Mezo (the current cameraman).

“May I ask what are you doing?”

“You may.”

“Okay. So, what are you doing?”

“Making shaved ice.” Ochako bent down to show off her work. A mischievous glint suddenly took over and she turned her body halfway to the side. “Watch this.”

Ochako suddenly threw the clump of ice towards Izuku, leaning against the wall and talking to Katsuki, hitting him at the back of his head. He stumbled in response, and yelped when some of the ice dropped inside his shirt. And then he was suddenly struggling to regain his balance but ultimately falling down into the ice, practically face-first.

Katsuki was the first to break the silence, laughing out loud and clinging to the wall for support. His laugh was surprisingly infectious and soon everyone was joining in to the dismay of the fallen one.


“You’re the best, Deku.”

“I can’t believe you bet that I would fall face-first into the ice.”

“I had that much faith in you. Be flattered.”

"And you didn't even help me up! You just laughed at me!"

"I can barely stand on my own and you expect me to reach over this wall that to help you up?"

"... Fine."



“Tell everyone what’s going on now, Todoroki-san.” Momo encouraged as she held the camera up to film Shouto’s response. He smiled and motioned to the rink behind him.

“Coach Nagachika and I were teaching them the choreo when they just went and improved whatever was easier for them to do.” Shouto turned to Ochako, Izuku, and Eijirou trying to lift Fumikage up on the ice. “Yeah, definitely funnier this way.”

"Are you happy?"

Shouto turned back to Momo and smiled in the most charming way he knows. "Yes, I am very happy."

"That's wonderful to hear."

"Thank you for being here today."

"I-I'm sure your audience is also happy to be here with you, Todoroki-san!"

There was something mischievous gleaming in Shouto's eyes for a moment but then it was gone in an instant.

"I'm glad."




YODELEHIHU RIP Tokoyami Fumikage

Vava Voom i need someone who looks at me the way shouto-kun looks at izu-kun


Vava Voom i'm a simple person with a simple need for TdDk to be real

Joanne yes i agree amen hallelujah








Ashido Mina @pinky_minaaa 6h

With the gang @ Disneyland! <3 Check out my IG story for real-time documentation! #ClassAGang #YesAllOfUs #GoHardOrGoHome #PlusUltra
[attached images of everyone about to leave for the trip and arriving at the park]



pinky-minaaa 5h ago

“Aaaahhh, I’m so excited!” Mina’s voice can be heard off-screen as the phone camera films everyone in the bus they rented so they can all ride to the park together. “We’re actually going to Disneyland !”

“Is it your first time going, Mina-chan?” Ochako asked from her seat across Mina. “Me too!”

“I want to ride Big Thunder!"

"Spinning Tea Cups!"

"Tom Sawyer Island!"

 "I want to go through every store in Main Street!"

"I want to try out all the food!"

"I want a picture with every character we see roaming around."

"I got you, fam. I have rope so we can tie them up if ever."

"I don't think that's legal, Hanta."

"Only if we're caught."

“Then I propose we plan an itinerary for us to do so we maximize our stay.” Iida says, bringing out maps, a notebook, and a pencil from his stuffed camper backpack.

“Speaking of proposal,” Tooru snuck in, suddenly so excited over her new idea, “we should definitely do a fake marriage proposal!"


Chapter Text

“We should definitely do a fake marriage proposal!” Tooru giggled and clasped her hands together, a dreamy look in her eyes. “It’s probably so overused and dramatic, but whatever! It’s been my romantic self’s dream to see a proposal happening in Disneyland.”

“Not you getting proposed, Tooru?” Mina teased, finished uploading the video to her story.

“Nope, sorry; can’t handle the pressure.”

“Are we really doing this?” Yuuga asked, eyes gleaming. His seatmate, Kouji, smiled nervously but sincerely at his obvious excitement. “Can I be the friend that brings flowers for the proposer to give?”

“Where will you get flowers there?” Asui asked, tying her hair in a braid.

“I’ll find a way, mon chéri.”

“Wait, who’s going to be the couple?” Kyouka cuts in. “And, the most important question, will we have them say ‘no’?”

“No way, Jirou.” Denki said, crossing his arms above his head. “This is Disneyland we’re talking about. We can’t make it sad—that goes against everything that Disney stands for!”

“Okay so we have them accept.” Hanta nods to himself.

“So how do we decide on the couple?”


“… Draw lots?”

How anticlimactic.


Proposer: Todoroki

Proposee: Midoriya

How suddenly not anticlimactic.


Yaoyorozu Momo grew up knowing that life is unfair. She learned early on that sometimes you just have to tough it out, make the most out of the situation, look to the bright side, and everyone’s happy. She also grew up learning to expect the unexpected. Don’t be selfish, put others before yourself.

So she can’t understand the surprise and then disappointment she feels when she finds out her boyfriend is going to fake propose to the person the internet seems to ship with on a daily basis.

Eijirou whistled low. “What are the odds?”

“The fans are going to go nuts, oh my god.” Denki agreed, letting out a short laugh.

It’s hard looking at the bright side to this.

“This is will definitely get everyone’s attention.” Mezo nodded, leaning back against his chair.

Mina was already bouncing in her seat. “We should all get this at different angles and some of us should film the crowd’s reaction if ever we attract one!"

"How many cameras do we even have?” Fumikage asked around.

This would be all so much easier if she hated Midoriya-san, but that was practically impossible. He’s such an amazing person. He’s kind, forgiving, patient, sincere, funny, determined, sees the good in everyone, and an overall incredibly successful individual.

Ochako giggled. “We should have Shouto or maybe Izuku post the video!” 

“Awww, but I wanted to post it!” Tooru slumped in her seat, fake-pouting.

He was also so in love with Bakugou-san. They’ve been together for six years and counting, practically married at this point. There’s really no logical reason why she should feel threatened or remotely jealous over him. It doesn’t make any sense!

How could she just hate him?

How could she hate him for being who he is?

How could she hate him for simply being better than her?

“Yaoyorozu, what do you think?”

Momo snapped out of her thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Shouto frowned at her in concern. He looked like he was about to ask her something when Tsuyu spoke.

“Are you okay, Momo-chan? You look lost in thought.”

“Yeah, YaoMomo.” Mina piped up. Only then did Momo realize that everyone was looking at her. “You haven’t said anything.”

“Is it about the fake proposal?” Shouto asked, frowning.

Everyone’s so excited over it.

“If it’s about the proposal—”

“No, no, no,” she quickly denied. “I’m just very tired because I couldn’t sleep much last night.” She smiled sheepishly. “You know, sort of like a kid during the night before the field trip.”

You can’t always get what you what, because life’s like that.

“Are you sure?”

Be content with what you have.

Don’t be selfish.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine, really.”


She was not fine, really.

Momo might have nearly everyone in the bus fooled, but not Katsuki. Definitely not Katsuki.

It was a very subtle hint, actually. And he would have missed it had he not looked up from his tinkering with his camera at that moment and caught sight of her. And the way she looked at the Todoroki Shouto bastard, the way she looked at his Izuku, the way her body language just screamed “pain”—Katsuki recognizes it.

Of course he would, since he had been there himself years ago.

So he can say this for certain that Yaoyorozu Momo was not fine. Not at all.

Katsuki whispered it to Izuku beside him, the two seated near the back of the bus.

“Don’t make it obvious you know, idiot.” Katsuki scolded softly when Izuku made to turn to Momo.

“But Kacchan…” Izuku struggled to express himself with words.

“Yeah, I get it.” Katsuki looked over to their former vice-representative. “Let me talk to her.”



It was almost right after they arrived at the park and while everyone was looking for the ring to use in the fake proposal. Momo was standing outside the souvenir shop at the excuse that she wanted to take a picture of Main Street.


“Oh! Bakugou-san?”

Katsuki jerked his thumb towards the castle down the road.

“Let’s ditch.”





Yaoyorozu Momo @CreatiYaoMomo 1h

Day with friends became friend-date and photoshoot with our group’s favorite editor! :) #KatsuMomo
[attached images of Momo and Katsuki both posing in three different parts of the park with the last one being a Mickey-Mouse-ears selfie]




“Whose idea was it to hide your relationship?”

“Mine.” Katsuki answers, stuffing his phone into his pocket.

Momo nodded and tucked a strand behind her hair, shifted her weight to her other foot, and looked around for the nth time. Not much to do while in line for a ride, after all.

There’s always talking. And, thankfully, Katsuki kept doing just that.

“Deku never mentioned it before so it never really came up. When he got more famous with making vlogs, collabs, and the like, however, I didn’t want to get dragged into all the fan drama so I asked we keep our relationship a secret.”

“And he just agreed?” Momo blinked. Just like that? Six years together just for that reason?

“It wasn’t easy, mind you,” Katsuki replied as if reading her thoughts. “It was hard, and then it got harder when all those fans started shipping him and Half n’ Half. I kept seeing their comments on him, on him and Izuku, on him with Izuku. And I hated him for it. I hated him so much back then, mostly because he was everything that I was not.

“I really hated it.” Katsuki leaned forward, resting his elbows on the railings. “I hated myself. It was so bad, it got to a point where we nearly broke up because of it.”

Momo sucked in a breath. Katsuki and Izuku breaking up? It was all possible maybe six or even five years ago, but now? It’s almost impossible to think about.

“We kept the fight between us.” Katsuki continued, oblivious to her thoughts. “Only our parents knew about it because it was during our visit in the holidays. We made up again two days later, but nearly fought again when I said I still wanted to keep our relationship a secret. Of course Izuku wanted to tell everyone about us after that, but I couldn’t let him.”

Katsuki lets out a short chuckle before turning towards Momo, looking so unlike his normal self that was powerful, confident, and brave. Oh, he still looked like all those things. But he was softer. Happier.

So hopelessly in love with Izuku.

Six years in a relationship can do that to a person, she thinks.

“He loves his channel. He loves his fans. And betraying them, all the people that believes in him, is the last thing he would do. I won’t be the reason why he disappoints and possibly lose his fans. Even for something seemingly insignificant as our relationship at the time.

“Eventually I sort of got over my self-esteem issues.” Katsuki sighed, running a hand through his hair. “My reasons for keeping it a secret shifted from avoiding drama to simply not caring what others think anymore since Izuku is the only one whose approval mattered to me anyway.”

“That’s—” Momo let out a breath of air she didn’t realize she had in her. “I think that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard you say… K-Katsuki-kun.”

The smirk he sent her was enough to make her heart skip a beat.

“Gross, right?”

No. Not at all.





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Where are you two?




“Did it ever get easier?”

Quiet. Shy. Almost as if hesitant to ask in the first place.

Katsuki looked up from his camera to Momo sitting beside him on the bench. She wasn’t looking at him though, eyes fixed entirely on the ground.

“Well it depends.” Katsuki turned off his camera and put it beside them, stretching his legs out a bit.

“On what?”

“On yourself.”

Momo snapped her head to him, and he met her gaze head on. They were silent a few seconds before Katsuki let out a wry smile.

“Cheesy, I know.”



Todoroki Shouto enjoys being with his friends. He never would have imagined enjoying being in the presence of so many different people, but here he is now. Ever since he met all of them in high school, it was like his entire world got so much brighter.

The last year especially was, hands-down, his favorite. Fifteen months, two weeks, and four days ago, Momo confessed to him, and he accepted. She was everything, his everything. And, quite literally, the best thing that has ever happened to him.

But of course, they did have their downs.

Shouto had noticed Momo has been a little down since the draw lots in the bus over the fake proposal. Of course he would notice, this is Momo for crying out loud.

She insisted she was fine, so he took her word for it.

But then she went off with Bakugou to who-knows-where almost as soon as they got in the park.

He tried texting her, she wouldn’t reply. He tried calling, she wouldn’t pick up. She would post something on social media, he would comment, but still no reply. Midoriya told him to give her time.

“She’s with Kacchan right now, Shouto. Just give them some time.”

Since Midoriya knows more about being in a relationship more than he does, Shouto decided to follow his advice. Shouto gave them time, and he focused on enjoying the day with the rest of his friends. He runs with his friends to nearly all the rides they want to go. He buys a Mickey Mouse wizard’s hat. He takes a lot of pictures. He eats more ice cream in three hours than he has in three months.

It’s lunch time already and Shouto can say that he has had one of the best days of his life here in Disneyland with almost all of the people he cares about.

But he won’t deny that it would just be so much better if Momo were beside him.

“Hey Shouto, got a moment?”

He looks to his right and sees Izuku smiling kindly at him.

“You look like you’ve calmed down.”

Shouto sighed. “I didn’t realize I was causing you all worry. I’m sorry about that.”

“You have every right to be on edge, Shouto. Don’t apologize for it.” Izuku gave him a pat on the back.

“Alright.” They sat in silence for a few minutes, content with watching their friends joke around as they finish their food.

“Shouto, can I talk to you for a while?”



“It never really got easier, Momo.” The situation is serious enough for this, Katsuki tells himself, for me to call her by her real name. “I’m simply too used to it, if you want me to be fucking honest.

But ,”  Katsuki quickly adds, “that’s just my experience—you and I are two different people. It’s okay for you to be selfish in situations like this. It's your fucking relationship for crying out lout, yours and not your fans' or whoever. How badly you want to keep it a secret all depends on your resolve. Your reasons as well for keeping it a secret is all up to you.” Katsuki paused his monologue, simply staring at her. “Well, you and IcyHot.”

Momo blinked and stopped mid-walk all of a sudden. “Todoroki-san?”

Around them, couples held hands as they walked, people took pictures, children ran around, and parents chasing after the children running around. They were back at Main Street, ironically back in front of the shop they left their friends at hours ago. Katsuki huffed an almost amused breath and stood fully in front of Momo.

“You’re in a relationship with him, idiot.” Katsuki smirked and tapped her forehead with his knuckles. Momo yelped, but it was mostly out of instinct and not because it actually hurt. “The moment you and him got together, it was never ever going to be about you or about him . This thing is going to be about the two of you . So if you can’t share everything you feel with him, what’s the point of being together in the first place? Only when you two finally know how the other feels can you two decide on how to take your next step. Together.”

Together with Shouto, Momo thought to herself, smiling unknowingly. That has a nice sound to it.

“But right now, it depends on what you want to do.”

Katsuki raises a perfectly arched brow at Momo. “So, what’s your move, Momo?”






“Hey, there they are!”

Momo nearly took a step away as their friends all ran towards her. She really would have if Katsuki wasn’t pressing a hand to her back to keep her there.

“No turning back now, Ponytail,” he whispers to her, even going as far as to gently push her forward. She stumbled slightly, but caught herself in time as her friends reached them.

“Did you have fun?”

“You should have been there when Mina and Aoyama were picked by the performers to improv in front of everyone—”

“You two probably had some amazing photos! I’m so jealous!”

“Oh yeah, you looked so good in your pictures!”

Momo laughed, a little overwhelmed by everything. She tried to answer all their questions as best as she could. When everyone finally calmed down, she caught sight of Shouto standing not too far away, but not close by either.

Suddenly feeling nervousness take over, she frantically turned to Katsuki for help. He narrowed his eyes when he realized she was looking at him. Don’t make me kick you , his eyes seem to say.

How very Katsuki of him.

He jerked his head towards Shouto and made a shoo-ing motion with his hands.

You got this , he mouthed. Momo smiled, sincerely touched by the action.

She mouthed a simple Thank you before gathering all her courage and walked towards Shouto.



“So how did it go?”

Katsuki turned his head to look at Izuku who had walked up beside him. “Eh. I was able to comfort her if that’s what you’re worrying.”

Izuku smiles at him. “Nah. You said you were going to do it, so I knew you were going to accomplish it. That’s the kind of person you are.”

“You’re so corny, fuck.” Katsuki fake gags. “Why are we still together?”

“You love me.” Izuku giggled and links their pinkies between them, slightly hidden from everyone. “And I love you. We complement each other perfectly, Kacchan!”

“Keep talking like that and I’m dumping you.” Empty threat, and they both know it.

“Kay.” They stood in a comfortable silence with the rest of their friends as they watched Momo approach Shouto, content with these simple actions of affection to each other.



“I’m sorry.” Momo rushed out. “I was being dramatic and unreasonably jealous.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Momo.” Shouto said softly, reaching for both her hands with his right, and holds her face gently with his left. “I should have been more considerate of your feelings and asked you if you were okay with everything.”

“But then I should have taken the initiative and been more vocal about my feelings.”

“Then I should have been more approachable so you wouldn’t be so hesitant over telling me about it.”

They stared off a few seconds before simultaneously smiling in exasperation.

“We’re not very good at this relationship thing, are we?”

“If you’re comparing ourselves to our resident married couple, we’re years away from reach that sort of equilibrium with one another.” Shouto chuckled and gave her hands a light squeeze. “Let’s just agree we’re both to blame here, and that we’ll definitely learn from it. Okay?”

“Okay.” Momo laughed, feeling like a huge weight has been lifted from her shoulders. “No more apologizing too. I’ve had enough of that for one day.”

Shouto suddenly turned shy. “Sorry, but I have another apology to make to you. Well, two actually, but they’re related so I don’t think it counts.”

Momo frowned. “What is it?”

Shouto then smiled what Momo could only describe as scheming. Already she felt her anxiousness make itself known to her.

“I apologize for lying about having finished the fake proposal. And I also apologize in advance for putting you under the spotlight without your permission.”

“What are you…”

Her voice ends up failing her as right there in the middle of the large crowd, with Cinderella’s s castle a few ways off to their side, all their friends scattered every else and probably documenting the entire thing, Shouto drops to one knee in front of her.





pinky-minaaa 5m ago

A wide circle of people with varying degrees of emotions watching the couple in the middle.

The Cinderella Castle in the background behind them, sparkling as if smiling down at all of them.







Barely looking up from his work, Katsuki merely grunted in response. “Hm?”

“I love you.”

Nearly twenty-five years of knowing each other, a collective eleven years of being friends, and six years being in a romantic relationship later, but Bakugou Katsuki’s heart still speeds up thrice as much when those simple words are said to him by this person.

Before he could recover, Izuku continued speaking. “Even if we’re hiding our relationship from our fans.”

“They’re your fans, idiot.” Katsuki closes his laptop and places it on top of the desk nearby.

Our fans.” Izuku insists, finally looking up from pressing his face unto his boyfriend’s chest. This was an old argument they have yet to resolve. Izuku says that since Katsuki always edits his videos, Izuku’s fans and viewers are also Katsuki’s. Katsuki, on the hand, says they don’t even know that it’s him behind the camera so one can’t really call them his fans.

“Whatever.” Katsuki tucks a strand of Izuku’s hair behind his ear. “Is this about IcyHot and Ponytail’s post? Or have you been keeping this in you since Shitty Hair and Raccoon Eyes?”

Izuku struggles to say the words. “You’re not ashamed of me, right?”

Ah, it’s that sort of thing.

Katsuki snorts. “If I were, I would have left your ass years ago. Hell, I wouldn’t have even fucking gave you a chance. You should know me at least that much, Deku.”

That’s true. Izuku smiles shyly. Katsuki was never one to do something he didn’t like.

Katsuki grabs Izuku’s hand and brings it up to his lips, never once looking away.

Nearly twenty-five years of knowing each other, a collective eleven years of being friends, and six years being in a romantic relationship later, but Midoriya Izuku won’t ever, ever, ever get used to these affectionate actions done to him by this person.

“I don’t care what any of those fucking extras think, and I certainly don’t need them nosing in on our personal lives. You post too much of it already online.

“But that’s just me.” Katsuki cups Izuku’s cheek with his left palm, his other hand directing Izuku to move closer to him. “If you want to tell everyone, I won’t stop you. But the only validation I need is yours, Izuku. I will take whatever you are willing to give me, and I’ll give you the world in return. You are all I ever needed and will need.”

Yeah, he really won’t ever get used to this.

Izuku felt a rush of emotion fill him up, warming up his entire being. He acted accordingly, kissing Katsuki with all that he has in him.

“I love you.”

Katsuki smiles. “I love you too.”

“I want to make it a big announcement.” Izuku says, grinning giddily. So happy, so in love. “It will shake everyone to the core. We will trend faster than KiriMina and TodoMomo combined.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes. “And people call me competitive. At least let me finish my Masters first, nerd.”

“Anything for you, Katsuki.”

Chapter Text



ochauravity 10m

“Good morning, everyone!” Ochako said cheerily into the phone that was recording in front-camera mode. She appeared to be already dressed and ready for the day and was apparently walking down a hallway.

“I decided to take it upon myself to wake up all of my lovely friends in the house because I woke up early and can’t sleep anymore, so they must all suffer the same fate! I’m such a wonderful friend, right?

“And I’m going to do it live so you can all see your favorites in their genuine morning

“First off, Deku!”


ochauravity 9m

“We’re all staying over at YaoMomo’s place, by the way. Now on with our first victim!”

At the bottom of the screen in pink text were the words: Yes, I meant to say victim .


ochauravity 4m

“Addendum, I just remembered that Katsuki is sharing a room with Deku so we’ll hit two birds with one stone!”

Ochako even put stickers of two birds and a rock in the clip.

What a cutie-pie.


ochauravity is live now

The phone was still in front-camera mode but this time Ochako was right in front a door.

“Oh, hey, there’s a lot of you joining in my live. How are you all awake at this time?” Ochako said, grinning as she appeared to read the messages coming in from the people joining in the stream. “Well, anyway, let’s get to it!”

She put a finger to her lips, the universal sign to be quiet, and opened the door slightly. She appeared to change into front-camera mode so it was easier to see what was happening.

Literally no one could have prepared for the sudden kick to the door with Ochako screaming “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS!!” As the camera moved to the interior of the room, the lights suddenly turned on and Izuku could be seen sleeping on the bed, suffering from the sudden noise and lights.

“Ochako… wha—?”

He sat up, struggling a bit. The blanket fell to his lap, revealing that he had been sleeping shirtless. Beside him, Katsuki then sat up suddenly, looking very irritated at being woken up…

…and also shirtless.

“Oh shit!” Ochako suddenly howled in laughter and Izuku and Katsuki visibly came to the realization of their situation. Izuku turned beet red and covered himself with the blanket, whining about privacy or whatever. Katsuki just glared at her and rubbed his face with his hand.

“Don’t upload that shit, Angel Face.”

“Sorry, I’m live right now.”

For an about-to-be-dead person, she sure sounded a little too smug at that.

Rest in pieces, Uraraka Ochako.



“Whoops, gotta go—bye!”

The video suddenly went back to front-camera mode and Ochako could be seen apparently running away from the room. As she should, as she most definitely should.

“Well, I guess I’ll cut this live short for today, hope ya’ll have fun! I sure did!”

In the background you could hear Katsuki shouting: “ Come back here, fucking Angel Face ” and also Deku saying: “ KATSUKI, don’t run out without any clothes on .”

“See you next time if I’m not dead!” Ochako laughed and finally ended the stream.






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lol I just block them right away #iSupportThem #WonderDuo

BKDK SHIPPER SINCE DAY ONE @chill-heather 30m

Uraraka Ochako @ochauravity 30m
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  • Todoroki Shouto @shouto 30m
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    Kirishima Eijirou @redriot_eiji 29m
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    here too!!!!!!

    Yaoyorozu Momo @CreatiYaoMomo 27m
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    I’m pretty certain at least our entire group of friends ship them hehe

    BKDK SHIPPER SINCE DAY ONE @chill-heather 25m
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    brb crying






Midoriya Deku @DekuMidoriya 10m
This was NOT how I wanted to come out to everyone about @KingExplodoKills #WonderDuo

The #1 AllMight Fan [ P ] @KingExplodoKills 8m
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Why’d you fucking tag me, you damn nerd??

  • The #1 AllMight Fan [P] @KingExplodoKills 8m
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    Now people know I own this account! Goddamnit!

    The #1 AllMight Fan [P] @KingExplodoKills 5m
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    I hate you.

    The #1 AllMight Fan [P] @KingExplodoKills 5m
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    I want a divorce.

Midoriya Deku @DekuMidoriya 3m
<3 love you too <3 #WonderDuo
[attached screenshot of Katsuki’s replies]

Kaminari Denki @chargebolt-denki 2m
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oh great now there’s nothing holding them from being disgusting in all social media accounts

  • Kaminari Denki @chargebolt-denki 1m
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    #iSupportThem tho #WonderDuo