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Two For Joy

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Erestor was most certainly, without a doubt, completely, definitely, not worried. And any worry that might have squeaked through her certainty was nothing more than common courtesy. This nonexistent worry had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Glorfindel was three days over due back to Imladris.

No, not worried. For all his pretend incompetency, he was completely and utterly capable of caring for himself and a few hundred others besides, there was nothing to be worried about. Not that she was, of course. The Great Idiot was fine and she wasn't worried in the slightest.

She was not worried when she asked Lord Elrond if he knew how close Glorfindel was to Imladris -before declaring that she was NOT worried and rushing out of the room before Elrond could answer her question.

Erestor was completely unconcerned when she found herself scanning the horizon for arrivals- it was a lovely view anyway, and one never knew when a contingent of dwarves or the like would be making their way to Imladris. It had absolutely nothing in common with Glorfindel's prolonged arrival.

The fact that she found herself sitting at the table the cook had declared 'theirs' in the kitchen, staring aimlessly at his seat was not worry or concern, and her inability to eat more than five bites of her lunch was simply due to not being hungry. Obviously.

Her distraction at not being worried about Him caused great frustration as she found herself incapable of doing anything productive, instead sitting listlessly and looking at the work that ought to be getting done but wasn't because Glorfindel the Twice Born to Annoy Her Idiot Balrog Slayer was intruding on her even when he wasn't actually there to do it. Well, when he did return he was going to get an earful from her, that was certain.

Melpomaen giving her a comforting pat on the arm coupled with a knowing look (who taught him that, anyway?) was almost the straw that broke the camel's back, but she didn't want to put the blame due Glorfindel on to Melpomaen, who was only trying to help. No, it was quite obvious who was to blame for this perpetual distraction. Honestly, what was he playing at?

Unbeknownst to Erestor, Lindir and Melpomaen were watching her wear a hole in the rug. Shaking their heads, they moved to allow the tea tray access. Erestor sat down to drink said tea, only to be up and moving before it was halfway done. Elrond joined their vigil from just outside her office door, raising an eyebrow in silent question. Alternately shaking their heads and making gestures of helplessness, Elrond shook his head slightly in frustration.

An elf accidentally shut a door too loudly, and Lindir made 'shushing' movements. Erestor was jumpy enough as it was. She was muttering to herself, and Lindir and Melpomaen were on the verge of flipping a coin to see who would try and get her to calm down. Honestly, she was going to wear herself out like this.

"What are we watching?" came a low voice behind them, a very familiar low voice, and Lindir was caught between smiling happiness, crying relief, and foot-stomping anger. A glance at Melpomaen told him it was a shared condition.

Without a word, three elves grabbed one wayward elf and thrust him into the room, closing the door and making good their escape. Honestly, Erestor had been acting like this for the past three days. They had kept watch and tried to make sure she didn't worry herself to death, now it was Glorfindel's turn to face the music. Hopefully he would still be in one piece by the time she was through with him, but if he wasn't- well, hazards of the job, of course.

Erestor was mildly surprised (not shocked to stillness, obviously. She was far more controlled than that) when Glorfindel was forcibly propelled through her office door, but took it in stride. Glorfindel appeared nervous for some reason. It was a very good reason, Erestor thought to herself.

"Greetings, my fair one. I have returned. I apologize for the delay, but-" and here Glorfindel was cut off. It was his turn to be shocked into stillness, and he made a very lovely statue impersonation as Erestor rushed up to him and hugged him. It was a very desperate hug and therefore a very tight one. Glorfindel finally seemed to return to his senses as he returned it though only for a moment, as Erestor's relief faded just enough for her to take a step back and punch him in the shoulder.

"My lady, why-"

"Lord Glorfindel you know exactly why. You sir, are three days overdue. And not a single word about it, no scouts sent ahead with explanations, nothing. Do you have any idea how worried I- ah, that is, Lord Elrond and Melpomaen were? Truly, you are without a doubt one of the most vexing people I have ever known!"

Glorfindel simply stood there, watching with wide eyes. A smile started- a very small one, but it grew very wide and managed to annoy his companion very much. She was angry with the brute, he wasn't supposed to smile like an idiot while she was angry with him!

"My dearest Erestor, I apologize most humbly." Erestor sniffed at this, and sat down to drink her now very cold tea. "Truly, I had no intention of vexing you, we merely ran into some lost travelers and had to move at a slower pace than intended." Erestor watched as big blue eyes somehow grew bigger and pleading. Far too much time around Melpomaen, she decided. "Please, forgive me?" And with him looking at her like that, there was absolutely no way that she couldn't. Glorfindel looked inordinately pleased, and not just about the matter being smoothed over which annoyed her very much.

"Good! I am most pleased that this little bit of unpleasantness is taken care of and we may now move on to the fact that I come bearing gifts." And truly, he brought out a few packages. Erestor shook her head.

"Honestly, that can wait. Have you eaten yet? You most certainly have not bathed or changed your clothes, I think my robes now need washing due to contact with yours. Come you ridiculous male, first things first and food and cleanliness most definitely come before gifts." And so, Erestor began leading Glorfindel through the halls, depositing him at his room and leaving to order some food.

It escaped her notice- though not Glorfindel's- that she held his hand the entire way to his room.