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Two For Joy

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Looking back on it, the day was a perfectly ordinary one by all accounts. At least as ordinary as absolutely beautiful autumn days go. It was still warm, but with a chilly edge in the breeze, a telling precursor for the weather to come. It was one of Erestor's favourite kind of days, Glorfindel knew. Not much work was getting done around Imladris, and so he felt perfectly guilt-free in pulling her away from work drudgery and to the out of doors. The only difficulty was that he had no clue as to where, exactly, she was currently working. He looked at all her more common haunts- no Erestor.

Puzzled, he stood in the library looking as lost as he felt. Where on earth could she be? She couldn't have actually stopped for lunch like a sensible person would, could she? No. The sun would likely fall from the sky if that were to happen. Melpomaen approached him, looking mildly amused. Glorfindel wasn't.

"Are you looking for something, Lord Glorfindel?" Melpomaen asked solicitously, the very picture of helpfulness. Cheeky brat.

"I am certainly looking for some-ONE. Pray tell me good sir, where is Lady Erestor hiding away this bright fall morn?" It had become almost a game between them, as Erestor sought to perpetually overwork herself and Glorfindel had self-appointed to make sure she didn't. This led to Erestor hiding herself away in the strangest of places- he had found her last week in the back of the pantry, finishing a letter to Lord Celeborn whilst sitting among carrots and dried peas. Melpomaen was her loyal ally, finding it quite hilarious to keep Glorfindel guessing, or talking about inane topics in long-winded rants. He must be spending too much time with Lindir, was Glorfindel's thinking.

"Actually, she is not hiding away at all. There is very little to be done today, we are caught up and two weeks ahead in most everything. So she gave us the day off, well, considering almost no one else in Imladris is working. I am just looking through some books that Erestor and I were talking about translating-"

"A lovely attempt at misdirection, young one. Yet not quite good enough. Where is Erestor?" Glorfindel put on a serious face, which seemingly no longer affected Erestor's assistant. Apparently over-exposure decreased potency for these sorts of things. Melpomaen gave him a dubious look.

"I promise not to tell that you told, but I do wish to know where she disappeared off to," Glorfindel assured him. "Mostly to ensure that she has not locked herself away in her room to secretly finish some work or other that can definitely wait for worse weather." He gave a blinding smile, which worked better than the serious face.

"She went out to The Knoll to enjoy the day. She is not working, though. You will most likely still find her there, but I should tell you that she likes to spend these sorts of days by herself." And with that warning, Melpomaen disappeared among the library shelves, knowing full well that Glorfindel never went in without a guide. So…outside? Not working? Truly?

The Knoll was a lovely little green spot that overlooked a flowing stream that wended it's way through willow trees and flowering banks. To his knowledge, it was not a place that Erestor commonly visited and so he was mildly surprised to hear that she had gone there. Still, he had found it best to expect surprises when dealing with Erestor, and this one was hardly a great shock.

It truly was a lovely day, he thought to himself, and rather suited to Erestor. At first glance, it was merely a rather nice day to enjoy a few last bits of good weather before the winter hit. Looking closer, there were a thousand different things that made this day beautiful, things that might go unnoticed if one wasn't looking. Just like Erestor, who put up a façade and all too often no one looked beyond that.

Glorfindel stopped himself. Hmm, apparently this sort of weather made him very introspective and slightly sappy. Ah well.

Scanning The Knoll, he spotted someone lying in the green grass, one hand raised towards the sky as though directing the clouds. He grinned. This was something to see, and a side of Erestor that few others ever saw. He loved it. Walking closer, he saw the contented look on her face, as though everything in the world was just fine. He sat lay down beside her, not saying anything as he remembered Melpomaen's warning. If she truly didn't want his company then he wouldn't force it on her, but he wanted to let her know that he wasn't here to disturb her.

The raised hand stilled for a moment, waiting for him to interrupt, but when his silence continued it resumed tracing patterns through the winds and around the clouds. Eventually it slowed, and then stopped, and the hand fell. Glorfindel took it then, and traced patterns of his own with it, earning him an eye roll and a smile telling him she didn't really mind, and he was in no danger of being turned bright colours or the like.

"I assume Melpomaen told you?" It was Erestor who broke the silence, accepting him, and something inside of him relaxed.

"You can assume as you like, I promised not to tell," which was of course telling, but as she knew anyway it was rather a moot point. He stopped playing with her hand and just held it. Such a wonderful day. They were enjoying it together. Erestor was letting him encroach on her privacy. As much as they had become friends, and as much time as they had spent back when Erestor was recovering (from something that was his fault, his conscience reminded him), she was still a very private person. 'As much as I have given,' she had said, 'my privacy is one of the few things that is still mine'. And he let her have it, even though it meant that sometimes he felt rather left out of her world.


Still. After The Tea, when she had told him far more than she had intended, Erestor was more likely to confide in him than in anyone else. Except maybe that one elf in Lorien who she STILL would not talk about with him. And no, he was. NOT. Jealous. An absolutely ridiculous accusation, thank you very much.

Such a beautiful day, shared between just the two of them. It was significant, though of what he was not quite sure. And so he wondered.