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the war that only lasted a week

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By this point, Seokjin didn’t even know what they were fighting about. It had been a week of tiptoeing around each other and Seokjin was sick of it. It all started out of the blue and Seokjin has wracked his brain to think what it was that set Yoongi off.

It started when they met up at their date night restaurant and out of nowhere Yoongi started brooding and wouldn’t look at Seokjin in the eye. They ate in the most uncomfortable silence that evening and he’s sure the waitress and people around noticed the weird aura at their table. Who goes out to dinner and eats in awkward silence the whole time, after all. Seokjin had tried to get to what was bothering Yoongi but after a while gave up and asked for a box, having lost his appetite.

The drive home was just as awkward but by that point Seokjin was peeved with Yoongi for embarrassing him at the restaurant and was giving Yoongi the silent treatment back. Yoongi was being a brat and normally Seokjin would let it slide but he usually knew what Yoongi was upset about and would understand what was going on.

Yoongi stomped back up to their apartment, making a point to try and close the elevator doors before Seokjin had a chance to get on. Seokjin had caught the doors before they closed so Yoongi just glared at him and continued to ignore him.

The rest of the week their apartment was like a warzone of petty gestures and continued silent treatments.

Seokjin ate all of Yoongi’s favorite protein bars because Yoongi had dropped Seokjin’s hairbrush into the toilet. Yoongi hid Seokjin’s favorite scarf so Seokjin flushed the rest of the tube of Yoongi’s special sensitivity toothpaste. It went on like that. Seokjin stole the laces off of all of Yoongi’s shoes and Yoongi took out a few bolts out of Seokjin’s desk chair. Yoongi blended together raw eggs to replace Seokjin’s morning orange juice so Seokjin replaced Yoongi’s coffee grounds with ground up dirt and as an extra feature, changed the sugar and salt just to make his morning coffee extra bitter.

At first Seokjin made the effort to try and get Yoongi to talk to him but as the pranks kept getting more and more out of hand, Seokjin’s ugly competitive side started to poke through and he upped his game to match Yoongi’s.

Oddly enough, they still slept in the same bed every night. Both with their backs to each other but both refusing to take the couch. More than one morning did Seokjin wake up to Yoongi clinging to him, probably for warmth.

One morning Seokjin woke up half an hour before their alarm went off. Yoongi had turned back to face Seokjin in his sleep and Seokjin realized how much he missed him. It was the first time he had properly taken a look at his boyfriend’s face in a week and Seokjin just missed him. It had been a week of petty pranks and scowls and eyerolls and Seokjin had had enough. He missed his Yoongi and looking at his boyfriend’s sleeping face Seokjin decides this ridiculous battle between them needed to come to a truce.  

Yoongi was a creature of spite and held onto his pride like his life depended on it. It was kind of annoying in instances like this where Yoongi refused to budge but Seokjin knew Yoongi was worth putting his pride aside and taking the first step in ending their fight. So he got out of bed.

Seokjin busied himself in the kitchen. He had stopped making Yoongi food after day 2 of their little silent war so he figured the best way to call the truce was with Yoongi’s favorite breakfast as a peace offering.

Seokjin heard their alarm go off in their bedroom but knew he still had at least 15 minutes before Yoongi manages to wake up and drag his ass out of bed. He placed the table settings and he hoped when Yoongi came in he would finally give in.

Footsteps heading towards the kitchen told Seokjin that Yoongi was on his way to get his morning coffee. Seokjin already had it brewing (real coffee this time) so he hoped that warmed Yoongi up a bit.

Yoongi looked a little surprised by everything. He was probably still a little sleepy so Seokjin prepared himself for extra grumpiness. Yoongi glared at the table placement but Seokjin swore he had seen Yoongi soften up after a moment. He hoped Yoongi would sit down and they’d be able to act like everything was normal and move on, but just like that Yoongi moved away. Seokjin was far too sick of this silent battle to just give up without a proper fight so instead lunged forward and blocked Yoongi's path to the coffee maker.

The scowl on Yoongi’s face would be enough to scare off anyone else but Seokjin knew that Yoongi wasn’t nearly as terrifying as he seemed to be. So he stood his ground. Only the slight pout that Yoongi’s lips naturally formed just reminded him how much he missed kissing them.

“If you want to get to the coffee pot, then kiss me and end this stupid war,” he said with far more determination than he meant. Seokjin knew there was a high risk of Yoongi just turning on his heel and walking out but he had to try.

Yoongi did consider just leaving, but really, he had let this whole thing go on far too long. It should have never gotten to this point and Yoongi has felt guilty for letting this go on for so long so he pushes himself up on his tiptoes, wraps his hand around the base of Seokjin’s neck and kisses him square on the lips.

Yoongi intended it to be a quick kiss but no sooner did Seokjin wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s waist and pull him in deeper. Fuck . It had been far too long since they had kissed and Yoongi found himself angling his head and pushing deeper into the kiss.

He’s not sure how long they stood there just making out in their kitchen but when Seokjin finally pulled away Yoongi felt that ever familiar empty sensation when Seokjin stopped kissing him. He wondered how he went by so long without kissing him, it seemed like an impossible feat now that he's had a taste of them again.

“So are we okay now?” There was a horrible insecure sound to Seokjin’s voice that Yoongi hates hearing, especially since this was his fault for blowing things so out of proportion. He knew he had to get better at communicating but he thanked every star that his boyfriend was so understanding of his ridiculous feelings.

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi struggled to figure out what else to add but Seokjin cut him off with another quick kiss. When he pulled back again there was a smile that Yoongi also didn’t realize how much he missed seeing.


After they finished eating (Seokjin insisting they hold hands the entire time) Seokjin finally asks. “So, what was this fight even about? I still don’t know what we were fighting about all this time."

Yoongi looked down at his plate, still embarrassed he had made such a big deal of things. “What set me off was when you flirted with that waitress when we went out to dinner,” Yoongi half mumbled while pushing his leftovers around his plate, avoiding Seokjin’s gaze.

“You were jealous,” Seokjin says matter of factly and Yoongi purses his lips. It was honestly a dumb thing to get so upset about since Yoongi knew Seokjin was in love with him  so he was embarrassed to confess that’s why he got upset but, yeah, he had gotten really jealous.

“I’m sorry,” Seokjin said. Yoongi knew he had nothing really to be sorry about and was about to stop him but Seokjin beat him by adding “I shouldn’t have flirted with her. Especially not in front of you. You know that meant nothing to me but it inconsiderate to blatantly flirt with her right under your nose. You’re the most important person in the world to me and I promise I’ll never make you feel any less than that ever again.”

Yoongi doesn’t know what to say so he kisses Seokjin. He kisses him hard and deep. He’s not sure what on earth he did to deserve such an amazing and understanding boyfriend but Yoongi just loves his amazing boyfriend.