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So Fucking Cute

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Every. Fucking. Class. I have every class with him. Dan Howell is his name. He’s this new kid at my school. Apparently we have every class together, so I’m supposed to show him around. But I really don’t want to hang around this kid. Just looking at him has me fucking weak. I don’t wanna talk to him all day. As if that isn’t bad enough, I hate myself for liking him. But he’s so fucking cute.

We’re in different cliques. In fact, there isn’t even a clique for him here. But I have a reputation to uphold. I’m supposed to be the baddest punk in this school, yet here I am falling for this little pansy. If my friends see me anywhere near him, they’ll make fun of me for days. But I don’t really have much of a choice, do I?

I was assigned to show him around yesterday, which was his first day, and met him then. Today, I’m waiting for him in the lobby before class starts. I spot him pretty quickly when he arrives. He sure shows out in a crowd. Today, he’s wearing a soft pink blouse with a softer purple skirt, topped off with crown of white roses. In the darkness that is our student body, Dan is a ray of pastel sunlight skipping along the pavement. “Hey, Phil!” He grins at me.

“Hey, Dan.” I can feel myself blushing as I take in the wonder of his rosy-cheeked grin. His personality is so fucking cute. “Do you want to go get breakfast?”

We sit across from each other in the cafeteria as we get to know each other. As I laugh at his joke about Donald Trump’s hair, PJ, one of my punk friends strides over. “Who’s your little fucktoy, Lester?”

“He’s not my fucktoy. Take a hike.”

“Fine, Lester. Have fun.” He winks and turns to walk off, but I stick my foot in front of his, and he trips, falling face first into his food tray. Dan giggles. His giggle is soft, just like his clothes and his personality. Dan’s giggle is so fucking cute.

“C’mon!” I yell, grabbing Dan’s wrist and running from the cafeteria.

“Why are we running?” He responds, panting and attempting to hold his skirt down.

“My friend will kill me for tripping him!” I stifle giggles, as this is both a huge joke and the most serious thing to happen to me in days. I don’t want to get into a fight in front of Dan. I pull him into the boy’s bathroom and into a stall, slamming the door shut. PJ isn’t far behind, kicking the door down.

I push Dan into the back of the stall, putting my hands out to protect him. “Humiliate me, why don’t you, Lester?” PJ squares up as Dan peeks out from behind my shoulder, and PJ glares at him. “It’s this new kid. He’s changed you, man. You used to be cool. Now you’re just soft.”

My blood is boiling. Yes, he called me soft. And maybe that’s true. But insulting Dan is not okay. “Touch him and you die.”

He grimaces at me. “Look at Lester defending his fucktoy. How cute. Square up, bitch.” Instead, I simply push him up against the wall. I grasp his wrists in mine up against the painted brick, standing on his feet so he can’t kick me.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave now and never talk to Dan again. You hear me?”

His grimace remains as he confidently responds. “I’m not afraid of you.” I return his grimace and knee him in the crotch.

I release him and he crumples to the floor, writhing in pain. “How about now?”

PJ looks up at me, desire for revenge burning in his eyes. “This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me, Lester. Mark my words.” He gathers himself off the tile and walks out.

I turn to face Dan in the stall, and walk to where the soft boy is cowering in the corner. “Dan, are you alri-” I’m cut off as he pulls me into a tight embrace.

“Thank you, Phil. Nobody’s ever defended me like that.”

The boy’s warm hug sends sparks through my body like I’ve never felt before. His simple touch drives me wild. “Well, I guess you could say I love you.”

He wraps his hands around my neck. “I love you too, Phil.” As he leans in for a kiss, I’m surprised by the soft boy taking control, but my thoughts melt away as our lips meet. A warm feeling starting from my lips spreads throughout my whole body as I kiss him back.

Dan closes the stall door and starts tugging on the zipper of my dark black jeans. I gasp and pull away from the kiss. “You want this?” The boy nods anxiously. “Are you sure? You’re completely sure you want to do this?” Dan’s dark brown curls bob as he nods his head again and continues undoing my zipper as he places love marks down my neck. I moan, my head rearing against the stall wall.

Dan skillfully takes off my pants and boxers and falls to his knees. He teases my tip with his tongue before taking me completely in his mouth, gagging from my length. I stifle a moan, remembering all the students walking the hallways but a mere few feet away.

I’m surprised by Dan’s skills. He seems to know exactly what he’s doing as he sheds his skirt while still sucking me off. As precum begins to accumulate on my head, he licks it off and pulls away. Kicking off his panties, which are a shade of blue so light you can barely tell they aren’t white, he presents himself up against the side of the stall and glances back at me.

Finally taking control, I insert two fingers as he winces at the lack of lube. He gestures frantically at his backpack, lying abandoned in the corner of the stall. I open it up to find a bottle of cherry lube and a box of condoms. Damn, this boy comes prepared.

I put on a condom and cover my length in the scented lube before penetrating. He gasps, quickly shoving his skirt in his mouth to muffle his moans. He’s pretty damn smart. I speed up my thrusts, trying to hold myself together as I near orgasm. I lean in and bite his ear before whispering, “Come untouched, babe.”

He nods obediently as I come in the condom, and he comes on the wall in front of us. Panting, I fall back onto the tiled floor, Dan falling limp beside me. He snuggles into my chest and I caress his curly hair. All is silent and calm as he lies in my soft embrace.

The silence is broken by the shrill ringing of the morning bell. It’s our cue to get up and dressed, so as to not be late to first period. He finishes first, as putting on a t-shirt and skirt is much easier than jeans and a leather jacket. By the time I’m dressed, he’s already cleaned up the wall with toilet paper and is flushing it down the toilet.

We gather ourselves and leave the stall. I toss the used condom in the trash can before we leave the bathroom hand in hand, the last two in the hallway, and head for our first class. We release each other’s hands as we reach the door and walk in with smiles on our faces. I admire Dan’s dimples and rosy red cheeks as we take seats side by side. He really is so fucking cute.