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Sam Ships It

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The hunt was going pretty well, actually. Dean hadn't had Cas come along with him and Sam, but now that the two of them were dating, maybe that was for the best. He was protective of him and the feeling was mutual. So even though they weren't together, Dean stopped to call him on a break. Sam was fine with that too for what it was worth--even though they didn't really ask his opinion. 

They only had a couple minutes though. While Dean was on the phone, Sam stood off to the side, leafing through all of their notes. 

"...all right. Okay, baby. I'll call you later."

Sam glanced up with a small smirk. Dean didn't notice. Because that wasn't the end of him and Cas' conversations. 

"No! No, I didn't mean it like that. You're not a baby. C'mon, Cas, you know I love you, jesus."

But that was the wrong thing to say too though. Sam hid his smile. 

Dean turned red and Sam actually snorted. "I didn't mean--I didn't mean Jesus!" 

Oh well. Some things would just never change. And maybe that wasn't a bad thing.