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The field trip is an incredibly ordinary one for a school like theirs, but it’s a mandatory trip that the class has to take. Toru Hagakure is a little bit excited for it, considering she gets excited easily, and it sounds like fun either way, even if it is just a tour of some big hero museum, one that has both indoor and outdoor portions. The outdoor portion is so intense that it is essentially a hike, and the trip is one that will take an entire school day.

“You’ll be put into pairs,” says Aizawa, before they leave. “Most of the time, the class will be in a big group, but sometimes you’ll have to go with your partner. I already decided them at random, so yeah.”

There are some groans as people protest not being able to choose who they’re paired with, but the class has become so tightly knit over their time together that it’s really not that much of an issue. Of course, Toru has to be the one paired with Mineta, of all people, but, as exasperating as his antics are, for the most part, he isn’t nearly so bad as she and the other girls will act. At this point, it’s just a part of daily life in their class, if anything.

Whatever the case, he’s delighted to be paired up with a girl, though, for most of the morning, they’re taking guided tours through the museum as a class, so the two of them don’t actually have to spend much time together. The morning does go by rather quickly, and then the class goes outside to eat food that they’ve brought from home.

It’s at this point that Toru first notices that she has to pee, but she decides to finish her lunch before going back inside to use the bathroom. However, it’s just as she finishes up her meal that an announcement is made that they have to clean up and hurry if they’re going to begin their outdoor tour on time. A part of her considers asking if they can wait for her to run to the bathroom, but that would be pretty embarrassing, especially considering it isn’t that bad yet.

So she decides that she can hold it until she has another chance, and that it’s better not to try to delay the field trip just for her. They group back up and start on their way and, at first, everything is fine. At first, she barely notices the twinges from her bladder, but then, they become more frequent, and more intense, until it is outright throbbing. After about an hour. Toru knows that whatever she had to drink at lunch must be in her bladder by now as well, and she’s so uncomfortably full that she wonders how much longer she’s going to be able to last.

Still, she tries not to let her desperation show too much. Sure, she can bite her lip and make faces as much as she wants; no one will ever see that. She can even squeeze her thighs together, but as long as she’s in her uniform, anyone would be able to see her crossing her legs or, god forbid, holding herself. Though she has a bit of an advantage in a situation like this, it still isn’t enough to really aid her.

Toru clenches her fists at her sides as they walk along through the hike, exploring the variety of odd objects and memorials that fit better out here than in a building, and she wonders if there are any public bathrooms out here, though she’s pretty sure that’s unlikely. She’s getting worse by the minute, and the more time passes, the more she starts to wonder if she’s going to make it at all. Though she doesn’t want to think of any other possibility, it’s getting to a point where she can’t help it, where every step she takes leaves her aching, and she feels like she could leak at any minute.

But, no matter what, she doesn’t let anyone catch onto her tension, and, when the group sits down in the grass in an open area to listen to one of their guides give a rather long winded lesson, she tries to lean back so that she isn’t putting any pressure on her bladder.

“I know, right?” says Mineta, who is sitting beside her, as he leans back as well. “I’m getting pretty tired too.” She’s both surprised and not surprised at all that her partner for the afternoon has paid close enough attention to her body language to make an assumption like that, even if it is a little off.

“It’s been a long day,” she replies, and it isn’t a complete lie, and she’s able to keep the strain out of her voice. Internally she’s panicked; maybe her face would even look panicked, if there were a face to look at. Almost as soon as she finishes speaking, a spurt suddenly escapes and she has to swallow a gasp, has to stop herself from jumping. She doesn’t think it’s enough to soak through her panties yet, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that she’s at a point where something like that is already happening, and she knows for certain now that she won’t be able to make it. There’s not much she can do, even if she were to excuse herself and get permission to go to the bathroom, the bathrooms are too far for her to hope to reach. She doesn’t have the proper time to think up a plan, so she has to do the first thing that comes to mind.

Toru is able to shift her body just so that she is not sitting directly on her skirt at any point, nor is she sitting on her legs. She feels cold already, just pressed directly to the grass like this, and she prays that it will absorb as quickly as she hopes, and that nothing will spread to her clothes or, even worse, to Mineta on one side of her or Mina on the other.

But she can’t hold it any longer, and she lets go. She can feel her entire body relaxing as her bladder begins to empty, and it’s all she can do not to sigh in relief all the while. It’s a shame that she couldn’t spare her panties, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with them soaked through for the rest of the day, but for now, all she can think about is how good it feels to finally empty her swollen bladder.

Nobody seems to notice a thing, and she looks down to see that nothing seems to have spread, that it’s all gone into the grass beneath her. There’s not much of a smell that she can detect, either, which means, as far as she can tell, she’s gotten off completely scott free. Though she’ll have to figure out something to do with her panties, she at least didn’t have to deal with the humiliation of wetting herself for all to see.

When the lecture is over, they’re all sent off to look at different things in pairs, and Toru is careful to make sure that neither Mineta, nor anyone else, notices that the grass is a little bit wet where she was sitting. However, it’s only a few steps into their walk that she’s made so uncomfortable that she knows she has to ditch her panties, somehow.

A part of her can’t help but think how indecent it is to roam about without any underwear, but there’s a much greater part of her that can’t deal with this for the rest of the day. Not to mention the fact that they could expose her little “accident” yet, and besides, it’s not like anyone can see anything once they’re off! Her costume is far less modest, while revealing nothing, after all.

So she distracts Mineta and disappears behind a tree, and while he is looking for her, she dives into a bush. It’s hasty work, peeling the soaked panties off of her, and she has just enough time to empty a plastic sandwich bag in her backpack- containing a few vegetables leftover from lunch- and seal them inside, before he discovers her location.

“Hagakure? What are you doing?” he asks, and she hastily shoves the bag into her backpack before turning around.

“I thought I saw something down here!” she lies. “But I didn’t!”

“Uh...okay?” He gives her a weird look before offering to help her up, and, to try and cover up the weird situation, she bounds down the path with enthusiasm, with Mineta scrambling to keep up with her. Everything is going as perfectly as it can, given the circumstances...until they start to make their way back down the path.

“Hey, hey, what’s this?!” Before she even looks to where Mineta is pointing, she can feel her heart drop into her stomach. There are few things he gets that excited about and…

“It’s panties!” he shouts. “What the hell are these doing out here? Who could have left them? Why are they in a bag? Ooh, I’m getting so many dirty thoughts I can’t stand- kinda looks like they’re wet in here.”

Toru doens’t know what to do. She can’t own up to those being hers but she doesn’t want him running around with them either. Mentally kicking herself for not making sure her backpack was closed completely, she takes a few hesitant steps to join him as he continues to “investigate.”

“Whoever ditched these totally peed themselves! What the hell…” Suddenly, his eyes widen as he says, “But...I don’t think anyone else was supposed to come up this way until we were done...right?”


“Hagakure...are these your panties?” he asks, and before she can answer, he adds, “Please don’t hit me! I didn’t know!”

“’s just…”

“So that’s what you were doing when you hid, huh…” he muses, and grins for a half a second before his face goes back to serious. “Alright! Your secret is safe with me, Hagakure!”


“Well, what kind of jerk would I be if I ran around telling everyone? I mean, we’ve been out here for a while, and you’re not a guy, so it’s harder, like, if I had to, I could just-”

“I get it,” she interrupts, glad that the heat that rushes to her cheeks is never visible. “You really won’t tell anyone?”

“Swear on my life!” He grins up at her, and she’s reminded of the fact that he could actually be a little cute sometimes, if it weren’t for his...well... personality . But he’s really not so bad as she always acts like he is, and right now, she’s a little glad that he’s her partner today.

“So, let’s keep heading back, alright? We’ll have to explore some other paths too, before we get to go back to school.”

“Alright,” she agrees, following after him as he starts off. “But,’re going to have to give me my panties back. Now .”

She hears him swearing under his breathing before he does as told, and she’s tempted to take back her nice thoughts for a moment. Only for a moment, though.