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Prices We've Paid

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Arden perked up as someone entered the body shop. Her large brown eyes widened at the familiar face, granted she hadn't seen him in nearly seven years she knew that gait & brooding face anywhere. It was the infamous John Wick. She straightened herself, quickly yelling for Aurelio just as he reached the counter.

"What woman!?" Arden snickered as she heard what sounded like tools loudly clash with the floor. She returned her gaze to the raven haired male before her.

His dark eyes focused on her. John's face was void of most emotion, however his brow twitched as he studied her. And she studied him shamelessly. Their eyes met & Arden could see something begin to dawn within the nearly black pools. She smirked, causing him to raise a curious brow.

"John? What are you doing here?" Aurelio said, ruining their moment much to Arden's displeasure. "You, outta here." He shooed her away, she retaliated by sticking her tongue out & reluctantly moved out of the way.

"I need my car fixed," John explained. He was soft spoken just as she had remembered him. His responses curt & vague, but somehow they were always polite.

Aurelio leaned on the counter, "What happened, John?" He questioned lowly.

Arden leaned forward a bit from where she was stationed behind the shop owner. Her gaze keen on the taller male, giving him her undivided attention. John took noticed & momentarily glanced at her, before looking back to his long time friend.

"Business." He finally replied, causing Arden to roll her eyes. She didn't understand why she worked for an assassin with assassin friends when they never spilled the beans.

Typical John.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Arden stared at John & Aurelio who looked at her. Aurelio looked generally annoyed with her, as per usual, & John was a bit confused by her words.

She laughed awkwardly, "You were always so vague when it came to your work is all." Arden explained as his brows furrowed.

"Do I know you?" John asked bluntly. It was Aurelio's turn to look at him oddly.

"You don't recognize her? She's only the pipsqueak who would run up to you, even when covered in blood, to hug you every time you brought your car in." Aurelio reminded, a smug smile pulling at his lips at Arden's blush.

John's eyes shifted to meet her own once more. A glimmer of realization shining through the dark brown pools. Arden smiled softly as the corner of the hitman's lip twitched.

"Anyways, I'll start on your car right now John." Aurelio said, not waiting for a reply as he strode off.

John moved forward, past the counter. Arden didn't move from her place, she merely watched the tall male close in on her. The young woman took notice to his hands clenching & unclenching at his sides as he neared her. He stopped two feet from her. Peering down at her as she held his gaze.

John reached out slowly, hands- littered in cuts- rested on either of her shoulders. The pressure they provided reasurring if anything as they lightly squeezed them. Arden lifted a hand, very lightly she patted the hitman's side.

He took a hand & ran it through her short, curly hair, "Arden?" John questioned softly.

"Hello John," Arden said with a nod.

Arden squeaked softly as he pulled her in for a hug. She wasn't ready for the affection, this was unlike John. But Arden gave in, she hadn't hugged him for years & his warmth, & smell was comforting. Her looped her arms around his neck & buried her face into his chest.

"It's good to see you..." He murmured softly as he nuzzled her hair. Reluctantly, they pulled away from one another. Good timing considering Aurelio walked into the small office.

"Your car will be done by tomorrow night," Aurelio began, "Arden, take John home will yah? I know it's almost time for you to clock out."

"Okie dokie," Arden replied with a nod. With that he exited the room once more, "So, you hungry?" She questioned as she grabbed her backpack.

John nodded, "Famished."