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Pitch Perfect One Shots

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Chloe stepped into the apartment she shared with Fat Amy and Beca, tugging her suitcase through the door behind her. She let out a happy sigh. Sure, she’d stayed behind in France for a week longer than the other Bellas, but nothing beat finally being home.

Chicago had spoilt her rotten over the past week. Taken her on posh dinner-dates in Paris, bought her jewellery for her to remember him by while he was still posted in Europe. Until he came back to the US in a couple of months time. They’d laughed and chatted and smooched and-

-and yet still, nothing made her heart feel fuller than returning to this pokey little apartment in Brooklyn. One that was so small Chloe and Beca had no choice but to share a bed due to Fat Amy’s insistence in ‘needing her space’.

The redhead perched on the edge of the bed. On Beca’s side. It was weird to be back here. When they’d left Chloe had still harboured feelings for her best friend. Feelings she’d been enduring for seven years. Chicago changed all that. Had kinda helped her…forget…about those feelings.

Chloe felt a wave of sadness submerge her body, and tears began to prick her eyes. She was so scared. Scared of now entering the next stage of her life where it was no longer acceptable to have these feelings for Beca. No. She’d had all the time in the world to tell the brunette how she really felt, but as always, Chloe had wasted that time. She wished she’d been more aware of how precious the moments she’d shared with Beca had been. She’d shared a bed with the woman for three years for crying out loud!

Beca had been offered a recording contract. She’d assured Chloe and Fat Amy that she’d still live in New York with them, but that she’d have to go to LA at intervals. But as Chloe looked around the tiny apartment she realised how different everything already felt.

Her eyes clasped upon an envelope that sat, propped up against the cookie jar on the small kitchen table. Her name was scrawled on the front of it and Chloe knew it was Beca’s handwriting.

She took a deep breath, then stepped up to the kitchen table, picking up the envelope, then taking a seat on one of the chairs around the table.

Her heart was hammering as her fingers fumbled to undo the envelope. Beca didn’t write cards. Not unless it was a birthday. And even then the woman would usually only ever put her name at the bottom.

Chloe pulled out the card, tears still in her eyes, and she let out a gentle smile. On the front of the card was a photo of a close-up of a cow’s face. The redhead opened the card and let out a small gasp as she saw that Beca had written on both sides of the inside.

Hey Chlo, I’m really sorry I’m not home when you get back from Europe. Like I said last week, I’ll have just missed you at the airport.

Chloe sniffed as she remembered Beca announcing to the Bellas that she would have to fly out to LA a week after they returned from their USO tour. The week that Chloe had ended up spending in Europe with Chicago..

I hope you had a great time with Chicago. I hope he treated you well. And I hope he makes you happy. Because you deserve to be really happy.

Chloe noticed a slight smudge in the ink, as though Beca had spilt some water on the word ‘happy’ then frantically wiped it, accidentally smearing it in the process. She knew what Beca was like. The brunette would have been really annoyed about that.

Shit, sorry I haven’t congratulated you yet on getting your place at vet school, which was the whole point in me getting you this card! And now I’ve written shit! Twice! Sorry!

Chloe let out a light chuckle, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks as she read her best friend’s words in Beca’s voice, such was how conversationally the woman had written the card.

So CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously Beale, I’m so proud of you! You dug deep, worked hard, and it’s all paid off. You’re gonna be an awesome vet! I honestly couldn’t be prouder.

Chloe let out a deep shuddering breath. Beca was right, she HAD worked hard. But she’d done it. She’d finally got into vet school.

I’m going to be away for a few weeks might be longer so.. I don’t want to ruin whatever you’ve got going on with Chicago but I’ve spent a long time thinking over this past week without you here with me and I realised just how much I’m going to miss you while I’m away.

Chloe felt her heart skip a beat and return with an almighty thud as she read Beca’s next sentence.

Because I’m kinda in love with you.

What?? Beca LOVE with her! Chloe stared at those words, reading and re-reading them in Beca’s handwriting. The knot in Chloe’s stomach unravelled itself and the redhead let out a huge sob of relief. Beca loved her! Chloe brought a hand to her mouth as she continued reading.

And I get that it’s the shittest thing for me to do - to tell you in a card, when you’d just returned from Europe where you’d been hanging out with your boyfriend and I’m not even here to talk about it with you or fight about it with you or however you might react to reading this card. But for the first time ever (and probably the last time) I’ve listened to Amy who assured me you needed to find out at some point.

Chloe noticed there were more smudges on those words and the redhead began to wonder if Beca had maybe been crying when she’d been writing this card.

I get that things might be awkward between us now, but I’m hoping my time away in LA will be enough for you to forgive me? Then maybe we can keep being friends. Because like I said I really am going to miss you. And I don’t think I could handle not being friends with you, especially with this whole crazy recording contract thing. You’re like my rock.

Chloe wasn’t sure how long she’d gone without breathing, but she didn’t care. How could Beca possibly think that she wouldn’t want to be friends with her any more?? If anything..Chloe would’ve taken this opportunity to tell Beca that she felt the same way. But it was too late. Beca’s flight to LA had left three quarters of an hour ago. Chloe had no idea how long the brunette would be away for. And so much could change in that time.

So for what it’s worth - if it’s worth anything at all - I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you no matter how crazy our lives get.

I’ll always be the rain cloud to your sunshine.

Chloe let out a small smile, gliding her thumb delicately over those words. It had always been a joke between them for the past couple of years that Beca was like a rain cloud with her ‘moody, pessimistic demeanour’ and Chloe was like sunshine with her ‘smiley, optimistic attitude’. Something that had collectively made them such great leaders when guiding The Bellas through college.

I’ll text you when I land in LA of course.

“Of course” Chloe thought, having always insisted that any of the Bellas text her to tell her that they’d arrived at whatever destination they had been travelling to.

And..I hope we’re okay.

Chloe swallowed loudly. Of course they were okay. She adored Beca and everything about her. Reading this card only made Chloe love her more. And her heart broke when she realised she didn’t even know when she’d next be seeing Beca to talk to her properly about it.

Love Beca xx

‘Love’ and two kisses. Beca never put kisses at the end of anything. And the woman used the word ‘love’ very loosely, if at all.

Chloe let out a heavy, shuddering breath as she closed the card over and stared at the cow on the front again. Beca loved her. Beca was in love with her! She hadn’t made it all up had she? It seemed like something Chloe would daydream about.

The redhead opened the card again, her eyes immediately drawn to those sacred words “Because I’m kinda in love with you”. Nope, she definitely hadn’t made it up. And all of a sudden Chloe burst into tears, sobbing loudly as she brought her free hand to her mouth and bawled loudly into it. For so many years she’d wished and dreamt and hoped that Beca might have some tiny ounce of feeling for her that stepped beyond friendship. But she’d only over dreamt that Beca would fall in love with her.

Now all Chloe could do was stick around in New York and patiently wait for her best friend to return home. She’d happily wait weeks. Heck she’d even wait months for Beca to return home to her. She’d even wait ye-

Chloe jumped as she heard a key quickly scramble in the lock of the apartment door. She flung her eyes over, expecting Fat Amy to bundle through the door. But to her shock, it was Beca!

“Shit..” Beca muttered under her breath, hesitating as she looked down at the open card in Chloe’s hand. Chloe was speechless. “Listen, Chlo, I’m sorry..I hoped I could get back before you and get rid of that card-“

“-you’re in love with me?” Chloe interrupted, sniffing loudly. The apartment fell silent as the two best friends stared at one another. Beca looked terrified, clearly unable to work out if Chloe was happy about this news or not. But she presumed the latter. The thing was, there was no going back.

“Yeah” Beca croaked quietly, and Chloe raised her eyebrows, taking a huge deep breath and looking back down at the card in her hands. This was so much to process.

She thought she’d done it. She thought she’d got over Beca once and for all. She’d found an amazing guy, Chicago, who had asked her to promise to wait for him to return to the US in a couple of months time. And she’d agreed, because she felt there was absolutely, categorically no way Beca would ever reciprocate her feelings. Ever. But she did. Beca. The girl who she’d been hopelessly pining for during their time together in college. She reciprocated those feelings!

“Please,” Beca began, tears starting to well up in her eyes, having had to watch Chloe stare at her card for too long, “I don’t want things to get weird between us. Just..try to forget what I’ve said and how I feel and just..let’s continue with our li-“

“-why aren’t you on a flight to LA?” Chloe blubbed, looking up from the card in her hands and over at her best friend, standing slowly as she did.

“My flight got cancelled. So they changed the date of my meeting.” Beca said honestly, “That’s why I dashed back, to try to get rid of that card before you read it.”

Chloe raised her eyebrows, “You weren’t ever going to tell me?” she asked quietly, in a hurt tone. She watched as Beca swallowed loudly, tears really brimming in her eyes now. Then the brunette gently shook her head. “Why?” Chloe asked, slowly walking towards her best friend.

“Because..” Beca said, hesitating as she tried to find the words to explain her intentions. So she let out a shaky breath and shrugged, “You kissed Chicago. He made you happy. Far happier than I’d seen you look in years. And I saw your Instagram stories of the two of you together this past week and..when I got to the airport..I guess I realised that I’d never made you look that happy. And that by me telling you how I felt..well that would’ve been selfish of me. So that’s why I was planning on getting rid of that card.”

Chloe looked down at the card Beca had just motioned to, her eyes focussing on the smudged words that had clearly been touched upon with Beca’s tears while she’d written it. This was the rawest Chloe had ever seen her best friend be. And it was all for her. Beca’s steely demeanour now stripped back to reveal the woman Chloe truly knew better than anyone. This was her Beca.

“I…” Chloe said with a heavy sigh, “have been in love with you for seven years.”

The redhead looked up at her best friend with a soft smile and a shrug. Her heart soared as she saw Beca hesitate, her little mouth dropping open slightly in surprise.

“Oh..uh..” was all Beca could muster.

“So Amy was right, I did need to find out. And I’m so glad that I know how you really feel.” Chloe said sweetly, sniffing as tears began to return to her eyes, her previous tears having now dried to her cheeks and chin.

“Why?” Beca asked cautiously.

Chloe took another step forward, now mere inches from her best friend, “Because now I can do this..” she whispered, and the redhead gently brought her face towards Beca’s and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

It was the briefest of actions, but in that time both women let out huge sighs of relief, goofy smiles on their faces as they parted.

They gently smoothed the tips of their noses together.

“Hey there sunshine” Beca whispered.

“Hey there rain cloud” Chloe whispered back.

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“If kisses were snowflakes, I’d give you a blizzard”

Beca scrunched her nose up at the Hallmark website, trying to find the perfect greetings card for her best friend to celebrate their second Christmas in the pokey studio apartment they shared with their other best friend Amy.

That card right there? Well yeah, that was something that Chloe would go crazy over because it was cute and sweet like her..

Beca blinked, cleared her throat, then slammed the lid of her laptop closed, glaring at the tiny kitchen opposite her double bed. Their bed. Hers and Chloe’s. The one they’d had no choice in sharing when they’d all moved here 16 months ago because Amy ‘needed her space’.

Feeling like this was the worst. Feeling. Feelings. For Chloe. The feelings that kinda snuck up on her all of a sudden in their senior year of college and somehow, a year and a half later, it had just developed so quickly that now Beca’s every waking thought when she wasn’t at work was on Chloe. And it was driving her crazy.

Beca didn’t do cards. But Chloe did. And so Beca felt it important that she chose the perfect Christmas card for her. Not necessarily to tell her how she felt but put a smile on the redhead’s face. That brilliant beautiful bright smile…

Beca growled under her breath at how stupid she was still being. How stupid she sounded in her head whenever she thought about Chloe. Her eyes prickled with tears at how torturous it was to be secretly besotted with her best friend and yet having to go to bed with the woman every single night, having to wake up and look at her every single morning, having to sit and listen to her babble excitably about whoever had just asked her out on a date… Torture. Pure torture.

But then again, it was those moments that she cherished the most.

“What are you growling about now?” Beca heard Fat Amy mutter from her double bed that sat behind a rail of clothes which acted as a ‘divider’ between the two beds.

Beca cleared her throat again, pulling the top of her laptop open, and resuming her concentration on the laptop screen, furiously wiping the rogue tear that had rolled down her cheek, “Nothing just…forgot to save something…”

That was always Beca’s excuse, and Fat Amy never questioned it. Mostly because Amy had a tendency not to really care.

Beca continued to scroll down the website, vito-ing plenty of sappy cards that she wouldn’t in a million years dream of giving to Chloe for fear of accidentally telling the redhead how she really felt.

-two weeks later-


Beca stirred in her sleep as she heard her name and felt her shoulder being nudged gently. The brunette let out a small groan, rubbed her eyes, then slowly opened them.

She was met by a pair of bright blue eyes that shone beyond the low light of the Christmas lights that were strung over the bed. And she smiled sleepily at how excited Chloe looked while they lay beside each other in their bed.

“Merry Christmas!!” Chloe whispered sweetly and Beca let out a small yawn before mumbling, “Merry Christmas Chlo..” in a quiet voice.

Beca closed her eyes with a calm sigh, happy to drift back off to sleep, but she felt Chloe sitting up and the motion pulled the bedcovers from Beca’s shoulders. The cool air of the studio apartment that met Beca’s body made the brunette let out another small groan and she tucked into a tighter ball in the middle of the bed.

She heard Chloe let out a small chuckle then felt the bed covers being pulled up to her neck again. Chloe was always doing that, and it made Beca feel cosy. Not that she’d ever reveal that. But she got the vibe that Chloe knew.

“I got you a card..” Beca mumbled, and she opened one eye as Chloe let out a small gasp. The redhead was looking down at her again and Beca felt her heart begin to race a little faster. She loved the way her best friend looked at her from time to time.

So she slowly sat up to join Chloe, the two women huddled together somewhat due to their natural positions in the centre of the double bed. Then Beca pulled an envelope out from underneath her pillow and handed it to Chloe. Hiding it under her pillow had been the only way to guarantee that her best friend wouldn’t accidentally find it somewhere in the tiny apartment.

She watched as the redhead gave her a curious smile as she undid the envelope. A smile that broadened as Chloe pulled the card out and read the words written on the front.

“Let’s avo-cuddle”

Beca bit her bottom lip. So it was no declaration of love. But it was sweet, like Chloe. It had a cartoon of two half-avocados holding hands with smiley faces and Santa hats and a little love heart between them and the second Beca had seen it she’d known it was the card for Chloe: avocado (Chloe’s fave food at the moment), a good pun (Chloe’s fave craze at the moment), and the implication of cuddles (Chloe’s fave activity always). Perfect.

She hadn’t written much in the card. She hadn’t known what to say, so she’d just written “To Chloe”, kept the pre-printed “Thank you for keeping me warm this Christmas”, then had simply signed it “From Beca”

No kisses. No ‘love’. Beca never wrote love on anything. It had been the one thing that had driven her ex-boyfriend mad.

But it was honest. Because although Beca had hated affection during her childhood, teenage years and most of college, Chloe seemed to be the exception. She really did love cold winter afternoons when they’d decide to take a nap and they naturally just curled up together on their bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Chloe cuddles were the best. And since being head-hunted by BFD Records she had needed those cuddles more and more.

Beca hadn’t expected Chloe to cry, but her best friend immediately turned to her, tears rolling down her cheeks as she grinned, “I love it!”

And Beca smiled back at her, “I knew you would” she said softly. She watched Chloe as the redhead looked down at the card that now lay in her lap. “I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t get you a present. It’s just, what with paying our rent and stuff I figured you’d be ok with it-“

“-The cuddle isn’t my present?” Chloe interrupted, looking at Beca a little sadly.

Beca hesitated. Of course Chloe would be the type of person to be happy with just a cuddle for Christmas!

“Uh..yeah..sure..” was all the brunette could muster, a small smile returning to her face again as Chloe grinned, propping her card up on her bedside table then shuffling into a position that made it easier for Beca to cuddle her.

Beca shuffled down the bed slightly, then leant back on the pillows, holding her arm out so Chloe could tuck into her body. The brunette brought her arms around Chloe’s body, her chin resting on top of Chloe’s head, while her best friend held an arm around her waist.

And there they cuddled, holding each other tight, smiling softly while they closed their eyes. The perfect Christmas morning..

..until Amy woke them both up by slamming into the apartment an hour later, having been out at a Christmas Eve party the night before.

“Ooh are we having Christmas cuddles?” the Australian asked with a broad grin and Beca’s stomach knotted slightly as Chloe nodded, then brought her arm up to beckon the blonde over.

Fat Amy scrambled onto the bed and Beca winced as the woman landed on top of them, pulling them into a tight hug.

“Hope my boobs are nestling you better than Beca’s have been, Chloe” the Australian mumbled into the pillow beside Beca and for a moment the brunette panicked that Chloe might suffocate. But fortunately a light giggle was sounded from Chloe.

Fat Amy pulled herself up from the bed, weirdly bringing a hand to Beca’s head and ruffling her hair before doing the same to Chloe, “Merry Christmas you guys” she drawled with a grin, then rolled off the bed.

“Merry Christmas Amy..” the two women replied, watching as their roommate made her way to their little kitchen to source some food.

Beca smiled as she felt Chloe curl her arm back around her waist and they resumed their cuddling while they watched Amy slam her hand into the cereal box before eating the contents.

A perfect Christmas indeed.

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April 2016:

Chloe looked up from her book as her best friend swirled one final mouthful of water around her mouth and spat it into the sink.

“You got the waters?” Beca asked before wiping her lips of toothpaste.

“Oh..” Chloe said with small gasp, reaching out to pull the bedcovers back but paused as Beca waved her hand at her to stop.

“I’m on it.”

Beca then wandered over to their tiny kitchen opposite the bed that they shared. Well..’bed’ was actually a fold-out bed from the couch they’d been donated by Beca’s Aunt that lived an hour away. They’d been living in this tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn for four months now and had both started to get into a good bedtime routine. In a bed to Chloe’s right, that stood behind a clothes rail, their other roommate Fat Amy could be heard snoring away. It took a lot to wake her.

Chloe settled back into bed again, taking hold of the glass of water that Beca held out to her as she wandered around to her side of their bed. The redhead took a sip, then placed it on her bedside table before opening her book and resuming the paragraph she’d started reading moments ago. To Chloe’s surprise Beca didn’t start scrolling through Instagram like she normally did before bed. Instead the younger woman put her phone on charge, turned her bedside lamp off, then laid down with a long gentle sigh.

“Night Chlo..” Beca mumbled, and Chloe paused her reading to look down at her best friend. Beca has closed her eyes, laying on her right side, facing Chloe, with her arms folded, the top of some of the bedcover tucked in her arms. She’d had a long week at work but finally, after four straight days of working 7am-9pm at the recording studio in the city, Beca had finally finished her very first project for the new company she had recently joined.

And Chloe couldn’t be prouder of her. Nor could she be any more in love with the woman she had secretly adored over the past five years that she’d known and been best friends with her.

The redhead brought a hand out and gently stroked Beca’s brown hair away from her face. Had this been a couple of years ago Beca would have flinched and turned away. But Beca was a different woman from the one Chloe had once known. This Beca secretly loved being ‘petted’ and when Chloe had accidentally found that out last summer, they had both agreed to never talk about it, but to just..let it happen if it happened.

So Chloe smiled softly as a calm smile had brushed over Beca’s face and the brunette let out a barely audible, delicate moan while Chloe’s gentle fingertips brushed over her skin and hair, “I don’t know how you do it Chloe Beale,” Beca mumbled against her pillow quietly, “but you have the touch of an angel.” and Chloe let out a small giggle.

After a few moments Chloe’s arm felt tired, so she stopped ‘petting’ Beca and resumed reading her book. But her best friend let out a small sweet grunt, and Beca reached out with her eyes closed, gently taking hold of Chloe’s wrist and guiding her hand back to her forehead, plonking it on there. Chloe let out a light giggle, and she resumed stroking Beca’s hair back until she knew for certain that the woman was asleep.

April 2017:

Chloe held her breath, her eyes blinking gently as she stared at each and every tiny detail on her best friend’s face. Every single night she had the joy of being able to fall asleep beside the woman she loved. And every single night it broke her heart to realise that Beca still wasn’t hers. Still wasn’t in love with her. Still wasn’t dating her or in a relationship with her.

They had been living in this tiny studio apartment together, with Fat Amy, for 468 days now. That was 468 nights that Chloe had woken in the middle of the night to see Beca asleep beside her. 467 mornings that Chloe had woken, sometimes to the sight of Beca still asleep, sometimes stirring because Beca was up early for work.

468 nights where she yearned to wake Beca with a soft kiss. 468 nights where her heart raced while her mind dared her to do it. 468 nights where a tear would roll down her cheek because she couldn’t bare the thought of ruining their friendship.

She would take the heartache and continue with her life beside Beca. Anything to remain best friends with her. Because at the end of the day, Beca was her person. Her family. The person she came home to every day. The person who she told about her day. The person who told her about their day. The person who she trusted more than anybody else in this whole world.

Chloe let out a quiet sigh. It had been another sleepless night, going over all the same thoughts she’d had about Beca. Going over all of the “What If”s, and “If only”s. Chloe glanced through the early morning light, at the clock by the apartment door. It was almost 6am. Beca’s alarm would soon be going off to get her up for work.

With a deep breath, Chloe reached out and placed her hand on Beca’s cheek. She slowly, affectionately brushed her hand across Beca’s skin and up through her long brown hair. She slowly repeated the motion over and over, loving the feel of Beca’s soft skin on her own.

Beca let out the gentlest of moans, as though she was slowly beginning to wake.

Suddenly the brunette’s alarm went off and Chloe snapped out of her little perfect little daze, watching Beca turn with a groan to snooze her alarm. The younger woman turned back to the centre of the bed and began to doze off again. Then a small smile grew on Chloe’s face as her best friend kept her eyes closed, but furrowed her brow. Beca reached out, felt about for Chloe’s hand, then took it and placed it on her face again.

And Chloe let out a small giggle before resuming her stroking of Beca’s cheek and hair.

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Beca glanced over her shoulder at the fold-out couch that acted purely as the bed that she and her best friend shared in the pokey studio apartment they rented with their other best friend Fat Amy in Brooklyn. Or…well more like she and Chloe rented it while Amy still had no job but plenty of aspirations. Aspirations didn’t exactly pay the bills but Chloe did, while Beca stumped up the hefty rent each month thanks to her far more successful career as a budding music producer.

So yes, there were some days when Beca and Chloe lay in their uncomfortable ‘bed’, Beca laying more centrally due to the broken spring that poked up through the mattress on her side of the ‘bed’, and chuckled about how their living situation was a lot like being married, with Amy being their toddler. The past two years they’d lived in this tiny apartment, Beca and Chloe had become far closer than they’d ever thought imaginable without actually being in a romantic relationship.

The kettle clicked and Beca poured the boiling water into a mug, keeping hold of the string that was attached to the green tea bag inside it. She then settled the kettle back down and carried the mug over to Chloe’s side of the ‘bed’.

This was her routine. Every weekday (and some Saturdays too) Beca’s alarm would go off at 5am. She’d get up, shower, and get dressed for work. Then at 5:50am her alarm would go off again, signifying that it was time for her to put the kettle on. By 6am that kettle was boiled and Beca would make a mug of green tea for her best friend.

Beca sat on the edge of Chloe’s side of the bed, placing the mug of hot tea on the woman’s bedside table. She then brought a gentle hand out and stroked Chloe’s cheek, drifting her fingertips out through her red hair then repeating the motion again a couple more times as she whispered, “Chlo. Time to wake up.”

This was Chloe’s wake-up ‘alarm’, the redhead needing a good hour and a half to get ready before going out to grab the subway over to her paid internship at a veterinary practice. The two best friends had done this every morning before Beca went to work since the woman had started her job for BFD Records two years ago. And while it probably seemed very one-side, Chloe returned the kind favour by making Beca a ‘pack-up’ for lunch each night before, and went out on Sunday mornings to get fresh take-out coffees and pastries for them. So Beca always felt a mug of tea every morning really was no big deal in comparison of all that Chloe did for her.

She smiled as Chloe groaned gently, bringing a hand to her eyes and pulling up her sleeping mask. Beca had to admit, this particular part of the routine didn’t help the huge crush she had on her best friend. Chloe looked a million times more beautiful when she had just woken up and was all bleery-eyed.

“Morning” Chloe croaked, rubbing her eyes gently with her hand before letting out a sigh and turning to look up at Beca.

The brunette chuckled gently, then reached down to the floor to pick up her boots, remaining perched on the edge of Chloe’s side of the bed. She felt the woman smooth her hand across her back but she didn’t shy away from it.

That was the thing about their friendship that Beca always thought about: they were closer than two friends could ever get without actually being in a romantic relationship. And Beca was okay with that. They reaped all the benefits of being in a relationship: companionship, low-key affection, a consistent ‘plus one’ option for events, someone to tell about her day at work, someone to listen to about their day at work, a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder to have them cry on, undying love and support, a person to eye roll with whenever Fat Amy did something ridiculous.. With Chloe, Beca felt like she had it all.

And sure, would Beca love to be romantically involved with Chloe? Of course she would. But that didn’t necessarily mean Chloe did. Chloe was renowned for being affectionate, so any affection she gave Beca didn’t necessarily mean she had feelings beyond anything platonic for her. Which is why Beca had convinced herself that being like this with Chloe, having this routine and not feeling weird about these sorts of affectionate actions, was something she would happily live with.

She’d rather have Chloe in her life as her very very close best friend, than weird her out and barely see her again.

“How are you feeling about your meeting today?” Chloe asked quietly, sitting herself up in the ‘bed’ and tucking her knees up to her chest while Beca tugged one of her boots on.

“Normal I guess?” Beca said quietly with a shrug, reaching down to pick up her other boot, “I just hate that it’ll probably overrun because of some stupid technical failure with the video link. I wanna get back in time for pizza.”

She heard Chloe let out a sweet giggle, “You know I never order pizza until you say you’re on the subway back.”

“I know.” Beca said, tugging the other boot on her foot, “I meant I don’t wanna keep you waiting for dinner.”

“Mmm” Chloe said thoughtfully. Even with the greatest of intentions to return home at a reasonable time on Friday evening’s, Beca often over-ran at work, having to send apologetic texts to Chloe who was usually getting ready to order theirs, Amy’s and Flo’s pizza for ‘Pizza Friday’, Flo usually popping round to join them all after she closed up her juice truck.

“I’ll do my best to get back by 5” Beca said with a sigh as she finally got her other boot on and turned to her best friend.

“Even I don’t get back home by 5” Chloe said with a gentle giggle and Beca grinned.

“Okay so..6 then..”

“Take as long as you need!” Chloe said with another giggle, leaning forward and nudging Beca’s arm. The brunette held her hands up in defence.

“Alright alright, I’ll just..text you when I’m on the way home then.”

“Uhuh” Chloe said with a soft smile and Beca tried really hard to ignore the way her stomach flipped a little, loving how beautiful her best friend looked. She hated being in unrequited love.

“Right, I’d better go then.” Beca said, getting to her feet then leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss on Chloe’s cheek.

That was the other part of their routine. Beca was hot on placing a kiss on Chloe’s cheek before she went out to work. It was a silly little action really, but one that Beca knew was important to the redhead. Chloe had once revealed, in the early days that they’d been living in this pokey little apartment, that she endeavoured to leave Beca each day how she would want to leave her should she never see her again. And Beca had been a little stunned, but Chloe had explained that people die all the time when they’d never expected to. She’d heard of ways in which people had lived the rest of their lives with regret because they final thing they’d said to their friend before they died hadn’t been nice. And while Beca had thought it quite morbid, she could kinda see where Chloe was coming from.

So yeah, they lived the life of a couple in a romantic relationship, without kisses on the mouth and sex.

“Have a great day” Chloe said with a happy smile and Beca raised her eyebrows with a little sigh as she stepped away from the bed and shrugged her jacket on.

“I’ll try..”

“Don’t forget your lunch” Chloe added as she took hold of her mug of tea and began blowing the steam from the top of it.

Beca strode over to the little fridge and pulled out her pack-up bag, noting her name that Chloe had scrawled on it with a thick black marker and a little love heart below it. She stuffed it in her handbag, then made for the apartment door.

“Have a good day at work.” she mumbled quickly to Chloe and as she opened the door she casually added, “Love you.”

She heard Chloe reply with a casual “Love you” before closing the apartment door behind her, making her way to the stairs of the apartment block to get down to the subway station and over to the city.

Chapter Text

Chloe took in a long intake of breath as she slowly stirred in her sleep, identifying the familiar feel of her best friend’s hand smoothing gently across her cheek and into her hair. The same motion Beca did every morning before she went out to work.

“This is your 6am wake-up call Miss Beale” she heard Beca mumble quietly to her and Chloe let out a small smile. She felt Beca’s fingers pause just beneath her eye mask and the redhead opened her eyes as her best friend slowly peeled the mask from her face. “Peekaboo.” Beca said quietly with a grin and Chloe couldn’t help the small giggle that rippled out of her mouth.

“Peekaboo” Chloe echoed, turning to sit up in the bed, letting out a sleepy sigh followed by a little yawn, rubbing her nose with the palm of her hand as she watched her best friend, perched on the edge of the bed beside her to pull her boots on as she did every morning.

It was the same routine each and every day. Beca’s alarm would go off at 5am and Chloe would stir and groan slightly, disappointed that her main source of heat was leaving to go to work. Leaving the crooked old fold-out sofa-bed that the two best friends had no choice but to share because Fat Amy had ‘shot gunned’ the main double bed two and a half years ago in the studio apartment that they all rented together. Chloe would drift back off to sleep shortly after Beca had turned the bedside light on and got out of bed. Then around 6am she’d be gently awoken by Beca, usually stroking her hair back from her face, ready for Chloe to sit up and have the cup of tea Beca had made for her while Beca left the apartment to go to work.

It was one of Chloe’s favourite times of the day. And that was because for the past two or so years, just as Beca was about to leave for work, she would place a kiss on Chloe’s cheek as a goodbye. It was something small. Probably something entirely meaningless to Beca now that it was part of their morning routine. But it was something that meant the world to Chloe. Because Chloe had had the hugest crush on Beca since they’d first met six and a half years ago.

And yes they were actually closer than any two people could be without being in a romantic relationship, but Chloe had had no indication over the years that Beca felt anything more for her than platonic unromantic love. But as Chloe reached out for her mug of tea, and blew the steam from the top, she watched her best friend who had a soft smile on her face while tugging on her other boot.

“So I’ve told Dad that I’m not going to his for Christmas” Beca said with a slight heave as she finally got her other boot onto her foot and zipped it up.

Chloe raised her eyebrows in surprise, “Oh?” she said, “Don’t you want to see your family?” Beca always went to her Dad’s for Christmas, just as Chloe always went to hers. It was what they did. Well it was what Beca did. This year Chloe’s Dad had decided to go away on holiday with his new wife and Chloe’s mother had sent her a Christmas card with a big cheque in it in Chloe had decided to stay in Brooklyn for Christmas this year.

“You’re my family Chlo,” Beca said casually and Chloe’s heart skipped a beat as she saw her best friend smiling in amusement at her reaction as she added, “I’d much rather enjoy Christmas with you than endure Christmas with my Dad.”

Chloe was speechless, her mouth open slightly in surprise as she watched Beca stand up quickly, wrapping her scarf around her neck then shrugging her jacket on. Beca wanted to spend Christmas with her? In their little studio apartment? Together? She knew Fat Amy was away in London over Christmas and New Year, right?

“Right, I’ve gotta go,” Beca said quickly, clearly distracted by the fact that it was fast approaching 6:05am and there was a risk she might miss her usual 6:15am subway.

Chloe watched as Beca strode towards her, to give her the usual ‘morning peck on the cheek goodbye’ and in that instant Chloe made a decision. Just as her best friend stooped down, bringing her lips to Chloe’s cheek, the redhead moved her head and Beca’s lips landed on hers.

It was brief. A snap of a kiss. But it was enough for the two women to freeze. Beca’s lips had left Chloe’s, but the brunette had only moved her face from Chloe’s by about an inch.

Chloe looked into Beca’s eyes, her heart racing as she could feel her best friend’s breath - short and sharp while it whispered across her lips. Beca’s eyes were darting from Chloe’s left eye to right eye and back again, over and over, clearly trying to gauge if Chloe had meant to do that. So the redhead looked down at Beca’s lips and ever so slowly brought her lips back to them.

The two best friends shared a longer, softer kiss this time, eyes closed, neither really moving much, save for their hearts that raced respectively. Chloe felt Beca break the kiss then rest her forehead against hers, both slightly breathless with the nerves and adrenaline kicking around their bodies.

“I uh..” Beca whispered before clearing her throat, “..I really have to go to work.”

“Right..” Chloe whispered back, opening her eyes as Beca stepped back. The brunette cleared her throat again but Chloe noticed that a small smile had now graced her best friend’s face.

“I’ll see you tonight?” Beca asked quietly and a coy smile grew across Chloe’s face as she let out a soft “Uhuh”

Beca seemed to pause, opening her mouth and raising her finger to say something but stopped herself. Chloe watched in amusement as her best friend strode over to her handbag, picked it up, then went over to the apartment door, hesitating as she reached for the handle. Again she turned to Chloe, raising a finger to say something, then again thought better of it and pulled the apartment door open.

Chloe watched Beca leave and as the door closed behind her the redhead furrowed her brow. This was the first morning in about two years that Beca hadn’t muttered “Love you” before leaving the apartment to go to work. But just as Chloe placed down her mug of tea, ready to over-analyse what had just happened, the apartment door flung open. She watched as Beca scrambled across the bed and kissed her firmly on the lips. The two women smiled into the kiss, Chloe’s hands cupping Beca’s cheeks while the brunette kept her hands on the mattress to help her balance.

“You’re gonna be late for work..” Chloe mumbled against Beca’s lips.

“Worth it though” Beca mumbled back, placing one last long kiss on Chloe’s lips before leaning back with a broad grin, “Love you” she said quietly, scrambling backwards off the bed and Chloe smiled as she watched her go.

“Love you” she replied before biting her bottom lip with a flirtatious smile while Beca gave her a grin, then darted out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her.

Chapter Text

Chloe stepped through the revolving doors of BFD Records, a brown paper lunch bag in her hand, and she let out a small gasp at how beautiful and sleek the reception area was. The redhead strode up to the desk and smiled brightly at the receptionist who sat behind a computer, composing an email.

“Hi there!” Chloe said brightly, “I’m here to see Beca Mitchell?”

The receptionist didn’t look up from her computer, and said in a plain unimpressed voice, “Are you a singer?”

Chloe paused but wasn’t one for lying, “Actually, I can sing. I sang in an acapella group in college!”

“Uhuh. Do you have an appointment?”

Chloe hesitated, “ but-“

“-so Ms Mitchell won’t be expecting you..”

“No but I really don’t think she’d mind me vis-“

“-Ma’am,” the receptionist said with a sigh, turning to look at Chloe for the first time, cocking her eyebrow unimpressed, “let me tell you how things work here. You want to see a music producer? You gotta book an appointment. It’s not enough for you to just know her name and expect to be able to swan through the security gate and up to one of the most prestigious record labels in New York City.”

“I think you may have misunderstood why I’m here..” Chloe said awkwardly, beginning to blush in embarrassment.

“Look, I don’t just let anyone through these gates” the receptionist said as she motioned to the security gates on her right.

“I understand, but I’m not just anyone-“

“-Jesus, you don’t think every wannabe singer who thinks they deserve a shot with us hasn’t said the very same thing?”

“I’m not a wannabe singer, I’m Beca’s best friend!” Chloe said in an exasperated tone, placing the brown paper bag on the reception desk and beginning to fish in her handbag for something, “I’ve known her for five years. I know her better than anybody else. We live in a studio apartment together in Brooklyn. Hell we even share a bed-“

“-Alright I’m gonna call security.” The receptionist said, clearly having come to the end of her tether with the bubbly redhead, assuming that the woman might actually be Beca’s stalker.

“Look, see!” Chloe said as she pulled out her phone and showed the receptionist her lock screen photo, “Best friends!”

The receptionist furrowed her brow, unconvinced as she looked at a photo of Chloe and Beca stood together on a night out several weeks ago. Chloe had her arm around Beca’s shoulder and was placing a big kiss on her cheek while the brunette wore an expression as though she pretended to be shocked, posing for the camera that Fat Amy had been holding at the time. They’d all been so drunk.

Chloe placed her phone back in her bag as she noticed two burly security guards approaching her. She felt nervous. This hadn’t quite been how she’d imagined ‘Project Surprise Beca At Work’ to have gone.

“Ma’am, we’re gonna have to ask you to leave the premises.” One security guard said firmly, glaring down at her and Chloe gulped nervously. She’d never been approached by security before and it was terrifying.

But before Chloe could say anything, she heard her name being called out, the sound echoing off the walls in the bright reception area.


Chloe, the two security guards, and the receptionist turned to look towards the elevators, at the person who had just stepped out. Beca stood with a broad smile on her face, clearly pleasantly surprised to see that her best friend had come by to visit. Had Beca and Chloe been alone Chloe would have definitely celebrated with a little jig of victory for the success of the surprise. But she was a little caught up at the moment..

“Jan, you can let her through” Beca said to the receptionist and Chloe couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows at the woman behind the desk with an ‘I told you so’ expression.

Jan had to swallow a bitter pill and allow Chloe to pick up her brown paper bag again and skip through the security gate and over to her best friend. She watched the two women greet one another with a hug as Beca asked Chloe what she was doing here.

They began making their way to the elevators, Chloe sliding an arm around Beca’s shoulders as Beca slid her arm around Chloe’s waist, “Oh I thought I’d bring you your lunch because you forgot it again!” Chloe said brightly, holding the bag up and Beca took it with her free hand. “Were you on your way out?”

“Yeah to get some lunch because I forgot mine but..well this is WAY better!” Beca said, grinning at her best friend as the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside it, “You’re hanging out with me for lunch right?”

“Oh totes!” Chloe said with a smile, diving her hand into her handbag and pulling out another brown paper bag, “I brought my lunch too!”


And the two women arrived on Beca’s company’s floor, Chloe excited to finally get to see Beca’s office and Beca excited to finally be able to show her best friend where she worked.

Chapter Text

Sadie Mitchell scrambled quietly out of her little bed, her feet landing on the carpet with a little thud, and she shuffled over to her bedroom door, clinging to her little ‘blankie’ as she sucked her thumb sleepily.

The six year old paused at her bedroom door that was open a few inches and peered out of it, into the open plan apartment she knew as Home. Her bright blue eyes widened and she let out a small gasp.

In the lounge-area of the apartment she saw the familiar figure of her mother, with hair as red and full as hers. And stood before her, listening to her mumble affectionately, was Santa! Sadie began to get a little giddy with excitement, but that excitement soon disappeared when she watched her mother stand on the tiptoes of her bare feet, placing a hand on either side of Santa’s big belly, and giving him a long kiss on his lips..

-12 hour’s later-

“So Sadie’s pretty quiet today huh..” Aubrey mumbled to Chloe on her left as she began boiling some water for the vegetables.

The redhead let out a small sigh, peering over her shoulder and through the kitchen into the lounge area of her apartment. There, sat quietly by the Christmas tree while she watched Aubrey’s two young boys tear around after each other with loud laughs, was her daughter.

Sadie Mitchell was Chloe and Beca’s first born. Their pride and joy. And the six year old normally tore about after her little best friend’s when they were round. But today, for some reason, Sadie was far quieter than normal.

“I know..” Chloe said with a concerned sigh, “..she’s barely spoken to me all morning.”

Aubrey furrowed her brow as she took the lid off the pot over the stove, “That’s odd. Have you asked her what’s going on?”

“Yeah loads, but she just..shrugs..” Chloe said as she put some oven gloves on and pulled open the oven door.

“Hmm..ever her Mama’s daughter..” Aubrey said with a slight chuckle, noting the similarity between her young goddaughter and Chloe’s wife, Beca, “Want me to have a word with her?”

Chloe, satisfied that the Christmas turkey wasn’t burning, let out a small sigh as she closed the door, looking over at her daughter again. Sadie was only ever this quiet when she was poorly, but the little redhead was showing no signs of being ill. So Chloe bit her bottom lip thoughtfully. “Yeah if you could Bree?”

“Of course.” The blonde said with a sympathetic smile, bringing her hand to Chloe’s shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze, before making her way through to the lounge area.

“Boys go find your Mama please and tell her dinner is almost ready!” Aubrey said loudly and clearly to her twins who careered to a stop in front of her, slightly out of breath.

“She’s wrapping your present though Mommy” Freddie said with a shrug.

“Yeah,” Finley agreed with a nod, the five year old as equally out of breath as his twin brother, “She won’t let us in the room.”

“So keep knocking until she does.” Aubrey suggested, not surprised in the slightest that her wife was only just wrapping her Christmas present. Though to be fair, Aubrey had enjoyed what Stacie had organised for her last night..

The two boys grinned and rushed to the other end of the apartment to knock on the door of their Auntie Beca and Auntie Chloe’s bedroom until their Mama answered. Aubrey rolled her eyes then turned her attention back to her Goddaughter who was half-heartedly stroking the hair of her WonderWoman Barbie doll. The blonde walked up to her and sat on the carpet beside the six year old letting out a little sigh.

“What’s going on Dee-Dee?” Aubrey asked delicately, and her heart lurched as she watched the little girl shrug, “Is it a secret?” she tried and Sadie nodded sadly, “You can tell me you know? We’re best friends remember?” Aubrey said softly, smoothing her hand across the six year olds back. It was true, Sadie had been almost as close to her godmother as she was to her own mothers, something that Aubrey valued and adored, having always wanted a daughter but still perfectly happy with her two sons.

She watched as Sadie looked up at her with her big blue eyes, “Promise you won’t tell Mama?”

Aubrey furrowed her brow for a moment, wondering why Sadie had specifically identified Beca as being someone that this secret needed to be kept from, “Uh..I promise.” Aubrey said cautiously.

The six year old took a deep breath, then leant her face towards her godmother’s ear and whispered, “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.”

It took all of Aubrey’s self control not to let out a light laugh. She knew Beca had dressed up as Santa last night, just to add to the magic of Christmas if Sadie had woken while she put out Christmas presents. Clearly the poor girl had caught her mothers kissing and had got confused. Kudos to Beca’s dressing up skills if she fooled her only daughter.

“Ah well..that’s the thing Sadie..we Mommy’s give Santa a Christmas kiss..or..our children don’t get any presents.” Aubrey said cautiously, not overly sure if what she said was entirely appropriate.

And she looked down at her Goddaughter who had initially furrowed her brow, then shrugged, “Huh..that makes sense!” and a smile spread across the little girl’s face as she spied the twin’s finally winning their relentless knocking, her Auntie Stacie opening the bedroom door with a groan and a frustrated “Ugh I’m DONE!! God!”

The little redhead scrambled to her feet and dashed over to the boys, joining them as they ran into the bedroom with loud screams.

Aubrey let out a small chuckle, getting to her feet then returning to the kitchen. Beca was busily sat at the table, reading a music magazine, heavily pregnant while her wife bustled around her putting the final touches to the dinner. They were going to laugh when they heard what had really been on their daughter’s mind.

Chapter Text

“So..let me get this straight..Amy sleeps in that massive bed there,” Mr Mitchell said to his daughter with a sigh, turning to his right, from the double bed he’d just motioned to, over to the fold-out couch that was currently made up into a bed, “aaand you and Chloe..SHARE this..this small thing.”

“Well..I get that it’s not exactly ideal but-“ Beca stopped, looking over at her Dad and knowing that expression. He was about to jump to a conclusion. To ask her something. To criticise her in some way. So she rolled her eyes and held her hand up, “-before you ask, NO, I’m not in a relationship with Chloe.”

“I-I wasn’t even going to suggest-“ Mr Mitchell started, raising his eyebrows, holding his hands up in defence, but Beca rolled her eyes.

“-yeah right! Come on Dad, you asked me twice at graduation if we were dating..”

“You were holding her hand while we were talking, what was a supposed to think?”

Beca rolled her eyes again and let out a growl under her breath, making her way across to the tiny kitchen opposite her ‘bed’ to pull some coffee mugs out of a cupboard, “And I told you, that’s just Chloe! She holds everyone’s hands!”

Mr Mitchell held his hands up in defence again, “Alright, alright.” The man wandered over to the little kitchen and leant against the counter beside the sink, watching his daughter as she prepared their coffee.

He had to admit, he was really proud of her. She may not have graduated with the highest of scores but she’d graduated. She’d completed college. And that was really all he’d wanted for his only daughter. And it was through her own hard work and stubbornness that she’d landed that internship in her senior year that had led to this amazing opportunity to start her dream career as a music producer in New York City. She’d done it. She’d proved him wrong.

But there was one thing that she was yet to prove him wrong about. And that was the niggle in the back of his mind that his only daughter could actually be in a romantic relationship with her best friend of four years, Chloe Beale.

“You know..if you WERE in a relationship with Chloe, then I wouldn’t mind.”

“Good to know..” Beca grumbled sarcastically under her breath, stirring the coffee’s. Mr Mitchell knew better than to push the matter. But he’d definitely be keeping an eye and ear out for any potential blossoming romance between his daughter and Chloe. Especially as they’d now started sharing a bed..

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell launched herself out of the opening doors of the hot subway she’d taken back to Brooklyn, and pushed passed the several passengers who had also got off at her station, bringing the back of her hand to her forehead to wipe the bead of sweat from her skin. It was a hot summer’s evening and she was on her way home from work in NYC, but she didn’t care that she was running through the heat. She didn’t have much time to get home.

The brunette darted down the street, relieved that she’d chosen to take her bag with the over-shoulder strap today. And just as she was rounding the corner to arrive at her apartment block, her petite body collided with a larger, bouncier body.

“Wah!” Beca yelped slightly as she fell back a few paces, but she raised her eyebrows as she realised the person she’d collided with was one of her roommates.

“Oh! Hey Beca..” Fat Amy said, seemingly surprised to see her, “You’re home early.”

Beca swallowed awkwardly, trying to catch her breath, “Oh uh..yeah..I..I got off work on” she clutched her stomach, trying to put pressure on the stitch that had appeared.

“Okay well, Chloe’s just sent me to the store to grab a couple of things so I’ll see you in ten minutes.” Fat Amy said turning to wander down the street that Beca had just ran up.

“Uh Amy?” Beca called out suddenly, and the blonde looked over her shoulder at her, “Can you pick up some matches?”

The Australian furrowed her brow, “What do you need matches for?”

Ah..busted.. “ know..” Beca said slowly, desperately trying to think about why she’d need Amy to pick her up some matches, “to light some candles!”

Fat Amy looked a little suspicious, “Candles?”

“Yeah, you know, for all the..smell..that we get..from the toilet..” Beca said slowly, hoping that this was a viable excuse. There was a pause as the two best friends looked at each other. Then suddenly Fat Amy shrugged, raising her eyebrows, “Okay” she said, then continued to walk down the street.

Beca wasted no time in dashing to their apartment block. She slammed through the door and took the stairs two at a time to reach the forth floor where the little studio apartment she rented was. Her heart was racing and she was almost certain she had barely any oxygen left in her lungs by the time she reached her apartment door.

But the second she crashed through it, her eyes landed on her best friend, kneeling on their shared pull-out bed with a grin on her face and Beca suddenly found wind in her sail once again. The studio apartment was very hot and sticky, the curse of having a tiny apartment in Brooklyn in July.

The brunette slammed the apartment door behind her, flung her bag from around her shoulder and threw herself onto the bed, enveloping Chloe in her arms. Their lips smashed together, kissing hungrily while Beca still gasped for breath.

“We have..” Chloe mumbled between kisses, “..about ten minutes.” giggling while Beca began tugging up her light white floaty summer dress from the hem.

“Fifteen..” Beca mumbled back breathlessly, quickly darting her tongue into Chloe’s mouth before breaking the kiss, “..I sent Amy on a..” Beca paused as she brought her lips down to Chloe’s jawline and placed loud sloppy kisses down the woman’s neck, slurping at the beads of sweat on Chloe’s soft skin due to the heat in their apartment, “..wild goose chase..” she smirked as she heard a soft moan fall out of her best friend’s mouth, “ find matches..”

Beca pulled her lips back from Chloe’s neck when she felt the redhead pulling her top up her stomach, noticing how the woman bit her bottom lip mischievously while those bright blue eyes widened at the sight of Beca’s bra and particularly Beca’s boobs within them.

“You’re the best” Chloe mumbled as she threw Beca’s top onto the floor beside their bed before tugging at Beca’s bra cup and bringing her mouth to the brunette’s right boob, sucking while running her tongue around the nipple. Beca meanwhile grabbed a fistful of Chloe’s long red hair, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she felt Chloe’s right arm wrapping around her waist.

Beca’s hands found their way to her best friend’s shoulders and she gently pushed Chloe back. The redhead released Beca’s boob with a ‘pop’, and a seductive smile crept across her face as her best friend quickly resumed their heavy kissing, Beca pushing her back on their bed.

Chloe felt the heat emanating from between her legs as Beca tugged the bottom of her white summer dress up to her hips, smoothing her left hand up Chloe’s right thigh. A smile crept across the brunette’s face while she broke their kiss and cocked her eyebrow, “No panties?”

Beca bit her bottom lip when Chloe raised her eyebrows innocently, and she felt certain she’d never found the woman more adorable then she did right now, “Well I thought we only had ten minutes..” Chloe said sweetly and Beca let out at chuckle as she gave Chloe another deep kiss, then began trailing kisses down her neck again. She shuffled down the bed slightly, lifting some more of Chloe’s dress so she could capture the sweat on the woman’s stomach with her tongue and lips.

As she continued slowly down Chloe’s body, licking and sucking, she felt her best friend’s fingers in her hair, gripping tightly while they both panted. After a couple of minutes, Beca suddenly felt Chloe tug her head from her body as she reached the part between her legs.

“Wait..” Chloe said with a sigh and Beca looked up at her, furrowing her brow. Chloe never normally stopped her.

“No time!” Chloe said honestly, gently tugging Beca’s hair again and the brunette made her way back up to Chloe’s mouth, kissing her hungrily.

“Fine..” Beca said as she broke their kiss for a moment, sighing gently when Chloe began kissing and slurping at her neck, lapping up the sweat on her skin, “..but next time..” Beca’s hand found its way to Chloe’s pussy, “..we’re giving Amy a longer list of items..” and her fingers slid between Chloe’s wet folds, knowing that the consistency of the liquid covering her digits was too creamy to be sweat.

Chloe let out a small moan as Beca began circling her index finger around her clit, and the brunette resumed their heavy kissing, their tongues meshing together. The sound of their loud kisses echoing around the tiny apartment.

“I’ve been thinking..” Beca began before giving Chloe another kiss, “..about you aaaaaaall day..” she growled, something that always seemed to heighten the ferocity of Chloe’s kisses, the redhead clawing at Beca’s back as her orgasm began to build.

“I’ve been..” Chloe mumbled against Beca’s lips, letting out another moan before continuing, “..thinking about THIS..” another moan slipped out of her mouth, “..all day..” and Beca grinned as she could recognise the way Chloe’s body contorted in different ways, a sign that she was close to cumming.

They’d been secretly having sex for two weeks now. Shared an apartment and a fold-out bed for over a year. But sex was new. Kissing was new. Going on that first date last Friday was new. The thing was..sharing an studio apartment with their overly-nosy, overly-NOISY Australian roommate meant that they captured every opportunity they could to have sex without her around. Beca had been so horny yesterday morning that Chloe had even managed to silently unravel her under their bed covers before Beca got up to work. They were getting good at understanding each other’s bodies..

“Ffffffffuck!” Chloe burst out, sex being one of the very rare occasions that she swore, and Beca loved it. Just as she loved the feeling of Chloe cumming around her fingers like she was doing right now. The apartment was filled with the sound of their panting, and Chloe let out small little coo’s as she came down from her orgasm, placing sloppy kisses on Beca’s cheek as she did.

They both grinned at each other, Beca blowing a puff of air affectionately at Chloe’s sweaty forehead to try to cool her down slightly. Not that there was ever a chance of that working in the humid apartment.

Suddenly Chloe let out a squeal while Beca launched off her body, falling off the edge of their bed while Fat Amy strode through their apartment door. Amy herself let out a yelp, dropping the watermelon, a pack of toilet roll, and a box of matches on the floor so she could bring her hand to her eyes.

“I didn’t see anything!” Amy tried to assure her roommates, “I didn’t. See. Anything!” And Beca rose to her feet, clearing her throat nervously while Chloe pulled her summer dress back down over her hips and thighs. “ you want me to go?” Amy asked, still masking her eyes and now facing the kitchen area of their studio apartment.

Beca looked to Chloe, both with flushed cheeks of embarrassment, “N-no Amy..don’t’re good..” Chloe said as she slid off the bed and stopped down to pick up the watermelon that had rolled over to her.

“I don’t know if I’ll EVER be good again Chloe..” Amy said, dropping her hand from her eyes, relieved that Chloe had now left the bed and was properly dressed again. She took one look at Beca’s stomach, the brunette still without her top on, and grinned, “Still..I’m glad you two have finally come to your senses..”

And Beca threw her hands to her face in embarrassment as Fat Amy picked up her matches and lobbed them at her, “Here,” Amy said as Beca let out an “Agh!” when hit by the small box, “for your candles…” and Beca shrugged at Amy awkwardly, “Honestly, if you needed to be alone you just needed to say.” Amy added with a chuckle, taking the watermelon from Chloe’s hands and walking over to the kitchen, ready to cut it all up for them.

Beca and Chloe looked at each other awkwardly, biting their bottom lips. Well there was no hiding it from Amy now.. and it probably wouldn’t be long until the rest of The Bellas found out. Joy.

Chapter Text

Beca tapped her fingertips on the surface of the fold-down table in front of her. They’d been in the air for an hour now. Just 6 hour’s to go.

The Bellas had had a successful USO trip, and Beca had even managed to get a recording contract out of it. But for now it was back to normality, and normality for Beca was being sat beside her best friend.

Chloe and Beca were sat towards the back of the aeroplane. Away from the rest of their friends who had somehow managed to get seats gathered together towards the middle of the plane. The curse of booking flights separately.

Something had been bugging Beca over the past twelve hours, and so with a deep breath, she decided to take the plunge. The brunette tugged her headphones off her head, letting them lay around her neck, “Okay I’ve gotta ask. What’s the deal with you and Chicago?”

Chloe, who had been happily humming to herself while she read the in-flight magazine, snapped her head up to look at her best friend. She shrugged as her smile waivered slightly, “Ummm..”

“Like are you dating him now? Are you trying the long distance thing?”

“Becs, I only knew the guy for a few days. I was never going to start dating him!”

Beca hesitated. That hadn’t exactly been the answer she’d been expecting. She’d felt certain that, because Chloe had kissed him, she wanted a relationship with him.

“It was just a bit of fun.” Chloe said with a slight giggle, turning back to her magazine as she shook her head gently.

“Oh..right..I just figured because you kissed him..” Beca mumbled, turning back to the screen in front of her, still compiling her on-flight playlist.

“Careful Becs,” Chloe said in an amused tone, still looking down at her magazine, “you’re starting to sound jealous..”

“No!” Beca said immediately, turning back to her best friend but her cheeks beginning to flush. Because yeah, she’d been totally jealous, but she was never going to tell Chloe that. “I out for you that’s all!”

“Mmhmm..” Chloe said quietly, looking at her with those bright blue eyes, a playful smile on her face. Beca swallowed loudly as the redhead lent towards her, holding her chin with the palm of her hand while she rested her elbow on the arm rest between them.

“Say..hypothetically..if I WAS jealous..hypothetically..would that..make you feel weird?” Beca stumbled over her words, her heart racing. God this felt awkward. But Chloe simply continued to stare into her eyes.

“No..I-I don’t think it would. Hypothetically speaking..”

Beca nodded, “Right” then looked down at the ring on her index finger, twiddling it nervously.

“WERE you jealous?” Chloe asked, before quickly placing her hand on Beca’s arm while adding, “Hypothetically.”

And Beca scrunched her nose up as she considered telling Chloe a lie. But they’d been best friends for years. Seen each other every day for three years. There was no lying to Chloe, “Hypothetically yeeeeeees.. yeah I was jealous of Chicago.”

“And hypothetically..were you jealous because I kissed him?

Beca took a sharp intake of breath, looking over at her briefly and realised that Chloe looked almost..hopeful? The brunette quickly looked back down at her ring and winced internally, “Yeeeeah..”

Chloe brought the palm of her hand back to her chin, biting her bottom lip while she smiled. Beca turned to look at her again, her heart skipping a beat as the tension between the seemed to rise.

“Well..” Chloe mumbled, and Beca realised that she’d inadvertently been slowly leaning towards the redhead, “I can’t have that.” and Beca swallowed loudly as she saw her best friend slowly bring her face towards hers.

The second their lips touched the aeroplane hit a spot of turbulence and the two best friends broke apart, looking a little shocked. The surprise had caused Chloe to grab a handful of Beca’s black leather jacket that she’d stubbornly left on when they’d settled in their seats because she usually got cold on the flight. The two looked at one another with smiles on their faces.

“Well..” Beca said quietly, clearing her throat, “that was worth getting jealous for.” And although she let out a small chuckle, she was surprised that Chloe didn’t giggle along with her. Rather, the woman’s smile dropped.

Instead the redhead shook her head, muttering, “Na-ah, that didn’t count!” and Beca let out a tiny grunt as Chloe tugged hard on her leather jacket, pulling their lips back together again.

Beca couldn’t help the smile that crept out the corners of her mouth as she relished the feel of Chloe’s kiss, adoring the sensation of her tongue running it’s way across her bottom lip then diving into her mouth. After a minute or so the two best friends parted and Beca let out a heavy sigh, a goofy grin on her face as she briefly licked her lips. Chloe meanwhile grinned broadly at her, and let out a slight giggle.

“Wow..” the brunette said, and Chloe echoed her words quietly. Beca took Chloe’s hand and warm tingles ran down her body as she felt her best friend mumble into her ear, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to kiss you..”

And they giggled while Beca placed a chaste kiss on Chloe lips, having noticed that Fat Amy was beginning to head their way up the aisle..

Chapter Text

Beca’s hands felt numb she was so excited as she jumped out of the car and darted around to the back passenger door, tugging it open with a tired grin.

“Are we there yet Mama??” Abbie asked, her bright blue eyes shining out at her mother who began unbuckling her belt.

“Yeah Twinkle, we’re here.” Beca said though her brow was furrowed as she realised she’d got her daughter’s coat caught in the belt when buckling it back home so had to snag it open with a tug. She swallowed loudly as she thought she heard a rip, but there was no time to think about that now.

“Yaaay!!” Abbie said excitably, and Beca chuckled as she heaved her three and a half year old out of the car. The sprightly little brunette tried to make a run for it, straight for the huuuge building in front of them but Beca had become quick to spot the signs of a getaway, particularly since Abigail had started walking a couple of years ago. The mother grabbed the hood of her daughter’s coat, adding, “Uh-uh no you don’t. What have I told you about holding my hand when we’re around cars..”

Her daughter had stopped and now held her leg while they stood at the trunk of their family car. The three year old brought one mittened hand to her mouth while she thought, loudly, “Ummmmm..”

And Beca rolled her eyes, smirking at how, although Abbie had inherited her mother’s smiley bubbly nature and love of life, there was that spark of cheekiness and glimmer of attitude that was aaaaall her Mama, “DON’T be a smartass..” Beca mumbled as she reached in and pulled a helium balloon out of the trunk of the car, along with one of Abbie’s little rucksacks that she and her wife always kept well stocked for their daughter with games, drawing, food, and a change of clothes.

“Can I hold the balloon Mama??” Abbie asked, eagerly hopping from one foot to the other and Beca chuckled as she bent down and tied the string of the balloon loosely around her daughter’s wrist, “Keep a tight hold of it Abs, okay?”

And Abigail Beale caught a bit of the balloon string that had been above her wrist and held it tight, looking at it, fully focussed and serious.

“Okay don’t have to look at it the whole way there. It’s not going to go anywhere, see?” Beca said, and she gave the string just below the floating balloon a little tug. The string remained attached and Abbie’s little eyebrows raised, impressed and relieved.

Beca let out a chuckle then slammed the trunk closed, picking up Abbie’s little rucksack and flinging it over her own shoulder before taking her daughter’s free hand. The two began walking between cars, Abbie always yelling “STOP!” at the end of every car they came to, and Beca saying “Well done” before they looked left and right then crossed to the next set of cars, Beca wanting to reinforce road safety.

Abbie let out a little gasp as they entered the warm hospital, walking obediently beside her mother as Beca led the way. They arrived at an elevator that the three year old insisted she press the buttons for, and then they finally arrived at a long warm corridor with several doors lining the walls.

Beca walked slowly at her daughter’s pace, looking specifically at the approaching door she knew her wife and newborn son were sat behind. She couldn’t wait to see him again. Chloe’s labour had been far longer this time around than it had been when she’d given birth to Abbie and the redhead had really suffered from exhaustion afterwards. Beca had to admit she’d never been more afraid in her life.

But it was all worth it in the end. Because Beca arrived at the door and looked down at her daughter. Abbie had bright pink cheeks due to the change in temperature from the chilly winter breeze to the warm hospital environment and the little girl grinned excitably up at her. Beca squeezed her hand then tugged her daughter’s hat from her head, crouching down to flatten her often unruly brown hair.

Chloe Beale lay sat up in her hospital bed, holding her newborn son in her arms. Two days without sleep seemed so worth it now as she looked down at her baby boy, still unable to believe that he was finally here. She looked up and at the closed door as she heard a familiar little voice pipe up, “Mama, is Mommy behind that dooooor?”

The redhead chuckled. Her daughter had been so excited when she’d found out she was going to be a big sister. To the point where she and her wife had had to make Abbie a little countdown clock, just to get the three year old to sleep at night (“only 23 sleeps until baby!”) - though Beca had had to fudge it a little because naturally the baby had been overdue (“He’s late..takes after his Mommy already!” Beca had half-joked)

“Yeah Twinkle..” Chloe heard her wife say to their daughter.

“Then why aren’t we going in yet??” Came Abbie’s response.

“Because I’ve got to make you look at least slightly presentable for Mommy..”

Chloe giggled at her wife’s response. Right now she was so exhausted she really didn’t care what state her daughter was in, so long as she could have a cuddle with her that was all that mattered.

“Whhhhhhyyyyy?” Came Abbie’s usual response.

“Because Mommy will want photos..”


“Because Mommy loves photos..”


Chloe heard her wife let out a sigh and she knew Beca was becoming a little impatient, “Because..I dunno! Because she does!”


“-Oh my God lets go inside already!”

The door opened and Chloe felt her heart swell as she caught sight of her first-born, walking cautiously and quietly into the room. She hadn’t seen her in a couple of days and had missed her SO much! Abbie shuffled into the room, her big blue eyes shining over at her mother and Chloe couldn’t help but smile for the millionth time in 24hrs. Because the older Abbie got the more and more she looked like Beca and it filled her with so much pride that she was able to bring their little girl into the world, just as she had with Abbie’s new baby brother. The three year old had a blue balloon drifting above her head, the string of which was wrapped around her wrist, and on it were the words “It’s a boy!”.

“Heeey Twinkle.” Chloe whispered as Beca led their daughter further into the room, having closed the door behind them, “Come and meet your new baby brother.”

Beca had the three year old’s coat and hat and mittens in her hands, smiling proudly at her wife then looking down at their daughter’s reaction. Abbie shuffled up to the bed, peering curiously at the baby in her mother’s arms, “This is Dexter?”

“Yeah sweetheart, this is Dexter.” Chloe said softly, a gentle smile on her face as she watched her daughter scramble up onto the bed beside her (Beca giving her a slight hand). Chloe’s heart melted as she watched Abbie smile as she looked from Dexter up to her in wonder, “He’s little” the three year old whispered and both Chloe and Beca let out small giggles.

“Yeah he is isn’t he” Beca said quietly, as she laid on the small scrap of bed that was left, joining her wife, daughter and newborn son. Abbie scrambled into Beca’s lap.

“My brother?” Abbie asked, turning her big blue eyes towards her Mama who let out a chuckle and pushed the little girl’s brown hair back.

“Yeah Abs, your baby brother.”

Abbie appeared to take this new information in, turning back to the little bundle of joy who was busy sleeping in their Mommy’s arms. Chloe and Beca’s hearts soared as they watched their three year old bend over and place a very delicate kiss on Dexter’s forehead.

“Hi baby brother” she whispered.

Chloe turned to Beca with tears in her eyes and the brunette reciprocated the look, placing a kiss on her wife’s forehead before they both looked down at their children. The Beale’s sat together, so very happy to finally be united again, this time as a family of four.

Chapter Text

Beca rolled her eyes while she saw Chloe leaning against the doorway to their apartment, the redhead furrowing her brow as she rummaged in her handbag for a key to let them in.

“Here” Beca mumbled, pulling her own key out of her own handbag and unlocking the door. The two best friends staggered into the studio apartment and Beca let out a heavy sigh as she shrugged her jacket off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor by the door with her handbag.

Chloe had closed the apartment door behind them and placed her own handbag on the small kitchen table while she watched Beca fall onto their shared fold-out bed, face first. The brunette let out a tired moan into the bedding and Chloe, in her tipsy state, let out a small gasp, worried about her best friend.

The redhead staggered over to the fold-out bed and plopped down on the bedding beside Beca, bringing her hand out and running her fingers through the woman’s long hair, “Are you okay sweetie??” Chloe asked sweetly, her head spinning a little from all the alcohol she’d consumed at the bar.

Beca let out another heavy sigh as she rolled onto her side to face her best friend, “Was just thinking ugh..what a shit day..”

Chloe watched Beca rub her eyes drowsily with her left hand, not caring in the slightest that she smudged her eyeliner. That was the thing about these two. They’d known each other seven years, and had lived together for six, the latter two years they had shared this crumby fold-out bed in the tiny studio apartment they shared with their other best friend Amy (who conveniently got to have a whole double bed to herself). They knew each other so well that neither cared what state the other looked in. Whether it was smudged make up or no make up at all. Freshly dried and straightened hair or crazy and matted hair. There was even that time that Beca and Chloe had BOTH been so sick for a whole week that they’d ran out of clean clothes to wear so had had to wear dirty clothes instead.

So Chloe looked down at her best friend with a sympathetic smile on her face, still running her fingers between Beca’s long brown hair, brushing it from her face while she said, “Sorry you got fired from your job..”

“I didn’t get fired,” Beca said with a drunk groan, sitting herself up, “I quit.”

Chloe had retracted her hand and began loosening the Bellas scarf around her neck, clearing her throat which had become dry due to the alcohol consumption earlier.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” Beca said groggily, with a dopey grin on her face, looking directly at Chloe.

The redhead let out a small giggle, rolling her eyes and raising her eyebrows at her best friend, “I know where that compliment leads to..”

But Beca simply shrugged, a playful smile growing on her tipsy face, “So?” and Chloe swallowed loudly again, her smile still on her face as she watched Beca slowly leaning her face towards her while whispering, “I didn’t hear you complaining last time..”

Chloe mirrored Beca’s leaning and the two best friends shared a gentle kiss, their lips remaining together for no more than a few moments before they parted slightly, smiles still on their faces.

This wasn’t the first time they’d returned home from an evening of drinking and had ended up kissing. It wasn’t something they did or talked about while sober. They’d just get home from whatever party they’d been to together, sit on the edge of their bed, and gently kiss and make out until they eventually fell asleep. Amy was never in the studio apartment when it happened. Which was probably why the two women kept doing it. Going out, getting drunk, wandering home together, then kissing on their bed until they fell asleep. The perfect routine.

And what’s more, neither felt awkward about it the next morning. They’d just wake up, mumble a “good morning”, and go about their life as usual.

“I don’t know how I feel about kissing you while we’re in our Bellas uniforms..” Beca mumbled, her hands fiddling with the hem of Chloe’s Bellas jacket. And Chloe let out a silent giggle, her fingers loosening the scarf around Beca’s neck.

“We could always take them off?” She whispered, biting her bottom lip while she watched Beca roll her eyes to the ceiling nervously. She was so cute when she got nervous. “What?” Chloe whispered, nudging Beca’s nose gently with the tip of hers and the brunette leant back to push her hair back from her face.

“It just seems so..organised..” Beca said with a small sigh, reaching out and taking hold of the edges of Chloe’s jacket, “can’t we just..” she gave the jacket a little tug so Chloe slowly moved towards her, “keep kissing and just..” and their noses touched lightly again while Beca mumbled, “roll with it?”

Chloe let out a small “uhuh..” before her mouth was muffled again with Beca’s, and the two best friends gently kissed.

The next hour consisted of jackets being disposed of, and the two women making out whilst laying on top of their fold-out bed. At some point Beca had drowsily declared she was going to change into her pyjamas which she did, hating how uncomfortable her Bellas outfit was. But when she had got changed she turned to see that Chloe had fallen asleep on their bed.

Beca smiled softly, then moved around the bed to the side Chloe was on, tugging the woman’s pyjamas from under her pillow then nudging her best friend.

“Come on Chlo. PJ’s.” Beca whispered, and the redhead let out a small moan, standing with Beca then fumbling to get her clothes off. Beca helped her, then handed Chloe her PJ bottoms followed by her PJ top.

The brunette wandered across to their little kitchen and got them a couple of glasses of water, walking back and placing them on the bedside tables. Then she pulled back the bedcover and scrambled underneath it to lay beside her best friend.

Beca let out an exhausted sigh then smiled sleepily when she felt Chloe wrap her arms around her waist, tuck into her as the big-spoon, and place a kiss on her shoulder. The position they often woke up in every morning..

Chapter Text

Beca slowly opened her eyes, blinking as the early morning light seeped between the blinds hung up in the tiny studio apartment she rented with her two best friends. Amy’s snores could be heard coming from the woman’s double bed behind her. But right now that wasn’t the main focus on Beca’s mind.

Right now Beca had frozen, holding her breath because as she looked in front of her all she could see was a sea of red hair. Her knees were curled perfectly into her other best friend’s body, being the big spoon to Chloe’s little spoon. But it was her left hand that distracted her the most. Because for some reason, overnight, Beca had reached around her best friend and cupped her left boob.

And that was how she had awoken.

What was more, Beca realised that Chloe had her hand on top of hers while it was on the boob. So now Beca couldn’t work out if she herself had cupped Chloe’s boob or if Chloe had taken her hand to cup it.

Either way, Beca felt confused. Because she’d been pining after the redhead for a good couple of years now and sharing a bed hadn’t helped matters. And while Beca was almost certain Chloe didn’t have feelings for her, the amount of times they’d curled up together in this tiny bed particularly over the past year had her thinking otherwise.

Beca let out a small yawn while she continued thinking. But she suddenly froze when she heard Chloe whisper, “Beca?” through the early morning light.

“Yeah?” Beca whispered back. She felt the hand on hers tense slightly, as though Chloe was aware this was probably inappropriate behaviour for two women who were just best friends.

“Oh..I wasn’t sure if you were awake or not..” came the whispered response.

Okay this was a bit too weird, even for Chloe. So Beca pulled her hand from Chloe’s boob but instead of bringing her hand back to her own body as she would’ve done back in college, Beca moved her hand down to Chloe’s waist and rested her palm on her stomach instead, noting that the redhead’s pyjama top had ridden up slightly. Beca’s hand was touching skin, and it made the brunette swallow loudly.

The steady rumble of snores from Amy was the only thing rattling around the tiny studio apartment, but Beca’s mind was screaming at her to ask Chloe something she’d so desperately wanted to know for a long time. And Beca wasn’t sure if it was how early it was but suddenly she found herself clearing her throat.

“Uh if I were to…ever ask you to kiss me..w-would you do it?” Beca screwed her face up, immediately feeling so stupid that it was a wonder Chloe hadn’t leapt out of bed in horror. But she hadn’t. Far from it.

Beca felt her best friend hesitate, then to her surprise she watched as Chloe turned beneath the brunette’s left arm so they were now face-to-face in their bed. She swallowed loudly as she noticed Chloe staring deep into her eyes, as if trying to read her mind. As if trying to work out if she were pulling a prank on her. But Beca was deadly serious.

“Well..yeah..” Chloe said nervously, biting her lip as she looked from Beca’s eyes to her mouth then slowly back up again.

Beca’s heart was racing. She could feel the way Chloe had wound her arm round to the small of her back. She saw the way her best friend had glanced briefly at her lips. Oh it was on!

“Kiss m-” Beca mumbled but was immediately cut off by Chloe who had drifted her lips onto Beca’s. The two lay in each other’s arms for several moments, enjoying each other’s soft kisses for the first time.

After a little while they parted, trying to catch some air while also trying not to disturb Amy, who continued to sleep on her double bed.

Beca swallowed loudly, a calm smile on her face that matched Chloe’s. Then they resumed their kissing, their legs now tangled together and Chloe’s hand on Beca’s cheek, running her fingers through her long brown hair.

This right here? This was perfection…

Chapter Text

Beca peered intently at the toe closest to her nose, and brought her left hand up steadily before applying the red nail polish onto the toenail. Her brow was furrowed in concentration, trying desperately hard not to smudge the liquid.

She sat cross legged on the fold-out bed she shared with Chloe in the studio apartment they shared with Fat Amy in Brooklyn, busy doing something she’d been told was a necessary part of foot-care: painting toe nails. She didn’t even know why she was bothering, but apparently it mattered. And that apparently had come from her best friend, Chloe. To her right, in a space on the bed, was a rectangular tray with cotton buds and a range of nail polishes, the one she was using right now being the only one open. The apartment stank of nail polish fumes, but she was concentrating so hard she didn’t notice.

Suddenly her phone vibrated to her left and Beca paused the motion, placing the polish brush back in its pot, then moving as little as possible to grab her phone, hoping not to smudge the nail paint.

The brunette opened the message that had been posted on the Bellas Group Whatsapp, then let out a loud frustrated groan, “Amy!! What have I told you about taking sneaky photos of me and Chloe!!”

Beca looked up from her phone and over at Fat Amy who peered over at her from her position on her own bed, her phone in her hands. Amy raised her eyebrows innocently, “Whaaaat? You guys shouldn’t get into positions where I want to take sneaky photos of you!”

The brunette rolled her eyes with a sigh, just as she heard a small giggle escape from Chloe’s mouth and Beca turned to look at her. Chloe was laid out in front of her, her head at the foot of the bed, her feet in Beca’s lap while the younger woman concentrated on painting her toe nails.

Beca suddenly felt annoyed that she’d made Chloe a ‘Homemade Pedicure’ voucher for Christmas, something that the redhead had cashed in little over a week later, today, New Years Eve, in preparation for the party the three of them would be heading out to this evening. But as Chloe gave her a small wink, Beca relaxed slightly, loving the way Chloe muttered to her, “Don’t worry they won’t say anything..”

But Chloe was wrong. Because within a minute of the photo of Beca painting Chloe’s toenails had been released, the Bellas Whatsapp blew up, as it always did whenever Amy posted a photo of the two of them.

Emily: Oh em aca geeeeeeeee!! So cute!! Xxx

Aubrey: Keep it in your pants Beca x

Stacie: Total wives x

Cynthia-Rose: #wives #goals

Ashley: “Find someone who looks at you like Beca looks at Chloe..” x

Flo: #truelove 

Fat Amy: You guys would love being here so much..

Beca turned to look at Amy with an unimpressed expression and the blonde swallowed loudly but grinned mischievously. Beca rolled her eyes, shook her head gently, and resumed her concentration on painting Chloe’s toenails. This sort of teasing had been happening for so many years now that Beca and Chloe had learnt to just roll with it. So what if they were best friends and really close? Let the Bellas believe whatever they wanted to believe. At the end of the day it was nobody’s business but Beca and Chloe’s.

And Beca and Chloe were secretly very much in love with each other. They just hadn’t had the confidence to tell each other that yet..

Chapter Text

The lounge of the large house was filled with a hive of activity as the Bellas all gathered in the room. It had been a month since they’d returned from their USO tour. Stacie sat in the centre of a large couch, grinning broadly at her best friend’s who had all just arrived at her parents house, a small baby in her arms.

The Conrad’s has taken their daughter in the moment she had revealed to them that she was pregnant. They were relieved she had graduated college with a top degree. Stacie was a strong young woman, and there had been no question whether she’d keep the baby.

“Hey Bella!” Chloe cooed while she sat knelt in front of Stacie, peering at the five week old in Stacie’s arms.

“You wanna hold her?” The mother asked sweetly and the Bellas all grinned as Chloe’s eyes lit up. But nobody’s smile was brighter than Chloe’s as the redhead let out a small gasp while the baby was gently placed in her arms.

“Heeeeey..” Chloe whispered, tears beginning to shine in her eyes as she looked down at the tiny baby. She brought her small finger across to Bella’s little hand and the infant gripped it in her palm.

Aubrey and Beca strode into the lounge, both carrying trays of coffee for their friends. Beca had offered to help the blonde with the drinks mostly to find out how things were going since Aubrey had moved into the Conrad’s spare room. Aubrey had told her that things were going great and that Stacie and Bella were helping out loads with the research she was doing to become a Dulah.

Aubrey had asked Beca how the first month of her recording contract had been going. Beca had explained that while being away in LA every couple of weeks or so was hard work, she was still enjoying the challenge of producing her own music for once. Aubrey had then gone on to ask how she was finding it being away from Chloe for so long, the two best friends having shared a fold-out bed in the studio apartment they rented with Fat Amy for two years. And Beca had said that it had been really weird, but worth it for the times that she got to go home to Brooklyn and see her again.

What none of the Bellas knew, not even Fat Amy, was that Beca and Chloe had begun dating shortly after returning home from their USO tour. Yes, the long-distance thing hadn’t worked when Beca had been with Jesse, but there was something so different about being in a relationship with Chloe.

Beca and Aubrey placed the trays of coffee down, then Beca stood with a soft smile on her face while she watched her girlfriend holding the five week old baby in her arms. Chloe was made to be a mother. Her soft voice and kind manner made anyone feel safe and loved. And Beca was one of those people.

Chloe looked up from Bella, over at her girlfriend, and felt her heart skip a beat when she noticed Beca’s smile widen slightly once their eyes found each other. So much of her life had finally become full and perfect. She was starting vet school next week, she still found time to see her best friends, and she was finally dating the woman she’d been in love with for seven years.

“Did you want to have a hold, Beca?” Stacie asked, and Beca realised all the Bellas had been looking at her with knowing smiles on their faces. They weren’t stupid. They’d noticed how differently Beca and Chloe were acting around each other now as opposed to how they had been acting around each other on the USO tour. They were definitely dating.

“Uh..yeah..o-okay..” Beca said nervously, and she moved towards Chloe, kneeling beside her. Chloe gently placed the baby in Beca’s arms and the two women leaned into one another as they looked down at the baby. Aubrey, who had been stood behind Chloe, noticed the redhead smooth her hand across the small of Beca’s back. Stacie had been right to suggest to her yesterday that the two might be dating.

After all, Stacie did the exact same thing to Aubrey whenever the two of them had a quiet moment together with Bella. And Aubrey felt sure that if there were no other Bellas about, in that very moment Beca and Chloe would have probably shared a kiss.

Chapter Text

Chloe stood alone at the bar that she, Fat Amy, Flo, Aubrey, and Stacie had managed to gather in for New Years Eve in NYC. It was only five minutes to midnight. She ordered her favourite beer, having lost count of how many she’d already consumed, and she looked down miserably at her phone. It was the first New Years Eve she’d spent without Beca in four years. And this was the biggest New Years for Chloe yet because, as of four months ago when she and the rest of the Bellas had finished their USO tour, Chloe and Beca had begun dating.

It was very much a long distance thing. The longest it had been ever since they’d first met seven years ago. While Beca maintained that ‘Home’ for her was their little studio apartment that they shared with Fat Amy in Brooklyn, the brunette had spent the past six weeks in LA putting the final touches to her debut record. Chloe had managed to see her girlfriend for twenty four hours over Christmas so had tried her hardest to make the most of that time. But it hadn’t made the idea of New Years without her any easier.

So now she was stood staring miserably down at her phone, reading over Beca’s final few texts to her. She was waiting patiently for her girlfriend to call her. To wish her a Happy New Year just as the clock struck midnight here in NYC.

The beer was passed to Chloe and the redhead slid the money to the bartender before turning on the spot. She looked out at the busy bustling bar, watching her close friends while they laughed and danced to the music being played there. And while Chloe was normally the first to dive into a dancing frenzy with her friends (particularly when she was drunk) it just didn’t feel the same without Beca.

Suddenly her phone vibrated and her heart soared as she saw her girlfriend’s photo appear on the screen signifying her call.

“I thought you’d forgotten!” Chloe answered with a broad smile, relieved that she hadn’t, and she heard Beca let out a small chuckle.

“How could I possibly forget you?” Beca asked simply and Chloe felt as though she was melting. Because the woman had this way of saying the most wonderful and romantic things to her sometimes.

“I wish you were here..” Chloe said, her smile dropping as she took a swig of beer from the bottle in her hand.

The DJ began announcing that it was almost time to begin counting down, and Chloe froze as she thought she could hear bustling bar-noise in the background of Beca’s call.

“Turn around Chlo..” Beca said in an amused tone.

Chloe turned to look at the other end of the room and her heart leapt into her throat as she watched her petite girlfriend winding her way between the punters, her phone to her ear, but keeping her eyes on Chloe as she made her way through the busy bar. She wore her long brown hair up in a simple ponytail, her smokey-eye makeup done to perfection, her signature black clothes hugging her body beautifully and finished with her black leather jacket.

Chloe immediately placed her bottle of beer on the surface of the bar, ending the call just as the DJ began the countdown. The redhead made her way between people, towards her girlfriend, desperately wanting to get to her in time for midnight to strike.

“3…2…” the people around them cried out merrily, and Chloe found tears pricking her eyes as she finally got around the last person and ran into Beca’s arms.

“…1! Happy New Yeeeeeear!!”

Chloe felt overwhelmed with joy and love and excitement as she felt Beca cup her cheeks and pull her into a deep kiss. The redhead wound her arms around her girlfriend’s waist, gasping for air slightly as their kiss broke.

“What are you doing here??” Chloe asked loudly over the noise in the bar, a huge grin on her face.

“I couldn’t not kiss you at Midnight, Chloe!” Beca said with a grin as broad as her counterpart’s, drawing her into a quick kiss.

“But you were in LA today!” Chloe mumbled loudly against Beca’s lips, “You have to be in LA tomorrow!”

“I know! But I had to see you Chlo! I had to kiss you! I had to start the year off right!” Beca explained loudly, tears shining in her eyes as she stroked her thumb across a tear that had begun rolling down Chloe’s cheek. She adored the woman in her arms. Every inch of her. And yes being away for work sucked. But it was so so worth it to be able to come home to her after her LA stints.

“I love you Beca Mitchell!” Chloe cried out, pulling Beca into another deep kiss. They remained in that state for a good minute before they broke apart and Beca replied, “I love you too Chloe Beale!”

Suddenly they heard loud shrieks of excitement nearby and the two know they belonged to their close friends, having clearly realised that Beca had come over to NYC to surprise Chloe..

Chapter Text

“Okay so go over the plan again?” Beca asked, nursing her second coffee of the morning while she watched her wife pulling some juice out of the fridge.

“We let Ethan wander around the house without his diaper on all day. Any time he needs to go pee or poop we send him to his potty.” Chloe said simply with a shrug and an optimistic smile.

“Ah, see I thought that’s what you said..” Beca said then let out a yawn. It was only 7am and their two year old had already been awake for two hours. And while Beca normally got a lie-in on her rare day off, her wife getting up to tend to Ethan until a more reasonable time of the morning, the brunette couldn’t sleep so had decided to get up with her wife and son instead. “So we let Ethan wander around the apartment naked.”


“No diaper..”


“In the hope that he’ll miraculously start using the potty properly by the end of the day..”


Beca raised her eyebrows, taking a sip of her coffee before muttering, “Doesn’t sound like an accident waiting to happen at all..”

She watched as Chloe rolled her eyes, her hands landing on her hips as the redhead looked intently at her wife, “Look, Dr Henshaw said it works! If we get Ethan potty trained I won’t have to carry around the diaper bag when we go on tour with you next month..”

Beca raised her hand in defence, “No I get it, I get it…you know it’s not too late for me to get you a-“

“-I’m NOT having a PA, Beca..” Chloe said sharply with a frown and the brunette had no choice but to shrug, adding a quiet “Okay”.

Suddenly the two women paused, looking at each other while listening hard.

“It’s…a little quiet…” Beca said nervously and her wife nodded, responding with an equally nervous, “A little too quiet…”

Beca rose to her feet, making her way through from the kitchen to the lounge, hearing Chloe close behind her. She heard the redhead let out a horrified yelp, one that was complimented by Beca’s equally horrified yelp. They saw their two year old son, stood in front of the large TV, his hands on his hips while watching ‘Paw Patrol’. And a stream of wee falling from his little body.

“Shhhhit!” Beca cried out, diving forward and picking her son up. A terrible decision as the stream of wee moved with the little boy and Beca began to panic as the motion made the wee spray up onto the TV screen.

“Beca!” Chloe shrieked in a panicked voice. Neither mother noticed their son’s startled expression, both too busy panicking about the mess their son was making.

“What do we do??” Beca called out desperately to her wife.

“I-I don’t know!!” Chloe said honestly, her hands in her hair as she saw the stream of wee now spraying over the magazines she’d had neatly laid out on the coffee table.

“Oh God!” Beca said as she saw the ruined magazines, “Well what would Dr Henderson suggest??”

“I don’t know!”

“I bought you her book for Christmas!! What do you mean you don’t know?!” Beca yelled, still terrified as she held her son a little higher, the wee still coming out.

“Oh I’m sorry I’ve not read her entire book Beca!” Chloe said sarcastically, “I’ve kinda been a little preoccupied trying to raise our son!!”

The lack of sleep was affecting both women, both easily wound up at the moment.

“Well a fine job you’re doing with that!” Beca snapped, noticing her son bring his hands down his body, “No Ethan don’t-“ but she paused to let out a heavy sigh as the two year old covered his hands in urine, “…put your hands there…”

Chloe brought her own hands to her face, peering between her fingers while looking at her wife and son.

“Seriously dude, HOW are you still peeing??” Beca muttered quietly to her son before looking at her wife, “What did you give him to drink this morning?”

“Me?!” Chloe asked, outraged that her wife was seeming to blame her. She let out a groan as the wee continued to dribble on the new rug they’d recently imported from Italy. The new rug that hadn’t been cheap. “Oh God, Beca just put him down!!!” She snapped loudly.

It was at that moment the two women paused, their son saying clearly over the sound of the TV, “Down!”

Beca gently placed her son back down on the floor of the lounge, and with an exhausted sigh the two mothers stood side by side as they looked down at their two year old. Ethan Mitchell looked up at his mothers innocently, his hands covered in wee, his little eyebrows raised to reveal his huge blue eyes. And suddenly Beca and Chloe both began laughing. Because if they hadn’t laughed they would’ve cried.

Needless to say, one month later Ethan still hadn’t been potty trained, Stacie having advised Chloe that two years old probably was a bit too young to be attempting it. And so the redhead had accepted the offer of a PA while she and Ethan joined Beca on her US tour - but only to carry the diaper bag..

Chapter Text

Beca let out a huge groan, immediately grabbing the bed covers around her and pulling them up over her head as she heard the door to the studio apartment she shared with her best friend’s open then slam shut. Her mouth was dry and furry and yucky and she was fairly certain she may have vomited at some point overnight thanks to the crappy taste in her mouth. She let out an exhausted sigh, her body feeling heavy like lead as she slowly drifted back off to sleep.

Another groan left her lifeless body as she heard her heavy footed, heavy handed, heavy breathing best friend rattling around the apartment. But Beca didn’t need to say anything to the lively Australian, because suddenly a loud groan and a mumbled “Amyyyyyy!” sounded from beside her, and Beca felt Chloe pulling the bedcovers over her own head.

This was the fold-out bed they shared. It had been for almost two years now. So Beca was used to the feel of Chloe’s warm body curling up into hers, particularly in moments like this when they were both heavily hung over. Beca let out another sigh as she felt Chloe crawl a little further into her arms, the redhead’s body becoming a little heavier as she drifted back off to sleep.

“You guys it’s not like it’s early!” Fat Amy said innocently. Loudly. “It’s 3pm on New Years Day!”

“Which means we only got home 9 hours ago Amy..” Beca mumbled sleepily, her head throbbing. She brought her hand to her nose and rubbed it before snaking it around Chloe’s bare waist. Beca let out a small groan then froze as she thought about the skin beneath her fingertips.

“Speak for yourself..” Amy said, pulling the terrible curtain around the excuse they had for a toilet, “Where did you guys end up anyway? I lost you before midnight.”

Beca slowly began running her fingers up Chloe’s bare ribcage and to her relief they came in contact with her bra. They weren’t naked. Not like last New Years, when it had been highly awkward waking up naked together with no recollection of whether anything had happened or not. Because they weren’t a couple. They weren’t dating. And other than the odd make-out session here or there when they returned home from a party, neither woman talked about whether they wanted to go beyond their status of best friends.

Beca swallowed loudly as she felt Chloe slowly trace her own fingertips up Beca’s back, pausing at her bra strap. Chloe let out a slight exhale and Beca let out a small smile when she heard her best friend whisper into her chest to her, “Oh thank God..for a minute there I thought we were naked again.”

The brunette opened her eyes slightly, letting out a small groan as her eyes met the dim light that came in from outside the bedcovers. She heard Chloe do the same and watched as the redhead brought her face back from the crook of her neck to blink up at her.

Despite her banging headache Beca still found the energy to keep her eyes open, her heart beginning to beat faster as her eyes locked with Chloe’s. Their bare legs were interlaced and Beca could feel Chloe’s chest rising and falling against hers. The brunette gently brought her hand from Chloe’s ribs and slid it up to the woman’s cheek, cupping it delicately. She watched as Chloe bit her bottom lip, inching her face a little closer to Beca’s. Just as the tips of their noses touched, a loud groan was heard outside of their bedcover shelter, followed by a large fart.

“Oops. Sorry girls..” came Amy’s response from behind the ‘privacy curtain’, but Beca and Chloe were already cringing, horrified at the smell that was now filling the small studio apartment.

“Oh God, Amy!!!” Beca cried out angrily, before groaning as the effort it had taken to raise her voice, bringing her hand from Chloe’s cheek to her own forehead with a wince.

Beca heard the toilet flush and the ‘privacy curtain’ being pulled open, before the Australian’s noisy footsteps thudded over to the fold-out bed that Beca and Chloe currently lay in. Amy appeared to open the only window in the apartment, then a spraying sound was heard as the blonde used an air freshener.

“So where did you guys end up?” Amy asked again with a sigh, moving over to the tiny kitchen to get some juice out of the fridge.

“We were at Dan’s party with you, Amy, then I think we went to Galleon’s?” Chloe mumbled, and Beca had some sudden recollection of her and Chloe being in the Galleon’s Bar in Brooklyn.

“Galleons?” Amy said suspiciously, “Isn’t that a gay bar?”

Beca and Chloe both swallowed loudly, their eyes wrenching open and they looked at one another again. They held their breath as memories from last night came flooding back. Yes they had drunkenly thought it had been a fun idea to go from Amy’s friend’s party to a gay bar. Yes they had held hands the whole time they’d been there. And yes, they’d been each other’s midnight kiss. A kiss that had quickly turned into a deep and long make out session in one of the darker corners of the busy bar.

“Uh, yeah?” Beca said awkwardly, looking down at Chloe’s lips while the redhead bit her bottom lip, a small guilty smile growing on her face. A smile that Beca mirrored.

“Okaaay..” Amy said suspiciously, a small grin on her face.

Meanwhile Beca had returned her hand to cup Chloe’s cheek. She couldn’t remember a lot of what had happened last night, but she did remember making out with Chloe in that bar at midnight, just like she remembered making out with her when they’d arrived at their apartment block, and again making out with her when they’d both got into their apartment. She remembered how amazing kissing Chloe felt. And it was this memory that had her inching her face towards Chloe’s.

“So if the bedcovers weren’t over you guys right now I wouldn’t find you both naked?” Amy asked curiously. But neither Beca or Chloe had really heard her, because they had begun quietly kissing under the bedcovers. Chloe’s fingertips drifting up and down Beca’s back while the brunette continued to cup Chloe’s cheek.

Suddenly they let out loud gasps, their kiss breaking as the bedcovers were flung off their fold-out bed, “I KNEW it!!” Amy exclaimed with a huge grin on her face, “I KNEW you two were doing it!”

Beca sat up quickly to snatch back the bedcovers, grabbing them successfully but letting out a huge groan as she landed back on the bed, her head throbbing still. Chloe scrambled to straighten out the bedcovers, and the two woman sighed as they laid back in the bed, clutching the bedcovers.

“Um..I need to go out to pick some groceries up so..I’ll be about 30 minutes..”

“Amy..” Chloe started, not wanting to make the Australian feel awkward, but the woman merely smiled at her best friend’s.

“Alright, alright, I’ll make sure I’m at least 40 minutes. That should give you guys enough time right?”

“Oh my God” Beca muttered, her hand over her eyes in embarrassment. But before anything more was said, Amy darted out of the apartment.

Both Beca and Chloe let out loud groans of discomfort as the apartment door slammed shut again, disturbing their respective headaches. And although they had now been given ample of time to get up to whatever Amy assumed they would want to get up to, Chloe merely shuffled into Beca’s arms again, pulling the covers over their shoulders.

And they simply lay there dozing, placing drowsy kisses on each other’s bodies from time to time, until Amy returned with armfuls Of snacks and bottles of water to help her best friend’s with their hangovers.

Chapter Text

It was only supposed to be a week long visit. Seven days. Well..technically six. But at the end of the day, this visit was only for research purposes. Or at least, it had been.

Aubrey had decided she’d wanted to become a ‘Doula’. That had been her dream job growing up and now that she’d officially decided to go for it there was no stopping her. Except one thing..she’d never really spoken to any new mothers about it. She had no idea what it was like to become a mother, to carry a child, to have to think about the decisions that needed to be made before, during and after birth. And that was the key purpose of a doula, to help mothers and their families with those decisions.

It wasn’t like any of her family had had babies recently and none of her friends. Except one. Stacie. The Bella that she probably knew the least. So when she had tentatively approached the brunette via text message at the end of their USO tour she’d been surprised at how enthusiastic Stacie had been, the younger woman having immediately called the blonde and insisting she came to her parents house where she and her newborn were living. Within a week (two weeks after the end of the USO tour) Aubrey had arrived for a six day stay at the Conrad’s family home.

Aubrey, being Aubrey, had jumped at the chance to cuddle baby Bella. She’d cooed and smiled and mumbled sweet little things into the baby’s ear while she’d held her and had enjoyed getting to know Stacie over coffee and then the meal that Stacie’s mother had prepared for them. And when she had gone to bed in the beautiful spare room that The Conrad’s had prepared for her to stay in for the week, Aubrey had fallen asleep with a smile on her face, still certain that supporting mothers and their babies and their families was what she wanted to do as a career.

By the next night Aubrey had spent an entire day with Stacie and Bella, this time heading into the local town for a walk around the mall as well as more coffee and getting to know each other properly. In that time Aubrey had discovered that Stacie, for however uninterested in studies she may have seemed in college, had actually graduated with a fantastic degree. And what’s more Stacie had the most brilliant senses of humour. Aubrey was certain she hadn’t laughed as hard as she had that day at the mall. Another night down and Aubrey fell asleep again with a smile on her face.

By the third day Aubrey was offering to change Bella’s diapers, insisting that Stacie rested instead, the brunette having been up in the night to tend to her daughter’s wails. And Stacie hadn’t objected but rather watched with a soft smile on her face while Aubrey changed the smelly diaper with all the air and grace that the blonde would have.

At one moment during these smelly diaper changes, Aubrey had looked up from the freshly changed baby (having been leant over Bella to pull faces at her followed by zooming her face down and placing loud kisses on her cheeks) to see that Stacie was looking at her in an odd sort of way. And when Aubrey had questioned it Stacie had let out a small laugh, softly saying how much of a natural Aubrey was at all this mother stuff.

Those words and that expression had been the thing floating around Aubrey’s head for the rest of the day and as she fell asleep in the spare room of the Conrad family house on the third night, a calmer smile was on her face.

The next day Aubrey had got up like usual, had made Stacie and herself a coffee and breakfast, but for the first time since arriving had chosen to take it all up on a tray to Stacie’s bedroom. Stacie had awoken to the smell of fresh coffee and when she had insisted that Aubrey join her in her bed, the blonde had initially hesitated. If it had been any other Bella (okay, maybe not Lilly) then she would’ve simply scrambled under the bed covers. But Aubrey had hesitated because it had occurred to her before she’d fallen asleep last night that perhaps she was developing romantic feelings for Stacie. Feelings that were probably strengthened by how much she adored baby Bella..

But she’d accepted the offer and for the next hour they’d had a peaceful breakfast in bed together. Until Bella woke up. Aubrey had got up to tend to her and by the time she’d taken her downstairs to find her Mommy, Stacie was already placing their breakfast bowls in the dishwasher. Stacie had chuckled, Aubrey had asked why, and the brunette had brightly said it was like they were married with a baby.

That had been the next collection of thoughts to consume Aubrey’s mind that day and by the time the evening came around the blonde had dozed off on the couch with her head on Stacie’s shoulder and Baby Bella sleeping peacefully on her chest. When she had finally woke it was 2am and Bella had awoken, ready for a feed. Aubrey had apologised for falling asleep against her friend, but Stacie had merely chuckled, scooping her daughter up to feed her while confessing that she’d also nodded off. Aubrey went to bed in the spare room of the Conrad’s house, staring through the dark at the ceiling, a smile on her face as she thought about how beautiful Stacie was.

Aubrey, Stacie and Bella’s fifth day together started much how the fourth day had, the two women had had breakfast together in Stacie’s bed, except this time when Bella woke Aubrey picked the baby up and brought her into the bed. For the next hour Aubrey and Stacie had sung songs and nursery rhymes to Bella, had told her stories of their time at Barden, and had even told each other stories of their own upbringing by explaining it to Bella. By the time the two women had brought the baby downstairs they felt as though they knew far more about each other than they ever had before.

A trip to the park that afternoon had been far more fun than most mid to late twenty year olds would normally find it, thanks to Stacie’s insistence that she and Aubrey took it in turns to go on the swings while the other looked after Bella in her little buggy. Again, the blonde found herself laughing harder than she ever had before this week away, and as they walked home Aubrey looped her arm in Stacie’s while they chatted.

To Aubrey’s surprise The Conrad’s had offered to baby sit and arranged for Stacie to take her friend out for dinner on the fifth and final night of her stay with them, as a thanks for her visit and helping with Bella. Both women spent a little extra time on their hair, makeup and outfit choices. They both bid Bella goodnight with kisses to her cheek. Then Mr Conrad drove them down into town so his daughter and Aubrey could go to dinner.

Aubrey and Stacie sat in the small Italian restaurant, smiling nervously at each other, both diving at the chance to share a bottle of wine the second the waiter arrived at the table. A glass each down and the nerves had subsided. Aubrey had taken a photo of the wine to put on Instagram, tagging Stacie in the post.

Their conversation drifted to how unusual it was that Beca and Chloe still hadn’t bucked their ideas up and begun dating. Aubrey had laughed at how painful it had been to watch the two of them pining after each other for so long, and Stacie had casually mentioned how the two had been sharing a bed for a good couple of years that it was a wonder they’d not got together yet. Aubrey had said how it was nice that at least Beca and Chloe got on so well and knew each other so well that when the time eventually came for them to finally get together that it would be a natural union. This had caused Stacie to look at Aubrey in that odd calm way she had done the day before.

Later, while they both wandered side-by-side to a nearby station to get a cab back to The Conrad’s house, Stacie had slowly reached out and taken Aubrey’s hand. And Aubrey had squeezed it affectionately. They held hands in the cab. Held hands walking up to the front door. Then released them when they entered the house.

Bella had been well behaved and was asleep by the time Stacie had gone up to her bedroom. Several moments later Aubrey had snuck into the room and the two women had stood beside Bella’s crib, smiling down at the baby. Stacie had smoothed her hand across the small of Aubrey’s back and the blonde had lent into her. They’d shared a look in the dimly lit bedroom.

On the final night of her stay Aubrey didn’t fall asleep in the spare room of the Conrad’s house. She fell asleep in Stacie’s bed, having made out with the brunette for over two hours, with chats and giggles in between.

So yeah it had been a six day stay. But despite arriving with the intention of research for her future career, Aubrey ended up leaving with the promise of a fresh start with her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s daughter, Bella.

Chapter Text

[Week after Worlds. Beca walks into the Bellas kitchen. There are several large stacked cardboard boxes around the room. Chloe is sat on the floor by the fridge, busy writing an inventory of all her kitchen items that appeared to half be in a box to her right, and half strewn across the floor to her left. On her lap is a clipboard and piece of paper. In her hand is a yellow pen. Beca stops right in front of her.]

Beca: “Hey, so I’ve got some news..”

[Chloe looks up at her Beca with an expectant expression on her face]

Beca: “I got the job! The trainee producer job!”

[Beca chuckles as Chloe smiles and lets out an excitable squeal. Chloe throws the pen and clipboard to the side. She jumps to her feet but Beca takes a step back holding her hands out]

Beca: “But before you say anything I have to tell’s in New York City…”

Chloe: Oh..”

Beca: “Here’s the thing though..I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go all the way to New York without my best friend..”

[A small smile grows on Chloe’s face as Beca reaches out and takes Chloe’s hand, a nervous smile on her face.]

Beca: “What do you say? Come to New York with me?”

[Chloe opens her mouth ready to respond, but suddenly Amy appears from behind a stack of large cardboard boxes]

Fat Amy: “Beca!! Of course I’ll go to New York with you!”

[Beca and Chloe both turn to look at Amy, furrowing their brows with a smile of amusement as Amy walks over to them. Beca hadn’t really intended on asking Fat Amy to go with them..]

Fat Amy: “This is gonna be so awesome! The three amigos hitting NYC!”

[Amy grabs both Beca and Chloe and pulls them into a tight group hug. Beca and Chloe chuckle. Beca looks at Chloe while Amy continues to hug them. They all grin.]

Beca: “What do you say Chlo?”

Chloe: “I can’t think of anywhere I’d want to be more.”

[And the three best friends share a big hug, excited about their first adventure together after graduation.]

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell let out a heavy sigh as she reached the top of the stairwell of her Brooklyn apartment block. It was almost eleven thirty at night. The curse of her super awesome high-flying well paid but exhausting recent promotion to ‘Music Producer’ for BFD records meant that she’d had to start pulling even crazier long hours to make sure deadlines were met. Even today - her birthday.

The brunette quietly slid her key into the front door of the studio apartment that she shared with her two best friends, Amy and Chloe. Amy had been her roommate back in college. And Chloe? Well Chloe had also lived in the large house they’d shared with the seven other girls in their college acapella group. But Chloe had always meant something more to Beca during the years that she’d known her. Not that Beca had really recognised this until their senior year of college. By which time they’d been friends for so long that telling the woman she actually had feelings for her beyond that of friendship was out of the question - Beca had just resigned herself to the fact that Chloe didn’t feel anything more than friendship for her and that revealing her secret crush on the redhead to the redhead herself would ruin one of her most valued friendships.

Beca stepped into the studio apartment, holding her breath, trying her hardest to wake Chloe, who she knew would be asleep by now - the woman had an early wake up time tomorrow as it was Sunday, the day she volunteered at the local dog shelter. Saturday night meant that Amy was out at one of her stand-up comedy gigs that she did in downtown NYC. The Australian wouldn’t be back for hours yet.

Suddenly Beca grinned as her eyes landed on the expected body of her best friend. Her crush. Chloe. Laid on her front on the fold-out bed they shared, facing the door that Beca had just come through. Her head resting on her arm, her phone dormant in her other hand. She was fast asleep.

Beca had to stifle a chuckle as she noticed the party hat on Chloe’s head, the large ‘Happy Birthday!!’ banner that hung above their shared bed, and balloons that were scattered around the floor by their bed. A large present lay wrapped behind Chloe on their pillows at the top of the bed. And Beca went to hang her jacket on the back of one of the small kitchen chairs, noticing a birthday cake from Magnolia Bakery on the small kitchen table, with so many candles on it (though Beca knew Chloe well enough to know that the redhead would have ensured there were twenty four to match the age she was celebrating).

When you were friends with Chloe your birthday wasn’t just a birthday. It was the birthday! Something that consumed the woman’s entire focus for the whole day. Unfortunately for Chloe her bed-partner, her best friend, the birthday girl - well she’d had to stay at work for an extra five hours. So late in fact that Chloe had fallen asleep.

A soft smile washed over Beca’s face as she looked over at her best friend’s beauty while the redhead slept peacefully. The woman got undressed quietly and changed into her pyjamas. She then crept over to the armchair beside their bed, pulled the large blanket from the back of it, unfolded it, and laid it over Chloe’s body, leaving just the woman’s shoulders and head peeping above it.

Beca turned out the lights, leaving just the small string of fairy-lights above the window on, then snuck her way underneath the blanket, ignoring the large birthday present behind her. She let out a tired sigh as she tucked into Chloe, wrapping her arm around her waist as she spooned her best friend. 

“Mmmbeca?” Chloe mumbled sleepily and Beca simply hushed her affectionately, smiling when she felt Chloe bring her hand over hers, entwining their fingers over her stomach.

“I’m home Chlo.” Beca whispered into Chloe’s hair, “Go back to sleep.”

Chloe let out a sleepy sigh and Beca felt her fingers loosen slightly, a sign that her best friend had fallen back to sleep again. She knew what Chloe was like. The woman was going to be mortified that she hadn’t stayed awake to greet Beca when she got home from work, no matter how late it had been. 

But for Beca, getting to curl up with her crush and fall asleep with her was the greatest birthday present of all.

And with one final sigh, Beca felt herself drifting off to sleep, the smell of Chloe’s fragrant shampoo wafting into her nostrils and casting a calming charm over her body.

Chapter Text

Chloe stirred in her sleep, letting out a tired sigh as she felt a light something tracing its way down the length of her arm, her long sleeve pyjama top having been rolled up to her elbow by someone so that the sensation ran down her bare skin to her wrist, then back up again. She let out a small groan, mumbling a “mmmthat’s nice..” in a drowsy tone, before tucking her chin into her chest a little further, the top of her head already fitting into a perfect-sized nook.

Beca lay tucked up in the double bed of her hotel room in Spain. She’d arrived on the first day of the USO tour with the rest of The Bellas yesterday. Yesterday evening they’d had their first (disastrous) performance, and last night they’d all gone out to a nearby casino and accidentally set DJ Khalid’s suite on fire..

But that had been then. This was now. And right now it was the next morning and Beca had woken up how she usually woke up, with her best friend laying in bed beside her.

The Bellas had all been allocated sizeable hotel rooms each. And even though they had separate rooms and a giant bed each, Beca and Chloe had both found they couldn’t sleep overnight. Because Beca and Chloe normally had to share a fold-out bed in their tiny Brooklyn studio apartment when they were at home.

So in Chloe’s tired, frustrated, jet lagged state she’d wandered through the door that connected their two hotel rooms from her room into Beca’s room, and in Beca’s tired, frustrated, jet lagged state she’d simply pulled the bedcovers of her own bed back, and shuffled over to the side of the bed that was normally hers when they were at home.

The moment Chloe had crawled under her best friend’s bed covers, they’d assumed their normal sleeping position: Chloe being the big spoon to Beca’s little spoon. And the two women had fallen asleep almost immediately.

So now Chloe was stirring a little more, the sound of Beca’s whisper drawing her out into reality as the brunette mumbled against the top of her head, “We’re gonna have to get up for breakfast Chlo, it’s 8am and Aubrey’s gonna freak if we’re late.”

“Five more minuuuuuutes..” Chloe mumbled with a small groan causing Beca to let out a quiet chuckle while she pulled her arms a little tighter around the redhead.

“Okay,” Beca agreed with a drowsy exhale, “Five more minutes.”

And the two best friends drifted off to sleep again, holding each other in Beca’s nice warm hotel bed.

Well, all until Amy barged into Beca’s hotel room via the connecting door from Chloe’s hotel room, closely followed by Aubrey and Emily, all of whom were looking at the two women in the hotel bed with confused expressions on their faces.

Had this been back in college, Beca would’ve launched herself out of the room even if it was her own. But not any more. Beca was now as comfortable as possible with all the girls she deemed her family. So while Chloe let out a moaning “Leave us to sleeeeeeeep!” while still tucked into Beca’s body, the brunette simply glanced over at her friend’s with a sleepy blink, then shrugged, adding, “I tried to wake her up..”

The wrong thing to say. Because a broad smile grew on Amy’s face, and she darted over to the bed, “Obviously you didn’t try hard enough!!”

Chloe knew what that groan from Beca’s mouth meant and sure enough she felt Fat Amy landing on top of them, followed by two other bodies. The giggles that were also added must have meant that Aubrey and Emily had joined in on the group hug on Beca’s bed.

Within minutes the rest of The Bellas had found and joined them, and the ten best friends smothered Beca and Chloe with the tightest of hugs on Beca’s hotel bed.

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell sat in the huge hall, a tiny person among a massive crowd of people. Most of them parents of the children they were about to see walk up onto the stage in front of them. She was excited, and so VERY proud. It had been a long five years (possibly the longest of Beca’s life) but she was finally here. The day had finally come.

Fortunately the surnames were read out in alphabetical order and Beca sat up straight, her heart swelling with pride, a massive grin on her face as she looked to the stage and heard “Chloe Beale” being called out over the microphone.

Beca clapped harder and louder than anybody else in that room (which was saying something), letting out a loud ‘whoop’ as she saw her best friend striding up onto the stage dressed in her gown and mortarboard. The woman looked stunning, her long red hair having been fashioned to perfection, and a beautiful blue dress poked out from under her gown. And Beca felt her stomach twist with nerves and excitement as she watched her walk off the stage with a bright smile.

Because five years ago, when they had left their USO tour and returned to their pokey little studio apartment, Beca having just signed a recording contract and Chloe having just received news she’d got into vet school, Chloe had asked Beca if she would go out on a date with her. And Beca had said no.

Naturally the redhead had been heartbroken, but Beca had quickly taken Chloe’s hands, insisting that although she’d love to go on a date with her, she didn’t want to distract her from her studies after Chloe had worked so hard to get into vet school. So instead Beca had promised Chloe that she would wait out the five years it would take for the redhead to qualify. And if, by the time her graduation came around, Chloe still wanted to go on a date with Beca, then Beca would absolutely go on at date with her.

A half hour later and Beca swam her way between all the proud parents who had watched their children graduate. She eventually found Chloe, stood on her own, nervously fiddling with her mortarboard in her hands, looking out for someone. For her.

The second Chloe spied her, Beca saw the woman’s eyes light up, her beaming smile still as bright as the day they’d first met twelve years ago. And Beca couldn’t help the goofy grin that washed over her face as she sped up and threw herself into Chloe’s arms.

“I’m so proud of you Chlo!!” Beca mumbled into Chloe’s ear, and she heard Chloe giggle.

“I couldn’t have done it without you!” Chloe replied. Which was very true. Both financially and emotionally Beca had supported Chloe throughout college, even though the brunette had been away at times in LA and on a national tour and a global tour.

As the two women pulled out of their hug, they kept their arms around each other, and Beca smiled, “So, are you still wanting that date or…?”

And Beca let out a chuckle, her sentence being cut off by Chloe’s lips, the redhead having dived in for a huge kiss. Both relieved that she had finally graduated so they could start dating.

Chapter Text

Handcuffs clung to Chloe’s wrists as she held her arms above her head. Her head rested back on the pillow, her eyes covered by a blindfold. She licked her lips in anticipation, a nervous smile on her face. Her bare chest rose and fell as she breathed deeply.

She lay on the fold-out bed in the studio apartment she shared with her two best friends. Well, one of her best friends, and one of her other best friends who she had happened to start secretly sleeping with.

Beca had been her crush during the four years they’d been at college together. She’d been her crush during the two years following. The two years that they’d been living together with Fat Amy. The two years that they’d had to share a fold-out bed together because there wasn’t enough room in the apartment for three beds.

The whole ‘secretly having sex’ situation had kinda started accidentally last Halloween, when Beca had grumbled about how she was feeling sexually frustrated and Chloe had kinda joked that she could totally help Beca out. And Beca hadn’t exactly said no.

It was now ten months on and they’d still miraculously found plenty of opportunities to fulfil their sexual desires without their roommate twigging - though Amy was always out or away whenever they got down to it.

Chloe let out a sharp gasp as she felt an ice cube placed delicately on her right nipple, feeling the melted water trickling down the curve of her boob to the right and onto the bedcovers beneath her. The rest of the melted water pooled between her boobs in the centre of her chest, and Chloe let out a small smile as she felt Beca’s tongue land from nowhere onto the small pool of water, lapping it up before placing a loud wet kiss on her skin in its wake.

The redhead bit her bottom lip as she felt Beca’s tongue trace it’s way across the trail of melted water, from her centre of her chest over to her right boob, and the woman captured Chloe’s hard nipple between her teeth, biting down gently. Chloe arched her back, another gasp falling from her mouth, and Beca seemed to change tact, releasing the nipple and choosing to roll her tongue over it instead.

Chloe relaxed, letting out soft moans as she felt the cool metal handcuffs around her wrists. The handcuffs weren’t a new addition to their sex life. Beca had introduced them at the beginning of the year when Chloe had confessed she loved being tied up. But the ice cubes? Yeah those were new. And a welcomed addition, the studio apartment being stuffy and hot during boiling summer afternoons in Brooklyn.

A new ice cube was brought into the mix, this time on Chloe’s left nipple, and the same principle was applied by Beca: licking the pool of water, kiss, tracing tongue across to nipple, biting nipple, then rolling tongue across nipple.

Chloe could feel herself getting wet, knowing full well just how sweaty she’d become in the stuffy studio apartment. But that was one of the many things she loved about her best friend. Beca didn’t care how Chloe looked, she always told her she looked beautiful. Even if her hair was stuck to her forehead, and beads of sweat were present all over her body.

“Are you ready for more?”

Chloe jumped as she heard Beca whisper into her ear, having had no idea the brunette had been perched so close to her. And Chloe bit her bottom lip again, her insides squirming in anticipation, wondering what could possibly come next.

She let out another loud gasp as a fresh ice cube was placed in her belly button, then drawn down her stomach, further and further, leaving a trail of melted cool water behind it on her sweaty skin. To Chloe’s disappointment the cube had melted before it got between her legs and she felt Beca leave the final bit of water on her skin.

As before, Beca’s tongue appeared from nowhere and Chloe, still blindfolded, felt her best friend lick and kiss her way along the melted path of the ice cube, ending where it had stopped. A pause in motion occurred and Chloe could feel her own heart beating as she lay naked, blindfolded and handcuffed. Desperate to finally be satisfied. But she had no idea where Beca was, the sound of their crappy fan in the corner of the tiny apartment drowning out all other sounds, including Beca’s movements.

Then suddenly Chloe let out a gasp and a moan. An ice cube had been placed on her clit, and the cold melting water trickled down her pussy, soaking into the bedcovers beneath her. Her focus turned from the feel of the ice cube to the feel of Beca’s fingers that began rubbing the mix of the melted ice and Chloe’s juices around her clit.

The redhead let out a raspy sigh, arching her back again as she felt Beca’s fingers trail down along the line of melted ice and juices, then back up to her clit again. Then Chloe relaxed her body for a moment while Beca removed her fingers.

Chloe found herself holding her breath in anticipation of what was about to happen. Suddenly she felt Beca nudge her feet apart, and upon realising that her best friend was now stood at the foot of their bed, Chloe spread her legs open. She began breathing heavily as she felt the bed creak under the light weight of Beca’s body, the brunette beginning to crawl onto the bed and between Chloe’s legs.

She felt Beca stop between her thighs, then her best friend laid down on her front. And Chloe could feel Beca’s breath on her pussy.

Suddenly Chloe let out a loud moan as Beca slid her tongue from the base of Chloe’s pussy, right the way up to her clit, lapping up the melted ice that had trailed down there moments earlier. Chloe tried to bring her hands to her face to muffle her moans but remembered she had her wrists clasped together by handcuffs, and those handcuffs were tied to the fold-out bed by an old belt of Beca’s. So the redhead had no choice but to try to stifle her moans behind her closed mouth. An attempt that didn’t last for long.

Because Beca had begun applying her tongue’s entire movement on and around Chloe’s clit, determined to make the redhead cum before their other roommate returned home from work. Chloe bucked her hips the second Beca’s teeth took hold of her clit, nibbling gently at it before opening her mouth wide, sticking her tongue into her pussy, and sucking hard. This movement was repeated several times and with every suck Chloe felt her orgasm growing and growing.

The pleasure began building behind a wall in Chloe’s body like a dam, and the redhead arched her back before rocking her hips, trying to help herself reach her orgasm and allow that dam to finally burst. She raised her head off the pillow to see what Beca’s head looked like between her legs, but to her frustration she remembered that she still had the blindfold on.

Chloe threw her head back down on the pillow with a frustrated sigh, then let out another moan as Beca sucked at her clit again. Suddenly she felt it. That opening in the dam that had slowly begun to crack. She was about to cum.

“Beca..” Chloe gasped, “I’m gonna…c-cum..” she stuttered, her mouth already open in anticipation of the pleasure that was about to overwhelm her body. This warning from Chloe appeared to encourage Beca further, and the brunette sped up her efforts, even adding a couple of fingers to the mix, sliding them slowly in and out of Chloe’s sopping wet push while she rammed her tongue back and forth over Chloe’s clit.

And suddenly it happened. Chloe’s hot, sweaty, naked body stiffened, her back arched, and a loud low moan of relief escaped her mouth from the back of her throat. Wave after wave of pleasure radiated over her body, and she whimpered slightly as Beca finished slurping the last of her juices.

Chloe stretched her legs out, her body feeling limp, as was the norm whenever she’d just cum. And a lazy smile fell over her face when she let out a heavy satisfied sigh. She felt her best friend sit up onto her knees, then Chloe took a deep intake of breath when she felt Beca straddle her right thigh, and lean over her, a hand on either side of her head.

It was beginning to drive Chloe a little crazy now that she couldn’t see Beca due to the blindfold over her eyes. That she couldn’t trace her fingertips up and down Beca’s skin due to the handcuffs around her wrists.

But suddenly Chloe felt how wet Beca was, her naked body laying on top of Chloe’s, her legs still straddling her thigh.

Chloe smiled as Beca lent her face down and kissed her noisily on the lips, Beca’s lips still covered in Chloe’s juices. And the redhead dove her tongue into Beca’s mouth, unable to believe how much it alwaysturned her on to taste her own juices on Beca’s lips..

“I fucking love you..” Beca mumbled against Chloe’s lips and Chloe smiled.

“I fucking love you more..” she replied.

Chapter Text

“What’s this??” Fat Amy asked as she picked a piece of paper up from the floor between her large double bed and the fold-out bed in the studio apartment she shared with her two best friends. She squinted her eyes as she looked down at the scrawled handwriting on the paper, reading slowly and out loud, “Her red hair…”

Beca snapped her head up from her laptop she’d been peering at on the kitchen table, her heart leaping into her mouth as she suddenly scraped her chair back and darted over to the Australian while Amy continued reading, “…The way she smiles.”

“Amy!!!” Beca yelled sharply, panicking as she lunged for the piece of paper that must have fallen out of her bedside draw when Amy has delved into it just now. But the blonde was already looking stunned at the words she kept reading, holding a strong arm out to stop Beca from grabbing at the paper in her hand.

“…The way her eyes light up whenever she sees a puppy.”

Beca gave up the struggle and stepped back a pace, freezing on the spot, tears beginning to prick her eyes while Amy continued reading the bullet points.

“…How I think about her whenever I hear ‘Still Falling For You’ by Ellie Goulding.”

Beca bit her bottom lip, twirling her ring around her index finger, her heart rate still hammering away.

“…The way she always kisses my hand goodnight before we fall asleep.”

Beca swallowed loudly. Well if it hadn’t been obvious at first then it sure as hell was now. Because Beca shared a bed with only one person, and that person was her best friend, Chloe. Her best friend that she’d been crushing on for years.

“…When she insists on taking her socks off overnight with her toes.”

Beca cleared her throat nervously, not daring to move, knowing full well that Amy wasn’t at the end of that list yet.

“…The way she places a post-it note of encouragement in my work bag every day.”

Beca watched as Amy hesitated then turned the piece of paper, the Australian letting out a gasp as she realised she’d been reading the second page of bullet points and not the first.

“Things I love about Chloe..” Amy said, reading the title of the list at the top of the first page with a look of delight and disbelief.

Beca couldn’t breathe. Her chest felt tight, and with one more loud swallow she slowly turned to her left to look at the kitchen table. And more specifically at Chloe, who had been sat with her at the table.

The redhead had tears rolling down her cheeks, a soft smile on her face as she looked at Beca. She looked stunned, yes, but also thrilled.

“Ummm..I can explain..” Beca began nervously, but Amy immediately held a hand up to stop her, making the brunette jump and look at her.

“No need to Shortstack! I always knew you had a toner for Chloe and finally we’ve got some evidence!”

“Beca?” Chloe croaked through her tears.

Beca turned to look at her best friend, terrified at what Chloe’s reaction may be. A smile wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But Beca was panicking so much that right now everything seemed bad.

“Did you really write that about me?”

Beca cleared her throat again, managing to force out a quiet, “Yeah..”

“Why didn’t you tell me??”

The brunette shuffled nervously, looking down at the ring on her index finger while she shrugged, “ know..because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship..”

She jumped, looking up as Chloe’s chair scraped on the kitchen floor, and her heart began to race again while she saw the redhead striding over to her. Beca didn’t get much time to process anything before Chloe flung her arms around her petite body.

“Uhhhmmm..I’m gonna go out for a little while…somewhere…” Amy said awkwardly, her phone already in her hand ready to call Aubrey to tell her what had happened.

Suddenly Chloe pulled out of the hug she had been giving Beca, instead dragging the brunette into a crushing first kiss. And Amy slowly snuck out of the apartment, being sure to leave the list on Beca’s laptop on her way out.

She’d known about it for a few days now, having scrambled through Beca’s shoebox of notepads under the fold-out bed and finding it in her ‘secret’ journal. Planting it in that draw had all been part of the plan.

Aubrey was gonna lose her shit when she found out that Amy had actually done it. After all, it had been the ex-Bellas Captain’s idea.

Chapter Text

“ long is this thing going to be here for??”

Chloe Beale looked over her shoulder from her position at the small kitchen work-surface where she was preparing avocado, over to the fold-out bed in the tiny studio apartment she shared with her best friends. And she smiled as she spied her best friend laying on the fold-out bed they shared.

Beca had her phone in her left hand, furrowing her brow as she stared at the screen, letting out a sigh. But to the brunette’s frustration her hand kept being nudged by a very fluffy cat, who was rubbing his face against her phone.

“I told you, only overnight, just until we free up some space at the practice!” Chloe said brightly, the veterinary practice she worked at having been too full to keep ‘Pedro’ in overnight while he continued his set of antibiotics.

To her delight and Beca’s open dismay, Pedro had taken a keen liking to the brunette, having tucked up into her on the bed the second Chloe had brought him home. But Chloe knew her best friend well, and she knew that for however much Beca was sayingthat she hated cats - particularly fluffy ones - Chloe had caught Beca stroking Pedro quite a bit since he’d decided to sit on her stomach an hour ago.

Chloe left her avocado and wandered over to the fold-out bed with a smile, “See, he likes you!”

She watched as Beca raised her eyebrows at her, unimpressed, but a small smile poked out the corners of her mouth when she turned to look at the fluff ball who was purring away.

“Mmm” Beca said in an unimpressed tone. Chloe laid down on the bed beside her, tucking up close to reach Pedro properly, and stroked the fluffy cat. The two women let out slight giggles as Pedro leant into Chloe’s touch and rolled upside down on Beca’s chest.

Suddenly Beca and Chloe’s phones both chimed, and the brunette let out a loud groan as she read the Bellas Whatsap Group chat, “Amy!!!” she growled, and their other roommate looked over at them from the position on her bed.

“Whaaat?” Amy asked innocently, her phone in her hand. And Beca just sighed, showing her phone to Chloe who took the device and rolled her eyes.

Amy had sent a photo to the group, of Beca and Chloe tucked up on the fold-out bed just now, smiling and stroking Pedro the cat. And below the photo were the hashtags: #wives #relationshipgoals #bloegotacat #itsaboy!

Beca hated it when Amy took photos of her and Chloe. Not because of the hashtags (which Beca secretly loved because she was still hideously crushing on her best friend and had done for a couple of years now) but because it was an invasion of their privacy. She wanted to be able to tuck up with Chloe without fear of being photographed..

But Chloe merely giggled while the phones in the studio apartment began to chime as the Bellas started to reply, “Oh boy,” she began, “here we go..”

Chapter Text

Chloe knew over the years of living with Beca in a shared house with The Bellas during college that the brunette had a messed up sleeping pattern. Beca used to stay up all night doing mixes on her laptop in the small attic bedroom that she’d shared with their best friend Fat Amy, then sleep all day until Bellas practice or her seminars.

But what Chloe hadn’t anticipated was that the moment she and Beca and Amy moved into a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn after graduation, Beca would still suffer from insomnia. And there was only one way that Chloe knew this. Because she and Beca had had no choice but to share a crappy fold-out bed in one section of the tiny apartment. And while Beca was a night owl, able to stay up until 2am with no sign of falling asleep, Chloe was the complete opposite having always ensured she was in bed by 10pm at the most during college, unless she was attending a party. 

This made things quite challenging for the two best friends when they’d first moved into the studio apartment together with Amy. Chloe would crawl under the bed covers having cleaned her teeth and sorted herself out with a glass of water to place on her bedside table. Then snuggle down, turn out her bedside lamp, check the time (which generally read 10pm), let out a sigh, and close her eyes. But Beca, who was usually already sat up in bed beside her, would remain awake, filtering through Instagram or Tumblr on her phone. The light from her bedside lamp was bright, and Chloe would end up tossing and turning, focussing as hard as possible on trying to fall asleep. Her mind driving her crazy as she thought about how excited she felt to be able to share a bed with the woman she’d had a crush on since they’d met four years ago. Then her frustration bubbling as she glanced at the time once again and noticed it was midnight. Far too late.

“Would you mind turning your light out Becs?” Chloe would ask sweetly, and she’d feel Beca jump at the sound of her voice, then respond with a quiet gravelly, “Oh..uh..yeah, sorry..”

The lamp would go out, and Chloe would finally sigh then fall asleep.

This went on every night for several weeks. On the odd occasion Chloe would stir around 3am when Beca would get out of bed to clean her teeth. She’d then watch drowsily as her best friend would return to bed, do her final checks on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, put her phone on charge, then finally tuck up to go to sleep.

Four months on from when they’d moved to Brooklyn, Chloe decided she’d brooch the subject of Beca’s insomnia. It was beginning to affect both their lives. Chloe’s broken sleep causing her to become more and more temperamental. Beca’s usual lack of sleep causing her to be continually grumpy around dinner time. And Amy? Well she seemed to sleep just great, having had to share a bedroom with Beca all through college. 

“Can we try something different tonight?” Chloe asked tentatively as she slid into their bed, relieved that it was already warm thanks to Beca having already being sat in it for the past hour. She let out a smile when she saw her best friend turn to her suspiciously. “Not like…sexually…” Not that she would’ve minded kissing her or whatever. But Beca’s reaction to the word ‘sexually’ was all Chloe needed to know that kissing would never be on the cards. This was Beca after all.

“I was thinking maybe you didn’t stay up all night on your phone and…maybe…we just…I dunno…cuddle or something?”

Chloe knew it was a long shot, but they’d been in each others pockets for months. What was another barrier to break down eh? Even if that barrier was Beca’s personal space. She watched with baited breath as Beca hesitated, looking into her eyes, trying to think through some things. And after a few long moments the brunette shrugged, with a quiet “Okay” and placed her phone on her bedside table.

Chloe couldn’t believe it had worked. Her hope was that, if they lay together all cuddled up, perhaps she’d be able to get Beca to fall asleep earlier than 3am. In fact anything that was earlier than 3am would be a small victory for Chloe. So the redhead shuffled down under the bed covers, her arm reaching out across Beca’s pillow ready to envelope her best friend in a warm hug. 

She watched as Beca looked down at her, hesitating slightly. Then with a somewhat defeated sigh, the brunette clambered down under the bedcovers and into Chloe’s arms. Her head rested in the nook between Chloe’s shoulder and neck, and Chloe wrapped her right arm around Beca’s waist, her left arm curling around her shoulders. She felt Beca cautiously snake her left arm around her waist. And there they lay, breathing steadily. Both with their eyes closed.

“Sorry I don’t go to sleep very early..” Beca mumbled into Chloe’s chest and Chloe let out a small quiet giggle.

“That’s okay” 

There was a moments silence, then Beca, seemingly having used that silence to conjure up some more words, continued, “I’ve never been good at sleeping at night.” Chloe remained silent, knowing her best friend well enough that with enough silence Beca could talk through her thoughts quite well. “I just always hear voices and stuff if I’m lying in the dark. So when I look at my phone it kinda distracts me from those voices..”

Chloe swallowed loudly, and became hyper aware of the fact that Beca had loosened her grip around her waist (which wasn’t much considering she hadn’t really been gripping that tight in the first place..), “Wh-what do these voices tell you?” she asked quietly.

She felt Beca shrug within her arms, and the brunette quietly mumbled, “Just that I’m…worthless…and…” Chloe felt Beca bring her right hand to her nose to rub it as she often did when she was nervous, “…that I don’t deserve you in my life and stuff…the voices have always told me that…for as long as I’ve known you actually.”

Chloe felt her heart sink sadly. She had no idea Beca had been struggling with her inner demons for so long. And she felt awful that she was predominantly one of the reasons why those voices had been berating the brunette. 

“Don’t feel bad about it though, Chlo…” Beca mumbled quietly, her left arm tightening slightly around her waist, having picked up on what the redhead’s silence might have meant. And Chloe let out a sigh.

“How could I not feel bad, Beca?” Chloe whispered, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“Because you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s why.” Beca said quietly, “And yeah my inner demons tell me to leave you all the time. To stop being your friend. To ignore you. To stop all form of contact-”

Chloe loosened her grip on her best friend, hating that she was the cause of Beca’s pain, interrupting with a quick and quiet, “-I can move out if you want?” She didn’t want to. But if it meant that those voices would finally stop killing Beca slowly..

“Please don’t.” Beca said quickly, tightening her grip around Chloe’s waist, as if clinging to her, desperate to keep her near. “I-I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left…” 

Chloe felt a tear roll from the corner of her eye and down onto the pillow, her body trembling slightly as she tried to fight the urge to let out a sob. And she brought her arms a little tighter around her best friend once again. They lay there for several moments, Beca having begun to slowly trace small circles on Chloe’s back.

“They may tell me all that stuff, Chlo. But I fight it hard every day. And every day I’m exhausted, yeah. But I win. Because every day I get to wake up next to you. And you make me really happy.” 

Chloe felt Beca shuffle slightly in her arms and she adjusted her body so they could look into each others eyes. The redhead could see just how heavy the bags under her best friend’s eyes were, but she could also see just how bright those dark blue eyes looked as they bore into hers. And so Chloe found the strength to smile softly down at her, Beca smiling softly up at her.

“You make me really happy too.” Chloe whispered, and she placed a kiss on her best friend’s forehead, before they both resumed the position they’d just been in. After a few minutes Chloe felt Beca’s breathing become steady and heavy, her grip having loosened gently, and it was in that moment Chloe realised Beca must have fallen asleep. 

So with a calm sigh, Chloe allowed herself to finally fall asleep too. 

And this was the position they fell asleep in every night, around 10pm (or once Beca had got home from work), for the next two years. Until they were faced with separate hotel rooms on the first night of The Bellas USO Tour in Spain. Midway through that first night, Beca had crept into Chloe’s hotel room, and the two had immediately fallen asleep in each others arms…

Chapter Text


Chloe looked up from her book on ‘Puppy training’, pushing her reading glasses up onto her head as she glanced over from her position on the couch in Beca’s LA apartment. Her best friend had paid for her flight over to California to visit for the week, both having missed living together since Beca had signed a recording contract and Chloe had started vet school last year. Beca still paid the rent of their little studio apartment in Brooklyn, Chloe having said that it had been ‘home’ for almost 3 years that it didn’t feel right moving out of it just because Beca could suddenly afford a more expensive apartment in Brooklyn if Chloe had wanted. The brunette spent a good 2/3rds of her year in LA in a recording studio. The other 3rd was spent in Brooklyn. The time she called ‘down time’, chilling out with Chloe, when her best friend wasn’t at school of course.

“Right..” Chloe heard Beca say quietly into her phone, pausing her stirring of the coffee she was adding sugar to. She could tell something wasn’t right. Beca’s face seemed to have fallen. Colour had drained from her face. And she appeared to be taking a deep breath between words.

“Right um…okay then…”

Chloe placed her book down quietly and sat up further on the couch, holding her breath. Whatever news Beca was getting, it wasn’t good.

“yeah I…I’ll book a flight now…”

The redhead watched as Beca hung her head with a sad sigh, “yeah…o-okay Dad…yeah…bye.”

Chloe continued to hold her breath, twirling the rings on her index fingers while she watched Beca end the call to her father. The brunette let out a heavy sigh, then stared down at the two coffees she’d just made.

After several moments Chloe tentatively asked, “Is everything okay?” and her stomach twisted when she watched Beca shake her head gently.

“My grandma just died..” the woman croaked quietly.

Chloe’s heart sank. She knew Beca hadn’t exactly been close to her family, but at the end of the day, a death was a death. And she knew her best friend would still feel some sort of loss.

“God, Beca, I…I’m so sorry!” Chloe said quietly, not really knowing what to say. Knowing that nothing she could say would help matters.

Beca turned to lean against the work surface of her plush open-plan kitchen/lounge, shrugging sadly, “S’okay. It was only a matter of time I guess..”

Chloe stood slowly from the couch, and made her way cautiously over to her best friend. She stopped a foot away from her, and her heart broke as she watched Beca look up into her eyes, a sadness within them. There was only one thing Chloe knew how to do in times like this, and that was hug the person hurting.

So she stretched her arms out, and without any further prompting, Beca wound her arms around Chloe’s neck. The redhead held her best friend tight, becoming aware of the way Beca would let out heavy sighs from time to time. And they stood in the kitchen of Beca’s swanky LA apartment for a good fifteen minutes, in complete silence, holding onto one another tight.

“Will you come with me to the funeral?” Beca asked quietly in Chloe’s ear, and Chloe didn’t even have to think twice.

“Of course I will.”

Chapter Text

“Oh my God!!”

Beca looked up from her phone with a furrowed brow, turning to look to her right, at her best friend who sat-up in bed beside her. It was morning in Beca’s LA apartment, two years on from the end of their USO tour, nine years on from first meeting at Barden University. And two out of five years into Chloe’s training to become a vet.

It was New Years Day and Chloe had spent the whole of her Christmas break from vet school with Beca in LA. They were best friends. And since Beca had had to move to LA for work, they’d missed living in each other’s pockets. Missed sharing a bed.

When they’d got back from their USO tour back in 2017, Chloe had asked Beca out on a date. Beca had said no, then explained that although she did truly want to go on a date with her, she didn’t want the subsequent romance to distract Chloe from her studies. But that she’d absolutely be waiting for her when she graduated. That was two years ago. Two years down only three to go. They hadn’t kissed or gone on a date. But they did talk every day. They didcuddle. And they had given each other promise rings, at Christmas. Not necessarily as an engagement. But as a promise that even though they were apart for a lot of the year, they were bound to one another, and would eventually be united properly.

“I want to date you. I want to be your other half. Your partner. I want to marry you and have kids with you and a we get a gazillion pets that you’ve rescued through work. And I want to make you happy. I want to spend my life with you Chloe Beale. And I will start it as your girlfriend the second you graduate. I’m not going anywhere, Chlo. I’ll be waiting for you.” was what Beca had said. And both women had burst into tears, giving each other their promise rings. Still they didn’t kiss. But they’d hugged for a very very long time. On this very bed.

“What’s going on?” Beca asked curiously.

“I casually posted a photo from yesterday of you picking out those oranges.” Chloe said as she stared down at her phone screen in disbelief.

“Oh boy..” Beca said, sitting up a little straighter, “where did you post it?”

“Instagram..” Chloe said with a slight shake of the head, still in disbelief.


“And i’ve woken up to 19,000 new followers. And that photo’s got 13,229 likes..” Chloe said, reading the numbers slowly, still stunned by the activity on her Instagram overnight. Beca merely chuckled. 19,000 followers wasn’t exactly the 1.2million that Beca had on Instagram, but then..Beca was a best selling recording artist..

“How many followers did you have before that?” Beca asked in an amused voice, leaning to rest her head on her best friend’s shoulder so she could look at her Instagram too.


“Yikes Beale.” Beca said with another chuckle.

“I know! It escalated so quickly! I mean..I’m!” Chloe said sweetly, and Beca felt her heart swell. She was so much more than ‘just Chloe’ to Beca. She was the Chloe. And she couldn’t wait to marry her one day.

“All I did was tag you in it..”

“Haha! That was all you needed to do babe..” Beca said as she slid out of her bed and began wandering out of the bedroom to make some coffee for them.

Chloe stared down at her phone, still in shock. What she had failed to mention to Beca was that she’d tagged the photo as ‘Grocery shopping is the best with this one  #bff #bestfriend #bellasforlife #oranges #love’

And beneath that photo was hundreds of comments. Many saying how beautiful Beca was even in sweats and no make up in the middle of a grocery store. Many asking if they were dating. And many saying they would make a cute couple.

The top comment was of course from Fat Amy, who had simply put ‘Beca + Chloe = Bloe ’

And Chloe swallowed loudly as she realised that particular comment had had over 1000 likes. She had no idea what sort of consequences would come from this. But she knew that only time would tell..

Chapter Text


Chloe looked up from the magazine she was reading in the airport departure lounge, turning to her best friend who was sat beside her and had just quietly drawn her attention, “Mmm?”

“You’ve got an eye lash..” Beca said softly, pointing to her own cheek, just below her eye, to indicate where the lash was.

“Oh..” Chloe said, moving her finger up to get the stray. She blinked, then removed her hand, “..did I get it?”

“Uh-uh..” Beca said quietly, shaking her head. Without anything more being said, Chloe leant her face towards Beca and the brunette cupped Chloe’s chin with her right hand, and used her left index finger and thumb to try to pluck the eye lash from Chloe’s cheek.

“Get it?” Chloe asked as she watched Beca’s furrowed brow, but the brunette simply squinted.

“Almooost..” Beca mumbled. Then her eyebrows raised and she smiled, “Ah! Got it!” she said quietly, releasing Chloe’s chin and bringing her hand out between them. One of Chloe’s eyelashes lay perfectly on the pad of Beca’s index finger, “Make a wish..”

Chloe grinned at her best friend who was smiling back at her, and the redhead closed her eyes, then let out a quick puff of air, blowing the eyelash from Beca’s finger. The brunette let out a dramatic quiet “Agh!” and Chloe let out a giggle, grabbing Beca’s hand.

“Sorry! Did it blow onto you??”

But Beca winked at her, giving her a mischievous grin, “Nah, I was joking..”

Chloe giggled again. Beca let out a chuckle. Then the two best friends turned back to their respective magazines. Falling silent once again.

Suddenly a voice broke the silence.


And Beca and Chloe looked up. Sat opposite them were the rest of The Bellas, also waiting for their flight to Spain for the start of their USO tour. And all 8 women looked stunned at the interaction they’d just witnessed.

“What the hell was that?!” Aubrey asked, a small smile on her face.

Beca felt her cheeks flush, but she shrugged, looking down at her magazine, muttering, “Chloe likes to make a wish when an eyelash falls out..”

And the Bellas all looked at each other and grinned as Beca and Chloe ignored them, the two making it obvious just how close they really had become since graduation..

Chapter Text

My Two Moms & Me

My two Moms & Me,
We a family of three.
Filled with love and laughter,
And our puppy called ‘Charlie’.

My Mama she’s a singer,
The bestest one of all.
She wins a lot of trophy’s,
Mommy hangs them on the wall.

My Mommy works with animals,
She sees them everyday.
And while she’s off out with them,
My Aunt’s come round to play.

First there’s Auntie Aubrey,
She often wears bright blue.
On days that she looks after me,
She takes me to the zoo.

Then there’s Auntie Stacie,
Who brings her daughter Bella.
We splashed in muddy puddles once,
But there’s rarely such bad weather.

My Auntie’s Jess & Ashley,
Always come as a pair.
My Mom’s do get their names wrong,
But they don’t seem to care.

Auntie number four,
Is one my Mom’s find scary.
But Aunt Lilly knows magic,
(I think that she’s a fairy)

My Auntie Flo is pretty,
I tell her all the time.
She tells me that I’m handsome too,
And let’s me cut the line.

CR is good at plaiting hair,
Does Mama’s before her show.
We play ‘Candy & Cards’ together,
But my Mom’s don’t know..

Auntie Em’s the coolest,
Says she’s got lots to prove.
But when she takes me to her work,
She lets me sing in the booth.

And finally my favourite Aunt,
The one who’s cuddly and round.
‘Fat Amy’ brings me lots of gifts,
There’s always smiles around.

My Mama rolls her eyes at her,
Mommy has a grin,
When Charlie chases after us,
And Auntie Amy gives me a spin.

And though I can go quite a while,
With my Aunt’s not seeing me.
Mommy says that it’s okay,
Because we’re family.

Chapter Text

Beca stood alone backstage, patiently waiting for any further instructions from the backstage crew following her performance of ‘Freedom 90′. She was pleased she’d been allowed to invite the Bellas up onto stage with her.

Suddenly her heart skipped a beat when she saw her best friend appear cautiously around the corner, looking at her, biting her bottom lip. Beca realised she’d kinda been way too forward when she’d dashed into Chloe’s arms earlier at the end of her performance, mumbling “I love you” into Chloe’s ear as the rest of The Bella’s had joined them in a group hug. 

And even when the group had parted, Beca had held onto Chloe for longer, closing her eyes at the feel of the redhead’s tight embrace. Because she did love her. And not like she loved the other Bellas. She loved them, of course. But she was in love with Chloe. And had secretly been in love with the woman for a few years now.

So she held her breath as she watched Chloe slowly approach her, the redhead’s hands clasped together in front of her while she twiddled nervously with the rings on her fingers. A soft smile was on Chloe’s face and Beca took a deep breath, a calm smile wiping over her own face.

Chloe stopped right in front of Beca, their eyes locked as they smiled softly at one another. Both appeared nervous despite having known each other for seven years. Despite being best friends. Despite knowing each other better than anybody else. They were both nervous.

“So…” Chloe said in an airy voice, exhaling as her smile broadened, “I guess this is kinda the start of the next chapter in our lives.” and Beca nodded gently, her smile also broadening.

“I guess it is yeah..”

They both fell silent as they continued to smile sheepishly at each other. Chloe looked down at her hands nervously, “You know, I just…um…I get that you’ll want to move over to LA now or something so…you just let me know when you want me to move out and I’ll find somewhere else in Brooklyn to live-”

Beca grabbed Chloe’s hands and the redhead immediately looked up while the younger woman shook her head, “-There’s no way I’ll stop renting our place in Brooklyn. No matter where this crazy life will take me. No matter where this crazy life will take…us…” Beca swallowed loudly as she noticed Chloe’s eyebrows flicker at the mention of ‘us’, so she smiled softly, “Besides, where will I call home if we don’t have our crappy little apartment huh?”

Chloe let out a short giggle, nodding nervously, looking down at her hands that were now being held by Beca’s. 

“Chloe..” Beca said quietly, and the redhead brought her eyes back up to Beca’s, “..I’m always gonna want to come home to you..”

Beca swallowed loudly and noticed that her best friend did exactly the same thing. Fuck she loved her. Like, so so much. To her delight she saw how Chloe’s eyes flickered down to her lips then back up to her eyes. And the redhead took a deep breath then replied with a quiet, “I’d really like that.”


“Yeah.” Chloe said quietly with a giggle. 

“Great..” Beca whispered with a grin as their faces drew a little closer, “So..uh..I’m gonna kiss you now..”

“I’d be offended if you didn’t..” Chloe replied with a grin.

And the two best friends kissed gently, Chloe’s arms snaking beneath Beca’s gold leather jacket while the brunette brought her hands up to cup Chloe’s face. After several moments, and the kiss having deepened somewhat, they parted, goofy grins on their faces.

They jumped at the sound of someone clearing their throat, and they cautiously glanced behind Chloe to see Fat Amy grinning at them.

Finally!” The Australian exclaimed. And the woman strode over to them and pulled them both into a tight group hug, Beca wincing slightly at the over-affection while Chloe giggled.

Chapter Text

Chloe snapped her eyes up from the two dresses she’d been trying to choose between that were laid out on the fold-out bed that she shared with her best friend, Beca. She smiled brightly at the brunette who strode into the studio apartment.

“Hey Becs!” She said, leaning down and picking up the two outfits, holding them each up in either hand while her best friend slammed the apartment door closed, “I’m trying to decide between the blue dress and the yellow dress..”

But as she looked over at her best friend she couldn’t help furrowing her brow in amusement as Beca threw her back against the closed apartment door, looking up at the ceiling awkwardly.

“Uh..” Beca said nervously, clearing her throat.

Chloe let out a small giggle, “Well you’re gonna have a hard time helping me looking up there!”

But the woman still didn’t look down at her.


Still Beca looked up at the ceiling. And Chloe let out a giggle as she threw the dresses down on the bed, “Beca!!”

She watched in amusement as her best friend turned on the spot and faced the apartment door, “I’m not looking at you until you put some clothes on!” Beca said firmly.

Chloe put her hands on her hips, letting out a sigh, “You’ve seen me naked before..”

“Yeah, like six years ago dude, now put some damn clothes on!!” Beca protested, letting out a sigh of her own while hanging her head.

Chloe rolled her eyes, bent down, and picked up the matching lacey lingerie she’d pulled out of her lingerie draw and had placed on her bed. She stepped into the blue lace panties and slid them up her legs and up to her slim hips. She then pulled her lace bra around her chest, ensuring her boobs had some shape to them within the cups, then fastening it at the back.

With another sigh she placed her hands back on her hips, then said with raised eyebrows, “There. Happy?”

She watched as Beca turned on the spot, “Thank y-“ but the brunette stopped mid sentence, evidently shocked to see that the older woman had only put on her underwear. Chloe couldn’t help the smile that swept across her face.

“You alright there Becs?” Chloe said with another giggle and Beca appeared to hesitate, clearing her throat, her eyes quickly scanning over Chloe’s toned body before arriving at her face and forcing out a quiet “Uh..y-yeah..yeah I’m…I’m good..”

Beca swallowed loudly and Chloe raised her eyebrows, “Sorry um…” Beca began, scrunching her face up for a moment before pointing at the redhead, “w-what was the question?”

“Will you help me choose a dress?” Chloe asked, an amused smile still on her face. A flustered Beca was one of her favourite Beca’s. But there was a new addition to her best friend’s fluster, and that was the way she seemed to check Chloe out while she stuttered.

“Blue!” Beca blurted loudly, then swallowed nervously, “I uh…you always look r-really good in blue..”

Chloe took a deep breath as the apartment fell silent. There was a small smile on both women’s faces. And suddenly the redhead had a gust of confidence, slowly making her way around their fold-out bed, and over to her best friend.

Beca remained rooted to the spot, her bottom lip suddenly becoming snagged between her teeth, her eyes becoming somewhat mesmerised with the way Chloe’s boobs jiggled slightly in the lacy blue bra she wore.

“You’re so a boobs girl..” Chloe said in an amused tone and she watched in delight as Beca dragged her eyes from her boobs up to her eyes.

“I uh..wh-what..?” Beca said nervously.

“It’s okay Beca,” Chloe said with a kind smile, stopping in front of her, “I’m a boobs girl too.”

And the two best friends stood in front of one another, grins on their faces, pleased that they were alone in their studio apartment for now..

Chapter Text

Chloe let out an exhausted groan, and darted out of the lounge. Her entire body ached. She hadn’t slept properly in months. And Beca had been away for six weeks on a tour that was supposed to be going for another six weeks. Only half way through.

The redhead made her way into the kitchen, pulled the door of the ladder open, and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her with a heavy sigh, and sat gently down on a big unopened box that contained coke cans inside.

Chloe threw her head into her hands, tears beginning to fall down her face, and she let out a loud sob. This was way harder than she’d ever imagined it would be. She missed her wife. She missed her job. She missed her friend’s. She missed everything.

Suddenly she heard odd banging on the door of the larder and sweet voices calling out to her. The only voices she heard day in and day out. God, they’d found her already.

“Mommmyyyyyy?” said Sadie, the eldest of Chloe and Beca’s three year old twin daughters.

“Mommy where are youuuu??” called Saskia, Sadie’s twin sister.

Chloe brought a hand to her mouth to try to muffle her sobs. She was just soexhausted. She didn’t eat properly because she never had time. She didn’t sleep properly because her children didn’t sleep properly. She desperately missed her wife. Her teammate. The woman her children looked the spitting image of. She missed her Beca.

“Mommy, please come out and play!” Sadie begged, but Chloe couldn’t face it, and she closed her eyes when she rocked her head back to lean against the cool larder wall.

She heard their little footsteps dash out of the kitchen and the mother let out a huge sigh of relief. Another minutes peace at least. She might even get the chance to raid that packet of cookies she knew she had tucked away at the back of one of these shelves.

After a few moments Chloe heard footsteps wander a little slower into the kitchen and stop outside the larder door. She held her breath, looking down at her daughters’ height, ready to face the onslaught of questions. But as the door opened Chloe was stunned to see that she was looking at a pair of legs instead.

Chloe watched as her wife stepped into the larder, closing the door behind her, then moved to perch on the coke box beside her.

“Beca, wha-?” Chloe began but her sentence was cut off by Beca’s lips on hers. The brunette bringing her hand up to her wife’s face, brushing away the tears while they kissed for the first time in six weeks. As the kiss broke, Chloe felt the woman lean her forehead against hers.

“The doctor’s told me I’ve got to go on voice rest for a week. My shows have been postponed.” Beca whispered, and Chloe let out a huge sigh of relief, tears falling down her cheeks once again, “Chlo, I’m here. I’m home.”

And Chloe let out a loud sob as she threw her arms around Beca’s neck while her wife held her tightly around the waist, “I missed you so much!” she bawled.

“Missed you too babe..” was the soft reply.

Suddenly the two mothers froze as they heard the familiar sound of their twin daughters banging on the door once again.

“Mama can we cuddle you yet??” Saskia asked from behind the door.

“We stayed in the lounge like you told us to?” Sadie added sweetly.

“Yeah we stayed there forever!”

And Chloe let out a tired sigh. To her relief her wife kissed her again on the lips, before telling her, “I’ll run you a bath..”

Chapter Text

[Beca and Chloe kiss, then part slowly with smiles on their faces.]

Beca: I love y-

Chloe: -I love you more.

Beca: Heyyy, no fair!

Chloe: Beca, when I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.

[Beca let’s out a sigh and fishes in her jeans pocket]

Beca: Damnit Beale, I had a speech rehearsed and everything but it was nowhere near as good as that!

[Chloe’s eyes widen in shock and delight as Beca brings out a ring box then gets on one knee.]

Beca: Will you marry me?

Chloe: Yes!! A million times yes!

[Beca puts the ring on Chloe’s finger and they kiss with smiles on their faces]

Chloe: I love you Beca Mitchell.

Beca: I love you more.

Chapter Text

Beca’s mouth hung open, her breath getting caught in her lungs, as though she’d forgotten how to breathe. She suddenly felt cold. So very very cold. As though she were stood in the middle of the arctic naked. Alone.

But she wasn’t in the middle of the Arctic. She was surrounded by hundreds of Barden University students who were all crowding around getting ready to bundle into their graduation ceremony. Her graduation gown was too big for her and she felt like she was drowning. But it was more than that, and suddenly Beca’s heart rate increased. Her chest stung. Her fingertips prickled. Her breathing became short and quick. Shit. She was panicking.

She couldn’t understand why it was happening. She hadn’t had a panic attack in months. But that old feeling of dread cascaded over her head and suddenly Beca couldn’t be sure she could go on any more.

Chloe milled between her fellow students, standing on her tiptoes to try to look over their heads. She was so excited to finally have the chance to graduate. And what’s more, she was excited to be in the same graduation slot as Beca. One of her most bestest and closest friends. And the girl she’d had a crush on since the brunette’s first Bellas audition.

Among the sea of students she finally caught sight of Beca, looking so small in her oversized graduation gown. And Chloe’s heart lurched with fear as she saw that familiar expression on her best friend’s face. Beca was about to spiral. She had to get to her.

The brunette had had several panic attacks over the years that Chloe had known her. And while Beca often said she felt so alone during those moments - as though she was stood in a glass cage, suffocating while people around her carried on with their day to day life - Chloe appeared to be the only one who could get to her. Could walk beyond that ‘glass’ and not necessarily pull her out of it, but simply stand within that ‘glass cage’ with her.

Beca stood rooted to the spot, with no option but to stare down at her feet. All noise around her merged into one loud rushing sound in her ears and she had no idea how she was going to escape. Th-there…there was never an escape…

Suddenly Beca felt a pair of warm hands envelope hers, and someone resting their forehead against her forehead. Beca took a deep inhale through her nose and smelt the familiar smell of Chloe’s perfume. The scent rushed into her body initiating a tiny peek of hope for the somewhat hopeless 22 year old. The feel of Chloe’s forehead on hers appeared to have a thawing effect on Beca’s body, her entire being starting to become ever so slightly warmer. And with another deep breath Beca began to gently cry.

This was a normal reaction for Beca whenever she began to ease out of her panic attacks. So Chloe knew that saying nothing and simply being there was all she could do. She didn’t care that the students milling around them were looking. All she cared about was Beca.

“Thank you..” Beca mumbled, squeezing Chloe’s hands tight, and she felt her best friend nuzzle her nose affectionately, “..I-I dunno what I’d do without you Chlo.”

“Well you don’t ever have to worry about that,” Chloe said with a soft smile, bringing her forehead from her best friend’s forehead, noticing the way Beca had stopped crying and now just sported a tearstained face, “I’m not going anywhere.” she added gently.

Beca wasn’t sure what drove her to do it. Perhaps it was how Chloe always made her feel better, or made her feel stronger by her side. Perhaps it was the way Chloe looked at her. Or perhaps it was the crush Beca had realised a couple of months ago that she had on the redhead. But whatever it was, it had given Beca a sudden impulse to step up on her tiptoes and kiss Chloe on the lips. Brief, yet tender. Their hands still held onto one another.

And as they parted, Beca bit her bottom lip nervously, somewhat terrified that she’d potentially alienated her best friend. The main glimmer of hope and light that she had in her life.

But to her relief, a small smile grew on Chloe’s face, and the redhead leant her forehead against Beca’s once again.

“S-sorry..I shouldn’t have-” Beca said nervously, but Chloe shook her head gently.

“-you don’t have to apologise. I’m happy. Here. With you.”

Beca looked up at her best friend, her crush, and the two graduates smiled softly at each other, “I’m happy with you too.” Beca managed to croak out. And suddenly her body didn’t appear to be failing her any more. Her heart had returned to a regular pace. She felt warm and…loved. And the ‘glass cage’ around them disappeared.

Suddenly the graduates were called and Beca’s heart sank as she expected Chloe to leave to find the ‘Surname B’ section of the graduation hall. But Chloe didn’t leave.

And that was how Chloe ended up receiving her graduation certificate waybefore the other students around her. Because she’d ended up sitting next to Beca in the ‘Surname M’ section of the graduation hall, but had still got up to receive her certificate when they got to the letter ‘B’ in the alphabet.

Chapter Text

Chloe stepped onto her usual subway carriage. The end one. The one people barely sat in. The one that would take her from the station closest to the Vet School she attended, through to the station closest to her home. Her apartment in Brooklyn.

She’d lived in that studio apartment for five years now. Three of those years had been with her best friends Beca and Amy. But following a stroke of luck two years ago Amy had come into a lot of money and had decided to travel the world. Around the same time Beca had been offered a solo recording contract, following the Bellas successful USO tour.

Beca had insisted she still pay the rent for their stuffy little studio apartment that she and Chloe still affectionately called ‘home’. But Beca wasn’t around much to live in it any more, the 27 year old spending most of her time in LA writing and recording new music. And Chloe desperately missed her.

The redhead took a seat in the carriage as the subway began moving and it surprised her to see it fuller than usual even though it was the exact time she always took the subway home on a Friday. She looked down at her phone, sad to see that the only contact she’d had from Beca today was a text that had read:

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLO! I’ll FaceTime you later x

One text. She must be really busy! Chloe had read the text over and over again, smiling at how extra affectionate her best friend had become since they’d been spending more time apart. There had once been a time when they’d had to share a bed because their apartment was so small. Now that bed felt so empty without her..

But it wouldn’t be forever and Chloe knew that. Because she and Beca had agreed to start dating as soon as Chloe had finished her Veterinarian training. So in the meantime Beca spent the little free time she had in the year travelling over to Brooklyn to see Chloe and the little free time Chloe had flying her over to LA. And they wouldn’t kiss or be overly affectionate. But they would snuggle up in bed and watch Netflix, and chat, and eat take out.

And it was excruciatingly painful having to wait until she graduated, but Chloe had been surprised at how quickly the time was going. She was now 30! Today!

The redhead looked up suddenly when she heard a gentleman whistling a tune, loud and clear, amongst the ‘clack-clack’ of the subway. She knew that tune. It was from one of her most favourite movies: ‘La La Land’.

The man continued whistling the slow opening to ‘City of Stars’ and Chloe smiled, biting her bottom lip as she looked back down at her phone. She hadto tell Beca about this. The brunette had hated ‘La La Land’. And she’d hated that Chloe had played the soundtrack on repeat for months after seeing it.

The whistling stopped and suddenly Chloe froze when she heard a piano being played from the far end of the subway to her right. A light bubbly positive tune. Her most favourite song from ‘La La Land’. The opening of the movie: ‘Another Day Of Sun’.

In the next subway carriage along a brass band could be heard joining in with the piano and Chloe turned to her left to see that the carriage next to hers didn’t contain commuters but instead was filled with all manner of jazz musicians, the sound of their music coming through the window between the carriages. A broad smile swept across her face. Holy shit. Someone on her carriage was getting a flash mob!!

Chloe immediately looked to her phone to text Beca, having told her best friend for years that if she could have one dream in the world come true it would be that she could witness a flash mob in real life, no matter who it was for! Beca would probably send an ‘eye-roll’ emoji but Chloe didn’t care, she told her best friend everything no matter what it was.

But her attention was dragged from her phone as the woman sat opposite her began singing the opening lyrics to ‘Another Day Of Sun’ and Chloe grinned with encouragement as the woman looked around at the passengers surrounding her who were all smiling too.

To Chloe’s surprise the man sat directly beside her shot up to his feet and began singing the next part of the song, dueting with the woman who had also risen to her feet. Chloe felt giddy with excitement. Gosh she was right in the middle of it all! How exciting!

Then suddenly a woman who had been stood by the doors interjected with the next verse of the upbeat song. And Chloe wondered how many people in this carriage were a part of the flash mob. But within a matter of moments her question was answered when at least a dozen of the passengers around her, either sat or stood, began singing the chorus to ‘Another Day Of Sun’. Those that were stood, danced. Those that were sat down were tapping their feet to the jazz music that was being played in the next carriage along. And everyone was smiling.

But no smile was broader than Chloe Beale’s, who was still watching in delight and awe that of all the carriages they’d picked to perform this number, they’d picked hers! She felt so lucky!

Another dozen or so passengers had joined in by this point and an elaborate dance routine in a very small space was being conducted.

The chorus came to a close, the jazz musicians cut to a slight interval, providing one of the male passengers an opportunity to turn to Chloe and sing the next couple of verses, with the rest of the passengers singing backup. Almost like a Capella, save for the drums and piano playing either side of the busy carriage.

And all of a sudden it hit Chloe. That…there was the tiniest of chances that this flash mob…might be for her?!

A female passenger moves towards the man and sings the next verse to him, then they duet the next couple of verses, dancing together as they sang. And Chloe just sat there, a smile still on her face, her mouth still open in surprise, watching the flash mob before her.

The chorus came again with an almighty boom of noise, every passenger in the carriage except Chloe now singing and dancing while the jazz musicians in the next carriage along played the music to accompany them. The redhead didn’t know where to look, it was all so colourful and overwhelming.

The chorus came to an end, but the musicians continued playing, and Chloe knew this was the part of the song where there was a relatively long instrumental. The passengers continued dancing around her but to Chloe’s dismay she saw the subway beginning to slow. This was her stop. Perhaps this hadn’t been her flash mob after all..

And as Chloe placed her phone in her handbag and gathered it on her shoulder, she noticed two hands being held out to her. She looked up and saw the male and female passengers that had dueted at the beginning of the number holding their hands out to her with big smiles on their faces. And a massive grin swept onto Chloe’s face as she took them and allowed herself to be led off the subway through the open doors of her carriage, and onto the platform.

The jazz musicians had started coming out of their carriage to join a drummer, some violinists, and a woman with a flute, (all of whom had been out on the platform) and still performed with as much heart and soul as they had done on the subway. And to Chloe’s amazement, in front of her were about..100(?) people, all dancing to what looked like specific choreography as they moved to the sound of the music that was now being projected through the subway station’s speakers.

The male and female passengers that had led her off the carriage motioned for her to begin walking and walk Chloe did. Past the musicians who smiled and nodded at her. Between dancing grandmas and grandfathers. Around nimble young men and women. Dancers dressed in carnival clothing, cheerleader wear, army uniforms, everyday clothing..

Then suddenly they all stopped, along with the music, giving Chloe an encouraging look. And although she hesitated Chloe realised it was actually because it had got to a part in the song when someone sang a couple of lines unaided. And she realised they were expecting it to be her!

So Chloe cleared her throat and sang happily, pitch perfect, “When they let you down. The morning rolls around.” And everyone before her began singing the final part of the song, some singing “It’s Another Day Of Sun” and other’s accompanying with choral backup.

Chloe was overwhelmed, grinning from ear to ear as the people around her all danced and played music. Some motioned for her to keep walking and so she did, slowly, looking around her in delight at how talented everyone around her was.

Suddenly the dancers in front of her danced to the side to reveal one person stood a few feet ahead of her and Chloe felt her heart skip a beat. There, stood in her usual black skinny jeans and a dark blue vest top, with her favourite red plaid shirt, was her best friend.

Beca was grinning at Chloe with pursed lips, and Chloe shook her head in disbelief at all that was happening around them. But the brunette merely brought her hands up to shrug nonscelantly, as though this was no big deal. Chloe noted the small bunch of sunflowers in Beca’s hand, knowing they were for her, as they were Chloe’s favourite flowers.

The dancers carried on dancing, the singers carried on singing, the musicians carried on playing. And Chloe carried on slowly walking in a straight line towards her best friend. Mesmirised by the sight of her. Because Chloe was soin love with her, and this great birthday gesture hadn’t helped matters..

The song came to a grand end just as Chloe stopped in front of Beca, and the redhead couldn’t help the tears that suddenly fell from her face. She couldn’t work out what was the best part of all. The flowers, the flash mob, or the fact that Beca was here. Actually here. When she’d told Chloe she was away and couldn’t visit her for her birthday. Even though it was the redhead’s 30th.

“Happy Birthday Chlo.” Beca said with a calm smile, holding the flowers out, and Chloe took them with a coy grin, looking into Beca’s eyes. “I would kiss you,” Beca whispered, “but-“

“-I know I know, we had that deal that we wouldn’t take anything further until I finished vet school.” Chloe said kindly, reaching out and taking Beca’s hand, feeling slightly sad because this would absolutely be the most perfect moment to share their first kiss. For sure.

But Beca shook her head, “ that wasn’t..” and the brunette let out a small chuckle at Chloe’s surprised expression, “..I wasn’t thinking of that it’s just-“

“-JUST KISS HER ALREADY!” Came a familiar Australian drawl from far behind Beca, and Beca let out a small sigh, raising her eyebrows at Chloe who had begun to giggle, knowing now why Beca didn’t want their first kiss to be right here, right now.

“The Bellas are all here..” Beca finished in an apologetic tone, and Chloe peered over Beca’s shoulder, her heart soaring as she saw all the Bellas gathered together, watching them with broad grins on their faces.

“It’s okay..” Chloe whispered, and she smiled sweetly at her best friend who turned back to her, “..I’ve waited 9 years already. What’s another 3 huh?”

Beca seemed to hesitate, biting her bottom lip, as though deep in thought, and for the first time in a very long time, Chloe couldn’t work out what Beca was thinking.

So she watched in shock as Beca muttered, “Oh screw it..” before bringing her hands to cup Chloe’s face and throwing her lips onto the redhead’s lips. Chloe felt her entire body fill with life and hope and happiness as she wrapped her arms around Beca’s waist. And Beca must have indicated to the flash mob in some way because the musicians and singers all started singing and playing the final section of ‘Another Day Of Sun’ again.

But Chloe didn’t really notice, she was too busy grinning as Beca parted their kiss, tears in her own eyes as she smiled back at her.

“Best. Birthday. Ever.” Chloe said happily, and Beca gave her a wink before they were interrupted by The Bellas who had strode over to them to envelope them in an excitable tight group hug.

Chapter Text

“Hey” Chloe said softly, smiling as she held her phone to her ear, settling back on the double bed in the little studio apartment that she still lived in, even though Beca had insisted she’d be happy to pay for her to have a nicer one in the same area of Brooklyn. But Chloe loved how quirky it was. And it really had been the best kind of home for them over three years after graduation that they’d both lived there with Amy. Now it was a year after that and it was still the place Chloe considered home. Still the place Beca always returned to after her long stints away in LA. 

“Hey.” came the equally soft response from Beca on the other end of the phone, “What you up to?”

Chloe pulled a few strands of puppy fur from her jumper and flicked it onto the floor beside the bed with a tired sigh, “Oh nothing much. Just laying on our bed. Talking to you.”

“I’m nothing much huh?” Beca said in a teasing tone, and Chloe giggled loudly. She adored the evenings that Beca called. They spoke every day on WhatsApp. They sent constant selfies and observations on Snapchat to each other. But they only spoke on the phone every couple of days or so. It depended on Beca’s schedule and the time difference between New York and LA.

“You’re everything much!” Chloe exclaimed between her giggles, “You’re…” she slowed her giggles then let out a calm sigh, “…you’re everything.” she finished quietly. 

It had been almost a year since they’d returned from the USO tour that they’d gone on with The Bellas. Almost a year since Chloe had finally plucked up the courage to ask Beca out. Almost a year since Beca had briefly broken her heart by saying no. Almost a year since Beca had assured her that she did want to date her, but only once Chloe had finished Vet School. That way the redhead would have no big distractions. And she could become the very best vet that Beca knew she would be.

So with that promise, Chloe had begun knuckling down hard, studying well, attending every class, contributing to each session. Meanwhile, Beca had been working hard in LA, writing and recording. Pouring her thoughts and feelings and emotions down onto paper and into her music. And both were eagerly anticipating the end of the long five years they had ahead of them while Chloe studied to become a vet. They were both crazy about each other, and they no longer had any reason to hide it from each other. But at the same time they remained patient, both looking forward to Chloe’s graduation day, when they could finally start dating one another. When they could finally become official. When they could finally kiss.

“I miss you..” Beca said quietly into the phone with a sigh, and Chloe tucked into the foetal position on their bed, holding her phone to her ear, trying to absorb all the warmth of Beca’s arms that might be coming down the device and into her body. 

“I miss you too..” Chloe said quietly with a sigh to match Beca’s.

Yeah it was a year on, but it didn’t make having to sleep in this bed alone any easier. Chloe found her thumb smoothing over the index finger ring that Beca had given her before she’d gone out to LA the first time. 

“Don’t suppose you’ve had any thoughts about where you might want to go on our first date?” Beca asked hopefully, trying to change the tone of the conversation, and a smile grew on Chloe’s face. 

“Umm…I’ve no idea.” she said honestly, “So long as I’m with you I don’t mind where we go! Have you had any thoughts about it?”

“Well I’m thinking in four years time I’ll have made at least a million so…a cute cottage in the middle of the Sicillian countryside maybe?” Beca said casually and Chloe let out another giggle.

“Wow, no Chipotle then huh?” she joked, knowing full well that her best friend hated Chipotle.

“Oh God could you imagine?? All that money and I treat the love of my life to Chipotle on our first date?!” Beca said in a disgusted tone then Chloe could sense the woman’s sudden pause. Because Chloe had heard her say it too. Beca thought of her as the love of her life?

A soft smile grew on Chloe’s face and she bit her bottom lip before replying, “Yeah you’d be lucky to get a second date I can assure you of that.” and it appeared to be enough to break any potential tension that could’ve arisen following Beca’s Freudian slip.

“Good job I wont be taking you to Chipotle then.” Beca added quietly and Chloe could hear the smile on her best friend’s face. God, she couldn’t wait to go out with her. She couldn’t wait to be able to call Beca her girlfriend. To be able to kiss and cuddle and make out with her. One year down, only four to go!

“Beca?” Chloe said quietly down the phone, then took a deep breath and whispered, “I love you..” 

“Chloe?” she heard her best friend say quietly down the phone back to her, whispering, “I love you too..”

And the two best friends lay on their respective beds, their respective phones to their ears, giggling while they started reminiscing about this time last year when they’d been on the USO tour with The Bellas.

Chapter Text

“Heeey!” Chloe answered her phone brightly, having seen her best friend’s photo pop up on the screen. She held it to her ear with her shoulder while she continued mixing a birthday cake that she was taking over to Flo’s in the morning. “Everything ok?”

The redhead stood in the kitchen of the tiny studio apartment that she lived in alone, but that Beca rented - the younger woman having had a brilliantly successful first year as a solo recording artist last year, earning her hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short space of time.

“Hey!” the brunette went quiet and Chloe thought she could hear down the phone the sound of Beca shutting herself in a quiet room, “..Yeah I need to ask you a question. And I get it if you don’t want to, that’s cool..”

Chloe stopped mixing and furrowed her brow. Beca sounded nervous. She never sounded nervous when she spoke to Chloe. And suddenly Chloe felt concerned, “Beca what’s going on..? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah! Uh..” and Beca exhaled heavily down the phone, “I just found out I got nominated for a VMA and I’m kinda freaking out a bit and-“

“-Beca that’s AMAZING news!!” Chloe interrupted, dropping the mixing spoon into the bowl with a loud ‘clang’. She heard Beca chuckle.

“Thanks Chlo. You’re the first person I thought of when I found..”

“Of course..” Chloe said with a shrug and a grin, continuing her mixing, loving the sound of Beca’s chuckle again. She missed her so much. And hated that she was still away in LA for another five weeks. Thank God for FaceTime..

“So I wanted to ask you a question..” Beca said somewhat nervously, and Chloe giggled.

“Yes of course I’ll marry you.” She said jokingly, “But you didn’t need to go out of your way to be nominated for a VMA to ask me Becs..”

“Ha. Ha.” Beca replied sarcastically. Because they’d joked about it before. Well..kinda joked. Like, they’d agreed they would start dating once Chloe had finished Vet School. And the Christmas after they’d agreed that, they’d kinda drunkenly agreed that once they did start dating then that would be it. Forever. They would be together forever. In it for the long-run. Marriage. Kids. The works.

“Chloe I wondered if you’d go with me to the VMA’ my ‘plus one’..” Beca said nervously. Chloe dropped the spoon for a second time.

“Like…a date??”

“ I’ve got bigger and better plans for our first date than walking up a red carpet together in front of hundreds of paparazzi..”

A smile swept over Chloe’s face. Ugh why wasn’t it 2022 yet?? The sooner it came the sooner they could start dating properly!

“So..will you?” Beca asked nervously, Chloe’s pause clearly having been too long.

“Yeah of course I will!” Chloe said, picking up her mixing spoon again.

“Great. Well it’s in a couple of weeks so I guess I’ll be seeing you sooner than we first thought!”

Chloe cheered in a sweet voice, causing Beca to chuckle. And both women began chatting excitably about what they could get up to once Chloe had arrived in LA..

Chapter Text

Beca’s heart was in her throat as she stood, motionless, in the dark tiny studio apartment she called home. The power was out in the whole block. She’s seen it go as she was approaching the Brooklyn building around fifteen minutes ago. She’d wandered up the stairs using her phone as a torch, cursing the poor battery power as her phone conked out just as she reached her floor.

It was around midnight and she knew her two housemates well enough to know that they’d be asleep by now in their respective beds. Amy always insisted on an early night on a Wednesday. And Chloe was usually asleep by the time Beca got home from a late day at work.

She’d just crept through the door, noticing the familiar sound of Fat Amy snoring loudly in her double bed opposite the door. No matter how persistent she was, the clothes rail that acted as a divider between her bed and the rest of the studio apartment did not act as a sound barrier. Just as Beca had closed the apartment door quietly behind her she’d heard her best friend crawling out of the fold out bed they shared.

Beca turned and could see the figure of Chloe slowly approaching her through the dark. The brunette allowed her bag to fall from her shoulder onto the small armchair they usually slung their items on once they got in the door. And she stood there, nervously.

First thing that morning, Beca had done what she always did. She’d got up early, got dressed, had breakfast, cleaned her teeth, then brought Chloe her cup of tea before she left for work.

This morning, however, when Beca had leant over to Chloe to place a kiss on the redhead’s cheek - as she did every morning as a way of saying goodbye - Chloe had surprised her by turning her face and they’d ended up kissing very briefly on the lips. Beca had already been a little on the drag for work, so had reluctantly left, telling Chloe that she’d see her when she got home. Theeen had kinda immediately darted back in the room to give the woman a firmer kiss. Beca had spent the day at work in some weird daydream-like state, barely able to concentrate on anything more than how good Chloe’s lips had felt on hers.

Now the younger woman stood frozen to the spot as she felt Chloe gently take her hands by her sides. She felt the redhead lean her body into hers, and their foreheads gently touched. Beca could feel Chloe’s breath on her face, and the brunette swallowed loudly.

They both stood there like that for a few moments, in total darkness, the only sound being that of their breaths and their roommate’s snoring.

Then suddenly Beca slowly leant her mouth towards Chloe’s and they kissed. Gently at first, Beca being aware of how Chloe squeezed her hands, clearly thrilled to be sharing this kiss with her. Their lips parted within seconds, their foreheads leant against one another again, their breathing a little faster as their excitement built.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day..” Chloe whispered quietly.

Beca traced the tip of her nose over Chloe’s whispering back, “I’m sorry I’m late home..”

And Chloe let out the tiniest of giggles, “You’re worth the wait” she whispered, and they kissed once again.

This time, however, the kiss was firmer, more desperate. As though the wait had been excruciating for both of them. What neither of them knew yet was that they’d both been desperately waiting for a kiss like this between them for years.

Chloe’s hands found their way up to Beca’s face to cup her cheeks while Beca shrugged her coat and scarf off, then the brunette wound her arms around Chloe’s waist. The younger woman slowly pulled Chloe back so she was leant against the apartment door, and they stood there, quietly making out in the dark, for several heated minutes. Both trying their hardest to keep their kisses and breathing quiet, for fear of waking their roommate..

Chapter Text

Beca looked at her watch as she stood on the subway platform in Brooklyn. 6.22pm. If all went to plan Chloe’s usual subway home - and for this moment only, her personal subway - would be rolling into the station very, very soon. She looked ahead of her, down the length of the platform. She noted the musicians with their instruments waiting patiently for the signal from the subway driver, whose comms-link was connected to the station’s speakers. The driver was under strict instruction to inform them the second Chloe had got on the subway.

Suddenly Beca heard a familiar bunch of voices calling her name, and her heart began racing as she turned to see The Bellas all making their way down the platform. Oh God..

“Wha-?” Beca stuttered, clenching the bunch of sunflowers she had in her hand. The sunflowers she was going to give Chloe when the redhead saw her. “What are you guys doing here??”

“Are you kidding?” Fat Amy asked, pulling Beca into a tight hug, “The second you told Aubrey what you were planning did you really think we’d want to miss out on seeing it?!”

Beca was almost certain she’d heard one of her ribs crack the hug had been that tight, but as Amy stepped away from the embrace she realised she’d probably been overreacting - she was so nervous. Because today was Chloe’s 30th birthday. And she had told Chloe specifically that she wouldn’t be able to see her, having given her some excuse about her having to work. Which wasn’t an unusual thing for Beca to say because she worked so much over in LA. But the truth was Beca had spent the past ten months planning this very moment.

Chloe had babbled to her a few years ago - in their senior year of college - that her biggest dream would be to see a flash mob happen in person. She didn’t care whether she was the receiver of said flash mob or just a by-stander. But Beca was never going to let Chloe just be a by-stander. Because this woman was the love of her life. And ever since the two of them had returned home from their USO tour a couple of years ago they’d both agreed to start dating as soon as Chloe finished all five years of her vet training. Two years down. Only three years to go. In the meantime both women worked hard on their respective careers in their respective sides of the country. They spent any lengthy time off together. They spoke every day. They Facetime’d ever other day. And they were truly, madly, deeply in love with one another. But an agreement had been an agreement. So they both stubbornly accepted that they wouldn’t start dating until Chloe graduated, refusing to admit that they were technically in a romantic relationship with one another. They just hadn’t ever kissed. Or confirmed it to one another. Or anyone else in actual fact.

Beca had been squirrelled away planning, hiring a choreographer and director, casting, then rehearsing with the team of 100 people that were going to come together in two phases to help make Chloe’s flash mob dream a reality. And she couldn’t believe it would soon be over. Chloe had absolutely no idea.

The brunette’s original plan had been to kiss Chloe once she’d given her the flowers. Yes it was in front of these people. And yes it was in public. And yes it was three years before they were planning on doing it. But Beca knew it would be romantic and just what Chloe would want. And Beca wanted to give Chloe the world at some point in their lives, so starting with a surprise kiss was a good start. That was until The Bellas had turned up. Now she wasn’t so sure sharing her first kiss with Chloe was going to be quite so romantic with their best friends watching.

“Right well…if you guys wouldn’t mind standing back there,” she said, motioning to the far end of the platform, far behind where she would be stood, “like, right back there..” and the women all began walking backwards while Beca kept motioning for them to keep moving. Once they were far enough back she threw her thumbs up and they stopped.

Then suddenly a voice crackled over the station’s speakers, “Code Red” and butterflies began racing around Beca’s stomach. This was it. She ignored the mutterings of some of The Bellas commenting on how of all the code words Beca could’ve chosen, she chose such a dangerous sounding one, and instead the brunette stood up straight. She took several deep breaths. This was it.

The performers before her began making their way to their starting spots. Ready for the moment the subway rolled into the station. Ready for the musicians on the platform to start up where the musicians in the subway finished. And suddenly audio from inside Chloe’s carriage and the next one along began playing through the station speakers, and Beca swallowed loudly. She could only imagine the look on Chloe’s face, and the woman smiled.

Beca took one last look over her shoulder, noticing that Aubrey, Emily, Jessica and Stacie had already begun quietly crying. All The Bellas grinned at her and gave her supportive thumbs up. And Beca turned back to the performers in front of her. Those that were looking at her smiled. This was going to be so worth all the money and time she’d spent organising this. 

Chloe was worth everything.

Chapter Text

Aubrey tapped excitably on the edge of the table in the airport lounge cafe that she sat in. Beca had given her a very big responsibility. One that Aubrey had embraced with every fibre of her ‘organisation gene’. But at the end of the day she was still first and foremost one of Chloe’s best friends. Which was why she held her phone to her ear right now.

“Hey Bree!” She heard Chloe answer brightly and Aubrey smiled. The woman sounded happy. Good.

“Hey Chloe! I was just calling to see how you were feeling about tomorrow?” Aubrey said, trying to tone down her excitement even though she swore she could feel as though her heart was about to burst out of her chest. Because tomorrow was a huge day for Chloe. Not only was the woman finally graduating - becoming a fully qualified vet - but she was also finally going to have the chance to start dating Beca. The two women had agreed that neither would start officially dating until Chloe qualified. It had been a long five years, but the wait was almost over.

“Well I’ve graduated before so I’m not feeling too nervous actually..” Chloe said conversationally but Aubrey rolled her eyes.

“I meant about seeing Beca and you know it!”

Aubrey grinned as she heard her best friend giggle down the phone at her. For as long as Chloe and Aubrey had known Beca, Aubrey had known that Chloe had a huge crush on the petite brunette. So it had been an incredible 12 year wait for Chloe to get to this point in her relationship with Beca.

Initially, Aubrey had been one of the few Bellas that Beca and Chloe had trusted with their secret agreement of eventually dating one another. Until about three years ago when Beca had told the Bellas that she had something planned for Chloe’s 30th. Then at the end of that ‘plan’ (which had involved a terribly elaborate flash mob) Beca had kissed Chloe, and suddenly it was no secret to the rest of The Bellas that Beca and Chloe had every intention of dating one day.

As far as Aubrey was aware that kiss had been their one and only kiss in the 12 years that they’d known each other. She could only imagine how different that tally would be come the end of tomorrow..

“Well to say I’m excited about seeing Beca is an understatement.” Chloe said in an excitable voice and Aubrey could believe it. They’d really played the ‘slow burn’ card for far too long. They deserved these promised dates. These expected kisses..

“And..well as you’ve kinda been here for us since the beginning Bree i thought I’d tell you that..” Aubrey heard her best friend pause, taking a deep breath before adding quietly, “..I think I’m gonna propose to her. In the evening.”

“Oh..” was all that fell out of Aubrey’s mouth. She was stunned. And not because it seemed so soon - considering Beca and Chloe hasn’t even gone on an official first date together yet. No, Aubrey was stunned because she knew full well that it was Beca’s plan to propose to Chloe tomorrow evening too.

“I know it seems rushed, and that we’ll be on our first date when I do it but..” Chloe appeared to be flopping down on the bed she often shared with Beca in the studio apartment in Brooklyn that Beca rented for her while the brunette was away in LA for work, “I’m so in love with her and…well you said it yourself Bree, Beca and I have practically been in a romantic relationship for years now. We just..haven’t really done anything official! In my eyes I kinda see it as though we’ve been together ever since we made that agreement. And if I’m going by that then I think five years is plenty enough time to have waited to propose.”

“I-I..” Aubrey stuttered, a smile on her face as she heard her best friend sigh. Beca and Chloe were more made for each other than they would ever know. And the blonde loved it. “I honestly can’t think of anything better. I think it’s a great idea Chloe.”



“Okay,” Chloe said, and Aubrey could almost hear the smile in her best friend’s voice, “Well I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“Yes please!” Aubrey said excitably, “When does she get into New York?” She asked even though she knew the answer. She knew Beca got into New York in the morning because Beca had already briefed Aubrey with every single one of her movements over the next couple of days. She knew Beca had a meeting in LA today, then a TV performance tonight, and that she’d be getting into JFK tomorrow morning, making it over to Chloe’s graduation just in time. And Aubrey knew all this because Beca had asked her to help prepare the location that she planned on proposing to Chloe at. Ready for when they had arrived there after Chloe’s graduation. “Oh she doesn’t get here until the morning. She has a late TV performance tonight but she should get to my graduation tomorrow in time. I hope..”

“She’ll be there Chloe. It’s Beca.” Aubrey said in a confident voice.

“Bree?” Chloe asked in an uncharacteristically nervous voice, “what…what if she says no?”

And Aubrey smiled. Because there was no way in hell that Beca would ever say no to Chloe’s proposal, especially as she was going to propose herself!

“I can promise you one thing for sure Chloe Beale, and that is that there is no way Beca would ever say no to you.”

“ case you’re forgetting, she said no when I asked her out after our USO tour..” Chloe added awkwardly, but Aubrey rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, and then she promised you that she’d go out with you as soon as you finished Vet School!”

The two women fell silent for a moment and Aubrey looked at her watch. She had just under an hour before her flight up to New York. Beca had booked her amazing seats and a very swish hotel in NYC - mostly as a thank you for the hard work she was about to do for her and Chloe.

“It’s all gonna be alright Chloe.” Aubrey said in a calm and reassuring voice, “I promise.”

Chapter Text


Fat Amy: Whomp - Bhloe update!

Emily: Eeeeeeeeee!! YES!! Tell us more!! Xxxxx

Ashley: Jessica & I live for these updates right now x

Jessica: Agreed Ash x

Fat Amy: They’re having a domestic over socks.. 

Aubrey: ???????

Stacie: Eh??

Lilly: Socks are the worst 

CR: Is it worse than the ‘eating toast in bed’ drama?

Emily: *gasping emoji* I’d forgotten about that!! Xxxxx

Fat Amy: Potentially worse..

Aubrey: *eyeroll emoji* Oh God, what did Beca do now?

Fat Amy: Not Beca.. Chloe’s in for it this time..

Aubrey: What?!

Stacie: Oh shit..


Fat Amy: Not near their phones. They’ve both got them charging in that ‘duo charger block’ they got at Christmas *eyeroll emoji*

Fat Amy: Hang on..

Fat Amy let out a short sigh and looked up from her position on her bed, all she could see was her clothes rail full of clothes. But beyond it stood the rest of the studio apartment that she’d been living in with Beca and Chloe for eighteen months now. The two shared a fold-out bed due to lack of room and the Bellas were all currently betting on how long it would be until Beca and Chloe would finally admit that they had feelings for each other and would just get together.

It was all too much for Amy to have to text, so she scrambled to the end of her bed, pressed the video call button. Then she stuck her arm out between the clothes and hoped that she was recording her two friends for the rest of The Bellas.

“It’s not that many Beca..” Chloe started in a defensive tone, her hands on her hips, but Beca furiously pulled back the bottom of their large bedcovers to reveal around twelve pairs of socks.

Not that many?!” she shrieked, “There’s like a hundred socks there Chloe!!” and she motioned to the multitude of coloured or cartoony socks.

“Look, you knew this about me when we started sharing a bed, babe!” Chloe said, folding her arms as she stood beside Beca.

“Well, babe,” Beca emphasised angrily, raising her eyebrows while she looked at her best friend, “I didn’t think it was as bad as this!!”

“I take my socks off overnight! You know that!” Chloe explained loudly, and Beca rolled her eyes with a groan while the redhead added, “Oh would you rather I had freezing feet when I go to bed and I just warmed them up on your legs instead?”

“You do that anyway!!!” Beca yelled, flinging the bedcovers back to reveal yet another pair of socks a little further up the bed, and the brunette let out a growl of frustration.

“Well this clearly proves how long it’s been since our bedding was washed!”

“Oh you’re kidding - this is my fault now??” Beca exclaimed, clearly offended by the insinuation, “At least I’m changing the bedding!!”

“You’re only changing the bedding because you got fucking peanut butter on the bedsheets because oh, surprise surprise, you were eating toast in our bed AGAIN!!”

“It’s cosier in our bed and you know it!” Beca tried to argue, but her expression had settled slightly, realising that she was potentially losing this battle.

“Beca, you have to walk past the kitchen table to get to our bed!! Just sit at the fucking table!!”

The two best friends stood stubbornly, almost nose to nose, their arms folded. Their chests rose and fell as their anger slowly started to decrease to pure annoyance.

“Now, do you want me to make the coffees or would you rather I take the laundry downstairs?” Chloe said in an unimpressed tone and Beca replied in an equally unimpressed tone, “Coffee’s.”

“Fine.” Chloe replied and stormed over to the coffee machine that they had in their tiny studio apartment while Beca began unpeeling the bedsheets to place in the laundry basket. “Colombian or Guatemalan?” Chloe asked her best friend in a grumpy tone.

“Whatever you want.” Beca replied in an equally grumpy tone as she scooped up all of Chloe’s dirty socks and chucked them on top of the laundry. Chloe meanwhile got Beca’s favourite coffee cup out and her own favourite coffee cup out and began preparing the coffee machine for two cups of Guatemalan coffee.

Fat Amy decided she’d shown the Bellas enough, and ended the video call, knowing that that was likely the end of the argument. Beca and Chloe always quickly made up after any bickering, Fat Amy had lived with them long enough to know that. She had also lived with them long enough to notice the way they looked at each other when the other wasn’t looking. She’d got in from a night out on plenty of occasions and had found them curled up peacefully in their bed together. They were in a relationship together without the romance. But Fat Amy and the rest of The Bellas wondered how long that’d last..

CR: #wives

Emily: Oh my God that was just like the argument my Mom and Dad had had over the Christmas holidays! And just as awkward to watch xxxxx

Flo: Remind me again how they aren’t together yet?

Stacie: That was all so gaaaaaaaay!

Aubrey: I never thought I’d say this but Beca has a very valid point..

Stacie: *gasping emoji*

Aubrey: Taking socks off in bed is not okay!!! X

Stacie: Spoil-sport *eyeroll emoji* ;P xx

Aubrey: *eyeroll emoji* xx

Ashley: I’ve kicked Jessica out of bed for using me as a hot water bottle before.. x

Jessica: But you’re always so waaaaaarm babe x

Ashley: Not when you’re done with me I’m not! X

Jessica: *suggestive smiley*

Lilly: The demon inside me keeps me forever warm..

Emily: Umm..

Aubrey: EMILY DONT!! X

Emily: Okay xxxxx

Beca: AMY!!! 

Beca: What have I told you about telling the Bellas about me and Chloe!! 

Aubrey: Um in case you hadn’t noticed, we were on your side..

Beca: Oh

Beca: Oh yeah. Thanks 

Chloe:  :0 Aubrey! You traitor! X

Stacie: dw Red, I had your back :) socks in bed all the way 

Aubrey:  *eyeroll emoji* xx

Stacie:  ;) xx

Fat Amy: Right well Staubrey while you’re off having your weird sock debate, Bhloe are busy making out on their bed..


CR: I KNEW IT!! Yes you two!! FINALLY!! X

Beca: Amy we’re NOT making out!! 

Fat Amy: They’re not to know that..

Beca: STOP IT!!

Fat Amy looked up from her phone with a jump as her clothes rail was tugged aside and Beca and Chloe both glared at her. Their phones were in their hands. Ah.. she was in trouble..

Lilly: I knew it..

“You guys still mad at each other?” Fat Amy asked in an innocent tone and her two best friends folded their arms.

“Well not any more!” Chloe said with a frown.

“Now we’re both mad at you..” Beca said in a grumpy tone.

Emily: Are you guys ok?? It’s gone quiet on here all of a sudden.. xxxxx

Flo: They’ve probably killed Amy..

Stacie: And are now making out on their shared bed..

Ashley: Rolling in peanut butter..

Fat Amy looked up at her phone and gave her friends an apologetic expression as both Beca and Chloe looked at her in an unimpressed manner.


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Beca leant her back against the wall in a dark corridor towards the back of the bar that her work’s Halloween party was being held. BFD Records had outdone themselves this year. The brunette took a long swig of beer from the bottle she held in her hand and swayed slightly, her head feeling heavy from the alcohol that she’d consumed over the past few hours.

She looked ahead and her deep blue eyes fell on her best friend, stood opposite her, leaning against the wall, swaying slightly too. Chloe had a bottle of beer in her hand that she’d just finished the contents of, and had a sloppy smile on her face. The redhead had dressed up as ‘Poison Ivy’ for Halloween and it hadn’t passed Beca by just how sexy the woman looked in her green skin-tight dress, bringing the red of her ginger hair out.

The brunette had had a crush on her best friend for years and it hadn’t helped that since moving to Brooklyn they’d had to share a bed too. Not least of all because whenever Beca got home from work Chloe was always there. And she was usually always in bed. Which meant that Beca had little to no privacy..and as a result hadn’t had any way of sexually relieving herself for seven months.

Seven. Fucking. Months.

“Like what you see there Mitchell?” Chloe asked, and she watched as Beca dragged her eyes from Chloe’s waist, up to Chloe’s chest, let them linger on her boobs for a few moments, before looking up at her face. They were drunk. Really drunk. And alone.

“What you thinking?” Chloe asked, her insides wrapping into a ball of desire as she saw her best friend licking her lips, shaking her head slowly, then looking down at her hands while she picked at the label of her beer bottle.

“I’m just thinking how shit it is that I’ve not had sex since we moved to this fucking city..” Beca slurred, taking a final swig from her empty bottle, “and you’re always in our fucking bed so I can’t know..”

“Masturbate?” Chloe suggested bluntly and she watched as Beca’s eyes quickly found hers and the brunette nodded. Chloe’s eyes tore their way up and down her best friend’s body, the younger woman donning a sexy sleek black catsuit with a pair of cats ears on her head, her long brown hair cascading down her back. Chloe had had a crush on her best friend for years. And she’d be lying if she hadn’t thought about her sexually from time to time.

“Yeah I just..fuck..” Beca slurred, shaking her head as she looked up at the ceiling in the dark corridor, “I just want someone to just fucking slam me against a wall, kiss me hard and make me cum. You know?”

Chloe was certain that if they hadn’t been drinking over the past few hours Beca definitely wouldn’t have said all that. But they had been drinking. And she had said all that. And suddenly Chloe felt her sexual desire for her best friend overcoming all other feelings.

Beca looked down at her best friend and the second she did Chloe dropped her empty beer bottle onto the carpeted corridor floor and strode the three paces it took to get over to Beca. The brunette immediately dropped her own empty beer bottle as soon as Chloe slammed her hands on Beca’s hips, pushing the smaller woman against the wall while she threw her lips onto Beca’s mouth and kissed her hard.

Beca’s mind went blank as she closed her eyes and felt the full force of Chloe’s tongue darting into her mouth with each firm kiss. The brunette found her hands reaching out and sliding up Chloe’s short skirt, hitching the fabric up as she felt the cool skin of Chloe’s outer thighs.

The kiss broke for a few seconds and the best friends panted, adrenaline racing around their bodies, “Want me to help you out with you masturbation problem?” Chloe drunkenly mumbled under her breath, her hands smoothing across Beca’s figure, now hating the skin-tight catsuit because there really wasn’t enough skin exposed for Chloe’s liking.

She didn’t wait for permission, having heard Beca’s confession herself, and the redhead brought her hand down Beca’s stomach and cupped her crotch. Their mouths immediately found each other again, and they kissed heavily. Chloe heard a loud moan come from the back of Beca’s throat as Chloe began swiftly moving the middle finger of her right hand horizontally back and forth over Beca’s clit through the Lycra catsuit.

Beca ground her body against Chloe’s hand, her own hands hitch her best friend’s skirt up higher so she was now gripping her ass. And their kiss broke once again while Chloe took the time to snag a piece of Beca’s skin on the woman’s neck between her teeth, sucking on it hard. She heard Beca let out a wince then a gasp, the smaller woman’s hands gripping Chloe’s ass cheeks tighter to power through the pain.

“Fuck. Chloe. This is hot..” Beca mumbled before kissing her best friend hard, removing her hands from the woman’s ass and pushing her away, their kiss still continuing. But Chloe took her hands, placed them on Beca’s shoulders, and shoved the brunette hard against the wall again. Beca let out a grunt of approval, darting her tongue into Chloe’s mouth.

Chloe meanwhile, brought her hand back down to cup Beca’s pussy again, her middle finger continuing its movements over her clit through the fabric. And Beca broke the kiss, slamming her head back against the wall while she let out a moan. Chloe opened her eyes and took in as much of the sight of Beca moaning as her drunk vision would let her. She didn’t want to forget this.

The grinding continued as Chloe dove her head down, taking her tongue and licking Beca’s skin from the base of her cleavage up to her collarbone, up her neck to her earlobe. The redhead captured the skin between her teeth and bit down eliciting another moan from Beca.

“Keep going..” Beca panted, grinding a little harder against Chloe’s hand, and the taller woman did as she was told, her body pressing Beca up against the wall a little harder while she moved her right hand a little faster.

Then suddenly Chloe felt Beca’s small body begin to shudder against hers, the petite brunette becoming heavier while a cry fell out of the woman’s mouth. And Chloe watched as she brought Beca to orgasm for the first time, loving the way her best friend’s eyes rolled into the back of her head while a drowsy smile swept across her face.

Chloe didn’t wait for any words, and brought her mouth to Beca’s. They kissed passionately for several minutes in the dark corridor of the bar. Then suddenly they parted.

“C’mon..” Beca said as she took Chloe’s hand, “..I’m taking you home..” and the two best friend’s staggered down the corridor, through the main body of the bar, and out into the cool October air to catch a cab back to their studio apartment in Brooklyn.

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A shrill squeal could be heard echoing around the shower areas of the public pool. And not a happy squeal either.

“No!!” Came a loud stubborn squeak.

Chloe let out a frustrated sigh, her one year old daughter in her arms, while her four year old daughter stood before her with a huge frown on her face.

“Cee-Cee, please just get under the shower!” The mother begged, but the little brunette kept her arms folded and shook her head stubbornly.

“Look!” Chloe tried to say in a cheerful voice - an attempt to entice her eldest daughter under the flow of warm water, “Mommy and Brie are going under..” and the redhead ducked under the shower stream, holding her hand over her youngest child’s eyes so the water didn’t get in the baby’s eyes. When the woman leant out of the warm water she pushed back any leftover water from her baby’s soggy brown hair, then wiped her own wet red hair back before looking down at her eldest daughter.

Clementine Mitchell looked unimpressed while she looked up at her mommy and baby sister, “I want to go back in the pool!!”

“You’re not going back in the pool kiddo,” Beca Mitchell said firmly as she arrived at the showers to join her wife and two daughters. In her arms was Brie’s twin brother, Brandon, and walking alongside her to join his sister was Beca and Chloe’s eldest child, Caleb. “None of us are.”

The brunette handed her wife their other baby, then stooped down to pick up the bottle of shampoo. Chloe smiled gently at her eldest son while the seven year old stepped straight under the warm water and out the other side, pushing his brown wet hair from his face and wiping his eyes.

“Good boy..” Chloe praised calmly, as he reached his hands out and accepted a handful of shampoo from Beca. Chloe adjusted the weight of the babies she had on each hip while she kept an eye on her eldest daughter.

Cee-Cee was busy watching her Mama help her brother to scrape shampoo into his hair. And the four year old still looked unimpressed. If Chloe wasn’t so tired she’d probably be giggling at how similar all her children were to Beca when it came to having to do something they didn’t want to do. But she was tired. She’d been tired for just over seven years now..

Caleb had finished his stint under the warm water, and Beca wrapped a large towel around her son’s little body, telling him to wait by the other towels nearby.

Then Beca squared up to her eldest daughter, her hands on her hips as she looked down at Cee-Cee, “Come on dude, you saw how quick and easy that was..” but the four year old still frowned stubbornly. So the mother let out a sigh, took her daughter gently by the arms and stuck her under the warm water. Cee-Cee screamed loudly, furious that she wouldn’t be allowed back in the pool. But this was a usual reaction from the child. Because Clementine Mitchell was practically a fish. She adored swimming and the water almost as much as her mommy did. So trying to get her out of any pool or ocean was a challenge. So much so that the mothers had become well accustomed to getting Cee-Cee ready in a flash before the four year old had even had time to process it.

Within a minute Beca had successfully washed her eldest daughter’s long brown hair, and wrapped her up in her large ‘Frozen’ towel. With the eldest two kids washed and drying, all that was left were the youngest two.

And so Beca took baby Brie from Chloe’s right arm while her wife dunked Brandon under the warm stream of water, wiping the chlorine from their baby’s skin. Then the mothers expertly swapped twins, and Chloe did the same again with Brie, before handing the youngest Mitchell to her wife, then quickly washing her own long red hair. One final exchange was made while Beca quickly showered, then the mothers turned to grab the towels.

“Um where’s Cee-Cee gone buddy?” Beca asked her eldest son as she picked up her towel and Brandon looked up at his mother awkwardly.

“She ran back to the pool. I tried to stop her-“

But Beca had already sighed, turning on the spot and making her way out to the pool. She didn’t know why she was surprised. Because this always happened..

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The large slice of chocolate cake was placed in front of Beca at the posh hotel they’d been visiting as part of the USO tour and the brunette sat up straight, looking around at her fellow Bellas and grinning as they gawked at the size of her dessert.

But none gawked more than Chloe, who was sat beside Beca (as usual) and had leant into the brunette’s body to get a closer look at the delicious looking cake.

“Oh my God that looks amazing..” Beca heard Chloe mumble to herself, and the younger woman grinned as she watched Chloe turn to the waiter.

“Um, excuse me sir? I’ve changed my mind. I do want a dessert. That dessert. Please.” And the redhead motioned to the chocolate cake in front of her best friend which Beca had begun tucking into.

The waiter, however, looked at Chloe apologetically, “I’m sorry Madame, I’m afraid that is our last slice.”

“Oh..” Chloe said, her shoulders sagging slightly in disappointment, saying quietly, “Uh..never mind. It…it doesn’t matter. I’m fine.”

Beca bit her bottom lip as she looked at her best friend. Her crush. Chloe looked heartbroken as she glanced at the tables around them to see if any of them were eating dessert and, if they were, if any of them had the chocolate fudge cake.

Chloe jumped when she heard the sound of a plate being placed on the dinner mat in front of her, and she turned back to her table to see the very chocolate cake that Beca had begun tucking into, now in front of her instead. The redhead let out a small gasp and looked to her best friend who was smiling affectionately at her, holding her spoon out.

“Go on.” Beca said kindly, “It’s amazing.”

And though Chloe hesitated for a moment, she reached out, took Beca’s spoon, then ate a mouthful of the cake. She let out a smooth “mmm” sound, and the two best friends grinned as they shared a mutual understanding of just how amazing that chocolate cake was.

Chloe handed the spoon back to Beca who leant across the older woman’s body to pick off another piece, her hand on the back of Chloe’s chair to steady her body. Another “mmm” sound was made but this time by Beca.

The two best friends sat close to one another, sharing the cake and one spoon, while the Bellas watched them awkwardly, feeling as though they were intruding on a private moment. But Beca and Chloe didn’t care. They were in heaven..

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BECA!! BECA over here!”

BECA look this way!”

“This way! BECA!”

Chloe stood on the red carpet at the Grammys. On her left stood her girlfriend’s publicist. On her right stood her girlfriend’s stylist. Behind her stood her girlfriend’s makeup artist and her hair stylist. And all five of them watched protectively as stood several feet in front of them was Chloe’s girlfriend. Beca Mitchell - known to the world as BECA - was attending her first ever Grammys, and the paparazzi appeared to be going wild for her. The woman had had a very successful first year in the music industry with DJ Khaled’s record label, and had been reaping the benefits during this award season.

Once the 90 seconds were up, Chloe followed Beca’s publicist over to her girlfriend, and the team moved further down the red carpet, about to head for reporters who would bombard the petite brunette with questions about what she was wearing, how she was feeling about being there this evening, who she was most looking forward to seeing tonight, and above all things if the rumours of her dating Zac Efron were true.

Unbeknownst to the world, however, the beautiful redhead stood behind BECA during each of these quick-fire interviews was actually the woman’s girlfriend. The woman who wore a promise ring that Beca had given her not long after they had first got together last summer. The woman who Beca had ever intention of marrying in four years time once her girlfriend had graduated from Vet School.

For now, Chloe was usually Beca’s ‘plus one’ to these crazy events, opting to stay out of the limelight beside her girlfriend’s ‘red carpet entourage’ than being stood by her girlfriend’s side with every potential of being bombarded by questions herself. The main reason for being there though was because Beca had a habit of getting herself wound up and stressed about being on the red carpet. Having Chloe there calmed her. To be able to see her gave Beca the strength to force a smile onto her face and turn from ‘just Beca’ to ‘BECA: the most successful recording artist of 2018’.

As the brunette moved fluently from one interviewer to another Chloe found herself biting her bottom lip, loving the way Beca tossed her hair to the side each time she turned to glance at her. Her girlfriend had opted for a suit. A powerful statement for the strong female culture that was continuously being built within the industry. Chloe had spent hours with the woman yesterday trying to help her work out what to wear and what message that would send to audiences watching the show tonight. Her stylist had pulled this one off the rail as an afterthought and the second Chloe had seen it she’d known exactly how Beca would react (“That’s it! THAT’S the one!”)

But while a power suit promoted strength and a ‘gives no classy fucks’ kind of message to the audience, for Chloe it sent a whole other message. A ‘you can look all you want to Beale but you’re gonna have to keep it in your pants for once because we’re out in public’ kind of message that was currently driving Chloe crazy. Because Beca was wearing a power suit, yes. But with the jacket open to reveal a lacy ‘top’ that just about passed as something that might not be lingerie, but totally was. And by God was it sexy lingerie!

There was a pause in motion as BECA and her team reached the end of the line of reporters, regrouped, then made their way through the entrance to Madison Square Gardens. Chloe saw the forced smile on Beca’s face and immediately knew she was uncomfortable but, as agreed, Chloe didn’t draw attention by bringing her lips to her girlfriend’s ear and asking what was wrong. The couple didn’t want anyone to know they were dating for fear of how it would affect their private life, and more worryingly how it would affect Chloe’s experience at Vet School.

“I’m gonna have to go to the bathroom really soon!” Beca said under her breath in an exasperated tone, and she looked at her publicist, “Do I have time?”

It was agreed that BECA probably had ten minutes to find a bathroom, pee, then return in time to find her seat. It was also agreed, due to the brunette’s insistence, that Chloe go with her. So Chloe walked alongside her girlfriend to the nearest bathrooms, ensuring that she locked the door behind them once they’d arrived.

“Alright, spit it out..” Beca said, her hands on her hips. Chloe grinned as she turned to face the swanky bathroom and her girlfriend in particular. Her hot, sexy, flawless girlfriend. Her girlfriend who was smiling at her, clearly knowing what Chloe was about to say.

“Seeing you in that suit is really doing things to me Mitchell.” She saw her girlfriend’s eyebrows rise, her smile broaden, and it enticed Chloe further, the redhead slowly making her way towards Beca. “Like, making me think some very dirty thoughts.”

“Oh yeah?” Beca asked in a low voice as she watched Chloe approach her with dark eyes, “Any of those thoughts I can help you with?”

Chloe let out a long exhale as she slid her hands beneath the open jacket and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s waist. She brought her face close to Beca’s, lustful expressions spread across both women as they looked into each other’s eyes, and Chloe cocked her eyebrow, “Mmm..most are gonna take longer than eight minutes..” she said in a low voice.

Beca swallowed loudly while smoothing her hands over her girlfriend’s black dress, and gently rubbing and squeezing her ass, “Then we’re gonna have to do something about that when we get back to our hotel..” Beca said in a low voice.

Chloe felt her heart racing with desire and she took a deep sharp intake of breath through her nose before letting out a quiet growl in the back of her throat, “Promises promises..” she muttered and Beca smiled deviously. She loved it when she wound Chloe up. It made for some very ferocious sex whenever they made it back to whatever hotel they were staying at. And nine times out of ten they barely made it back to the room. There were plenty of elevators that had seen some serious foreplay..

“You got any desires going on up in that beautiful mind of yours that would take less than 8 minutes?” Beca mumbled as she drew the tip of her nose down the length of Chloe’s nose, nuzzling near her mouth but not daring to kiss it.

“Definitely.” Chloe confirmed. Beca began to move her face forward to kiss her girlfriend, but the redhead snapped her head back, raising her eyebrows at Beca’s confused expression, “We’re gonna mess up your makeup.”

Beca shrugged with a seductive smile, smoothing her hands down Chloe’s ass, down the tops of her thighs, until they reached the hem of the black dress and she began snaking her hands under her girlfriend’s dress, “I have a makeup artist here you know.” she mumbled in a tone that drew Chloe’s face back to her like a siren call, “What good are they if they can’t sort my makeup after I’ve been making out with my girlfriend in the venue bathroom?”

Chloe let out a small gasp as she felt Beca’s hands find their way up to her bare ass and she was pleased she’d decided to wear a thong, particularly as it has elicited a growl from the back of her girlfriend’s throat. She loved having this effect on Beca. All of these beautiful men and women in the world and Beca still came back to her. Chloe still couldn’t quite believe it.

“Then I guess” Chloe began in a low voice, tightening her hold around her girlfriend’s waist, slowly leaning her face closer, “it’s okay” she teased while nuzzling her nose against her girlfriend’s cheek, “if I” she drew her right hand from around Beca’s waist, and slid it over the woman’s hip, down to her crotch, “do this?” and as she squeezed she heard Beca let out a sharp gasp.

The moment Beca opened her mouth to gasp, Chloe threw her mouth onto hers, drawing her into a deep, passionate, lustful kiss. The brunette, who seemed to act as though someone had set off a pistol gun at the start of a race, quickly shoved her girlfriend backwards towards the washbasins, scooping the redhead up and immediately plonking her on the surface before her, their kiss not breaking once.

Chloe let out a grunt as she landed, her hand having left Beca’s pants and was now at her girlfriend’s left breast, her fingers slipping beneath the material of the ‘lingerie top’. Chloe tweaked her girlfriend’s nipple while their tongues began rolling with one another’s. Beca, meanwhile, pushed Chloe’s knees apart and nestled herself between her girlfriend’s legs.

“Did I tell you…how hot…you look…tonight?” Beca mumbled between kisses, and the brunette broke the kiss to bring her lips to Chloe’s neck, kissing and licking the skin while Chloe breathlessly aired, “Once or twice..”

Chloe’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt her girlfriend slide her hands up her thighs, under her dress, then round to the inside of her thighs. Beca’s fingers edged closer and closer to Chloe’s wet panties. The two women latched onto each other’s mouths again, kissing heavily while holding their breath in eager anticipation of what was about to come.

But to their horror they heard someone clear their throat loudly, followed by a voice awkwardly piping up “Um, someone’s in here!”

Beca immediately snapped her face from Chloe’s, looking at her girlfriend’s terrified face. Fuck. They were going to get caught!

Chloe’s heart was racing as she slid off the side by the washbasins, her sexual desire having been switched off in an instant. Her stomach twisted when she noticed that, as expected, she’d ruined Beca’s makeup - well, around her mouth she had.

Beca meanwhile was beginning to panic as she heard a flush. What if this person outed them? What if this person insisted on being paid-off to keep quiet? What if this person was-


Beca and Chloe stood, mouths open in shock, as Beyoncé stepped gracefully out of the cubical. (Only Beyoncé could be graceful when stepping out of a bathroom cubical..)

“Uh..hi..” Beca started nervously, stepping aside as Beyoncé wandered over to the washbasins and began washing her hands with a grin on her face. “Listen we..uh..what you heard”

But a light chuckle fell out of Beyoncé’s mouth as she reached for a paper towel and dabbed her hands dry, looking at the two women in the reflection of the mirror, “Its okay,” Beyoncé said in a kind tone, turning to look at Beca with a shrug, “Zac Efron is your merkin.”

“My wh-what?” Beca said, her brow furrowing and she glanced at Chloe who seemed just as confused and somewhat perplexed by the whole ‘getting caught by Beyoncé’ situation.

“Your merkin.” Beyoncé repeated, then let out a small sigh when she realised the women didn’t know what she was talking about, “The man you‘re rumoured to be with publically to hide the fact that you’re actually in a relationship with a woman behind closed doors.”

“Oh me and Zac Efron aren’t-“

“-I know.” Beyoncé interrupted softly, and she smiled at the two women stood before her. Beca swallowed loudly. Well this was awkward. She’d never imagined getting caught making out with Chloe but she’d certainly never imagined they would be caught by Beyoncé.

“Good luck tonight, BECA.” Beyoncé said in a soft voice, a kind smile on her face, and she slowly walked out of the bathroom. Beca turned to Chloe, her jaw dropped open in shock. Beyoncé knew who she was. She knew her name!!

Chloe was speechless as she continued to stare at the closed door of the bathroom. The door that Beyoncé had just walked out of. Well damn, this was going to be one heck of an eventful night!

The door swung open again and the two women jumped until they realised it was just Beca’s entourage, trying to find out what was taking her so long..

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[Beca & Chloe snuggle down under a blanket in front of Netflix one chilly Sunday afternoon]

Chloe: You’re my favorite.

Beca: Favorite what?

Chloe: Just my favorite.


Beca: What does your fortune cookie say?

Chloe: It says ‘Your girlfriend will love you forever and will give you a back rub every night’

Beca: It really says that?

Chloe: Yep!

Beca: Let me see..

Chloe: Nooooo!

[Beca walks up to the little Christmas tree in the corner of their stuffy studio apartment in Brooklyn and places a tiny box beneath it]

Beca: I wrapped your gift.

[Chloe looks up from her book]

Beca: No peeking!

[Beca goes back to the kitchen and Chloe scrambles off the bed to inspect the tiny gift]

Chloe: *whispers* I hope it’s a dog…

[Beca & Chloe go grocery shopping]

Chloe: I’ll take one of these.. *picks up broccoli*

Chloe: ..and one of these.. *picks up bananas*

Chloe: ..and one of these! *grabs Beca’s arm and grins*

[Beca rolls her eyes with an amused grin]

Beca: Hey, what do you want to do today?

Chloe: …

Beca: …

Chloe: You.

Beca: …

Chloe: …

Beca: *shrugs* Yeah, alright!

[Chloe hands Beca a hoodie]

Beca: Hey, are you finally giving me my favorite hoodie back?

Chloe: No. I just want you to wear it for a bit so it smells like you again!

[Beca rolls her eyes with a grin then puts the hoodie on]

Beca: You’re such a weirdo..

Chloe: Yeah but I’m your weirdo..

[Beca gives Chloe a quick kiss on the lips before they snuggle up in front of Netflix]


Chapter Text

”Fffffffuck!” Beca heaved from the back of her throat in a low voice as she felt her legs go weak and an overwhelming wave of sexual relief rushed over her body. She let her head fall back onto the wall behind her with a heavy thud and her eyes fluttered open.

A goofy smile washed over her face while she panted, and her eyes met a pair of startling blue eyes.

”I needed that..” Beca whispered and Chloe let out a light chuckle as the brunette nuzzled at her face slightly then placed a few sloppy kisses on and around her mouth.

”I could tell..” the older woman whispered in response, pulling her fingers from within Beca and out from underneath the woman’s skirt.

”I can repay the favour if you want?” the brunette mumbled into Chloe’s ear while her friend nibbled gently at the nape of her neck, her warm breath sending shivers down her spine.

”I don’t think we’ve got time..” Chloe whispered back.

And sure enough a loud knock sounded outside the broom cupboard the two co-captains had been stuffed in.

“Um, Chloe? If you’re in there with Beca can you please tell her that the events manager wants to speak to her about how long our set is..”

Beca and Chloe shared a look as Fat Amy finished talking. The Australian had suspected something was going on between the two Bellas last month when she had come back from Bumper’s late one night and had found Chloe in a state of undress in Beca’s bed. The co-captains had begged her not to tell the rest of The Bellas and for the most part the blonde had kept her mouth shut. For now.

“I’m on my way now Amy..” Beca said, and gave Chloe a chaste kiss before leaving the cupboard with a sigh..

Chapter Text

Fat Amy: Remember that time back at Aubrey’s retreat in senior year when we tried to tickle Beca and she accidentally kicked me in the face and I ended with a nosebleed for daaaaays?

Aubrey: It was three minutes Amy, but go on..

CR: Do I!! 

Fat Amy: I think Chloe’s attempting ‘Mission Tickle Beca’ again and I can see it ending badly..

Emily: *shocked emoji* XXXXX

Ashley: Let me see!!

Jessica: Let me see!!

Ashley: Haha!

Jessica: Haha!

Ashley: Stop copying me, nerd ;*

Jessica: You’re coping meeeee ;*

Stacie: what have we said about you guys doing this in the Bellas Chat *eyeroll emoji* get a roooooooom!

Ashley: We have!

Stacie: Then use it!

Lilly: Want me to remove them from the chat? *knife emoji*


Jessica: No!

Ashley: No!

Stacie: No!!!

Lilly: I could do it you know? 

Aubrey: Lilly! Stop it now!!!

Lilly: *angel emoji*

Fat Amy: Um HELLO???


Flo: How do you know Chloe’s trying to tickle Beca? X

CR: Flo’s got a point..

Aubrey: Chloe IS a big sure she’s not trying to cuddle Beca?

Stacie: Aubrey’s tight..

CR: Huh?

Emily: Ew! Xxxxx

Stacie: RIGHT!!!

Stacie: Aubrey’s tight..

Stacie: Tight



CR: Lol!! *two girls kissing emoji*

Stacie: Fucking autocorrect..

CR: Yeah yeah ;P

Fat Amy: Dya know what? Doesn’t matter. Forget I said anything.

CR: What?? No!!

Jessica: No!!

Ashley: No!!

Stacie: Nooooo! I’m sorry Amy! Please give us the Bhloe update!

Fat Amy: Are you done screwing Aubrey?

Aubrey: WHAT?!

Aubrey: *angry emoji* Stacie!!

Fat Amy: Whoops! *screwing with Aubrey.

Stacie: I didn’t tell them I swear!! X

Stacie: Uh..

CR: #busted *laughing emoji*

Aubrey: Ugh..

Flo: Stacie + Aubrey????? *shocked emoji*

Aubrey: Can we PLEASE turn our attentions back to Beca & Chloe!

Ashley: Aubrey’s tight..

Ashley: OOPS I meant RIGHT ;P

Jessica: *heart eyes emoji*

CR: *laughing emojis*

Emily: *laughing emoji* xxxxx

Flo: ;P ;P ;P

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji*

Stacie: *laughing emoji*


Stacie: Sorry babe xx

Stacie: FUCK!

Stacie: I meant sorry!

Stacie: Just sorry!

Stacie: No babe!

CR: Autocorrect again? ;P

Aubrey: *hand slap to face emoji*

Fat Amy chuckled as she read the conversation between her best friends then she froze, snapping her head up as she heard a shuffling from her two roommates who were sat on their fold-out bed watching Netflix. About ten minutes ago Chloe had jabbed her hands under Beca’s armpits claiming she was cold and Beca, completely outraged due to her hyper-sensitive tickling reflexes, had told her off then insisted that she sit on the other side of the bed. “Banishment from my cuddles!” as the brunette had angrily described it to Chloe who had seemed utterly distraught, sticking her bottom lip out and folding her arms.

But within ten minutes Chloe had slowly made her way back over to Beca’s side and Amy could see exactly how this was going to go down. So the Australian switched on the ‘live record’ option in the Bellas Chat and began recording Beca and Chloe on their little fold-out bed, from her position on her own bed at the other end of the studio apartment.

Beca let out a sigh then brought her arm out, “Fine! I forgive you..” and Chloe let out a small little “Yay!” before lunging herself back into her best friend’s arms to snuggle up again.

“But no tickling me this time!!” Beca said firmly, and Chloe looked up at her with a grin.

“Oh believe me, you’d know if I was tickling you..”

Beca appeared to hesitate, trying to process what the redhead had just said and trying to work out why she’d said it in that tone. But the younger woman cleared her throat then looked back at the screen.

Fat Amy held her breath. She could almost hear Chloe’s cogs whirring. Could almost see the redhead’s desire to jam her fingers under Beca’s pits again. And sure enough, Chloe bit her bottom lip, then made to tickle Beca.

“DONT!!” Beca yelled, flinching, but Chloe hadn’t and instead let out a loud gurgling giggle as she coiled away from Beca.

“I was joking!!” she cried out, then released a delightful squeal as Beca lunged for her, jabbing her own hands into Chloe’s armpits, wiggling them ferociously.

“See, it’s not nice is it!” Beca said with a massive grin on her face.

“Stop! Stop!!” Chloe cried out in delight, holding her hands up, pushing at Beca’s shoulders, giggling, “I surrender!!”

The two best friends slowly stopped giggling, and just laid staring at one another for a moment. Beca on top of Chloe. Her hands now placed on the mattress, either side of Chloe’s waist. Chloe’s hands gently holding Beca’s upper-arms. All that could be heard was the sound of ‘Gossip Girl’ being played on Netflix.

Amy’s mouth was open wide. Holy shit. Were they about to kiss?!

Suddenly Amy saw Beca turn to her and in that very same moment Chloe let out a small giggle and say brightly, “Sorry Becs”

Beca turned to look back at Chloe just as Chloe leant up to kiss the brunette on the cheek. Beca and Chloe kissed. Properly. On the lips. It could’ve been a peck. It should’ve been a peck. But they held their lips together for several seconds, their eyes closed, clearly in shock.

Until, of course, Amy broke the mood: “Oh my GOD!!”

The Australian ended the video, her phone falling into her lap as she watched Beca and Chloe breaking the kiss, then Beca sitting back in the position she’d originally been in before she’d jumped on Chloe.

“What were you doing with your phone??” Beca asked sharply and Amy raised her eyebrows innocently.


“Amyyyyy..” Beca said in a warning tone while Chloe sat up, looking at Beca with a stunned expression while she cleared her throat awkwardly.

Suddenly the Bellas Whatsapp group blew up, and Beca and Chloe both scrambled for their phones that lay at the bottom of their bed.

Ashley: Oh my god!!

Jessica: Oh my God!!

Flo: Wowowowowowweee *heart eyes emoji*

Emily: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh *heart eyes emoji* xxxxx

Aubrey: Speechless.. *gasping emoji*

CR: Bet you’re pleased we’re talking about them now instead of you and Stacie *two girls kissing emoji*

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji*

Chloe: *several gasping emojis*


Aubrey: Chloeeeee…

Chloe: YOU FINALLY TOLD THEM!!! *heart eyes emojis*

Stacie: Oh God..

Chloe: When?? How??

Stacie: Read the earlier messages Chloe!

Aubrey: No we haven’t told them anything!

CR: ‘We’ *two girls kissing emoji*

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji*

Stacie: *eye roll emoji*


Amy looked up from her phone as her two roommates sighed heavily, both frowning at her.

Fat Amy: Uhh..or maybe not..

Fat Amy: (They’re looking pretty pissed with me rn..)

Beca: AMY!!! *angry emoji*

Chapter Text

“I’m not wearing any underwear..”

Beca’s jaw dropped, a tingle rolling down her body from her ear that Chloe had just whispered into, right the way down to the pit of her stomach, igniting the butterflies that had already been racing around there the second she’d caught sight of her girlfriend.

The brunette swallowed loudly as she heard Chloe take a sharp intake of breath then a long exhale, sending ripples of goosebumps across Beca’s neck where Chloe’s breath had landed.

Okay this wasn’t fair. She hadn’t seen her girlfriend in six weeks thanks to a mix of Chloe’s crazy busy exam season at Vet School and Beca’s crazy busy press tour for her new record. Tonight was the final night of this press tour and Beca had arranged for Chloe to fly out to New York to meet her so they could spend a long weekend in The Big Apple in the penthouse suite of the hotel the multi-millionaire had booked.

Those five words ricochet around Beca’s head as she watched Chloe lean back in her seat and look out the car window with a smirk, biting her bottom lip. They were on the way to Beca’s final interview of the tour and the brunette had struggled to keep her eyes off the beautiful redhead who had arrived at the hotel suite an hour ago, just as Beca’s entourage were finishing her look for the night.

“You’re the worst, you know that.” Beca said with a sigh, shaking her head slightly, her eyes skimming across her girlfriend’s beautiful body, noting how short the body-hugging white dress was. Nobody knew that superstar BECAwas dating her best friend of eight years, and had been for almost two years now, ever since they’d returned from their USO tour. But she was. And they made the most of any spare minute they got together.

It wasn’t unusual for Beca to pay for Chloe to fly out to wherever she was in the country to see her over the weekend. Nor was it unusual for Beca to visit Chloe at College, sneaking into the redhead’s apartment (that the multi-millionaire also paid for) to ensure her rare day off was spent in the arms of her girlfriend rather than alone. Both women slept on their respective flights to conserve the energy they would need to use when they saw one another. And on the days they couldn’t see each other in person? Skype had proved a very useful method of..communication..

Beca’s heart skipped a beat as she watched Chloe turn to her, biting her bottom lip while she leant towards her again. This time the redhead brought her hand with her, and Beca couldn’t help the small groan of frustration that fell out of her mouth when she felt her girlfriend reach out and take her hand, then guide it over to her bare thigh.

“I’m the worst for teasing you?” Chloe whispered innocently, her warm breath sending a fresh set of goosebumps over Beca’s skin, the woman changing her tone so it was a more seductive whisper, “Or are you the worst for teasing me?”

The brunette swallowed loudly again when her girlfriend began guiding her hand up her bare thigh. Beca looked down at her hand while it disappeared up Chloe’s leg, beneath the hem of the tight white dress. Her breathing became shallow, and she looked up into her girlfriend’s eyes that were focussed sharply on her expression, daring her to kiss her.

But Beca couldn’t kiss Chloe. Fuck, did she want to. She wanted to kiss that seductive smirk off her beautiful face. Kiss all that red lipstick from her lips and smush it with her own dark lipstick so that anyone and everyone knew they’d made out in the back of the dark car that was driving them to the TV studios.

“God I wish you’d fuck me right here right now..” Chloe mumbled into Beca’s ear and the brunette swore her heart had stopped beating. Because given a chance she wouldfuck Chloe right here right now. But to her frustration the car slowed to a stop and Beca let out a puff of stiff air while her girlfriend giggled.

“Guess I’ll see you in there..” the redhead said quietly, and Beca caught her little wink before the car door was opened. The petite superstar slid out of the car, shimming her skirt a little further down her thighs to try to prevent the paparazzi from snapping some embarrassing photos, and she strode into the TV studios. Beca blinked a few times as she stepped through the studio’s security then into the elevator. Around her was her entourage including her publicist and her agent. None of them were the one person Beca wanted the most right now. And that was Chloe - who was probably being guided through the side entrance of the studios at that very moment.

Her entourage suspected the relationship of course. BECA’s team had been with her since the beginning of her career and though the woman hadn’t officially told them that she was secretly seeing her best friend, they had all figured it out. They’d seen Chloe almost every other weekend for the past two years. Had been given strict instructions to take care of her whenever BECA was working, which included allowing her to stand with them off-camera while BECA did her work on-camera or out in the limelight. They didn’t say anything when the brunette would take Chloe’s hand once the elevator doors closed. Just like they didn’t say anything if they were all out for dinner and BECA lolled her arm over the back of Chloe’s chair or Chloe kept her hand on BECA’s thigh under the table.

So it was no surprise for Beca that when she arrived back in the green room after a fairly exhausting TV interview and live performance of her new song ’It Was Always Gonna Be You’, Chloe was stood within the gaggle of the petite woman’s entourage, giving her two thumbs up and a wink. But Beca wasn’t really paying any attention. Because she was too focussed on how hot her girlfriend looked right now..
Separate cars sucked. But that was the rule. Beca may not have told her team that Chloe was actually her girlfriend, but her publicist had advised that whenever the redhead was ‘visiting’ the two of them should travel in separate cars to avoid any suspicion or rumours. Beca tapped her fingers impatiently on her bare knee while she stared out the window. She’d soon be back at the hotel. Then she and Chloe could finally spend the whole weekend together. Hell they could spend the entirety of it in bed if her girlfriend wanted!

Beca looked down at her phone as it chimed, noticing a text from her girlfriend flash up on the screen.

I’m getting wet just thinking about you in that tight black skirt *wet emoji*

Beca licked her lips, her mind immediately flashing to her girlfriend sat in the back of the car that drove behind hers. Remembering how it had felt to smooth a hand up those soft thighs. Somehow the woman managed to text back with some sort of reply.

Oh really? *suggestive grin emoji*

Beca glanced at her driver, relieved to see that he was concentrating on the road before him. And when she was sure he definitely wouldn’t look back at her, Beca shifted in her seat slightly so she could open her legs a little, just as Chloe’s response chimed through:

I miss the feel of your hand running up my thigh..

Beca’s heart was beginning to race a little, and she slowly began tracing light circles on her own inner thigh with her left hand while she texted back,

My hand misses the feel of your thigh..

Then Beca got a little daring, sliding her own fingers up so she could discreetly play with herself, surprised that she was already so wet. And so she coated her fingers in the silky substance between her legs while adding to her previous text:

I’ve got two fingers here that are dying to feel how wet you are!

Oops, probably sounded a bit desperate. But Beca was far too horny to care, loving how quickly Chloe was responding in turn:

Oh I’m wet baby. And I can’t wait for you to feel.

Then came a string of texts from the redhead, as though she kept remembering what she was wanting to say after she’d sent the previous text:

I want you to fuck me.


In every possible way.

On every surface.

In every room.

On the bed.

On the floor.

In the bath.

In the shower.

Against the door.

Against the wall.

I want to watch you play with yourself.

I want to watch you cum.

I want to MAKE you cum.

And I want all that over and over again all weekend *suggestive grin emoji* if you think you can handle it..

Beca’s breath had caught in her throat, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter with every text that came through to her. Fuck her girlfriend knew how to tease her. And as the car finally slowed to a stop outside her hotel, Beca sent one final text to her girlfriend:

I’m gonna fuck you into next week Beale *devil smiling emoji* I hope you’re ready..

With that last text, Beca slid out of the car door that was opened for her, and strode up the steps to their hotel. She nodded at the new receptionist who immediately recognised her, then made her way over to elevators, all the while her mind imagining exactly how Chloe must be looking as she made her way out of the car she’d been assigned for this visit. The redhead’s dress might have ridden up slightly when she’d got out of the car? Perhaps she’d accidentally showed the bottom of her gorgeous ass cheeks before quickly pulling her short white dress down again?

The elevator doors ‘pinged’ open and Beca stepped inside, mashing her thumb against the button that would keep the doors open and she waited somewhat impatiently for her girlfriend. They needed to get up to their suite quickly. And as Beca waited she began to make plans. Such as where she was going to fuck Chloe first.

It would be romantic to scoop the redhead up, throw her on the bed and make love to her there. But Beca and Chloe were no longer in the early stages of their relationship. There was far more lust involved now. Far more heat. And both women knew each other’s bodies so well that it was really more of a case of getting down and dirty straight away.

Foreplay usually happened in the buildup to the two actually seeing each other, thanks to suggestive texts followed by longing looks across a room, much like the longing looks they’d been giving each other across the green room at the TV studio earlier. She suspected nobody would have noticed, but right now she didn’t care. Because Beca saw Chloe walk through the hotel doors.

Beca watched as Chloe casually wandered into the lobby of the hotel, nodding at the new receptionist who gave her a friendly greeting and began to ask her if she could help. When the redhead pointed to Beca stood waiting in the elevator, the woman behind the desk said a quiet “Ah, yes, Ms Beale I take it..” then motioned for her to continue.

Beca’s breath caught in her throat as she watched Chloe slowly approach her, taking the time to admire how long her legs looked in those white heels. How long Chloe’s red hair looked when it was straight and cascading down her back. How dark Chloe’s eyes were as they drank in Beca’s appearance - the brunette’s team having decided that straight long hair and a figure-hugging short skirt and top had been the perfect addition to her black heels and red lipstick.

Chloe stepped into the elevator and stood side-by-side with Beca, both women looking out into the lobby as they waited patiently for the elevator doors to close. Both could hear the other’s breathing, quick and shallow. Both could feel the adrenaline and hormones kicking around their respective bodies. And a longing tingle ran down both their bodies as they watched the elevator doors close at a painstakingly slow pace.

No sooner had the doors closed with a gentle ‘clunk’ Beca turned to Chloe, her hands immediately reaching for the woman’s hips, her mouth immediately finding its way to Chloe’s, and the brunette shoved her girlfriend backwards until Chloe’s back slammed against the side of the elevator with a loud thud. Chloe, meanwhile, had thrown her arms around her girlfriend’s neck, adoring the way Beca pushed her up against the side of the elevator while it slowly crept up to the penthouse suite on the top floor.

“Heels off!” Beca demanded in a low voice against her girlfriend’s mouth before bringing her lips back onto Chloe’s. She let out a lustful moan when the redhead slid her tongue between her teeth and they lapped at one another’s mouths, their deep kisses filled with heat and passion as Chloe stepped out of her heels.

Having always been a few inches shorter than her girlfriend, Beca relished the opportunity offered here to be a few inches taller than the redhead instead, and the feel of Chloe’s body against her like this only added fuel to the multi-millionaire’s fire. Beca’s hands slid from Chloe’s hips, round to her ass, and the woman couldn’t help the temptation to cop a feel. The second her hands squeezed, Chloe broke their kiss, letting out a raspy gasp, both women now breathing heavily as the elevator crept higher and higher.

Beca slid her hands a little lower while she nuzzled Chloe’s face, loving the feel of their chests rising and falling in time with one another. She brought her mouth down to the nape of Chloe’s neck and bit down gently, swirling her tongue around the skin. And as she did so her fingers reached the hem of the back of Chloe’s dress. Beca bit down again a little harder, her hands beginning to slowly tug Chloe’s dress up, pausing once her hands were finally flush over her girlfriend’s ass cheeks.

“Beca..” Chloe began, slightly breathless, her fingers tangled in Beca’s hair, wiggling her hips against her girlfriend’s hands then body then hands again, trying to encourage some sort of friction, “..please..” she whispered into Beca’s ear, and the warmth of her breath sent a new wave of electricity through Beca’s body, a fresh surge of lust taking over the brunette’s actions.

Quick as a flash Beca pushed her face up into Chloe’s, capturing her mouth in her own, their tongues immediately meshing when the redhead let out a gasp. Beca’s hands snapped around from behind Chloe to the front, fingers used to tug the tight white dress to the woman’s waist. The brunette nudged her girlfriend’s legs apart, to which Chloe more than obliged.

Beca brought her right hand up to cup Chloe’s face while they kissed, and her left hand skimmed down the outside of Chloe’s thigh, then up the inside of it. Their breathing was laboured, and both women let out loud moans within their deep kiss when Beca finally reached Chloe’s heated pussy. The brunette wasted no time in sliding two fingers into her girlfriend, groaning yet again into Chloe’s mouth when she noted just how easily her fingers slid up there.

Three hours worth of foreplay had clearly worked its charm, and within a matter of seconds Beca had already found a rhythm that matched the roll of Chloe’s hips and the pace of their deep kisses. Beca’s right hand had drifted to the back of Chloe’s neck and she broke their kiss to inspect her girlfriend’s expression, breathing heavily, loving the way Chloe knocked her head back onto the side of the elevator behind her while her bright blue eyes rolled into the back of her head in ecstasy.

The sound of Beca’s fingers slipping quickly in and out of Chloe’s wet pussy filled the elevator, their heavy breathing joining the women’s moans that overrode the ‘whirring’ and ‘clunking’ sounds of the elevator. The brunette kissed her girlfriend hard, slipping her fingers out of Chloe, and focussed her motions on the woman’s clit, using the silky juices as lubricant to stimulate it further. Before long Beca heard that growl in the back of Chloe’s throat that she knew was a sign that her girlfriend was close to cumming, so she slipped her two fingers back into Chloe’s pussy, using her thumb to continue rubbing her clit.

Beca had found a rhythm rolling her own body against Chloe too, her crotch conveniently rubbing against her own hand that was currently working Chloe up into a climax, and the motions were causing Beca’s sexual desire to almost reach its peak. Chloe must have sensed it, because her own hands had now found their way to Beca’s short skirt and the redhead had tugged it up over her hips and had begun gripping hard onto her ass cheeks, digging her nails into Beca’s soft skin, urging her to grind harder against her.

Chloe broke their kiss, letting out a low raspy, “I’m gonna cum..” and Beca threw her mouth back onto her girlfriend’s beautiful mouth, causing Chloe’s head to slam onto the side of the elevator, the redhead’s tongue finding its way back into Beca’s mouth.

Beca moved her right arm down and around Chloe’s waist in anticipation of having to support her weight in a moment, and increased her left hand’s movements, sliding her fingers in and out of Chloe that much quicker.

Then suddenly she felt it. Chloe’s body stiffened, her mouth opened causing their kiss to break, and Beca leant her forehead against her girlfriend’s, keeping her fingers inside Chloe’s sopping wet pussy while the woman came. The brunette clung tightly to her girlfriend’s waist as Chloe’s legs began to weaken, and a heavy moan of relief fell out of the redhead’s mouth.

Fuck that was good!” Chloe whispered, a lazy grin wiping across her face as she opened her eyes a little bit to peer at her girlfriend who was just grinning at her.

“I’ve fucking missed you..” Beca mumbled, nudging Chloe’s nose with her own and giving her a long affectionate kiss while she slipped her fingers out of Chloe’s pussy.

“Don’t you mean you’ve missed fucking me?” Chloe said with a slow giggle, still coming down from her orgasm, and Beca let out a chuckle.

“That too..”

The two women pulled their respective clothes down over their hips then turned to see that they had already arrived at the penthouse suite, though when that had been, neither were sure.

Beca turned to look at Chloe, adoring the sight of her girlfriend’s swollen lips that were stained with a mix of both their lipstick. Then she looked up to Chloe’s eyes and saw a mischievous look wipe over the redhead’s face.

“What’re you thinking?” Beca asked slowly with a curious grin.

She watched as Chloe took a deep breath then stepped up to her, took her hand, and whispered, “I’m thinking of three things..”

Beca looked over, through the elevator doors, and into the penthouse suite that would be hers and Chloe’s for the next three nights. Her heart began racing again, her own pussy beginning to tingle when she saw Chloe raise her index finger in front of her face.

“One - you’re wearing far too many clothes.”

Chloe’s whispered words trickled into Beca’s ear the woman’s lips were so close to it, and those words began swirling around her mind, fogging all thoughts except those of her girlfriend. She noticed Chloe had raised her middle finger to join her index finger.

“Two - I want to make you cum.”

Beca swallowed loudly, her chest rising and falling a little quicker when she felt Chloe squeeze her hand while the third finger of her other hand joined the first two fingers.

“And three…I want to do it while we’re in the shower.”

Beca’s mind immediately flew back to one of their first meetings, back in her freshman year, when Chloe had barged into her shower to try to get her to audition for The Barden Bellas. Back then it had been an utter shock. But now having sex in the shower with Chloe was one of Beca’s favourite sex-locations. And the brunette turned to her girlfriend, smiling seductively as she replied in a low voice:

“You get the Spotify playlist. And I’ll get in the shower..”

Chapter Text


Aubrey is sat up in bed one night looking at her phone with a frown on her face. She turns to her right and reaches a hand down, shaking Stacie’s shoulder gently, whispering:

Aubrey: Babe..

Stacie stirs from her sleep, letting out a small groan.

Aubrey: Babe, look at this pretty girl on Instagram.

Aubrey shows Stacie her phone and on the screen is a photo of a girl petting a monkey whilst backpacking in Asia. Stacie blinks at it sleepily, then begins to drift back off to sleep.

Aubrey: Do you see how pretty she is?

Stacie: Mmhmm..

Aubrey brings the phone back to her face and stares at the photo with a furrowed brow.

Aubrey: How does she do it??


Stacie and Aubrey are curled up in bed mid-afternoon on a snowy winters day. They both stir from the afternoon nap that they’d just been having and Stacie stretches, then curls her arms a little tighter around Aubrey’s body while the blonde tucks into her a little closer.

“When was the last time we left the apartment?” Aubrey mumbles against Stacie’s skin.

“Not sure,” Stacie mumbles back against Aubrey’s hair, “but I bet it was horrible..” and she places a kiss on Aubrey’s head as the older woman lets out a light giggle. They both drift off back to sleep.


Innocent Aubrey, aged 6, surrounded by friends in the playground at school: “One day I’ll marry Prince Charming and live happily ever after!”

Dreamy Aubrey, aged 15, watching MTV with her sister at home: *sigh* “One day I’m gonna marry a guy just like Nick Carter.”

Sad Aubrey, aged 21, watching Chloe make out with yet another guy in college: “I’m never going to find true love..”

Surprised Aubrey, aged 22, having just been drunk-kissed by Stacie: “I’ve never felt like this before..”

Happy Aubrey, aged 29, stood opposite Stacie on their wedding day: “As a child I always thought one day I’d marry Prince Charming. But I got something better. I got you.”

And they lived happily ever after..


Chapter Text

Beca and Chloe let out sighs of relief as they approached the door to the stuffy little studio apartment they rented in Brooklyn. Chloe steadied Beca’s suitcase with her free hand while her best friend got her keys out of her jacket pocket and began unlocking their apartment door, shunting it open with her hip - a trick they’d learnt when they’d first moved in a couple of years ago.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be home!” Beca exclaimed with a dramatic groan as she threw herself face first onto the fold-out bed that she and Chloe had been having to share for just over two years now. But Chloe didn’t respond, instead opting to wheel both their suitcases through the front door and gently close it behind her.

This return to their home was a bittersweet moment. Yes it marked a return to familiar surroundings for them. A return to the place they both called home. A return to the place that Chloe had been living in while she’d fallen deeper and deeper in unrequited love with her best friend over the couple of years they’d been sharing a fold-out bed. A return to the place they would soon have to move out of, because Chloe was going to Vet School in Davis CA, and Beca would undoubtedly have to move to LA to make good of that recording contract she was due to sign at the end of the week. Then that would be it. The end of the ‘dream life’ that Chloe had been living in.

“Remind me to never protest again when you insist on making our bed with fresh bedsheets before we go on holiday..” Beca mumbled happily into the bedding, inhaling the fresh laundry smell. Chloe looked over at her best friend with a small smile. But her heart was breaking. She didn’t want this to ever end. She wanted to spend the rest of her life curling up in Beca’s arms or vice-versa in front of Netflix. She didn’t want to stop coming home to her..

“Hey.” Chloe jumped as she realised Beca had turned from the bedding to look at her with a furrowed brow, “What’s going on?”

“Oh um..” Chloe struggled to find any words that might be the truth, so instead she forced a nervous smile onto her face, “..n-nothing! It’’s nothing..I’m nothing!” She winced slightly at how stupid she was sounding, so turned on the spot and began making her way over to their tiny kitchen, reaching for the two clean coffee mugs that she’d specifically left out for them before they left for their USO tour, ready for when they arrived home. “Coffee?” she asked brightly, though she noted the way her voice had croaked slightly when she’d said it and she hoped Beca hadn’t noticed.

But she heard Beca scrambling up off their bed, “Chloe..” and Chloe began to panic a little, because she’d known the woman for seven years, and she knew that tone Beca used. So the redhead began hastily preparing their little coffee machine, knowing just how Beca always had her coffee. “Dude, wh-…what’s going on?”

“Nothing! I just…” Chloe began, stuffing Beca’s mug under the coffee machine, not daring to look at her best friend, “..I’m just jet-lagged.”

She noticed out the corner of her eye Beca slowly approaching her. Chloe’s heart was beginning to race a little faster as she stared intently at the stream of hot coffee that ran into Beca’s mug. She couldn’t tell her. She couldn’t ask her. She just couldn’t.

“You were thinking something.” Beca said with an air of caution while Chloe pulled the completed coffee mug from the machine, placing it to the side while she prepared her own coffee. “What were you thinking?”

Chloe swallowed loudly as she stuffed the coffee pod in the machine, “I-It was stupid.” and she shoved her mug in the machine just as a flow of hot latte began streaming down.

“What have I told you about saying that..” Beca said quietly, clearly becoming worried. Chloe stared at the flowing coffee. Beca had told her on so many occasions to never describe what she was thinking or doing or saying as ‘stupid’. Because those things were what made Chloe the woman she was. And Beca had told her on so many occasions that she liked the woman Chloe was. And that she didn’t deem any part of Chloe stupid. Which hadn’t help Chloe with the whole ‘falling deeper in unrequited love with her best friend’ situation that was for sure.

“Chloe..what were you thinking?” Beca repeated, and Chloe felt her heart thudding against her chest so hard she thought it was going to burst out of her chest. So she shrugged, then turned to look at her best friend who wore a very concerned expression as she faced her, clearly trying and failing to read her mind.

Chloe took a deep breath then just went for it, “Did you want to go out on a date with me?”

It was as though time had stood still, the studio apartment falling silent save for the hum of Brooklyn traffic that came through the shitty old windows. Chloe had held her breath, her heart still hammering away and her stomach tied in a tight knot. She couldn’t believe she’d done it. Finally! After seven long years of pining and yearning for the chance to ask her best friend out, she’d finally done it! And Chloe felt alive and rejuvenated and-

“No.” Beca said honestly, and Chloe’s heart sank.

“Oh..” God she felt stupid. That was it. What could have potentially been a lovely couple of weeks of them spending their final moments living together as best friends before they both moved away were all now ruined by Chloe’s stupid feelings and stupid ideas and stupid impulses. “Right..yeah..” Chloe forced a smile on her face, shaking her head slightly while she screwed her face up awkwardly, “ of course! I was..” she turned to look back at her coffee that had just finished pouring, her body feeling numb with embarrassment, “..I-I was only joking! A stupid..” she let out a sigh, “stupid joke.” she finished quietly.

“Chlo..” Beca said in a soft voice, and Chloe was almost certain she could hear a smile in that voice, which only made the reality of this situation all the more heartbreaking. Because Beca found this amusing. “Chloe look at me.”

The redhead turned her head, hating that tears had already tainted her eyes as she looked at her best friend. But to her surprise Beca wasn’t laughing. She didn’t look like she planned on laughing either. She was just looking at her with an affectionate smile on her face. And Chloe’s lips had parted, but she didn’t mimics the smile on Beca’s face. She just stared. Waiting nervously for what Beca was about to say next.

“I want to date you.”

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat and, because she knew her best friend so well, she knew Beca wasn’t joking. So why had she said no??

“I want to marry you and buy a house with you that we make our home. And I want to have kids with you. And a dog. And I want us to grow old together.”

A small smile had slowly crept onto Chloe’s face, her breath caught in her lungs she was so stunned at Beca’s revelation. There was a ‘but’ coming though, Chloe could sense it.

“But,” there it was, “I don’t think now is the right time to be doing that.” Chloe opened her mouth to protest but Beca held a hand up to stop her. “I was thinking about it on the flight home so just..hear me out..”

“Okay..” Chloe choked out quietly, trying to keep her impending tears at bay.

“You’ve worked so hard to get into Vet School. I don’t want to distract you from becoming the awesome Vet that I know you’re gonna be. And especially now I have this crazy recording contract I’m gonna be away in LA so much and..I dunno touring and stuff so…” Chloe’s stomach dropped with nerves as Beca paused, and the redhead feared her best friend was reconsidering having had this conversation with her at all. But instead the brunette stuffed her hand into her pocket.

“ I say we wait for you to finish Vet School. And if, after those four years-“

“-five.” Chloe corrected, feeling guilty when Beca’s expression wavered.

“-five years.. F-five? Are you sure?”

“‘Fraid so.”

“Right, okay..” Beca cleared her throat, taking a deep breath to compose herself, then straightened her posture, looking honestly at Chloe, “..if after those five years you still want all that with me, then I promise to take you out on a date.”

A smile swept across Chloe’s face, “Promise?” she asked quietly, and her eyes widened in surprise as Beca pulled out a small box, holding it out to her with a soft smile.


Chloe looked up from the box as her best friend raised her eyebrows at her and shrugged. So the redhead reached out and took the small box, letting out a beaming smile when she opened it and saw a beautiful ring inside. The one she’d cooed over at the little market they’d visited with The Bellas in Italy. She’d been so disappointed when she and Aubrey had returned to that stall only to be told that the ring had already been sold.

“It’s nothing much but..I want it to symbolise my promise to you. The promise that I’ll wait.” Beca said nervously and Chloe looked up at her best friend, still smiling brightly as happy tears fell from her eyes while Beca raised her eyebrows seriously, “I’ll wait for you Chlo. I’ll wait the five years.”

Chloe nodded slowly, letting out a huge sigh of relief. Because she hadn’tbeen an idiot. Asking Beca on a date really had been a good idea after all. And so what if it meant that they had to wait five years? Chloe had waited seven years to be able get to this stage with Beca. What were a few more years huh? At least she finally knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light being the knowledge that she was going to spend the rest of her life with her best friend. She was one day going to kiss her. They were one day going to get married and have children and a dog and live happily ever after.

“I just need you to promise me one thing in return.” Beca said, holding her index finger out at Chloe and the redhead hesitated, a curious smile on her face.

“You work fucking hard at Vet School. Because I swear to God, Beale, if you purposely fail your exams-“

Chloe began laughing loudly while Beca spoke with a large grin on her face.

“-just so you can stay in college for another three years, on top of the five years you’re already condemned to do, I’m NOT going-“

And Chloe threw her arms around Beca’s neck, giggling and squeezing her tight while her best friend wrapped her arms around her waist to strengthen the hug.

“-to be happy! I mean it Beale!”

And the two women sighed happily as they stood in their tiny studio apartment, hugging, thrilled at the prospect of their eventual future together.

Chapter Text

Aubrey let out a long sigh while she sat on the edge of her couch in her beautiful little log cabin at the retreat she ran, and gently put her head in her hands. Today was Valentine’s Day. And what was worse than not having anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with? Having to spend it with a bunch of loved-up couples.

She admitted the retreat hadn’t been doing great recently. Clearly the novelty of ‘company team-building’ had worn off and the owner of the retreat had seen a ‘gap in the market’ for couples team-building exercises. Which were as uncomfortable to lead as Aubrey had feared it would be.

The blonde sniffed, pouring herself another glass of wine, then sat back on the couch while she took another gulp of the Merlot. Another Valentine’s Day spent alone throwing herself a little pity party. Great..

Suddenly a knock sounded at her front door and Aubrey sniffed, dabbing the tears from her cheeks and eyes. She didn’t care that she didn’t have any makeup on. Whoever was at the door were probably scared enough of her anyway. So she slid off the couch, placing her glass of wine on the oak table before her, then made her way over to the front door and opened it.

“I’m never gonna get over how far it is to walk from the parking lot to your cabin, Aubrey.”

Aubrey’s mouth dropped open in surprise as Stacie stood on her doorstep, and the blonde had to admit, the woman looked stunning.

“Stacie, wha-?”

“You mentioned on The Bellas chat last week that you had nothing planned for Valentine’s Day other than that ‘couples retreat’ thing you were having to run - which sounded hideous by the way - so I figured as we both live within an hour of each other I should just drop by!” Stacie said in a tone that effectively emphasised that this was no big deal.

Aubrey was stunned. She and Stacie hadn’t had a thing back in college per-say. But they had made out at a couple of college parties. And the blonde would be lying if she hadn’t thought about those moments from time to time. Remembering how good Stacie’s hair had smelt. How good her lips had felt. How calm she’d felt in Stacie’s arms. God, that had been years ago. Like…seven years ago maybe?

“So can I come in orrrrr…?” Stacie asked awkwardly, raising her eyebrows with a hopeful expression and Aubrey cleared her throat, stepping to the side to invite the younger woman in with a “Sure! Yes. Of course.”

The door was closed and Aubrey brought her hands behind her and leant back against the cool wood. Her eyes drifted down the length of Stacie’s beautiful toned body. There was no way that woman had given birth seven months ago, right? Except..Aubrey had seen the pregnant belly herself last summer. And if she hadn’t, she’d never have believed that Stacie’s body had been through all that.

She jumped as Stacie moved the bouquet of flowers that had been in her hand, over her stomach instead while she cleared her throat. Aubrey snapped her eyes back up to her friend’s face. God she felt like an idiot now. She’d never put Stacie down as being someone who was self-conscious of her body, but they say that pregnancy can alter a lot about a woman either physically or mentally or both.

“Uh..these are for you.” Stacie said as she offered the bouquet of flowers out to Aubrey and the blonde stepped forward to take them with a coy smile.

“Oh..thank you.” Aubrey said quietly as she took then from Stacie’s hand, trying to ignore the fact that their fingers had brushed.

“ Bella?” Aubrey tried to ask conversationally as she strode through to the kitchen to find a vase, hoping the walk would ease her racing heart. It didn’t.

“Nah,” Stacie said casually about her young daughter, slowly following Aubrey through to the kitchen, “Mom & Dad said they’d watch her overnight.”

“Sounds like you’ve got yourself a good deal there.” Aubrey said with a grin as she found a vase in a cupboard and filled it up a little with water.

“Yeah they’ve been really good to me.”

Aubrey placed the flowers in the vase then slid it to the centre of the island worktop she had in the centre of the kitchen, letting out a happy sigh as she looked at them, “I love flowers!”

“I know.” Stacie said quietly, and the blonde looked up at the woman who had slowed to a stop beside her and was wearing a soft smile on her face, “I remember you saying back in college how much you loved getting flowers.”

Aubrey looked back down at the bouquet before her, nodding slightly. Why did she feel so nervous? It was only Stacie! Not…not only Stacie like she meant nothing to Aubrey. Just…only Stacie as in Aubrey had nothing to worry about. Not that she was worried! God she was nervous-

“Would you like some wine?” The blonde asked cautiously and to her relief Stacie’s eyes lit up.

Yes” came the immediate response.

So Aubrey went to pull another wine glass from the cabinet while inviting the brunette to take a seat on the couch. The two women sat side by side, their heart’s racing with nerves and excitement. Aubrey handed Stacie a good glass of wine then picked up her own.

“Happy Valentines Day I guess?” Stacie said with a shrug, holding her glass up and Aubrey responded with a sweet “Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day!”

But at the sound of their wine glasses ‘clinking’, the two women locked eyes. Aubrey found her gaze drifting down to Stacie’s lips while the brunette slowly leant towards her.

There was a pause as Aubrey felt Stacie’s breath ghost over her face while the younger woman waited patiently, and the blonde swallowed loudly before slowly closing the gap. A warmth rushed over Aubrey’s body as she relished the soft feel of Stacie’s lips on her own, and Aubrey’s immediate thought was how she never wanted this moment to end..

Chapter Text

Beca Beale stood beside the large lit barbecue, taking a long swig of beer from the bottle in her hand. To her left was Ashley. To her right was Stacie. And the three women stood and watched with mild amusement as their respective children squealed and laughed while they all ran around together in the huge back garden of The Beale’s mansion.

Dexter Beale tore around the grass, the six year old laughing loudly with a water gun in his hand while he tried to squirt seven year old Serena Posen. Zigi, The Beale’s young Labrador was darting about after them excitably. Abbie, Dexter’s older sister, had climbed a nearby tree and was taunting the children below, stating they would never be able to get her. And at the bottom of the tree were Minnie & Martha Smith, Jessica & Ashley’s five year old twin daughters - both of whom were attempting to help each other up the tree after Abbie, who they adored.

Stacie let out a long sigh as she took a swig of beer from her beer bottle, watching as her daughter suddenly stopped running away from the Beale’s son, turned on the spot, and instead threw her arms around him. Dexter let out a squeal, dropping the water gun, then allowed himself to be wrestled to the ground by his best friend. Zigi ducked down and barked playfully at the girl, as if telling her to get off her human.

“So Dex told me the other day that apparently Serena’s his soulmate.” Beca said in an amused tone, turning to the barbecue to flip some burgers.

“Ahh that’s cute.” Ashley chuckled, swigging her own beer before looking over to her wife who was chatting to the other Bellas by the patio doors. Jessica glanced over at her and the two women immediately beamed at one another and waved.

“How did he work that one out?” Stacie asked curiously with a big grin as she watched her daughter help her best friend up from the ground then dusted the little boy’s t-shirt down.

“Oh Chloe mentioned on Ellen the other day about how I’m her soulmate-“

“Aww!” came the joint reactions of her two friends, but Beca just rolled her eyes and continued:

“-and Dexter was watching it at the time so asked me what a soulmate was.”

Stacie watched in amusement as her daughter whispered something into Dexter’s ear, before the six year old whispered something into Serena’s ear. They’d been best friends from the moment the boy had been born and the brunette could see why Dexter Beale would believe that the beautiful seven year old was his soulmate.

“And what did you tell him?” Ashley asked curiously, looking over at her daughters as they both conceded they probably couldn’t get up to Abbie in the tree. The mother watched as the two little blondes scrambled over to Serena Posen, clearly about to complain to her that they couldn’t get up to Abbie.

Abbie may be the eldest in the next generation of ‘Bellas’ by three years, but Serena was the true leader of the little gang. Mostly due to how tall she was for her age. But it wasn’t Abbie Beale’s fault that she had inherited her Mama’s petite frame and that Serena Posen had inherited her Mom’s tall slender ‘ballerina’ figure.

“Meh, I told him if someone was your soulmate then you loved them more than anything. Even more than chocolate.” Beca said with a shrug, satisfied enough with the barbecue food to step away from it and return to her friends.

“Wow, your son loves my daughter more than chocolate??” Stacie asked, raising her eyebrows with surprise.

“Apparently..” Beca said with a sigh, taking another mouthful of beer.

The three mothers all looked over at their children. Serena was busy marching up to the tree, looking up at Abbie. She had a firm grip on Dexter’s hand while the boy happily bumbled along after the seven year old. Both were closely followed by the blonde Smith twins and Zigi the dog.

Stacie rolled her eyes as her bossy daughter insisted that Abbie Beale get down from that tree immediately. Her daughter definitely took after her wife when it came to being bossy. Not that she’d ever dare tell Aubrey that..

The brunette glanced over at the patio to see her wife laughing happily, her hand smoothing over her 8-month-pregnant belly, while Emily told the Bellas around them a seemingly funny story. Pregnancy suited Aubrey. The Posen’s had had a difficult time conceiving after giving birth to Serena. They’d lost two babies during their previous two successful IVF cycles. And it had been so traumatising that both Aubrey and Stacie had agreed that if it happened again, that would be it for them. Serena would be enough. Fortunately this pregnancy had been their smoothest yet and they were only three weeks away from meeting Baby Boy Posen.

By the time Stacie had turned back to look over at the children, Abbie was already scrambling down the tree. The petite little brunette looked to be frowning, clearly grumpy with the fact that she’d been told to get down, and her moody expression was one that could rival her Mama’s were there ever a need to compare. Serena Posen then suggested they all go inside for a juice break, and the seven year old started scampering off with her friends in tow.

“You alright there buddy?” Beca asked her son in amusement as she watched him happy scamper past her while being led by the hand by his best friend.

“Yeah! We’re getting juice pouches!” The little boy squeaked excitably as he continued along to the patio with Serena.

“Girls, share nicely please!” Ashley said strictly to her daughters while Minnie and Martha dashed past their mother, both grinning brightly and letting out small giggles while they tried to keep up with the older kids. The twins were very close, which often meant they bickered, which embarrassed the hell out of their mothers, particularly when they met up with The Bellas.

Beca watched as the children came to a stop in front of her wife. Chloe was sat on one of the garden chairs by the patio door, busy feeding their youngest child, seven month old Eleanor. Sat dutifully at her feet were The Beale’s other Labrador, Alba - the dog they’d got almost fourteen years ago. Alba had always been protective of their children, no matter the age, and raised her head to inspect the children, before slumping back down to sun herself further in the LA sun.

“You know what,” Stacie muttered under her breath to her friends while she watched Serena place her hands on her hips, insisting to her mother that they all needed juice pouches, much to Aubrey’s amusement, “the older my kid gets, the more I hope she’ll one day lead a company in a musical and not a gang in prison..”

Ashley chuckled, taking a swig of her beer while she watched her twins scramble up onto her wife’s lap, Jessica having handed them little bottles of water to prevent them on getting too hyped up on juice. Beca, meanwhile, hadn’t really responded.

The woman looked back out to where the children had been and saw her eldest daughter, stood with her little hands stuffed in her little shorts pockets, and a huge frown on her face. Zigi sat obediently beside the ten year old, looking up at her curiously. Beca couldn’t help the small grin that grew on her face, noting just how like herself her daughter was. Abbie certainly had many of Chloe’s wonderful traits, but there were still aspects of Beca’s old grumpy personality that clouded the little girl’s behaviour.

The mother wandered over to her daughter, scruffing up Zigi’s fur as she patted the dog’s head in greeting.

“What’s going on Twinkle?” Beca asked Abbie affectionately, but the little girl continued to look down at her feet with a grumpy shrug.

“I wanted everyone to climb the tree with me but Serena said no.” Abbie mumbled.

Beca let out a quiet chuckle, glancing over at the patio, catching her wife’s eye. Chloe always seemed to sense when their children were unhappy, but seemed satisfied enough that Beca was tending to their eldest daughter’s needs. So Beca turned back to Abbie with a soft smile and crouched down, reaching out and placing a gentle hand on the little girl’s arm.

“Abs, Serena’s always going to be bossy. But just because she tells you to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

“I don’t?” Abbie said as she looked up into her mothers eyes, those same stormy blue eyes that she had inherited.

“No, Twinkle,” Beca said with an affectionate chuckle, “you don’t. So if you don’t want to go have some juice, you don’t have to.”

The mother watched her daughter bite her bottom lip, just like her wife always did when she was thinking deeply about something.

“But I do want some juice..” Abbie said quietly, her bottom lip sticking out, and Beca couldn’t help the smile that grew on her face while she shrugged.

“So go get some juice, kiddo!”

And the mother watched as her eldest daughter’s face changed immediately into a big smile, and the little girl skipped happily over the grass and through to the patio area to join her siblings, best friend’s, mother, and aunts. Beca looked down at the young Labrador as she stood up. Ever faithful were their pooches.

So Beca motioned her head towards the patio area, “Go on Zig!” she whispered enthusiastically, and the dog happily scrambled off after her other humans. The brunette joined her friend’s by the barbecue, relieved that they’d had the good sense to check the meat that had been sizzling away..

Chapter Text

“You’re the worst, you know that?” Beca croaked, letting out a groan as she raised her arm to flop it over her best friend’s waist, spooning Chloe tighter. It was seven in the morning and Beca had woken up feeling like death. Her entire body ached. Her nose was blocked. And it was all the redhead’s fault.

“Why am I the worst?” Chloe mumbled in an equally croaky voice, groaning gently when she brought her hand up to rub her sleepy eyes.

“Because you’ve given me your crappy cold that’s why..” Beca mumbled, bringing her other hand up and rubbing her runny nose with a loud sniff. The poorly brunette then snuck her arm under the pillows on their shared fold-out bed. Chloe raised her heavy head for a few seconds so Beca could find a comfortable position to put her arm, then laid it back down with a long exhausted sigh.

“We don’t have to get out of bed today, right?” Beca mumbled into Chloe’s back, hating how shit she was feeling, and she felt Chloe place a hand over hers and loosely entwine their fingers.

Chloe had been sick with a bad cold for over three days now. Beca had had the cheek to boast on day three that she was clearly immune from Chloe’s cold. But she had been wrong.

“No.” Chloe slurred drowsily, groaning as she moved her legs gently to entwine with Beca’s. Beca squeezed Chloe’s waist for a brief moment to emphasise her response.

“Good.” Beca responded with a sleepy sigh, “I never want to leave this bed again.”

“Oh there’s no chance we’re ever leaving this bed again.” Chloe agreed with a mumble, turning her head slowly so her lips came into contact with Beca’s arm that was beneath her neck, and she placed a sloppy kiss on it before resuming her original position.

Chloe let out a sleepy hum when she felt Beca place a gentle kiss on her shoulder blade, and the two best friends let out heavy sighs as they both fell back to sleep in their shared fold-out bed.

Chapter Text

“It’s your turn.” Chloe said, nudging her best friend, but the petite woman tucked herself further under the layers of blankets that were on their fold-out bed, shaking her head stubbornly.


“Becaaaaa!” Chloe whined, pulling the blankets up to her neck again and placing her well-layered arms around her best friend’s waist, “I want a hot chocolaaaaate!” she said in the sweetest of voices.

“Don’t-“ Beca began sharply, holding her index finger up at the redhead, hating the chill that met it as it snuck out from within the blankets, “-don’t you dare stick that bottom lip out!”

But it was too late, Chloe had already stuck her bottom lip out and was looking at Beca with puppy-dog eyes, “Pleeeeeeeease??”

Beca seemed to hesitated, then let out a sigh of defeat while rolling her eyes, “Fine!” And she groaned as she tugged the blankets from her body and crawled out of their fold-out bed, “But only ‘cause you’re pretty. Not because I want to!” And if Beca hadn’t felt so cold she probably would’ve felt embarrassed about her sarcastic comment. Because she did think that her best friend was pretty. Really pretty.

The brunette shuffled over to the tiny kitchen in the studio apartment that they shared with their best friend, Amy. The heating for the whole block had gone down hours ago. Not ideal in the dead of winter. So the two women had been tucked up in layers upon layers of clothes, and under layers of blankets, holding one another to keep warm while they watched Netflix.

Beca made the two hot chocolates as quick as possible, knowing full well that Chloe took hers with an extra spoonful of sugar and low-fat milk. Within minutes she was darting back over to the bed, a mug in each hand, and she placed them both on Chloe’s bedside table, then scrambled over her best friend’s body to get back under the blankets.

When Beca had finally snuggled back down again, both women holding each other tightly for warmth, their cheeks against each other’s while they watched another episode of Gossip Girl. Beca let out a huffy sigh, “Well now I’m extra cold. Thanks!” she said sarcastically. She could see her breath it was so cold in here!

Chloe let out a giggle, giving her best friend a squeeze before saying brightly, “A true sign of how much you love me!”

And Beca rolled her eyes, because she reckoned she did love Chloe. Was absolutely besotted with her. But she was never going to tell her that..

The brunette let out a little yelp when Chloe turned her face and pressed the tip of her freezing nose onto Beca’s cheek.

“Dude you’re only gonna make me colder!” was the woman’s response, but her breath caught in her lungs, because she’d quickly turned her face to look at her best friend angrily, and their noses nudged.

Beca found herself looking down at Chloe’s lips, only just being able to feel the redhead’s chest rising and falling quickly beneath the layers of clothing. And after a few moments of being frozen in one position, Beca everso slowly moved her face forward and closed the gap between her and Chloe’s lips.

They held their first kiss for several seconds then quietly broke it, not pulling away by much, but enough that they could look into one another’s eyes to try to gauge whether this was a good idea or not. But when neither woman appeared to be hesitant or outraged, their lips met again, this time slightly more heavily.

And suddenly they forgot all about how freezing they were feeling as they began deepening their kiss with their tongues..

Chapter Text

“My next guest is a three time Golden Globe nominee, and is returning to our screens this weekend as the new judge on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Please welcome onto my show, Chloe Beale!”

Chloe took a deep breath then stepped out onto the TV studio floor with a huge grin on her face, waving to the studio audience then doing a little jig. She giggled as she approached Ellen Degeneres, always loving her visits to the show.

The redhead let out a sigh to calm her nerves then perched on the couch beside the bubbly TV host. This was her first live interview in just over a year, and Chloe had to admit, she was very nervous. Fortunately the woman beside her was warmly encouraging her to take a seat and the redhead admitted quietly to her just how nervous she was feeling. Nerves that toned down a notch when the host told her kindly that she was going to be fine.

“Welcome!” Ellen exclaimed brightly pausing to wait for the screaming, cheering, excitable audience to quieten and take their seats. Chloe took several deep breaths, scootching down her skirt a little, aware of all the cameras now on her. “Hi! Thank you so much for coming on the show!”

“Thank you so much for having me!” Chloe replied sweetly, a smile still on her face even though her heart was still racing.

“Are you kidding? It’s always great to have you here!” Ellen said kindly, and Chloe could tell from the way the woman adjusted her body position that the interview was about to start. “So it’s been, what, two years since you were last on the show?”

“Yeah! Yeah, about two years!” Chloe said with a nod and a smile. Because it had been that long - when she’d been doing the press rounds for a TV show that she’d starred in that had earned her three golden globe nominations across three years. It had all happened by accident. One moment she’d been the lead choreographer for the pilot of musical TV show, and the next moment she’d been asked to stand-in for one of the leading actors who had been ill and had done such a good job the producers had fired the actor, giving her the role instead!

”And have you been up to much over those couple of years?” Ellen asked, and Chloe knew what sort of thing the host was looking for. She’d been briefed by the show’s producers that the plan was for Chloe to mention a little something about her personal life, then Ellen would show a couple of photos that Chloe had posted on her public Instagram account, then it would be an commercial break before returning with Ellen asking her about her new role on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

“I’ve just been at home raising my two kids and cooking up a third..” Chloe said with a smile.

“That’s right, you gave birth to..i-is it Eleanor?”

Ellen knew it was Eleanor. She and her wife had sent Chloe and Beca a congratulations card when the baby had been born. But Chloe knew this was an interviewing tactic.

“Yes, Eleanor. Ellie for short!” The redhead confirmed with a smile.

“Ellie! So you gave birth to Ellie six months ago was it?”

“Yep six months ago-“ Chloe was interrupted by the audience collectively letting out a loud chorus of “Aww”s and the redhead immediately knew that was the sign a photo had been put up on the screen behind her. Sure enough, as Chloe turned her head, she saw a photo she’d posted on her public Instagram account just last week. It was of her smiling son holding a smiling baby Ellie on his lap, while her eldest daughter crouched down to smile at the camera with her arm around her brother. Chloe had taken it on her phone a few weeks ago at their home in Connecticut.

“Oh..there they are..” Chloe said with a light giggle. Her heart swelled with pride as Ellen mentioned how beautiful her children looked, and how well behaved they seemed. And she thanked her, admitting that they were generally pretty well behaved.

“So how old are your kids now?” Ellen asked, motioning to the photo.

“Well the littlest is Ellie, of course.”

“Of course..” Ellen said with a nod.

“She’s six months. My eldest daughter, Abbie, she’s just turned ten.”

“Ten already?!”

“Yeah I know, crazy right?” Chloe said, raising her eyebrows to emphasise her shock, “I still can’t believe I’m mother to a ten year old!”

“Crazy how age works huh..” Ellen said sarcastically and Chloe laughed along nervously with the audience. Because yeah, she probably walked into that one. “And your son?”

“That’s Dexter and he’s six years old.”

“A doting big brother I see..”

“Yeah when he wants to be.” Chloe said with a giggle.

“Oh he’s not always that affectionate?”

“No he loves his baby sister to bits. And he loves being a big brother. It just took him a little while to adjust to someone needing me all the time..” Chloe said with another giggle, remembering just how difficult Dexter had found the transition going from the youngest child to the middle child.

“That someone being Ellie right?” Ellen interjected with a mischievous grin and Chloe laughed.

“Yes! Ellie! Of course Ellie! I didn’t mean my wife!” Chloe said throwing her head back to laugh a little harder before leaning towards Ellen with an equally mischievous grin, “Though Beca seems to get more needy with every kid we have!”

“‘Beca’ being music producer, ‘Beca Mitchell’..” Ellen said with a chuckle.

“Yes.” Chloe nodded in confirmation, her stomach twisting a little with excitement and nerves. Because she could talk about her wife forever but didn’t normally get the opportunity to. She adored Beca. Had done for the twenty years that she’d known her. And the redhead turned to see that the photo on the big screen behind her had changed from a photo of their kids to a professional photo that had been taken of Beca and Chloe together on the red carpet at the Golden Globes a couple of years ago. Both looking at the cameras seriously, hand-in-hand.

“And how long have you two been together?”

“Together almost fifteen years, married for twelve, but we’ve known each other since college.” Chloe reeled off, having had to tell people these facts all too often over the years. “She’s my very best friend. My soulmate.”

The photo behind them changed to another photo from Chloe’s Instagram. This time it was a selfie that Abbie had taken of herself with her two moms, her little brother and her baby sister. They were all beaming at the camera, the three children looking the spitting image of Beca.

Chloe smiled while the audience “Aww”’d again. That photo was her absolute favourite and her heart lurched when she remembered just how much she missed her little family. Beca, Abbie & Dexter had stayed back home in Connecticut while Chloe and Ellie had flown out to LA to do promotion for Dancing With The Stars. Abbie & Dex still had school this week so Chloe’s wife, dogs, and older children couldn’t join her until the weekend. And she couldn’t wait!

“Beca looks like she missed her mouth there..” Ellen said with a chuckle and an amused tone and Chloe knew what the woman was talking about. Just before that photo had been taken, Beca and Chloe had been attempting to try Ellie with some puréed food, and Ellie had lobbed a handful of mushed carrot at her Mama. It had landed on her top, which the woman had tried to scrape off.

“Yeah, she never saw that carrot coming!” Chloe said with a giggle.

“Well I think you guys are doing a great job. And y’all are a stunning family.”

“Thank you.” Chloe said sweetly, always loving it when people complimented her and her little family.

“Alright, we’re gonna have to have a quick commercial break, but when we return I’ll be speaking to Chloe Beale about her new role as a judge on ‘Dancing With The Stars’!”

The camera panned out as the audience began clapping and cheering and the commercial break began..

Chapter Text

Beca and Chloe Beale stood side by side in the VIP area of the arena, at the very front of the sold-out crowd. To Chloe’s right stood their 23 year old daughter, and in front of them tip-toing on the barrier to get a good look was their 13 year old daughter. And the mothers wore proud smiles on their faces as they looked up onto the stage and saw their 18 year old son sat alone at a piano, grinning at the full audience.

“How’s everyone doing out there tonight?” Dexter Beale asked into the mic with a cute side-grin, pushing back his floppy brown hair. And a massive wave of screams came his way.

“Good! Me too..” he said with a chuckle, tinkling about with a few chords before pausing and looking back out at his 9000-strong fans. “So this next song is released at the end of the week. I wrote it a few months ago for my girlfriend who’s here in the audience tonight.”

The noise in the arena erupted with screams and cheers as a spotlight hung down on a tall brunette stood a little way to the left of Beca, and Dexter’s mothers both grinned while they looked over at her. Serena Posen, meanwhile, beamed up at her boyfriend. Her best friend. Her oldest friend. The young man she intended on hopefully marrying one day. And she gave Dexter a coy wave while he grinned at her then gave her a wink.

“For those of you who don’t know,” the eighteen year old said into the microphone while he looked out to the audience, “Serena and I have known each other pretty much our whole lives.” And Dexter looked back over at his girlfriend affectionately, “And I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you babe.”

Beca and Chloe both looked up at their son proudly, tears in Chloe’s eyes while they both noted just how sweet their son was, even with his successful music career having taken off.

“This is ‘Grow Old With Me’.” Dexter announced, and began playing the opening melody of the song while his fans screamed and whooped - it being one of their favourite songs it seemed.

“I can feel you breathing,

With your hair on my skin,

As we lie here within

The night.”

Beca shuffled on the spot slightly awkwardly, having not actually heard the songs lyrics properly yet, and having not realised before now that her son had written this song about his girlfriend. Her goddaughter. Her best friend’s’ nineteen year old daughter. And from the sounds of things..he was singing about them asleep together at night. But then again, this was Dexter, and his girlfriend was Serena. Of course it was about her!

“I’ll pull the sheets,

When it’s cold on your feet.

‘Cause you fall back to sleep,

Every time.”

Okay, well that was very Dexter. The Beale’s’ only son had always been very kind and affectionate, particularly towards his best friend. He’d always shared his candy or ice cream with Serena when they’d been little kids, and had always offered her his jacket when they’d been teens.

“Grow old with me,

Let us share what we see,

And oh the best it could be,

Just you and I.”

It was no secret in The Beale household that Dexter had always planned on spending the rest of his life with Serena Posen. He’d asked the girl out on a date one summer when he was fourteen years old, and the two had gone for ice cream on the studio lot where his Mom, Chloe, had been shooting a new movie. Their first kiss had apparently been by the stage door of the set that Chloe’s movie had been shot. And they had told their respective parents almost immediately that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Over the four years since then the two had barely gone a day without talking to one another, despite Serena living with her Moms over in New York and Dexter living with his Moms over in LA.

“And our hands they might age,

And our bodies will change,

But we’ll still be the same,

As we are.”

Dexter had flown over to New York at the beginning of the year to visit his godmothers, and had asked Aubrey & Stacie if he could ask Serena to marry him. The two women had said no, much to his dismay. But after a long discussion the mothers had explained that they were happy for Dexter to propose to Serena, but not until she had graduated from college.

Naturally the young man had called his Ma, disappointed that he had to wait another two years before he could finally pop the question, but Beca had chuckled and had told her son that he had the rest of his life to enjoy time being married to his best friend, so waiting another two years wouldn’t be the end of the world.

“We’ll still sing our song,

When our hair ain’t so brown,

And our children have sung,

We were right.”

Beca and Chloe remembered all the years that Dexter had sat at the piano in the houses they’d lived in while he’d been growing up, writing songs. And almost all of them he would casually mention that he’d written for Serena.

During the summers that the eldest Posen would come and stay at The Beale’s, they would both sit around the piano and sing. Sometimes Serena would dance, practicing routines she had learnt during her ballet lessons while she pranced about the large open lounge area of the LA mansion and Dexter would watch adoringly while he played the piano.

“They’ll sing

Grow old with me,

Let us share what we see,

And oh the best it could be,

Just you and I.”

Aubrey and Stacie Posen had almost immediately called Beca and Chloe Beale when Dexter had left their luxurious apartment in NYC to meet his girlfriend from college, Serena having earnt a place at the highly esteemed ‘Juilliard School’ on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The Posen’s had told The Beale’s about the conversation they’d had with Dexter, and Beca & Chloe had both agreed that their decision had been the right one.

Beca had then left the room to take a call from her son, leaving her wife to chat excitably with Aubrey & Stacie about how lucky they were that they were one day going to be one big family. That they were going to share grandchildren!

“And the hairs they stand up,

And my feet start to thump,

Yeah the feeling is dreaming,


Most of the world knew who Dexter Beale was, having followed his childhood on social media thanks to his famous mothers. When he’d shot to fame and success a couple of years ago with a number one debut record and sweeping the board at the Grammy’s the following year, it was widely accepted that ‘Dex’ was going to be making music for the long-run. Off the back of his own hard work and talent, rather than his parent’s career achievements. And his mothers supported him through and through of course.

Serena Posen, on the other hand, was a little less known. Now achieving high grades at Juilliard, the tall brunette was working hard to make the most of the outstanding training she was receiving while spending her down-time visiting her boyfriend wherever in the world he might be. In fact, people mostly recognised Serena as Dex’s girlfriend, or the stunning daughter of famous supermodel Stacie Conrad - the girl having inherited most of her Ma’s looks.

Serena had inherited her highly-organised nature from her Mom, Aubrey Posen, who now ran one of the most successful casting agencies in New York City with her wife. They were an unstoppable team with years of experience and a strong work ethic. Serena’s kid brother, Eric, was seven years her junior, and the twelve year old had already starred in several TV commercials as well as a popular Netflix TV show. All of this success meant that both the Posen’s and the Beale’s were pretty powerful families in the world of Film, TV, and Music.

“You’ll be the one,

Make me hurt,

Make me come.”

Beca’s jaw dropped and she immediately looked at her wife. Chloe’s reaction was exactly the same and the two women communicated silently for a moment. Had they heard those lyrics correctly?! Had their son just sang about how his girlfriend made him ‘hard’ and made him ‘come’??

Their shared expression gave them the answer that yes, that was probably what he had said. Beca and Chloe awkwardly turned to look at the two women stood to Beca’s left.

Aubrey and Stacie looked horrified as they looked up onto the stage at their daughter’s boyfriend. Their Godson. Shocked that the young man had just sung about getting hard.. they both turned to their right to look at their best friends, noting Beca and Chloe’s apologetic expressions. The four women then looked to Aubrey’s left and looked at Serena.

“Make me feel like I’m real,

And alive.”

The nineteen year old had a big beautiful smile on her face, tears shining from her green eyes while she bit her bottom lip, watching her boyfriend in adoration.

Serena Posen hadn’t noticed her Moms’ reaction or her Godmothers’ reaction to the lyrics, because she knew that her boyfriend hadn’t sung anything suggestive or weird. He was singing to her, the song that he’d written for her. And she hoped beyond all hope that he would soon propose to her. Because she loved him so much and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

“Grow old with me,

Let us share what we see,

And oh the best it can be,

Just you and I.”

The Posen’s and The Beale’s both turned back to one another, Beca giving her friends a tentative shrug of the shoulders while Chloe awkwardly contorted her mouth. Aubrey raised her eyebrows, shaking her head slightly to let them know that she was still in shock. And Stacie couldn’t help the small grin that had spread across her face. Because Stacie had had quite the sexual reputation back in college.

So the brunette leant down and over to her two best friends, saying loudly over the music and the crowd that were singing along, “Hey, at least she’s got just the one sexual partner, right?” in a tone that suggested that she was alright with it, “And at least I know the kid she’s sleeping with!” she finished with a grin, pointing up at Dexter Beale while the song he was singing was coming to its grand finale.

Chloe and Beca Beale raised their eyebrows, nodding in agreement. The woman was right, at least they all knew each other well.

Little did Beca, Chloe, and Aubrey know that Stacie had actually accidentally walked in on her daughter and Dexter having sex last year. The teens had been highly embarrassed, begging the woman not to tell their other moms, but Stacie hadnt been embarrassed and had assured them she wouldn’t tell her wife or Dexter’s parents.

“Grow old with me,

Let us share what we see,

And all the best it could be,

Just you and I.”

The song came to a close. The crowd cheered and screamed and whooped loudly. Dexter looked down at his piano with a coy grin on his face before looking over at Serena. The young man was so obviously besotted by her, and it made both The Beale’s and The Posen’s delighted to know that their respective kids made each other so happy.

As Dex began introducing his next song, Serena turned to see her parents and her boyfriend’s parents looking at her.

“What?” The nineteen year old asked curiously, but the women all shook their heads with kind smiles.

“Nothing sweetheart.” Aubrey said kindly to her daughter, “We’re just happy that he makes you happy.”

And Serena beamed at her Mom before turning her attention back to the stage. Back to her boyfriend. Her soulmate.

Chapter Text

Setting: Barden Bellas House. Senior year. The Bellas returned from Aubrey’s retreat two days ago.

Chloe, Stacie, Flo, and CR are sat at the kitchen table studying for their finals. Beca strides into the kitchen in a determined manner.

Chloe: “Hey Becs, I was thinking for dinner we could-“

Her sentence is cut off when Beca ducks down, cups Chloe’s cheeks, and kisses her passionately on the lips. Stacie, Flo and CR all stare in shock having not realised Beca and Chloe are secretly dating. Beca pulls her face slightly from Chloe’s, smiling softly at her. As Beca clears her throat and steps back, Chloe grins at her, curling her red hair behind her ear, a little flustered.

Chloe: “-um…”

Chloe let’s out a sweet embarrassed giggle while Beca shuffles a little on the spot, not tearing her eyes from Chloe once.

Beca: “Dinner sounds good. about that new Italian place, down where the old laundrette was?”

Chloe: “Okay..”

Chloe bites her bottom lip with a smile, her eyes shining up at Beca.

Beca: “Cool. I’ll book us a table.”

And Beca wanders slowly backwards out of the kitchen, then strides to the stairs to go up to her bedroom. Chloe returns to her studying with a goofy grin on her face. Meanwhile Stacie, Flo, and CR all stare at the redhead in shock. Chloe looks up at them with a smile and shrugs.

Chloe: “What?

Stacie: “What the hell was that?!”

Chapter Text

The lights in the tiny studio apartment had gone out around an hour ago and Beca lay in the fold-out bed she shared with Chloe, staring at her phone screen, scrolling absent-minded through Tumblr. To her right lay her best friend, the woman two years her senior, who she’d met in her freshman year at Barden University. Chloe had turned her bedside lamp out last, but still appeared to be staring at her phone screen while she read something.

The only sound that could be heard was the heavy breathing of their other roommate, Fat Amy, who slept in the double bed across the room from them. The Australian was so strong-willed and forward that the second they’d all moved up to Brooklyn and into the tiny apartment, Amy had immediately shot-gunned the double bed stating that she liked her space, leaving Beca & Chloe no choice but to have to share the fold-out bed. Far from ideal, but after two years of sleeping beneath the same bed covers there was very little left for Beca and Chloe to find out about each other.

Beca’s phone let out a short burst of a vibrate while she noticed a text notification appear at the top of her screen:

Chloe: Can I ask you a question? X

Texting between the two overnight even though they lay side-by-side wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Amy always fell asleep before them, and to save waking their friend, or more specifically to save her eavesdropping on whatever conversation they were having, they’d usually text. Beca clicked the notification, then typed a reply:

Beca: Yeah? X

The short vibrate sound came from Chloe’s phone while the woman lay beside her and Beca resumed scrolling through Tumblr as she waited for Chloe to type out the question. But the brunette felt her heart launch its way up into her throat when her eyes glanced up at her best friend’s reply that buzzed through via notification at the top of the screen.

Chloe: Is it okay if I play with myself for a bit? X

Beca swallowed loudly as a second text appeared at the top of the screen almost immediately after the first:

Chloe: I’ve just not had any action in ages and a girl’s got needs you know? X

Beca took a deep breath clicking on the text to come up with a reply. Yeah the two of them had been sharing a bed for two years. Hell, they’d seen each other naked on many occasions such was the curse of sharing a studio apartment. But Beca began to wonder what sort of line they’d be crossing if she started allowing Chloe to masturbate next to her in their bed. It was in Beca’s nature to come up with a snarky comment, but the closest she could come up with was:

Beca: What the hell have you been reading on there Beale? Erotic novels?? X

She almost smiled. She wanted to smile. But when Chloe simply replied with:

Chloe: *embarrassed emoji* X

Beca’s stomach twisted and she began to feel a gradual warmth grow between her legs. A warmth that joined her racing heart when she noticed Chloe’s next text contained a link to some sort of ‘erotic stories’ website. But Beca didn’t click on it. She couldn’t. Because clicking that link would cross over a line in their friendship. Reading erotic fiction while laying side-by-side, getting turned on in each others presence was definitely a way of skipping into sketchy-town.

Chloe: For what it’s worth I’d just be reading while I do it, not using my imagination or anything. X

Beca had no idea how that was any better. But she pressed on her best friend’s notification and slowly began texting her reply. Because if she were honest, it had been just as long since Beca had seen some action too. It had been almost two years since Jesse had split up with her and she hadn’t had more than a second date let alone sex. She also had needs. So she understood what Chloe might be going through.

Beca: Okay x

The brunette let out a small exhale, having not realised she’d been holding her breath, and she continued to scroll down Tumblr. The original sound of Amy’s steady sleeping breaths were now joined by a small rustling of Beca & Chloe’s bed covers as the redhead slipped her hand down beneath the waistband of her pyjama bottoms. Beca heard Chloe let out a gentle calm exhale, followed by a slight rocking of the bed they were both laying in.

Beca swallowed loudly, trying hard to concentrate on her phone screen and not the way her arousal was growing with every passing minute. The brunette bit her bottom lip, then rolled her eyes and brought Chloe’s texts back up on her screen. Her eyes hovered over the link her best friend had sent her and Beca hesitated, her thumb lingering over the writing.

Before she knew it, she’d pressed on the link, and the internet app popped up on her phone screen, linking her immediately to the ‘erotic fiction’ website. And more specifically the story Chloe was probably reading. Beca’s heart began to beat a little faster when she read the title, ‘Nobody Needs To Know.

Okay, this was already a little too far. Beca closed her eyes for a moment, wondering if she could just fall asleep, particularly as the rocking motion of the bed was pretty soothing. But the brunette found that she’d opened her eyes again and had begun reading the erotic story her best friend had sent her. And fuck was it good. Something about a girl flirting with her female music teacher and they ended up making out heavily in one of the classrooms, one thing leading to another before-

Beca hadn’t realised how fast she’d been breathing until a sharp snore had escaped Amy’s mouth across the room and snapped the brunette out of her sexual haze. She felt a throbbing between her legs and Beca knew she was aroused. Fucking hell Chloe! The woman noticed that the rocking of the bed had slowed but as she turned to look at the redhead beside her she saw that Chloe was still reading the story on her phone screen, the light shining on her beautiful face. Beca’s eyes drifted to Chloe’s lips as the woman hung her mouth open, clearly deep in whatever sexual trance she had fallen into, her chest rising and falling steadily. And suddenly Beca swallowed loudly, taking a deep breath, and sending her best friend a text.

Beca: Need a hand? X

She turned back to Chloe just as the woman’s phone vibrated sharply and she saw Chloe’s eyes drift up to the text notification that had just come through. Beca noticed the way Chloe’s mouth closed suddenly. The way her hand must have stopped moving between her legs. The way she slowly turned her head to look over at her. The way her eyes flitted from Beca’s left eye to right and back again over and over, trying to work out if the petite woman was being serious or not. Beca noticed the way Chloe swallowed loudly, her chest rising and falling a little faster with nerves or excitement. 

Suddenly the light from Beca’s phone screen went out as her phone locked and all that was left was the light from Chloe’s phone screen which lit the redhead’s face as it remained turned towards her. The final thing Beca saw before Chloe’s own phone screen locked was the way a tiny smile began growing on her best friend’s face and the way the redhead gently nodded her head.

Then the tiny studio apartment was plunged into darkness. The two women became hyper aware of the sound of one another’s breathing. Beca peered through the darkness, noting the silhouette of her best friend’s body through the little moonlight that drifted into the room from around the blind behind the bed. So with one last deep breath Beca reached behind her to quietly place her phone on her bedside table, then she gently scooched her hips into the centre of the fold-out bed, turning to lay on her right side. She placed her head on Chloe’s pillow, highly aware of how her chest was now resting up against the woman’s left shoulder.

Beca bit her bottom lip, swallowing loudly, and she slowly slipped her left hand beneath the bed covers. Her fingertips ran down the length of Chloe’s arm, sliding slowly beneath the waistband of the woman’s pyjamas until it rested over Chloe’s right hand that was already settled comfortably between her legs. This was it. No turning back. Beca felt Chloe take a deep breath. And as the redhead slowly removed her right hand from her warmth, Beca’s fingers landed within another woman’s perfectly trimmed pubic hair for the first time. 

A few moments passed as the two best friends paused, trying to steady their racing hearts. They were both nervous, but at the exact same time they were excited. Both of their sexual arousal’s had heightened at such a rate that they’d been driven to do this. Driven to fall into this deep dark rabbit hole that was making themselves available to help with any sexual frustration that the other might have - not that they realised quite what they were getting themselves into just yet.

A sharp inhale slipped into Chloe’s mouth when Beca slowly slid her middle finger between the woman’s wet folds and the brunette swallowed loudly when she felt just how wet Chloe had become. As the younger woman slowly began running the tip of her middle finger around Chloe’s clit, she noticed that her best friend had slowly moved her head so that she was now facing the ceiling. Beca could feel the throbbing between her own legs increasing as she became a little more daring, the brunette taking a chance and gently sliding her middle finger down the length of Chloe’s heat, skirting over the opening to Chloe’s pussy, then dragging her finger back up to circle the woman’s clit a couple of times again. Beca noted the way Chloe exhaled a little more audibly whenever she did this, and so found herself a rhythm that incorporated all of those movements. 

The minutes rolled on and not only did the feel of Chloe’s juices drive Beca on, but the sound of them did too, her middle finger having now found the perfect rhythm to suit Chloe’s needs it seemed. Beca’s finger accidentally slid a little too far at one point, and the tip of her finger entered Chloe’s wet opening. The second it did a low quiet moan rumbled from the back of the redhead’s throat and as Beca quickly pulled her finger back up to Chloe’s clit, her best friend snapped her head to the side, their noses coming into contact. 

Beca slid her middle finger around Chloe’s clit, over and over, juices now adding to the ease of movement. She could feel Chloe’s breath on her face and she so desperately wanted to kiss her best friend. What did it matter if they did kiss huh? They’d already passed the point of no return. Beca was helping Chloe masturbate for crying out loud! Kissing while she did so would probably make things less weird!

So the brunette nudged her face that little bit closer to Chloe’s and she slowly captured her mouth in hers. Beca paused all movements above and below the bed-covers while she and Chloe held their first kiss, being sure to take note of how soft Chloe’s lips felt against hers. She heard the redhead inhale through her nose which made butterflies race around Beca’s stomach and the moment she felt Chloe slide her tongue delicately across her bottom lip that was when Beca knew: this was no longer masturbation, this was going to lead to sex.

That low quiet moan came from the back of Chloe’s throat again when Beca dared to slide the tip of her finger back into the opening of her best friend’s pussy, and she was pleasantly surprised when Chloe moved her hips so her finger slid in a little further. Beca adjusted her body position slightly so that she could place her thumb on Chloe’s clit while her middle finger slid its full length inside the woman’s wet pussy. 

Suddenly they both froze, holding their breaths while their mouths remained smushed up against one another’s. Because they heard Fat Amy let out another sharp snore and turn in her bed across the room, and for a split-second Beca feared the Australian had woken up. She had no idea what to do if she had. There was no way she wanted to stop this where they were now. She wanted to continue until she knew Chloe had at least climaxed. If Chloe wanted to repay the favour then great. If she didn’t then Beca would be totally fine bringing herself to orgasm. She was so wet and so horny right now, and the smell of sex that was emanating from beneath their bed-covers was only adding to Beca’s arousal. 

After several still moments, the two bed-mates came to a mutual silent agreement that their roommate probably hadn’t woken up due to the Australian’s heavy breathing, and they resumed their heated kiss. As their tongues rolled, Beca had begun a new dance, sliding her middle finger slowly in and out of Chloe’s wet pussy while rubbing her thumb around the redhead’s clit. 

They tried to kiss quietly. They tried to breath quietly. They tried to humm quietly. But as the minutes continued to go by their sexual desire was only heightening. Chloe had now turned on her left side to face Beca and deepen their kiss, rolling her hips slightly against her best friend’s hand. Her right hand had drifted to Beca’s back and was slowly creeping below the waistband of the brunette’s pyjama bottoms. Chloe’s fingers dragged down Beca’s skin causing the younger woman to let out a low moan herself. 

Beca felt her best friend sit up slightly and push her hand gently against her hip. The brunette rolled onto her back while Chloe slid her right leg over Beca’s right leg, her crotch now in contact with Beca’s right thigh. Beca’s left hand hadn’t left the warmth of Chloe’s pussy during the whole movement, and she brought her right arm around the redhead’s waist to grip Chloe’s ass. 

Their kiss broke and Beca let out a puff of air when she realised just how sexy this was. Having Chloe grinding her hips against her thigh while she slowly fucked her with her finger, covering her digits in the woman’s juices while her right hand squeezed and pushed at her cute ass, encouraging the grinding to continue. Chloe brought her left hand onto her pillow, beside Beca’s head, to rest her upper body on it.

Beca felt her eyes roll into the back of her head when she felt Chloe’s right hand pull the bottom of her top up, the redhead trailing the fingertips of her right hand across and around Beca’s abdomen until it reached the waistband of her pyjama shorts. Beca swallowed loudly, her breathing becoming shorter and quicker as she waited in eager anticipation for Chloe’s hand to feel how wet she was. But the woman on top appeared to take her time, leaning her left arm on the pillow so she could lay a little more on top of Beca, her hips still slowly rolling. 

Chloe brought the palm of her left hand to her best friend’s forehead, stroking her brown hair back affectionately while she leant on her left arm, nudging her nose delicately against Beca’s. And a smile swept across Beca’s face when she felt Chloe pause her movements - all but the soft kiss that she placed on the corner of Beca’s mouth, her right hand still at the brunette’s waistband.

“Chlo…” Beca breathed out almost inaudibly, hoping it was enough to convey how desperately she wanted this. And it worked. The brunette’s heart raced faster when she felt Chloe slide her right hand beneath her waistband, smoothing her fingers between the short pubic hair that Beca maintained well. Chloe’s mouth returned to Beca’s, and their tongues immediately met in Beca’s mouth, the two women letting out soft moans when Chloe’s middle finger slid between Beca’s sopping wet folds, her tip immediately finding the smaller woman’s clit and circling it. Before long, much as Beca had done, Chloe dared to slide her finger a little further down and based on the brunette’s response to the insertion of Chloe’s finger into her wet pussy, their love-making started to become rather heated but as quietly as possible - the hope being that Fat Amy wouldn’t wake to the sounds of their low moans or slopping pussies. 

A new rhythm began as both women rolled their respective hips, grinding into one another’s thighs while their middle fingers made sure to find the right arousal points within one another’s sex. They took it in turns to break their deep kisses, nuzzling at one another’s necks, nipping and capturing skin to suck and kiss, breathing heavily against each other as their respective orgasms built.

It was Beca who reached there first, having originally made a deal with herself that she would try to wait until Chloe had cum before she let go, the redhead was too good. Her method of curling her fingers up into Beca while she rubbed her thumb against her clit meant that the brunette had had no choice but to break their kiss to let out a raspy, whispered, “I-I’m gonna…c-cum…Chloe…don-don’t…st-op…” and as Beca’s body stiffened she felt a huge release of warm sexual relief wash over her body, Chloe’s right hand stilling over her throbbing pussy as Beca came around her finger. If it hadn’t been for Chloe’s left hand, that had swept over Beca’s mouth to muffle her cry, then they would’ve been at a huge risk of waking their roommate. 

But as they both held their breath and remained still, listening hard, their roommate still slept heavily.

Beca let out a few heavy sighs of relief, hardly able to believe how amazing her first time with a woman had felt, then realised that her own finger was still inside Chloe. She still had to finish what she’d begun.

So with one swooping movement, Beca swung her right arm around Chloe’s waist, and rolled her best friend onto her back while also rolling on top of her. Their heavy kissing began again, this time their tongues meeting in Chloe’s mouth. Beca’s thumb circled Chloe’s clit while her middle finger swam in and out of the redhead’s soaking pussy and she could tell from the way that the woman beneath her kissed her that she was close to coming. Chloe’s kisses were sloppy, many mushing onto Beca’s cheek or chin then back to her mouth, her body contorting beneath her best friend’s. 

Beca had begun using the motion of her own body on top of Chloe’s to give her hand between the redhead’s legs more effect. As she ground her crotch into Chloe’s she mimicked the motion of thrusting herself into her best friend’s hot wet pussy, her fingers slipping down from Chloe’s clit and down into her pussy with each thrust. The motion appeared to be having the right effect and soon Chloe broke their kiss.

Beca…” Beca heard her best friend’s warm breath whisper into her ear in a husky low tone, a tone that had the brunette speeding up her thrusts, “I’m gonna cum…” Chloe whispered and Beca brought her mouth down to the woman’s ear, capturing the lobe of Chloe’s ear with her teeth and nibbling for a second before whispering, “Cum for me Chlo…”

Neither woman took any notice of how much noise they were making. They were still trying their hardest to be as quiet as possible, but the rocking of the crappy fold-out bed mixed with the slopping of Beca’s fingers thrusting into Chloe’s wet pussy along with their quiet moans and laboured breathing, meant that the studio apartment could no longer be deemed as ‘quiet’.

Then Beca felt it. She felt Chloe’s body stiffen and her back arch. And just as Chloe had done to her, Beca brought a soft hand to the woman’s mouth to help muffle her cry as she reached her orgasm, wanting to give her best friend an opportunity to openly release even if it did have to be done quietly. She kept her fingers within Chloe still, leaning her forehead against Chloe’s as the woman’s pussy throbbed around her. And Beca found herself swallowing loudly, gently removing her hand from Chloe’s mouth and brushing the woman’s hair from her sweaty forehead. They shared several light kisses, stunned smiles on their faces while Chloe came down from her orgasm. 

After a minute or two Beca removed her fingers from between Chloe’s legs, pulling the woman’s pyjama bottoms back up before she rolled off her best friend’s body and onto her back. They both let out heavy sighs, goofy grins on their faces. And they lay side-by-side, holding one another’s hands while they stared up at the ceiling, hardly able to believe what had just happened. But it had just happened. Beca and Chloe had just had sex.

Beca turned to Chloe just as Chloe turned to Beca and as if on the same wave-length, they both cupped one another’s cheeks and shared a meaningful kiss. As if it were a promise that this was the beginning of something amazing. What exactly they weren’t sure. But it would be something.

They both felt a flush of embarrassment when they each reached for their phones and realised they still had the erotic story on their respective phones, which they both quickly cleared from their internet history. They both put their phones on charge, set their alarms for work the next morning, then as with most nights, Beca turned onto her left side so that Chloe could spoon her. Which Chloe did happily. And within a matter of minutes the two best friends - the new lovers - had fallen asleep.

Unbeknownst to Beca and Chloe, the rest of The Bellas had a secret WhatsApp group titled “Bloe” and that particular WhatsApp group had been blowing up over the past ten minutes..


CR: WTF?! How do you know??

Fat Amy: Because I share an apartment with them and I have ears!

Stacie: Pfft. I’m calling bullshit!

Aubrey: I’m with Stacie on that

CR: Oh yeah? At the lodge or at her apartment in Atlanta? *suggestive emoji*

Aubrey: I’m not with Stacie!! *angry emoji*

CR: Yeah yeah…*suggestive emoji*

Ashley: We’re gonna need some proof.

Aubrey: I don’t need to prove to you guys that I’m not with Stacie!

Jessica: She meant proof of Beca and Chloe doing it.

Ashley: I meant proof of Beca and Chloe doing it.

Ashley: Haha!

Jessica: Haha!

Ashley: Read my mind Jess ;)

Jessica: ;)

Fat Amy: Hang on..

Amy’s heart was racing, the pit of her stomach having dropped the second she’d realised what was going on in that other bed in the studio apartment. She held her phone up and pressed the ‘audio’ button in the WhatsApp chat just as she heard Beca mumble: “I-I’m gonna…c-cum…Chloe…don-don’t…st-op…”

The Australian heard a muffled cry come from Beca’s mouth and she figured Chloe had placed her hand over the petite brunette’s mouth to try to keep quiet. Amy figured that’d be enough for The Bellas and sent the audio. 

Aubrey: Oh my God..

Emily: *several shocked emojis* OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXX

Flo: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh *shocked emoji*xx

CR: No fucking way!!!

Stacie: Yikes. Sorry you’ve gotta listen to that Ames.. 

CR: Sounds like Red’s pretty good in the sack though?

Stacie: Yeah, lucky Beca huh?

Aubrey: Er!!

CR: Haha! You’re in trouble Stace!

Aubrey: She’s not in trouble.

Aubrey: Why would she be in trouble?

CR: You know why…*two girls kissing emoji*

Ashley: So Beca and Chloe ARE banging!

Lilly: Wow.

Fat Amy: Hang on..

Amy placed her phone on her chest to try to hide the light from her screen, knowing that her roommates would probably stop to check if she was still asleep and for good measure the Australian started breathing heavily as though she were fast asleep. She heard some movement and peered through the darkness to see the silhouette’s of her two friends from the low moonlight that filtered into the room. Beca - who had decided to wear a top-knot to bed tonight - appeared to roll Chloe onto her back then lay on top of the redhead. Amy scrunched her nose up slightly when she heard heavy kissing begin, noting the way Beca appeared to be grinding against Chloe so hard the fold-out bed the two women shared started to squeak, knocking gently against the windowsill behind the bed.

Fat Amy: Oh God they’re not even TRYING to be quiet now!

Stacie: Moaning?

Aubrey: Ew *puking emoji*

Stacie: You love it ;P x

Aubrey: ;P x

Fat Amy: I don’t think the foldout bed’s gonna make it to the end of the night..

CR: Hahaaaaa!! 

CR: YES Chloe!

Flo: Ohhhhhhh xx

Fat Amy: It’s not Chloe on top..

Aubrey: EW!!!

Emily: Oh my God! xxxxx

Ashley: See! I knew Beca wasn’t as much of a prude as she makes out to be!

Jessica: We said it all along..

Ashley: If anyone’s gonna be on top..

Jessica:  If anyone’s gonna be on top..

Ashley: …it’d be Beca!

Jessica: …it’d be Beca.

Fat Amy: This is my living nightmare right now:

And Amy found the ‘audio’ option again on the WhatsApp group, pressing it and holding her phone up to share with The Bellas just how loud her roommates were being while they had sex! The knocking of the bed against the windowsill stopped and Amy hoped for a moment that that would be it, but to her horror she heard Chloe whisper “Beca…” under her breath. Amy screwed her face up again as she heard the sound of what she could only presume was Beca ‘quickening her paces’ while Chloe moaned “I’m gonna cum…” 

To make matters worse, Beca mumbled audibly into Chloe’s ear “Cum for me Chlo…” and Amy found herself dropping her phone onto her face in horror.


CR: Holy shiiiiiit!!

Ashley: Yep, they’re doing it alright.

Flo: Ohhhhhh xx

CR: Holy shit..

Lilly: Wow.

Fat Amy: I don’t even know what to do.

Fat Amy: I feel sick.

Jessica: For what it’s worth it sounds like it’ll soon be over?

CR: Sounds like both Chloe AND Beca are good in the sack!

Amy grimaced as she heard Chloe’s muffled cry. At least Jessica had a point. This nightmare was almost over.

CR: Hey I can’t help but notice that Stacie and Aubrey have gone quiet on here..

Amy grinned. CR had a point too. She had no idea why Aubrey and Stacie kept denying they were seeing each other. They blatantly were. It was evident in their texts to the group WhatsApp. Evident in the amount of times a year that Stacie visited The Lodge of Fallen Leaves that Aubrey ran. In fact she wouldn’t be surprised if they were there now and had got so turned on by the noises Beca and Chloe had made in that audio that they’d gone off to get up to their own sexual mischief. After all, this was Stacie.. 

Fat Amy: Okay…I think Bloe are done…

Amy held her breath, relieved that sexual movements had appeared to have halted, and she watched through the darkness as the silhouette of Beca rolled off Chloe’s body with a happy sigh. She had no idea how long her roommates had been hooking up for, but what Amy did know was that the next few weeks were going to be a lot of fun. Because Amy had every intention of teasing and embarrassing her two roommates as much as possible about all this. And she knew the best way of doing that was via The Bellas WhatsApp group that all the Bellas were a part of - Beca & Chloe included…

Chapter Text

Chloe couldn’t contain her excitement while she cupped her hands over her co-captain’s eyes.

“Keep walking forwaaaaard..” she instructed with a grin, moving with Beca who cautiously did as the redhead instructed.

“Chloe I swear to God if you’ve organised me a surprise birthday party when you know I hate surprises then I’m gonna be SO annoyed with you!” The senior said in her deadpan tone that Chloe knew meant Beca was serious, and a tiny bit nervous. So the older girl giggled, still keeping her hands over Beca’s eyes.

“Keep moving forward.” She repeated again and Beca did so. “Okay now stop!” And the brunette let out an impatient sigh, her shoulders sagging.

“You think I don’t know the layout of the Bellas house by now, after three years of living here, but I do. And I KNOW that we’re in the kitchen, standing in front of the garage door.”

Today was Beca’s birthday. Beca didn’t see what the big deal was about celebrating her birthday. It wasn’t even a big birthday. It had been her 21st last year!

Turning 22 really wasn’t a big deal. Growing up, her family hadn’t really donebirthdays and as such the brunette saw no need for parties or gifts. Chloe on the other hand loved birthdays. She loved spoiling her friends with cake and gifts and handmade cards and a big party or a massive sit-down meal.

The redhead pulled her hands from Beca’s eyes, “Okay, now open your eyes!”

“Gee a closed door, what I’ve always wanted Chlo. Thanks.” Beca said in her usual sarcastic voice and Chloe put on a fake-huffy tone.

“You know if you’re gonna be like that then forget about my present.”

Chloe folded her arms but quickly began to panic when Beca called her bluff, shrugging before turning on the spot and beginning to step past her, “Okay, if you’re really not so bothe-“

“-wait!” Chloe said quickly, reaching out and grabbing Beca’s arm to stop her from leaving. The older woman looked at her best friend somewhat desperately but Beca merely chuckled, raising her eyebrows expectantly. She loved teasing Chloe. “Please. Y-you’re really gonna like it, I promise!”

Chloe took a deep breath and watched as Beca cleared her throat, a soft smile falling on her face. She thought she saw the brunette glance down at her lips but she couldn’t be sure, so she turned and motioned to the closed garage door again. Beca stepped up to the door, glancing over her shoulder one last time at Chloe, before twisting the handle and stepping over the threshold.

Beca couldn’t help her brow from furrowing as she began slowly walking into the tidy garage that had once been strewn with boxes and old couches, bits of DIY tools, and even several bikes that the Bellas of old had never really used. Now there was a good open space in the centre. And in the centre of that space was a drum kit.

“You got me…a drum kit?!” Beca asked in a confused tone, looking over at Chloe curiously, “You know I can’t play, right? I’ve never even picked up a stick.”

A small smile crept over Chloe’s face. She wasn’t an idiot. She cared a LOT about this girl. And she remembered Beca drunkenly telling her last Christmas that if she could have the chance to do anything it would be to try to play the drums as fast and as loudly as possible.

“Okay so I didn’t get you a drum kit exactly.” The redhead said awkwardly, wandering over to Beca’s side, “But I did hire one for the afternoon.”

Beca’s eyebrows rose, her mouth dropping open in disbelief as she turned to her best friend, “Dude that must’ve costed you loads!”

Chloe shrugged with an affectionate smile, “Nothing a few weeks overtime couldn’t cover.”

That’s what you were up to over the summer?! Pulling overtime?” Beca exclaimed and Chloe nodded with a sweet little “Uhuh!”

Beca turned back to the drum kit, a small smile creeping over her face while she tried to process all of this.

“Now, I’ve managed to hook The Bellas up with a mandatory cardio session this afternoon on campus which you are not required to attend.” Chloe said with a playful nudge, and she saw Beca’s cheeks flush slightly with embarrassment, “The garage is sound-proof.” Beca turned to look at Chloe in awe and their eyes locked. “So you’ve got about three hours without any distractions to make as much noise as you like with this here drum kit…” Chloe finished with a whisper, giving Beca a flirty wink, “Happy Birthday Becs.”

And Beca’s mouth went dry as she watched Chloe glance down at her lips for a fleeting moment, then back up into her eyes. The brunette jumped when she felt something sliding into the back pocket of her pants and she watched Chloe slowly walk back to the door of the garage, taking one last glance at the tiny DJ with a flirty smile, before leaving the garage.

Beca slowly turned back to the drum kit, stunned by the interaction, her heart racing while Chloe’s words swam around in her head. And she reached her left hand into her back pocket, then pulled out a pair of drum sticks…

Chapter Text


Beca stood at the door of her friend’s house and crouched down as her son joyfully dashed up to her with a massive grin on his face. The brunette swung her arms around the four year old and squeezed him tight.

“Sammyyyyyy!!” the Mother greeted with a grin, chuckling slightly as the little redhead scrambled out of her arms. “Did you have a good day with Auntie Aubrey?”

“Yeeeeeup! We went to the zoo!”

Beca’s eyes widened in mock surprise, gasping, “You did?!” but it was no surprise, because any time Aubrey took care of Samuel Beale she always took him to the zoo. The brunette stood up and smiled at her friend who held the front door open, a soft smile on her face as she looked down at the little boy. Her Godson. Her favourite little guy. “Thanks so much for looking after him today Aubrey. I hope he wasn’t too much trouble?”

“No trouble at all!” Aubrey said with a kind smile, “He was perfectly behaved.”

Beca leant down and picked up her son’s little rucksack that her wife had dropped him off with this morning and chuckled again when her son ran through the house to the kitchen announcing loudly that he was going to get his coat. She turned to her friend who rolled her eyes with a smile, holding her hand up, and in Aubrey’s hand was little Sam’s green coat.

“Uh, buddy?” Beca called out to her son.

“Yeah??” the four year old yelled from the kitchen.

“Your coat’s right here.”

“Huh?” The redhead appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, then spied the coat in his Godmother’s hand, “Ohhh!”

He shook his little head with a grin, just like his Mommy would do, and made his way back to the front door to stand with his Mama.

Beca took the coat from Aubrey while raising her eyebrows as she looked down at her son, “What do you say to Auntie Aubrey?”

“Thank yooooooou!” The little boy sang out, flinging his arms around the blonde’s legs and Aubrey let out a small giggle, scooping her Godson up from under his arms and giving him a tight hug. Once Sammy had received several sloppy loud kisses on the cheek (which his Mama grimaced at slightly) the little boy scrambled out of Aubrey’s arms then dashed out of the house to head for his Mama’s car.

“We’ll catch you at the weekend for Chloe’s birthday barbecue yeah?” Beca asked as she turned on the spot and began leaving the doorstep.

“You definitely will, yes!” Aubrey said brightly, looking forward to celebrating her best friend’s birthday with her and the rest of The Bellas.

“See you then, then!” Beca said cheerily, her hands full with her young son’s belongings as she headed to her car.

“Bye Auntie Aubrey!!” Sammy called out and the blonde stood in the doorway of her house until the mother and son had pulled away from the house in their car.

“So, buddy, what did you see at the zoo?” Beca asked conversationally as she drove down the street, peering in her rear view mirror to double check that she had put his seatbelt on properly.

“Uhhmm..” Sam Beale began, looking out the window in thought, “we saw lions and penguins and ‘raffs-“


“Yeah. With the loooooooong necks!” The four year old said brightly, a smile on his face as big as his Mommy’s and Beca grinned, loving how similar her son was to her wife. He was Chloe’s double sometimes.

“Ohh, giraffes!”

“That’s what I said!”

Beca chuckled, looking left then right again as she approached a junction. Then suddenly she paused, furrowing her brow slightly as her son said something unusual: “Then me and Bella got ice cream.”

“Y-…you and Bella?”


“Bella was at the zoo?” Beca asked curiously, wondering why her close friend, Stacie’s, nine year old daughter had been at the zoo too.

“Yeah! And Auntie Stacie!”

“Were they already there? Or…?”

“No we picked them up.” Sammy said innocently, looking back out the window again, “We always go pick them up because Auntie Aubrey has a bigger car.”

“Always..?” Beca muttered under her breath, her mind starting to whir. How often did Aubrey see Stacie?? “Do you always see Auntie Stacie when you’re with Auntie Aubrey, bud?”

“And Bella.” Sam corrected his Mama, holding his finger out, just like Beca did whenever she corrected people.

“And Bella. Yeah. Do-…do you always see them?”


“Huh…” Beca said thoughtfully, biting her bottom lip as she drove.

“Bella’s lucky, she has her own bedroom at Auntie Aubrey’s.” The little boy said with a light sigh, resuming his focus on the passing view as his Mama drove.

“Oh she does, does she?” Beca said with a grin, loving how innocent her son was. Because things were stacking up against the two women Beca and Chloe considered two of their closest friends.

“Yeahhh. She gets to sleep over every weekend.”

“Just Bella?”

“Yeah, Bella has her room and Auntie Stacie shares Auntie Aubrey’s room.”

“Ohh..right..” Beca said quietly then chuckled to herself as she neared their house. She couldn’t wait to tell her wife all about this when they got home..

Chapter Text

Chloe stirred in her sleep as she heard an alarm go off - Beca’s alarm - and the redhead noted the way the woman within her arms moved carefully out of them, evidently to turn the alarm off. She heard her best friend let out a sleepy sigh, disconnecting her phone from the charger and turning onto her back to look at the screen. Chloe kept her right arm over the younger woman’s waist but didn’t open her eyes.

This was Beca’s usual morning routine before work while Chloe continued to sleep, not normally needing to get up for another hour - around the time that Beca would be leaving their studio apartment to go to work. What wasn’t part of the normal routine though, was how Beca had brought her right hand down and had begun delicately tracing her fingertips up and down Chloe’s arm.

“Mmmat feels nice..” Chloe mumbled, a small smile on her face while she kept her eyes closed. She didn’t see the soft sleepy smile that had grown on Beca’s face while she continued to scroll through Tumblr. And the two best friends lay there for several minutes until Beca’s second alarm went off, indicating she needed to be getting out of bed.

Chloe let out a small sweet groan, turning around and reaching out for her own phone that rested on her bedside table. She lay on her back with a sleepy sigh, blinking at her phone screen while she opened up Facebook to check through her ‘newsfeed’. Her eyes flicked up to the text notification that appeared at the top of her screen with a short vibrate:

Beca: Thanks for last night x

A smile swept over Chloe’s face as she pressed the notification to open the text conversation she shared with her best friend, her eyes not helping themselves when they re-read Beca’s final text to her last night (“Need a hand? X”). She couldn’t believe they’d actually had sex last night! That had never been her intention. She’d just innocently asked Beca if she’d mind her masturbating and…well one thing had led to another and…

Chloe swallowed loudly as she typed her response:

Chloe: Thank YOU xx

The redhead turned to her left, her heart leaping for joy when she saw from the light of the phone screen that Beca was grinning at the text that had just come through with a buzz. Chloe’s heart began to flutter when her best friend didn’t turn to look at her but instead texted a quick reply. Chloe read it the second it buzzed through:

Beca: Any time ;) xx

The redhead couldn’t help the airy chuckle that escaped her nose as she bit her bottom lip. Because crikey had Beca been amazing last night. Chloe had never cum like that before. Admitted she’d probably never cum like that again. Unless…unless this thing that had happened between them last night would become a regular occurrence?

Beca: Don’t suppose you’d wanna go on a date some time?

Chloe’s swallowed loudly, a huge smile growing on her face as she read the texts that kept coming through from Beca - the brunette clearly getting more flustered with each one:

Beca: X

Beca: Only if you want to of course! X

Beca: I just feel bad that we had sex and I haven’t even taken you out for dinner.. X

Beca: NOT that having sex with you made me feel bad!!

Beca: Definitely not!

Beca: It made me feel good!

Beca: GREAT! It made me feel great xx

Beca: Ugh I’m the worst at this xx

Chloe let out a more audible giggle, turning onto her left side and throwing her lips onto Beca’s. The last thing she’d seen before she’d closed her eyes was her best friend’s face lit up by the light of her phone screen, looking stunned by Chloe’s reaction. But the way Beca kissed her back, Chloe knew the woman was okay.

The redhead wound her right hand around to the back of Beca’s head, tangling her fingers within her brown locks. She felt the woman cupping both her cheeks with her hands, having dropped her phone at some point somewhere on the bed. And Chloe felt a wave of calming happiness swell within her heart as she noticed just how delicately Beca held her face, how soft the woman’s lips were while they kissed firmly, how tentative Beca was with her tongue as she slid it across Chloe’s bottom lip then into her mouth.

Their kiss broke naturally, smiles on their faces while they both nuzzled tenderly against one another’s noses. Beca smoothed her thumbs over Chloe’s cheeks. Chloe stroked her fingers through Beca’s hair affectionately. And their right feet grazed up and down each other, Chloe having swung her right leg over Beca’s right leg when moving to kiss her.

The two best friends couldn’t see much in the dark, but they could feel the way the others heart raced in excitement. Could hear in their content sighs how happy they were to be together.

“So is that a yes?” Beca whispered quietly, not wanting to wake their other roommate who was asleep in the other bed, in the studio apartment they all shared. If Amy caught wind of this then their hope of trying to keep whatever this was a secret - just during the early days - would be ruined. She was quite the blabber-mouth.

“That’s a definite yes.” Chloe whispered equally quietly, her heart dancing for joy. Because she’d been in love with Beca since they’d met. Love at first sight so to speak. And she sealed the response with another soft kiss.

The two women groaned slightly, breaking their kiss when Beca’s third alarm went off, notifying her that she should’ve poured her first coffee of the morning by now.

“I’m gonna have to get up.” Beca mumbled reluctantly, placing a chaste kiss on Chloe’s cheek while the redhead let out a small groan of protest. But Beca simply chuckled with a quiet whispered “I don’t want to, but I’ve got to..” before placing a chaste kiss on Chloe’s lips then sliding out of their crappy fold-out bed.

Chloe let out a sleepy sigh, a goofy grin on her face while she watched Beca’s silhouette lean down to switch the bedside lamp on with a muttered “Light”. Chloe threw her hands to her face with a cute little squeak, then slowly peeled them away to see Beca looking down at her in a way she’d never seen her best friend look at her before. As if in a new light. And it made Chloe feel…special!

But the brunette didn’t say anything, and instead slowly shook her head then made her way to their tiny kitchen to make her first coffee of the day.

The two women let out small gasps, Beca stopping in her tracks as they looked into the kitchen and saw their roommate sat at the kitchen table, looking at them with an unreadable expression while she slowly sipped a milkshake through a straw.

“Uh..hey there Ames..” Beca said awkwardly, and Chloe’s heart raced with nerves. How much of their early morning interaction had Amy heard?? “You’re um…you’re up early.” Beca added but the Australian merely shrugged.

“I had a pretty broken nights sleep…” Amy said slowly, taking another long sip of her strawberry milkshake while raising her eyebrows at her friend’s.

Chloe saw Beca hesitate, the woman looking over her shoulder at the redhead who didn’t dare look at Beca for fear of their secret being revealed. But there was no telling if Fat Amy already knew because the woman’s expression was so hard to read. If they apologised or tried to explain and Amy had no idea what they were talking about then they would be revealing it all too soon. It was too much of a risk.

“Oh?” Chloe said innocently, sitting up a little to her a better view of her roommate sat at the kitchen table. “Full moon?”

“Maybe..?” Amy said with a shrug, looking at Chloe with her eyebrows raised again, and it made the redhead feel uncomfortable. Did she know?? Had she heard her and Beca having sex last night? “How did you guys sleep?”

“Um y-yeah…good…” Beca muttered awkwardly, striding over to the little coffee machine to make a coffee.

“Good.” Amy responded with a small smile before turning to the woman in the fold-out bed, “Chloe?”

The redhead cleared her throat then gave a little nod, croaking out a quiet “Yeah, good!”

And Amy let out a big teasing grin, sliding her chair back, “Good..”

Beca and Chloe both watched nervously as their roommate stood up from the table, wandered over to her double bed on the dark side of the studio apartment and got in it with a sleepy sigh. The two secret lovers turned to one another, sharing an unspoken conversation as to whether Amy did know about them or not..

Chapter Text

“Ohhh wooow…..” Chloe said with false joy as she furrowed her brow. In her lap lay a scrumpled ball of Christmas wrapping paper, and in her hands was a pink photo frame.

She glanced to her left at Beca who was as equally confused, holding a blue photo frame that she’d just unwrapped, the same style of Christmas wrapping paper in a ball on her own lap.

“I wanted you guys to both have a photo of one of the most important women in your lives.” Fat Amy said seriously, sat opposite the two women on Beca & Chloe’s crappy fold-out bed in their tiny studio apartment. It was Christmas morning and all three were dressed in festive pyjamas.

“It’s…Amy Winehouse!” Beca said in a confused tone, still frowning down at the photo in her hands, not seeing how Amy Winehouse could possibly the most important woman in her life. She secretly considered the redhead to her right as that particular person.

“Okay well maybe not the most important woman in your lives but she’s definitely the most important woman in mine so-“

“-So…you thought we should have photos of her to remind you of how…great she is…” Beca asked in slight confusion, looking up at her roommate. There was no way she was ever going to put this up. Ever. She would find a convenient space for it at the bottom of one of the boxes she was yet to unpack even though they’d been moved in for almost two years now. Fat Amy would probably protest, but she’d get over it. Beca knew she would.

“Exactly!” Amy said with a big grin. Chloe jumped as the Australian leant forward, snatched the pink frame out of the redhead’s hands, and scrambled off the bed, “See, Chloe, you can put yours here.” And the blonde placed the frame down on Chloe’s bedside table.

“Ohh..yeah, I-I could…” Chloe said awkwardly, not overly sure if having a photo of Amy Winehouse staring at her every morning and night would provide her with much comfort. But she was too polite to say no.

Amy didn’t appear to notice, instead striding around to take Beca’s frame from her hands which the brunette reluctantly allowed her to do. The larger woman strode around the bed, past the front door of the studio apartment and the small armchair, up to Beca’s bedside table.

“And Beca you can put yours here!” Amy said while she scraped some of the random items Beca had on her bedside table to the side, knocking some on the floor before placing the frame on the surface.

“Gee…thanks Amy…” Beca said in an unenthusiastic voice. She turned back to Chloe who was smiling gently at her, and the two best friends simply raised their eyebrows at one another. Because this was very Amy. And the women wouldn’t have her any other way..

Chapter Text

“Um, excuse me Ma’am? It’s in use at the moment.” The cabin crew member raised her eyebrows at Beca while the brunette knocked on the plane bathroom door.

“Oh I know, it’s just…my friend’s in there changing her outfit and needs me to zip her up.” Beca said innocently just as the door to the plane bathroom unlocked and slid open. Chloe peered out, clearly having just changed into a dress but in need of the zip to be done up. The member of staff seemed surprised, then quickly nodded, understanding the pressures of being a woman.

So Beca stepped into the tiny bathroom, taking up the last of the standing room while Chloe slid the door closed, locking it again. No sooner had Chloe looked up from the door into her best friend’s eyes, Beca cupped her cheeks and kissed her hard. The redhead immediately slid her tongue into Beca’s mouth, deepening their kiss, making the most of the noisy plane cabin as they let out low moans.

Beca broke the kiss, quickly bringing her lips to her best friend’s ear, mumbling “We don’t have long!”

Chloe didn’t need telling twice. She brought her hands to the base of Beca’s skirt, grateful for her choice in travel outfit while Chloe pulled the skirt up, twisting her hand so she could stuff it down the top of Beca’s panties.

Beca, meanwhile, pulled at the base of Chloe’s dress, tugging it up to the woman’s hips and, as her friend had also done, twisted her hand to shove down the top of Chloe’s panties.

The two best friends let out quiet gasps into each other’s ears as they both delved their fingers within the other’s wet folds. Beca brought her right arm around Chloe’s waist pulling her tight against her. Chloe brought her left arm around Beca’s waist pulling her tight against her.

And they held one another close, their mouths immediately meshing together, tongues rolling, while their respective fingers rubbed frantically over each other’s clit’s.

There was barely any room to manoeuvre, but Beca and Chloe seemed to find a way to manage, advancing their quick heated fuck by inserting a couple of fingers each into the other’s wet pussy. They slid their fingers in and out at a fast rate, panting quietly.

Beca could feel Chloe’s warm breath in her left ear. Chloe could feel Beca’s warm breath in her left ear. And the two women let out gentle moans as their orgasms built, the risk of getting interrupted or caught adding to their sexual excitement.

“I can’t believe I’m fucking you in an aeroplane..” Beca mumbled into Chloe’s ear, causing the redhead to speed up her movements. Because this was sohot.

“I can’t believe I’m about to make you cum in an aeroplane..” Chloe replied with an equally low mumble, causing Beca to let out a moan before capturing the skin on the redhead’s neck and biting down on it gently. This action made an extra surge of arousal rush over Chloe and she knew she was close.

Beca could always tell when Chloe was close to cumming, because her best friend would open her mouth as though she were stunned, just as she was about to orgasm. Just like she was doing now. So the brunette placed her right hand over Chloe’s mouth, and leant her against the side of the tiny bathroom, just as Chloe came hard around Beca’s fingers. A low moan came from the back of the redhead’s throat, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as wave after wave of pleasure swept across her body.

Beca pulled her hand from Chloe’s mouth, adoring the lazy grin that had swept over the woman’s face, happily receiving a sloppy kiss.

Within a matter of seconds Beca had slipped her fingers from Chloe’s wet pussy and had brought both hands behind her to lean against the sink. Chloe snuck her left arm around Beca’s waist again and rammed her fingers in and out of the brunette’s wet pussy, over and over, fuelled by Beca’s heavy panting in her ear.

“K-keep going…” the woman mumbled, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip. Because Beca was close. Really close.

Then suddenly the petite brunette finally peaked, her orgasm overwhelming her body. “Yeh…y-esss!” Beca hissed quietly on a long exhale, her pussy throbbing around Chloe’s fingers while the redhead held her close, placing sloppy kisses on her neck.

They held one another for several moments, panting slightly, placing lazy kisses on each other’s cheeks. They raised their eyebrows, hardly able to believe what they’d just done. What they’d achieved.

The two women exhaled finally, pulling apart from each other with goofy grins on their faces, tugging down their respective clothes. Beca reached around Chloe’s body, placing a deep kiss on her best friend/secret lover’s lips while she expertly zipped up Chloe’s dress.

“Good excuse..” Beca mumbled proudly to the woman and Chloe winked seductively.

“I’ve got a million of them..”

“I look forward to making the most of the others.”

Chloe let out a giggle, reaching up and wiping her smudged lipstick from around Beca’s mouth before reaching down, squeezing her best friend’s ass, then unlocking the bathroom door.

The two women stepped past the queue of people, their cheeks flushing slightly with embarrassment, hardly able to believe that none of the passengers had a clue of what had just gone on.

As Beca and Chloe took their seats either side of the aisle they let out satisfied sighs, big grins on their faces while Fat Amy asked them which Fast & the Furious movie was better: Fast 5 or Fast 6.

Chapter Text

[Chloe giggles]

Beca: Wh-hat?

[Chloe looks up from the Valentine’s Day card Beca got her. Their firstValentines since getting together at the end of the USO tour]

Chloe: You just made my tummy go all squiggly!

[Beca rolls her eyes, sitting up in their bed and Chloe giggles again, reaches up, and tugs her back down in a huge hug.]

Chloe: I love you squillions tooooooo!

[Beca chuckles as she receives wave after wave of Chloe kisses on top of her head, the embarrassment subsiding.]

Chapter Text

Kids were screaming loudly, running around after one another with massive grins on their faces. Beca stood by a table that boasted a huge birthday cake in the shape of the number ‘1’, wincing slightly at the pitch of all the children.

Her eyes followed the stocky figure of her daughter, who ran quickly around: her cheeks bright red from the exercise, her thick long red hair waving perfectly behind her, and her infectious laugh filling the room. Four year old Nadine Beale held a big balloon under her little arm, looking over her shoulder at her six friends that chased after her. The first-borns of the Bellas. Their mothers all stood around the edge of the room with the kids’ younger siblings in their arms.

They were all there to celebrate the first birthday of Louise ‘Lolly’ Beale, the Bellas loving any excuse to have a get-together. Suddenly a huge BANG was sounded and the large room fell silent after several hushed gasps.

Beca froze. If she’d been closer to her daughter she would’ve laughed, nudged the four year old, and wouldn’t have made a big deal about the fact that a giant balloon had just burst in little Nadine’s face. But her wife got there first.

The little girl, who had frozen, stunned while trying to process what had just happened, looked up as her Mommy darted over to her.

“Nooooo Chloe, don’t fuss her..” Beca muttered under her breath, knowing what the consequence would be. But her wife couldn’t help it, Chloe Beale always having given their first born her utmost attention no matter how bad it was for their daughter’s confidence and independence.

Sure enough, the second Chloe arrived at the four year old’s side and crouched down to pull her into a tight hug, Nadine’s bottom lip trembled, and the little girl burst into tears. Beca let out a small groan, rolling her eyes before trundling over to her eldest daughter.

“Oh sweetheart! It’s okay! It’s okaaay!!” Chloe said over and over again, rocking her daughter from side to side while Nadine bawled her eyes out. Beca saw the four year old looking up at her as she approached, and the brunette raised her eyebrow then stroked her hand delicately through the little girl’s hair.

“Come on buddy, it’ll be okay..” Beca tried, but Nadine just cried harder.

“M-m-my balloooooooo!!” The four year old wailed and Beca looked awkwardly around at her friend’s who were all looking at the little family sympathetically. Fat Amy, who was currently holding little Lolly in her arms, motioned to the cake that she’d been not-so-subtly suggesting to Beca that they soon cut. The brunette conceded that perhaps that wouldn’t be the worst decision..

“Hey, how about we do the cake, huh?” Beca suggested, and Nadine gently pulled out of her Mommy’s hug, looking up at her Mama.

“Y-you m-mean it?” The little girl sniffed while Chloe gently wiped the tears from her little cheeks. Because Nadine Beale had been equally begging her mother’s to light Lolly’s candles so they could eat the cake.

“Yeah sweetheart, Mama’s right, lets do the cake.” Chloe said kindly, then looked up at her wife. They both shrugged as Nadine let out a light giggle, her little smile brightening as she scrambled out of her Mommy’s arms to run up to her Auntie Amy.

“You don’t hate that I suggested that right?” Beca asked her wife quietly, but Chloe put her arm around Beca’s waist and let out a slight giggle.

“Definitely not.”

“Crisis averted?”

“Crisis averted.” Chloe confirmed.

And the two mothers walked happily over to the cake with relieved sighs, Beca scooping little Lolly out of Amy’s arms while Chloe picked little Nadine up. And the little family of four sang a round of happy birthday with their best friends and family.

Chapter Text

Chloe sat with her best friend’s, all chatting and chuckling while they waited for the bus to take them into Atlanta for a ‘Bellas Night Out’ in the city. They’d all started drinking a couple of hours ago and were relatively tipsy in the cold night air. The redhead smiled calmly as she watched her girlfriend - sorry, her secret girlfriend - wandering up to her, smoothing her hand across her shoulder blades with a tipsy smile on her face.

Neither senior looked at each other, instead laughing with their best friends as Fat Amy told another ludicrous story. But Chloe secretly smoothed her hand across Beca’s ass while the brunette stood beside her.

After several minutes Beca had somehow found her way onto Chloe’s lap, her legs now swinging off the older woman’s right leg, her right arm now around Chloe’s neck and her girlfriend smoothed her right hand absently up and down her bare thigh. Both women still smiled gently, not having really noticed that this was the first time they’d acted like the couple they were in front of their best friends.

Suddenly Fat Amy froze mid-sentence when she looked over at her two co-captains, and The Bellas all stopped laughing and followed her gaze. Their jaws all dropped when they saw Chloe nuzzling into Beca’s neck while the brunette simply smiled.

“H-how long has this been going on?!” Fat Amy asked, with a massive teasing grin on her face.

Beca rolled her eyes, bringing her left hand to her face while Chloe looked up at her and giggled.

“Uhuuumm..” Chloe slurred with a grin, waiting for her girlfriend to interject. But Beca just looked down at her with an equally broad grin, “..about a month?” Chloe finished.

And both Beca and Chloe hid their faces in each other’s necks as they curled up into one another a little tighter while their friends all squealed with joy, nudging them playfully.

Chapter Text

[Setting: The Bellas House. Senior Year. The week before Worlds and Aubrey is visiting to help Beca & Chloe get their girls ready for the huge competition.]

[Beca walks into the kitchen. Chloe is the only one in there, having just picked two bottles of juices out of the fridge.]

Chloe: Hey!

Beca: Hey!

Chloe: I got you one.

Beca: Oh wow, thank you.

[Chloe hands Beca one of the juices as they pass one another.]

Beca: I was just gonna grab some chips, you want some?

[Chloe hovers near the doorway where the kitchen meets the lounge, keeping her voice low.]

Chloe: No. Thanks. Uh…we’re still having lunch today, right?

[Beca turns to look over at Chloe and a small grin grows on her face.]

Beca: I guess..

[A broad smile grows on Chloe’s face and she starts to walk out of the kitchen. Beca opens the door to the Bellas ‘snack cupboard’ and jumps as Chloe dashes back in and places a quick kiss on her cheek making Beca smile at her, raising her eyebrows accusingly.]

Beca: How dare you.

[Beca bites her bottom lip, shaking her head slightly as Chloe scuttles back out of the kitchen with a cute giggle. Aubrey is stood at the back of the kitchen near the back door having snuck back into the house after her morning run. She has a furrowed brow, clearly surprised by this exchange between the two co-captains who hadn’t realised she’d been in the same room as them.]

[Two hours later at the beginning of rehearsals on Campus.]

[The Bellas all receive a text in the Whatsapp Group from Aubrey about how having romantic relationships is not appropriate during this important time when they all need to be focussing on winning Worlds. Chloe looks up from the text, over at Beca who is stood over at the piano, her mixing gear and laptop on the surface, her phone in her hand. They both shrug at each other, wondering what spurred this text on. Fat Amy waltzes into the rehearsal room late, her phone in her hand and a confused expression on her face.]

Fat Amy: Hey Aubrey? What’s this?

Aubrey: Oh..

Fat Amy: *reading the text* I just want to remind everyone of the Bella rules involving PDA (Public Displays of Affection)?

Aubrey: Yes some people in the group have complained about some other people engaging in PDA and I just wanted to remind everyone that it’s not appropriate to do that..

Fat Amy: Is this about me and Bumper, in the kitchen? Because I will have you know that it was consensual.

[Aubrey hesitates nervously while Amy continues.]

Fat Amy: What we did has nothing to do with you or anyone here. I don’t think anyone heard anything. We were very discreet and I think most people had left by that I don’t think it’s any of your business. You know what I think you should do? I think you should take your phone and shove it up your-

Aubrey: -No the text wasn’t about you..

Jessica: For the record I have never been involved with anyone in The Bellas in any capacity.

[Ashley glances at Jessica awkwardly. Jessica stares awkwardly at her feet. Aubrey furrows her brow then turns back to Fat Amy.]

Aubrey: The complaint was about Beca and Chloe.

[Aubrey looks awkwardly over at Beca and Chloe. Fat Amy turns to look at them. The Bellas all turn to their co-captains in delight and surprise while Beca looks up awkwardly at the ceiling and Chloe looks nervously at Beca.]

Fat Amy: No way.

Emily: What?

Stacie: You guys are together??

[Chloe is still looking nervously at Beca. Beca continues to look at the ceiling awkwardly.]

Beca: Ummmmmmm..

[Beca looks down and over at The Bellas]

Beca: Yeeee-ep.

[Chloe’s face opens into one of delighted surprise as she looks at Beca.]

Beca: Yes we are..

[The Bellas all squeal in delight. Fat Amy is ecstatic!]

Fat Amy: Wwwwoah! WOW!!

[Chloe begins to giggle at their reactions and Beca grins a little sheepishly.]

CR: I knew it!

[Fat Amy strides up to Chloe to give her a hug.]

Fat Amy: You guys!!

[Chloe and Beca smile at each other while Fat Amy puts Chloe down then strides over to Beca. The Bellas all look at the two co-captains, thrilled by the news. Aubrey looks a little shocked by Beca’s open confession.]

Chloe: Aubrey, was this your fun little way of congratulating us?

Aubrey: *chokes out a quiet* Yes..

[Fat Amy begins pacing a little between Beca and Chloe, a massive beaming smile on her face as though she still can’t believe it.]

Fat Amy: Okay wow, mind is ex-ploding! Get over here.

[Fat Amy motions for Chloe to join her and the redhead wanders over, clearly embarrassed, while Amy has made her way over to Beca.]

Fat Amy: Come on.

[Fat Amy takes Chloe’s hand then reaches out and takes Beca’s.]

Fat Amy: *sighs happily* Okay.

[Fat Amy pulls Beca away from the piano and takes her and Chloe with her to stand in front of The Bellas. Fat Amy stands between the two co-captains holding their hands. Beca looks uncomfortable. Chloe looks embarrassed. Fat Amy looks emotional.]

Fat Amy: *takes a deep breath* Everyone, a day..that will live in infamy. Because today is the day that Beca and Chloe become one-

Beca: *mumbles to Amy* -Actually we’ve been dating for a couple of mon-

Fat Amy: -I love you much.

[Chloe blushes as Fat Amy pulls her into a tight hug. Fat Amy let’s go then turns to give Beca a hug too but the fire alarm goes off. Beca sees this as an opportunity to avoid having an awkward hug with Fat Amy and she begins to head over to her laptop to pack it up with her mixing kit.]

Beca: The alarm’s ringing.

Fat Amy: No no no Beca, let them ring. It’s Monday. It’s a drill…Let the bells of Barden University chime out your love…because…

[The fire alarm stops while Fat Amy gets emotional, tears clearly building in her eyes, her voice becoming blubbery.]

Fat Amy: …this is really good! This is really good.

[Beca stops packing her things up, looking awkwardly at Chloe who has joined her and is now looking at Fat Amy in curiosity, wondering where the Australian is going with her words, much like the rest of The Bellas are now.]

Fat Amy: My heart soars with the eagle’s nest..

[The Bellas all look at one another confused, then shrug and make their way over to Beca and Chloe to congratulate them.]

Chapter Text

“Soooooooo here’s the thing..” Beca said as she looked at her reflection nervously, placing her other earring in her ear. The attic room she shared with Fat Amy was deadly silent, and the brunette took a deep breath, dropping her hands from her ear. “I like you.”

Beca screwed her face up, hating how stupid she sounded. Fuck, this was such a stupid idea!

Who gave a crap that her boyfriend of three years had just broken up with her five weeks before graduation? Who gave a crap that she’d recently realised she had very strong crappy romantical feelings for her very best friend? Who gave a crap that she was getting ready to go out rollerskating with her very best friend and all the rest of The Bellas because they wanted to try and cheer her up?

Nothing could happen because her best friend was Chloe. A girl. And Chloe didn’t have romantic feelings for girls. So there was no way she would have romantic feelings for Beca. So why the hell was Beca having this same fake conversation with herself as she played-out exactly what she’d say to Chloe if she had the balls to say it? Because it’d never happen in reality. Never.

“Chloe I really like you. A-and I wondered…” Beca let out a sigh, hanging her head, shaking it gently. God she sounded so stupid.

“What were you wondering?”

Beca jumped out of her skin, her heart racing as she spun quickly on the spot and realised Chloe was now stood at the top of the stairs that led up to the attic room. The redhead looked stunning. Her hair was up in a loose bun, and she wore a burgundy top with a pair of black skinny jeans. Her mouth boasted a beautiful line of lipstick around her lips. The mouth that currently hung open nervously.

Beca cleared her throat. God there was no coming back from this. Chloe had clearly heard everything. “I um…” the brunette began but her voice caught in her throat and she couldn’t continue.

So after several moments Chloe slowly began walking towards Beca, a hopeful expression on her face. “You know,” the older woman began sweetly, “I kinda had a feeling you liked me.” She came to a stop in front of her best friend and co-captain, biting her bottom lip with a soft smile.

“Y-you did?” Beca stuttered, looking into Chloe’s eyes, both mesmerised and terrified. Mesmerised by Chloe’s beauty. Terrified because Beca was doing the one thing she didn’t normally do: wear her heart on her sleeve.

“Uhuh!” Chloe replied in a whisper.


“Because of the Post-it note.”

And the redhead pointed past Beca’s head and over at the yellow Post-it note that was stuck in the top corner of Beca’s full length mirror. On it was Chloe’s handwriting saying: “Have an aca-awesome day!” with a doodle of a smiling sunshine underneath. Chloe had given it to Beca on her first exam day towards the end of her Sophomore year over two years ago. The brunette had spied it when she’d gone to inspect her appearance before she went over to campus for her exam and she had smiled so brightly when she’d seen it. That was kinda when Beca had realised she might be developing feelings for her best friend.

“You kept that Post-it note. You see it every day. I kinda guessed you might like me..” Chloe confirmed with a soft smile.

Beca shuffled her feet awkwardly, clearing her throat once again as she watched her best friend step up to her and take her hands by their sides.

“So what was it you were wondering?” Chloe asked quietly again, ducking her face a little closer to Beca’s and Beca swallowed loudly.

“I uh..was wondering..if you might wanna go on a date sometime..”

The brunette’s heart was racing hard against her chest as she looked from Chloe’s bright blue eyes, down to her mouth, then back up again. To her relief Chloe’s smile grew and the older woman nodded gently, while whispering, “I’d really like that.”

Beca beamed at her best friend, squeezing her hands, and after a couple of moments the two best friends slowly brought their lips together, kissing softly, sweetly, for the very first time.

Chapter Text

Beca let out a huge heavy sigh as she slowly trailed through the lingerie store behind her best friend. Chloe had insisted she go shopping with her, to help distract Beca from the shitty reality that Jesse broke up with her two days ago over text. Text!! Like, of all the things Beca imagined the guy would do the last was that he’d swing her a text telling her that “the long-distance thing wasn’t working”, and “LA to NYC” was “too far” and “too expensive” to keep up so they should just “call it a day”.

Beca felt tears beginning to well up in her eyes again. She’d cried so much over the past couple of days. More than she had done in a long time. And it was mostly because Jesse’s text had come as such a surprise. She thought things had been fine. Sure, seeing each other every six to eight weeks wasn’t ideal, and only talking every couple of days or so had become normal. But she thought that it was just ‘their thing’.


Beca snapped out of her daze and looked up to see that Chloe was looking at her with a concerned expression.

“You okay?” The redhead asked cautiously, her fingers fiddling nervously with the handful of hangers that were in her hands.

Ah Chloe. Beca’s very best friend. The woman who despite being two years and three months older than her was the one who counteracted her personality so wonderfully. For all of Beca’s low moods, Chloe made up for with her positive bubbly nature. For all of Beca’s hard work she put into her career, Chloe made up for by turning their stuffy little studio apartment into their home. For all of Beca’s doubts, Chloe made up for with compliments. For all of Beca’s exhaustion, Chloe topped up her energy with warm hugs.

Chloe Beale had been Beca’s most valued person since they’d met five years ago. And Beca had been no more grateful for her best friend than she had these past couple of days. Asking no questions when Beca had mumbled “Jesse’s just broken up with me.” before curling up into a tight ball on their fold-out bed; making her fresh glasses of water every hour, insisting the brunette at least took sips; pulling her into tight comfortable hugs while they lay on their fold-out bed, stroking her long brown hair back soothingly; making her toast to try to keep her eating something. And in return Beca would, at intervals, mumble her thought process out loud, revealing to Chloe what had happened and how it had probably got to the stage that Jesse felt they’d needed to break up.

“Yeah,” Beca said quietly, clearing her throat with a small nod, “I’ll be okay.”

She hadn’t really wanted to go shopping, but Chloe had insisted that being stuck in their stuffy little apartment for three days straight wasn’t the greatest for their health, so had dragged the brunette into NYC to distract Beca from her heartache. She followed Chloe along the aisle of bras while the redhead paused at intervals to inspect some a little closer, adding to the collection in her hand at times.

“I’m just going to try these on.” Chloe told her, hesitating for a moment before adding, “A-are you gonna be okay if I do that?” Beca rolled her eyes. She was suffering from heartache, not loneliness. She could last a few minutes without Chloe. “Right..yeah..stupid question. Sorry.” The redhead added, her cheeks flushing slightly and for the first time in what felt like ages, Beca felt a smile crawl onto her face.

“Just get your cute butt in the changing rooms!” Beca said in a sarcastic manner and Chloe’s face lit up at the sight of her best friend’s smile. The redhead had taken the past few days off as ‘sick leave’ from work, not citing that her reason for it was to take care of Beca. The two were as close as two could get without being in a romantic relationship together, both having had their fair share of moments during their friendship of having to take time off to look after the other when they were ill or in need of the company.

Beca paced slightly outside the changing rooms, her hands stuffed in her jeans pockets while she waited patiently. She could hear shuffling behind Chloe’s curtain. Then her best friend’s voice chimed out, “I’m not sure…”

The brunette rolled her eyes. This was always the worst part about shopping with Chloe. She was a nightmare when it came to making a decision. So with a sigh, Beca rolled her eyes to the ceiling and said in an unenthused tone, “Let’s have a look, Beale.”

Beca felt her heart skip a beat then return with a thud as she brought her eyes down from the ceiling to look at her best friend just as Chloe pulled the curtain across. The redhead had her hands on her hips, an uncertain expression on her face while she looked at Beca for her reaction.

But Beca’s mouth had dropped open slightly, her eyes immediately drawn to the bright red lacy bra that she recognised as one that was both plunging and push-up - and more specifically the way the bra held Chloe’s breasts perfectly, the woman admiring her ample cleavage.

Beca snapped back to reality when she heard Chloe clear her throat, “Uh Becs? Is it that bad or…?”

And the brunette shook her head slowly, also clearing her throat before shrugging, “N-no, no it’s…it looks good dude. Really suits you.”

Fuck. What was happening?? She’d seen Chloe in underwear loads of times before, but never had she felt her stomach do back-flips like this. Had never had such a desire to stride forward and shove her face into Chloe’s cleavage like she did now. Was it because for the first time in four years Beca was single? Did…did she have a thing for Chloe?!

The redhead still seemed unsure of her appearance, turning to look at her reflection in the mirror behind her, “Yeah but is it too small?” Chloe asked thoughtfully, bringing her hands up to the outside of her boobs and smoothing her fingers over the fabric. Beca’s eyes had drifted to the dip in Chloe’s back and swallowed loudly again. Fuck. Yeah she was screwed. She was finding her best friend very attractive right now.

“I uh..I don’t think so..” Beca tried to say helpfully, but her mouth went dry when Chloe turned to her side, still looking at her reflection while pushing her boobs up in the bra then letting them drop before repeating the motion, still unsure.

“Hmm..maybe I do need the next size up. I have put on weight since we moved up here..” and this time the redhead was simply thinking out loud, furrowing her brow, “..Do you think my boobs have got bigger?” she asked, still looking at her reflection, pausing for Beca’s answer. But the brunette remained silent, which wasn’t unusual when the two were together. Chloe often asked rhetorical questions and Beca had got to know her so well over the years that unless Chloe asked her the question again, Beca tended to let Chloe talk through her thought process without a response.

The reason why the petite woman remained quiet this time however was for a whole other reason. Because all of Beca’s thoughts had gone out the window. Now the only thing she could concentrate on was how beautiful her best friend looked in that bra as the woman turned to her with a soft smile, “Could you maybe get me the next size up?”

Beca cleared her throat, “Uh yeah..yeah sure..” then slowly walked away from the changing rooms in a bit of a daze, hearing Chloe close the curtain back up behind her. A tiny smile grew on her face when she realised just how hard she was crushing on her best friend right now and she hummed thoughtfully to herself while she wandered up the bra aisle.

She eventually found the bra that Chloe had originally picked, her hand immediately reach for the next size up which, for some reason, Beca was certain the cup size was far huger than the one Chloe had tried on. Fuck, was Chloe’s breasts really that big??

Beca licked her lips then swallowed loudly. What she wouldn’t give to be able to hold those boobs in her hands.

Suddenly she furrowed her brow, snapping herself back into some sort of sense. Because this was Chloe! Her best friend. The woman who she valued and loved and couldn’t imagine life without.

Beca froze, her mouth hanging open as she realised something. She was in love with Chloe. Her thoughts were always on her. She’d asked her to move with her up to Brooklyn and Chloe had. They’d been sharing a fold-out bed (though not exactly through choice thanks to Fat Amy) for the past year for crying out loud. Beca would have never done that with anyone. But Chloe was the exception. Chloe had only ever been the exception. She was Beca’s onlyexception.

The brunette’s eyes slowly glanced over the rails of bras as she passed them on her way back to the changing rooms, her heart now racing while she imagined Chloe in all of them. And it was a weird feeling to be imagining this about her best friend. And still exciting. And terrifying. Because there was no telling that Chloe felt the same way.

Suddenly she stopped, her eyes landing on the most perfect dark green lacy bra. Could…could she really be so cheeky enough as to go back to the changing rooms and give this to Chloe too?

The brunette bit her bottom lip, then took a sharp intake of breath before reaching out to slide through the green bras. If they didn’t have Chloe’s size then it was a sign. It was a sign that her crush on Chloe was a mistake, and that she most certainly shouldn’t pass this bra through to her.

But Beca let out a light exhale of relief, betraying the voice in her head that was telling her she was ridiculous. Because her fingers caught onto a hanger with the bra size that Chloe had sent her out to find. Yeah Chloe had put on a little bit of weight since they’d moved up to Brooklyn. But not much. And clearly it had gone on in all the right places, because Beca pulled the dark green bra out and felt her stomach squiggle a little with excitement. With Chloe’s beautiful red hair there was every chance of this bra suiting her a LOT! And with her smoking hot body she was going to look so sexy..

“Beca?” came the nervous voice of Chloe as the brunette approached her changing room, the curtain still pulled over.

“Yeah it’s me. I got the bra.” And she turned away from the curtain but stuck her arm into the changing room to hand Chloe the bras.

“Oh thank God! I was worried I was going to have to give up on shopping in h-“ Chloe began, having taken the hangers from Beca to allow for the younger woman to resume her awkward position outside the curtain. “-oh! Wow did..did you pick this green one?”

Beca felt her cheeks flush bright red with embarrassment, scrunching her nose up, closing her eyes, then forcing out an awkward, “Uh..yep!” She looked down nervously at the ground when she heard Chloe say in a clearly surprised tone, “Wow..I’ll give it a try..”

A few moments passed with rustling behind Chloe’s curtain and the longer she took, the more nervous Beca became. This was stupid. This had been such a stupid idea!! As if she’d just picked a bra out for Chloe. And a sexy one at that. One that Beca consciously thought Chloe would look sexy in. God she was an idiot. A stupid fucking mess of an idiot. Because this was a crush. Just a crush. Beca just had a stupid crush on her best friend all because she wasn’t over the breakup of her previous relationship. Yeah, that was it. Just a-

Beca’s jaw dropped open again when Chloe pulled the curtain across with a satisfied sigh. ”You know what, I never wear green normally and I’m starting to wonder why!” the redhead said in a happy voice, chuckling gently as she turned to face the full length mirror, her hands on her hips again.

But her best friend just stood in shock at how sexy Chloe looked. The bra that she’d been so certain had been perhaps too big for Chloe actually wasn’t and Beca couldn’t believe how well her best friend’s boobs filled the dark green bra. It suited her figure beautifully. And as Beca’s eyes drifted to the fine detail on the strap across Chloe’s pale back, she missed the redhead looking at her in the reflection of the mirror.

It hadn’t passed Chloe by the way Beca had reacted to both bras. It had made goosebumps sprinkle all over her bare skin. Had made her heart race with delight and nerves and desire. Because she’d so desperately wanted Beca to look at her in this way for years. She’d been absolutely besotted with the woman since first meeting her five years ago. Adored living with her and sharing a bed with her and being the one to comfort her during this difficult time. And it hadn’t been Chloe’s intention to begin to seducing her best friend in the lingerie store - mostly because she hadn’t in a million years even dreamt that Beca would ever pick out a bra for her. Particularly one that made Chloe look and feel so sexy. But she had. And she let out a small giggle when Beca’s eyes dragged back up to hers reflected in the mirror.

“Not a bad fit huh?” Chloe said flirtatiously and a grin had slowly spread across Beca’s face.

“Not at all. I think you look great in green.” Beca said nervously, her cheeks now flushing pink, having never given Chloe a compliment quite like that before. And it gave Chloe the confidence to turn on the spot to face her best friend.

“I guess I should wear more green then..” the redhead mused and Beca swallowed loudly, unable to help herself from looking down at Chloe’s amazing cleavage in the bra she’d picked out, giving the woman a small nod.

“Well..two bras tried, seven to go!” Chloe said brightly, giving Beca a wink before turning on the spot and closing the curtain again.

Beca, however, remained frozen to the spot. Stunned. A small smile growing on her face as she heard Chloe changing out of the dark green bra. She watched Chloe’s arm appear around the side of the curtain with the bra back on the hanger.

“Hold onto this then.” Chloe instructed and the brunette lunged forward to take it, causing Chloe to giggle at how Beca must have looked.

“So are you buying this or…?” Beca asked nervously, her stomach sinking, realising that Chloe might not actually buy it after all. But her best friend’s light voice rang out behind the curtain.

“Are you kidding? Of course I am!” Chloe replied quickly.


“It’s the only bra you’ve ever picked for me Becs and it’s the best one I’ve ever tried on. I’d be crazy NOT to buy it!” The redhead said, letting out a little giggle.

And Beca grinned while blushing again, wondering where on Earth this flirty banter would lead them one day. After all, she was single now. And Chloe was about to purchase some very sexy underwear..

Chapter Text

[Setting: Beca & Chloe live in seperate apartment blocks in Brooklyn post-graduation. They’ve been dating for several months.]

[Beca and Chloe are wandering slowly down an NYC street. Chloe met Beca for lunch and Beca is now on her way back to work. Chloe has just explained how she set one of her awful colleagues up with ‘Margaret’ and they’re both grinning.]

Beca: Wow, you set him up with your landlady??

Chloe: *giggling* I know I know.

Beca: You just got yourself kicked out of your apartment.

Chloe: *shrugs* Ohh I don’t care. I don’t really like that place anyway. I’ll just move.

[Beca smirks as they approach the front of her work, looking at Chloe.]

Beca: Oh really? Who’s gonna take you in? You’re messy, you’re a klutz, you spill everything. And you leave the volume on the TV up way too loud.

[Chloe smiles sweetly, shrugging as they come to a stop. She folds her arms, facing Beca, and rocks forward and back gently on her feet in a flirtatious manner.]

Chloe: Yeah. Well maybe I’ll move in with my girlfriend cos she’s kind of a slob too.

[Beca shrugs, raising her eyebrows seriously but with a playful smile on her face. Chloe bites her bottom lip.]

Beca: Okay. Sure. Let’s do it.

[Chloe looks jokingly awkward, contorting her mouth.]

Chloe: No. I…well I’m not gonna move in with anyone unless I’m engaged.

[Chloe shrugs in a jokingly apologetic manner. Beca looks surprised, raising her eyebrows.]

Beca: Oh have..have I not proposed yet?

[Small smiles grow on their faces.]


Beca: Well that’s coming.

[Chloe nods with a small giggle, still playing around.]

Chloe: Oh, right.

[Chloe shuffles her feet pointing at the ground between them, looking innocently at Beca.]

Chloe: Now?

[Beca chuckles, shaking her head gently.]

Beca: I’m not gonna do it right here. That would be rather lame.

Chloe: Okay, so when then?

[Beca rolls her eyes]

Beca: Well I’m not gonna tell you. I hate to break it to you but that’s not how it works.

[Chloe raises her eyebrows, a flirty grin on her face, not believing Beca when she says she’ll be proposing at some point.]

Chloe: Oh right.

Beca: Yeah.

[Beca realises that Chloe doesn’t believe her.]

Beca: Wait, I’m serious! It’s happening.

[Chloe is still unconvinced, rolling her eyes, giggling again.]

Chloe: Yeah Okay..

Beca: I mean it!

[Beca places a quick kiss goodbye on Chloe’s lips then begins slowly walking backwards towards her work’s entrance.]

Beca: And when it happens, it’s gonna kick your ass, Beale.

[Beca grins, arriving at the door and pointing her index finger at her girlfriend.]

Beca: So stay sharp.

[Chloe giggles, holding her hands up in defence.]

Chloe: I’ve been warned..

[Beca gives her a wink then steps inside. Chloe bites her bottom lip with a grin, shaking her head gently before wandering back down the street to the nearest subway station.]

Chapter Text

Beca stopped the second she stepped into the studio apartment she shared with her two best friends in Brooklyn. Her eyebrows raised as she looked to the crappy fold-out bed that she shared with Chloe. Because all she could see were bedcovers outlined by a figure that she knew was the redhead..but why she was in the bedcovers Beca didn’t know.

“Uh..hello??” Beca asked cautiously with a curious grin on her face while she closed the apartment door behind her. She heard Chloe’s giggle ripple from the bed which caused her grin to broaden. “Huh..I guess nobody’s home..” she added thoughtfully, “..I guess I can just leap onto my bed..” and she tapped her foot loudly to mimic a running noise.

“No!!” she heard Chloe squeak and Beca chuckled as she watched the figure within the bedcovers scrabble to get out. When Chloe realised her best friend wasn’t going to jump on her she let out another giggle. Beca grinned when she saw Chloe pull the bedsheet from over her head and let out a flustered sigh.

Chloe’s hair was static and everywhere, and a massive grin was over her face. Beca felt her heart skip a beat. She couldn’t believe she’d had sex with this girl last night. Her best friend. And…it had been amazing! It had all started innocently enough, with Chloe asking if it was cool if she could masturbate which had led to Beca offering to help her.. Beca had asked her out on a date this morning and Chloe had said yes. Then they’d both gone off to work.

“What’s going on here?” Beca asked as she plopped her bag down on the small armchair and shrugged her jacket off. She had to admit, Chloe looked beautiful.

“You never changed the bedsheets like this before??” Chloe asked in a bright voice, and Beca furrowed her brow with a curious grin.

“You mean..getting in the bedsheets while making the bed up??”

And Chloe nodded with another giggle.

“Well no..because..I’m not as weird as you.” Beca said in an amused tone, but Chloe simply giggled again.

There was a pause while the two women looked at each other. Their hearts were racing. Their bodies were yearning for one another’s touch. And their eyes locked. Soft smiles lay on their faces.

After a couple of moments Chloe’s smile widened, “Wanna join me?”

Beca paused. Then she shrugged with a quick, “Yeah alright.”

And Chloe giggled again as Beca darted over to their crappy fold-out bed and scrambled into the bedcovers with her best friend, letting out a chuckle of her own…..

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen wandered happily down the street with her old Bellas in tow. It had been two years since she’d graduated but to her delight they were always wonderful enough to host her during “Barden University’s Spring Weekend (BUSW)” - the four day ‘food, drink, and arts’ festival that took place on campus for students and alumni.

Today was day two of the ‘BUSW’, and the Bellas had all spent a wonderful day together out in the Spring sunshine, eating and drinking plenty while enjoying some of the live performances in the multitude of tents on campus. Sadly Beca, the Bellas’ Captain, was away this weekend visiting her Mom, but this had opened up the opportunity for Aubrey to stay in her unused bed over the long weekend.

The women all wandered back to their house, giggling and chatting as they moved with linked arms. Aubrey did a scanned head-count, pleased to know that there was still 8 of them. Chloe had left the festival around thirty minutes before them stating she had a headache and needed to go to bed. It was nearing 7pm, and dusk had fallen around the house as they approached it.

Suddenly Flo stopped in her tracks, letting out a small gasp as she looked up at the Bellas house. The friends all stopped behind her, wondering what was wrong. But as Aubrey followed Flo’s gaze her heart jumped into her mouth. Because there, right before their very eyes, was a petite figure scaling the side of the house, through the darkness.

The women all stood in silence, their mouths all agape, none knowing what to do. Aubrey began to panic. Were they being robbed? Was..was Chloe home? Was she in danger?

The blonde clung a little tighter to Stacie’s arm, terrified as the mysterious figure reached Chloe’s bedroom window and tapped quickly on it. But Aubrey’s brow furrowed when the light in Chloe’s room shone out of the window, the redhead having pulled open her blinds, and revealed the identity of the house climber.

The Bellas looked up in confusion while Beca rested fairly comfortably up against Chloe’s window as though she had done this climb several time’s before. The redhead slid her bedroom window open, and a smile was on Beca’s face unlike any smile her friends had seen before. Because Beca didn’t normally smile. She also didn’t normally clamber into Chloe’s bedroom through the window. At least..they hadn’t thought she did. But Beca expertly climbed up and into the window before Chloe quickly closed it behind her, then pulled her blinds closed after.

Aubrey stood, stunned, but noticed the other Bellas all turn to look at one another.

“What the hell was that?” CR asked in a confused tone and the Bellas all appeared to agree - all of them equally confused.

“I thought Beca was supposed to be in California visiting her Mom?” Ashley piped up.

“Me too!” added Jessica.

Then the women turned to Fat Amy. The Australian shrugged. Because sure, she was Beca’s roommate and was in her second year of sharing a room with her in the Bellas house. But she too had been under the impression that Beca was away.

“Well don’t look at me! I didn’t know she was back!” Amy said defensively.

“Hmm..well it looked like Chloe knew she was..” Stacie said in a suspicious voice, a smile spreading across her face.

The Bellas all began to grin, looking at Aubrey who more often than not had something to say when Chloe was involved in anything. But Aubrey was still in shock.

Were…Beca & Chloe sneaking around behind their backs??


“Hey” Chloe whispered excitably, grinning brightly as she watched her girlfriend clamber through her bedroom window.

“Hey” Beca replied, letting out a sigh of relief that she’d made it up the side of the house once again, “Did you enjoy the rest of that band’s set?”

Chloe closed her bedroom window, pulled her blinds closed, then let out a happy sigh, “Yeah they were really good! What did you think of them?”

So Beca had kinda lied to The Bellas about being away this weekend. It had all been Chloe’s idea. She suggested that if Beca pretended to be away, Aubrey could sleep in her bed while Beca could secretly share Chloe’s bed. For the whooole weekend.

The two co-captains had been secretly seeing each other for just over two months now after Beca had casually asked Chloe to be her Valentine. Chloe had been thrilled and they’d so far successfully managed to find plenty of excuses to be squirrelled away together - whether it be for practice planning, or seminars (that they always skipped to spend time on campus instead). Chloe would sneak out of the house in the evenings, claiming she had a date when really that date would involve sitting at the campus radio station with Beca eating takeout and making out under the desk..

Today, Beca had snuck out of Chloe’s bedroom as soon as the Bellas had all left the house, and had gone to the ‘BUSW’ - being sure to stay as far away from The Bellas as possible. And during that time Chloe had managed to successfully find two excuses to separate herself from the Bellas. Two excuses that had found her on one occasion dashing across campus to the woodland area near the football fields and having sex with Beca against a tree, and the other dashing over to snuggle up with Beca at a ‘poetry reading’ tent that they knew their best friends would never go to.

Chloe had last left Beca at the very back of a large crowded tent an hour ago, to join the Bellas near the front, all of whom were watching a local band.

“Yeah they were great.” Beca replied.

Then the bedroom fell silent as the two best friends - the two lovers - looked at one another with soft smiles. Beca had to admit, she’d never imagined ever being in love, but certainly never this in love! Everything about Chloe she craved. Her beautiful long red hair, her infectious giggle, her bright smile, those gorgeous eyes, every last one of her freckles (of which there were hundreds). And that body. Oh god that body was something Beca still admired, still stared at, still couldn’t keep her hands off. Because Chloe did amazing things with that body just for her.

Chloe swallowed loudly as she looked up at her girlfriend, her heart racing. God she was so in love with Beca. Absolutely infatuated with her. The way she smelt, the way she looked, the way she spoke, the way she laughed, the way she stood, the way she laid. The sight of Beca after they had sex was still Chloe’s most favourite sight. There was always this beautiful calm peaceful smile on Beca’s face that Chloe knew she was honoured to see - that she knew she was the only one who got to see. Because she was Beca’s one.

Beca and Chloe suddenly strode forward, throwing their arms around each other’s bodies and kissing one another firmly. Light moans immediately emanated from their mouths and they smiled into their kisses, still unable to believe how lucky they were to be together, and how lucky they were to be in love.

They broke their kiss the second they heard the Bellas return home, Beca and Chloe both looking at one another. Their eyes opened wide in horror as they heard their friends running upstairs, giggling and calling out Chloe’s name.

“Shhhhhit!!” Beca hissed under her breath, suddenly looking around desperately for somewhere to hide. Chloe seemed to also panic, pushing gently at her girlfriend’s shoulders to guide her towards the bed.

“Quick get under my bed!” The redhead whispered.

“Under your bed? Seriously??” Beca whispered in an unimpressed tone, “Have you seen how much crap you have under there?”

“It’s not that bad!” Chloe whispered but as she leant down to help Beca who was already on her knees ready to crawl under the bed she hesitated when she saw that there really wasn’t any room for the woman, “Ah..”

Beca leapt back up to her feet, pushing her long brown hair back then darting over to the walk-in closet. She slung the door open then paused, “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” she whispered loudly, shaking her head as she looked at the stacks and stacks of clothing that Chloe owned. “Seriously babe we have got to talk about your shopping addiction!”

“No time for that now!” Chloe whispered and just as the door of her bedroom opened, the redhead shoved her girlfriend into the closet, slamming the closet door closed behind her as Beca had let out a small yelp.

Chloe turned and leant her back against the door, looking flustered as she smiled at her best friend’s who all crammed into the bedroom with grins on their faces.

“Oh um..hey guys..” Chloe said in an airy voice, trying to hide the fact that her heart was racing with nerves.

“Oh hey there Chloe,” Fat Amy said with a teasing grin, “You look like you’re feeling a bit better now.”

Chloe cleared her throat nervously, “Um yeah I…it was so weird. One minute I was feeling horrible and the next I feel fine!”

“Great!” Stacie said with an equally teasing grin, “So you’ll be able to join us for a movie downstairs then?”

Chloe swallowed loudly, looking at each of her friend’s faces. She knew they’d all been drinking today. They were so weird when they were drunk.

Beca, meanwhile, winced slightly as she felt several coat hangers poking into her back. Unfortunately the Bellas didn’t sound like they were leaving any time soon and Beca didn’t dare move in case they heard her. It wasn’t like she and Chloe minded people knowing about them. It was just the teasing Beca wasn’t sure she could handle..

“Hey Chloe?” Aubrey asked curiously, a small smile also on her face as she looked over at her best friend, “What’s that on your neck?”

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately brought her hand up to the patch of skin that she knew Beca had marked with her teeth earlier that day. She noticed the way all the Bellas raised their eyebrows.

“Uh it’s nothing!”

“Hmm..well if it’s nothing then how did you know what side of your neck I was referring to?” Aubrey asked, her smile broadening. And Chloe knew in that moment that Aubrey knew. Of course she knew. She was her best friend and had such a sharp eye for detail.

“Just open the closet door Chloe..” Fat Amy said in an unimpressed tone and Chloe let out a heavy sigh, hung her head, then opened the closet door.

The Bellas let out squeals of delight as Beca tumbled out of the closet, landing at Chloe’s feet. The petite brunette let out a small groan, then tried to pretend as though she hadn’t been hiding.

“Oh..hey you guys! I was um…” she looked up at her girlfriend, hoping she’d interject and Chloe looked down at her nervously.

“You were just looking for something to wear!” Chloe helped.

“Yeah that’s right. Exactly right. Something to…to wear…” Beca nodded, pointing at Chloe in agreement, then slowly got herself off the floor.

The Bellas didn’t look convinced though and the bedroom fell silent as they all stood opposite Beca and Chloe with their arms folded. The co-captain’s cheeks had flushed pink with embarrassment. But they remained quiet. Shuffling their feet nervously.

Suddenly the Bellas began laughing loudly, Aubrey clapping her hands in delight while Fat Amy actually bent over to laugh the hardest.

“You guys seriously thought we’d believe that?!” Stacie said between her laughter.

“Yeah come on! How long have you two been sneaking around with each other?” CR exclaimed, tears welling in her eyes through her laughter.

Beca and Chloe both cleared their throats nervously, looking at one another. Then with a small shrug Beca turned back to their friends and quietly said, “A couple of months..”

Smiles began to slowly grow on Beca and Chloe’s faces as their friends laughed harder, then whooped and cheered. Because it had been years in the making. Within seconds the two ‘not-so-secret’ lovers were enveloped in a massive group hug as The Bellas congratulated the co-captains.

“For crying out loud Beca!” Aubrey said in a slightly scolding tone, her arm still around Chloe’s shoulders, “Next time just say that you want to share Chloe’s bed!!”

And Beca rolled her eyes, and hid her face in her girlfriend’s neck.

Chapter Text

Chloe Beale stepped into the tiny little break room at the back of the Brooklyn Veterinary Practice she interned at, letting out a tired sigh as she strode over to the tatty old armchair she usually sat on in the corner then slumped down into it. It wasn’t unusual for her boss to have to insist that she go on a lunch break so Chloe had eventually caved at 2pm.

She had moved to Brooklyn seven months ago with her best friend, Beca, and their fellow Bella, Amy. They’d successfully graduated from Barden University, had successfully ‘won Worlds’ and with little more left for them in Atlanta, had decided that it was time for a new adventure. Except..during a heart to heart on the flight home from Europe, Beca & Chloe had agreed that neither of them could bear the idea of having to go on that new adventure without the other. So they (and Amy) had moved to Brooklyn, Beca having successfully received a job with Residual Heat’s NYC quarters as a ‘Junior Producer’, and Chloe having successfully attained an internship at a Veterinary Practice six blocks from their apartment.

That particular apartment happened to be very small - a studio in fact - and as Amy had been very quick to ‘shotgun’ the double bed, Beca & Chloe had been given little choice but to have to share the fold-out bed that lay near the door. It hadn’t bothered the two best friends so much. Sure, they hadn’t exactly shared a bed full time before, but they weren’t strangers to having to sleep around one another thanks to the number of Bellas sleepovers and cheap over-night accommodation they’d had to stay in during college.

The only sliiight problem was that Chloe had, and had always had, a huge crush on Beca. Like, a massive crush on her. For the four and a half years that she’d known the girl. So it kinda made it a bittersweet situation for Chloe. Sweet because she got to wake up every morning to Beca perching on the edge of her side of the bed, having got ready for work, and having the brunette wish her a good day at work before dashing out of the apartment. Bitter because Chloe so desperately wanted there to be more - she wanted Beca to kiss her goodbye, to tell her that she couldn’t wait to get home to her later. But Chloe knew that it just wasn’t in Beca’s nature to be that way. Plus Beca just didn’t think of Chloe in that way. Chloe was sure she didn’t.

So Chloe carried on with her daily routine: waking up to Beca’s soft smile and her whispered “Have a nice day, Beale”; walking over to work with her earbuds in trying her hardest not to feel everything for Beca in the lyrics she listened to; grinning on her break at the string of texts she’d usually receive in The Bellas Group WhatsApp (“Ladies, on a scale of 1-10 how hot is Channing Tatum?”) and some from Beca personally too (“C, I have just seen a dog walker with around 20 dogs. You would’ve loved it. B xx”); her heart yearning for a pet of her own, perhaps one she and Beca could own together one day..?; finishing work and walking home listening to more music and thinking of Beca some more; getting home and making some dinner for her and Fat Amy with enough left over for whenever Beca got home; making a packed lunch for herself and Beca as they were the only two who actually had secure regular jobs; ensuring she wrote a cute positive message on a Post-It to put in Beca’s lunch bag to hopefully give her a little boost for the rest of her day at work; then getting ready for bed and usually being able to stay up late enough to heat Beca’s dinner up when the brunette got home late from work; listening to how Beca’s day at work had gone before falling asleep against her best friend’s arm while they watched something on Netflix.

This morning, however, had been everso slightly different..

Chloe stirred in her sleep, feeling that familiar dip on the edge of her side of the bed, and she let out a long deep inhale of breath through her nose as she felt a hand delicately smoothing her hair back from her cheek. Chloe couldn’t help the small smile that drifted across her face, because she loved that Beca had begun waking her up that way in recent weeks. It was something so little, and yet so uncharacteristically affectionate for the brunette. Chloe certainly wasn’t complaining though.

The redhead slowly opened her eyes and blinked gently thanks to the light that was coming from Beca’s lamp. She noticed the way Beca was looking down at her with a soft smile on her face, and Chloe felt butterflies begin to race around her stomach.

“Morning.” Chloe croaked, immediately missing the feel of her best friend’s hand on her cheek as Beca brought her hand back to her lap to join the other.

“Morning,” Beca whispered with a small smile, “I’m now going to work. But I’ll see you this evening?”

Chloe nodded, a sleepy smile still on her face, “Yeah I’ll see you this evening.” and the redhead suddenly froze when Beca leant down and placed a quick peck on her cheek before standing up. Chloe bit her bottom lip and just as she watched Beca begin to walk away from the bed, she whispered loudly, “Beca?”

Beca appeared to hesitate, looking back over at Chloe, and the older woman swallowed loudly then reached to her bedside table and delved into the small draw, “I um…” Chloe said quietly, trying not to draw Amy’s attention, the Australian still sleeping heavily in her own bed across the studio apartment, “…I got you something…” and her fingers finally wrapped around the thing she was looking for, “…it’s um…probably silly but I saw it and got it for you…” Chloe sat up in bed and held out to her best friend a chocolate heart wrapped in red foil. She tried to remain calm as she watched Beca looking down at the chocolate resting in the palm of her hand, “…you know…as it’s your first Valentines since Jesse and you broke up.”

Beca slowly reached out and took the chocolate heart, a small smile on her face as she looked at it between her fingers. “You probably didn’t even realise it was Valentines Day today. Which makes this even sillier. I-I’m sorry-“ Chloe babbled, her cheeks flushing pink in embarrassment because she had SUCH a huge crush on Beca, but Beca quickly interrupted her.

“-I love it.” Chloe’s heart skipped a beat of relief as her best friend looked from the chocolate to her, whispering “Thanks Chlo. Uh..Happy Valentine’s Day I guess..”

And Chloe’s smile brightened slightly while she shrugged and whispered back, “Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day.”

She bit her bottom lip as she watched her best friend give her a curt nod, then Beca wandered over to the tiny kitchen table, picked up her handbag and lunch bag, then strode out of the apartment, glancing at Chloe one last time with a smile before closing the apartment door behind her.

Chloe stood up, wandered slowly over to the tiny fridge in the corner of the break room, and pulled the door open. What had once been a very full fridge that morning was now relatively empty, save for a couple of milk cartons and rogue apples. Most of the members of staff had had their lunch breaks by now, so Chloe reached into the fridge and pulled out her lunch bag. She’d packed it along with Beca’s last night: same old cheese and pickle baguettes - Beca’s favourite and really all they could afford - with a packet of carrot sticks and a couple of apples.

The redhead returned to the old armchair and let out another tired sigh as she sat down. It was wonderful getting to work with animals every day and really felt like she was contributing positively to society and to her future career (which would hopefully be a Vet one day if she managed to successfully get into Vet School next year). But it was also very exhausting. Even after several months there was still so much to learn!

Chloe unzipped her pink flowery lunch bag and pulled out the foil-wrapped baguette, but as she began peeling the foil with her fingertips, she glanced at the inside of her lunch bag and her heart skipped a beat. Her bright blue eyes honed in on something that had definitely not been there when she’d packed the bag last night. And a curious smile swept onto Chloe’s face as she placed her baguette on the chair next to her and took hold of the strange item.

It was an envelope. A brown envelope, about A5 size. And on it were the words:

C, saw this and thought of you, B xx

Chloe’s heart began racing a little faster, her fingers fumbling as she turned the envelope over and pulled at the seam to try to tear it open. She swallowed loudly. And there, right before her very eyes, was a very wordy card, that had printed on the front:

I know we’re not, like, together or anything but it felt weird to just not say anything so I got you this card. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t really mean anything. There isn’t even a heart on it. So basically it’s a card saying hi. Forget it.

Chloe read the words over and over again, a smile having spread across her face, and she let out a small giggle as she re-read it in Beca’s voice. Because this was so Beca. Then the redhead bit her bottom lip as she slowly opened the card up.

Her heart skipped a beat again, her mouth dropping open slightly as she recognised her best friend’s handwriting. Her crush’s handwriting. Her Beca’s handwriting.

Her eyes drifted across the few words that were written within the pages, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. Because the words that were written before her were everything she’d never expected her best friend to tell her, and at the same time everything she’d ever wanted her to say.


Happy Valentines Day! know how bad I am with this sort of stuff, but I hope you know how much you mean to me. And if you don’t know then it means I’m really crap at showing you.

Can I take you out for dinner tonight maybe?

If ‘yes’ then text me to let me know so I can book us somewhere. If ‘no’ then I’m gonna be gutted don’t text me and I’ll just see you when you get home from work.

Whatever your answer, it’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.

Love B xx

Chloe read and re-read the final line. ‘Love B xx’. Love! Beca never ended anything with the word ‘Love’. And that’s what made this card all the more special.

A tear rolled down Chloe’s cheek as she smiled brightly at the Valentine’s card Beca had written her. The card Beca must have snuck into her lunch bag this morning before she went out to work. And Chloe’s heart soared when she thought back to this morning when Beca had placed a goodbye kiss on her cheek. Beca liked her!

Chloe closed the card and balanced it on top of her lunch bag, smiling at the front of it again while she scrambled to get her phone out of her scrubs pocket. Because of course she was going to say yes to going out for dinner with Beca tonight! It was everything she’d ever dreamt of for the four and a half years she’d known and crushed on her!

So, don’t get jealous, but I got a Valentine’s Day card in my lunch bag today ;) xx

Chloe let out a light giggle beyond her beaming smile as she noticed Beca quickly ‘read’ her text, and her eyes flickered to the top of the screen when the word ‘typing…’ appeared. Her heart began racing with excitement, wondering how the heck her best friend would react to her text. But she didn’t need to wonder for long, because Beca’s reply came through almost instantly.

Oh thank God! I was worried you were going to be left empty handed today. Which would be a terrible waste because you’re so beautiful xx

Chloe let out a small gasp of joy as she read Beca’s text over and over again, hardly able to believe that the woman was capable of saying something so romantic, least of all to her.

My Valentine asked me out for dinner this evening.. I think I’m gonna say yes if that’s ok with you? Xx

Chloe’s smile broadened when Beca replied with:

Nothing would make me happier xx

And then Chloe let out a light giggle when her best friend quickly added:

(You’re talking about dinner with me yeah? Xx)

Chloe nodded to herself as she tapped away an answer on her phone screen, still smiling and giggling quietly:

Yes Beca, I’d love to go out for dinner with you xx

Chloe glanced at the card again, loving the print on the front of it. Loving how Beca had seen it and thought of her. Loving how Beca had thought to even buy her a card for Valentine’s Day in the first place.

Phew! Alright, I’ll book us somewhere nice and meet you after work? Xx

Chloe knew that Beca knew that she finished work at 6.30pm. Beca had met her after work a couple of times before, though not so much recently thanks to the longer hours the brunette had had to pull to get her projects done. Sometimes those meets after work had been a surprise. Sometimes Beca had texted her to let her know she was popping by. But this time Chloe definitely knew that Beca would be waiting for her outside at 6.30. And Chloe had to admit, she couldn’t wait.

It’s a date xx

Chapter Text

Beca took a deep breath, pacing somewhat impatiently outside the Veterinary Practice. Chloe’s Veterinary Practice. She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out her phone to check the time. 18:28. Just two minutes until Chloe was due to leave work. Just two minutes until she met her. Just two minutes until they could go on their date. Their first date.

The petite woman had to admit, she was getting really nervous. She’d been thinking about asking Chloe out for a while now. She’d had a crush on her best friend for about a year. A crush that had started blossoming not long before she and Jesse had decided to call it quits.

Going to Europe for Worlds with Chloe and The Bellas had only fuelled those feelings she had for the redhead to the point that by the time they’d begun travelling back to America, Beca & Chloe had decided neither really liked the idea of living apart after graduation. So they’d both moved up to Brooklyn to pursue their respective careers. Amy had tagged along and, in true Amy style, the Australian had quickly ‘shot gunned’ the double bed in the studio apartment leaving Beca & Chloe with no choice but to have to share the fold-out bed. Which really hadn’t helped to eradicate Beca’s crush on Chloe.

Over the past seven months that they’d lived together in Brooklyn, Beca had fallen deeper and deeper in love with her best friend. And the feeling had been so alien and scary that the brunette had found herself working a little later in the evenings, just to try and distract herself from the crazy crush she still had on Chloe. Then yesterday lunchtime she’d been wandering through a store in NYC when she’d stumbled across the most perfect card to give her best friend. One that didn’t exactly commit to her freaking Chloe out with words of ‘love’ and ‘adoration’ and ‘commitment’. But with words that perfectly described how she felt about Chloe whilst beautifully emanating her awkward nature.

She’d bought it. Had got it home. Then that evening, once Chloe had fallen asleep whilst laying her head on Beca’s stomach in front of Netflix, the brunette had written in the card. Asking Chloe if she wanted to go out for dinner.

Beca had barely slept all night, toying with whether or not she should actually give Chloe the card or not. So she hadn’t. Instead she’d got out of bed around 4am and had hidden it in Chloe’s lunch bag instead. To her joy, when she has nudged her best friend awake to say that she was off to work, Chloe had handed her a chocolate heart and wished her a happy Valentine’s Day. That had given Beca a boost of confidence that perhaps the card had been a good idea. And so the brunette had spent a very nervous six hours at work, trying to concentrate while checking her phone to see if Chloe had texted.

The sickness in the pit of her stomach finally seeped away when she received a text just after 2pm. Chloe had found her card. And from the looks of things hadn’t been freaked out in the slightest. In fact, she’d been delighted, agreeing that she would love to go out for dinner with Beca tonight.

So Beca had spent the following couple of hours desperately trying to find somewhere that would offer her a table for two on Valentine’s Day evening. But she’d had no luck..

Beca’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately stopped pacing the second she heard the front door to the practice open. Her eyes fell upon the bright beautiful smile of her best friend and she couldn’t help the nervous smile that spread across her face when she saw Chloe skipping down the steps towards her, then slow to a tentative walk up to her.

“Hey.” Chloe said in an airy voice and Beca grinned with a gentle nod.

“Hey.” she replied with a gentle tone. Fuck. She was so nervous.

They stood, looking into one another’s eyes for a moment, with soft smiles on their faces. Beca blinked suddenly, “Oh um..” and she pulled a small bouquet of bright flowers from behind her back, “..I got these for you.”

Beca was so nervous she missed the way Chloe’s eyes had lit up at the sight of them, choosing to look down at the posey’s in her hand instead, still annoyed that she hadn’t been able to find any sunflowers that she knew were Chloe’s favourite, “I’m sorry they’re not sunflowers. I did try to get some but they’re out of season and-“

“-Beca,” Chloe interrupted, looking up at her best friend, her eyes shining in wonder at how sweet the younger woman was, “they’re beautiful!”

“Just like you then.” Beca said with a wink, then she grimaced when Chloe let out a light giggle, “Ugh, sorry..that was cheesy..”

Fortunately Chloe shook her head gently, smiling broadly, “I will never ever get tired of you complimenting me Beca Mitchell, no matter how cheesy they are!”

Beca swallowed loudly, a nervous smile still on her face as she reached out and took the woman’s lunch bag while Chloe took the bouquet of flowers then linked her arm with Beca’s. The two best friends slowly made heir way down the street towards their apartment.

“So I know I said I was gonna book us some place to eat but-“ Beca began, but Chloe squeezed her arm affectionately.

“-but it was impossible because it’s Valentines Day and most places are all booked up?” Chloe wondered out loud, and Beca turned to her best friend, giving her an apologetic expression.


“You don’t need to be sorry.” Chloe said with a giggle, “I’m just happy to be with you.”

Beca smiled softly at Chloe, watching as the redhead looked down at their feet while they walked. The two best friends fell silent, slowly walking down the street, calm smiles on their faces. Beca carrying Chloe’s lunch bag in her right hand, Chloe carrying the bouquet of flowers in her left.

Butterflies were scattering around Beca’s stomach as she noticed out the corner of her eye Chloe looking over at her. A smile grew on Beca’s face when she felt the woman adjust their linked arms and Chloe slowly slipped her right hand into Beca’s left. Their fingers entwined and they both took deep calming breaths, soft smiles on their faces as they stole glances of one another.

Beca & Chloe walked together down the street towards the studio apartment they shared. Beca had every intention of cooking Chloe a meal back home instead of taking her out for dinner. And Chloe had every intention of finding the perfect time to tell Beca exactly how she really felt about her.

Chapter Text

[Setting - Brooklyn. Beca, Chloe & Fat Amy’s studio apartment. Two years after graduation.]

[Beca is sat on the fold-out bed she shares with Chloe, watching ‘Wynonna Earp’ on her laptop. Fat Amy strides into the apartment and Beca scrambles to pause the TV show, then let’s out a sigh of relief when she sees it’s just Amy.]

Beca: Oh! Hey Amy. I thought you were Chloe..

Fat Amy: And that’d be a bad thing?

Beca: I um..

[Beca seems to hesitate, biting her bottom lip, then she rolls her eyes]

Beca: ..okay don’t tell Chloe but I’ve got stuck in the vortex that is binge-watching Wynonna Earp-

[Fat Amy gasps as she throws her bag onto her bed]

Beca: -and I know I know Chloe’s gonna go crazy if she finds out I’ve been watching it without her but it’s so good dude!!

[Fat Amy turns to her best friend and raises her eyebrows. Because she knows exactly why Beca watches that show, and it’s not for the CGI. It’s for the women. She’s heard Beca comment on many an occasion how hot the actresses are.]

Fat Amy: Admiring the acting huh?

[Beca seems to hesitate, looking down at her laptop screen, fidgeting a little uncomfortably, purposefully not looking at Fat Amy.]

Beca: Uh yeah…yeah of course…

Fat Amy: Mmmhmm..

[Fat Amy makes her way over to the tiny kitchen to make herself a hot chocolate. Beca frowns as she looks up from her laptop.]

Beca: Mmmhmm? What’s that supposed to mean?

Fat Amy: *shrugs* Nothing..

[Fat Amy sets everything up for a hot chocolate then waits for the milk to heat up.]

Fat Amy: Hey Beca, you’ll never guess what happened to me on the subway this morning. This girl was smiling at me and talking to me…

[Beca seems unimpressed and tries to ignore her, looking back down at her laptop.]

Beca: Mmm that’s very interesting.

Fat Amy: …she was being really friendly to me and, ha, I think she was coming on to me…

[Beca furrows her brow, glancing to her left at nothing in particular, as if trying to process what Amy was suggesting. Amy, meanwhile, turns to lean her back against the kitchen worksurface and look at Beca on the fold-out bed.]

Fat Amy: …I think she might have thought that I was gay!

[Amy raises her eyebrows but Beca doesn’t look at her, instead looking intently at her laptop again.]

Beca: *clears throat uncomfortably* So wh-why are you telling me this? Why should I care? I don’t care! What did you have for lunch today?

Fat Amy: You don’t have to get all defensive about it Be-

[Beca quickly snaps her head up to glare at Amy.]


[Amy raises her eyebrows and Beca swallows loudly, shrugging, her voice softening but she still looks annoyed.]

Beca: Why should I care about some gay chick you met okay? I’m trying to watch TV.

Fat Amy: Well I didn’t mean anything by it Beca, I just think it’s something that we should be able to talk about.

Beca: Well I don’t want to talk about it Amy! This conversation is over.

Fat Amy: Yeah but Beca-

Beca: -OVER!!

Fat Amy: Well okay, but just so you know…

[Fat Amy turns and goes to add her warm milk to the hot chocolate mix.]

Fat Amy *sings*:

“If you were gay, that’d be okay. I mean cos hey, I’d like you anyway.”

[Beca looks up from her laptop at Amy with an unimpressed expression but Amy continues making her hot chocolate.]

“Because you see, if it were me, I would feel free to say that I was gay (but I’m not gay!)”

[Beca glares at her laptop screen, trying to ignore Amy when the Australian turns to grin at her, stirring her hot chocolate in her mug with a spoon.]

Beca: Amy, please, I’m trying to watch this show!

[After several pauses Beca looks up at Amy. Amy is grinning at her enthusiastically and Beca is confused by her expression.]

Beca: …What…?

Fat Amy *sings*:

“If you were queer,”

[Beca groans and throws her face into her hands while Amy continues to sing.]

“I’d still be here,”

Beca: Amy I’m trying to watch this show!

“Year after year,”

Beca: Amy!!

“because you’re dear to me.”

[Beca groans again, staring intently at her laptop screen, but Amy has started to slowly walking towards Beca singing louder.]

“And I know that yooou,”

Beca: What?

“Would accept me tooo,”

Beca: I would?

“If I told you today ‘hey guess what, I’m gay!’ (but I’m not gay!)”

[Amy places her mug of hot chocolate down on Beca’s bedside table and plonks herself down on the fold-out bed.]

Fat Amy *sings*:

“I’m happyyy just being with yooou!”

[Fat Amy throws her arm around her best friend’s shoulders and rocks her from side to side merrily. Beca is highly unimpressed.]

Beca: *mutters to distract herself from how embarrassing Amy is being* Chloe will be home in an hour. Just an hour. Just one hour to go-

Fat Amy *sings*:

“So what does it matter to me what you do in bed with girls?”

[Beca screws her face up]

Beca: Amy that is wrong!

Fat Amy: No it’s not!

[Fat Amy stands, grinning at her best friend enthusiastically]

Fat Amy *sings loudly*:

“If you were gay, I’d shout HOORAY! And here I’d stay-“

[Beca brings her fingers up to her ears to block them while she scrunches her eyes closed.]

Beca: -Lalalalalaaa!

“But I wouldn’t get in your way.”

[Beca watches in horror as the door to the apartment opens and Chloe arrives home, stunned by Fat Amy’s singing. The Australian doesn’t notice and instead begins to do some sort of can-can dance with jazz hands.]

“You can count on meee, to always beee”

Beca: Amy please stop!

“Beside you every day, to tell you it’s okay, you were just born that way, and as they say it’s in your DNA,”

[Beca’s hands are holding her brown hair back in dispair while she looks at Chloe who is looking at Amy with an amused expression, still stood motionless in the doorway of their apartment.]

“You’re gaaaaaay!”

[Chloe’s mouth drops open and Beca panics, holding her hands out at Amy to try to get her to stop.]

Beca: I am not gay!!!

[Fat Amy fortunately stops singing and holds her index finger up to make a point.]

Fat Amy: If you were gay!

[Beca throws her hands back to her face, mortified because she actually has a huge crush on Chloe but hasn’t found the confidence to even slightly brooch the subject with the redhead, even though they share a bed and flirt like crazy. Fat Amy is slightly out of breath from all the singing and dancing. She turns and notices Chloe in the doorway.]

Fat Amy: Oh, hey Chloe..

[Chloe closes the door cautiously behind her, smiling awkwardly at Fat Amy then at Beca. Beca is peering at her from between her fingers.]

Chloe: I missed a lot today huh..

Chapter Text

[Setting - Barden University. Chloe’s student studio apartment. Beca’s freshman year. Chloe has just returned from her days seminars. The Riff off was last night.]

[Chloe sits back on her bed, sighing happily as she looks at her phone and sees that Beca has just accepted her friend request on Facebook.]

Chloe: *sighs* Beca..

Chloe *sings*:

“She likes me. I think she likes me. But does she like me-like me, like I like heeeeerrr?”

[Chloe gets hold of her phone and begins scrolling through Beca’s Facebook profile.]

“Will we be friends? Or something more? I think she’s interested, but I’m not suuure.”

[Chloe looks up from her phone as she hears a knock at her door and gets up to answer it. It’s Beca, looking a little nervous.]

Beca: Hey Chloe.

Chloe: Beca, hey!

Beca: Listen I was going through my music collection and I kept coming across songs I thought you might like so I made you this tape.

[Beca hands Chloe a mix tape. Chloe beams at her, then looks down at the tape, unable to believe that Beca had made her a mix tape.]

Chloe: Oh, that’s so sweet. Thank you!

[Beca stuffs her hands into her jeans pocket nervously, and shrugs as though it’s no big deal.]

Chloe: Can I get you a drink or a snack or something?

Beca: Actually do you mind if I use your bathroom? I came straight here from lectures and didn’t have a chance to stop..

Chloe: Go right ahead.

[Chloe steps aside and motions to a door at the far side of the room that would lead to the ensuite. Beca mumbles a quick thanks then dashed through to the bathroom. Chloe closes the door over, looking down at the mix tape in her hands, and lets out a giddy little squeal.]

Chloe *sings*:

“A mix tape. She made a mix tape. She was thinking of me, which shows she caaares!”

[Chloe is grinning as she moves closer to the lamp that is on in the corner of her room.]

“Sometimes when someone has a crush on you, they’ll make you a mix tape, to give you a clue.”

[Chloe lets out another happy sigh and reads the songs that have been written on the tape.]

“Let’s see: You’ve Got A Friend, the Theme from Friends, That’s What Friends Are For.”

Chloe: Oh..

[Chloe looks a little disheartened, then her eyes light up and a smile returns to her face.]

“But oh look: A Whole New World, Kiss The Girl, My Cherie Amour!”

Chloe: Oh Beca! She does like me!

[She continues to read but hesitates, her brow furrowing in confusion.]

I Am The Walrus, Fat Bottomed Girls, Yellow Submarine. What does this meeean?”

[Beca steps out of the bathroom and closes the door behind her. Chloe forces a smile on her face. Beca looks at her nervously while she slowly walks over to her.]

Chloe: Beca, thank you so much for this tape. I was just looking at side A. Great songs.

[She holds the tape up but Beca quickly points at it.]

Beca: Oh, well did you get to side B yet?

Chloe: No, not yet.

Beca: Well it’s great dude, check it out.

[Beca stands close to Chloe, looking over her shoulder while they both look down at the mix tape.]

Chloe *sings*:

Stuck On You, Love Me Do, My Heart Will Go On.”

[Chloe looks to Beca with an excitable smile.]

Chloe: Oh I loved Titanic!!

[Beca hesitates, shrugging slightly with an awkward grin.]

Beca: was alright?

[They turn back to the mix tape.]

Beca *sings*:

“She’s Got A Way, Yesterday, Goodnight Saigon.”

Beca: From the Russia concert!

[Chloe hesitates and looks over at Beca who has turned to her with a smile, having had no idea that Beca was into Russian concerts..]

Chloe: Oh..great..

[They turn back to the tape in Chloe’s hands and continue reading.]

Chloe *sings*:

Through The Years, the Theme from Cheers, Moving Right Along.”

[Chloe’s smile drops and she lets her hands fall to her side. She looks over at Beca slightly sadly. Beca looks at her softly.]

Chloe: Nice tape.

Beca: Oh there’s one more.

[Beca reaches for Chloe’s hand that’s holding the tape and brings it up for them to read again.]

Beca *sings*:

“I Have To Say I Love You In A Song.”

[Chloe’s mouth hangs open slightly, a soft smile growing on her face as she turns to look at Beca. Their eyes lock and they both smile at one another.]

Chloe: Beca, that’s so sweet. I’ve never got such a nice present from anyone before.

Beca: Well I’m glad you like it.

[Beca let’s go of Chloe’s hand and steps away from her and towards the door.]

Beca: But I’m gonna have to go now. I’m gonna make one for Amy, and Stacie, and CR, and Aubrey, and all of the other Bellas!

[Chloe’s expression falls, realising that Beca hadn’t only made her a mix tape.]

Chloe: Oh..

Beca: But..

Chloe: Yes?

[Beca hesitates as she gets to Chloe’s door and looks over at her nervously. Chloe’s face has lit up hopefully.]

Beca: What are you doing tonight?

Chloe: Writing a Russian Lit paper. But it’s an easy subject so I could do it tomorrow. Why?

Beca: Well everyone’s going to hear this singer at the Around The Clock Café. Do you want to go with me?

[Chloe turns to face Beca, standing up a little taller, twiddling the tape between her fingers.]

Chloe: You a date?

[A smile grows on Beca’s face.]

Beca: Yeah, sure, a date!

[Chloe smiles at Beca, nodding gently.]

Chloe: I’d love to.

Beca: Alright, I’ll um..I’ll text you.

Chloe: Uhuh.

[Beca grins as she walks out of Chloe’s apartment and Chloe lets out a happy sigh, holding the mix tape to her chest.]

Chloe: She likes me!

Chapter Text

“Urghhhhhh!!” Beca groaned loudly, slamming her forehead down onto the open notebook that she had laid out in front of her. She was sat at the tiny kitchen table in the tiny studio apartment she shared with her two best friends, Fat Amy & Chloe. They’d been living there under each other’s feet for over a year now and God did Beca miss the simplicity of being at College. It helped her creativity. But the pressures of adulthood and full time work had erased her creativity and now Beca was completely stuck. Her pen was balanced in her left hand and she hummed a tune over and over under her breath.

“Um..everything okay?” A voice called out tentatively and Beca kept her forehead on the notebook, shaking her head gently with a small grunt.

Chloe put her ‘So you want to be a Vet’ book to one side and scrambled off the fold-out bed that she shared with Beca, perching on the edge to face her.

“What are you up to?” Chloe asked gently, though she kinda knew the answer already. She knew her best friend better than anyone in the whole world. She knew when Beca was struggling to find inspiration for a mix, except from the looks of things the woman was struggling to find inspiration for a new song.

Beca peeled her head off her notebook with a sigh and stared down at the words she’d already written. The words she’d written a long time ago. “I thought that if I wrote a song I could find my creative spark again. But I’ve come up with nothing. Im broken.”

Chloe let out a soft giggle, “You’re not broken!”

“I am!” Beca protested, motioning to her notebook, “I’ve been sat here for like an hour now and can’t come up with anything!”

“Well you look like you’ve managed to write something?” Chloe said sweetly, standing up and slowly moving over to her best friend, placing a hand on the back of Beca’s chair while she looked down at her notebook.

“Yeah but it’s what I wrote years ago. I’ve completely lost momentum!”

Chloe paused as she read the lyrics and recognised them, “You’re wanting to add to the ‘Cup’ song?”

Beca swallowed loudly then looked up at her best friend, loving how calm it always made her to look into Chloe’s bright blue eyes, “Yeah but…I can’t think of a second verse.”

“Okay,” Chloe said with a light sigh, taking the seat beside her best friend, giving her a soft smile, “sing what you’ve got so far for me.”

Beca raised her eyebrows with a serious expression, “You know how it goes.”

“I know, but it may give me some lyric ideas..?”

Beca hesitated as Chloe looked hopefully at her and the brunette rolled her eyes, then cleared her throat:

”I got my ticket for the long way round.
Two bottles of whisky for the way.
And I sure would like some sweet company.
And I’m leaving tomorrow, what do you say?”

Chloe’s breathing was a little shallower, a soft smile on her face as she revelled in how beautiful her best friend sounded. It made her fall deeper and deeper in unrequited love with her. Love that she’d harboured for Beca for years.

”When I’m gone. When I’m go-ne. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. You’re gonna miss me by my hair, you’re gonna miss me everywhere oh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

The studio apartment fell silent, both women looking at one another, their hearts both racing. The last time Beca had sung this they had been sat around a campfire with the rest of the Bellas. That had been the moment Beca had realised she had feelings for Chloe. Romantic feelings. And she’d clung to those feelings for almost two years.

“And that’s all I’ve-“ Beca began, but she was interrupted when Chloe opened her mouth and began singing.

”I got my ticket for the long way round. The one with the prettiest of views.”

Beca swallowed loudly then quickly scribbled down Chloe’s lyrics, smiling when she heard the redhead pause with an uncertain, “Umm” and she looked up at her, Beca’s heart skipping a beat when she saw Chloe bite her bottom lip while in deep thought. Then suddenly her face opened and Chloe continued:

”It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers, it’s got sights to make you shiver, but they sure would be prettier with you.”

Beca and Chloe both held their breaths as Beca scribbled the other lyrics down.

“Um..but you don’t have to go with those lyrics of course-“ Chloe said nervously, never having had much confidence in her ability as a writer, but Beca snapped her head up, grinning broadly.

“No dude that’s…those lyrics are awesome! Perfect!”

And Chloe let out a sigh of relief.

-Five Years Later-

Chloe stepped nervously into the recording studio, twiddling with her car keys nervously. Her girlfriend had insisted she come and pick her up today, but Chloe had no idea why.

“Hey babe.” Chloe heard her girlfriend whisper, striding over to her. The redhead smiled as Beca kissed her on the cheek, then took her by the hand and guided her from the doorway and over to the mixing desk where BECA’s recording team sat.

“I’m nearly done I just…” Beca paused as she reached across one of the men at the desk to fiddle with some buttons, “…wanted…” she guided Chloe to one of the armchairs and had her sit gently down, “…to have you hear what I’ve been working on.” And Chloe could swear she’d never seen Beca look so excited and so nervous before.

Chloe sat and looked up at her girlfriend with a soft smile, then her breath got caught in her lungs. Because the song that her girlfriend had been working on began playing through the speakers in the recording studio, and it was the sound of a cup tapping to a beat. The redhead saw the way Beca bit her bottom lip beyond her a smile, and Chloe couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. Because this was the very song that she and Beca had sat down and finished the lyrics to five years ago. Long before they went on the USO tour together. Long before Beca had been offered a recording contract. Long before Chloe had agreed to move with Beca to LA so the brunette could pursue her career in music while Chloe trained to become a Vet. Long before they’d admitted their feelings for one another. Long before they agreed to start dating..

Beca watched as her girlfriend’s eyes lit up at the sound of BECA singing the lyrics that Chloe had written all those years ago. And her heart raced with pride and love as tears began to appear in Chloe’s eyes while the redhead looked up at her adoringly.

Because this was their song. And BECA’s next record..

Chapter Text

Beca shuffled happily up the staircase of The Barden Bellas house. It had been a long day of classes then rehearsal then a shift at the radio station, but she was finally home. The brunette carried two glasses of water, her normal nightly routine. As she reached the top of the stairs she looked right then left to check the coast was clear, then made a beeline for her best friend’s bedroom. Her co-captain’s bedroom. Chloe’s bedroom. The girl she’d recently, secretly, started seeing.

Beca stuck her pinky finger out and attempted to gently knock on the door. She paused for a couple of moments but just as she was about to move the glass of water to hold it with her arm, she heard movement from within the bedroom.

With a slow creak the bedroom door handle pulled down, and with a slow squeak the door opened. Beca grinned as she saw Chloe’s face beaming at her.

“Hey.” Beca whispered, stepping past Chloe who whispered a “Hey” in return. The brunette placed the glasses of water down on Chloe’s tidy desk while the woman closed her bedroom door. Then the two seniors strode across the room towards one another, immediately throwing their arms around each other’s bodies, and kissing heavily.

“Ugh today felt like the longest day!” Beca mumbled against Chloe’s lips and the redhead let out a sweet giggle.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to kiss you during rehearsals today..” Chloe mumbled back before darting her tongue into Beca’s mouth, their kiss deepening, something that made a moan rumble from the back of Beca’s throat.

Then suddenly Chloe broke the kiss, bringing her hand to her mouth, her cheeks turning pink in embarrassment. Beca was confused, furrowing her brow slightly.

“Um..everything ok?”

“I’ll be right back.” Chloe said, turning on the spot and darting out of her bedroom, leaving Beca slightly stunned and alone in the middle of the room.

After a few minutes the redhead returned, letting out a light sigh and smiling brightly at Beca who hadn’t moved an inch since Chloe had left. The older senior closed the door behind her and wandered back over to wrap her arms around her best friend.

They resumed their kissing, then Beca paused, breaking the kiss and furrowing her brow, “Did…did you just go and clean your teeth?”

Chloe’s cheeks flushed and she screwed her face up slightly in embarrassment, “Yeah..“

“Dude, why?”

“Because I have egg-breath.”

Beca grinned, letting out a small chuckle of disbelief, “Wh-hat?”

“I have egg breath!” Chloe repeated, looking somewhat nervous and upset.

“You don’t have egg breath!” Beca tried to reason but her girlfriend shook her head.

“I do! And it’s the worst!” Chloe said sweetly, her hands flying to her cheeks to emphasise her embarrassment and Beca couldn’t help but smile adoringly at the woman.

“How do you know you have egg breath??”

Beca watched as Chloe hesitated then shrugged, saying quietly, “Um..Alice and the other old Bellas used to say it all the time.”

The brunette furrowed her brow, “Well she can go suck balls!” a small smile poked out of the corner of Chloe’s mouth, tears shimmering slightly in her eyes. But Beca didn’t stop, and she rose her eyebrows, “I mean it Chloe! From the sounds of things Alice was a huge jerk! All the old Bellas were!”

“Aubrey wasn’t a jerk.” Chloe said with a small shrug.

“She was a bit of a jerk, Chlo..”

Chloe bit her bottom lip, shrugging again. Because yeah, Aubrey had been a bit of a jerk back in the day.

“Besides,” Beca said, her voice and face softening to a smile, “do you really think I would want to kiss you so much if your breath smelt like eggs?” Chloe let out a calm sigh, shaking her head gently and Beca leant her face forward and nudged the tip of her nose against the tip of Chloe’s nose, “I love you Chlo.” Beca whispered.

A bright smile wiped over Chloe’s face, “I love you too” she whispered back, and the two began making out once again.

Chapter Text

Beads of sweat gathered across their foreheads. Light moans trickled out from the back of their throats. Fingers trailed underneath one another’s blouses. Tongues darted in and out of one another’s mouths as they kissed hungrily.

They didn’t have a lot of time. The Bellas would be heading over to the campfire at any moment now, after a long day at The Lodge of Fallen Leaves. This had been a long time coming. Four years worth of built sexual tension. But it was finally being broken now.

The younger of the two Bellas dared to tug at the buttons of the taller woman’s pants, undoing them while she broke their kiss and brought her lips down to her neck. As she licked and nipped and sucked, more moans were released.

Suddenly the buttons were undone, a hand was slipped down beneath her wet panties, and the older woman was pushed harder against the tree. Her second loud moan, the loudest one yet, was quickly muffled by a deep kiss, and she snaked her arms around her lover’s neck.

She ground her hips around as she felt a finger slide expertly into her wet pussy, a thumb circling her clit, and she broke the kiss while her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The younger woman grinned, breaking the seal she’d made with her teeth and lips around the nape of her neck, and instead brought her lips up to her ear, whispering, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this for.”

“Me either” came the hissed reply, her orgasm building.

Their foreheads came together with a gentle thud, and they closed their eyes again, small smiles on their faces. Because they had spiky personalities from time to time, with the brunette having exploded at the older woman this afternoon. Her secret had eaten her up for too long and she’d been forced to tell the one person she really hadn’t ever planned on telling. But that didn’t matter now. None of it did. Not now they were finally having sex against this tree.

Their kisses felt right against their lips. Their bodies felt right in each other’s arms. Their souls felt finally connected after so long apart.

Suddenly the taller women’s body stiffened, her knees weakening slightly, her pussy tightening around the finger, and the brunette grinned, slamming her lips onto her lover’s mouth to muffle the cry of sexual relief that rumbled from the back of the woman’s throat. They stood there kissing for several moments, soft pants falling from their mouths and lazy smiles across their faces. They nuzzled one another’s cheeks, pleased to finally be united in such a private and privileged manner.

Then suddenly they broke apart, the sounds of loud laughter and chatter travelling through the air. The Bellas were on their way to the campfire and would soon wonder where they were if they weren’t to arrive there soon. The two women grinned at each other, the younger pulling her sticky wet fingers from the older’s warmth, and with one final chaste kiss, they moved away from the tree they’d been hiding behind, adjusting and doing up their respective clothing.

Wolf whistles and cat-calls were heard as they trundled across the grass towards the large campfire that was already burning. The two women rolled their eyes but didn’t walk too close to one another for fear of arousing suspicion.

“Where have you two been?” CR called out to them in a teasing voice, a massive grin on her face matching that of her fellow Bellas sat around the campfire while they all looked at the approaching two women.

“Nowhere..” Stacie said with a shrug and an innocent expression.

“Yeah right ‘nowhere’..” CR said with the same teasing grin on her face as she watched Stacie take a seat beside her, “are we calling Aubrey ‘nowhere’ now?”

The Bellas all laughed, looking over at Aubrey who had blushing cheeks, clearing her throat awkwardly while she took a seat beside Chloe, her best friend. After several minutes the seniors had all calmed down and had begun talking about their futures.

Aubrey and Stacie looked at one another, sharing soft smiles, their hearts both racing with excitement and desire. Because they’d fancied the hell out of one another for years now. And Aubrey couldn’t wait to repay the brunette later this evening..

Chapter Text


Fat Amy: Bloooeee update…

Stacie: Yaaaaaaaassssss!!!

CR: Spill!

Jessica: Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Ashley: (a maaaaan after midniiiight )

Jessica: Ew! Gross.. xx

Ashley: It’s a song babe *eye roll emoji* *blow kiss emoji* xx

Jessica: Still.. *blow kiss emoji* xx

Flo: What is going on with Beca & Chloe? X

Fat Amy: Beca’s just got home from work

Fat Amy: Chloe’s home too

Fat Amy: But I don’t think Beca knows I’m home..

Emily: *gasping emoji* THEY’VE STARTED MAKING OUT?! *heart eyes emoji* xxxxx

Aubrey: Ho boy *eyeroll emoji* here we go again..

CR: We can always speculate about you and Stacie instead? *two girls kissing emoji*

Stacie: Don’t worry CR

Stacie: No speculation necessary 

CR: So you guys ARE hooking up! *two girls kissing emoji*

Flo: *gasping emojis*

Aubrey: *face palm emoji*

CR: That ain’t exactly a no, Posen! *two girls kissing emoji*

Ashley: So are Beca & Chloe making out orrrrr…?

Lilly: No

Fat Amy: No

Fat Amy: Beca collapsed on the bed and started crying

Emily: Oh no!! Why’s Beca crying? Xxxxx

Fat Amy: She can’t see me thanks to the clothes rail

Fat Amy: But it’s so funny *laughing crying emoji*

Aubrey: Er!! Amy! Someone crying is NO laughing matter!! *angry emoji*

Fat Amy: It is when that someone is crying because they forgot to take their pack-up to work today *laughing crying emoji*

Flo: *gasping emoji*

Jessica: Oh no!!

CR: Ah shit.. she gonna be okay?

Emily: *gasping emoji* Not cheese and pickle Tuesdays!! Xxxxx

Amy grinned as she looked up from her phone. Beca was renowned for liking her routine when it came to meals. Dinner-wise she and Chloe would have the same thing every Monday (Fajitas), same thing every Tuesday (Fish), same thing every Wednesday (Chinese), same thing every Thursday (Lasagne), same thing every Friday (out at a restaurant somewhere) etc etc. Lunches were the same: Leftover Monday’s (from the previous evening’s meal), Cheese & Pickle Tuesday’s, Chicken Salad Wednesdays, Prawn Salad Thursday’s, Meatball Sub Fridays..

“I-I just really missed th-the way you cut my sandwiches into tr-triangles!” she heard Beca sob, presumably into Chloe’s arms as Amy heard her crying begin to muffle into something, saying something along the lines of “I had to have a fucking baguette!!!

Amy heard Chloe let out a light chuckle and say in a quiet sympathetic voice, “Oh sweetie..”

Only Chloe could get away with calling Beca ‘sweetie’. Only Chloe could get away with chuckling at how silly Beca was being. Only Chloe was privy to Beca crying! All things that fuelled the rumours amongst The Bellas that Beca & Chloe were in a secret relationship that none of them could confirm. Hence why Amy, ‘Bloe’’s roommate, was on a mission to try to collate as much evidence as possible.

Amy adjusted her position on her bed, utilising Beca’s noisy sobs so she didn’t have to worry about the creaking of the mattress and peered around the clothing rail. She saw Beca curled up into Chloe’s body on the fold-out bed they shared, her face nuzzled into her chest, her arms around Chloe’s waist, and Chloe had her arms around Beca’s petite frame, rocking her gently.

“These tears wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’re on your period would it..?” Chloe asked softly, pushing some of Beca’s brown hair back from her face, and a kind smile wiped over her face when Beca pulled back from Chloe’s chest and looked up at her with a loud sniff.

“Probably..” Beca blubbed with a heavy sigh, bringing her hand up to her nose and rubbing it with another sniff.


Amy turned back to her phone, reading the new message, her mouth now open in a bit of surprise.

Fat Amy: Beca’s just wailed about missing the way Chloe cuts her sandwiches into little triangles!!

Flo: Awwwwww 

CR: Oh she’s SO precious!

Stacie: *eyeroll emoji* are they SURE they’re not doing it?

CR: Probably about as sure as you are about not hooking up with Aubrey.. *suspicious grin emoji*

Lilly: Stacie’s at the retreat now

Stacie: WTF?!

Aubrey: *angry emoji*

CR: I don’t even wanna know how you know that Lil..

Aubrey: Er I DO!!



CR: But you ARE together yeah? *two girls kissing emoji*

Aubrey: *face palm emoji*

Fat Amy rolled her eyes and looked back to her roommates, Chloe still holding Beca while Beca had now brought her hand up to play with a lock of the redhead’s hair. Both had soft smiles on their faces while they looked at each other, though Beca’s face was considerably more blotchy.

So Amy quickly took a photo and sent it to the WhatsApp group.

Emily: xxxxx

Ashley: Oh they’re doing it alright..

Jessica: Did they do it?? Did they kiss??

Fat Amy: Don’t think so..

Amy began recording from the poor angle she had of her two friends, holding her breath for good measure. A massive grin swept onto her face.

“You’re amazing you know that?” Beca mumbled to her best friend, and Chloe’s smile broadened.

“I’m only as amazing as you allow me to be..” the redhead replied sweetly.

Suddenly Amy began to panic. She felt a sneeze coming along. She tried to distract herself from it, nipping her thigh and blinking several times. But it was no good.

Beca threw herself out of Chloe’s arms, tumbling off the fold out bed and onto the floor. Chloe squeaked Beca’s name in worry that her best friend had injured herself. And Amy immediately stopped the recording.

The clothes rail was tugged to one side and the Australian was faced with a very angry brunette, stood at the foot of her bed, her makeup smeared down her face. Beca looked down at the phone in Amy’s hand and appeared to get angrier as she worked out what had been going on.

“I swear to God, Amy, if I look at my phone and see a billion texts in that WhatsApp group about me and Chloe then you’re in for it!” Beca growled, but Amy wasn’t intimidated, so raised her eyebrows with a shrug. Because she knew that the worst Beca would do is stop talking to her for a day. Which didn’t even last that long because they shared a studio apartment. And Chloe always managed to find a way to calm Beca down far quicker than she ever had back when they’d been at college.

Chapter Text

*** Following on from the idea that PP4 could be set mostly at Barden with The Old Bellas helping out a fresh set of New Bellas (who are useless at acapella and dancing) ***

[Setting: Barden University. The quad. Beca and Chloe are slowly wandering side by side with calm smiles on their faces while they look around.]

Chloe: I can’t believe how different it feels being here and not being a student.

Beca: Yeah, I cant even begin to imagine how you feel.

[Chloe looks at Beca for a moment in confusion and Beca looks at her seriously while they continue to walk.]

Beca: I mean you were here for seven years.

[Beca grins. Chloe laughs and shoves Beca playfully. Beca laughs as she staggers a little, then returns to Chloe’s side while they walk.]

Chloe: Shut uuup! I had my reasons.

Beca: Failing Russian Lit just so you could remain a Bella?

[Beca grins at Chloe who rolls her eyes with a soft smile. Beca looks down at her feet, her grin softening while they walk. Chloe looks around them calmly again. Suddenly she reaches out and grabs Beca’s arm, stopping them both in their tracks.]

Chloe: Stop. Wait right here.

Beca: Wha-?

[Beca watches in confusion as Chloe dashes ahead of her, then stops and turns to look at her with a big bright smile on her face. Chloe gets her phone out, grinning excitably at Beca. A phone ringing sounds and Beca pulls her phone out of her pants pocket, looking down at her screen with a furrowed brow.]

Chloe: Answer it, weirdo!

[Beca looks up, answering the call and holding the phone to her ear.]

Beca: I’m the weirdo?? You’re calling me while we’re stood a matter of metres from each other!

[Beca smiles while she looks over at Chloe who puts her hand on her hip while talking into her phone, jokingly unimpressed with Beca’s sass.]

Chloe: Do you want to know why I did this or not?

[Beca’s smile grows and she shakes her head gently with a roll of her eyes.]

Beca: Go on then..

[Chloe’s beaming smile softens and she takes a deep breath.]

Chloe: We’re stood in the exact same positions we were stood in when I saw you for the very first time.

[Beca swallows loudly, her mouth dropping open in surprise, her eyebrows rising.]

Beca: a very good memory..

[Chloe is biting her bottom lip as she looks over at Beca. Beca begins slowly walking over to Chloe with a soft smile on her face.]

Beca: My earliest memory of you is when you jumped into my shower and insisted I sang..

Chloe: Oh God…

[Chloe throws her hand to her face in embarrassment, but Beca chuckles as she approaches her best friend.]

Chloe: …I was so weird back then!

[Beca stops in front of Chloe and brings her phone down from her ear.]

Chloe: I’m sorry I did that.

[Beca smiles affectionately at Chloe.]

Beca: I’m not.

[Chloe takes a noticeably deep breath, bringing her phone down from her ear. A soft smile wipes over her face and she watches as Beca winks at her then continues walking slowly while looking at her.]

Beca: Come on Beale, we’re gonna be late.

[Chloe strides over to Beca, joining her at her side, and they continue walking slowly together.]

Beca: And yeah, you were pretty weird back then.

[Chloe gasps, pretending to be offended, but smiles and shoves Beca playfully again. They both laugh loudly then continue walking side by side.]

Chapter Text

[Chloe being interviewed by John & Gail for The Bellas Documentary.]

Chloe: It’s great! It’ it’s great. I’m really happy for Beca. Really! She’s going to start this new adventure out in LA. Without me. A-and sure, we may go from seeing each other every day to once every couple of months but… I’ll be okay. And I’ll get over this crush I have on her. This silly…stupid…heartbreaking crush.

[Chloe goes quiet, her face falling as she swallows sadly. She clears her throat, sits up, and takes a deep breath, forcing a smile on her face.]

Chloe: Besides, I get to start my own adventure in-

[Chloe is interrupted by Beca who bursts through the door into the room.]

Beca: Hey Chloe? Oh, sorry-

[Beca hesitates when she sees John & Gail, then turns back to Chloe with a small smile.]

Beca: Uh, are you free for dinner tonight? Say 7pm?

[A smile grows on Chloe’s stunned face.]

Chloe: Uhuh.

[Beca grins.]

Beca: Great! Theeeeen it’s a date!

[Chloe watches in awe as Beca winks at her then steps out of the room and closes the door behind her. Chloe turns back to John & Gail, clearly over the moon as she lets out a light giggle and hesitates.]

Chloe: I-I’m sorry what was the question again?

Chapter Text

CHLOE: “…and then I’ll bend over like this…”

Chloe bends over touching her fingertips to the ground then stands up.

CHLOE: “…then Becs you’ll bend over like this…”

Chloe bends to her right, swinging her left arm over like she’s stretching.

CHLOE: “…and you’ll place your hand on the small of my back.”

Chloe straightens up with a bright smile. Beca furrows her brow, clearly not knowing what Chloe’s on about. The Bellas are stood around them, also looking confused.

BECA: “So…um…where am I standing?”

Chloe let’s out a small puff of air, strides up to Beca, takes her by the arms, and turns her so she’s facing what will be the audience in the centre of the ‘stage’.

CHLOE: “You’ll be stood here.”

Chloe then stands beside her, with her back to the ‘audience’.

CHLOE: “Then I’ll bend down like this…”

Chloe bends over again, and Beca is looking at her still with a furrowed brow.

CHLOE: “…and you bend and place a hand on the small of my back!”

Beca attempts it slowly, not overly sure if she’s doing it right, and as she places her hand on Chloe’s back she looks at The Bellas who shrug at her, all as equally confused as Beca. Chloe tuts and stands up straight.

CHLOE: “No! Like this..”

She grabs Beca’s arms and firmly switches their places. Then she waits for a moment. But Beca still looks at her in confusion.

CHLOE: “Well bend over then!”

Beca rolls her eyes, let’s out a sigh, and bends over. Chloe bends over to her right and places her hand on the small of Beca’s back then stands up straight.

CHLOE: “There! Just like that!”

Beca stands up straight, clearing her throat, her cheeks a little flushed.

CHLOE: “Come on then.”

They switch places again and this time Beca just swallows loudly and stands frozen to the spot as she watches Chloe bend over, her eyes drifting to Chloe’s ass.

CHLOE: “Beca!”

Beca jumps as Chloe calls her name in a scolding tone and the brunette bends over to her right, places her left hand on the small of Chloe’s back then stands up straight again. Chloe stands up straight with a satisfied sigh, smiling at Beca.

CHLOE: “Right, could do with a bit of work but we’ll get there.”

Beca’s cheeks are still flushed in embarrassment and the two women turn to their friends who are looking a little surprised.

FAT AMY: “So are we all pairing off to do that on stage orrrrr…?”

And Chloe furrows her brow.

CHLOE: “Well obviously not. It’s just me and Beca. You guys have your moves remember?”

Chloe ushers The Bellas back to their starting positions before going through the move quickly one last time with Beca. Fat Amy turns to Cynthia-Rose and Flo as they all watch Beca reach over and tap her hand on the small of Chloe’s back while the redhead remains bent over.

FAT AMY: *mutters* “Well that’s not gay at all…”


Chapter Text

Beca let out a small grunt as she was shoved forward against the wall. Her left breast which had been popped out of the lacy corset that was posing as a ‘top’ beneath her suit jacket, was now flush against the cool tiling of the backstage dressing room that was reserved for BECA and BECA alone.

The successful recording artist has just won ‘best newcomer’ at the Grammys, and no sooner had she walked offstage she’d clocked her girlfriend striding ahead of her, down towards her dressingroom:

The brunette licked her lips as she watched the way Chloe swayed her hips. She was on a natural high right now, and thanks to Beyoncé’s interruption in the bathrooms before the show had even started, Beca was now horny as fuck.

“Ten minutes” one of the show’s directors said to BECA as she walked towards the door that Chloe had just disappeared behind. She was due to present an award. But right now she didn’t care.

Beca pushed her way into her dressing room, quickly closing the door behind her. Then she turned and stood, frozen to the spot, her Grammy still resting heavy in her arms. There was a low thudding of music rumbling around them from Beyoncé who was performing on stage at the moment. And though both women were huge fans of hers, neither cared about anything else but the sexual tension that was fogging all their senses right now.

Chloe slowly moved over to her girlfriend, wrapping her fingers gently around the cool metal of the award, and Beca allowed her to take it from her and place it on the dresser beside them. The redhead slipped her arms around Beca’s petite waist beneath the jacket before bringing her face within an inch of Beca’s.

“Seeing you up on stage just now,” Chloe said in a low husky voice that Beca knew was a sign that her girlfriend was as horny as she was, “in that suit,” Yeah that suit really was doing something for Chloe, “and knowing that I’ll be the one that gets to help you out of it later…” and Chloe ended with a little low growl, her lips hovering over Beca’s, “it’s getting me really wet.”

Beca let out a light groan of frustration as she felt Chloe snake her hands down to her ass and squeeze it, a move that always got Beca that much more hornier, and Chloe knew it. Beca brought her hands up to Chloe’s shoulders, allowing her girlfriend to get a better hold of her. The redhead had a glint in her eye, her pupil’s full, and Chloe let out a light sigh, nudging Beca’s nose playfully with her own, “It’s just a shame I’ve got to wait that little bit longer to kiss you.” and another light sigh fell from Chloe’s mouth.

Beca swallowed loudly, because Chloe was right. Beca was going up on stage soon and couldn’t risk having her makeup smushed. But there was no way she was going to be able to go up on stage in…eight minutes(!) being as horny as she currently was - she wouldn’t ever be able to think clearly!

“There are other parts of me you can kiss you know..” Beca said in a low voice, her breath hanging in her lungs a little longer than usual. And her eyelids fluttered closed when she felt her girlfriend move her right hand from her add to the top of her lacy corset, slipping her fingers beneath the fabric.

Beca could feel a warmth growing between her legs as she felt Chloe slowly run the back of her right-hand fingertips across her skin, teasing her nipple that hid beneath the lacy fabric. She could feel Chloe’s breath on her face, heavy and sensual while the redhead continued to nuzzle her face with her nose, “You mean I could kiss parts of you that would remain hidden?” the redhead asked quietly, in a tone that Beca recognised as her girlfriend’s sexy-teasing tone.

Beca’s eyes opened a fraction, noting the way Chloe’s mouth hung open slightly, clearly as turned on as she was. She loved that her girlfriend was clearly waiting for permission. So Beca nodded, choking out a raspy “Uhuh”.

Then Beca took a sharp intake of breath that hitched in her throat as Chloe appeared to expertly tug the top of the left-side of her lacy corset down, causing Beca’s left breast to pop out of the hold. The brunette’s eyes tore open, watching in sexual delight as her girlfriend ducked her mouth down to capture Beca’s breast in her mouth.

A long low moan rumbled from the back of Beca’s throat, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she threw her head back against the door of her dressing room. Her hands found their way to Chloe’s long red hair, grabbing fists of it, thrilled that the woman had decided to go with loose curls that would easily be rearranged when they left the room in a few minutes.

Another moan fell from Beca’s mouth as Chloe expertly swirled her tongue around and around Beca’s left nipple, before finally sucking it hard and letting go of it with a ‘pop’ then repeating the motion again. The woman’s right hand had returned to Beca’s ass, her palms squeezing and massaging them, encouraging her girlfriend who had begun to swing her hips a little while her arousal increased. After a third round of ‘swirl-suck-pop’, Chloe raised her head from Beca’s breast, slightly smeared lipstick on her face, taking several quick deep breaths, as though relaying to Beca how much this was turning her on. How desperately she wanted them to begin making out.

“I swear to God Chloe, if you don’t fuck me right now I’m gonna be so mad at you!” Beca mumbled in sexual frustration, now glaring at her girlfriend who had the audacity to simply cock an eyebrow while a seductive smile washed over the redhead’s face.

Chloe bit her bottom lip, letting out a short “mm!” of approval from the back of her throat, as though she was thoroughly tempted to make her girlfriend wait. Because having Beca begging to be fucked was one of Chloe’s biggest turn-on’s. And Chloe’s dominance was one of Beca’s biggest turn ons..

The redhead reached up and slowly pulled Beca’s suit jacket from around her shoulders, deciding to throw it over the back of the chair behind her.

They paused for a couple of moments, looking deep into one another’s eyes, holding each other’s gaze as their arousals increased more and more. Then suddenly Beca let out a small gasp as Chloe grabbed her hips, spun her 45 degrees to face the dressing room wall, and shoved her forward until the brunette’s front was flush against the cool tiled wall.

Beca let out another grunt of approval as she felt her girlfriend’s body push itself up against hers. Chloe’s hands had snaked their way to the front of Beca’s pants, and Beca ground her ass into Chloe’s crotch. A moan sounded from the redhead’s throat, enjoying the feel of Beca’s body against hers, the younger woman now reaching up and back to return her hands to Chloe’s hair.

Chloe, meanwhile, brought her mouth down to Beca’s shoulder, placing sloppy kisses across the purple tattoo the brunette had on her shoulder. When Chloe dared to bite down on the skin Beca winced, but Chloe didn’t stop. Because she knew Beca liked it when she bit down like that. Beca had told her she liked it. And the brunette grunted again with approval, her head swinging back to rest on Chloe’s left shoulder while she let out a moan.

And this moan was because Chloe had found the button of Beca’s pants and was busy undoing it. The next moan that sounded was one that fell out of both the women’s mouths as Chloe slipped both her hands beneath the front of Beca’s pants. Her left palm rested on the top of Beca’s left thigh to steady them both. But Chloe’s right hand had immediately slipped between Beca’s legs.

Fuck!” was all Beca could muster as she felt Chloe’s middle finger delve between the sopping wet folds of her pussy, immediately finding her clit. As Chloe skillfully rubbed the tip of her finger quickly back and forth over Beca’s clit, she pushed Beca harder against the cool tiled wall, continuing to kiss the woman’s shoulder while the nails on her left hand dig into Beca’s left thigh.

“You like this, baby?” Chloe breathed in a dark tone, her lips at Beca’s right ear, her index finger now joining her middle finger as she continued to stimulate Beca’s clit.

“Uhyeah” Beca rasped out slightly incoherently, her eyes closed, her head still lolling back on Chloe’s shoulders, her long brown hair splayed over Chloe’s shoulder and mixing with her girlfriend’s long red hair. Her hips were rolling against Chloe’s fingers, grinding her ass into Chloe’s crotch causing friction that was only urging the redhead on.

“This was what you wanted, right?” Chloe asked rhetorically into Beca’s ear, her warm breath sending tingles across the woman’s petite body, “For me to fuck you?”

A loud long rumbling moan fell out of the brunette’s mouth as Chloe sunk her two fingers into Beca’s warm soaked pussy, curling the digits up then pulling out to circle her clit before repeating the motion over and over again.

Beca’s chest was heaving, her warm bare breast now stuck to the cool tiles that she was pushed up against. She brought her hands from Chloe’s hair and placed both palms on the tiled wall, her forehead resting between them. Her eyes remained closed while Chloe nudged her hair to the side with her face and place a firm wet kiss on the back of her neck. The brunette rolled her hips faster, wanting to speed her girlfriend’s movements up, desperately trying to reach the climax that she could feel had almost peaked.

Another moan left Beca’s mouth when her girlfriend’s teeth captured the skin on her back, just below her neck, and the redhead sucked hard. Beca felt searing pain where Chloe’s mouth was, knowing in an instant that her girlfriend was busy leaving a huge lovebite on her skin. But Beca didn’t care. Because Chloe was now thrusting her fingers in and out of Beca’s pussy, coating her fingers in the petite woman’s silky warm juices while rubbing her thumb around Beca’s clit.

“I-I’m…gonna…” Beca attempted to choke out, bringing her head back to rest on Chloe’s left shoulder again as Chloe broke the intense lovebite she had been cultivating on Beca’s upper-back and brought her lips immediately to her girlfriend’s ear.

“Come on, baby. Cum for me. Cum around my fingers.” Chloe ordered in a low voice, her thrusts speeding up as Beca took a sharp intake of breath, her hands returning up and backwards to Chloe’s red hair, her orgasm so very nearly there. She felt Chloe’s left hand move from her left thigh to the brunette’s waist, holding her tight, as though anticipating the way Beca’s legs would undoubtedly fail in keeping her upright any moment now.

Then suddenly Beca froze, her body stiffening as she felt and overwhelming surge of sexual pleasure crashing through her body from her throbbing pussy, shooting up to her head and down to her toes. The brunette let out a cry that she quickly tried to muffle by throwing her face into Chloe’s neck, moaning in relief against Chloe’s skin.

Chloe, meanwhile, held Beca’s waist tight to keep her upright. Her right hand remained still between her girlfriend’s legs, her index finger and middle finger still deep within Beca’s throbbing pussy while the brunette rode out her orgasm. Beca no longer rolled her hips, her breathing now quick and shallow.

After a few moments Beca let out a grunt of approval, letting out a satisfied sigh while Chloe pulled her fingers from within her, the redhead stepping back to pull out a couple of tissues to wipe her hand. Beca cleared her throat, a satisfied smile on her face as she popped her left breast back under the corset cup and smoothed her hands down her front before doing her pants up. Fuck that was hot. It was a shame she was going to have to go back on stage so soon or she would’ve repaid the favour. Though there was plenty of time to do that later..

“Holy crap, Chlo!” Beca said in shock as she turned her body slightly to inspect the huge lovebite that her girlfriend had given her on her upper back. She looked at Chloe in the mirror’s reflection and grinned. The redhead looked pretty proud about the mark, smirking while holding Beca’s suit jacket in her hand.

“Oh I’m sorry,” Chloe said sarcastically, “did you not want me to kiss you after all?”

But Beca let out a small growl of desire, turning on the spot to take the jacket that easily hid the huge lovebite. The brunette gave her girlfriend a seductive smile, stepping up to her and taking a deep intake of breath.

“Definitely not.” Beca mumbled, her lips hovering less than an inch from Chloe’s. And just as the redhead made to close the gap, Beca stepped back and over to the dressing room door. “I’ve gotta go back on stage,” she said seductively with a shrug, “but we’re continuing this later, Beale.”

And Chloe had no other choice but to bite her bottom lip with a grin as she watched her award-winning girlfriend step out of the dressing room with a grin and a wink.

She couldn’t wait..

Chapter Text

“Hey babe? I’m hooooome!” Chloe called out as she shoved her way through the front door of the LA home she shared with her wife of four years, dragging her suitcase behind her then closing the door back over. She’d been away in Atlanta for a few days to deliver a lecture at Barden University. But she wasn’t given much time to think.

The redhead’s mouth fell open when her wife came striding through from the kitchen, wearing nothing but her underwear, and reaching out to grab her. Chloe let out a light giggle as Beca threw her arms around the woman’s neck and pulled her into a deep kiss.

“I fucking missed you Mrs Beale” the brunette mumbled against her lips, and Chloe let out a light hum as her wife slid her tongue into her mouth to immediately deepen the kiss. Clearly four days had been too long for Beca Beale, who had stayed at home to take care of their two year old daughter while her wife visited their old college.

“I missed you too Mrs Beale” Chloe mumbled, still loving how it sounded to call Beca a ‘Beale’. Because she loved her wife so much. And she wound her arms around Beca’s slim bare waste, holding her tight as they sighed heavily through their noses, kissing noisily.

Beca suddenly broke their kiss, pulling out of Chloe’s grip and taking hold of her wife’s hands, giving them a little tug.

“Come on.” she muttered, walking backwards with a seductive smile on her face, looking into Chloe’s eyes while she guided her towards the staircase, “Shower.”

And Chloe broke into a broad grin, letting out a giddy giggle as she released her wife’s hands, still following her while removing her clothes one by one. By the time they reached the top of the stairs she was left with nothing on but her underwear, and the two wives laughed as they ran down to their bedroom to get into their ensuite shower that had the best water pressure and so much room…

Chapter Text

Beca sat next to Chloe at the hotel bar that they and the Bellas had been staying at in Atlanta, picking nervously at the label on her beer bottle. They’d arrived at Barden yesterday, reuniting with their Old Bellas to help the New Bellas with their routines and songs. The two women hadn’t seen each other in months, not since Aubrey’s 30th birthday party last year. Beca had moved out of the Brooklyn apartment she’d shared with Chloe and Fat Amy at the end of the USO tour. Even then that had been two and a half years ago. Two and a half years since Beca had signed that recording contract and could now boast an impressive array of awards and record sales. But it had never been enough.

The Old Bellas had all left the bar a few minutes ago, stating they were going to go meet The New Bellas at the Bellas sorority house. Beca and Chloe had remained, and none of their friends challenged the decision. They’d seen the way the two women had been looking at one another. Had noticed how much they both appeared to pine for one another - far more than they’d ever used to when they were back in college or living together in Brooklyn.

Beca took a deep sad breath, tears in her eyes. She was exhausted. This had been the first time in months that she’d properly stopped. And she felt emotional to finally be sat alone with her best friend - the woman she was secretly in love with.

“I hate that you have to leave tomorrow.” She heard Chloe say quietly, sadly, and her heart sunk as she turned to look at her estranged best friend who picked at her own beer bottle label. Chloe looked small. Vulnerable.

“Not nearly as much as I hate it..” Beca replied, letting out a small sigh. She watched as Chloe turned to look at her, noting the way her bright blue eyes were watering. They held one another’s glances, breathing steadily, trying their hardest not to cry. Because tonight felt so so sad. Beca had to leave in the morning to embark on a three month world tour. She had to leave a full two days before any of the other Bellas. And Chloe was devastated.

“You used to be the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning, and the last thing I saw before I went to sleep at night.” Beca said quietly, hating the way a sniff sounded from Chloe’s nose. It made her feel even worse. “I really miss that.” There was so much of her that didn’t want to go. Especially now.

“I miss the way you would get into bed and warm your icy feet on my legs.” A tiny sad smile peeked from the corners of Chloe’s lips.

“And I miss making you your cup of green tea with a slice of lemon before I left to go to work every morning.” Beca let out a sniff of her own, sighing as she turned to look back down at her beer bottle,

“And I miss how we snuggled up in our bed to watch Netflix, o-or even your homemade vegan pie on Sundays.” Beca had stubbornly stated that there was no way anything vegan could possibly taste nice. Until Chloe put a plate of that pie in front of her. It had become a Sunday tradition in their apartment after that day because Beca had loved it.

Beca turned to look back up at her estranged best friend. The woman she loved. The woman she’d never revealed her feelings to. And her eyes followed a tear that rolled down Chloe’s cheek, “I miss you.” Beca said quietly, “I-I miss all of you.”

“I miss all of you too.” Chloe said softly, letting out another sniff as she looked back down at her beer bottle. They both grieved for the life they’d once shared together. Sure, it had been as best friends. But it had been their life.

“You miss your little spoon then, huh?” Chloe asked in a slightly lighter tone, attempting to lighten the mood as usual, and a small smile grew on Beca’s face as she looked down at her drink with a chuckle.

“Yeah..” she replied quietly.

“I miss my big spoon..”

Beca slowly looked over at Chloe and the two held one another’s gazes again. It was sad really. Neither had ever told the other that they were in fact madly in love with them. But in a funny sort of way, they hadn’t ever had to. Since reuniting yesterday the two had shared many looks like this, and had realised quickly that the reality of them ever undertaking a romantic relationship just wasn’t possible. Beca’s career made it impossible for her to find the time to visit Chloe. And Chloe was still only halfway through her veterinary training. It just wasn’t feasible.

Beca hesitated for a moment, then ever so gently shook her head, a small smile creeping over her face as she looked back down at her beer bottle in embarrassment.

“Whaaat?” Chloe asked curiously, a tiny smile on her face as she looked at her estranged best friend. The woman she loved. And she watched as Beca turned back to her, her smile softening.

“Will you come to bed with me tonight?”

Chloe couldn’t help her mouth from hanging open a little bit, surprised with how forward Beca was being. Perhaps the drinks they’d been having with their friends over the past couple of hours had loosened her up a little? But Beca had raised her eyebrows, an expression on her face that told Chloe she hadn’t meant to say exactly what she’d said.

“I don’t…mean-“

But Chloe reached a hand out and placed it on Beca’s wrist, “-I know what you meant.” she said in an understanding manner and the two paused, still looking at one another.

Of course Chloe knew what she meant. They’d known each other for just over nine years. Beca had a suite booked in the hotel they were currently sat in, though she and the rest of The Bellas had spent the night over at The Bellas sorority house last night. Fat Amy, despite now being a multimillionaire, had managed to blag herself another night staying with The New Bellas. Chloe, on the other hand, had agreed to share a hotel room with Flo, who much like the redhead hadn’t been able to afford such a luxurious room on her own.

“I just really want to have a decent nights sleep for once.” Beca explained nervously.

The tear that had rolled down Chloe’s cheek had dried, and the redhead nodded gently with a sniff. Because she knew exactly what Beca meant. She hadn’t been sleeping well either over the past couple of years since Beca had moved away. Back in Brooklyn it had got to the stage where they’d become like one person. One force. They’d done everything together. They’d known what the other was thinking almost before they knew themselves. They’d always been expected to attend events together, and if one wasn’t there then people would immediately be surprised.

Chloe hadn’t felt right since Beca had gone. And in a tiny way, she was relieved to understand that Beca had been feeling the same way. So she released Beca’s wrist, took a final swing of her beer, and placed the bottle gently down on the surface of the bar table.

“Come on,” she said softly, “let’s go to bed.”


Chloe strode up to the door that she knew was to Beca’s suite and she paused, wanting to take a few breaths to try to steady her racing heart. Because she’d been giddy with excitement when she’d dashed into her hotel room to get changed into her pyjamas. But now she was nervous. Really nervous.

She squeezed her eyes closed, took one final deep calming breath, opened them again, then pulled the handle to the hotel suite down and stepped over the threshold. Her eyes immediately clocked that there was barely any light save for the tiny light that was coming from a small lamp by the huge TV. A TV that sat on the wall opposite three couches. And further down the suite, past the couches and a dining table, was a massive bed against the wall. And in that massive bed lay her best friend, looking up at her with her phone in her hands, the light from the screen highlighting her tired features.

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat, hardly able to believe how beautiful Beca looked. Hardly able to believe how much she’d missed that sleepy expression on her best friend’s face.

Beca’s heart was ramming against her chest with heavy thuds and she locked her phone screen as she watched Chloe close the door to her suite shut and slowly make her way through to the bedroom area. She was overjoyed of course that Chloe had agreed to join her, but it was tinged with sadness because tonight wouldn’t last a lifetime. Beca needed to leave for Atlanta airport in the morning. And she wouldn’t be back at her home in LA for another three months. God, if only she could take Chloe with her..

Chloe didn’t say anything, utilising the calm peaceful environment, and instead walked around to the side of the bed that had always been ‘her side of the bed’ back when they’d had to share a bed in their apartment in Brooklyn a couple of years ago. The redhead peeled the bedcovers back and slid her body onto the soft mattress, pulling the covers to her waist.

Beca brought her arm out to drape over the pillows, an invitation for Chloe to assume the position they’d laid in on so many occasions back in Brooklyn. And Chloe obliged, sidling up to the petite brunette, resting her head on the right of Beca’s chest and shoulder, then snaking her arm across her best friend’s stomach.

The two women both took deep peaceful breaths as Beca wrapped her right arm around Chloe’s body, and Chloe began tracing her right-hand fingertips up and down Beca’s left arm. And they both lay in the dim light, finally feeling calm in one another’s arms again. They were like two pieces of a puzzle that made sense the second they were together. They fitted perfectly. And when they lay like this, they felt complete.

Beca swallowed loudly, feeling a lump in her throat. She desperately wished she could have this moment forever. Just her and Chloe. But they couldn’t. Because she needed to leave for her world tour tomorrow. A world tour that would keep her away from Chloe for months. It just wasn’t fair. It just wouldn’t work.

She held her breath when she heard a distinct sniff then a soft sigh fall from her best friend’s mouth, and with it she noticed her skin was becoming damp where Chloe’s cheekbone rested. So Beca pulled Chloe into a tighter hug, bringing her left hand to Chloe’s elbow and lightly tracing her fingertips across the skin of her right hand from the elbow down to the wrist and back again. Over and over. A soothing motion she’d learnt that Chloe liked in their fourth month of living together.

They remained in their same positions, Chloe’s body shaking at intervals, the woman clearly trying her hardest not to cry too hard. And Beca continued to hold her tight, never really wanting to let her go.

Chloe let out a blubbering sigh, sniffing before whispering, “I’m gonna miss you so much.”

It was as though they’d been living together these past couple of years and as though Beca was leaving for good. But that proved just how much they meant to each other.

Beca sniffed herself, tears in her eyes and that lump still in her throat. Because she understood exactly how Chloe was feeling, “I’m gonna miss you so much too.” she whispered back.

Chloe adjusted her position in Beca’s arms, letting out another sniff then a sigh when she looked up at her best friend’s face. Their eyes both glistened with tears as they looked at one another. Because this was love. Not unrequited. Not forbidden. Mutual. But just not possible given the circumstances.

“I really wanna do something right now but…I can’t…” Beca confessed quietly, looking down, sadly, at the beautiful redhead in her arms.

Chloe swallowed loudly, her arm still being sweetly caressed by Beca’s fingertips. Though whether Beca realised she was doing it or not was a mystery.

“What is it you’re wanting to do?” Chloe asked quietly, her arms actually going a little numb with excitement, though her face did not show how hopeful she was.

Beca paused, looking down at Chloe. At her perfect nose and those beautiful lips. The room being so dark that she couldn’t see the colour of Chloe’s eyes, but having looked into them so many times over the years she knew exactly what shade of blue they were. Beca was crazy about Chloe. Secretly of course, but it was true. She absolutely adored her. And it killed her that she didn’t get to see the woman much any more.

“I really want to kiss you.” Beca said softly, looking down at Chloe sadly, tears still building in her eyes, “But I know if I do, I’m never gonna want to stop.”

Chloe remained focused on her best friend’s sad expression, even when the brunette brought her left hand up to Chloe’s face, and affectionately curled a lock of her red hair behind her ear, “And I’ll have to stop Chlo. Because I’m leaving in the morning.”

Beca was now cupping Chloe’s right cheek. Tears had started to flow down Chloe’s cheeks again, pooling on the soft skin in the nape of Beca’s neck, and she saw how tears had begun to roll down Beca’s cheeks too. This was so unfair.

“I’ll have to say goodbye.” Beca added with a bit of a blub, still looking down at the redhead in her arms, and now smoothing the pad of her thumb against Chloe’s cheek to wipe the tears that fell. Chloe felt her stomach sink. It was never easy watching Beca cry, particularly when there was nothing she could do to help matters.

“I could deal with having my heart broken when I leave in the morning.” Beca said with a loud sniff and she shook her head gently, swallowing as she let out a shuddering sigh, “But I could never deal with the idea of breaking your heart too.”

The two women lay together in silence, sniffing and sighing and crying quietly in each other’s arms. Looking at one another. Desperately sad about the situation they were in.

After several minutes, Chloe broke the silence, croaking a quiet, “What if tonight wasn’t a goodbye? What if it was simply…’au revoir’?”

“Au revoir?” Beca croaked back quietly, her brow furrowing in confusion. Because that was just the French way of saying ‘Goodbye’ right?

“Yeah,” Chloe said quietly, sniffing as she brought her hand from around Beca’s waist and rubbed her running nose. Then she let out a sigh while returning her arm to its original position, “it means ‘until we meet again’.”

Beca paused, looking down at Chloe, the latest batch of tears now beginning to dry on her cheeks. Her heart leapt when she watched Chloe reach her right hand up and cup her left cheek, affectionately smoothing her thumb over her wet skin. Beca closed her eyes at Chloe’s touch, just as the woman whispered, “Beca, we’re always going to have tonight.”

The brunette brought a hand up to envelope Chloe’s on her cheek, and she turned her face to place a kiss on Chloe’s thenar. She held her lips against the skin, keeping her eyes squeezed shut, trying to urge herself not to cry anymore. So instead she mumbled just above a whisper, “I love you”.

Chloe swallowed loudly, revealing a small sad smile. Those were the words she’d always wanted to hear her best friend say. Everything she’d ever wanted Beca to tell her. And she’d always imagined she’d be over the moon when that time would come. But right now she felt sad. Because nothing could come of this except heartache. Beca was leaving in the morning, and Chloe had no idea when she’d see her again.

Beca’s heart stopped as she felt Chloe bring her head up from her petite body, and the brunette opened her eyes to look at her best friend. Chloe brought her face closer to Beca’s, their eyes remaining locked. They’d both stopped crying, but their eyes were still watery. Their cheeks and lips still damp from their respective tears.

Chloe smoothed her right thumb over the skin while she continued to cup Beca’s left cheek. She slowly drew her face closer to Beca’s, until their noses began gently nuzzling the nook between their right nostril and right cheek. Their breath whispered over one another’s skin, cooling the warm tears that were rolling down their cheeks once again and collecting at their chins.

“I love you too” Chloe whispered softly.

Beca’s heart felt as though it were about to burst from her chest. Any hope of it not breaking in the morning was already none and void. It was too late. They’d swapped “I love you”’s. Their hearts belonged to each other. There was nothing more left to do except the very thing Beca had initially been worried about doing.

The brunette took a shallow intake of breath, brushing her top lip tentatively across Chloe’s top lip then pulled away slightly, their nuzzling continuing. Chloe’s right hand remained cupping Beca’s cheek as the motion of top lip brushing top lip was repeated, and Beca’s left hand smoothed up and down Chloe’s arm again, sending goosebumps across the redhead’s skin.

Then the two women paused, taking a moment to look deep into one another’s eyes in the dark light of Beca’s hotel room. Beca swallowed loudly as she watched Chloe look down at her lips, her mouth hung open while they both took several shallow breaths, adrenaline now kicking around their bodies in eager anticipation.

This time, when Beca brushed her top lip across Chloe’s, the contact wasn’t broken. And they remained in that position for a moment, breathing slowly, their eyes now closed, relishing the closeness they now shared. Beca ran her left hand up to Chloe’s right wrist and held it gently.

Ever so slowly, ever so gently, their bottom lips joined, and Beca & Chloe’s first kiss began. Soft, tender, delicate. Filled with love and affection, yet a dark shadow loomed over it - the knowledge that with every passing second they were getting closer to the morning. Closer to the time Beca had to go. Getting closer to the time Beca had to leave Chloe.

They broke apart for a moment with a noisy smack, their tears having soaked their lips which added more drama to their first kiss. Their noses pressed affectionately into that nook between their right nostril and right cheek again as they let out gentle sighs of relief.

Then suddenly they snapped their lips back together again. This time their kisses were short and fast and noisy as the passion between the two best friends increased, the sexual tension having finally been cut, and they both took deep intakes through their noses as they kissed noisily.

The next pause in kissing came when Beca’s body shuddered and she let out a sob. Chloe leant her forehead against Beca’s, tears still running down her own cheeks, and they both sniffed sadly.

“Msorry..” Beca blubbed with a heavy sigh. She closed her eyes as she felt Chloe’s lips kiss the tears on her right cheek, then the tip of her nose, then her left cheek. Beca brought her lips to Chloe’s left cheek, kissing the tears from her best friend’s skin. God, she felt so upset and so safe and so sad and so loved and the most vulnerable she’d ever felt in her entire life.

“You have nothing to be sorry about” Chloe whispered softly against Beca’s cheek, nuzzling it slightly. And as they began sharing another gentle kiss on the lips once again, Beca thought about what Chloe said, and knew it was the truth.

Because with Chloe, Beca didn’t have to be anyone. She could let all her defences down. She could cry. She could tell her all her thoughts and fears. Because she knew Chloe loved her unconditionally.

And Beca knew that with Chloe, she could be unapologetically herself. Even if it was just for tonight.

Chapter Text

‘Beale’ [Pronounced: ‘Bee - ull’]

A family name. Blood-members of this family are commonly regarded as bright, bubbly, cheery, and glass-half-full individuals. They are mostly always smiling even when unhappy. They are very generous with their time, money, and affection. Sometimes their tendency to daydream makes their expectations unrealistic.

A red-haired ‘Beale’ can be passionate and romantic (often hopelessly so), but they can also be fiery.

If you push a ‘Beale’ beyond their patience they can go one of two ways, defensive and aggressive, or teary and upset. They forgive easily when hurt. All ‘Beales’ are fiercely protective of one another and those they love.

When a ‘Beale’ falls in love with someone they fall hard. Their patience and ability to push past difficult boundaries makes a ‘Beales’ love one of a kind. They will wait a lifetime for the person they love, their optimism carrying them through their days.

If you’re loved by a ‘Beale’ then it is unconditional, and a love that will last a lifetime.

Chapter Text

Beca let out a heavy sigh as she stepped through the door of the studio apartment she shared with her two best friends. She tugged her satchel from over her shoulder, throwing it in the same corner by the door as usual. She unbuttoned her jacket, shrugging it off and chucking it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs, then pulled her scarf from around her neck and kept it in her hands.

“Bad day?” came the sweet voice of her best friend, and Beca knew exactly who it was. Because Chloe was usually the only one in when she got home from work in the evening.

So the brunette turned to the fold-out bed that they both shared. She saw how Chloe was laid out on their bed, her feet up on the ‘back board’ of the fold-out couch, her upper body resting on the mattress with her head halfway down it. The redhead looked up at Beca, a reading book in her hands, and a kind smile on her face.

Beca simply let out a sigh and a small groan as she turned on the spot and fell backwards onto the bed, landing so that her legs hung off the bottom of the mattress, and her head laid beside Chloe’s, “Ugh the worst!” she groaned, twiddling her scarf between her fingers.

There was a pause. A purposeful pause. Because even though Chloe loved to fill silence with words, she knew that when Beca needed to talk about her day the brunette required silence.

“I missed the subway this morning because of the lemon disaster..” Beca mumbled with a frown and Chloe’s eyebrows rose.

“Beca I said you didn’t have to put a slice of lemon in my tea!” The redhead said, completely horrified that she’d been the cause of Beca’s delayed journey. Beca continued to stare up at the ceiling. Because Chloe had insisted that she didn’t need to go out and get a lemon, and Beca had still insisted that Chloe’s morning green tea would be shit without it. So the brunette had dashed out to the little grocery store by their apartment at 6am to buy a lemon for Chloe.

“I know but I wanted to, dude. I never make your morning tea without it.”

The room fell silent and Beca continued to look up at the ceiling, her mind replaying the day by projecting it on the white surface above them. She knew Chloe was looking at her, but Beca continued talking instead, always relishing in the opportunity to talk about her day to Chloe whenever she returned home from work.

“By the time I got into work my first meeting had already started.” Beca said, scrunching her nose up as she remembered how disappointed her boss had looked as she’d hastily took a seat by his side. “From then on I was behind with everything! Behind with calls, behind with my second meeting, behind with this afternoon’s mix.” Beca was too busy twisting the scarf between her fingers to notice the way Chloe had bit her bottom lip while listening to the brunette. “And to top it all off I snagged the cable of my headphones on a crappy bit of metal on the subway and broke them!”

Beca furrowed her brow, still annoyed that she’d have to find some way of replacing her favourite Beats despite having barely any money and barely any time to buy a new pair. She felt Chloe turn onto her right side to face her properly while a light giggle fell out of the redhead’s mouth. So Beca turned onto her own right side to face her best friend.

“It’s not funny!” The woman protested, but a small smile grew on her face when she looked into her best friend’s bright blue eyes, trying to ignore how close their faces now were. Her eyes drew their way up to Chloe’s mouth as the redhead tugged her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to stifle a giggle.

“Don’t.” Beca said seriously, raising her eyebrows, but a light giggle gurgled at the back of Chloe’s throat, tears beginning to shine in her eyes as she struggled to keep her laughter at bay. Because Beca was cute when she was pretending to be annoyed.

“I’m serious, Chloe, I swear to God, if you start laughing..” Beca warned, but it was too late, and the brunette felt her heart skip a beat as a contagious laugh rippled out of Chloe’s mouth, her nose scrunching up while she squeezed her eyes shut. And within a matter of seconds Beca also began laughing.

The two women had been undertaking a bittersweet dance over the past few months. Both were besotted by the other. Head over heels if you will. But neither had dared tell the other their true feelings. There was too much risk. The risk that the other may not reciprocate those feelings. That it would ruin the most important relationship in their lives.

After a few moments their laughter subsided and the two best friends lay in silence looking into one another’s eyes. The last time they’d laid like this had been two years ago, when they’d gone on a retreat with the rest of The Bellas in their senior year of college. They’d been forced to all share one big tent. All ten of them. Beca and Chloe had turned to one another, Beca fuming because she couldn’t understand why they were on the retreat in the first place. She’d snapped at Chloe. And Chloe, being her usual sweet self, had been bubbly and positive and had awkwardly revealed to Beca that her biggest regret was that she hadn’t done more experimenting in college. And Beca’s biggest regret now was that she’d never asked what Chloe had meant and had turned away from her instead…

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t do enough experimenting back in college…” Chloe whispered, looking deep into Beca’s eyes and the brunette held her breath. Because right now the tip of their noses were touching and Beca was certain she’d never felt her heart race like this before. She noticed the way Chloe looked up at her lips and Beca found her own eyes drifting up, wondering how soft Chloe’s lips would actually feel against her own.

“That…is…um…i-interesting…” Beca stuttered awkwardly, looking back into Chloe’s eyes.

“Mmm..” Chloe hummed quietly with a soft expression on her face. Beca swallowed loudly, butterflies racing around in her stomach.

“You know…it’s…never too late to try something new?” Beca said slowly, tentatively. Because she wasn’t too sure if these words were too forward. They’d flirted plenty of times in the past. But they’d never been this close while doing it.

Beca saw Chloe’s eyes drift up to her lips once again, and with one last shallow intake of breath, the redhead lifted her face. Beca’s mind went blank as she lifted her own face, the tip of her nose now skimming along Chloe’s chin, and her eyes drifted closed.

Then Beca felt her lips go numb as Chloe’s lips delicately touched hers. They both hesitated, keeping their mouths against one another’s for several moments, their minds whirring. Neither regretting this action.

Their lips parted and Beca leant back slightly, opening her eyes. A tiny smile grew on her face as she saw that Chloe still had her eyes closed, her mouth hanging opened slightly as though frozen in place since their first kiss.

“Uh…” Chloe aired delicately, clearing her throat before slowly opening her eyes, “…I-I guess it’s not too late…”

A small smile grew on Chloe’s face as she swallowed loudly, loving the expression on Beca’s face. Because this was everything she’d ever wanted. Beca. Beca was everything she’d ever wanted.

“Good.” Beca whispered, “So, um…Can I suggest something new?” she asked quietly as she slipped her boots off and let them fall to the floor at the bottom of the bed.

“Uhuh.” Chloe said in a light tone.

The brunette watched in delight as Chloe gave her a curious look. Beca scrambled up onto her knees, turning on the bed so she was now facing Chloe properly. She placed a hand either side of her best friend’s head, leaning on the mattress. Her long brown hair hung down from her head, and she grinned as Chloe bit her bottom lip. Their chests were both heaving with excitement and anticipation.

“Experimenting…” Beca said quietly, looking down at Chloe’s lips then deep into the redhead’s eyes, loving the way the bright blue orbs appeared to shine up at her, “…maybe we should start like this?” And Beca slowly brought her face down to Chloe’s face, her eyes closing once again, her lips enclosing her best friend’s once again. This time the kiss was a little firmer. A little surer.

Both women took deep intakes of breath through their noses as their kiss deepened. Beca’s face tingled when she felt Chloe’s hands wind their way up to cup her cheeks. And she slid her tongue experimentally along Chloe’s bottom lip. A light hum sounded from the back of redhead’s throat as the woman parted her lips and their tongues met.

Chloe’s hands drifted from Beca’s face down the length of her back, swirling her fingers across her lower back. Beca’s arms began to shake slightly, her upper body strength having never been her best feature and she broke their kiss with a gentle gasp. The two best friends opened their eyes slowly, soft smiles on their faces.

“And…maybe, then…we should do other stuff? Maybe?” Beca suggested nervously. To her relief Chloe brought a hand up to cup Beca’s cheek affectionately.

“I’d like that.” Chloe whispered, and a broad smile swept over Beca’s face as she leant down and resumed their deep kiss once again.

Chapter Text

Beca walked with Jesse to his car. It’d been an awkward hour catching up. She hadn’t ever expected to bump into him in that café in Brooklyn. But she had. And she’d been so shocked to see him that she’d awkwardly agreed to sit and have a coffee with him even though they hadn’t seen one another since breaking up two years ago, just after graduation.

The bigger shock had been about five minutes ago when they had passed Chloe on the way out. The redhead had been stood in the long queue waiting to order herself three coffees to take back to the apartment she shared with Fat Amy & Beca. And Chloe had seemed just as shocked to see Beca with Jesse as she had been to see Beca out of work early in the first place.

Beca had felt her stomach knot. Because she had the hugest crush on Chloe. Had done since just before graduation. Two years of agonising tourment having to share a bed with the redhead in their studio apartment. Falling deeper and madder in love with her with each day that passed. And she’d seen the look on Chloe’s face the moment the woman had spotted Jesse. The way Chloe’s smile had dropped in shock.

And Beca had just looked awkwardly past her best friend, saying she’d been let out of work early and had bumped into Jesse. Jesse had agreed that it had all happened by chance. Polite greetings had been exchanged between the man and Chloe. Then Beca and Jesse had left the café.

“So…” Jesse said awkwardly as he hovered by the door of his car, twisting his keys between his fingers, looking down at Beca with a calm smile, “…good luck I guess?”

Beca cleared her throat, stuffing her hands in her jeans pockets, “Yeah…uh…good luck Jesse.”

Jesse unlocked his car and pulled the handle to open the door. But he paused, turning to look back at his ex-girlfriend, his expression showing that he was in some sort of internal dilemma, “Just…one thing?”

Beca swallowed loudly again, giving him a small nod and a quiet, “Uhuh?”

“Don’t date Chloe.” Jesse said seriously, “It’d mess your life up.”

There was a short pause as the two ex-lovers looked at one another. Beca was stunned by the advice. She’d always respected Jesse’s decisions and ability to see things clearly. But at no point over the past hour that they’d been talking had Beca mentioned much about Chloe. She felt in a weird way as though she were cheating on Chloe if she did mention her to Jesse. So she hadn’t.

“Right…uh…yeah, no, of course.” Beca said quietly, giving the young man a pursed-lipped smile. Her stomach twisting with guilt. Not because of Jesse. But because of what she was agreeing to.

“Bye Beca.” Jesse said kindly, and he bent down and enveloped the petite woman in a hug. Beca froze, her arms resting around his neck but not hugging him back at all. It felt weird and awkward. Much like all their hugs in the past.

As she watched him climb into his car she felt numb. Tears slowly building in her eyes. She watched as he drove off and her heart began racing.

Soon Beca’s feet had begun carrying her quickly back to the coffee shop. She shoved her way through the door and looked at the queue. But Chloe was nowhere to be seen.

Beca’s heart raced as she passed the long queue, then it skipped a beat when she caught sight of her best friend stood quietly by the ‘collection counter’ with her phone in her hand. By some happy twist of fate the redhead looked up and saw Beca.

The younger woman slowly walked up to her and stopped, not breaking eye contact with her once. Chloe wore a confused expression.

Beca slowly leant towards her and gently wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waist. She closed her eyes and let out a deep shuddering breath while she felt Chloe hug her back. And a warm calm wave rushed over her body as she tightened her grip around her best friend’s body, a gentle smile washing over her face.

This was it. Chloe made her feel warm and safe and sure and loved. How could this possibly mess her life up?

Chloe, meanwhile, had also closed her eyes. Tears had begun welling up in them, and a shy smile had grown on her face. She had no idea what this was about. But this was by far the best hug she’d ever had with Beca. And Beca had been the one to instigate it. In public!

The brunette gently unwrapped her arms and slowly leant back to look at her best friend. She cleared her throat, looking into Chloe’s bright blue eyes, loving her soft smile. She shuffled her feet, picking nervously at her fingers:

“Wanna go out on a date?” she asked quietly.

Chloe nodded, replying in an equally quiet voice, “Yeah okay.”

“Okay then..” Beca said with a smile, stepping backwards just as the coffee barista called out Chloe’s name and her three coffees.

And the two best friends collected the coffees then made their way out of the café, before embarking on a slow walk back to their apartment, hand in hand.

Chapter Text

Chloe has a sexy smirk on her face as she strides up to Chicago, walking with purpose. The soldier stands patiently, a grin on his face as the redhead approaches him. But his expression turns to one of surprise when Chloe strides past him.

Chicago turns to watch her and his stomach churns in disappointment as he sees Chloe striding up to Beca, throwing her arms around the brunette’s neck while Beca wraps her arms tightly around Chloe’s waist and the two share a passionate deep kiss, smiles on their faces. Chicago’s mouth is hung open in shock as he watches them, not noticing Theo who had turned a corner and appeared to look as shocked as the soldier was.

Theo slowly wanders up to Chicago, and both men watch the two women in shock, having both thought they’d had a shot with their respective crushes only to find out that their crushes were actually with each other instead!

THEO: “Did you know they were-“

CHICAGO: “-Nope.”

THEO: “Huh..”

The two men let out little groans of disappointment as they watch Beca impressively dip Chloe to deepen their kiss, neither able to tear their eyes from the action before them.

THEO: “Want to get a beer?”

CHICAGO: “Yeah.”

And the two men slowly wander away, leaving Beca & Chloe still making out backstage on the final night of the USO tour.

Chapter Text

Chloe Beale stood in the kitchen of her home, a large mansion that she and Beca had bought several years ago once her wife had returned from another successful world tour. The redhead was busy chopping a pineapple while her best friend, Aubrey, stood beside her, chopping some strawberries then placing them in a large bowl between them. Today was Chloe’s birthday, and she and Beca were hosting their best friend’s at their house for a big birthday barbecue.

“So…” Chloe tried to ask conversationally, not looking away from the pineapple in her hands, “…how’s life?”

“Oh you know, much the same.” Aubrey said with a light shrug and a calm smile, also looking at her own fruit.

“And your love life?” Chloe asked, a smile growing on her face.

“Nothing new their either. Same as it’s been for months.” came the response.

But Chloe knew. She knew her best friend was involved with someone. Aubrey just hadn’t appeared to have the strength to tell her yet.

”Babe we’re home!” Chloe heard her wife call out as she entered their home, and the redhead heard the familiar sound of her four year old son dashing through the large house to join her in the kitchen. Little Samuel Beale, the spit of his Mommy, stared up at her with his bright blue eyes and beaming smile while her hugged her leg happily.

“Hi Mommy!!” he squeaked.

“Hey Sammy.” The mother said, affectionately stroking her hand through his messy red hair, “Did you have a good time with Auntie Aubrey?”

“Uhuh! We went to the zoo!”

Chloe fained a gasp of surprise, “You did?” though it was no surprise at all, because Sam Beale went to the zoo with his Auntie Aubrey every Wednesday, and swimming with her every Monday.

“Yeah! I drew some pictures for you!” the little boy said eagerly, “Wait here!”

And the four year old raced out of the kitchen to find his little rucksack that he presumed would be by the front door. But Chloe’s wife simply rolled her eyes and held his rucksack up with her right hand and the redhead let out a light chuckle. Because their son was forever tearing about the place looking for his things when more often than not they were right in front of him the whole time.

“You won’t believe what I found out..” Beca said with a grin and Chloe furrowed her brow curiously. Because this wasn’t her wife’s usual comment at any time, not least of all as soon as she got home from somewhere. Beca Beale just didn’t normally care.

“Go on…”

“I think Aubrey and Stacie are seeing each other.”

Chloe let out a light giggle, her eyebrows raising, “Wha-hat? No they’re not!”

“How do you know?”

“How do I know? Because Aubrey’s my best friend, she would’ve told me by now!” Chloe said with a look of disbelief, “How do YOU know?”

“Because Sammy told me!”

“S-Sammy said they were dating??” The redhead asked still in slight disbelief, and with little surprise to her, she saw her wife shrug while clearing her throat awkwardly.

“Well he didn’t exactly SAY those words but he implied it?”


Their son dashed back into the kitchen slightly out of breath, initially looking worried that he couldn’t find his rucksack, but his eyebrows rose when he saw it in his Mama’s right hand.

“Oh there it is!” the little boy said as he rolled his eyes, and he walked up to his Mama and held his hands up so she would hand it to him. Which Beca did.

“Hey, buddy?” Beca asked slowly as her son began delving in his rucksack for his drawings, “Who did you see at the zoo today?”

“Uhh…Penguins!” Sam exclaimed with a big grin as he looked up at his mothers, then continued to look in his rucksack. Chloe looked to her wife with raised eyebrows, wondering if the woman was going a little crazy.

“No, I mean, who did you GO with?” The brunette attempted, but infuriatingly her son shrugged while he continued to look.

“Auntie Aubrey…”

Chloe saw her wife look awkwardly over at her and a small smile grew on the redhead’s face. Because she knew she was right. There was no WAY Aubrey had been seeing Stacie romantically without telling her.

“…and Auntie Stacie, and Bella!” Sam finished, tugging at a few pieces of paper.

Chloe’s heart began to race a little, her smile dropping to a more stunned expression while her wife merely grinned, giving her a “see I told you so!” look while she continued questioning their son.

“And you see Auntie Stacie and Bella every time you see Auntie Aubrey, right?”

“Yep! We all go swimming every Monday and to the zoo every Wednesday!” Sam said innocently as he finally pulled the pieces of paper out and held them up to show his Mommy, “Tadahh!!”

“Wow!” Chloe said overly brightly, looking down at the drawings her son had done, lovingly noting the dirt in the corners that showed he’d probably done them at the zoo earlier. But she needed to know more about Aubrey and Stacie and, more importantly, whether they WERE seeing each other as more than just best friends. “So…do Auntie Aubrey and Auntie Stacie kiss?”

The four year old looked up at his mothers a little confused, but after a couple of moments he shrugged then nodded, “They kiss goodbye. And hello. And if one of them gets something.”

“Like what?” Beca asked, a grin on her face, and Chloe knew this was because her wife loved gathering evidence like this.

“Like…ummm…like when Auntie Aubrey and Auntie Stacie were sat together on the couch and Bella and me played with her toy kitchen by the TV and then Auntie Stacie went to get Auntie Aubrey a water and Auntie Aubrey kissed Auntie Stacie to say thank you.”

The little boy took a deep breath, then began taking his drawings from his Mommy’s hands. Chloe’s mouth had dropped open in shock.

“Like…do they kiss on the lips?”

“Yep!” Sam said brightly, bending down to rifle through his rucksack again.

“Bella has her own bedroom at Aubrey’s apparently…” Chloe heard her wife whisper to her and the redhead’s eyebrows shot up when Beca added, “…and Stacie shares Aubrey’s room.”

“Oh my God…” Chloe whispered back, hardly able to believe what she was hearing. Aubrey had A LOT of explaining to do.

The front door of the mansion swung open and Stacie Conrad stepped into the house of her best friend’s. Her nine year old daughter let out a delightful squeal of excitement, dashing through to the kitchen, the place that the Beale family normally congregated in. Today was the first time she and all her best friends had got together in around two years. And the first time she and Aubrey had been around them since moving into Aubrey’s house just over a year ago. As far as The Bellas were aware, Stacie and Aubrey were best friends. But Stacie and Aubrey were more than that. They’d been officially going out for eighteen months. They were girlfriends.

Bella Conrad had asked her mother this morning why “Bree” had gone over to “Sammy’s” house early this morning. And Stacie had told her it was because Bree had needed to help Auntie Chloe and Auntie Beca with the preparations. And while some of that was true, for the most part Aubrey and Stacie hadn’t actually wanted to raise any suspicions that the two of them were seeing each other. They’d been in a happy romantic relationship together for eighteen months now, but knew how quick their best friends were to tease. Beca & Chloe were prime examples of how annoying their friends could be if they caught any form of contact between two lovers.

Stacie arrived in the kitchen shortly after Bella, and smiled brightly at Chloe and Beca, the latter Beale having just been handed a large tray of meat by her wife.

“What’s up nerd?” Beca greeted her best friend, a nod of hello while Bella was busy stood beside Chloe asking her intently where Sammy was. Sam and Bella were thick as thieves despite their five year age difference. And as the only two kids in ‘the next generation’ (until the arrival of Jessica & Ashley’s baby next month) they were spoilt rotten at almost any event they attended.

Stacie offered to help carry a tray of food out onto the patio while sharply telling her daughter not to run the second she discovered that little Sammy Beale was out on the patio with the rest of his ‘aunts’.

Aubrey was sat on one of the patio seats, her Godson on her lap, twirling a lock of her long blonde hair while he chatted away to her about a snake he’d seen yesterday at “Mommy’s Work”. Her best friends sat either side of them on their own seats. Cynthia-Rose, Flo, Lilly, Jessica, Ashley, Emily, and Amy. They were all grinning and chuckling at the cute kid as he kept talking, clearly adoring being with his favourite Auntie again, even though he’d seen her three days ago.

Suddenly the peace was disrupted slightly by Bella, who squeezed between Cynthia-Rose and Emily’s seats, exclaiming in a beautiful, clear and delighted voice, “Sammyyyyyy!” but the young brunette stopped in her tracks, her smile immediately dropping the second she saw the four year old sat curled up on the lap of the woman she adored.

Aubrey froze as she looked over at the nine year old. The little girl she loved as if she were her own daughter. And she knew that expression on Bella’s face. That was the look she had when she wasn’t getting her own way. To her horror she watched as her girlfriend’s daughter strode up to the little boy on her lap, and began tugging at her arm that she had wrapped around Sam’s waist.

“Sammy, that’s my lap! You’re not allowed to sit on there!” Bella protested loudly, trying to tug at Aubrey’s arm.

The blonde looked up and over at Stacie, her cheeks having flushed in embarrassment. They rarely told Bella “No” which they were quickly realising was a mistake. Stacie had already placed the food down and had begun walking over to the group of women to try to calm her daughter down, but Bella was having none of it. And neither was Samuel Beale.

“Bella! No! This isn’t your lap!” Little Sammy said, his brow furrowing, becoming as stubborn as his Mama.

“Now now, I’m sure there’s plenty of room for both of you…” Aubrey tried to reason, a nervous chuckle falling from her mouth, though she was relieved when she saw her (secret) girlfriend arrive by her daughter’s side to tell her to behave. The blonde also noticed both Beca & Chloe now joining the group to try to calm their son down.

Sammy, however, had folded his arms, bellowing, “No!! This is my lap!”

All of a sudden Aubrey felt the colour drain from her face, and Stacie’s mouth dropped open in shock as Bella Conrad placed her hands on her hips, her little brow furrowed, and cried loudly, “She’s my Mommy and that’s my lap!!”

The patio area seemed to go silent, the women all turning to look at Aubrey and Stacie who had both turned bright red, while looking down at the nine year old. Bella, while looking the spitting image of Stacie with her long legs, perfect lips and nose, and beautiful long brown hair, was stood in the very stance that an angry Aubrey would stand. And was pulling the very face an unimpressed Aubrey would pull. It were as though the little girl had picked up a lot of Aubrey’s mannerisms somehow.

Chloe cleared her throat awkwardly, stepping over to her son and scooping him up, “Come on sweetheart, I need you to show Bella where the new colouring books are. The ones you chose for her?” and it was as though Sammy had completely forgotten about the little argument he’d had with his best friend, his face immediately lighting up into a classic Beale smile and he scrambled out of his Mommy’s arms.

Beca, meanwhile, was still rather stunned by Bella’s outburst, as were the rest of the women sat on the patio, but if Stacie & Bella were living with Aubrey then it can’t have come as much of a surprise really. So she too cleared her throat awkwardly, “ Bella? Stacie? Did either of you two want a drink or…?” but her eyes followed Bella as the nine year old scrambled up onto Aubrey’s lap, allowing the woman to put her arms around her and the girl rested her head against her chest, a frown still on her face. Her little hands fiddling with Aubrey’s charm bracelet as though she’d done it a million times before. And Bear wondered if she had.

“Bells did you want an orange juice?” Stacie asked her daughter, but she looked at her girlfriend, silently apologising for Bella’s outburst. Because they hadn’t planned on telling their friends yet. And this has kinda been something they couldn’t come back from. The patio still being deadly silent.

“Uh-uh!” Bella said with a shake of her head, still frowning. But before Stacie could recommend that her daughter did have a drink because it was a hot sunny day, her girlfriend beat her to it.

Aubrey brought her head down to Bella’s, leaning her forehead on hers as she had so often done over the years, because it appeared to be the main way to get through to the girl when she was in a crabby mood. And Bella still looked down at her bracelet, but Aubrey could tell she was listening. So the blonde said in a quiet tone, “Come on baby, you have to have at least a little drink. It’s a hot day today.”

“I don’t wanna.” Bella mumbled in a grumpy tone, and Aubrey leant her head back a little and curled her fingers around Bella’s little ear so her long brown hair would sweep off her face.

“Why not?” Aubrey asked quietly, sweetly. And her heart leapt a little when Bella’s bright green eyes shone up at her, big and wide, her little eyebrows rising, her bottom lip sticking out a little while she shrugged.

“Because if I get off your lap Sammy will take you.” The girl mumbled.

Stacie couldn’t help the small smile that grew on her face. She loved how much Aubrey meant to her daughter. Both Conrad’s were besotted by the blonde. Their very best friend. The woman Stacie was madly in love with, and the woman Bella called “Mommy” on all too many occasions now. Not that Stacie and Aubrey minded any more. They were in this for the long-run and Aubrey had practically helped Stacie raise Bella since she’d been a baby - though the first seven years had been just as friends.

Aubrey felt her heart racing at a million miles an hour as she sat beside her best friend on the couch in her lounge. It was 8pm. They’d tucked Bella up in the little bed Aubrey had bought her months ago, the one in the spare room of Aubrey’s house that the little girl now called her bedroom.

Aubrey and Stacie were sat close, much as they did most evenings. Both harbouring deep romantic feelings but neither having had the guts to tell the other. Until just now, when Stacie had turned to face her and had quietly said “I think I’ve fallen for you.” And Aubrey had just sat and stared into those bright green eyes for a moment. Stunned. Because she’d absolutely fallen for Stacie.

So with a deep breath, and one last glance down at Stacie’s lips, Aubrey slowly drew her face towards the brunettes, and tentatively captured her lips with her own. They let out sighs of relief as the kiss slowly deepened, and their hands wound their way around each other’s bodies while they both began making out on Aubrey’s couch.

“How about I promise that I won’t let Sammy back on my lap?” Aubrey whispered affectionately to the nine year old, pulling her into a tight hug, rocking her gently, and Bella nodded.

“That’ll be one orange juice then please Auntie Beca.” Aubrey said with a smile as she looked up at Beca. The blonde’s smile wavered slightly, realising the way she was interacting with Bella probably confirmed what the little girl had accidentally revealed. But the short brunette said nothing to her, and simply raised her eyebrows with a grin, then turned to Stacie.


“Uh..yeah a juice too would be good.” Stacie said nervously, looking at Beca, somewhat surprised that her best friend didn’t seem more shocked about this whole thing.

The rest of their friends, however, were another story. Fat Amy’s smile was broader than it had ever been as she thumped Aubrey on the arm (earning her a glare) and saying excitably, “Aubrey you dirty bird you!!”

Cynthia-Rose and Flo sat further forward in their seats, as though getting closer to Aubrey would help them understand the situation a little better. Because it sounded like Aubrey and Stacie were in a relationship with each other!

“Okay I’m confused…” Emily said, hesitating while she looked from Aubrey to Stacie and back again, her brow furrowed, “…a-are you two…?”

Aubrey looked up at Stacie who was busy looking down at her while biting her bottom lip. The damage was already done. They might as well enjoy the aftermath now.

“Uhmm..” Aubrey began, and a soft smile had started to grow on Stacie’s face. A smile that gave the blonde the confidence to continue, “..yeah. Yeah me and Stacie are a thing.”

And the two women smiled at one another, their hearts soaring as their friends all cheered and laughed and leapt out of their seats to hug and congratulate them. Okay, maybe they hadn’t needed to keep it a secret for so long.

Chapter Text

“Mmchloe?” came a groggy voice beside Chloe while the redhead remained sat up in bed. The fold-out bed that she was currently spending her second night in. The fold-out bed that was one of only two beds in the tiny studio apartment she shared with her two best friends. The fold-out bed that she had had no choice in having to share with Beca Mitchell. The girl who had grown to become her best and closest friend over the past four years that they’d known one another. They’d been co-captains of their college acapella group over the past three years and had decided after their graduation six weeks ago that they would move up to Brooklyn and begin a new adventure there, with Fat Amy in tow.

The three of them had moved up to Brooklyn on Friday. It was now Saturday night. Or more specifically, 3am on Sunday morning. But Chloe was wide awake, sat up in bed staring at her phone screen, scrolling through a Wikipedia page on ‘gerbil diseases’. She couldn’t sleep. She was too nervous. She was too excited. She was too worried.

“Whachoo doin’ awake?” Beca mumbled with a sleepy sigh, having turned around to face the redhead. But Chloe shrugged, looking down at her best friend with a tired sigh.

“I just keep thinking about tomorrow.” Chloe whispered.

Tomorrow was the first day of Chloe’s internship at a real life Veterinary Practice. According to Beca it was outrageous that they were expecting her to go in on a Sunday but Chloe didn’t mind. She wanted to make a good impression.

“You’re gonna be great Chlo.” Beca whispered and let out another sleepy sigh, evidently drifting back off to sleep while she mumbled, “Everyone loves you when they firrrss meeeechoooo…”

Chloe swallowed loudly, a tiny smile appearing in the corner of her mouth as she looked down at her best friend. She knew this wasn’t exactly Beca’s ideal situation. To have to share a bed with anyone, let alone a fold-out bed with Chloe, who was notorious for going to sleep early. Well…normally. And the brunette wasn’t exactly keen on her personal space being invaded. Hence why the younger woman was laying as far from Chloe as humanly possible without falling out of bed.

The redhead turned back to her phone, reentering her passcode, and letting out a sleepy sigh. She supposed she could try to fall back to sleep again. So she locked her phone again, slid back down under the bedcovers, tugging them a little from Beca’s grasp so she could cover more of her arms, then closed her eyes with one last sigh.


Chloe stepped off the subway. Numb. It was 5.15pm. It had been a long first day of her internship. One that she’d eagerly darted out of the apartment to head to at 8am this morning. She’d arrived at the Practice and had eagerly introduced herself to the staff. And they’d all smiled politely at her. She’d spent the day asking them plenty of questions about their jobs and the practice and their personal lives which they were all too pleased to answer.

But it hadn’t been until lunchtime, once she’d taken a seat in the tiny break room with her baguette and juice pouch, that Chloe realised nobody had really asked her about herself! No “So why are you wanting to become a Vet?”. No “So you’re a graduate huh? What did you major in?”. Not even a “Wow that’s a really cool glittery flower pen you’ve got there!” (that Chloe had kept aside for months for a special occasion and had decided her new job was deserving of it).

The afternoon had been a bit of a blur. Her once bouncy, bubbly, optimistic self now slowly trundled through the subway station and out into the warm September sunshine. Her head hung. And she tried her hardest not to burst into tears.

She hadn’t realised how much she smiled and said “hello” to people until today. She’d smiled and said “hello” to every damn person in that Practice and only a third of them had said “hello” back. Her smile had faded as the hours had gone on. And when she’d got on the subway to go home, she’d gone out of her way to sit beside a woman who had a beautiful little dog. Chloe had asked her about the dog (“Ooh she’s beautiful! What’s her name?”), but the woman had merely raised an unimpressed eyebrow, looked Chloe up and down, and had just replied “Pixie” in a monotone voice, then turned her whole body away from the redhead.

Chloe swore she hadn’t felt more alone than she did right now. People in Brooklyn weren’t nearly as nice as the people in Atlanta. They didn’t smile at one another. They didn’t make conversation. Nothing. What once was a spark that lit brightly in the redhead’s heart was quickly dimming. Even the street her apartment was on looked dull and uninviting. There wasn’t even any trees or grass.

The woman slowly wandered up the stairs of her apartment block, hearing her shoes slowly scrape on the wood. The shoes she’d spent hours picking out in the store. The shoes she’d wanted to be perfect for her perfect job (well, internship). With a heavy sigh, Chloe arrived at her apartment and opened the door, knowing there was no need for a key because it was highly likely her roommates were home. And she was right. One of them was.

Chloe saw Beca sat cross-legged on their fold-out bed, her Beats over her ears, nodding to a mix she was working on on her laptop which was balanced on her lap. It was times like this that Chloe wished Beca was a cuddly person. She could do with a big hug.

The woman closed the door behind her, letting her bag drop down into the corner by their fridge, then shrugged her cardigan off with a tired sigh.

“Hey!!” Beca said in a surprised tone, having only just realised Chloe had returned home.

“Hey Beca, how was your day?” Chloe asked automatically, her chest feeling tight because she was so unhappy at the moment. At least she could guarantee that Beca would answer her question.

“Meh, I tried Skyping Jesse but he wasn’t answering so I’ve just been sorting out a mix.” Beca said as she slid her headphones from her ears and placed them and her laptop onto Chloe’s side of the bed. The brunette stood up to step over to their tiny kitchen where Chloe had begun pouring herself a glass of milk. “But forget about me, how was your day?? Did you meet loads of people? Did you rescue a million dying animals?” Beca rambled with a grin, clearly pleased her best friend was home, and then she paused, squinting her eyes with a suspicious look, “Oh…wait…did you earn employee of the month already because you’re so lovely?” she finished sarcastically, then a broad smile grew on her face again as she waited patiently for Chloe’s response.

The redhead stood and stared in awe at her best friend. Beca. The woman who was so notoriously cold and distant to so many people except her - though this was definitely the loveliest Beca had ever been to her. And it couldn’t have come at a more important time.

“Wha-?” Beca began, freezing in shock as Chloe let out a sigh, said nothing, and instead threw her arms around Beca’s waist, hugging her tight. “H-hey! Um…” and Beca let out a nervous chuckle, her arms wrapping a little awkwardly around Chloe’s body, having never been one for hugs, “…what’s going on?” she asked softly.

But Chloe just held Beca a little tighter, closing her eyes as tears tainted them, “Nothing,” she said with a light sigh, “it’s just been an exhausting day.”

Chloe sniffed quietly. She could tell by the way Beca hadn’t answered her that the brunette knew something was up. But she also knew Beca well enough to know that the woman wouldn’t push for more information until Chloe was ready to tell her.

So they stood there for a couple of minutes in silence, Beca just holding Chloe awkwardly while the redhead calmed down.

Suddenly Chloe scrunched her nose up, “Did you burn something?”

“Oh um…yeah I tried to make you a cake as a ‘Welcome Home from your First Day at Work’ celebration thing but…I burnt it, so…yeah…sorry.”

Chloe let out an airy giggle, wrapping her arms a little tighter around her best friend’s waist.

“I’m glad you find it funny,” Beca said in a jokingly unimpressed tone, “because it took me three hours to just mix the fucker let alone the oven-time!”

And Chloe let out another giggle, that spark in her heart igniting again. And it was all thanks to her best friend. She let out a sigh of relief while Beca held her a little tighter, and the two continued to hug in the middle of their tiny studio apartment, not paying the slightest attention to Amy, who was sat on the toilet beside her bed, looking over her magazine at them with a teasing grin on her face.

Chapter Text

Chloe sat in front of the TV, twirling the ring on her index finger nervously. She stared at the screen, biting her bottom lip as she watched her best friend sat uncomfortably on a sofa. Beca was a guest on some British morning talk show and while the brunette had been on there a couple of times before to promote a new record or tour, she’d never had to share the couch with someone she knew. And that person was Fat Amy.

The Australian had had a surprisingly successful year performing as ‘Fat Amy Winehouse’ and as such she was on the show to promote the new tour she was embarking on.

The reason Chloe was nervous though, and why Beca seemed uncomfortable, was because the hosts had just asked about the brunette’s love life.

“Uhh..” Beca began slowly, an embarrassed smile spreading across her face. And Chloe knew why.

She and Beca had been hooking up over the past few months. It had started innocently enough. A couple of make out sessions here or there whenever Beca was back in town. Then it had become sex a few months ago. “Just companionship” they’d agreed. After all Beca stated that she was “too busy for a relationship” and Chloe had agreed the same (when in actual fact her heart completely belonged to Beca - though the younger woman didn’t need to know that, her life being complicated enough).

But that “companionship”. Their hookups, and make out sessions and late night phone calls had become more and more frequent in recent weeks. And they still hadn’t taken the time to talk about it. About what it might mean.

“..I am sorta seeing someone at the moment.” Beca confessed while she looked down sheepishly at her hands, twirling a ring on her index finger that Chloe had bought her last Christmas. Chloe’s heart skipped a beat and her eyebrows rose in delight at Beca’s confession on National TV. But her eyebrows didn’t rise as high as Fat Amy’s.

“What? No you’re not! Why don’t I know about this?” The Australian asked in surprise. Because Amy still deemed herself as Beca’s very best friend even though Chloe had taken that place yeeears ago.

“Well it’s…” Beca said nervously, her cheeks flushing uncharacteristically pink as she turned from her hands to Amy, then over to the hosts, “…it’s complicated…”

Complicated. Chloe swallowed loudly, letting out the breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. Yeah whatever this was between them wascomplicated. Because Chloe had agreed to fly out to the UK with Beca the second the woman had asked, even though she’d had Aubrey’s ‘Tropical themed’ birthday party to organise. She’d agreed to share Beca’s hotel suite with her because really she hadn’t expected anything less, they always shared a bed whenever Beca was back in town. And they’d spent the whole of last night and first thing this morning naked in bed together, kissing and laughing and stroking up and down one another’s bodies. At peace in one another’s arms.

A small smile grew on Chloe’s face as she looked at the screen, the bedsheet still wrapped around her naked body in Beca’s hotel room, while she looked at the woman who had been sharing this bed with her no more than three hours ago.

“But worth the complication, right?” The female asked with a kind smile and Chloe’s heart skipped a beat again when she saw Beca bite her bottom lip, trying to think of a diplomatic answer.

“Yeah totally worth it.” Beca said with a grin, “We’re um…well, we’re whatever…it’s good. It’s…it’s nice.”

And Chloe pulled the bedsheets a little higher up her chest as she leant forward to stare at the screen closer, her smile having softened to an affectionate one. She adored this girl. Was crazy about her. Her every thought on her. And Chloe felt so lucky that she was the one who got to go to bed with her whenever Beca was in town.

An hour later and Chloe was stood at the large windows in the hotel room that looked out onto the beautiful London skyline, the sun’s rays dancing off the gentle waves on the Thames River. She’d showered and got dressed, opting for her most favourite sweater that yes drowned her somewhat, but was so very cosy. She jumped as she heard a keycard open the door but calmed when she heard a familiar exhausted sigh.

“Ugh sorry I took so long! Amy just wouldn’t stop interrogating me!” Beca said as she closed the door to the suite behind her and looked over at her best friend apologetically while walking toward her. But Chloe simply smiled, letting out a little giggle before turning back to the view of the cityscape before her. She closed her eyes as she felt a pair of petite arms wind their way around her waist, Beca’s chin resting on her left shoulder - the woman still wearing her heels that put her an inch taller than the redhead for once.

“Did you watch the interview?” Beca asked quietly, and Chloe opened her eyes, joining Beca in looking out at the view before them in the peaceful hotel suite.

“Yeah.” Chloe said in a volume that was barely above a whisper.

“I wanted to tell them more, you know?” Beca began, gently squeezing Chloe’s waist, letting out a calm sigh that brushed over the redhead’s skin. “I wanted to tell them that I was in a relationship. The most important relationship of my life. With someone who I love more than any thing and any one on this planet.” a delicate smile began washing over Chloe’s face, her heart swelling with joy, tears beginning to build in her eyes. Because Beca was telling her exactly how she felt, and Chloe felt exactly the same way for Beca. “But I couldn’t because…well we’ve not really confirmed what we are, you know?”

“We’re in love.” Chloe confirmed confidently, in a sweet tone, something that brought a smile to Beca’s face while the brunette placed a delicate kiss on her neck, “Aaaaand I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else but you.”

“I feel the exact same way.” Beca mumbled against Chloe’s skin, and Chloe’s whole body soared.

“So…a-are we doing this then?” Chloe asked tentatively, turning her head slightly, directing the question to the woman by her side but being unable to look directly at her due to the brunette’s body position, “Are we going to be, like, girlfriends?”

She felt Beca turn her to the side slightly, her small arms still around her waist, and they settled peacefully in front of one another, smiling softly as they looked into each other’s eyes, “Chloe Beale. Will you be my girlfriend?” Beca asked calmly, confidently, and a broad smile swept across Chloe’s face.

“Yes.” Chloe said with a gentle nod, before bringing a finger up to point at Beca seriously, “But…” and she couldn’t help the giggle that was dying to release from her mouth as she saw Beca appear to panic a little at her hesitation, “…only if you agree to be my girlfriend in return?”

And the giggle was released as the redhead watched Beca roll her eyes then raise her eyebrows with a broad smile on her face, “Well duh of course I will!”

Beca and Chloe both grinned at each other. Chloe wound her arms around Beca’s neck and they slowly brought their faces together, kissing delicately. Beca smoothing her hands across the small of Chloe’s back while Chloe ran her fingertips through Beca’s long brown hair. And both women felt this ultimate sensation of finally feeling complete.

Chapter Text

Chloe swallowed loudly as she felt her heart ramming against her chest. Her breathing was quiet but shallow. And she stared intently at the tv screen in front of her.

Tonight was movie night in The Bellas household and Stacie had insisted they all watched ‘50 Shades of Grey’. Seats had been taken around the TV - Beca & Chloe assuming their usual positions side-by-side on the large armchair, Beca’s petite figure making it a snug but feasible option for the two co-captains. And the two shared a thick blanket, having pulled it up to their necks.

They were all quite a way into the movie. And around three minutes ago Chloe had felt Beca slowly, tentatively slide her hand from her own lap across Chloe’s thigh, and rested it on the warm skin just below the end of the redhead’s short pyjama shorts. But she hadn’t turned to look at her best friend. Hadn’t nudged her left hand away.

No, instead Chloe had slid her own hand covertly across to place on Beca’s bare thigh, the younger woman having also decided to opt for short pyjama shorts this evening. And both best friends were tracing light circles across each other’s skin, skimming their fingertips daringly down the inside of one another’s thighs while they watched a sensual scene from the surprisingly erotic movie. None of their friends had appeared to notice and Chloe remembered just how brilliant this thick blanket was, this evening not being the first time she and Beca had got a little turned on watching a movie whilst sat on this armchair before.

Then suddenly it happened. Beca rode her hand up a little higher, and cupped Chloe’s pussy. She held it there as Chloe let out a tiny gasp and to the redhead’s embarrassment The Bellas all turned to look at her with big grins on their faces.

“Getting a little hot for you there Chloe?” Beca asked with a mischievous grin and Chloe turned to look at her, not able to shoot her a glare like she so desperately wanted to do as their friends were watching. Not wanting to draw the other women’s attention to what was going on underneath that blanket. And Beca knew this, so pressed her middle finger against the thin fabric over Chloe’s clit.

Chloe cleared her throat and turned back to the screen, ignoring Beca’s smirk. The Bellas all began focusing on the movie again - the odd comment made here or there about how hot Christian Grey was.

But neither Chloe or Beca were paying attention. Because Chloe, as pay back, had pressed her own middle finger against Beca’s pyjama-covered clit and she noticed the way her best friend’s chest rose and fell, clearly trying to keep her cool while around their friends.

Chloe swallowed loudly as she adjusted her position quietly on the armchair, trying to get a better angle to pleasure Beca. Meanwhile the brunette had done the same, and they both settled again, taking quiet deep breaths.

Beca could feel her arousal building and she was getting frustrated. Frustrated because they weren’t alone. Frustrated because her left wrist was beginning to cramp. Frustrated because, while Chloe had her fingers rubbing a very sensitive part of her clit, it wasn’t the spot. And Beca suddenly realised it was probably because Chloe was nearing her orgasm.

Chloe, meanwhile, was struggling very hard to not let out a moan. Beca was good. Like, really good. And right now she could feel her orgasm building. She stretched her legs out a little more, hoping to give Beca better access and to help tip her orgasm over the edge. To her delight her best friend appeared to pick up on that hope, and Beca adjusted her fingers to a better position.

That was it. That was angle Chloe had been waiting for, and after several ferocious shifts of her fingers (that she masked by reaching up with her other hand and rubbing her nose with a loud sniff) Beca knocked Chloe over the edge. The redhead had to bite down hard on the part of the blanket closest to her mouth, her eyes closing as she came hard against Beca’s fingers.

Beca coughed loudly several times to try to give Chloe the opportunity to make a small amount of noise if she needed to. And the older woman merely forced out a heavy heave of air from the back of her throat. The Bellas turned back to the armchair again, furrowing their brows.

“Alright there Beca?” CR asked curiously.

“Did something go down the wrong hole?” Ashley asked with a mischievous grin and Jessica giggled loudly, high-fiving her.

Chloe had snapped her eyes open, trying to pretend that she’d started to drift off to sleep, and it appeared to have worked.

“Well it was one way to wake Chloe up.” Fat Amy said with a grin, looking at the redhead who now had a good excuse to let out a more obviously satisfying heavy sigh of relief.

“Here Chlo, catch!” Stacie called out, lobbing a small packet of Haribo at Chloe and the redhead had no choice but to quickly tug her hand from between Beca’s legs to join her other hand, pulling them from beneath the thick blanket just in time to catch the packet, “Those should wake you up a bit.” Stacie said with a wink.

“Oh uh…thanks…” Chloe said tentatively, opening the packet. The Bellas still watched her, and the redhead slowly picked one of the gummy candies out, placing it in her mouth. Her pussy throbbed as she realised the action of bringing her hand to her face meant that a waft of Beca’s juices that were on her fingers swept up her nostrils.

The Bellas turned back to the TV screen, but Beca and Chloe had started looking at each other. Beca’s hand was still stuffed between Chloe’s legs, and she was desperate to finally reach her climax. But just as Chloe ducked her hands back under the thick blanket, the movie came to an end and it took Beca all her self control not to let out a groan of disappointment. Because the end of any movie night involved a good couple of hours worth of The Bellas lounging around and chatting until someone finally caved and started the ‘going to bed’ move. And Beca wasn’t sure if she could wait that long to go up to her room and finish herself off.

Suddenly her phone buzzed, and the brunette looked at her phone screen. Her heart skipped a beat as she read the text from Chloe:

Come to my room when you go up to bed x

A small grin grew on Beca’s face as she looked over at her best friend beside her, and Chloe was busy looking over at Flo who was telling her something. But she could tell by the look on Chloe’s face that the woman wasn’t listening, clearly distracted by the text she’d just sent Beca.

The redhead’s heart began racing as she felt her own phone buzz. She knew it was Beca’s response, and she quickly looked down at her phone, trying to hide her broadening smile while Flo continued talking to her. Because Beca had replied:

Oh yeah? X

And Chloe quickly typed back:

Yeah. Unless you don’t want me to finish what I started? ;) x

And to Chloe’s delight, Beca let out a loud yawn, tugging the thick blanket from over her body and sliding to the edge of the armchair, with a mumbled “I’m going to bed.”

Beca didn’t dare look at Chloe as she left the lounge, and slowly made her way up the staircase, knowing full well that her roommate - Fat Amy - wouldn’t be up to bed for a good couple of hours yet so wouldn’t notice if Beca wasn’t there. A couple of hours. Plenty of time.

And as though she’d read her mind, Beca received another text from Chloe:

I’ll be up in about ten minutes ;) make yourself comfy xx

Chapter Text

Chloe Beale took a deep breath and knocked firmly on the door of the dorm that she was about 90% certain belonged to the pretty brunette freshman she was after. To her surprise the door opened fairly quickly, but even more of a surprise was the blank unimpressed face of a young Korean woman.

There was a moments pause as Chloe wore her dazzling bright smile, but the girl didn’t crack. So the redhead caved and started the conversation.

“Hi! I’m Chloe, is B-“

But before she could ask after the person she was looking for the Korean girl interrupted her in a monotonous tone, “-She’s right here.”

And without saying anything else she walked away from the door and back over to her desk, leaving Chloe no choice but to peer into the small dorm, her smile not fading once. Because her bright blue eyes caught sight of one of the newer members of her acapella group, The Barden Bellas, curled up on her bed, her headphones over her ears. Beca had her back to the door and hadn’t appeared to notice that someone had arrived for her.

So Chloe closed the door behind her, ignoring the way Kimmie-Jin glared at her suspiciously over her shoulder. The redhead crept over to Beca’s bed, biting her bottom lip mischievously. She then brought her hand out and suddenly tugged the headphones from the younger woman’s head.

“Aha!!” Chloe cried out victoriously. But Beca has leapt out of her skin, sitting up and turning in her bed simultaneously to face the intruder.

“What the fuck!!” Beca yelled furiously, frowning at Chloe while snatching her headphones back, unable to believe that Chloe was laughing! “How the hell do you know where my dorm is?!”

Chloe stopped laughing and shrugged with a grin, “I know people.”

Beca let out a small growl of frustration, rolling her eyes moodily to adjust her position on her bed so she looked a little less vulnerable.

“Anyway,” Chloe continued, her smile dropping slightly, her voice sounding more accusing by the second, “WHY aren’t you in your ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ class??”

Beca went cross-eye for a moment while she looked at Chloe’s finger that was pointing at her and the brunette was surprised, not only because the woman who she’d only got to know around eight weeks ago was now in her dorm, but also because that same woman appeared to be checking up on her classroom attendance. There was only one other person who did that.

“Let me guess, did my Dad put you up to this?” Beca said unenthusiastically, scootching to the edge of her bed, annoyed but unsurprised that Chloe hadn’t moved other than to place her hands on her hips. The redhead always had struggled to get to grips with personal space. “Give you my dorm number and told you to come round here and tell me off? Because I’ve told him time and time again I don’t see the point of g-“

“-Your Dad didn’t send me.” Chloe said suddenly with a scrunched up nose, “I don’t even know your Dad.”

Beca paused, looking up into the redhead’s beautiful blue eyes, and immediately believed her. Because yeah, how would Chloe know her Dad? Then the younger woman stood up suddenly then hesitated, “Hold do you even know I’m supposed to be in ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ right now??”

“Because I’m in your class! And you haven’t turned up to one session yet!” Chloe said with raised eyebrows and there was a pause while Beca took time to process what her new friend was saying.

“Aren’t you a senior??” Beca replied quickly with a frown.

“So,” Chloe said with a shrug, now folding her arms, “doesn’t mean I can’t take Introduction classes in addition to my other studies..”

“I guess..” Beca said with a shrug of her own, squeezing past the redhead to place her headphones down on her desk.

“So…?” Chloe said in an expectant tone and Beca furrowed her brow.


“Are you coming or not?”

It was at that moment Beca noticed that the redhead had a large handbag by her feet, and she looked from it back up to the senior.


Chloe rolled her eyes with an exasperated sigh, “To our class of course!”


But Beca was given no chance to protest. Before she knew what was happening, Chloe had grabbed her jacket and rucksack (not bothering to look at its contents) and chucked her red converse at her.

“Come on,” Chloe said sharply, a no-nonsense tone to her voice, “we can still make the final hour.”

Beca let out a groan but did as she was told anyway. She wasn’t sure why she followed Chloe’s orders. But there was something about the redhead that Beca really struggled to say “no” to.

The two college students left the dorm, Beca still in a bit of a confused daze, and Chloe with every intention of building the friendship that had started to blossom between them..

Chapter Text

Beca held her breath, laying quietly on the edge of the stiff bed. There were crisp bedsheets beneath her body and there was a weird ‘over-clean’ smell in the small room she was sat in. But she didn’t care. How could she possiblycare about anything else than the tiny thing that lay snoozing peacefully in her wife’s arms beside her.

“I’m so proud of you.” Beca mumbled bringing her lips gently over to her wife’s exhausted face and placed an affectionate kiss on her cheek. She heard a content hum sound from the back of Chloe’s throat, the redhead having not dropped her smile from the second their newborn had been placed in her arms around an hour ago.

“I can’t believe we finally have a baby.” Chloe whispered, leaning into Beca’s body a little more, and the two women let out content sighs as they looked down at their beautiful healthy daughter. Their first born.

“Yeah me either.” Beca whispered back, not tearing her eyes from the little human that held her genes, but had been grown and nurtured and birthed brilliantly by her wife. The woman she adored. The woman she’d been in love with since they’d graduated from Barden University around twelve years ago.

They’d had a weird couple of years post-graduation, where they’d shared a studio apartment with Amy and had had to share a fold out bed with each other because the Australian had insisted on having the double bed to herself. And both Beca & Chloe had harboured huge deep romantic feelings for one another during that time, but hadn’t dared tell each other. Then they’d gone on that USO tour and Beca had got that record deal and Chloe had got into Vet School and they’d both individually prepared themselves to say goodbye to one another when, out of the blue, Chloe had asked Beca out. Beca had said “no”, but only because she hadn’t wanted to distract Chloe from her studies.

So they’d ended up agreeing that once Chloe had completed her five year Veterinary degree, they would start dating. And they did. Well, for a few hours. Until Beca had proposed to Chloe and Chloe had done the same and they’d both got married a few weeks later before Beca embarked on her world tour which Chloe, for the most part, joined her for. (“The most unique of honeymoons!” As Chloe had always dubbed it.)

The five years following that had been tough. They’d tried and tried to conceive using a donor, Chloe having insisted that she’d wanted to carry Beca’s child some how, and Beca had been all too happy to provide her eggs. But they’d suffered several failed attempts and two miscarriages. It had been the worst. But had also made the couple’s relationship stronger than it ever had been before.

It had been a long nine months. But they’d finally come out the other side. And here was the beautiful, perfect result. Their gorgeous baby girl.

Baby Mitchell let out a yawn and a tiny squeak escaped her little mouth while her perfect little nose wrinkled up, and her mother’s both lightly giggled and cooed at her. Beca’s heart felt so full of love and affection and protection for this tiny thing. Their tiny thing. Because they’d been weary when they’d gone to one of the leading conception doctors and he’d suggested a method that could include a bit of both their DNA and just the tiny important parts of the sperm donor’s. But with nothing else to lose and money being no object for the wealth couple, they’d agreed to be part of the trial. And it had worked!

“I’m gonna admit, I’ve never felt love like this before..” Beca said quietly, bringing her finger out to delicately stroke the tip across their daughter’s little chubby cheek.

“Me either..” Chloe whispered affectionately, and they both let out gentle giggles as a tiny smile grew across their baby’s face at her Mama’s touch. Beca’s eyes drew away from their daughter’s face over to the rings on her wedding finger, and she brought her left hand down to join her wife’s left hand, their fingers entwining, resting beside the newborn.

The room fell silent once again, the two new mothers relishing in the beautiful sound of their baby’s delicate breathing. And after several minutes, Chloe broke the silence by taking a deep breath then pausing, before finally whispering, “Any thoughts on a name?”

She turned her head slightly to look at her wife, surprised to see a small smile grow on Beca’s face. And Beca took a deep breath then replied, “What about ‘Verona’?”

“Verona?” Chloe asked curiously, not hating the suggestion in the slightest. Her heart skipped a beat as her wife shrugged, looking over at her with a soft smile.

“Yeah. Our crappy little apartment on Verona Street was when we realised we both liked each other. Where you asked me out-“

“-and where you said no…” Chloe added with a soft smile on her face, remembering initially how heartbroken she’d been ten years ago when the woman she’d been secretly pining for had declined her offer. Beca let out a small sharp breath of air through her nose as a form of quiet chuckle. She still felt a little bad about that. But it had been the right decision. Because Chloe had excelled in college and had been top of her class.

“Exactly,” Beca said quietly, affectionately, looking into her wife’s eyes, “Verona Street was where it happened. Our first time sharing a bed together, even though it was just as friends. The place where I’d thought to myself time and time again how beautiful you were and how crazy-stupidly in love with you I was. Verona Street was where I found out that you take your socks off in bed overnight, and that you have a slice of lemon in your herbal tea but only before 7am.” Chloe let out a light giggle, tears forming in her eyes because she loved it when her wife was affectionate like this. “Plus Verona is the name of the place where Romeo & Juliet was set. One of the most famous love stories ever.”

Chloe couldn’t help the smile on her face. No matter how exhausted she felt there was something about her wife that always gave her an extra boost of energy. An extra boost of hope. An extra dose of love.

“I like that…” Chloe whispered affectionately.



And the two new mothers turned to look down at their newborn daughter, soft smiles on their faces.

“Verona Mitchell..” Chloe said sweetly. Yeah, it had a good ring to it. It was unique. And had a good story behind it.

“Vee for short.” Beca confirmed with a gentle smile and Chloe let out a light giggle.

“Named after the street that your Mama and I lived on when we were young.” Chloe said to their daughter, almost wistfully, “In that horrible crappy beautiful tiny apartment..”

Chloe looked back at her wife, and Beca looked from their daughter to her, calm smiles on both their faces.

“I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.” Beca said affectionately.

“Me either.” Chloe replied with as much affection as her wife had had.

And the two women gently kissed before looking back down at their newborn daughter. Verona “Vee” Mitchell.

Chapter Text

Beca stood in a grump, her arms folded as she wrapped Fat Amy’s coat around herself, the mass of fabric drowning her petite body and a thick scarf around her neck. She was stood near the bus stop in New York City, awaiting the bus back to Barden. The bus that she was getting with the rest of her fellow Bellas, though she was purposefully not standing with them because she was annoyed with them. And more specifically she was embarrassed. Embarrassed because she had the hugest love-bite on her neck right now. Annoyed because she’d let this happen again.

She and the rest of The Bellas had been spending the night in a New York hotel, having just retained their title as champions at the ICCA finals for the second time running - winning for the third year in a row. Plenty of alcohol had been consumed thanks to Chloe, the only Bella old enough to purchase alcohol legally, supplying the beverages in her hotel room. The party had been there. And for the second year running, Beca had found herself hammered, wrapping her arms around the neck of a hammered Chloe, the two co-captains rolling their hips to the beat of the playlist that had been put on the Bluetooth speakers, their bodies flush against one another. The Bellas had whooped and cheered and wolf-whistled and encouraged them. And the more they’d encouraged, the more daring Beca and Chloe had got. Until suddenly they’d locked lips, making out slowly, sloppy grins on their faces each time they broke their deep kisses, hiding their faces in the crook of one another’s necks whenever their friends clapped in encouragement..

Beca had woken up this morning, heavily hungover, her half-dressed body tangled with Chloe’s half-dressed body on Chloe’s hotel bed. Fat Amy had been fast asleep at the bottom of the bed, the rest of The Bellas passed out on the floor around the room, all equally hungover. And Beca’s eyes had immediately been drawn to several massive hickeys on Chloe’s neck and chest, hickeys that Beca remembered giving her best friend in their drunken fumble overnight…

The brunette let out a little groan as someone beside her pushed past her. She was one of several people stood on that side of the bus stop, and as the bus had begun slowly approaching everyone was beginning to shuffle closer to the edge of the street. Everyone except Beca, who simply frowned and crossed her arms a little tighter around her waist. She was grumpy and annoyed with herself. How had she let that make-out session happen again? How had Chloe?? They’d both agreed last year that they’d never let it happen again - after the first time they’d woken up in each other’s arms, half-naked, splattered in hickeys, the morning after winning their second ICCA’s final.

She’d be a fool not to think Chloe was hot. Only a moron would think that she wasn’t. But that didn’t mean Beca had feelings for her best friend. That didn’t mean she wished they could wake up like that more often…

Beca looked down at her feet, scraping the edge of the sole of her converse along the line of the concrete paving, her brow still furrowed. She didn’t need to check to see if The Bellas were still stood on the other side of the crowded bus stop because she could still hear Chloe’s voice chiming out clearly above the noise of the city traffic, giving instructions to The Bellas to ensure they all boarded the bus safely and together.

The brunette felt her stomach knot a little tighter, bringing her fingers up to her neck and dipping them beneath the scarf, tracing the tips of her fingers along the giant hickey on her skin. She remembered how smooth Chloe’s tongue had felt as it had rolled around and around to sooth that patch of skin that she’d sucked hard on. She remembered how soft Chloe’s lips had felt as the redhead had kissed it several times after, the sloppy ‘smack’ echoing with each kiss. The way Chloe’s hands had gripped and tugged at Beca’s ass while the younger woman had ground against her thigh, encouraging the friction, both having moaned quietly into their kisses.

Beca frowned, realising the sound of Chloe’s voice no longer rang out and she looked up, peering through the thick crowd of civilians beginning to pile onto the bus. Her heart began to race a little when she realised she could no longer see her group. She wasn’t much of a panicker, but being hungover and tired (and rather sexually confused) meant that Beca Mitchell began to panic a little. Travelling anywhere with The Bellas (okay, with Chloe) meant that it was relatively stress-free. It was usually a case of just following Chloe/going wherever Chloe told you to go. But with no Bellas (and as a result, no Chloe) there was every potential that the upcoming journey home would be verystressful for Beca indeed.

The brunette dove down and grabbed her rucksack that she had by her feet. Either way, she had to get on that bus. Surely she’d find The Bellas on there. But just as Beca stood up tall she felt a hand grab her arm. She looked down at the hand, recognising it as the hand of her best friend, and she looked up just as Chloe’s body followed her arm, squeezing between two tall men.

“Beca!” She called out in a relieved tone and in an instant Beca’s grumpiness had disappeared. Chloe had had that effect on her more and more recently. “I thought you were already on the bus!” the redhead said in a slightly flustered tone, and Beca swallowed loudly when she noticed that the scarf Chloe had been wearing had loosened and she saw the mass of hickeys she’d left on the older woman’s neck last night tracking their way from her collarbone up to just below her earlobe. And Beca’s relief turned to guilt. She really had no reason to feel grumpy when what she did to Chloe was far far worse than what Chloe had done to her. “Come on. All the girls are on. We’re the only ones left.”

Beca let out a small yelp as Chloe grabbed her hand firmly and tugged her forcefully through the crowd to their bus. They boarded with light sighs. Beca felt her cheeks flush bright red when, as they approached the back of the bus, their friends let out whoops and hollers, Wolf-whistling and pointing at their co-captain’s hands. Beca quickly dropped Chloe’s hand, having not realised she’d still been holding it, and sheepishly slid into the window seat of the two seats that had been saved for them by The Bellas.

Beca frowned again, staring grumpily out the window as Chloe slid into the seat beside her with a light giggle, sweetly telling their friends off for making Beca feel embarrassed.

“She SHOULD be embarrassed!!” CR said with a cackle.

“Yeah has she SEEN the state of your neck?” Stacie added, a tear escaping her eye she was laughing so hard.

“Just ignore them.” Chloe mumbled to Beca sweetly, but Beca turned and glared at her.

“This is gonna be the longest bus ride home, you know that?” Beca mumbled grumpily back to her and Chloe simply shrugged, smiling softly at her.

“Plug your headphones in. I’ll deal with them for us.”

“There’s no us, Beale.” Beca grumbled as she unzipped her rucksack to pull her headphones out.

“Try telling my neck that, Mitchell..” Chloe dared to sass back, her eyebrows raised and Beca was left with no choice but to roll her eyes, before plugging her headphones in and closing her eyes..

Chapter Text

There was a loud grunt that fell from the back of Chloe’s throat as she was pushed back against a wall, halfway up the apartment block stairs that led up to the tiny studio apartment she called home. Her eyes were closed, her breath was loud as air escaped through her nose, and her arms were wrapped tightly around her best friend’s waist while Beca’s lips kissed her lips hungrily.

They had waited five long years to do this. To finally have a chance to kiss one another. To finally be together. Chloe had graduated little over an hour ago and they had jumped in Beca’s private car as soon as they possibly could, Beca’s driver taking them back to the little apartment on Verona Street so Beca could “quickly pick something up”. The thing was, it had already taken them ten minutes to get this far up the stairs, the two women taking it in turns to pull one another to the side with a giggle and kiss each other silly.

“I can’t…tell you…” Chloe mumbled against Beca’s lips between kisses, “…how many times…I wanted…to do this…with you…over the years.” and she felt the brunette let out a light hmm of agreement while smiling against her lips, their mouth’s reconnecting forcefully, both desperate for one another’s touch even though they already had it.

A few moments later Beca broke the kiss, grinned at Chloe, then grabbed her hand and tugging her up the rest of the stairs with a whispered, “Come on!” And Chloe followed with a giddy giggle, holding Beca’s right hand with both of hers. As they approached the door of the stuffy little studio apartment that they had first moved into seven and a bit years ago, Chloe pulled her key out of the discreet pocket she had in her dress.

“I promise I won’t be long.” Chloe heard her girlfriend(?) say behind her as the redhead slid the key into the lock, “Then we can start our date properly.”

But Chloe let out a light giggle as she turned the key, “Honestly Beca, we could spend the rest of the day in this apartment and I wouldn’t mind. As long as we’re to-“

The thirty two year old froze as she stepped into the apartment, the end of her sentence becoming a whispered “-gether…” and her mouth hung open in shock. Because the apartment wasn’t how she’d left it this morning.

No yoga mat to her right by the windows - instead the old fold-out bed that she and Beca had shared for the first two years that they’d lived in the apartment stood there. The blinds above the windows were now exactly the same as the ones had been during that time, along with the ornaments on the shelves and pictures on the walls.

Chloe’s eyes trailed around to the blackboard, noting that her shopping list was now rubbed off and an old ‘Beca don’t forget to buy nachos + salsa’message was re-written on there in chalk. The fridge magnets were just how they’d been arranged five years ago. The photos on there were the same. Even Fat Amy’s ‘Fat Amy Winehouse’ wig was on the side of the dresser that was next to the double bed that Chloe had been sleeping in alone for the past five years. And that bed was dressed with bedcovers that looked uncannily like the bedcovers Fat Amy had once had on there when they’d all lived together. The kitchen had the same old tiny coffee machine, the same old mugs, the same old dishes…it was like they’d stepped back in time!

“Wha-?” Chloe choked out in shock, turning on the spot to look at her best friend. But Beca was stood in the doorway still, biting her bottom lip with a small smile. Chloe didn’t know what was going on. Didn’t know what to think or do. So she shook her head slowly, a small smile also creeping onto her face, “What is all this?”

She watched as Beca stepped into the tiny studio apartment, “I swear it’s been the longest five years of my life,” Beca said as she closed the door behind her, “but it’s also been the best five years of my life.” Chloe could feel her heart racing a little as she watched her best friend step up to her and take her by the arms. Beca didn’t look like she needed to pick something up in here after all.

“Now, I can’t tell you how guilty I’ve felt over the years since saying “No” to you.” Beca continued while she began guiding Chloe backwards over to the kitchen, the redhead gently gripping Beca’s elbows for support, not breaking eye contact with her once, “So I figured, as it’s almost exactly five years since I made you that huge promise,” Beca stopped guiding Chloe so the redhead was now stood in front of their little old coffee machine, just as she had been back then, “I thought I’d give you the opportunity to ask me the question again.”

Chloe took a deep breath, tears beginning to build in her eyes and she sniffed loudly, clearing her throat so she could turn her smile into a softer, slightly more serious expression. Her bright blue eyes ran over Beca’s face. From her deep blue eyes, to the light freckles that tended to appear around this time of year across the bridge of her nose, to her perfect lips that Chloe had adored kissing over the past hour. Her eyes honed in on the studs that ran up both Beca’s left and right ears - the studs she’d once told Beca she loved seeing her wear. And she loved the way her best friend had decided to keep her long brown hair down in loose waves, exactly how Chloe loved it. Beca had clearly done all of this for her. And she felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

“Beca…” Chloe began, pausing to let out a breath of nervous air. She had no need to be nervous. They’d told each other on numerous occasions in the past that they were intending on spending the rest of their lives with each other. “…did you want to go out on a date with me?”

“No.” Beca said quickly, and Chloe furrowed her brow in confusion. Confusion that quickly disappeared when the brunette let out a loud chuckle, a massive grin sweeping over her face as she reached out and took Chloe’s hands, “I’m kidding! I’m kidding. Sorry.” Chloe rolled her eyes, letting out a small tut while Beca let go of her hands with a cheeky grin, “Do it again. Sorry. Ask the question.”

Chloe let out another nervous sigh and made a decision, clearing her throat, then looking at her best friend with an affectionate smile, “Beca will you marry me?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Y-…wait, what?” Beca said, her eyebrows raising, her smile immediately dropping. But Chloe wanted this. And she knew Beca wanted this too. At some point, yeah. But why wait another five years?

“Will you marry me.” Chloe repeated, her smile still soft while she looked over at her best friend. The woman she’d fallen in love with twelve years ago. The woman who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. The redhead began pushing her hand into the discreet pocket in her beautiful graduation dress, her fingers enclosing around an engagement ring that she’d been saving up for over the past three years. She’d had every intention of proposing to Beca today. Now seemed as perfect a time as any. Even though Beca looked somewhat stunned.

The brunette reached out, quickly placing her hand on Chloe’s hand that was in her dress pocket, “Wait. Dude. I…”

She wasn’t saying yes. Why wasn’t she saying yes? Chloe let go of the ring and pulled her hand out of her pocket as she looked into Beca’s eyes, trying to read her thoughts.

“This…I organised all this because I was gonna propose to you!” Beca burst out in a slightly panicked tone, her cheeks flushing pink.

“You were?”

“Yeah. I had Aubrey refurb the whole apartment today while you were out just so we could rewrite history a little.”

And a broad smile grew over Chloe’s face. Beca had got Aubrey involved??

She looked down at Beca’s hands and realised the brunette was delving her left hand into her pants pocket. Her heart skipped a beat as the woman pulled out a small ring box. This was it. The moment she’d dreamt of for years. It was finally happening!

“Please, let me just…” Beca begged slightly, and Chloe smiled affectionately at her best friend, a tear rolling down her cheek as she gently nodded. She knew how freaked out Beca sometimes got when something unexpected happened. It was one of the few side effects of her anxiety. A side effect that had heightened since becoming a recording artist five years ago.

So Beca took a deep shaky breath, tears building in her own eyes as she opened the box and bent down on one knee. Chloe looked down at her best friend as Beca looked up at her adoringly, “Chloe Anne Beale. You are…my very best friend…and…” Chloe’s heart soared as she watched the brunette hang her head with a loud sigh, then sniffing loudly with a small chuckle, “…God I never imagined I’d cry…” she mumbled and Chloe giggled, another tear rolling down her cheek as she watched Beca clear her throat and look back up at her.

Tears had begun to roll down Beca’s cheeks while she looked at Chloe affectionately, “…You’re my very best friend and I’m so…in love…with you…” Beca paused to let out a sob, one that Chloe echoed as tears rolled down her own cheeks, “…and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Beca croaked out in a broken voice, her tears affecting the flow of her words as she let out a loud sniff, smiling up at her best friend, “Chloe will you marry me?”

“Yes!” Chloe burst out with a broad grin, tears falling from her eyes as she reached her hands down to cup Beca’s cheeks while the brunette stood up. The two best friends kissed each other passionately, the tears that had fallen down their faces now pooling around their mouths, adding to the sensuality of the meaningful kiss. “Yes” Chloe said again, this time mumbling against Beca’s lips, loving the way Beca was smiling as brightly as she was.

They parted and Beca pulled the beautiful engagement ring out of the box and slid it onto Chloe’s finger. It fit perfectly, and the two women let out soft giggles, sniffing sweetly as they rested their foreheads against each other’s and held hands.

“Can I propose to you now?” Chloe asked with a grin. Beca let out a chuckle, sniffing again as they parted, and she nodded gently, sweeping her tongue over her bottom lip, collecting the pool of tears that had gathered there.

Chloe delved back into her pocket, this time capturing the ring in her hand with ease and pulling it out, “Now I know this ring isn’t anywhere near as amazing or expensive as this beauty you got me here..” Chloe warned motioning to the beautiful engagement ring Beca had got her, then holding up between her index finger and thumb the little engagement ring she’d bought for Beca, “..but know that this took me weeks to pick out!” Chloe said with raised eyebrows and an embarrassed grin which, to her relief, only made Beca chuckle.

“Hey, the fact that it’s from you is all that matters to me.” Beca said kindly, shuffling her feet slightly to try to prepare herself for the momentous occasion.

Chloe cleared her throat then got down on one knee, holding the ring out to Beca as she looked up at her best friend, “Beca Mitchell, the first time I saw you I knew. What exactly, I don’t know, but I had this feeling in my heart, as though my soul saw your soul and they kinda recognised each other. Like they knew we were meant to be together. Somehow. Someday…” Chloe was impressively keeping her words more composed than Beca, the redhead clearly having got the crying out of her system moments earlier, “When we moved into this tiny studio apartment seven years ago I had only ever dreamt that you’d one day fall in love with me. And five years ago that dream became a reality.”

Tears began to roll down Chloe’s cheeks again, mirroring the ones falling down Beca’s, and the two best friends looked into each other’s eyes with so much love and adoration, “You are my very best friend. The love of my life. And the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with…Will you marry me?”

And a massive smile grew on Chloe’s face as Beca blubbed, “Of course I will!” before reaching down to tug Chloe back up to her feet. They kissed passionately once again, their tears mixing between their lips while they sniffed, and kissed, and giggled happily.

As they parted Chloe slid the ring on Beca’s finger, relieved that it fit perfectly, and they beamed at one another while looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” Chloe whispered, tracing her fingers through Beca’s long brown hair and Beca reached her hand up to cup Chloe’s cheek affectionately.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Fat Amy: Three guesses what this noise right here is..

Amy was laid back on her bed, a smirk on her face, and she pressed her thumb down on the ‘audio’ key on The Bellas WhatsApp Group, holding her phone out towards the fold-out bed across from her in the small studio apartment. On it lay her housemate, Beca, who was laid in the foetal position. And uncharacteristically the petite woman was letting out small slow whines like a dog pining for it’s owner.

Emily: Oh my goodness did you guys get a dog?? *heart eyes emoji* xxxxx

CR: Is that a dog?!

Stacie: *gasping emoji* Bloe got a dooooog!! :( I want a dog so baaad!!

Aubrey: Just because they got a dog doesn’t mean you can get a dog.. x

Stacie: :( x

CR: *laughing crying emoji* You’re so whipped *two girls kissing emoji*

Stacie: I’m NOT whipped!

CR: So get a dog then.. ;)

Aubrey: No!

Fat Amy: It’s not a dog. It’s Beca!

Ashley: I’d totally let Jessica get a dog if she wanted one? Xx

Jessica: *heart eyes emoji* CAN WE?? Xx

Ashley: Of course babe *blow-kiss emoji* xx

Jessica: Yay! *heart eyes emoji* *dog emoji* xx

Ashley: See Aubrey, that wasn’t so difficult.. xx

Stacie: SEE! Jessica’s allowed a dog! :( X

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji* Jessica & Ashley live together x

CR: Uh..Jessica & Ashley are a COUPLE..

CR: Stacie, Aubrey, are you guys a couple??

CR: Is this confirmation?! *two girls kissing emoji*;)

Flo: *gasping emoji* *heart eyes emoji*

Emily: *heart eyes emoji* YOU GUUUUUYS!!! Xxxxx

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji* Can we PLEASE go back to why Beca sounds like an injured animal right now?

Fat Amy looked up from her phone again, a massive grin already on her face. Because it wasn’t much of a secret that Aubrey & Stacie were ‘secretly’ seeing each other and had been doing so for probably around six months now, though both women were still strongly denying it. The Bellas hadn’t got together since the first time it had been speculated on the WhatsApp group so nobody had really had a chance to work out in person if their suspicions were correct.

Beca was still whining at intervals on the bed, a large knitted blanket over her small body. The large knitted blanket that had been Chloe’s ‘homemade project’ over the past year and a bit. The large knitted blanket that Beca usually tucked up in more than anyone else in the small studio apartment, regardless of the weather. And something that Amy could tell thrilled the redhead.

Flo: Yes what is wrong with Beca? Xxx

Fat Amy: So you know how she doesn’t get her period that much but when she gets it the cramps are like a million times worse than just a regular one?

Lilly: Yes

Emily: Yeah? Xxxxx

CR: Ahh shit..

Fat Amy: Yeah oh shit. She came on today and got home from work about twenty minutes ago

Stacie: Shit. Is Chloe taking care of her?

CR: ;) *two girls kissing emoji*

CR: Sorry. Inappropriate.

Fat Amy looked up from her phone again but instead of looking at the crumpled heap of the brunette on the fold-out bed, she looked over to the kitchen to see Chloe bustling away by the stove. The twenty seven year old was busy warming some soup in a saucepan while a coffee was filtering through a small machine to her right, and a lavender-scented beanie elephant (affectionately named by 10 year old Chloe as “Phanny” - a name that had always stuck) spun around in the microwave on top of the fridge to her left.

Fat Amy: Chloe’s going a bit OTT in my opinion..

Ashley: Haha let’s see! Xx

Aubrey: This IS Chloe we’re talking about here..

Amy turned the ‘live video’ feature on, and focussed-in on the figure of Chloe, now walking over to the microwave just as it went PING! 
The redhead stepped up onto her tiptoes to open the door of the microwave just as another whine left Beca’s lifeless body on the bed.

“Sweetie, I’m coming..” Chloe said in a sympathetic voice, reaching for “Phanny” and pulling the beanie-Elephant out of the microwave.

“Don’t bother” grumbled Beca, her voice muffled thanks to the knitted blanket over her body, “you may as well leave me here to die!”

Chloe appeared to roll her eyes with an amused smile on her face but Beca clearly didn’t see as the woman didn’t even have her eyes open she was in so much pain.

“Well we’ve got a problem then.” The redhead said sweetly as she slowly pattered over to the fold-out bed that she and Beca shared, and she gently sat beside her best friend. “Because I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t around any more.”

From Amy’s angle (and The Bella’s Whatsapp Video angle) she couldn’t see Chloe’s facial expression. But she could see Beca turn to look up at Chloe miserably, “Your life would be a hell of a lot easier..” she mumbled.

Chloe smoothed her hand over the petite woman’s brown hair, pushing it back soothingly over and over, and Beca closed her eyes at the touch, letting out a light humming sound, clearly enjoying the affection, “My life wouldn’t be worth living without you in it, Beca Mitchell.” Chloe muttered sweetly.

“You’re cheesy..” Beca mumbled back with a frown, but it seemed to only make Chloe giggle gently.

You’re cheesy..” Chloe said softly.

“I’m dying.” Beca mumbled, her eyes still closed while Chloe continued to smooth her hair back gently.

“You’re not dying.” Chloe said with another light giggle.

“You don’t know that.” Beca mumbled, sticking her bottom lip out and Chloe giggled again.

“Oh sweetie..” Chloe said affectionately, pausing her movements, “Here.”

Beca opened her eyes to look up at Chloe, and the redhead peeled back the knitted blanket then slid “Phanny” the freshly heated beanie-toy beneath it. The brunette shuffled until it was resting over her cramping stomach then let out a gently moan of relief.

“Better?” Chloe asked lightly, pulling the blanket back up to Beca’s chin then smoothing her right hand over Beca’s back soothingly, around and around, causing the brunette to close her eyes again with a calm sigh.

“Getting there..” Beca mumbled, but her face was certainly looking less scrunched up.

“Fancy some soup?”

“Uhuh.” Beca replied in a tone that was more of a grunt than any words or clear response.

“Okay.” Chloe whispered, bending down to place a kiss on top of Beca’s head. To Amy’s surprise, Beca didn’t scrunch her nose up or seem too bothered about the affection, clearly too exhausted to care. But as the redhead stood up she let out a soft chuckle when Beca launched her arm from beneath the knitted blanket and grabbed Chloe’s wrist, tugging her back down onto the bed with a whine.

“Don’t go..” Beca pleaded, looking up at Chloe who let out another light giggle.

“I’m only going to get your soup then I’ll be back with you!” the redhead said with an amused tone.

“Then you’ll rub my back again?” Beca mumbled rather pathetically, and Fat Amy tried her hardest not to laugh out loud.

“Then I’ll rub your back again, yes..” Chloe said with another giggle and a bit of a tut. Beca let go of the woman’s wrist somewhat reluctantly then tucked back under the blanket. Chloe placed another chaste kiss on Beca’s head then stood up and walked back over to the stove.

Fat Amy deemed it an appropriate time to stop recording and The Bellas began to respond with gusto.

Emily: *heart eyes emoji* Cutest. Thing. Ever!! Xxxxx

CR: Total wives *two girls kissing emoji*

Ashley: Agreed *two girls kissing emoji*xx

Jessica: Agreed *two girls kissing emoji*xx

CR: Aubrey does Stacie make you soup when you’re cramping? ;)

Ashley: Haha!! Xx

Lilly: She does.

Flo: *heart eyes emoji*

Fat Amy: Haha

Fat Amy: Staubreeeeey! *two girls kissing emoji*

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji*

Aubrey: ACTUALLY I get a hot bath with bath salts and candles! So *middle finger emoji*

CR: Stacie you old smoothie you ;)

Stacie: What can I say? I’m a romantic at heart ;)

Emily: *gasping emoji* Is this confirmation?? Xxxxx

Aubrey: …

Lilly: Yes.

Fat Amy sat up suddenly, staring hard at her phone screen. She noticed along the top-bar of the WhatsApp message the words ‘Stacie typing…’ and the Australian held her breath. She wondered if Aubrey and Stacie were together right now? Maybe at the lodge? Were they discussing how best to reply? But she didn’t need to wonder for long.

Stacie: *eye roll emoji* Yes Staubrey is real ;P

And Fat Amy grinned when, almost as soon as Stacie sent through the confirmation, Aubrey sent a selfie of her and Stacie to the WhatsApp group. It was of the two of them sat on the couch of Aubrey’s log cabin at the Lodge of Fallen Leaves. A smiling Aubrey had her arm around Stacie’s shoulders, cuddling up to her and placing a huge kiss on her cheek while Stacie looked at the camera with a wink and a big grin on her face.

Suddenly a loud squeal sounded from the kitchen and a huge smash. Fat Amy looked up from her phone to see Chloe stood with her mouth wide open looking down at her own phone in shock. The bowl that she had clearly been pouring hot soup into now lay in shards scattered around the floor of the tiny kitchen, hot soup splattered up the lower cupboards and some on Chloe’s legs. Beca, meanwhile, seemed to have snapped out of her misery, immediately throwing the blanket off her body and jumping up from the fold-out bed over to Chloe’s aid.

“Holy shit dude are you okay??” Beca cried out in horror but Chloe was scrolling through what Amy presumed was the WhatsApp group, still in shock. The redhead looked up at Beca and held out her phone to show her the messages. There was a pause as the younger woman read the messages then Beca let out a loud, “Woah!” then handed the device back to its owner.

Chloe: Oh my God you guuuuuys *heart eyes emoji* xxx

Emily: Cutest. Couple. EVER!!! *heart eyes emoji* xxxxx

Stacie: Thanks guys *blow-kiss emoji*

Emily: Where did it happen? How did it happen? Who asked who? How long have you been officially together? I’M SO EXCITED!! *heart eyes emoji* xxxxx

Aubrey: The Lodge. Lots of drinks + my private jacuzzi. Stacie kissed me. Eight months tomorrow. X

“Did you know??” Beca asked Chloe in surprise, having pulled her own phone out of her pocket to look at the photo again. But the redhead looked shocked, looking up from her own phone at Beca, a massive smile on her face mirroring her best friend’s.

“I didn’t!! I-I can’t believe they were able to keep it a secret for so long!” The older woman cried out in glee, and they both looked down at their phones as another message came through on the WhatsApp chat.

CR: YES!! I KNEW IT! Haha!

CR: Stacie you owe me $50!

Stacie: Shit. Yeah. Forgot about that..

Aubrey: You bet AGAINST us?? X

CR: “Us” ;) *two girls kissing emoji*

Stacie: Well if I’d bet FOR us then everyone would’ve known we were dating, dummy *eye roll emoji* xx

Fat Amy, Beca and Chloe all took sharp intakes of breath. Nobody ever dared call Aubrey any form of names. Not least of all something as rude as ‘dummy’! But it appeared that Stacie was one of the few people who could get away with it..

Aubrey: Oh yeah xx

CR: *laughing crying emoji* “Dummy”

Jessica: So does this mean you’re getting a dog together?? *heart eyes emoji* xx

Stacie: Pleeeeeeeease!! *blow-kiss emoji* xx

Aubrey: *eye roll emoji*

Aubrey: Maybe one day ;) *blow-kiss emoji* xx

Stacie: Woohoo! xx

Beca: Congrats guys *thumbs up emoji*

Chloe: I’M SO HAPPYYYYYYYY *heart eyes emoji* xxx

Beca: She was so happy she dropped a bowl of soup *eye roll emoji*

CR: Your bowl of soup, huh? ;) *two girls kissing emoji*

Beca: ???

Amy looked up from her phone with a guilty expression and saw the way Beca and Chloe looked at one another, then rolled their eyes and turned to look at Amy.

“You told them about “Phanny” didn’t you…” Beca said in an unimpressed yet unsurprised tone and raised her eyebrows at her. Amy tried not to laugh at how rude it had sounded.

“Umm..a little bit..yeah..”

Beca and Chloe hung their heads, then looked down at their phones.

Ashley: Yeah, how’s Chloe’s “Phanny” treating you, Beca? ;P xx

“Oh God..” Beca muttered under her breath. Fortunately for Amy, Beca was too exhausted and in too much pain to argue. And Chloe was now too preoccupied with trying to clean up the soup she’d just spilt.

Beca: I’m never talking to you guys ever again..

CR: *laughing crying emoji*

Ashley: *laughing crying emoji*

Lilly: Pity.

Jessica: *laughing crying emoji*

Flo: *gasping emoji*

Fat Amy: Bloeeeeee *two girls kissing emoji* ;)

Emily: *heart eyes emoji*

Aubrey: Ladies, leave Beca alone.

Beca: THANK YOU Aubrey!

Stacie: Yeah it’s difficult trying to keep a relationship secret from you lot when all you keep doing is tease.. ;)

Chloe: *eye roll emoji*

Aubrey: Don’t worry Beca, Stacie & I will take the teasing so you and Chloe can carry on with whatever you’re secretly doing together :)

Stacie: *laughing crying emoji* good one babe xx

CR: *laughing crying emoji*

Beca: *angry emoji* *middle finger emoji*

Chapter Text

Beca let out a huge sigh of relief, a lazy grin on her face as she felt Chloe roll off her naked body, and the two best friends lay side-by-side. As usual they didnt talk. They never talked about any of this. About why they kept finding themselves making out in their fold-out bed now and then. About how those make-out sessions had skipped right on into sketchy-town and now usually led to sex.

After several moments of staring at the ceiling, catching their breaths, lying on their respective sides of their bed, Beca broke the silence, “What are we doing here?” and she turned to look at Chloe who was still looking up at the ceiling, biting her bottom lip then shrugging.

“It’s just…we’ve had sex five times this week already…” Beca turned back to look at the ceiling, “…and it’s only Wednesday.”

There was a long pause, both women thinking about what this thing between them actually was. “Well..” Chloe began cautiously, clearing her throat, “..we both have..needs.” She wasn’t wrong there. Both Beca and Chloe had started this unspoken agreement as a ‘doing each other a favour’ kind of thing. “And because we have those needs it’s easier to turn to each other. Because we trust each other.”

“Agreed.” Beca said with a nod, her fingertips skimming across her own skin thoughtfully. “It’s just…you kissed me goodbye this morning.”

Beca turned to look at her best friend again, watching Chloe roll onto her stomach, propping her head up as she looked over at the brunette with a coy smile, “Um..yeah I did, didn’t I.”

“And I kissed you back.”

“You did.” Chloe said gently, a light smile growing on her face.

“And it felt…right.”

“Mmm” Chloe agreed with a gentle nod. There was a couple of moments of silence then Beca rolled onto her own stomach, propping her head up as she looked into Chloe’s bright blue eyes.

“I think we should go on a date.” Beca suggested, a nervous look on her face.

“I agree. We should definitely go on a date.” Chloe said sweetly, her smile broadening, providing Beca with comfort that she’d made the right decision to brooch the subject of defining their ‘friendship’ a little better.

“Right,” Beca said with a sigh, “we’d better get dressed then!” and she rolled onto her other side, swinging her legs off the bed.

“What, now?” Chloe asked, raising her eyebrows in surprise at Beca’s spontaneity and the brunette looked over her shoulder with a small smile, pulling part of the bedsheet from her naked body.

“Why wait?” Beca asked with a shrug, shooting Chloe a wink and the redhead beamed back at her.

“I guess I’d better get dressed..” Chloe said with a seductive wink.

As Beca stood up from the bed she heard a bit of a scramble and suddenly a stinging slap landed on her left ass cheek, the noise echoing around the tiny studio apartment they shared. Beca gasped, turning to look at Chloe who now laid out naked, on her front, across their bed. The redhead brought her hand back from Beca’s ass with a mischievous grin.

Beca looked down at Chloe in disbelief, “Did you just slap my ass?!”

“No.” Chloe lied, biting her lip briefly before rolling onto her back and looking up at Beca playfully, “I slapped your cute little tushy!”

Beca rolled her eyes, bending down to grab her clothes and to her delight she felt another sharp slap on her other ass cheek.

“Keep that up Beale and we’ll be adding to our sex tally..” Beca said, standing up straight having scooped up her clothes and turning back to her best friend.

“Mmm. Promises promises Mitchell…” Chloe said in a tempted tone, and Beca took one look at the redhead’s mouth while Chloe bit her bottom lip then quickly dropped the pile of clothes she had in her arms.

“Ah fuck it..” Beca mumbled, and scrambled back onto the bed, onto Chloe’s naked body, kissing her hard in the process while her best friend let out a contagious giggle..

Chapter Text

Beca stood at the kitchen sink in The Barden Bellas house, her hands submerged in hot soapy water while she washed her dinner plate up. She could hear her best friends all laughing and chatting in the ‘movie room’ beside the kitchen, the sound travelling well thanks to the open-plan layout.

The senior froze as she smelt a familiar perfume, and she raised her eyebrows when she felt someone sidle up to her and press their chest gently into her back, “What do you say we skip the movie and celebrate your birthday up in my room instead?” Chloe whispered into Beca’s ear, placing a large wet kiss on the brunette’s neck.

Beca hummed thoughtfully, feeling a tingle between her legs, thinking of nothing more she would love to do than to have her secret girlfriend make love to her on the night of her birthday. But the brunette saw sense, clearing her throat and shaking her head, “Too risky. They’ll know something is up.” And she had every reason to be cautious, after all the Bellas already teased Beca and Chloe about how close they were to one another anyway. The two of them going up to Chloe’s room instead of settling with the Bellas for movie night was way too suspicious.

Beca felt a tingle rush over her body as Chloe let out a sigh against her neck, mumbling, “hmm..pity..” and the brunette froze as she felt her girlfriend wind her hand around her waist and slip her hand down the front of her pyjama bottoms, “..I guess I’ll just…” Chloe’s right hand cupped Beca’s pussy, “…have…” her middle finger slid between Beca’s wet folds, “…to find…” Chloe’s left hand slid up the inside of Beca’s loose pyjama top, “…another way…” Chloe cupped Beca’s left breast, “…to help you…” she squeezed her breast and Beca’s eyes rolled shut, “…celebrate your birthday.” Chloe finished with a whisper in Beca’s ear and the brunette let out a light moan when Chloe began rolling her middle finger around her swollen clit.

The redhead captured Beca’s earlobe between her teeth and nibbled on it causing another light moan to fall from Beca’s mouth. Meanwhile Chloe’s middle finger had begun sliding around Beca’s clit, covering the tip in wet juices while the petite brunette’s orgasm rose.

The super-senior began kissing and licking patches on Beca’s neck while her left hand fondled her breast, pinching at the nipple here and there. Chloe was fuelled further by the way Beca had begun rocking her hips. They’d only been seeing each other a couple of months, but she knew the signs of Beca’s impending orgasm, and rocking hips was one of them.

The brunette let out a gasp when suddenly Chloe slid her finger further down and into Beca’s soaking pussy, covering the digit in silky juices. Within a matter of seconds Chloe had found a rhythm that merged finger-fucking her girlfriend and rolling a finger over the woman’s clit. She breathed heavily into Beca’s ear while she fucked her from behind against the kitchen sink, loving the noises that her girlfriend was making while her breathing became more and more laboured.

“I’m gonna cum” Beca whispered suddenly, but Chloe kinda already knew. So it came as no surprise to her when Beca threw her head back, rest it on Chloe’s shoulder while Chloe snapped her hand from underneath Beca’s top and up to Beca’s mouth, muffling her moan of relief. The brunette’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came hard around her girlfriend’s finger and the two co-captains remained in that position for a few moments while Beca caught her breath.

“Hey Chloe! Where you at with that popcorn?” A voice from the ‘movie room’ called out to her and both Beca & Chloe let out light chuckles.

Chloe pulled her hand out of Beca’s pyjama bottoms, calling out towards the room, “Yeah almost there!” But she grinned at Beca, cocking her eyebrow mischievously as the brunette turned on the spot to face her.

“You..are fucking amazing..” Beca mumbled as she grabbed a fistful of Chloe’s pyjama top and tugged the redhead flush against her body so they could kiss.

They froze, holding their kiss as Stacie strolled into the kitchen with a sigh. The leggy Bella strode up to the ‘snack cupboard’ pulled out a massive bag of popcorn and turned to return to the ‘movie room’.

“Uh..” Chloe began, having broken the kiss when she heard the cupboard door open, but Stacie didn’t stop or turn around on her way out.

“We figured you’d be up to no good together.” She said as she reached the other room, “Have a good niiiiiight!” she sang, and Beca & Chloe grinned as Stacie disappeared to join the rest of the Bellas.

Chapter Text

[Beca & Chloe walking around a hardware store]

CHLOE: Oh look different coloured baskets!

CHLOE: Wow big buckets!

CHLOE: Oh!! Mirrors!

CHLOE: Shower curtains!

CHLOE: Paint brushes!

CHLOE: Hangers!

[Beca rolls her eyes with an amused smile]

CHLOE: Whaaat?

BECA: The past two minutes has literally been you pointing out random objects in this store while you squeeze my butt.

[Chloe removes her hand from Beca’s butt with a guilty giggle]

CHLOE: Sorry..

BECA: *chuckles* Come on Mitchell, this way.

[Beca grabs her wife’s hand and drags her down the paint aisle with a grin]

Chapter Text

Chloe stirred in her sleep as Beca’s alarm continued to ring. She gently opened her eyes, blinking sleepily through the early morning daylight that filtered through the window of their tiny studio apartment. She shuffled her position in the bed so she could turn around, and she let out a sleepy sigh as she looked over at her best friend who shared the crappy fold out bed with her.

Chloe’s heart sank. Beca laid flat on her back, motionless, staring up at the ceiling above their bed. Her morning alarm continued to ring out. Chloe knew what this meant. It meant Beca was having one of her ‘cloudy days’.

Beca’s ‘cloudy days’ - as Chloe had once so affectionately dubbed them - used to be a frequent occurrence back in college, particularly around exam season and close to the ICCA finals. It was a funk that Beca couldn’t be snapped out of no matter how hard Chloe would try. Since graduation and moving into this tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn two years ago, the ‘cloudy days’ lessened in frequency. Beca seemed to thrive as ‘the youngest Producer in BFD Records history’ and home-life was far less stressful with only two Bellas to share living quarters with (and even then Fat Amy often wasn’t in during the evenings anyway).

But Chloe had noticed how Beca’s passion for the job had waned over recent weeks. She’d noticed how over the past few days Beca hadn’t slept well. Hadn’t been spooning her when they fell asleep at night and hadn’t been letting Chloe cuddle into her in the mornings before she had to get up for work. The redhead had tried to ignore how badly it hurt her feelings, because she knew Beca didn’t mean to be like this.

The alarm became too much for Chloe after a while, so she sat herself up and leant over Beca’s body with a sleepy sigh, stopping the alarm, then returning to the position she’d originally been in. Laying on her side, facing Beca. The brunette hadn’t moved an inch. But Chloe did notice how glassy Beca’s eyes were as they stared up at the ceiling. How the woman clearly wanted to cry but perhaps didn’t have the energy to.

Chloe reached out slowly, and lightly drew her fingertips down the length of Beca’s bare arm, from the shoulder where her pyjama top sleeve rested, down to her wrist, tracing soft circles around her best friend’s wrist then drawing her fingertips back up. Beca didn’t move. Didn’t blink. And Chloe continued this motion over and over again. Because this was what Chloe did whenever she found Beca like this. It was not only beneficial for Chloe (to feel like she was doing something) but it was also beneficial for Beca (who knew that whenever Chloe did this it meant Chloe knew she was having a ‘cloudy day’ without actually having to say it)

“Are you going into work today?” Chloe whispered cautiously. It wasn’t often the case that something she’d say would upset the brunette, but she could never be sure. Chloe watched Beca closely as her best friend let out a heavy sigh but still didn’t move.

“Yeah” Beca croaked in a low plain voice, her tone sounding as lifeless as her body looked and Chloe swallowed loudly. Because it was almost 6.30am. Almost the time that Chloe got up for work. And she would need to go in today because she was being assessed.

“You’re gonna be late sweetie..” Chloe added softly, bringing her hand up to Beca’s cheek to stroke her skin gently but the brunette flinched and Chloe brought her hand back as though she been burnt.

“Just leave me alone Chloe” Beca snapped quietly and Chloe felt her stomach knot in horror and embarrassment. Beca had never spoken to her like that before.

“Sorry.” Chloe whispered, tucking her hand into her chest with the other and feeling tears begin to prickle her eyes. Because she hated seeing Beca like this. She always felt so helpless.

After several moments of looking at her best friend, Beca still not moving an inch, Chloe decided that staring at the woman would only make her feel more upset. So Chloe pulled the bedsheet from around her body, and slid out of bed to make herself a cup of tea. She had a busy day at work ahead, then this evening she, Beca, and Fat Amy had a Bellas reunion at Brooklyn Aquarium. If Beca was up for it of course.

Chloe looked sadly over her shoulder as she approached the tiny kitchen, and looked at the petite brunette who still lay motionless, staring up at the ceiling. She wouldn’t remind her about tonight. It would only stress Beca out further. In fact, if Beca was still like this by the time they were due to go then Chloe probably wouldn’t go either. The Bellas would be okay. They had Aubrey and Emily who were more than able to lead them in tonight’s performance.

The redhead filled the kettle and clicked it ‘on’, and set up her morning tea cup with a bag of her favourite herbal tea. She then pulled Beca’s coffee mug out and set up the little coffee machine they had in the corner of the kitchen near the sink. ”Just leave me alone Chloe” were the words that rattled around and around Chloe’s head in Beca’s low miserable tone. Words that made tears build in Chloe’s eyes again while she started the coffee machine and popped the coffee mug under just as a stream of hot coffee ran out of the machine.

She sniffed loudly, rubbing her nose with the palm of her hand, trying to not make too much noise. After all, Beca had mentioned before after previous ‘Cloudy Days’ that, when she felt low, the more noise around her only enhanced the voices in her head that were telling her how she “couldn’t get up” and “didn’t deserve anyone’s friendship”. Chloe struggled to wrap her head around the idea of feeling that hopeless - having never woken up with that feeling before - but she never questioned Beca whenever the brunette did.

As the kettle clicked ‘off’ having boiled, the redhead poured herself a cup of herbal tea and Chloe swiped angrily at the tears that had dared to roll down her cheeks. Beca was the one feeling sad, not her! She had no reason to cry!

The woman picked up the coffee mug and slowly made her way over to Beca’s side of the bed. She didn’t look at her. She couldn’t look at her. Instead she gently placed the mug down quietly on Beca’s bedside table, refusing to sniff, not wanting to draw her best friend’s attention to the fact that she was a little upset. Beca had too much on her plate to worry about as it was, Chloe didn’t want her to have to worry about her too.

Chloe made her way over to the bath area of their studio apartment, reaching beyond the shower curtain and turning the shower on, looking down as the water pooled in the bath. She took this fresh noise of the shower water hitting the bath as an opportunity to finally sniff and she did so loudly followed by a heavy sigh. She never normally took a shower in the morning but she didn’t care. She needed to think. And perhaps cry. And the best way to do that privately in this tiny little studio apartment she shared with Beca and Fat Amy was in the shower.

The redhead slid her pyjamas off, stepped out of them, leaving them to lay on the floor of the kitchen, then stepped up into the bath that was beside the kitchen area. She pulled the curtain around her, closed her eyes at the soothing feel of the hot water that dribbled out of the terrible shower head they had, and she brought her hands to her face.

Chloe let out a sob that she hoped had been masked by the noise of the water, and all she could see against the back of her closed eyelids were the memories of Beca just now, laying motionless and unhappy. ”Just leave me alone Chloe still echoed in her ears as though the brunette was beside her repeating it over and over again.

She had no idea how long she’d stood there for. But in time her crying had subsided, and she could feel a wave of relief wash over her body while she let out a heavy shaky sigh. She really needed to get out of the shower and get dressed. She’d planned on wearing her hair down for work today. Maybe she’ll just have to wear it up instead. Deal with whatever frizz her hair would dry as. It was worth it for this time alone.

Chloe turned the shower off and let out another sigh as she wiped her hands over her face to remove some excess water. She reached out and tugged the shower curtain to the side, grabbing her towel that had been hung on a hook between the bath and a kitchen cupboard, then wrapped it around her body, looking down at her feet as she stepped out of the bath and onto the tiny bath mat.

Suddenly she froze as she looked up and saw Beca stood by the kitchen sink, looking at her sheepishly while placing her mug of coffee down on the side. The brunette was dressed for work and had clearly mustered the energy to fashion her hair into loose waves. To Chloe’s surprise she watched as her best friend strode up to her and wrapped her arms around her waist, hugging her tight.

Chloe remained hesitant, her arms outstretched, not wanting to get Beca too wet as she hadn’t yet dried off from her shower, “You’re gonna get soaked.” was all she could muster but the brunette shook her head.

“Don’t care.” Beca mumbled, tightening her arms around Chloe’s waist. So Chloe brought her arms around Beca’s small body and held her tight.

“I’m sorry” Beca mumbled after a few minutes.

“It’s okay.” Chloe whispered quietly, rocking her best friend gently from side to side.

“I don’t mean to be like this you know.”

“I know.”

“I don’t know how you put up with me.” Beca added with another mumble and a soft smile swept over Chloe’s face.

“Because I love you.” Chloe whispered, and she placed an affectionate kiss on Beca’s head before loosening her grip on the brunette’s body.

Beca stepped back and let out a heavy sigh, trying to force a smile that Chloe knew would’ve taken a lot of effort given her current mood.

“I’d better go to work.” Beca mumbled again, and Chloe watched as the brunette wandered over to her dark grey suit jacket and blue scarf that were hung on the back of the kitchen chair. Chloe liked that particular pant-suit on Beca. She told her often. But she didn’t feel that right now was the best time to tell her again.

“You’re gonna be aca-awesome Beca” Chloe added optimistically, though they both shared a look that confirmed that neither of them believed that to be true today. Beca was going to have a terrible day. But all Chloe could do was do what she always did, and that was be there for Beca when she got back from work.

The redhead watched as her best friend wound her blue scarf around her neck, shrugged her jacket on, grabbed her handbag and threw it over her shoulder, then strode back over to her. All the while Beca hadn’t smiled once. She’d just looked troubled. Chloe felt a knot in her stomach. She had a sinking feeling Beca might quit her job today. And if she did then Chloe had no idea if that would make Beca’s mental health better or worse. Either way it terrified her.

Chloe watched as Beca stopped just before her, placed a chaste kiss on her cheek, mumbled a quiet “Love you too” then walked out of the apartment without another glance. The redhead stood frozen with a stunned expression on her face as she looked at the apartment door that her best friend had just disappeared out of.

Beca had never kissed her goodbye before in any form. Not in the seven years that they’d known each other. Beca had once kissed the top of her head when Chloe had got back from being stood up on a date and the redhead had cuddled up to her, crying and complaining on their fold-out bed that she was never going to find love. But that was it.

The woman slowly wandered over to the clothes rail that acted as a divider between Chloe & Beca’s bed and Fat Amy’s bed, and she pulled out her old Bellas uniform. That was the outfit The Bellas had all agreed to wear at tonight’s reunion at the Brooklyn Aquarium. And Chloe had every intention of wearing it under her scrubs today, for good luck.

Chapter Text

[Beca & Chloe are engaged. They live together in a tiny house that Beca bought from her Dad and Sheila several months ago.]

Beca & Chloe have met for lunch and are walking down the street together. Chloe’s parents have hit a rough patch in their marriage. As a consequence Mr Beale is currently living with Beca & Chloe.

CHLOE: Did my Dad say anything to you this morning about my Mom?

BECA: Mmm nope. We mostly talked about cereal.

Chloe bites her bottom lip as she looks down at her burrito, picking at it.

BECA: What?

CHLOE: I dunno. I mean maybe he’ll talk to you about some of this stuff because he can’t talk to me?

BECA: Um..

CHLOE: You’re good to talk to.

BECA: I’m okay. I’m not great.

[Two hours later]

Beca gets a phone call from Chloe at work.

BECA: Hey babe-

CHLOE: -What did you say to my Dad??

BECA: What?

CHLOE: After you talked he called my Mom and said he was going to look for an apartment!

BECA: Oh my God! Chloe I…I don’t know! I… Nothing! Truly, nothing. I mean…I was just honest with him and I…I’m so sorry Chloe. I…I don’t know I’ll call him again.

CHLOE: No I’ll…I’ve not spoken to him yet so…I’ll talk to him.

[Two hours later]

Beca gets home. Chloe is stood in the kitchen making some dinner. Beca notices that Chloe’s Dad’s items are gone from the lounge, where he’s been sleeping on the couch. Chloe turns to look at Beca, noticeably still shocked about something.

BECA: So…what did he say? Was it my fault?

CHLOE: Yeah.

Beca sighs, hanging her head.

BECA: Chloe I’m so sorry-

CHLOE: -He said that you told him how much you love me.

Beca looks up at Chloe who has tears in her eyes, a small smile growing on her face.

CHLOE: About how you feel when I walk in a room. And about how you’ve never doubted for a second that I’m the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Chloe slowly walks up to Beca.

CHLOE: And I guess he’s never felt that way with my Mom. Even at their best.

Beca steps forward and scoops her arms around Chloe’s waist, pulling her into a tight hug while Chloe wraps her arms around Beca’s neck.

BECA: You okay?

CHLOE: Yeah.

They lean back slightly to look into each other’s eyes, but keep their arms around one another.

BECA: I guess when you’re a kid you always assume your parents are soulmates.

A small smile grows on Chloe’s face as she cups Beca’s cheek.

CHLOE: Well our kids are gonna be right about that.

Beca’s smile mirrors Chloe’s and they share a gentle kiss.

Chapter Text

A drunk Fat Amy crashed through the door of the small studio apartment, slurring loudly her version of ‘Wrecking Ball’ as she staggered forward, bashing into the end of Beca & Chloe’s fold-out bed. The collision caused her to divert her direction towards the kitchen table which, once she reached it, was somewhere she realised she didn’t want to be. So the Australian staggered over to her bed behind the clothes rail and she landed face first onto her bed, letting out a loud groan of relief as soon as her face hit the soft bedding.

Beca stepped into the studio apartment behind her, pretty drunk herself, a tired smile on her face while she supported a very drunk Chloe into their apartment with her. The redhead had her arm slopped over Beca’s shoulder, strands of her hair having fallen out of the loose bun she’d pulled her hair up in earlier that day. And she was giggling loudly about something, though Beca had no idea what. Just like she had no idea how she’d managed to get Chloe up the five flights of stairs it took to get up to their apartment, particularly as she could barely walk in a straight line herself. The two women threw the heels that had been in their hands down by the tiny armchair beside the door, where all their shoes went after a night out.

“Come to bed with me?” Chloe giggled as she stood, swaying on the spot beside their bed while she watched Beca close the door behind them, and Beca giggled too.

“Well duh, we share a bed!” The brunette slurred, leaning her back against the door she’d just closed, looking over at her best friend. They’d just been out at the Brooklyn Aquarium at a ‘Bellas Reunion’. They’d thought they’d be expected to perform which was why they were dressed in the old Bellas outfits. But when they’d arrived they’d been told by Emily (the current Barden Bellas Captain) that they’d only been invited to watch. That had been difficult news for everyone to take, hence why they’d ended up at that bar afterwards. Hence why they’d drunk so much. Hence why they were really drunk right now.

“Well you’d better make the most of it,” Chloe slurred as she began tugging her uniform jacket off, “because in two weeks time we’ll be…” she groaned a little as she struggled to get the jacket off her left arm, “…away in…” she groaned again, then finally got her arm freed, “…Europe…” she said with a sigh, turning back to look at Beca with a sloppy grin, “…and you won’t be able to share a bed with me.”

“Pity…” Beca said, her eyes slowly wandering down Chloe’s body, hesitating for a moment at Chloe’s waist, loving how the pencil skirt she wore hugged her hips. Beca loved Chloe’s hips. And ass. In fact she loved every bit of Chloe. She’d just never had the guts to tell her.

Chloe swayed towards Beca, reaching out with a mischievous grin, and grabbing hold of the collar of her leather jacket, “You need to take this off..” Chloe said firmly, her hands moving uncoordinatedly as Beca allowed the redhead to tug the jacket from her body, letting it drop to the floor. And all Beca could do was let out a chuckle.

This was a common occurrence between the two best friends. They would go out with or without Fat Amy, get hammered at a nearby bar, somehow get home, tug each other’s clothes off, then pass out in their underwear on their fold out bed, usually in each other’s arms. It was probably one of the main reasons why Amy (and as a result the rest of The Bellas) thought Beca & Chloe were secretly seeing each other. But they weren’t. They hadn’t ever kissed or proclaimed the secret love they definitely had for one another. But they did act like a couple, and they were both okay with that. At least that’s what they told each other.

Beca found her hands at Chloe’s hips, guiding her backwards until the redhead let out a sudden short squeal and fell backwards onto the bed, a giggle escaping her mouth. Beca had bent over she was laughing so hard, loving the sound of her best friend’s contagious giggle. Then suddenly she let out a yelp as Chloe sat up, grabbed her wrist, and tugged her onto the bed too.

Chloe lay with Beca on top of her, both giggling uncontrollably. They were both so drunk and had far too many clothes on for Chloe’s liking. So she brought her hands to the small of Beca’s back and tugged the white shirt up so it untucked from beneath the petite woman’s pencil skirt. Beca seemed to have got the hint and had winced as she’d shuffled her body weight so she was laying beside her best friend on their bed, her left leg lolling over Chloe’s left leg, her left hand fumbling slowly with the scarf around Chloe’s neck.

Chloe, meanwhile, was unbuttoning Beca’s white shirt at an excruciatingly slow rate thanks to the alcohol in her system. It was Beca who won the unspoken ‘race’, pulling Chloe’s scarf from around her neck with a tired sigh before flinging it across the room then beginning to unbutton the woman’s shirt.

Chloe had paused, closing her eyes for a moment, feeling drowsy. But she opened them instantly, the moment she felt Beca slip her hand beneath her white shirt and smooth her fingertips over her nipple through the soft fabric of her bra. She locked eyes with her best friend who was looking at her with dark eyes. Chloe noticed the way Beca’s mouth hung open. The way she was pinching her nipple through the bra. And that was when Chloe knew: it was on.

Beca let out a seductive chuckle as she watched her best friend roll her body to face her, the redhead slipping her own hand beneath Beca’s shirt and going one further by then slipping it beneath her bra. Beca let out a short gasp, loving the feel of Chloe gripping her breast, pinching her nipple, and before she knew what was happening Chloe had brought her mouth to Beca’s and the two women began a heated, drunken kiss…

Chapter Text

It had all started off very innocuously. A simple text. One very simple text that had led Aubrey and Stacie coming together in the most unexpected way.

A text that Aubrey had been all too happy answer:

Stacie: Hey Aubrey! Do you still own that spa in the forest? *upside down smiley*

Aubrey: Hey Stacie. If by ‘own’ you mean ‘run’, by ‘spa’ you mean ‘retreat’, and by ‘forest’ you mean ‘woods’ - then yes I definitely do :)

Stacie: Cool! Would I be able to book a room there? *upside down smiley*

Aubrey: Sure. You can book online, it’s really easy *thumbs up emoji*

Stacie: *crying laughing emoji* can you not book it for me right now?

Aubrey: I’m not by the reception right now. But I will be in about an hour?

Stacie: Will there be anything for this Saturday? *upside down smiley*

Aubrey: As in two days time, this Saturday?

Stacie: Yep *upside down smiley*

Aubrey: Um probably not. We expect people to book at least seven weeks in advance *embarrassed emoji*

Stacie: Oh

Aubrey: Unless you want to bunk in my cabin with me *laughing emoji*

Stacie: Yeah alright *upside down emoji*

Aubrey: Seriously?

Stacie: If its an option?*upside down emoji*

Aubrey: That desperate huh?

Stacie: If you count wanting to get away from my parents for the weekend desperate then yeah I’m pretty desperate.

Aubrey: I can sympathise with you there. Alright. When would you like to come over?

Stacie: Tomorrow?

Aubrey: I’m leading groups all day tomorrow and Saturday so I won’t be able to hang out with you. Is that ok?

Stacie: Just point me in the direction of the spa and I’ll see you at bedtime ;)

And that had been it. Aubrey had had no idea what that winking emoji had been all about, but she remembered how Stacie was in college. Well…she remembered how she was in her first year of college, when Aubrey had been a senior. Winking wasn’t a rare thing from Stacie. The girl had been obsessed with sex. Legs that were long enough to rival Aubrey’s and flawless beauty, sure. But sadly she never put her brains to good use. Or so Aubrey had always presumed.

Aubrey had arranged for Stacie to have full access to the retreat’s facilities. Including food and drink, as well as use of the luxury spa of course. And the blonde had initially planned on being at the reception in time to greet Stacie when she’d arrived but there’d been a situation with one of the guests and a bear trap that had taken Aubrey away from the reception just as Stacie’s bus had arrived.

So nine hours later Aubrey returned to the luxury cabin she called her home, exhausted and ready for a hot bath, her usual Friday evening routine. But as her key turned in the door and she stepped inside, a beautiful smell of food filtered into her nostrils and she remembered she had a guest for the weekend. Her heart sank. She didn’t have the energy to entertain right now.

Aubrey swallowed loudly when she closed the door and saw the unfamiliar figure of Stacie stood by the stove that Aubrey rarely used. Often the blonde was in so late that she had to settle for some fruit and a herbal tea before going to sleep, never having the energy to cook herself a proper meal. That was probably how she’d lost so much weight. That and the stress of running this place.

“Aubrey!” she heard Stacie call out with a delighted squeal, and the brunette strode over to her, throwing her arms around her body, and Aubrey couldn’t help the knot that appeared in her stomach. Because she never had people she knew stay here. She always had an ‘open invitation’ policy when it came to her friends and family, but nobody ever visited. And Aubrey tried not to take it to heart. But she missed the feel of someone hugging her. Running a retreat in the middle of nowhere was really lonely sometimes.

So Aubrey closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Stacie’s waist, hugging her tight. And they stood there for a good few moments until a light chuckle fell out of Stacie’s mouth.

“I don’t remember you ever being this affectionate..” the brunette said in an amused tone, and Aubrey blushed, immediately letting go and letting out a tired sigh as they parted.

“And I don’t remember you ever being able to cook!” The blonde replied with a teasing smile. They’d never really talked much back in college, despite being part of the same acapella group. They’d not even talked much when The Barden Bellas had visited the retreat last year. But the bond of both being ‘Bellas’ was enough to have them reunite as though they were old friends, even though they barely knew each other.

“Toucé.” Stacie replied with raised eyebrows and a delighted grin. She turned on the spot and began making her way back over to the stove while Aubrey slid her handbag from her shoulder, placing it at the base of the tall coat hanger beside the door. The blonde let out a tired sigh as she began making her way over to the kitchen to join her friend but she froze as Stacie turned to her with a grin, holding out a glass of red wine.

“For you.”

“” Aubrey said, somewhat stunned as she took the glass, “..thank you.”

“I figured you had a busy day.” Stacie said with a shrug, taking a sip from her own wine glass and turning back to the food that was simmering away, “Something about a bear trap…?”

“Oh, yeah, that..” Aubrey said, her cheeks flushing a little in embarrassment as she leant her hip on the kitchen work-surface beside Stacie, “Sorry I didn’t get around to meeting you when you arrived.”

“Meh.” Stacie said in her signature “I’m far too chilled to be worried” manner followed by a shrug and Aubrey found herself envying the brunette in a way. She was fairly certain she’d never been that chilled. Ever. And Stacie seemed to be like that all the time. How?? “I managed to find the spa just fine. Plus Darren showed me around.” Stacie said, looking at Aubrey with a smile and a wink, “He couldn’t stop talking about how great you are.”

“Oh?” Aubrey asked as Stacie turned back to the sauce she was cooking in the pan, the blonde trying not to sound too embarrassed while she sipped some of her wine. Because Darren had tried so hard for a good eighteen months now to flirt with Aubrey. He’d asked her out on numerous occasions. But she’d consistently said no.

“Yeah, he’s so into you.”

“Well I’m not into him.” Aubrey said with a shrug, pulling her glass back up to sip more wine. That’s when the wooden spoon Stacie had been holding fell into the pan with a clatter.

“Holy shit!” Stacie gasped, staring in horror at Aubrey’s arm and the blonde furrowed her brow, “What the hell did you do to get that?”

She pointed at a cluster of small scars and Aubrey followed her gaze then shrugged, “Oh I was trying to get one of the guests’ rucksacks out of one of the metal bear traps and it kept catching me. That’s why we don’t allow rucksacks during group activities anymore.”

“Don’t you have someone specifically for that??” Stacie asked reaching out to hold Aubrey’s arm and inspect the scars closer, a curious look on her face.

“Well yeah that’s why we have Darren now.” Aubrey said, but couldn’t tear her eyes from the brunette, loving the look on her face. Nobody ever asked her about those scars. It was refreshing to be around someone who actually cared enough and was bold enough to ask instead of just presuming they were scars from something else. And a soft smile wiped over her face. Her blue eyes drifted from Stacie’s face over to the sauce in the pan and she cleared her throat, “Um…is it supposed to be bubbling quite that ferociously?” And Stacie immediately dropped Aubrey’s arm with a small gasp, turning back to the stove.

Aubrey watched her friend closely while the brunette peered at the food she was cooking. She’d never really looked at Stacie much before. The younger woman was aesthetically pleasing that was for sure. Beautiful long brown hair (that she happened to have tied up into a loose bun - presumably for cheffing purposes), a perfect physique that Aubrey was sure she kept so well toned because she was probably a regular member at a gym back home. Wherever home was for her. But Aubrey had always noticed Stacie’s eyes. Had never looked into them much, but had definitely noticed them. The pupils were always full whenever she spoke to her, something that always stunned Aubrey a little. Because she didn’t really notice that with anyone else she spoke to.

“So dinner’s not gonna be for another forty minutes…” Stacie said, and Aubrey jumped as the brunette caught her staring. Fortunately the younger woman was tactful enough to continue her sentence, even if it was with a more amused smile, “…I ran you a bath.”

Aubrey hesitated, standing up a little straighter, no longer leaning her hip on the work-surface, “You did?” She asked quietly and Stacie did her “it’s no big deal” shrug again.

“Meh, I figured you’d been at work all day and all I’d done was sit in a luxury spa so…it really was the least I could do.”

Aubrey felt tears begin to prickle her eyes. It wasn’t just because she was actually getting to spend the evening with someone for the first time in a couple of years, but because that someone was also treating her very well, even if they didn’t see it as a big deal. And that someone of all people was Stacie Conrad! A Bella that Aubrey had rarely spoken to over the years. In fact she’d probably treated her pretty badly if her stressy ‘college senior’ self had had anything to do with it..

“Thank you” was all Aubrey could choke out, completely touched by the gesture. And Stacie just smiled kindly, taking another sip of wine before motioning over to one of the doors at the back of the lodge that would lead to the bathroom while saying, “Oh I lit some of the candles that were in there but only the ones that had already been lit.”

Aubrey’s mouth hung open a little in shock, her brow furrowing slightly. There weren’t many people in the world who knew about her odd pet-peeve of lighting new candles when old ones still needed to be used up. But a light giggle fell out of Stacie’s mouth, “I remember Chloe freaking out once in college because Beca had lit all her candles and none of us could work out why she’d freaked out and she said that only you would understand because you hate lighting new candles when old ones need to be used up.”

“You remembered that?” Aubrey replied in a barely audible volume.

“Well yeah.” The brunette said with a nod and Aubrey felt a weird sensation in her heart when she glanced down at Stacie’s lips as the woman smiled, “It’s a pretty memorable thing to freak out over.”

“I guess so..” A small smile swept over Aubrey’s face as she nodded gently and the two women fell silent, looking into each other’s eyes. If Aubrey had known Stacie well then she would’ve been able to identify that Stacie found her very attractive: the brunette mirroring her smile and body language, both women internally noting to themselves just how beautiful the other looked. But Aubrey didn’t know Stacie that well. So after a few moments she took a sharp intake of breath through her nose, cleared her throat, and motioned to the back of the cabin where the bathroom stood.

“Right, so, I guess I should go and have my bath.” Aubrey said sweetly while Stacie also cleared her throat nervously, turning back to the stove to stir the sauce.

“Yeah, you definitely should.”

“Forty minutes?”

“Yes. Yep. Forty minutes.” Stacie said, specifically looking down at the pan instead of over at her friend. Not that Aubrey minded. Her cheeks had flushed pink with embarrassment at whatever look they had just shared.

“Forty minutes. Right. I’ll…um…see you soon!”

Aubrey turned on the spot and made her way to the bathroom, quickly closing the door behind her, then closing her eyes as she leant her forehead against the wood. She let out a heavy sigh. What the hell was happening? She didn’t get like this around people. She didn’t get weird and quiet when she was nervous. She normally got sharper and more defensive. But Stacie…

…Stacie seemed to somehow bring out a different side to her. For some strange reason. And Aubrey couldn’t work out why.

The blonde opened her eyes and realised there was very low lighting in the warm room. She held her breath and slowly turned on the spot. There her mouth fell open as she looked at the room before her.

The lights were off, but several candles were lit around the bath, the tub having been filled to a rather full level with just the right amount of bubbles floating on top. The soft floral scent was one she didn’t recognise, which made Aubrey wonder if Stacie had brought her own bubble bath with her to the lodge. Bubble bath that was presumably in the steaming hot water right now.

Aubrey slowly wandered over to the bath tub, placed her wine glass on the side of the bath, and reached one of her slender hands down. The tips of her fingers tingled slightly as she glided them lightly through the hot water and she realised that there were a spattering of rose petals floating between the bubbles. She plucked one of them out, curious to know if they were real, but the petal she’d picked up began to disintegrate between her index finger and thumb. That was when she realised they were perfume scented bath petals.

With a bite of her bottom lip, Aubrey smiled. This was definitely the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her, and she’d been best friends with Chloe Beale (the most thoughtful person on the planet) in college!

That was when Aubrey’s mind began to drift to the woman currently stood in her kitchen making dinner. The woman who had ran her this very bath, unprompted, despite having not spoken to her very much before in the past. There must have been some reason why Stacie had done this. Something beyond just wanting to do something nice because Aubrey had “been at work all day”.

She stood up straight and let out a small wince as she began peeling her filthy clothes from her body. Today had been hard work and she hated how dirty she got when taking groups out trekking around the woods. Even more so if one of the group strayed from the path she specifically told them not to stray from and they consequently ended up getting caught in one of the bear trap nets. It had taken her far too long to get that man down earlier..

Aubrey tugged the tight band that had kept her blonde hair up all day, and her dirty locks fell around her face. She couldn’t wait to wash her hair. She always felt better after her evening baths.

With another wince and a small “ouch”, Aubrey dipped her toes into the hot bath water. But she wasn’t wincing from the heat - after all, she loved a hot bath - but rather she was wincing from the water hitting the blisters that had appeared on her once perfectly pedicured feet in recent months. The curse of not finding time to order some new hiking boots.

Aubrey eased her body into the hot water, then settled back. She let out a tired sigh and allowed a tear to finally roll down her cheek while a small smile grew on her face. She reached out for her glass of wine and took a large sip then closed her eyes. This might be the best bath she’d ever had.

Stacie hummed a tune to herself as she swung a wooden spoon around the pan before her, the homemade ravioli she’d spent an hour earlier making, now marinating beautifully in the tomato sauce she’d concocted. She enjoyed cooking. The perk of being predominantly brought up by her Italian grandmother meant that Stacie Conrad had been taught to cook fresh food and meals from a young age.

She bit her bottom lip as she tapped the wooden spoon gently on the edge of the pan. She hoped Aubrey liked Italian food. She’d never really eaten with the woman before and certainly never just the two of them, so bringing along ingredients for her grandmother’s signature ‘Cheese & Spinach Ravioli’ was a huge risk. And it had been a challenge trying to cook with the limited amount of utensils Aubrey had in this kitchen.

Stacie stepped away from the stove and began searching through the cupboards to try to find some plates. Typically it was the last cupboard she looked in and as she bent over to pick two plates out she heard the bathroom door open. She stood up and turned, her breath suddenly catching in her lungs as her eyes fell upon the sight of Aubrey stood in the doorway. Her blonde hair now clean and wet and scooped around to one side, her face having been washed of any makeup, and her body cleansed of the noticeable dirt that had been up her arms, legs, and a smudge that had been on the tip of her nose. The woman now stood in nothing more than a towel, a concerned look on her face.

“Have I got time to dry my hair?” Aubrey asked cautiously.

“Yeah sure!” Stacie said with an encouraging smile, though in reality Aubrey didn’t really have time at all. Stacie had planned to serve dinner now. But the brunette had such a big crush on the older woman she pretended like it didn’t matter that the timings were off. Her grandmother had always stressed the importance of serving ravioli straight away. This time Stacie would have to disobey one of her grandmother’s cooking rules.

Stacie let out a nervous sigh as she watched Aubrey disappear behind another door (presumably the one that was Aubrey’s bedroom). Shit. Maybe she was crushing on Aubrey more than she’d expected to.

Back in her freshman year there’d been something enticing about the senior. Stacie had always had a thing for blondes, particularly tall ones with long legs. The bite Aubrey had had in her words back then had only goaded Stacie further. She’d enjoyed the way Aubrey had snapped at them all back in first year, the woman forever disappointed in the way The Bellas struggled to follow her directions. Stacie had seen Aubrey as a fun challenge. She’d even accepted a bet from Cynthia-Rose when she’d proclaimed she “could seduce anyone” and CR had replied with a laugh and a “Go on then. I dare you to seduce Aubrey.” And Stacie had initially tried, but Aubrey’s walls had been impossible to break through because she’d been so stiff and stressy and Stacie had struggled to get her alone to even talk to her.

The brunette squeezed her eyes shut in embarrassment. She’d been such an idiot back then. As if she thought she could ever seduce Aubrey. Aubrey who had actually been on her mind throughout college after the senior had left at the end of Stacie’s freshman year. Because the brunette had kinda built a small crush on the woman by then. A crush that had only been fuelled come Stacie’s senior year when The Bellas had all visited this very retreat and they’d come across Aubrey once again. That time Stacie hadn’t been so bold as to proclaim that she could seduce anyone. Because she hadn’t wanted to seduce anyone. She’d only had eyes for Aubrey. And what had started as a small crush back in freshman year had lit into a huge burning crush in senior year. A crush that had Stacie laughing with Aubrey at every opportunity she got during that two night stay, defending the blonde whenever she wasn’t around but The Bellas complained, and having eyes for nobody but the older woman whenever she thought nobody was looking.

This may have been a crazy move. Asking Aubrey if she could come visit. Saying she needed a break from her parents (which was true, they weredriving her nuts) when really Stacie wanted to work out if her crush really was just a crush and whether, if she had the chance to get to know Aubrey, it might turn out that she’d just been young and immature and that she didn’t fancy Aubrey at all. It might turn out she just really admired her?

Aubrey turned the hairdryer off and placed it back down on her dresser with a tired sigh. For the first time in a long time she felt slightly…relaxed? Having a nice meal cooked for her while she had an amazing bath after a long day at work - it seemed to do wonders for her health already. Particularly her mental health. Aubrey looked at her reflection in the mirror and uncharacteristically smiled at what she saw.

The blonde stood up slowly and made her way over to the wardrobe at the back of her bedroom. She looked inside and filtered through her hung clothes, picking out a bold blue top that brought out her blue eyes, and a pair of black pants that hugged her hips and legs just right. She normally got straight into her pyjamas after her Friday evening bath, but this evening was different to previous Fridays..

Aubrey pulled the towel from her naked body, then tugged her underwear on followed by her blue top and pants. She quickly swiped a lick of eyeliner across the edge of her eyelids, placed some mascara on her eyelashes, then finally ran a touch of pink lip-balm across her lips, wanting to look at least slightly presentable for dinner. Even though it was only dinner with Stacie. Just Stacie. The woman she knew very little about but the very little she did know she liked.

With one final sigh, a quick spray of her favourite perfume, and a nod of approval at her reflection, Aubrey stepped out of her bedroom and back through to the kitchen of her log cabin. Her stomach knotted again for a moment as her eyes fell upon the figure of Stacie, spooning out delicious smelling food onto two plates. She was still pretty stunned that the brunette could cook. Though why she was surprised, she wasn’t sure. After all, she really didn’t know that much about Stacie.

“It smells delicious!” Aubrey said with a soft smile, her heart racing a little as she watched Stacie hand one of the plates out to her.

“I hope you like ravioli?” Stacie asked as Aubrey led the way round to the small dining table in the corner of the kitchen that she confessed she hadn’t ever used before. The brunette had found some placemats that she’d placed in front of two chairs, and a couple more candles that were placed in the middle of the small table, between two full wine glasses.

“I love ravioli!” Aubrey replied brightly, taking a seat opposite the spot that Stacie had already placed her plate on. They both fell silent as they sat looking across the table at one another, soft nervous smiles on their faces. Aubrey wasn’t quite sure what was happening here. If this had been a guy then this would’ve looked like a date. Perhaps would have even felt like a date. It…sort of did feel like a date. Aubrey did sort of, perhaps, possibly have some kind of attraction towards Stacie. The woman was beautiful. And all that she’d done for her this evening was certainly helping to fuel this attraction.

Aubrey picked up her wine glass with a smile, raising it slightly and she watched as Stacie did the same, “To us” the blonde said softly and Stacie nodded.

“To us” she echoed, a smile having grown on her face, and they both took long sips of wine before tucking into the meal.

Aubrey loaded one of the parcels of steaming ravioli onto her fork and slid it into her mouth, chewing slowly, enjoying the flavours that burst around her tongue. This may be the best meal she’d ever tasted. She watched Stacie looking down at her own plate, the brunette pushing her food about nervously with her fork, and Aubrey felt bad. Was Stacie nervous around her because of how she treated her and the rest of The Bellas back in college? Because she’d been bat-shit crazy back in college. Terrified of leading The Bellas to failure in her first and only year as Captain, so she’d pushed them too hard, had lost far too much sleep, and had thrown up far too many times thanks to the panic attacks she’d experienced back then. But she was a different person now. Older, maturer, less pukey. Amazing what a difference five years made really. She just needed to prove it to Stacie.

“Okay, this is officially the best ravioli I’ve ever tasted.” Aubrey said with a smile having swallowed her first mouthful. And to her delight Stacie looked up from her plate, holding her loaded fork still while a smile grew on her face.

“It’s my Nonna’s signature dish.” Stacie revealed, placing one of the food parcels in her mouth and chewing delicately while looking over the candles at Aubrey.

“Y-You made this from scratch??” Aubrey asked, her face opening wide in shock, looking down at her plate of food.

“Mmmhmm!” Stacie replied, a smile remaining on her face while she swallowed her first mouthful, “Yeah, and I even skipped the aniseed because you’re allergic.”

Aubrey quickly looked up at Stacie, her brow furrowing slightly wondering how the hell Stacie would know about her food allergy, but the brunette simply shrugged, “I checked with Chloe to see if you had any food allergies” and the younger woman gave Aubrey a wink.

A smile slowly grew on Aubrey’s face while she looked into Stacie’s green eyes, and her heart rose a little. Okay maybe she was becoming more and more attracted to the woman by the minute thanks to her generosity. Or it could be thanks to the second large glass of wine Aubrey was now sipping.

The two women took second mouthfuls of ravioli with coy smiles on their faces. Both feeling the tension in the air. Neither knowing what to do about it. So with another long sip of wine Aubrey cleared her throat, raising her eyebrows as she gently loaded another piece of ravioli onto her fork, “So, you said you wanted to get away from your parents for the weekend?”

“Oh..” Stacie said, hesitating before looking down at her plate with a small shrug, “..I just get a lot of heat from them about what I’m gonna do with my life,” and Aubrey felt for the younger woman as Stacie shook her head gently, pushing a piece of ravioli around her plate while scrunching her nose up, “I know I want to get into fitness somehow, like becoming a PT or Yoga Instructor, but they don’t see that as a suitable career path for me.”

Aubrey could sympathise. Her own parents were difficult to impress. That was why she spoke to them so rarely nowadays. She knew no amount of achievements would be enough to impress her parents, “What career path do they think is suitable?”

“A doctor.” Stacie said in an unenthusiastic tone, cocking her eyebrow with an unimpressed expression as she looked up at Aubrey.

“Ah..” the blonde said with an awkward smile.

“Yeah, the curse of being the youngest child of two doctors and having four older brothers who are also doctors.” Stacie said with an eye roll and a sigh, tugging a piece of pasta into her mouth. Aubrey was surprised. She wasn’t sure why, but she’d always imagined Stacie to come from a family that were a little less clever. Not that she ever thought Stacie was unintelligent. She just hadn’t expected the young woman to come from a family of medical professionals! “So I usually stay at my Nonna’s on the weekend but she’s in hospital at the moment and I couldn’t stand the idea of having to spend the weekend with my parents complaining about the amount of time I spend at the gym.”

“Oh Stacie,” Aubrey said followed by a gentle gasp, “I’m so sorry to hear about your Nonna.”

She watched as a soft smile appeared in the corner of Stacie’s mouth, the brunette reaching out for her glass and taking a long sip of wine before shrugging, “She’ll be okay. She’s Italian. Tough as old boots.”

Two hours later, Aubrey and Stacie had finished their meal and had almost finished their third bottle of wine. That bottle was now stood on the side of the private jacuzzi which was at the back of Aubrey’s log cabin. And in that jacuzzi sat Aubrey, her long blonde hair now tied up into a loose bun on top of her head, her body now dressed in her favourite bikini. She was fairly certain she was almost drunk. Not so drunk that she was feeling sleepy, but drunk enough that as she sat within the hot bubbling water of the jacuzzi she didn’t use nearly enough, her head felt light and a little fuzzy.

Laughter was falling out of her mouth far too frequently now, but she couldn’t help it because everything Stacie said seemed to be hilarious. The brunette sat in her own bikini close to Aubrey’s left. Stacie’s right arm was currently stretched behind the older woman along the edge of the jacuzzi, her left hand holding her wine glass. Both of Aubrey’s hands held her own wine glass. And the two women giggled together beneath the starry night sky.

Aubrey found her blue eyes lazily staring down at Stacie’s lips while the brunette spoke to her. She marvelled at the way the woman’s lips curved into a smile so frequently with every few words. And not for the first time since they’d left the kitchen about an hour ago, Aubrey wondered what those lips might feel like. What they might taste like. Because yeah, she’d decided that she was definitely attracted to Stacie. She’d never really been attracted to women in the past. But…well for some strange reason Stacie was the exception. And Aubrey didn’t mind one bit.

Her heart raced a little as she noticed the way Stacie swallowed loudly, looking down nervously at her lips. She could feel the brunette’s ample bosom leaning up against her left arm, wet from the hot jacuzzi water, and Aubrey could feel her own chest rising and falling with nerves and anticipation. Her blue eyes dragged back up to Stacie’s bright green eyes and her heart skipped a beat as they locked.

They could’ve been sharing a look for a few seconds. They could’ve been sharing a look for a few minutes. Neither were sure thanks to the amount of wine they’d consumed.

All of a sudden, Stacie took a deep breath and leant her face closer to Aubrey’s, capturing the blonde’s lips with hers.

Aubrey had already closed her eyes. Stunned. Drunk. Happy..

Stacie had frozen, her eyes having closed too. Equally stunned. Equally drunk. Equally happy..

Stacie brought her right hand up to cup the back of Aubrey’s neck, their mouths both opening to deepen their kiss. Aubrey slipped her left hand beneath the hot water, placing it on Stacie’s right thigh, and action that elicited a small moan at the back of the brunette’s throat.

Their kiss broke for a moment, both women looking deep into one another’s eyes while they caught their breath.

“You don’t hate me for doing that?” Stacie mumbled quietly, swallowing nervously, but a small smile grew on Aubrey’s face as she nudged the brunette’s nose with the tip of hers.

“Definitely not.” Aubrey whispered, and a sloppy grin spread across Stacie’s face as the gap between them closed again.

This time their kiss immediately deepened, Stacie slipping her tongue experimentally into Aubrey’s mouth, and their heads began to rock in time with one another. Neither really cared that the other had let go of their respective wine glasses, the wine spilling into the jacuzzi water as the glasses drifted around the surface of the bubbling water.

Aubrey brought her right hand up to cup Stacie’s cheek. Stacie, meanwhile, moved herself onto Aubrey’s lap, straddling her waist, both arms now around the blonde’s neck. And Aubrey had slid her left arm around Stacie’s waist.

They remained in that position for several minutes. Kissing loudly, sloppily. Their hands drifting to different parts of each other’s bodies as their arousals grew.

Aubrey couldn’t be sure if it was the alcohol in her system doing the talking in her head, but she was almost certain that she was falling head over heels for this girl. She’d never kissed a girl before. But as she continued to make out with Stacie she felt sure she never wanted to kiss any other girl again. Just Stacie. It would only ever be Stacie.

Stacie was sure it wasn’t the alcohol in her system that was fuelling her desire. She’d had a crush on Aubrey for a very long time now. A crush that may have turned into the early signs of love this evening, the more they had chatted. Aubrey was every bit the amazing woman Stacie knew she would be. But kissing her was a million times better than she ever imagined it would be.

The time went on. Their kissing more frantic. Their hands tugged and pulled at one another’s bikinis as they craved the touch of each other’s skin. Hands cupping breasts. Tongues licking necks. Mouths sucking patches of skin. Teeth capturing nipples.

It had all started off very innocuously. A simple text. One very simple text that had led to Aubrey and Stacie coming together in the most unexpected way. In more ways than one..

Chapter Text


“Yeah Pickle?”

“What’s a lizard?”

Beca paused the motion of running her fingertips through her granddaughter’s beautiful red hair and furrowed her brow. They were sat together in pyjamas on the small couch in Beca and Chloe’s lounge, watching one of the few kids movies that Beca could tolerate: Frozen 4. The three year old was sat snuggled up to her ‘Gammar Bee-Bee’, her little legs tucked up beside her little body while she leant her head on Beca’s right boob. Her little fingers were clinging to the ears of her favourite scrappy little teddy bear while ‘Gammar Bee-Bee’ had been smoothing her red hair back, trying to help her only grandchild fall asleep.

“Um…like the animal? Orrr…?” Beca asked in a slightly confused tone.

“Nuh-uh.” The three year old said with a gentle shake of her head, still watching the TV screen, “Mommy said that Daddy can’t come home tomorrow because of the lizard.”

Beca swallowed loudly. She and her wife had been taking care of their granddaughter over the past four days while their daughter attempted to organise her house in time for the arrival of her second child, Beca and Chloe’s second grandchild. Fortunately for the family, Emma and her husband only lived three doors down from her mothers, making childcare easy for the twenty six year old. They were a tight knit family, one that was kept tighter thanks to Chloe Mitchell’s organisation and ‘family traditions’.

“But Grammy Bree said they might see Elsa!” Alyssa Conrad said in her sweet little voice. And suddenly Beca realised what her granddaughter was talking about.

“Oh you mean blizzard!”

“That’s what I said.” Alyssa said with a little shrug.

“Well a blizzard is…like a really big snow storm. Lots of snow and wind.”

“Like what Elsa does?”

“Um..yeah I guess?”

“So Elsa is stopping Daddy from coming home?”

“Uh…” Beca didn’t really know how to answer that. Alyssa adored Elsa. She was her favourite cartoon character. But the three year old also adored her Daddy, and rightfully so. James Conrad has been the perfect father to Beca and Chloe’s granddaughter, and an exceptional husband to their daughter. Until now - or so Beca felt.

“So…Daddy, Grammy and Nonna won’t be here tomorrow?” Beca asked curiously, trying to keep calm, though she could sense her anger beginning to build a little. Emma’s husband, James, was over in Atlanta picking his Mom’s up to drive them up to Connecticut because their flights had been cancelled due to the bad weather. A snow storm was set to hit the East Coast at any moment. Not ideal when Emma was due to give birth any day now.

“Nope.” The three year old answered in a slightly distracted voice as she watched her favourite scene playing on the TV. But Beca wasn’t paying any attention to the TV. Because her blood was beginning to boil a little. How dare that little fucker be so reckless and agree to drive all the way down to Atlanta just before a snow storm when his wife was mere days away from giving birth. Had he even comprehended that he might miss it?? He might miss the birth of his second child? And all because Aubrey was a fucking control freak and insisted that her son drive down to pick them up so they didn’t miss the early days of their new grandchild’s life. It was utter horse-shit!

“Can I have some milk?” Alyssa asked, turning her face to look up at her ‘Gammar Bee-Bee’ and Beca cleared her throat with a nod.

“Yeah. Sure. I’ll go get you some, Pickle.” The fifty-three year old agreed, her granddaughter sitting up from her snuggled position so the woman could get off the couch and sort her a drink.

Beca shuffled through to the back of the house where the kitchen stood and her wife was busy making a massive pot full of vegetable soup to batch up and take to their daughter’s to put in her freezer. Chloe Mitchell had been on ‘mission homemade meals’ for three days now and Beca was fairly certain the woman had made enough food to feed the whole street for a week!

“Can you believe this?” Beca asked rhetorically as she strode over to one of the kitchen cupboards to pull out one of Alyssa’s plastic cups, “Lyssie’s just said that James isn’t going to be home tomorrow after all!”

The petite woman strode over to the fridge, pulling the door open and reaching in for a carton of milk. But she hesitated when she heard no response from her wife. She knew what that silence meant. It meant Chloe already knew. It meant Emma had already told her, and had specifically asked her Mom not to tell her Ma. And Chloe, being the ever-faithful mother would have agreed.

So Beca closed the fridge door and turned to look at her wife. Chloe was already looking at her with an awkward expression. Beca’s jaw clenched as she stared at the woman.

“You already knew, didn’t you.” Beca said between her teeth and Chloe held her hands up in defence.

“Emma didn’t want you to worry-“ she began, but Beca didn’t wait to hear any more.

“I’m not worried. I’m angry!” The younger woman said in a raised tone, “Does he realise that his wife is giving birth in two days time?!” The brunette snapped, striding over to the work-surface where she’d placed her granddaughters cup down, “That she could go into labour any day now?? And why is he away?” Beca asked rhetorically as she twisted the lid of the milk open and pulled it off angrily, “Because Aubrey fucking Conrad still has him wrapped around her little finger!”

“She is his mother, darling.” Chloe said with a sigh, turning back to the stove, having got used to her wife’s unnecessary mood swings. God-bless the menopause…

“So?” Beca mumbled, clearly on a roll with her angry thought process, “Stacie’s his mother too and I bet she didn’t care whether he picked them up or not!” The brunette poured the milk a little too fast, some of it spilling onto the work-surface beside the plastic cup, and she let out a loud groan of despair before continuing, “And that’s another thing! Why are they fucking insisting on being here for the birth??” Chloe had turned back from the bubbling soup, letting out a sigh and rolling her eyes while her wife furiously wiped up the spilt milk with a dishcloth, “I mean, they were the first people to meet Alyssa when she was born for fucks sake! It’s our turn!” She threw the dishcloth over at the sink and furrowed her brow as she turned to her wife, “It’s our turn to be the first Grandma’s!!”

There it was. Full on confession. Beca and Chloe Mitchell had both secretly been jealous that Aubrey and Stacie Conrad, James’s mothers, had met Alyssa before them. They’d been horrified to find out that their daughter had given birth while they’d been away. Horrified to find out that they’d missed the birth. And had felt as though they’d failed their only child even though Emma had insisted they go on that ‘holiday of a lifetime’ that happened to fall around her due-date.

“Sweetie, we get to see Alyssa almost every day of the week.” Chloe said in a calm voice, slowly approaching her wife, “They only get to see her once every six weeks. If that.” The redhead stopped in front of Beca and placed her hands on her shoulders, “Technically we’re the number one Grandma’s. Not them.”

Beca took a deep breath, her furrowed brow softening slightly as she looked deep into her wife’s eyes. Those bright blue eyes that always had a way of calming her.

“I’m still angry with him..” she mumbled finally and Chloe let out a light giggle, knowing full well that her wife was already beginning to cool off. Chloe had worked hard to batter down Beca’s emotional walls over the past thirty five years that she’d known and loved the woman. The older Beca got the softer she’d become to the point that now, Chloe knew that with a few calm rational words she could bring her angry wife around.

“I know darling. But he’s doing the right thing.” Chloe said softly, reaching up and curling some of her wife’s long brown-grey hair behind her ear affectionately, “Besides, Emma’s in good hands. She’s got us.”

The kitchen fell silent as the two women looked at each other. Beca was finally coming down from her anger, her hands having now found their way to her wife’s love-handles. Those wonderful squishy hips that she loved. And as she thought a little harder she suddenly realised why Chloe was so calm about this.

“You’re hoping they get stuck in the snow, aren’t you.” Beca said, squinting her eyes slightly.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Chloe replied, raising her eyebrows innocently.

“Oh come on Mitchell, you think I don’t know when you’re hoping for something? After twenty eight years of marriage?” Beca challenged her wife with a smirk and Chloe rolled her eyes with a light sigh.

“Okay so maybe I hope that we’ll be Emma’s only help this time around..” Beca raised her eyebrows but Chloe continued, “..but I realise that’ll be a truly awful thing to hope. Because our daughter needs her husband by her side when she gives birth to his child.”

“Hmm..” was all Beca could muster and a grin spread across her face as her wife shrugged then wandered back to the stove to take the pot of soup off the heat.

“Well Lyssie and I are gonna still be in the lounge so call us when you’re ready for storytime, Gan-Gan.” Beca said to Chloe as she picked up her granddaughter’s cup of milk and made her way back through to the lounge.

Storytime with ‘Gan-Gan’ was one of Alyssa Conrad’s favourite bedtime routines. Because Chloe had this way of reading stories to the three year old in a beautifully animated voice, with different accents for each character. Beca loved curling up with her wife, watching her granddaughter’s reactions to Chloe’s stories, her heart yearning for the years that had gone, back when they’d been in their early thirties and Chloe would read stories to their daughter. Emma had been and still was the spitting image of Chloe.

Beca handed the cup of milk to Alyssa and took the seat beside the three year old once again. A soft smile spread on her face while the kid slurped the milk noisily. Because Alyssa was the spitting image of Emma. Thick red hair, bright blue eyes, and the broadest of smiles.

Beca couldn’t wait to meet her next grandchild. The child that would probably be the spitting image of her daughter, and as a consequence the spitting image of her wife.

Alyssa finished her milk with a big sigh then handed the cup back to her ‘Gammar Bee-Bee’, “Is Gan-Gan ready for storytime yet?” the little girl asked, her bright blue eyes looking up at Beca pleadingly.

But Beca put her arm around her granddaughter’s little body, pulling her in for another cuddle while they continued to watch Frozen 4, “Not yet Pickle.” she said honestly, “But soon.”

And the grandmother and granddaughter snuggled back up on the couch, Beca smoothing her hand through the three year old’s red hair, while Alyssa clung to her favourite scrappy little teddy bear..

Chapter Text

“What?!” Chloe cried out in horror, sat on a bar stool beside her best friend at the second bar they’d visited that night. It was their first night in Brooklyn. Earlier that day they’d made the long drive up from Atlanta with Fat Amy, in the hire car they’d split the cost of (well, Amy was ‘paying them back’), and had all ditched their stuff, made the beds, and had headed straight out to explore their new neighbourhood. Amy had disappeared about an hour ago, but neither Beca or Chloe had worried, because this was normal for Amy regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar the environment was. They’d see her whenever she got home.

“Why is that a surprise to you?” Beca asked in her signature deadpan voice, but an amused smile was on her face. She could thank the alcohol in her system for that. And Chloe’s beautiful blue eyes. And her beautiful bright smile. Beca’s stomach was in a tight knot. Because she’d come to realise a couple of months ago that she had a crush on her best friend. It hadn’t made the drive up here very easy with ‘touchy-feely’ Chloe sat in the passenger seat that had been for sure..

“I-I don’t know!” Chloe said with one of her contagious giggles, turning back to her margarita and sipping it again, “I just figured you might have been at least a tiny bit more daring in college.”

Beca rolled her eyes, her smile dropping, “Yeah between me being an unaffectionate asshole and having ‘a Jesse’ for ¾ of my college years I had loads of opportunity to be more daring..” she said sarcastically, picking up her own margarita glass and sipping from it. They were on your three of drinking now and the cost was stacking up. This would probably have to be the final drink.

Beca had broken up with her boyfriend at the end of college. A sad situation for both of them, having endured a long senior year of long-distance. Long-distance that had only pushed them further and further apart. By graduation they’d both decided to go their separate ways.

“So you’ve never kissed a girl.” Chloe said as more of a statement than a question.

“No.” Beca said with a firm shake of her head, looking back over at the margarita that was on the surface of the bar they were sat at.

“But you’d want to try?” Chloe asked curiously and Beca couldn’t help the small smile that poked into the corner of her mouth. Because yeah, she’d always wondered what kissing a girl would be like. Especially Chloe. She’d looked down at that mouth on all too many occasions over the four years they’d known each other wondering what it would be like to kiss her.

“That’s a yes.” The redhead confirmed out loud and Beca turned to her with an embarrassed smile on her face, raising her eyebrows.

“I-I didn’t say that-“

“But you didn’t say no.” Chloe said, a kind smile on her face, “And I’ve gotten to know you pretty well over the past few years Beca Mitchell. When you don’t want to do something you say no.”

Beca let out a sigh of defeat. Chloe had her there. Because Chloe knew her better than anyone.

Suddenly Chloe jumped off her bar stool and picked up her margarita glass, motioning to Beca’s, “Come on. Drink up.”

“Wha-…uh…what?” Beca furrowed her brow in confusion as she looked at her best friend who had stepped up to her and a seated Beca on the tall bar stool now had her knees pressing against Chloe’s thighs.

“Down in one, Mitchell, come on.”

Beca hesitated, then slowly brought her own glass to her lips, watching Chloe the whole time while the redhead looked at her with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. And she threw the entire drink down the back of her throat, wincing a little at the burn while she swallowed. She placed the glass down on the bar a little louder than usual, then looked back up at Chloe. There was a little bit of a buzz going through her petite body now, the alcohol kicking around it, and Beca blinked a few times as she watched Chloe slam her own empty margarita glass down on the bar.

The two women held each other’s eye contact, and Beca felt Chloe bring her hands to her knees and spread them. The redhead stepped forward, nestling between Beca’s legs and Beca felt her heart racing at a million miles an hour as she watched Chloe slowly bend her face down to approach Beca’s.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Beca asked quietly, nervously, even though she knew full well what was about to happen, and she noticed a smile begin to spread across Chloe’s face.

“I’m going to be your first kiss with a girl.” Chloe mumbled, pausing to give the brunette time to object if necessary. But on the contrary. Beca took Chloe by surprise, the younger woman closing the gap between them, her actions fuelled by the alcohol her small body had consumed.

Beca wound her arms around Chloe’s waist as the redhead let out a tiny squeak, their mouths immediately meshing together, and as they took deep inhales of breath through their noses, Chloe brought her hands up to cup Beca’s cheeks.

Beca felt Chloe run her tongue from left to right across her bottom lip and the brunette let out a smile as she opened her mouth, willing Chloe’s tongue to join hers. And join it did.

The two women rocked their heads gently, lapping at one another’s mouths, their kisses deep and fast and meaningful as Beca held Chloe as tight against her body as possible, the redhead now running her fingers through Beca’s long brown hair. Light moans could be heard rumbling from both their throats as the two best friends crossed a new line in their close friendship.

Suddenly a loud “Oi!” was heard and Beca and Chloe snapped their lips apart, turning to see the bar tender glaring at them, “If you wanna go do that then there’s the gay bar down the street. Otherwise, keep your hands and mouths to yourselves yeah?”

Beca and Chloe had goofy grins on their faces, both licking their lips, their cheeks flushed with embarrassment. But Beca watched as Chloe took her hands, tugged her off her tall bar stool, then led her out of the bar.

“Where are we going?” Beca asked with an uncharacteristic giggle, the alcohol and hormones racing around her body.

“Home!” Was all Chloe whispered loudly back to her, and they staggered down the street back to their stuffy studio apartment.

They’d barely been in Brooklyn four hours and they’d already shared their first kiss. What the hell else were they going to share while living up here together?

Chapter Text

Cynthia-Rose ‘CR’ Adams sat on the bed in her new bedroom. She and the rest of her fellow Bellas had moved into the large house two days ago, ready for their Sophomore Year at Barden University. Her eyes don’t leave the page of the crime-thriller novel in her hands as she hears a light knock on her bedroom door.

“Come in.” she called out casually, quickly finishing the last sentence of the paragraph before looking up and seeing Chloe stood awkwardly in the doorway.

“Hey Cynthia-Rose. Can I come in?”

CR raised her eyebrows expectantly, a light smile on her face while she nodded. She still struggled to see how this woman was three years older than her sometimes. Now a super-senior, Chloe had failed her Russian Lit exam and had been forced to retake her senior year again. But the redhead was often so young in her approach that she could easily be mistaken right now for being a coy nineteen year old..

“What’s up?” CR asked as she placed her book to one side and slid to the edge of her bed to look up at Chloe who had just closed the bedroom door behind her.

“You’re a lesbian, right?” Chloe asked boldly, though by the way she was twiddling her index finger ring CR could tell she was nervous about something..

“All my life!” CR said brightly. She was proud of her sexuality, something that being at college had only fuelled.

“So did…did you know you were always a lesbian or…was it like just one girl that turned you or…?”

“I never had a boyfriend. Was never interested in boys. It was always girls.”

“Ah..” Chloe said with a thoughtful expression on her face, looking away from the younger woman while she clearly tried to consider something.

“Why, are you crushing on someone at the moment, Red?” CR asked with a teasing grin, and to her surprise Chloe’s cheeks flushed pink.

“Yeah I am actually.” Chloe said with a nervous smile, looking back over at her friend. CR’s eyebrows rose. She knew Chloe was forward, but she hadn’t expected her to bat for her team too.

“So…are you a lesbian too?” CR asked curiously but Chloe shrugged.

“I don’t think so…” Chloe said quietly, “…I’ve only ever had boyfriends. I’ve only ever kissed boys. But this girl she…I can’t get her out of my head.”

A small smile had grown on CR’s face. Chloe didn’t exactly sound like she was a lesbian. She just sounded like she had a raging crush on a girl. It was more likely that she was bisexual…

“And it really sucks because she got a boyfriend just before summer break and I thought I’d be okay with the idea but then I saw them together today and it just…” Chloe let out a groan of despair, looking down at her feet with a sad expression on her face, “I just wish that I’d made a move or something before he had. Maybe then she’d be with me now instead of him.”

CR’s mouth had dropped open. It was Beca! Chloe had a crush on Beca! Howhad she not noticed this before?

“Is it Beca??” she blurted out, but because Chloe was already panicking a little it was hard to know if the way she was looking at CR right now was because she’d guessed correctly or incorrectly.

“Um..” Chloe hesitated, swallowing loudly, “..yeah. Yes it’s Beca.” she replied quietly, “And I’m gonna be around her all the time, I mean we’re gonna be co-captains of The Bellas this year for crying out loud! And I just can’t help looking at her and thinking about her and she’s with him and it’s crazy, I’m crazy for feeling this way about her but I can’t help it because-“ the redhead took a deep intake of breath, her hands on her hips as she began to noticeably panic.

CR panicked a little herself, standing up quickly and striding over to the older woman, placing a hand on her shoulder, but Chloe held a hand up as if to assure her that this was perfectly normal and she’d be okay.

Suddenly a knock was heard at the door and CR wandered over to it, opening it a crack. It was Stacie, Jessica, and Ashley. They would definitely be of some use right now.

“Everything okay?” Stacie asked curiously, trying to peer over her friend’s head, “We thought we heard Chloe panicking.”

This wasn’t the first time Chloe had panicked in front of the girls. She’d panicked during exam season. She’d panicked at Aubrey’s graduation. She’d panicked when they couldn’t find a house. She’d panicked when they found a house but couldn’t decide on rooms.. so CR stepped aside and allowed the three Bellas into her bedroom, closing the door behind them.

“What’s going on?” Stacie asked while Jessica smoothed her hand across Chloe’s back to try to calm her.

“She’s got a crush on Beca.” CR answered quickly. The more Bellas that knew, the more people Chloe could turn to if one of them wasn’t around when she needed. They were a family. Things were best kept out in the open - unless it was Beca of course, because the brunette would undoubtedly freak out and quit The Bellas and move out and ruin Chloe’s life completely so…definitely no telling Beca that was for sure.

“Ah..” Stacie said with a nod, and CR was surprised. She’d expected her friends to squeal with delight at the idea that one of their captains was crushing on the other. But they didn’t. They looked sympathetic. Chloe, meanwhile, had begun to breathe a little easier, and her pink cheeks had fortunately turned a little paler. The redhead looked up at her friends, tears in her eyes.

“What do I do?” she asked quietly, hopelessly. And CR, Stacie, Jessica & Ashley all looked at each other with small smiles.

“You wait it out.” Stacie said confidently.

“W-Wait it out?” Chloe replied cautiously.

“Yeah!” Ashley agreed, “Get closer to her as co-captain. Get to know her. Let her get to know you. Get so close to her that she’d have no choice but to want to spend time with you because you’ll be best friends.”

“Then when the whole ‘Jesse thing’ blows over-“ Jessica began.

“-and it will blow over.” Ashley added.

“-you’ll be there!” Jessica finished.

“And if you still have a crush on her, then just dip your toe in the water.” CR said with a wink and a reassuring smile.

“Dip my toe in the water?” Chloe asked slowly with a furrowed brow.

“Yeah. Find out if she’s interested in anyone. Get flirty.” CR answered.

“And we’ll totally help you out any time you need us to.” Stacie said with a wink of her own.

“Totally!” Ashley agreed with a nod.

“Totally.” Jessica echoed with a smile.

And a watery smile slowly wiped onto Chloe’s face, “Okay you guys,” she said quietly, “thanks.”

Suddenly a couple of pairs of feet were heard wandering down the staircase, and outside the bedroom door Beca’s voice was heard calling out in her usual unenthusiastic tone, “Chloe? You ready?”

CR, Stacie, Jessica & Ashley all turned to the redhead, feeling nervous for her. Chloe cleared her throat while she looked at them, “Uh..yeah, just a minute!”

“Okay, well we’re going with or without yooooou!” Beca said in an amused tone, sounding as though she was stood by the front door patiently.

Chloe screwed her face up, taking several deep breaths, flapping her hands about a little as she began to panic again but her friends strode up to her. Stacie took Chloe’s hands, Jessica continued to rub Chloe’s back, and Ashley and CR both stood by them.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!!” Chloe muttered under her breath, “I said I’d go to the store with Beca and Jesse!”

The redhead’s chest was heaving as she panicked but Stacie gripped her hands tightly, “It’s gonna be okay,” the taller brunette whispered to her reassuringly.

“Yeah, Beca’s not over-affectionate so you won’t have to watch her making out with Jesse or holding his hand or anything. You’ll be fine.” CR added and after a couple of moments Chloe had composed herself again.

Then with one final deep breath Chloe walked over to the bedroom door and stepped out to join Beca and Jesse as though nothing had happened in CR’s bedroom.

- June 2013 -

The Bellas kitchen was buzzing with activity as the nine women sat around the large kitchen table, all watching eagerly as Chloe opened her birthday presents. The redhead had already opened a box of perfume from Stacie, a beautiful set of earrings from Ashley, a knitted quilt from Jessica, a jewellery box from Flo, a kitchen knife set from Lilly, a pair of boots from Amy, and only had two presents left to go: CR’s and Beca’s.

Just as Chloe was unwrapping her birthday gift from CR (a mug with ‘Captain’ written on it to match the mug CR had bought Beca for her birthday) the back door of the kitchen opened and a cheery voice chimed out, “Bellaaaaas!” The women all turned in their seats to look over at Jesse who strode into the kitchen with a broad grin on his face and a hidden something behind his back. A grin that quickly dropped when he saw the birthday girl dressed in a birthday sash and a birthday hat on.

“’s your birthday??” Jesse asked in a surprised tone.

CR and Stacie both turned to look at Chloe, sad to see that the redhead was looking so disappointed with the new arrival, though she was trying to mask it with a forced smile. A forced smile that fortunately the young man didn’t pick up on. Because he didn’t know Chloe as well as they did.

“Uhuh! 22 today!” Chloe tried to say in a bright voice, though her stomach had knotted tight. Nobody knew why he was here. Nobody, it seemed, except Beca.

“Dude you’re early.” Beca said to her boyfriend, and her friends all watched in surprise as the brunette slid out of her seat and took her coffee mug over to the sink.

“I’m actually on time. The movie starts at 10, remember?” Jesse said with a bright smile, slowly wandering over to his girlfriend who was busy emptying the contents of her mug into the sink then placing it in the dishwasher.

“A stupidly early time for any movie to start..” Beca said in the tone she saved for when she was feeling playful, and fortunately her boyfriend played along too.

“Not when you’re in looove!” He sang, and The Bellas watched as the young man brought a bunch of flowers from behind his back and held them out to his girlfriend. Beca just stopped and stared at them. “Happy First Anniversary.” Jesse said softly.

“Um…” Beca said awkwardly before taking them from his hands, “…thhhanks…”

Chloe was almost certain she was going to throw up. This was absolute torture. Beca and Jesse had made it to their first anniversary. And on her birthday!

CR, Stacie, Jessica, Ashley, Lilly and Flo (the latter two who had also been privy to Chloe’s secret) all watched the redhead as tears began to prickle her eyes. Chloe watched as Beca scrunched her nose up while Jesse leant down to place a quick kiss on her lips, and her heart lurched. Because she hadn’t ever expected their relationship to make it a year. She’d hoped it wouldn’t. But somehow it had.

The other Bellas were just as surprised. They’d all assumed Jesse would be a two-month thing. Beca just never seemed that bothered. Well, she was bothered enough to spend the night at his a couple of times a week and vice versa. But if anyone ever saw Jesse and Beca together, either out and about or at their respective homes, they would’ve never known the two were dating. They just weren’t that…coupley.

“Are you ready?” Jesse asked his girlfriend sweetly, and the brunette gave him a shrug.

“As ready as I’ll ever be I suppose.” Beca replied with a sigh, striding over to the chair she had been sat on and pulling her leather jacket from it. “Sorry I’m not sticking around for longer guys,” she said as she pulled her jacket on, looking at each of the Bellas’s shocked faces until her eyes landed on Chloe’s, “But I’ll see you all tonight for pizza and birthday cake yeah?”

The Bellas looked from Beca to Chloe as the redhead cleared her throat, forcing a smile back onto her face despite the tears that were now brimming in her bright blue eyes, “Um yeah! Yeah..of course!” Chloe tried to say in a light tone, as if she didn’t care that her best friend was leaving her on her birthday.

“Awesome.” Beca said with a grin and she turned on the spot, to stride over to Jesse who was already by the back door. “Later nerds!” was the final thing she said as she left the house and slammed the back door closed behind her.

Chloe’s breath was caught in her lungs as she stared at the space by the door where Beca had just been stood. Her heart ached painfully, her stomach feeling twisted. And her nose was beginning to tingle from the tears that were building in her eyes.

“Oh Chloe…” Stacie began, but the redhead sniffed loudly, forcing a smile onto her face and clearing her throat.

“I’m fine. It…it’s fine.” She looked down at the mug CR had bought her and she forced out a fake chuckle, “Thanks so much CR. It’s brilliant!”

CR felt awful for her friend. She knew how difficult it could be to have an unrequited crush. But to have Jesse around so much and to always see him with Beca must kill Chloe.

Chloe sniffed loudly again and pushed her chair back, “I’m uh…I’m just gonna go up to my room for a bit and call my Mom. She wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday so…I’ll just…” and she gathered her presents in her arms, collected the tiny unopened present from Beca, and quickly shuffled out of the kitchen.

The remaining Bellas all turned to one another and let out small sad sighs. Seeing Chloe, the most bubbly perky happy person on the planet, so upset was heartbreaking for all of them. Not least of all because there was nothing they could do. Nobody had expected Beca and Jesse to last this long, and it made them wonder how long the couple would continue.

- July 2015 -

CR looked up from the box she was busy packing when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Graduation had been last week and they’d won worlds two days ago. Now The Bellas all had to pack up their belongings and go their separate ways.

“Hey Beca, everything okay?” CR asked one of her best friends as the brunette stepped awkwardly into the bedroom, closing the door over behind her.

“Yeah. Um…I had a question actually. Just a quick question.”

CR smiled curiously at the petite woman, wondering what this was all about, “Go on..”

“You’re a lesbian, right?” Beca asked nervously, and CR couldn’t help the amused chuckle that fell out of her mouth.

“Last I checked, yeah.”

“Right..” Beca said with a nod, stuffing her hands awkwardly into the back of her jeans pockets and shuffling on the spot, “ did you know..that you were..into girls?”

“Why? Are you into girls all of a sudden?” CR joked, turning back to the cardboard box she was packing, placing the crime-thriller novel she’d been trying to read for three and a half years into the box.

“Not girls per-say just…one girl really…”

CR quickly looked over at Beca, a small smile on her face. It was no secret that Beca and Jesse had broken up a couple of days ago, in Copenhagen at Worlds, both stating that the long distance thing just really hadn’t worked for them. CR had had an ‘Emergency Chloe Meeting’ in her room the moment they’d returned from Europe with all Bellas (except Beca) in attendance. These meetings had become a frequent thing over the years that Chloe had harboured a huge crush on Beca. A crush that the redhead had admitted last year was deep unconditional love. It had been the meetings that had kept Chloe going, the women all telling her that it absolutely would be worth the wait once Beca was finally single and finally ready.

“Is it Chloe??” CR blurted out, more hopefully than inquisitively. Because there was no way it would be Chloe. That would be too perfect, and life just didn’t work that way. But to her surprise Beca’s mouth dropped open.

“Uh..yeah it is”

“-We’ve been waiting a long time for this.” CR interrupted, and a broad smile grew on her face as she looked past Beca while her bedroom door swung slowly open, and Stacie, Jessica, Ashley, Amy, Flo, Lilly, and Emily all stood in the doorway beaming at them.

This was it. This had been worth the wait. Beca was finally ready.

Chapter Text

Chloe took a sharp intake of breath through her nose, her mouth muffled by Beca’s lips as the two remained locked in a heavy make out session in the rehearsal room of Barden University. They still had about ten minutes before The Bellas were due to arrive for their emergency rehearsal before Worlds next week, and Beca & Chloe intended on making the most of the rare time they had alone.

The redhead’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as her best friend’s lips parted from hers with a loud ‘smack’ and Beca ran her tongue from her chin along her jawline, and halfway down her neck, taking a small piece of skin between her teeth and gently biting down. Beca’s left hand meanwhile, had found its way between Chloe’s legs, and the younger woman rubbed it ferociously over Chloe’s pussy, the only thing between them being Chloe’s smooth tight lycra pants.

A low long moan fell out of Chloe’s mouth as she rolled her hips around, trying to add friction between her legs. The moan was cut off by Beca’s lips as the brunette threw her mouth back on hers again, and the two co-captains rolled their tongues around in Chloe’s mouth, neither wanting to stop for air.

The idea that they might get caught only added to the intensity of the make out session and suddenly Chloe could feel her orgasm building quickly. The redhead revelled in the feel of Beca pushing her up hard against the piano in the rehearsal room, her right hand cupping Chloe’s ass while her left found Chloe’s clit and rubbed it quickly.

Chloe broke the kiss, letting out a raspy, “I’m gonna cum” into Beca’s ear, and the brunette let out a small growl as she ran quick sloppy kisses down Chloe’s neck. Chloe’s fingers were tangled in Beca’s hair and she let out a small gasp as the younger woman decided she’d gone too long without the feel of Chloe’s breast. So Beca used her right hand to tug down Chloe’s loose ‘workout’ top, popped her boob out of her workout bra, and drew her mouth immediately to her nipple.

Suddenly Chloe’s body stiffened, her mouth agape as a surge of sexual emotion overwhelmed her body, cumming hard while Beca stilled her left fingers, and used her right hand to pull the back of Chloe’s neck down so their lips reconnected once again. Chloe let out a small whimper into the kiss, and a gentle smile appeared in the corner of Beca’s mouth as they both sighed.

The two best friends parted their lips and nuzzled one another’s cheeks with their noses while Chloe panted gently, “You’re amazing” she said before letting it a soft giggle.

“I’m never gonna get tired of hearing you cum..” Beca mumbled, letting it a chuckle of her own.

Suddenly a loud obvious cough was sounded and the two women snapped apart, clearing their throats, their cheeks flush with embarrassment. They had no idea when The Bellas had arrived. But they were now all stood awkwardly in the doorway, Stacie holding her hands over Emily’s eyes, Flo holding her hands over Emily’s ears, the rest of The Bellas looking stunned.

“The one time we’re early…” CR said, rolling her eyes.

“Um..” Chloe began awkwardly, popping her boob back into her sports bra, but fortunately her friends seemed rather amused by the whole situation.

“Look, don’t get us wrong,” Stacie began, finally letting go of Emily’s eyes as Flo let go of the girl’s ears, “we’re thrilled you two have finally got your shit together and are now a thing.” Chloe looked over at Beca who was already grinning back at her, “But could you please keep it in the bedroom?” Stacie finished.

“Uh in Chloe’s bedroom!” Amy added, as she wandered over to the piano with the rest of The Bellas.

And Beca and Chloe just smiled at each other. It had been a surreal yet amazing few days since they’d returned from Aubrey’s retreat…

Chapter Text

Amy, Aubrey, Stacie and Emily joined Jessica, Ashley, Flo, CR, and Lilly on the dancefloor, all gathered together, drinks in hands, moving happily to the beat of the music pumping around the venue they were in. They were all thrilled to be reunited again, having been invited by Beca to this ‘Grammys 2019’ after-party.

The brunette had won two awards this evening at the ceremony and had wanted all of her close friends to be there to help celebrate. So The Bellas had attended the ceremony, cheering the loudest when Beca performed her top selling song of the year, and even louder when she won both of her awards. Then they’d been guided by one of Beca’s entourage to the after-party. There they’d been handed drinks and had been informed that Beca would be joining them soon, once she’d done some press.

“How long do you think we’ll have to wait for Beca?” Emily called out over the loud music to Aubrey and Stacie. The two older women shrugged, turning to Amy who also shrugged.

“Chloe’s always been better at knowing Beca’s routine then I have!” Amy replied loudly over the music.

That certainly wasn’t a lie. Beca and Chloe had been best friends all through college, co-captains of The Barden Bellas during that time, had moved with Amy up to Brooklyn and had shared a fold-out bed between the two of them for two and a half years. At the end of their USO tour Beca had been offered a recording contract which, after some persuasion, she had agreed to. She had moved to LA. Chloe had moved to Davis to start her Veterinary degree. And as far as The Bellas were aware the two still spent every Christmas together, still the very best of friends, and still in agreement that their own families weren’t worth spending much time with over the holiday period.

“Where is Chloe anyway?” CR asked loudly with a furrowed brow, and The Bellas began to look around.

“Yeah she’s not normally one to miss a party!” Ashley added while Jessica nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Flo let out a massive gasp and pointed at something across the room.

There the nine women saw Chloe, perched on the edge of a bar stool, her right hand leaning against the bar to her right, her left hand in her pants pocket. And stood before her, nestled between her legs, her right hand smoothing it’s way from her neck up into her red hair, was Beca - still wearing the same hairstyle and jewellery she’d been wearing to the Grammys ceremony earlier. And what was more, the two women were openly making out!

Chloe brought her left hand up to smooth over Beca’s bare arm while the brunette slid her tongue into her mouth. Neither knew if it was thanks to the beat of the music, or the alcohol they’d been consuming during the evening, or the fact that Beca had just told Chloe that she was finally ready for them to go public with their relationship - but they suddenly didn’t care who saw them kissing. Even if those who did see happened to be their closest friends.

“Oh my god!!” Aubrey and Stacie both cried out in unison. But their huge grins waivered, along with the other Bellas’ grins, when they watched Fat Amy wading her way between people on the dancefloor to get to the Grammy Award winning artist and the redhead.

Beca and Chloe parted lips with embarrassed grins on their faces when they were interrupted by an over-excited Amy, who immediately threw her arms around them and pulled them into a tight hug.

“I can’t believe Bloe is reeeeeal!!!” Amy cried out loudly over the music.

“Yeah it’s real Amy…” Beca said with a chuckle, rolling her eyes at the rest of her friends as they approached.

“How long has this been going on for?” Stacie asked excitably.

Amy stepped back from the couple, the broadest grin on her face, and Beca and Chloe looked at one another with coy grins.

“Um..about a year? Maybe?” Beca rhetorically asked Chloe, and the redhead simply nodded before turning back to their friends. And she let out a loud giggle when The Bellas let out delightful squeals and pulled them into the centre of a massive group hug.

Chapter Text

Abbie Beale darted up the driveway to the front door of the modest house, a helium balloon tied around her wrist which said “It’s a girl!” on it. The almost-three year old was buzzing to meet the next kid in ‘The Bellas Family’. Her mothers arrived behind her, smiling down at their daughter while the little brunette turned to look up at them with a bright beaming smile.

“Can we go in yet??” Abbie asked excitably.

“Just one sec…” Chloe said sweetly, and the redhead crouched down to unzip her daughter’s little coat and gently peel it from around her little body.

“Uh, babe?” Beca said awkwardly, pointing at Abbie’s wrist, “The balloon?”

“Oh…” Chloe said, pausing her movements as she noticed the string around their daughter’s little wrist, “I forgot. Sorry.”

Beca let out a light chuckle as she bent over to untie the string while Abbie let out a little giggle.

“Silly Mommy!” The little Beale said sweetly and Chloe giggled nervously.

“Yeah silly Mommy!” she echoed as her wife untied the string and held the balloon firmly while Chloe took the rest of the coat off their daughter.

“Don’t let go of my balloon Mama.” Abbie instructed firmly, raising her eyebrows as she looked up at Beca.

“I won’t.” Beca replied but her mini double didn’t appear to believe her.

“Don’t let go!”

“I won’t! Honest!”

“Because then my balloon will fly faaar away,” Abbie said in her sweet little voice, swinging her arms around dramatically. Because for however much Abbie Beale looked like her Mama, she had most of the mannerisms of her Mommy. And the two women loved it. “And if it flies far away I won’t be able to show Serena!”

The little family were visiting the Posen’s who were finally holding a get-together to celebrate the arrival of their first-born, two months after she’d been born. Aubrey had been calling Chloe a lot, asking her plenty of questions about taking care of a newborn, and Stacie had been doing the same with Beca. One thing Beca and Chloe had failed to mention to their best friends, however, was that Chloe was actually pregnant with their second child. They’d wanted to save the news until they got together with all The Bellas. And they (well, Chloe far more than Beca) wanted Abbie to be the announcer.

Beca tied the string back around her daughter’s wrist and stood up straight, letting out a small sigh as Chloe pulled Abbie’s little t-shirt down so the words written on it could be seen clearly. Her wife had seen a post on Pinterest of different ways to announce a pregnancy and had insisted they did one of them. So here they were, having dressed their poor unsuspecting daughter in a t-shirt that had ‘Best Big Sister’ written on the front of it.

“This is never gonna wooork…” Beca muttered to her wife in a sing-song voice, but Chloe merely tutted as she stood up straight and rang the doorbell.

“Oh come on,” she whispered to Beca, “you need to give our friends a little more credit.”

“I’m telling you babe, they’re not that observant!” Beca whispered back, looking over her shoulder and letting out a sharp whistle. Their white Labrador dog ambled happily up the path, away from the bush she’d been sniffing, then sat dutifully by Chloe’s feet. Alba had been very protective of the redhead recently, and the two women wondered if their dog just knewChloe was pregnant.

“They are observant.” Chloe hissed back at her wife, but Beca merely raised her eyebrows at her.

“Remind me how long it took for them to work out that Aubrey and Stacie were seeing each other?” Beca replied with a small smile that she saved for when she knew she was right and Chloe rolled her eyes before looking back at the front door, gently holding Abbie’s floating balloon to one side so she could say a big hello to whoever would answer the door first.

The Beale’s looked at the door with bright smiles on their faces as someone approached from the inside and the door swung open. Amy launched forward from the doorway, immediately scooping Abbie into a tight cuddle causing the kid to giggle loudly.

“Auntie Amy noooooo!”

But it was too late, the Australian had started placing loud sloppy kisses on the little girl’s cheek, only making Abbie giggle louder.

“Come on, let the poor kid go.” Stacie said with an amused tone as she walked down the hallway to the front door. The second Abbie saw her Auntie Stacie, she let out an excitable squeak, trying to wriggle out of her Auntie Amy’s arms to greet her. And Amy reluctantly let the eldest ‘Bella Child’ go, dropping her to the ground to Abbie could scramble over to Stacie for a hug. The tall brunette chuckled, ducking out of the way of the balloon that was still tied to the three year old’s wrist. Beca and Chloe received a hug each from Amy who then moved her attention to their dog who was stood obediently by her owners but wagging her tail happily.

“Is Serena here??” Abbie asked Stacie, looking at her excitably with her big blue eyes, and Stacie chuckled.

“Yeah, she’s with Auntie Aubrey, Abs.”

The little girl began scrambling out of the woman’s arms, and her Mommy piped up with a quiet voice to emphasise the meaning of her words, “But we have to be quiet Babs..”

Abbie furrowed her little brow once she landed back down on the floor, looking up at her two mothers, “Why?” She asked inquisitively.

Beca and Chloe both held their breath. Their daughter was stood in the most perfect position for Amy to notice the little girl’s t-shirt. But unfortunately Amy was all too preoccupied with greeting Alba to look over at the three year old. So Beca answered her daughter’s question honestly, “Because she’s a tiny baby remember? And we have to be quiet around tiny babies.”

“Just like we’ll have to be quieter around the house in about six months time.” Chloe said clearly to her daughter before looking up at Stacie, but the woman looked too tired to comprehend what the redhead had said.

“Quiet. Right.” Abbie Beale said in a tiny hushed voice, nodding at her mothers as she took the memo and she turned to follow her Auntie Stacie who had begun slowly walking towards the door of the lounge.

Beca and Chloe looked at one another as Amy stood up straight and began following Stacie and Abbie into the room, “Okay maybe you’re right,” Beca admitted to her wife, “maybe they aren’t that observant.” and Chloe let out a small sigh and a shrug.

Beca gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek to put a smile back on her wife’s face - which worked - then the two women slowly made their way through to the lounge while they heard their best friends cooing at Abbie who must have gone up to meet baby Serena.

They both peered into the room, their hearts soaring as they watched their little girl cautiously approach her Auntie Aubrey who was holding a baby in her arms. And a long baby at that. Chloe was certain Abbie had never been that tall at two months old.

To the redhead’s frustration she saw that her daughter was holding her little hands in front of her t-shirt, blocking the words written on it - a mannerism she’d picked up from her Mama, who often picked at her fingernails when she was nervous about something.

But that frustration seeped away when Abbie peered down at the baby, then turned to look at her mothers who were stood in the doorway. A massive smile was on the little girl’s face. And Chloe realised it didn’t matter how her friends found out that she was currently pregnant with baby number two. What mattered was that her wife and daughter knew.

“Cool t-shirt Abigail.” Lilly said quietly from the corner of the room and the women all turned to look at her with furrowed brows, some having not heard what the oddest member of The Bellas had said. But Beca and Chloe had heard, and they held their breath. This was it!

Suddenly Alba bounded into the lounge excitably, and The Bellas all turned to look at the dog with bright beaming smiles on their faces and a chorus of “Albaaaaa!”’s. All attention was diverted from the young children to the dog.

Beca chuckled as she heard her wife let out a small groan and she leant her face towards the redhead’s ear while they watched Alba go to each Bella with a wagging tail, “You’re rethinking the decision to bring Alba now, aren’t you.”

And Chloe let out a small hum before nodding gently, “Little bit…”

Chapter Text

Amy slunk through the door of the studio apartment she shared with her two best friends, Beca and Chloe. She wandered over to her double bed, threw her handbag on the mattress, then sat beside it with a tired sigh. It had been a long day of ‘Fat Amy Winehouse’ performances in Times Square today. She’d had a good turn-out for it though and the tourists loved it! She was becoming the ‘go-to sight’ in the centre of NYC. Well other than the actual sights of course.

The blonde sat skimming through her phone, noting the way her stomach rumbled and wondered if she looked through Beca and Chloe’s washing basket she might scrape together enough change for a takeout like she did most Fridays. But today was Saturday - so she knew she’d have no luck.

Suddenly the door opened and both Beca and Chloe wandered through the door. Chloe mid-sentence while Beca chuckled at the story she was telling.

“-and I kid you not, it was probably the size of my head!” Chloe said with a massive grin. The two best friends held full grocery bags in their hands and Amy’s stomach rumbled again. At least there would be some decent food in the fridge this weekend.

“Hey Amy.” Beca said with a smile, plopping the bags down on the small kitchen table between Amy’s bed and the fold-out bed that Beca & Chloe had to share. The brunette was wearing shorts and a light tank-top, clearly the only thing she could stand wearing in the August heatwave. Chloe, who also placed her grocery bags down on the table, began picking out the fridge items with a smile. Amy noticed that Chloe had chosen her signature light flowing summer dress today, the heat clearly being too much for her too.

“Hey you guys.” Amy said casually, spying the bag of apples that Beca tugged out of one of the grocery bags and Chloe let out a little squeak as one fell out and rolled onto the floor. Both Beca and Chloe followed it, and both reached down to pick it up. They hesitated, giggling awkwardly.

“Sorry,” Beca said as she stood up, “you get it.”

“No you get it, I shouldn’t have got in the way.” Chloe said in embarrassment, curling her red hair behind her ear.

“No after you.” Beca insisted.

Amy sat with a small smile on her face, watching the interaction between the two women. They’d all been living in this tiny studio apartment for over a year now. Amy had purposefully called ‘dibs’ on the only double bed in the apartment so Beca and Chloe would have to share a bed. And her theory was if they had to share a bed, they would eventually have to address the sexual tension that had been going on between them for years. Maybe they’d end up dating? Then maybe they’d finally stop this weird awkwardness that they got themselves into from time to time. Like right now.

The two women both stooped down to pick up the apple, Beca reaching it first, and Chloe accidentally grabbing Beca’s hand. They stood up quickly, looking down at the apple, then Chloe cleared her throat and let go.

“Um..there you go.” The redhead said softly, her cheeks flushing pink while a coy smile grew on her face.

Beca’s cheeks were equally pink, “Oh, uh, thanks.” and the two best friends held each other’s gaze for a few moments. Until Amy broke the silence in the room.

“What the hell are those??”

The Australian hadn’t looked away from Beca and Chloe’s ankles from the moment they’d both stooped down to pick up the apple. Because on the outside of Chloe’s left ankle was a small tattoo of a sunshine, and on the outside of Beca’s right ankle was a small tattoo of a rain cloud. Both the exact same size and style. Matching tattoo’s!

Both Beca and Chloe turned to Amy and followed her line of sight down to their respective tattoo’s, “Um…tattoo’s?” Chloe offered brightly.

“I can see that!” Amy said, beaming up at her two friends, “They’re matching!”

“Uh…yeah…” Beca said awkwardly, moving away from the bed and her best friends, putting the apples in the fruit bowl that was currently full of old candy that was still from Halloween.

“You guys got match tattoos??” The blonde asked, and Chloe grinned.

“Well we are best friends Amy. And we’re the only two Bellas with tattoos.” The redhead said, wandering back over to the grocery bags to continue emptying them. “This really shouldn’t come as any surprise to you…”

But Amy wasn’t listening. She was too busy texting The Bellas WhatsApp Group:


Ashley: #BBN

Jessica: Ha! Love it *blow-kiss emoji*

Emily: Eeeeeeeeee!!! *hearteyes emoji* Xxxxx

Aubrey: This had better be worth me getting out of bed for *eyeroll emoji* #nightshiftsaretheworst

CR: Don’t worry Aubrey, I’m sure Stacie will keep it warm for you ;P

Aubrey: Oh God…

Stacie: Um Stacie’s in Cannes don’t forget!

CR: Aw yeah. Sorry gurl!

Stacie: NW

Stacie: It’s Aubrey and her cold bed that I feel more sorry for ;)

Aubrey: Stacie!!


Flo: *gasping emoji* *hearteyes emoji*

Emily: Oh my gosh that’s so cuuuuuute!!! Xxxxx

Stacie: Gaaaaaaaaaaay!! *two girls kissing emoji*

CR: #wives

Ashley: And they’re NOT together yet??

Lilly: They’ve had them a while now.

Aubrey: How did none of us know about this??

“Amy! Don’t!”

Amy looked up from her phone and grinned as she saw Beca furrowing her brow while she pointed at her from her position by the fridge.

“What?” The Australian tried to say innocently but Beca took a deep intake of breath while Chloe slowed her motions of unpacking the groceries to watch the interaction.

“You KNOW what..” Beca warned but Amy rose her eyebrows and shrugged, trying to look innocent. “Amy, I swear to God if I look at my phone and see that you’ve texted The Bellas about our tattoo’s I swear-“

Amy looked down at her screen, a grin growing on her face as she saw that the conversation had continued:

Emily: What are the tattoo’s of? Xxxxx

CR: Are they of each other’s faces?

Stacie: Or each other’s boobs?

CR: *laughing crying emoji*

Ashley: More to the point, WHERE are the tattoos?

Jessica: Back?

Flo: Chest?

Aubrey: Arm?

Fat Amy: Their ankles.

Beca: AMY!!! *angry emoji*

Chloe: I’ve got a sunshine, Beca’s got a raincloud. They’re to match our personalities *hearteyes emoji*

Beca: *eye roll emoji* *facepalm emoji*

CR: *laughing crying emoji* amazing!

Stacie: And clever *thumbs up emoji* way to go guys!

Amy looked up from her phone as Beca let out a small grumble and she grinned as she watched Chloe giggle while smoothing her hand over Beca’s back - the brunette leaning into the fridge to put the milk away. Oh yeah, they were totally on track to get together at somepoint. And hopefully soon.

Chapter Text

[Beca & Chloe are sat side by side in their fold-out bed.]

BECA: What do you want for lunch?

CHLOE: I don’t mind. What do you want?

[Beca & Chloe hold each other’s gaze for a while. Beca smiles.]

CHLOE: What?

BECA: You’re so pretty.

[Chloe blushes with a sweet smile.]


[Chloe throws her arms around Beca and hugs her tight while Beca chuckles.]

Chapter Text

 The warm Spring sun beat down on the streets of Brooklyn and Chloe Beale wandered happily down one of them, on her way home from her internship, pleased to be finished for another week. She loved being able to work with animals and build up the skills that would hopefully stand her in good stead when applying for Vet school in a few weeks time. But there were only so many times she could watch a sick dog or cat or hamster being put down. And for some reason the ‘put down’ days tended to fall on a Friday. 

Suddenly she let out a shriek as a pair of hands jabbed her in her sides from behind her while a familiar voice said “Hey nerd”. Chloe watched as her best friend appeared at her side, laughing loudly, her headphones around her neck and her satchel over her shoulder. The redhead’s heart was racing from the shock, and she threw her hands at her best friend to give her a playful shove. 

Bitch!” she muttered jokingly, only causing Beca to laugh louder. And it was this laughter that had Chloe smiling broadly. Because she loved the sound of Beca laughing. Just like she loved everything about her best friend. Because she was crazy about the woman. Besotted. Head over heels in love with her. And had been for around six years now. Not that Beca could ever know. Their friendship was far too strong, far too important, to be tarnished by a stupid confession that would change all of this in a heartbeat. So Chloe always managed to keep her romantic thoughts and feelings to herself. She was getting good at it. 

The laughter subsided and the two women began slowly walking down the street together, smiles on their faces. 

“You’re home early.” Chloe said curiously, looking over at her best friend and Beca shrugged. 

“Yeah well I decided I needed an evening off for once, so I just left at 4.” 

“Can you do that?” Chloe asked, struggling to believe that that could be possible given the brunette’s high-profile job. Beca was the youngest music producer in her record label’s history. And ‘BFD Records’ was regarded as one of the best record labels in NYC. Chloe was still very proud of the woman’s achievements. 

“I’ve stayed late every day this week,” Beca said with another shrug as she pulled her headphones from around her neck and unplugged them from her iPhone, “they can at least let me go home a couple of hours early.” 

That was a good enough answer for Chloe, who turned back to the street ahead of them as they turned the corner onto Verona Street while Beca stuffed her headphones into her satchel and slung it back over her shoulder. Verona Street. Their street. They’d moved to Brooklyn two years ago with their best friend Amy, straight after graduation. The Australian had announced ‘dibs’ on the double bed in the tiny studio apartment the second they’d moved in, leaving Beca and Chloe no choice but to have to share the crappy fold-out bed that was also in the tiny apartment. And while it wasn’t the most ideal of living conditions, it was all they could afford. So what had originally been an unusual set up at first was now the norm.  

Beca and Chloe shared a fold-out bed. Beca always got up first for work. Beca always drank a coffee while she got ready. Then Beca always made Chloe a cup of green tea with a slice of lemon, giving it to her just as she was about to leave for work. They’d say goodbye. Chloe would drink her tea while scrolling through Pinterest. Then she’d get up and get ready for her internship. Chloe tended to return home by six o’clock. She would have a hot shower to remove the smell of animals from her body. She would make dinner for herself and enough for Beca to reheat when she got home. Then she’d curl up in bed with a good book until Beca returned home to talk about her day over dinner. Then Beca would shower. Then she’d join Chloe in bed and they’d watch Netflix on Chloe’s laptop until one (or both) of them fell asleep. That was their routine. 

Beca looked over at the buildings that lined the street the other side of them. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d walked home from the subway this early in the day. And the last time she’d walked down this street with Chloe on a Friday? Well Beca couldn’t remember exactly. But she knew that it was always nice to walk with her best friend. Because over the two years that they’d been sharing a fold-out bed in the tiniest of apartments, Beca had developed a huge crush on the redhead. A huge crush that she had no intention of ever revealing to Chloe. Because there was no way Chloe would ever feel the same way about her. And some stupid reveal would ruin the most valuable relationship in Beca’s life. Chloe would leave. Things would get awkward. And if there was one thing that terrified Beca the most, it was the idea of having to one day no longer live with Chloe. 

So Beca usually had to make do with looking at the woman. Silently admiring her beauty. Loving the feel of Chloe in her arms when they snuggled up to watch Netflix each evening. Loving those few minutes she spent just after her morning alarm went off, looking at Chloe who was always sleeping peacefully beside her, Beca’s eyes always drifting down to her mouth and wondering what it’d be like to kiss those lips. Wondering what it’d be like t-  

“You’re all sweaty.” Chloe said with a light giggle, and Beca turned to her best friend, opening her mouth in mock offence. 

“Well fuck you!” Beca joked, shoving the redhead playfully, loving the sound of Chloe’s giggle, “Next time I won’t bother running to catch up with you.” 

“Aww, you ran to catch up with little old me?” Chloe asked sweetly, bringing her hand up and squeezing Beca’s upper arm affectionately.  

“Shut uuup!” Beca said with a grin, rolling her eyes while her cheeks flushed pink. Chloe let out a smaller giggle and let go of her best friend. They fell silent, continuing to slowly walk down the street towards their apartment block.  

The two women looked down at their phones with small smiles, identical chimes sounding from the devices in their hands, and The Bellas WhatsApp Group began it’s daily string of messages. 

STACIE: Is it me or is it ridiculously warm for Spring? 

ASHLEY: Ugh TELL me about it!! What is thiiiiiiiis?? 

JESSICA: Global warming babe… xx 

FLO: You know in my country it is normal for Spring to be this hot. 

FAT AMY: I’ve been sweating harder than Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory! 

CR: You had to Google that didn’t you… 

FAT AMY: Little bit… 

Beca and Chloe both let out light giggles, looking at one another as they still slowly walked, loving the chatter between their friends. But both their movements stopped when they looked back down at their respective phones, staring in horror at the next message that arrived in the group chat. 

FAT AMY: I’ve just had THE BEST shower though, so I’m all good! 

Beca looked quickly up at Chloe as the redhead looked up quickly at her. They both hesitated. Both aware of what this meant. Amy was a shower-hog. She always took most of the hot water. There would only be enough hot water left for one shower. That would mean only enough hot water left for one of them. The other would have to wait to have their shower later this evening. And neither of them wanted it to be them. 

Suddenly Beca saw Chloe quickly turn on the spot and run as fast as possible down the street towards their apartment block. The brunette let out a groan and a muttered “Shhhhhhit!” under her breath before she also began running. Because she’d be damned if Chloe got that shower first. 

Chloe burst through the door of their apartment block, her chest already heaving from the energy she’d put into getting there as quickly as possible. She knew what her best friend was like. Beca would be wanting that shower first. But she couldnt have it, because it was Chloe’s routine to have a shower as soon as she got home. And it wasn’t her fault that Beca left off work early today. The redhead bent over, trying to catch her breath, then let out a little squeak as she heard her best friend tumbling into the apartment block after her. 

Beca was already out of breath, but she saw an opportunity the moment she realised Chloe hadn’t immediately headed for the stairs. An opportunity that slipped away when the redhead suddenly began dashing up the stairs, two at a time. Beca let out a groan of frustration, and headed straight for the stairs, dashing up them herself, determined to slow Chloe down somehow. But annoyingly Chloe had already reached the top of the first flight of stairs before Beca. 

Chloe get back here!!” Beca called up sharply as she reached the top of the stairs, relieved to see that her best friend was already running out of energy, “You know I need that shower more than you right now!” she barked as she began quickly ascending the next flight of stairs.  

Chloe let out another squeak as she felt Beca grab a handful of the back of her summer dress and tug, but Chloe kept pulling them up those stairs, a little slower this time, “But I always have a shower when I get home from work!” Chloe protested. 

“Yeah, so do I!” Beca immediately retorted, pleased to see that Chloe had ran out of strength and was now crawling up the stairs, her hands leading the way. It was enough to give Beca the energy to let go of her dress and scramble past her on the stairs.  

“I smell of animals though!” Chloe cried, scrambling to her feet to keep ascending the stairs. 

“That’s not my fault!” Beca called back, keeping her eyes ahead of her. But just as she reached the top, ready to ascend the final set of stairs before reaching their floor, Beca let out a yelp as she felt Chloe grab her satchel and tug her to a stop. The brunette was spun by the older woman and Chloe pushed Beca against the wall of the staircase. 

The two best friends stood face to face, looking into each others eyes, their chests both heaving they were so out of breath from the race. Beca noted the way Chloe had her hands on her hips and the brunette’s mouth hung open, her heart skipping a beat as she watched Chloe slowly bring her face closer to hers. Holy shit. Was…was Chloe about to kiss her? 

Beca slowly closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss that was coming her way. But to her shock, she heard Chloe whisper, “You can have your shower tonight.” and Beca snapped her eyes open to see a mischievous grin on the redhead’s face as the woman stepped back from her and began dashing up the final set of stairs. Beca stood, stunned, for a couple of moments, trying to work out what had just happened. Then suddenly she found one last burst of energy, and sprang up the final set of stairs after Chloe. 

To her delight she noticed that her best friend was currently at their apartment door but fumbling to find her door keys.  

Amy lay on her double bed, her mouth open in shock as she looked up from her phone in her hand to see Chloe slamming through the apartment door only for Beca to grab the redhead and pull her back out into the corridor, shoving her against the wall opposite the apartment door. The Australian couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the two of them pressed up against one another, breathing heavily as though they’d just ran up all three flights of stairs. And the blonde immediately pressed the ‘Live Video’ option on The Bellas WhatsApp Group, pointing the camera at the ex-Co-Captains. 

Chloe’s mouth had gone dry as she felt Beca pushing her body up against hers, and the brunette brought her hand up to cup her cheek. They both looked into each others eyes, Chloe stunned by the sudden actions of her best friend. The woman who was normally so unaffectionate and struggled with personal space. And her heart began racing as Beca slowly brought her face closer to Chloe’s and gently nudged her nose with the tip of hers. Chloe’s body felt a surge of warmth and energy when Beca gently kissed her. Their first kiss. And it was as amazing and wonderful as Chloe had ever dreamt it would be. 

Beca leant her face back, breaking the kiss, her eyes fluttering open and a small smile growing on her face as she noticed that Chloe still had her eyes shut. She now had the upper hand, and there was no reason why they couldn’t continue this later, once she’d had her shower. “You can have your shower tonight.” Beca whispered, and she quickly dashed away from Chloe with a mischievous grin. 

Amy sat and stared in shock as she watched Beca run into the apartment, slamming the door behind her to slow Chloe down then slinging her satchel onto the fold-out bed. Had she really just seen them kiss?! She kept her phone focussed on the closed door but her eyes followed Beca, still surprised. The brunette darted over to the bath tub, reached in, and turned the shower on before scrambling to get her clothes off. Amy quickly turned her attention back to the apartment door as Chloe banged through it, yelling a sharp, “Beca!!” which only made Beca jump into the tub with her underwear still on and a victorious grin on her face as she pulled the shower curtain around her. The redhead’s expression was a picture when she saw Beca’s arm poke from beyond the shower curtain and the younger woman dropped her wet underwear onto the bath mat beside the kitchen. 

“Right.” Chloe muttered in a determined voice, and she slammed the door closed, threw her handbag down on the fold-out bed, and strode over to the bath tub, pulling her clothes off as she moved.  

Beca leant her head back into the hot stream of shower water, still grinning at her victory. She closed her eyes, running her fingertips through her hair, thinking back on the kiss that she’d just spontaneously given Chloe. Her lips had felt so soft. And Beca swallowed loudly as she thought about how amazing that kiss could have been had they not been busy racing for the shower. 

Suddenly the brunette let out a gasp as she heard the shower curtain being pulled across and she flung her eyes open just as Chloe stepped up and into the tub to join her, butt-naked. 

“Dude, what the hell?” Beca spluttered, but Chloe merely raised her eyebrows. 

“Oh so it’s alright for you to kiss me as a tactic but it’s not alright for me to share your shower water?” Chloe said, knowing Beca couldn’t object to this invasion of privacy. 

It was a stark difference to the first time Chloe had walked in on Beca’s shower, seven years ago, back in college. The redhead had insisted that a reluctant Beca joined The Barden Bellas. And Beca had kinda found herself doing so. Just as she’d kinda found herself doing most things that Chloe encouraged her to do. Beca and Chloe just had this connection that automatically drew themselves to one another, and Beca had felt it from the moment they’d both locked eyes in that shower all those years ago. Just as she felt that connection now. 

So Beca cleared her throat, let out a sigh, rolled her eyes, then muttered, “Come on then.”  

For a couple of moments Beca and Chloe attempted to switch places, both looking down awkwardly at each other’s arms when Chloe hand no choice but to place hers around Beca’s waist, the brunette placing her hands on Chloe’s shoulders while they turned on the spot. They broke apart as soon as the opportunity arose, smiling awkwardly. Beca’s heart began racing while she watched Chloe close her eyes and duck her head backwards under the water, running her fingertips through her long red hair. Then Beca realised just how weird it must seem, her just watching Chloe in the shower. So she quickly leant down to grab the shampoo bottle that was by Chloe’s right thigh. 

“Ah!” Beca yelped, as Chloe brought her hands quickly down from her red hair and accidentally hit Beca on the head.  

“Oh Beca!!” Chloe spluttered with a slight squeak, pulling her head from the shower water to look at her best friend who stood up straight again, “Sorry!”  

Jeeze,” Beca muttered with a soft smile, “first you take my shower,” she began popping the lid of the shampoo bottle, squirting a gloop into the palm of her hand, “and then you hit me over the head?” 

Chloe bit her bottom lip, embarrassed that she’d accidentally hit her best friend. Her crush. The woman who had spontaneously kissed her out in the corridor a few moments ago and had looked as though she’d enjoyed it! 

“I’m telling you Beale, you’re getting more difficult to live with by the day..” Beca said sarcastically, but a smile was on her face when she held the bottle out to her best friend. 

Chloe took the bottle and placed it on the side of the bathtub then watched as Beca closed her eyes and began rubbing the shampoo into her brown hair. Chloe’s eyes wandered down the length of Beca’s body, admiring her smooth skin and ample breasts. Loving the small ‘cartoon raincloud’ Beca had tattooed on her left hip. She was so attracted to her best friend. Adored every inch of her body. Every inch of her being. And her heart yearned to be with her romantically. As more than just best friends, but as lovers and other halves too.  

Beca held her hands out, her eyes still closed, and she felt Chloe immediately take them before guiding them back around into their original spots: Beca under the shower water that was now just a warm temperature rather than the hot temperature that it had been; Chloe stood opposite her. And the brunette rinsed the shampoo from her head while Chloe bent down to pick the shampoo bottle up and squeeze some of the silky substance into her own palm. 

Beca pushed the water from her face as she moved her head away from the shower, and looked at her best friend who now had her eyes closed and was massaging the shampoo into her long red hair. Beca found her gaze drifting down Chloe’s body. From that beautiful jawline, to that gorgeous collarbone, to those perfect breasts and that toned abdomen. Her attention was drawn to the small ‘cartoon sunshine’ that Chloe had tattooed on her right hip. The tattoos that the two of them had decided to get together last summer. Tattoos that best represented their personalities, but complimented the other. 

She smiled gently as she watched her best friend reach out, and then it was Beca’s turn to guide them around on the spot so that Chloe could rinse the shampoo from her hair. Beca’s mouth hung open as she watched the woman under the cooling shower water, mesmerised by the way the water fell over her breasts. What Beca wouldn’t give to be able to suck the water from them right now. 

The brunette’s stomach knotted as she realised she was getting turned on, and her heart skipped a beat when Chloe brought her head from the shower stream, pushed the water from her face, and blinked over at her with a bright smile. 

“Like what you see?” Chloe whispered teasingly, loving the way she often made her best friend feel uncomfortable whenever she flirted with her. But to her surprise a small smile grew on Beca’s face while she nodded slowly. “I like what I see too.” Chloe added, looking down at Beca’s lips. 

They both held their breath while looking into each other’s eyes. Then ever so slowly, the two best friends stepped closer, their naked wet bodies pressing up against one another, Chloe’s arms around Beca’s waist while Beca’s arms wound around Chloe’s neck. And they nudged their noses gently before slowly bringing their lips together and sharing their second ever kiss. 

This time their kiss was firmer, the sensuality of it enhanced by the shower water on their faces and the feel of the others naked body against theirs.  

Amy lay stunned, staring in horror at the closed shower curtain as she heard her best friends making out with each other in the shower. The Bellas WhatsApp had blown up from the moment Amy had ended the ‘Live Video’ as soon as Chloe had begun stripping her clothes off. 

EMILY: Oh my god did Beca and Chloe just kiss?? *heart eyes emoji* xxx 

ASHLEY: Never mind that Legacy! I wanna know if they just got in the shower together? 

FAT AMY: Worse.  

CR: Huh? 

FAT AMY: They’re MAKING OUT in the shower! 

FLO: *heart eyes emoji* 

AUBREY: *eye roll emoji* No they’re not!! Chloe’s far too classy for that. 

CR: Aubrey’s got a point. Plus Beca would never involve herself in PDA.. 

FAT AMY: Wanna bet? 

Amy pressed the ‘audio record’ button just as a light moan fell from Chloe’s mouth and a loud slurping kiss sounded beyond the falling shower water.  


EMILY: oh my god!! 

STACIE: Hehe way to go Bloe! 

JESSICA: Amy HOW can you stand still being there? 

CR: Yeah isn’t your bed right next to the tub? 

Amy swallowed loudly as she heard noises that were beginning to sound suspiciously like Beca and Chloe were no longer just kissing. And that was it for the Australian. She had to get out of here. 

AMY: I’m actually going to leave right now. 

LILLY: Good idea. 

FLO: I’ll be home from work in half an hour if you wanted to come round? 

AMY: Deal. 

Amy scrambled off her bed, keeping hold of her phone as she picked her handbag up, and scuttled out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her just as a moan fell from Beca’s mouth.  

The brunette had her eyes closed, her hands in Chloe’s hair as the woman circled her tongue around her nipple, sucking at her breast. Suddenly, a loud squeal escaped Chloe’s mouth as she released Beca’s breast and flung her body against the petite brunette to escape the freezing shower water that had just begun pelting down on her naked body. 

Beca took one for the team, chuckling and letting out a yelp as they quickly switched places so she could turn the shower off, the ice cold water falling over her naked body. 

“Great.” Beca muttered sarcastically, rising her eyebrows as she turned to her best friend, “Now I’m freezing!” 

But Chloe had a seductive smile on her face, biting her bottom lip as she reached out and tugged Beca back over to her, “Well I guess I’m gonna have to warm you back up..” 

And a low hum of approval sounded from the back of Beca’s throat as she wound her arms around Chloe’s neck again, and they looked into each other’s eyes, Beca mumbling, “I could be okay with that.” 

The two best friends grinned as Chloe wound her arms around Beca’s waist, pulling their wet naked bodies flush against each other, and they resumed their heated kiss, tongues rolling together while their arousals rose. 

Chapter Text

Ellie Beale knocked gently on her big sister’s bedroom door, and heard her familiar voice call out “Come in!”

The fifteen year old stepped into the room, picking nervously at her fingernails, a habit she’d picked up from her Ma and her two older siblings. Abbie Beale looked up from the desk in her room, pausing her motions, busy painting her own fingernails a calming peach colour. Despite their nine year age difference the two sisters were almost identical in appearance, having inherited their Ma’s petite figure and dark features, their bright blue eyes looking at one another.

“Hey Nori,” Abbie said to her sister with a kind smile, calling her by the nickname she’d called her since the youngest Beale had been born, “what’s up?”

Ellie closed the bedroom door quietly behind her, hoping not to draw the attention of their mothers who were sat down the hallway in the ‘music room’ of their large LA home, song writing for a musical that Chloe was hoping to pitch to a movie studio in a few weeks time.

“I need to ask your advice about something.” Ellie said to her big sister cautiously, her heart hammering against her chest.

“Uhuh…” Abbie said slowly, her attention now on her thumb as she tried to paint it.

“And I need you to promise not to tell Ma or Mom.”

That appeared to be the type of sentence that drew the eldest Beale child back into the room, and Abbie quickly snapped her head up to her sister, a curious smile on her face, “Well it must be good if we can’t even tell Mom.”

Chloe Beale, the girl’s’ mother, was the parent that Abbie, Ellie, and their brother Dexter, told everything to. She was their confidant. Their oracle.

Beca Beale, the girl’s’ Ma, on the other hand, was as loving as her wife, but had a bit of a reputation for blowing things out of proportion - such was the curse of her anxiety. She always had a way of listing all the things that were wrong or could go wrong before seeing the positives of whatever had been sprung on her.

Over the years the Beale kids had learnt that if they were going to tell their Mom’s anything, it was always better to tell their Mom first and let her break the news to their Ma. Chloe had this way of approaching any subject in a manner that ensured that Beca remained calm throughout.

Ellie Beale curled her long brown hair behind her ear nervously, took a deep breath, then screwed her eyes closed as she quickly said, “I’ve kinda started seeing a boy.”

A massive smile, that would rival even that of their Mom’s, spread across Abbie’s face and she turned in her seat to face her baby sister, “Oh my God!” she cried excitably, but Ellie immediately lunges towards her with her hands out.

“Shhhhh!!” the youngest Beale hissed, looking horrified at her sisters loud volume.

“Sorry,” Abbie whispered, glancing at the closed door, but knowing full well their Mom’s wouldn’t have heard her. She resumed her focus on the teen, “So? Who is he?”

“His name is Joaquin,” Ellie said a little nervously, a sweet smile on her face as she rocked back and forward on her feet, “And he’s in my math class.”

Abbie furrowed her brow, “I thought you had an on-set tutor?”

All three of the Beale kids had had private tuition from the ages of five to eighteen. And that tuition had been held wherever their mother’s were settled, whether it was on a film or TV set in LA, at a recording studio in New York, or at their ‘Holiday Home’ in Connecticut. As it stood, Ellie Beale was receiving tuition from an ‘on-set tutor’ who was looking after a group of teen actors working on a TV show that Chloe Beale was currently acting in.

“He’s one of the actors on Mom’s show.” Ellie said awkwardly, biting her bottom lip. Abbie blinked for a couple of moments, trying to remember the kids that were working on that particular project.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she let out a small gasp, “Oh my God is it the redhead??” and Ellie nodded slowly. The older sister let out a chuckle of delight, beaming up at her little sister, “Haha! You’re dating the guy that’s playing Mom’s son??”

Ellie Beale’s cheeks flushed pink, clearly feeling embarrassed, “Abbieeeee!” she whined quietly, and the older Beale sat up straight, clearing her throat and composing herself again.

“Sorry Nori. Sorry.” Abbie said, holding her hands up to try to calm her little sister down. “So what advice were you after?”

She watched as the fifteen year old took several deep breaths, tears beginning to taint her blue eyes, and suddenly Abbie felt protective of her little sister. No matter how old the teen got, Ellie was always going to be Abbie’s baby sister.

“I’m worried Ma and Mom are going to be disappointed with me…” Ellie nervously confessed.

Abbie’s eyebrows furrowed again, “Why would you think that?”

“Because,” Ellie said with a sigh as she began slowly pacing up and down the length of the bedroom in front of her sister, “they’re gayYou’re gay!“

“-Bisexual.” Abbie corrected with her index finger held up at the teen.

“-bisexual…” Ellie corrected herself, “…but you have a girlfriend.” It was true, Abbie Beale had recently started seeing Scarlet Truman, an actress she’d starred in a successful Netflix TV show alongside last year. “And I’m just not into girls!” Ellie exclaimed finally, stopping in front of her older sister, tears brimming in her blue eyes. And Abbie felt her stomach twist with guilt. Their mothers had been nothing but supportive their whole lives. Beca and Chloe put no pressures on their children to be something specific. But she hadn’t realised the pressure that the youngest Beale appeared to put on herself.

“Ellie, Mom and Ma would never care about who you date. They wouldn’t care about your sexuality.” The eldest Beale stood up, and stepped up to her little sister, “They’d just want to know that you’re happy.”

“Joaquin makes me happy.” Ellie said quietly as her sister placed her hands on her shoulders.

“Then that’s what matters, yeah?” Abbie said softly, a kind smile on her face and her little sister nodded gently, “And if he ever does anything to hurt you, then you tell me.” Ellie rolled her eyes with a sigh but Abbie rose her eyebrows, “I mean it Nori! You tell me or you tell Dex. Or even Serena. One of us will sort him out.”

“I’ll be fiiine!” The fifteen year old said in an irritated tone, her older sister and brother both having told her that they’d be looking out for her her whole life whether she liked it or not.

“Well I’m just giving you the option of who to turn to.” Abbie said as she stepped back from her little sister and returned to her seat, “Because you and I both know Ma would have a fit if she found out that he’d been treating you badly.”

“I know I know..” Ellie said in an amused tone, watching her sister who began painting her next nail.

“And don’t get me started on Auntie Bree and Auntie Stace..”

The two Beale sisters giggled at the thought of their over-protective Aunt’s.

“Oh God, it’d be like a blood-bath!” Ellie mumbled into the palms of her hands.

“Poor kid wouldn’t stand a chance…” Abbie said with a chuckle, looking back up at her little sister. Her smile softened, “Don’t worry Nor. Everything will be okay. Mom & Ma will be okay.”

Ellie took a deep breath and smiled at her big sister. She felt lucky that she had the best big sister and big brother in the world. And that their Mom’s were amazing and loving and supportive.

“Thanks Abs.”

“You gonna tell them now?” Abbie asked with a kind smile, and Ellie bit her bottom lip briefly.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Good luck Twinkle,” the older brunette said, giving her sister a wink, “and if you need me I’ll be here. Just give me a yell.”

Ellie Beale strode forward and threw her arms around her sister’s neck, before stepping back over to the bedroom door, “Thanks Abs.”

“Love you weirdo.” Abbie called out to her sister.

“Love you too, weirdo.” Ellie replied and she began slowly, nervously, walking down the hallway towards the ‘music room’ ready to tell her Mom and Ma the news of her first boyfriend…

Chapter Text

Beca had had the worst day of her music career yet. She’d been up until 2am the night before, in the recording studio, trying out different styles of a new song that had been written for her, but none of them had sounded right. She’d returned to her LA apartment and had slept through her alarm, meaning a member of staff from the record label had ended up banging on her door at 10am to get her up. And she’d accidentally swore twice during a radio interview this afternoon.

The brunette was close to tears, a very rare event that was for sure. But the woman was exhausted. She just wanted to escape from reality. To find a nice calm quiet place to curl up in. She wanted Chloe.

Beca let out a heavy heaving sob as she threw her head into her hands, her back against the wall of the elevator as it took her up to her apartment. She still had eight days of this shit before she had three clear days in her schedule that meant she could finally fly up to Davis to see Chloe.

Beca and Chloe were currently in an odd setup. Just over four years they had returned from their USO tour with the Bellas. Beca had been offered a recording contract and Chloe had been offered a place at a college over in Davis to study to become a Vet. A five year course. Chloe had asked Beca out on a date and Beca had said no. Purely because she didn’t want to distract Chloe from her studies. But she assured her that the moment Chloe graduated in five years time she’d love nothing more than to be able to date her.

So the two remained best friends. Closer than close. They spoke every day. They spent the holidays together. They went out for dinner. They shared a bed, and snuggled up together whenever they were reunited. Chloe was often Beca’s ‘plus one’ to award shows and parties. But they never kissed.

The problem was, the longer the time went on, the more impatient Beca was getting. Life had got busy and hectic. Beca was rolling from success to success, winning award after award, breaking record after record. But she didn’t care about all of that, because the only thing she wanted was Chloe. And she still had nine months to go before Chloe’s graduation.

The doors of the elevator pinged open and the brunette slowly shuffled out, looking down at her feet miserably, wishing she was walking into the apartment that she’d bought Chloe up in Davis. But this was the cool wooden flooring of her swish LA apartment instead. Nothing fancy.

She let out a sigh as she thought she could smell her best friend’s perfume. See, she missed Chloe that much she was even imagining how the woman smelt. But as she looked up to head for the kitchen her heart jumped into her throat.

There, stood before her, in a beautiful dress while motioning to a huge homemade birthday cake that stood on the island beside her, was Chloe. And the redhead’s smile immediately dropped the moment she realised Beca was crying. Because Beca rarely cried.

Beca’s body felt weak, overwhelmed with emotion, and she dropped her satchel to the ground so she could stride over to Chloe. She threw her outstretched arms around Chloe’s waist, letting out a heaving sigh followed by a loud sob into the woman’s chest and she squeezed her eyes closed as Chloe held her tight.

“Heyyy,” Chloe said in a worried tone, “what’s going on??”

“Nothing.” Beca mumbled into Chloe’s dress, the smell of the redhead’s perfume sending a warm safe rush over her body, “I just missed you so much and this week has been so shit and I just…”

A soft smile was on Chloe’s face as she continued holding onto Beca tight. She knew this feeling because she’d felt it too on so many occasions before. She was crazy about Beca. Was so in love with her. And she always found herself missing her whenever they were apart. A feeling that was made all the more difficult when other factors in life were stressful.

“…I just want to run away with you.” Beca added finally.

“I know…” Chloe said quietly, gently rocking Beca from side to side as she placed a kiss on the side of her head, “…but we’ve only got nine months left to go. Then we can run away.”

“It’s not running away if you plan it.” Beca mumbled into Chloe’s neck and the redhead let out a light giggle.

“True.” She peeled her arms from around her best friend’s petite body so the brunette could stand up a little straighter, “So I guess we just won’t plan it. We’ll just do it.”

“In the summer?”

“Yeah babe, in the summer.” Chloe said, bringing her hand up to affectionately curl Beca’s hair behind her ear. This was a common conversation they had. One of them was always the vulnerable one, desperate for them to forget the pact they’d made to wait until Chloe’s graduation, and the other was always the voice of reason, assuring them that there wasn’t much longer left to go.

“I love you.” Beca mumbled as she wound her arms back around Chloe’s body.

“I love you too.” Chloe whispered back, submerging her face into Beca’s long brown hair, a calm smile on her face. It had been a long five weeks apart, and she hated she only had the weekend to be able to spend curled up with her best friend. “Happy Birthday old lady..” she added affectionately and a chuckle fell out of Beca’s mouth, the younger woman gently pinching Chloe’s hip.

“Gee thanks..” Beca muttered, “I’ll always be younger than you.”

“True.” Chloe said with a light giggle, and the two continued to cuddle each other tight. And to Beca and Chloe it was the perfect way to spend Beca’s 30th Birthday.

Chapter Text

Beca and Chloe laid in bed together, facing one another, one Sunday morning. Beca noticed an expression on Chloe’s face that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“What you thinking?” Beca asked quietly, a calm smile on her face.

Chloe hesitated, biting her bottom lip. She’d had a crazy urge to suggest something to Beca for months now. But she hadn’t quite found the confidence to do so, Beca having always been so stressed with work. She took a deep breath then took the plunge.

“I want to have a baby.” Chloe burst out.

Beca swallowed loudly, the colour noticeably draining from her face. Baby’s were a lot of responsibility. And expensive. And clingy. And dependent. And fragile. And difficult. And a handful. And tiring.

“Oh..” was all Beca could manage. Suddenly those nice peaceful Future Sunday mornings laid curled up with Chloe hurtled out of her grasp. Because having a baby would take all of the redhead’s time and attention. And having only just married the woman, Beca wasn’t sure she wanted to relinquish her wife’s love quite so quickly.

“I-it would be our baby of course.” Chloe said, the panic beginning to set in as she looked at the brunette laid before her. Because Beca didn’t appear to be taking this news quite as well as she hoped she would. “And, I mean I don’t know how IVF works exactly but…well if I carried your baby - uh - our baby, but your egg…” Chloe was moving her left hand around a lot as she spoke, getting more nervous by the second. “…I just think it would be so wonderful! A-and we’d have this tiny little thing but it’d be our tiny little thing. A part of us. That we made. Well..not exactly made as in it’d be 50% you and 50% me…but like…it would be 50% you of course, but I would’ve grown it and nurtured it in my body. And brought it into this world. And we could muddle through parenthood together, with our son or daughter, and try to figure out how to raise our very own little human being…”

Chloe held her breath as her sentence trailed off. She looked at her wife, deep into her eyes, trying to read her mind. To her delight, a small smile grew on Beca’s face, and the brunette brought her right hand up to curl a lock of Chloe’s red hair behind her ear.

“Okay.” Beca whispered.

“Yeah?” Chloe checked cautiously, not wanting to smile just yet in case Beca wasn’t really okay with this suggestion. This huge step.

“Yeah, let’s have a baby.” Beca said with a calm smile, looking at her wife adoringly, and Chloe beamed at the brunette.

“A little baby Beale” Chloe said whistfully.

“Mmm…” Beca Beale agreed, “With your bubbly bright nature and my sarcasm it’ll go far!”

And the two women giggled happily before kissing sweetly. A kiss that soon became heated. Peaceful Sunday mornings may soon become a thing of the past. Beca and Chloe Beale had every intention of making the most of them while they still could.

Chapter Text

Badass Beca Mitchell let out a heavy sleepy sigh. The warm Hawaiian breeze swished over her bikini-clad body, drifting around her long brown hair causing strands of it to whisp about. She lay dozing happily in a hammock. Or more specifically on her fiancée in a hammock.

Chloe Beale lay dozing happily in a hammock at the expensive Hawaiian hotel, out the back of the plush suite that her fiancée had booked for them to stay in. She too wore a bikini, the warm Hawaiian sun having brought out the freckles on her face and shoulders. The breeze pulled the odd strand of her red hair from the loose top-knot she had on her head.

Beca had her head rested on Chloe’s chest, her petite body laying back against the woman who was three years her senior. Chloe had her left arm behind her head, and her right arm around Beca’s waist, the fingers of her right hand entwined with her fiancée’s.

The hammock gently rocked from side to side thanks to Chloe’s left foot - the redhead having hung her left leg out of the hammock to nudge the ground gently, wanting to maintain the swinging motion so Beca would continue to doze. And the two women continued to lay there, perfectly content in one another’s arms, loving how chilled their day was panning out to be. Especially as they were due to get married the next morning.

Chapter Text


Chloe looked up from her magazine as Beca sat across from her at the small kitchen table in their tiny studio apartment, curious to know why her best friend seemed confused. The brunette picked two phone cases out of her small Amazon package and held them up a little to inspect closer.

“Why did you order two phone cases?” Amy asked from her position on her double bed, looking over at Beca with a furrowed brow. But Beca just raised her eyebrows.

“I-I didn’t!” She said, still staring at the identical phone cases in shock. “They must’ve sent me two by mistake.”

“You should probably send one back Beca.” Chloe said sweetly from her position on the fold-out bed they shared, “Maybe you’ll get some money?”

“Ugh that sounds like effort.” Beca groaned, looking over at the redhead and Chloe let out a hum of agreement. “Did you want one of them?”

Chloe’s face lit up, her eyes widening as she put her magazine to one side, “Yeah?” she checked enthusiastically, scrambling off the fold-out bed.

“Sure.” Beca shrugged, looking back at the cases, knowing that she didn’t really have any use for two. She looked back at Chloe and a small smile grew on her face as her best friend approached her. There were a lot of things she loved about the woman, but Chloe’s enthusiasm for even the tiniest of things was one of Beca’s favourite ‘Chloe Qualities’.

“Wow,” Chloe said softly, looking down at the case as Beca handed it to her, “thank you so much Beca. I love it!”

Beca grinned, looking down at her phone as she began picking her old phone case off the device, “It’s just a phone case Chlo, not an engagement ring.” and she hesitated for a moment, still looking down at her phone, stunned at what she’d just said. Because at no point had she ever come close to suggesting to Chloe that she had feelings for her.

“Oh believe me,” Chloe said in an amused tone, looking down at her best friend with a grin. Because she would love nothing more than for Beca to propose to her one day. A far-fetched idea indeed, but one that Chloe was still happy to daydream about, “if it were an engagement ring I’d be far more excited than this.”

Beca swallowed loudly, not daring to look up at her best friend. Because looking up would expose her true feelings for the redhead. And there was no guarantee Chloe felt the same way. So she continued to pop her phone out of her old case then grabbed her new case. But out of the corner of her eye she saw her best friend bend down to whisper in her ear.

“And the answer would be yes.” Chloe whispered, then wandered back to the fold out bed to take the old case off her phone and replace it with the new case instead.

Beca’s mouth hung open in surprise, looking over at Chloe as the redhead wandered back over to their fold out bed. The answer would be yes? What the hell did that mean? She watched the woman happily exchange her phone case and Beca’s heart was racing. Did Chloe have feelings for her too?

The brunette turned to look over at Amy who was sat on her double bed opposite her and the Australian was grinning broadly at her. Beca just rolled her eyes and shook her head gently as she cleared her throat and looked back down at her new phone case that fitted her phone perfectly. A black design with a stylish pattern of white and gold triangles. Not exactly Chloe’s style, but from the looks of things her best friend didn’t appear to mind.

And Chloe didn’t. She was just thrilled that she and Beca had another matching item..

- Eleven Months Later -

The Bellas all gathered around Chloe’s phone, singing sweetly to Stacie’s newborn, Bella. All of them had noticed how Beca and Chloe had matching phone cases. And it had been a running joke that Beca and Chloe never knew which one belonged to who until they unlocked the screen because they both also had matching ‘lock-screen photos’ (that they apparently “keep meaning to change”) and the exact same passcodes (300615 - the date The Bellas won Worlds).

But to Beca and Chloe, if it meant another way of sharing something with the woman they were secretly in love with, then it was worth the hassle.

Chapter Text

Exam season in The Bellas house was never the most fun time. Filled with stressy young women shut away in their respective bedrooms trying to study while the other young women were either finished with exams or didn’t feel the need to study quite as hard. Either way, Stacie found herself one of the unfortunate few Bellas left to take their final exams of their Junior year.

“Hey, Chloe?” The brunette called out from the top of the stairs down to her housemates who were in the lounge. The chatter that had been rambling came to a stop and Chloe’s voice chimed up from the room, “Yeah?”

“Do you have a notebook I can use?”

“Yeah there’s a load on the middle shelf by my desk!”

“Thaaanks!” Stacie sang out, and wandered down the hall towards the super-senior’s bedroom. She pushed the door open and stepped inside, her eyes immediately drawn to the shelf that Chloe had described. There, as promised, was a shelf full of notebooks.

The brunette crouched down so she was at eye-level with them, and ran her finger along the spines. She stopped at the thickest notebook with a good sturdy ring-binder on it. “Perfect!” Stacie thought, and she tugged it from the shelf, then made her way back down the corridor to her bedroom.

She sat at her desk with a sigh, picking up her favourite fountain pen, and opened the notebook on the first page. But to her surprise, her eyes fell on a full page of writing with a heading at the top: ‘Something More’ by Chloe Beale. Naturally she began filtering through the notebook turning page after page. There must have been at least ten, maybe even twenty pages of writing.

Stacie returned to the first page, curious to know what Chloe might have been writing and she slowly began to read the first sentence:

It was a snowy winters afternoon and the two college students trudged slowly down the snowy street towards the house they shared with their friends.

It was a story!

Carrie looked to her right, smiling brightly as she always did at her best friend. With long red hair and bright blue eyes Carrie was known to have many an admirer. But she only had eyes for one person. And that person was the woman beside her, Bethany. Bethany was a petite moody alt girl, with heavy eyeliner and a closed-off personality. Her long brown hair was stuffed under a burgundy wooly hat which emphasised her deep blue eyes. And although she was unapproachable to most people, when she smiled Carrie swore she could hear angels sing. Because to Carrie, Bethany had the most beautiful smile in the world.

Stacie’s mouth fell open in shock. She recognised the description of the characters in this story. They sounded suspiciously like Chloe and Beca…

A knock was heard at Stacie’s bedroom door and she jumped before turning to see CR stood in the doorway.

“Hey, you got one of those gel pens you were talking about the other day?” CR asked but she hesitated when Stacie beamed over at her, her green eyes shining brightly.

“I think Chloe’s written a story about her and Beca!” Stacie burst with an excited whisper and a confused expression wiped over CR’s face.

“What are you talking about?”

“Chloe let me pick out a notebook to use and I just so happened to pick out this one.” Stacie said, motioning to the open notebook on her desk, “But Chloe had already written in it and…” she turned to the notebook while CR slowly walked into the room with a curious smile on her face, “…it turns out it’s a story she’s written.”

“Something More by Chloe Beale” CR read, peering over Stacie’s shoulder, and Stacie grinned as she reread the first couple of paragraphs again.

“Oh my God…” CR said quietly under her breath.

“I know, right?”

Stacie and CR both looked at each other with broad grins. It hadn’t gone unnoticed amongst most of The Bellas that their Co-Captains, Beca & Chloe, seemed to have some sort of unspoken thing going on between them. The two women seemed to be able to communicate with just a shared look.

Beca, who had once been moody and difficult to get to know was now an almost completely open book, finally understanding the benefits of living in a house full of females after knowing them all for almost three years now. Though of course she was still aggressively sarcastic and many of The Bellas didn’t know how to take her comments - all except Chloe who seemed to know her best.

And Chloe was as she always had been, a bright ray of sunshine perfectly counteracting Beca’s raincloud. She smiled almost all the time, was forward and bubbly and happy. Had this habit of always looking to Beca in any given situation whether the brunette was looking at her or not. And it was this look that The Bellas had noticed on all too many occasions that had them speculating if Chloe had a crush on Beca. But they didn’t need to speculate any more, because it looked as though this story Chloe had written was the proof they needed.

“Hey, you guys?” came a voice from the half-open door and both Stacie and CR turned to see Flo stood in the doorway. But before she could say anything more, CR strode over to her, grabbed her hand, and tugged her over to the desk that Stacie was sat at. “Wha-“ the Guatemalan began, but CR quickly answered her inevitable question.

“Chloe’s written a story about her and Beca!” the woman whispered with a grin.


And for the third time in a short period Stacie had to read those first two paragraphs of Chloe’s story.

“Ohhhhh…” came the distracted tone of Flo, but before any of them could get past the second paragraph a small voice popped up the other side of Stacie.

“Cool story.”

Stacie, CR, and Flo all let out small yelps as they turned to see that Lilly had somehow snuck into the room without them realising and was reading the story across the desk.

“What’s going on-?” came a voice from the other side of CR and the three women yelped again having not noticed that Jessica and Ashley had both wandered into the room too, undeterred.

“Why is everyone shrieking?” Amy said, stood in the doorway, looking at everyone gathered around Stacie’s desk.

“Chloe wrote a story about her and Beca.” Lilly said in her quiet voice and all the Bellas, Amy included, furrowed their brows as they turned to look at her. But Lilly just blinked at Amy, muttering under her breath, “I’ve got seven kittens in my room if you want one?”

The Bellas, who hadn’t heard her final sentence, turned to each other confused, then turned back to Amy. Her brow was furrowed and she watched as her friends before her all turned to Stacie who had a grin on her face.

“Chloe wrote a story about her and Beca!” Stacie whispered.

“Shut up!!” Amy called out in shock, immediately striding over to the women at the desk, slamming the bedroom door behind her then looking down at the notebook her friend’s had all turned back to. But within a matter of seconds Amy rolled her eyes and sighed, “Stacie it’s not about Beca and Chloe!”

Stacie furrowed her brow as she read the two paragraphs that she had become very accustomed to now, “What are you talking about?”

“Because it says Carrie and Bethany!”

But the Australian took a step back when her friends all groaned and began talking at her at once.

“They’re code names!”

“She’s obviously not going to include their actual names!”

“Come on Amy you’re their number one fan! Even you can’t be that stupid!”

Amy held her hands up in defence then peered back at the page to reread the first paragraph. Then a massive smile wiped over her face. Amy was the one to first draw the women’s attention to the ‘close bond’ Beca & Chloe had. She’d been desperately trying to convince their two co-captains that they were meant to be together but Beca & Chloe would always roll their eyes and continue with whatever conversation they were having.

“Oh my God!” Amy said, beaming at her friends, “It’s about Chloe and Beca!!”

“Yeah and I’ve read the first two paragraphs five fucking times now so can I please continue reading to see what happens??” Stacie said in a frustrated tone and all the Bellas nodded, before gathering closer around the notebook to continue reading with her.

“I see you looking at me Carrie.” Bethany said, looking at the street ahead of them with a small smile. Carrie’s smile broadened, “I can’t help it when you look that good in your hat.” Carrie said. She saw that Bethany blushed. It made her feel happy that she could put a smile on the grumpy girl’s face. She was one of the only few who could. “Weirdo.” Bethany muttered, nudging Carrie with her elbow, and Carrie giggled loudly. “You love it.” Carrie teased, nudging her best friend back. “Not as much as I love you.” Bethany mumbled under her breath, but Carrie didn’t-

“Can I turn the page?” Stacie asked as she reached the end of the sentence at the bottom of the page, desperate to know what would happen next. There was a chorus of mumbled “Yes”’s.

“Hang on!” Amy called out, her eyes still focussed on the page as she read Chloe’s words. After a few moments she nodded, “Alright. Turn.” And The Bellas huddled a little closer, quickly catching a glance at the final few words of the first page before Stacie turned to the second page.

hear her, too busy looking up ahead at a few of their housemates who were busy building a snowman in their front yard. She heard her best friend beside her groan. Carrie knew what Bethany was like. And she knew that Bethany was pretending to hate the idea of building a snowman, even though she probably would end up enjoying it. “Oh come oooon!” Carrie said, looping her arm in Bethany’s and tugging their bodies closer together while they walked, “You’d love to build a snowman!”. “Not with those nutters I-

“Nutters?” CR interupted everyone’s reading, “We’re not nutters!”

wouldn’t.” Bethany mumbled, looking over at their housemates as they approached. “But you’d build one with me?” Carrie asked sweetly and Bethany pulled them to a stop at the bottom of their front lawn. The brown haired girl turned to the red haired girl. “I’d do anything and everything with you.” Carrie swallowed loudly as she looked at her best friend who was looking down at her lips. She really wanted to kiss her. “Carrie I…” Bethany began but they were interupted by Ali, their-

Stacie, Jessica, Lilly, and CR all let out small groans of frustration as they reached the end of the page. Small groans that were echoed by Ashley and Flo shortly after. The Bellas turned to Amy, the woman’s mouth open as she continued to read the final few lines. Then, as she reached the end, she groaned. So Stacie quickly turned the page and they all feverishly continued reading.

larger than life friend. Ali was a big and beautiful blonde girl from Britain, and waved enthusiastically at them from beside the snowman. “Carrie! Beth! Come help with the snowman!”. A sigh fell from Bethany’s mouth and she rolled her eyes, reluctantly looking over at their friends who were now all waving at them too. She turned back to Carrie, swallowing nervously, “Can I talk to you later about something?”. Carrie nodded, her heart racing nervously, wondering what it’d be about. But Bethany just sighed nervously then turned to look at their friends. “Alright, we’re coming!” Bethany said unenthusiastically to their friends, and they both started walking through the snow across the lawn to the snowman.

Two hours later and the friends had all successfully built their snowman. It had Carrie’s blue scarf,

Chloe has a blue scarf!” Jessica said excitably.

and Bethany’s burgundy wooly hat,

Beca has a burgundy wooly hat!!” Amy added with equal excitement.

a carrot for its nose and hand-picked stones for its eyes and mouth. The house they all lived in only had one shower which was shared between the nine girls.

We share one shower between nine of us in our house!” Stacie mumbled in an amused tone, loving the similarities between this story and their actual life. This was so a story about Beca and Chloe!

Carrie and Bethany were the last two left to shower, both opting to drink hot chocolates to initially warm up. Well, Carrie had a hot chocolate and Bethany had a black coffee.

“Beca’s favouriiiiite…” CR mumbled with a grin.

They were left alone in the kitchen sat opposite one another. Carrie watched as Bethany looked up nervously at her. “So there was something I wanted to talk to you about…” Bethany began. Carrie swallowed loudly, desperately wanting to know why her best friend who usually had a pretty shut-off personality was revealing her vulnerable side. The brown haired girl was tapping nervously against her coffee cup, and the red haired girl smiled gently, wanting to make her feel-

Again, another chorus of groans were heard from a handful of the Bellas, all turning back to Amy who was feverishly trying to read as fast as they were, a grin on her face. Because she was clearly as invested in this story as they were.

“Right, go go go!” Amy said finally, motioning for Stacie to turn the page. And she did. The Bellas were no longer reading this story as though it were ‘Carrie and Bethany’. They were reading it as though it were Chloe and Beca. Their co-captains.

at ease with whatever she was about to say.

“It’s okay Beth. You can tell me anything.” Carrie said sweetly, desperately wanting to place her hand on her best friend’s but knowing it would only freak her out. Bethany didn’t like physical affection of any kind. Something that Carrie really struggled with.

Bethany took a deep breath, cleared her throat, then went for it, “I’ve fallen in love with you.” Carrie’s mouth fell open in shock and delight. Finally! She’d been so desperately in love with her best friend since the moment they’d met in Bethany’s freshman year (Carrie had been a senior and had had to retake her senior year twice. She had blamed her failing exams. She didn’t tell her friends or family that the reason she’d failed those exams was to stay with Bethany…)

The Bellas all gasped when they read that final line at their own pace. Chloe had failed senior year on purpose?? And all because of her raging crush on Beca?? No - because she was ‘desperately in love’ with Beca? This was fast becoming too much to take in.

“I know we’re best friends and you’re a girl and I’m a girl and I have a boyfriend for crying out loud!”

Oh yeah…Jesse. The Bellas had forgotten for a moment that Beca had a boyfriend, too wrapped up in the idea that Chloe fancied the crap out of the petite brunette. This story being proof.

Bethany said quickly, worried that Carrie wasn’t okay with this. “But I don’t care about Jerry-

Jerry??” Ashley said with a screwed up nose, really not liking the name choice.

“Well she had to come up with some sort of alternate name for Jesse!” Jessica whispered back to the woman.

“Yeah, but still…there are better names in the world…”

all I care about is you. I love you.” Bethany finished quietly, looking over nervously at Carrie, waiting for her answer. Carrie took a deep breath, hardly able to believe that all her dreams had come true at once. Bethany actually liked her! Bethany felt the same way! She LOVED her! “Beth,” Carrie began, a smile spreading over her face, “I

“Hey, what are you guys up to?”

The Bellas all jumped at the sound of Chloe’s voice at the door, all turning to block the notebook from the redhead’s view. She eyed them suspiciously, knowing her best friends well. Stacie’s heart was in her mouth. How the hellwere they going to cover this?

“Uhm..Nothing!” Stacie quickly said with a forced grin, “We yoooour…birthday party!”

“My birthday party?” Chloe raised her eyebrows in surprise. But the Bellas nodded their heads. All except Amy who shrugged with a furrowed brow.

“Actually we were reading the story you wrote about you and Beca in the snow.”

The Bellas all glared at her but the Australian raised her eyebrows innocently, “What? She’d know something was up when we didn’t actually throw her a birthday party! There’s no point in lying to her!”

“Y-you guys found the story?” Chloe asked nervously, the colour having drained from her face, and her friend’s all looked at her with kind smiles on their faces.

“Yeah” Stacie confirmed with a gentle nod.

“So you know about-“

“Your feelings for Beca? Yeah.” CR confirmed with a nod of her own.

Chloe took several deep breaths, then stepped into the bedroom, closing the door behind her, “Okay I knew you guys were probably going to find out at some point so…I’m not mad…I-I’m just…” and she began to breathe a little faster, her hands flapping a little, and the other women knew Chloe was beginning to panic. Stacie immediately rose from her seat, dashing over to the redhead to take her hands and tug her over to her bed. The Bellas gathered around one of their captains, all reaching out and placing reassuring hands on her to help calm her down. And after several minutes, Chloe did.

“I-I have no idea what to do.” Chloe said in a small voice, tears in her eyes, “It’s been the longest three years and she’s still with Jesse and I just know she likes me but…I just don’t know if she likes me as much as I like her.”

“You’ve gotta be patient Chloe.” Stacie said honestly.

“Yeah keep writing those fics!” CR agreed with a positive expression.

“Yeah you’re writing is really good!” Ashley added and all The Bellas nodded at Chloe. Because they had been addicted to the story, and were low-key gutted that they hadn’t made it to the end of the story yet. Something that brought a small smile to Chloe’s face.

“Thanks you guys…” she said quietly and she stood up as a familiar voice called out her name in the hallway. The Bellas all froze, turning to look at the door as Beca pushed it open and peered into the room, her brow furrowing as she saw the attention her best friend was getting.

“Everything okay?” Beca asked cautiously, hating it when Chloe was upset, but never being very good at the whole ‘support’ thing.

“Yeah,” Chloe said with a sniff, forcing a smile onto her face, desperately not wanting to have to talk about this with Beca, “Yes I’m good just…freaking about finals…you know, nothing new.”

“Huh..” Beca replied, “you gonna be okay?” And Chloe nodded with a light “mmmhmm!”

The Bellas watched with baited breath as Beca motioned out the door, “You still want to go get ice cream or-?”

“Ice cream will cheer me up a treat. Yeah.” Chloe agreed with a nod, and The Bellas watched as their co-captains slowly walked out of Stacie’s bedroom. They all looked at one another, still in shock about the recent revelations. Then suddenly they slowly turned back to the notebook that was open on Stacie’s desk. And they all dashed back over to it to find out what Carrie said back to Bethany.

Chapter Text

[Beca and Chloe are busy baking a cake for Amy’s birthday in the tiny little kitchen in their Brooklyn apartment.]

Chloe: Hey where’d the whisk go?

[Chloe turns to see Beca sat on the kitchen table, swinging her legs and licking the whisk of cake mix.]

Chloe: I told you not to lick it..

[Beca pulls the whisk from her mouth, and raises her eyebrows with a mischievous grin.]

Beca: Sweetie, it’s either the whisk or you..

[Chloe blushes, turning back to the bowl and picking up a wooden spoon instead. Beca resumes licking the whisk, loving how flustered she can sometimes make her best friend.]


[Beca and Chloe are at the park walking their dog. Beca runs ahead to the kids play area and clambers up the monkey bars. Chloe rolls her eyes with an amused grin as she slowly wanders after her. Beca hangs upside from the monkey bars by her legs.]

Chloe: What are you doing?

Beca: Trying to kiss you upside down!

Chloe: You’re gonna fall…

[Beca continues to hang there while Chloe raises her eyebrows, beginning to mentally prepare herself for delivering first aid to her fiancée.]

Beca: Just hurry up and kiss me asshole, I’m getting lightheaded!

[Chloe giggles and steps forward to kiss Beca ‘Spider-Man-style’. Then Beca clambers off the monkey bars, landing with a huge grin on her face.]


[Chloe stands at the airport arrivals gate waiting to pick Beca up. She’s holding up a board that has the word ‘NERD’ written on it.]


[Beca stands at the airport arrivals gate waiting to pick Chloe up. She’s holding up a board that has the word ‘WEIRDO’ written on it.]


[Chloe lays beside Beca on their fold-out bed in the early days of them living in their studio apartment in Brooklyn. She watcheS Beca while the brunette sleeps.]

Chloe: *thinks* Nice..

[Beca stirs in her sleep and moves over to unknowingly snuggle into Chloe’s arms. Chloe chokes back tears.]

Chloe: *thinks* NI-ICE!


[The Bellas are all sat around the kitchen table playing a game of cards. Beca strides into the room looking dishevelled.]

Beca: Uh, sorry I’m late guys, I was busy…um…doing stuff…

[She goes over to the fridge to grab an orange juice just as Chloe walks into the kitchen looking equally dishevelled.]

Chloe: *grinning* Before anyone asks, yes I’m ‘stuff’.


[Beca is sat on the couch eating some chocolate. Chloe is sat by her side.]

Chloe: Kisses please!

[Beca knows what this means and turns her face so Chloe can cup her cheeks and they kiss deeply for several minutes. After a while Beca realises that it’s because Chloe is enjoying the taste of the chocolate. So as they part Beca holds up the chocolate packet.]

Beca: Did you want some chocolate?

Chloe: *shakes head with a smile* Uh-Uh.

[Chloe adjusts her position on the couch so she’s straddling Beca’s hips, cupping her cheeks and mumbling.]

Chloe: It tastes better this way…

[They continue to kiss passionately.]


Beca wandering through a fair looking for her wife. She is wearing a blue t-shirt which says in bold letters, IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO CHLOE.

Chloe wandering through the same fair looking for her wife. She is wearing a blue t-shirt which says in bold letters, I AM CHLOE.


Chapter Text

“Oh my God..” Stacie muttered under her breath as she leant to her right against Amy who looked as horrified as the brunette. CR was the other side of Stacie, grimacing slightly, sliding her plate away from the space in front of her.

All three of them were watching Beca stood across the other side of the kitchen, picking at a chicken carcass on the kitchen top by the fridge, eating as much of the leftover white meat that she could find attached to the bones. Her fingers and face were greasy. And she slurped loudly at each piece she successfully managed to take into her mouth, making the odd “mmm” noise of approval.

The three Bellas then looked over at Chloe who was sat opposite them. The redhead sat with a soft affectionate smile on her face as she looked over at Beca, appearing to be daydreaming.

And Stacie, CR and Amy knew…Chloe had such a massive toner for Beca that it didn’t matter how gross the petite brunette was when it came to finishing up a chicken carcass. Chloe loved her unconditionally. And Beca was completely oblivious.

Chapter Text

“What brings a cute girl like you to a dark bar like this on a Thursday night?” came a low gravelly voice from behind Chloe and the woman turned in her seat to look over at a smarmy looking man in his mid to late forties, eyeing her up with a predatory smile. 

“Um…” Chloe said nervously, swallowing loudly as she looked around the quiet bar. There were only a handful of people around. Mostly men. Mostly sporting leather jackets and long beards. Most smelling as awful as the man stood nearest to her now. But those men Chloe knew quite well. She had moved to Brooklyn a few months ago with her two best friends, and the three of them had found this dingy little bar on their first night because it was only one block from their apartment. Now they came here most nights after work, just to get out of the stuffy little studio apartment they all shared. And they were often treated like royalty due to their good looks, quirky personalities, and the fact that Amy could often drink any of the men here under the table so long as they bought the drinks. “This is my local bar?”

“Oh yeah?” the man grinned, his eyes drifting down the length of Chloe’s body making the woman feel very vulnerable, “If you’re so local then we should go back to yours. I’ll show you a good time.”

Chloe swallowed loudly, turning in her seat to look back at the bar, “I-I don’t think so.” but she jumped as she saw and heard his fist fall onto the surface of the bar beside her with a loud thud. She stared intently down at her beer bottle in front of her, trembling in fear as she smelt his cigarette breath wafting across her face while he leant close to her right ear.

“That wasn’t a question.” he growled in a low voice and Chloe’s stomach knotted with dread as she felt his fingers, rough and grubby, scratch their way across her upper back, “You’re gonna get up. We’re gonna leave this bar. And you’re gonna let me fuck you.” a small whimper fell from Chloe’s mouth as tears built in her eyes, “If you cooperate I’ll wear a condom and I might even give you the pleasure of me fucking you in your apartment instead of the back of one of these streets.”

“Now that’s no way to speak to a beautiful lady.” came the familiar, sarcastic, unimpressed tone of Chloe’s best friend, Beca. And in an instant a huge wave of relief washed over the redhead’s body.

Beca had wandered to the bathroom at the back of the bar, and on the way out had bumped into the bar’s manager, Michael, who had asked her how her ‘nightmare meeting’ had gone today. So the brunette had stood telling him about it. The man was good to her, Chloe and Amy. In his mid-sixties, he claimed that the three of them had drawn more customers into the bar in recent months. As a result he often didn’t charge them for their first couple of drinks each. Something that Beca and Chloe particularly utilised, coming to the bar most evenings together. 

Neither woman had confessed the secret feelings they harboured for one another. The secret feelings that Chloe had harboured for five years now, and Beca had harboured for five months. But it didn’t stop them from sharing that crappy fold-out bed in their studio apartment, or from doing everything together when they weren’t at work. Beca adored Chloe. Which is why her body bubbled over with anger when she wandered back out into the bar and saw some massive asshole towering over her best friend while Chloe cowered from him. As she’d approached the redhead she caught the tail-end of the man’s threat, and her temperament swerved from anger to rage. Because insisting Chloe cooperate with such a disgusting man was something Beca would fight against on Chloe’s behalf.

The man didn’t stand up from his position over Chloe, and instead looked over his shoulder. He looked at the petite woman stood behind him with her arms folded and a face like thunder, but he simply smiled, “We’re having a private conversation, little girl. Go home.”

Beca had noticed out of the corner of her eye the other customers turning their attention to the bar area now. Lenny, Bobby, Bob, and Sam sat in the booth to her right. Steve, Micky, Ray, and Tops in the booth beside them. All men that were more than big enough to handle this douschebag. Beca knew she had back-up if needed. But she didn’t want back-up right now. This guy was intimidating and threatening her best friend. The love of her life. And Beca was sure as hell not going to let him get away with it.

“See that’s the thing.” Beca said in a threatening tone, straightening her posture to try to seem taller. It didn’t work but it was enough to have the man turn properly away from Chloe to look at Beca curiously. “My home, is her home. And I’m not going home without her. So…”

The man let out a rolling laugh of amusement, throwing his head back and looking at the ceiling for a moment. Beca used this opportunity to look over at Chloe who peered at her with wide teary eyes. Beca had never seen Chloe look so terrified, and it was this knowledge that fuelled the brunette’s rage. 

“So I get to fuck two girls tonight!” He exclaimed with a grin, looking down at Beca with a dangerous glint in his eye. And he took two slow steps up to Beca. The brunette looked up at him, swallowing loudly, willing herself not to be intimidated. Because she would be no use to Chloe is she was intimidated. As the man bend down to look directly into her eyes, Beca looked just past him to see Chloe slide off her bar stool. The brunette rose her hand slightly towards her best friend and Chloe noticed, stopping her movements.

Beca’s attention returned to the creepy man stood before her, now bent down to look into her eyes. She could smell the cigarettes on his breath and her stomach knotted. There was no way that mouth was going anywhere near Chloe’s and Beca would make sure of it. Even if it was the last thing she did.

“How about all three of us go back to your apartment.” The man said in a low threatening voice, his eyebrows raised to emphasise how simple he was making his threat, “I tie her up. Then I force her to watch me fuck you. Huh? Sound like a good idea?” Beca swallowed loudly, her hands balling into fists. Her heart was racing, adrenaline beginning to pump around her body. Fight or flight mode was beginning to resonate with her being. And right now Beca was getting ready to fight. “Then when I’m done with your exhausted body - and believe me, you’ll be exhausted - I’ll take her and fuck her harder in front of you. Over and over and over again. And there will be nothing either of you can do abou-”

But the man was given no opportunity to finish that sentence. Because Beca had reached her limit with the asshole and had exploded. Chloe took a sharp intake of breath then let out a small squeak as she watched Beca throw a nasty left-hook the man’s way, coming into contact with his jaw and sending him stumbling to the side a couple of paces. The men around the bar now all stood suddenly, hesitating for a moment, ready to intervene if necessary. Chloe knew that so long as they were there she and Beca were going to be okay.

To her horror, however, she watched as the creepy asshole stood up straight, holding his jaw, then strode up to Beca, grabbing the petite woman by the front of her leather jacket and throwing her across the room like a rag-doll. Beca’s body collided with an old jukebox, her face smashing the glass, and the woman let out a grunt on contact, slumping to a heap on the floor.

Beca!!” Chloe cried out, dashing over to her best friend while the customers grabbed and accosted the man who had attacked her.

Beca sat on the edge of the fold-out bed with a wince, pleased to be home. Relieved to have not had to take that man home with them. She looked over at the tiny kitchen while Chloe bustled feverishly away, collecting a small dish of water and a first aid kit. The woman had been beside herself with worry, desperately insisting that they go to the hospital. But Beca hadn’t wanted to. She’d just wanted to go home. And now all she wanted to do was to curl up in bed with Chloe and forget that this evening happened.

Chloe strode over to Beca’s bedside, placing the dish of water on the bedside table before kneeling down on the ground between Beca’s open legs, placing the first aid kit on the floor beside her. Chloe placed a small bag of ice on Beca’s swollen left hand which caused the brunette to wince. “Sorry.” Chloe said softly with an apologetic expression. 

Beca looked down at her best friend, a soft smile on her face as she watched Chloe filter through the first aid kit and heard Chloe muttering things to herself in a low voice as she always did, “Umm…now…band aids, band aids, band aids…ah, band aids…” and Chloe picked out an array of band aids from the little kit, “…alcohol wiiiiiipes…” she muttered, pulling a couple of those out, “…something to dip in the water…” she mumbled, pulling out a small cloth, “…and gloves. Gloves. Wheeeere are the gloves…?” 

Beca loved it when Chloe did this. It was one of the many things she loved about her best friend. Chloe always mumbled to herself when she was looking for things or organising things. She watched as Chloe pulled out a packet of rubber gloves and opened them, pulling them onto her hands. Then the woman dipped the cloth into the water and turned to Beca.

Chloe held her breath as she slowly reached out and began dabbing at the cuts on Beca’s face. Her beautiful, beautiful face. As she worked her way from one wound to another Chloe found her bottom lip trembling. She thought she’d never felt so scared when that man had threatened her. But then she’d watched the woman she secretly loved being thrown across a room after defending her. 

“’Mokay Chlo..” Beca mumbled, wincing slightly when Chloe dabbed a particularly painful cut. And those words appeared to be too much for the redhead, Chloe’s bottom lip trembling for the final time before she finally burst into tears, her hands dropping to Beca’s thighs. 

Chloe hung her head as she cried hard, “Beca I was so sca-hared!” she bawled, moving with Beca as her best friend snaked her arms around Chloe’s neck and pulled the woman’s body into hers.

“I know…” Beca mumbled gently, holding Chloe tight while her best friend cried into her chest. Chloe’s arms wound around Beca’s waist while the brunette gently rocked them from side to side. They were the very best of friends, on a path that would soon one day lead them into a romantic relationship with one another. Because Beca was so madly in love with Chloe, just as Chloe was madly in love with Beca. They just hadn’t told one another yet.

“I love you so much.” Chloe whispered as her sobs slowly subsided and Beca squeezed her a little tighter.

“I love you too.” she whispered in return.

There was no way that Beca was ever, ever going to let something bad happen to Chloe, as tonight had proved. And when Chloe slowly pulled herself out of Beca’s arms she resumed dabbing the woman’s cuts with a sniff. Beca found her eyes solely on Chloe’s as the redhead peered intently at the wounds she was trying to clear up. And her heart lurched when she found her own hands reaching up to take gentle hold of Chloe’s wrists, bringing the woman’s arms down from her face.

The two best friends held one another’s gaze for a few moments, their apartment silent save for the sounds of their breathing. Then ever so slowly, they drew their faces closer to one another. Their lips brushed over each other’s. Their minty breath from the gum they’d both chewed on the walk back to their apartment washing over their faces. Their eyes fluttered closed and they tentatively shared a first kiss. 

This action was inevitable. Something that many people had bet on happening eventually. The two best friends were as close as any two people could be. They knew what one another was thinking and about to do. They completed one another. But neither felt more complete than they did now as they settled into the kiss, both letting out soft sighs while Chloe found herself nestling into Beca’s petite body again, the brunette cupping her cheeks affectionately, gently deepening the kiss.

Chapter Text

Beca wandered around the fair looking for her wife. Suddenly a stranger stopped her, “Hey, you’re looking for Chloe, right?”

“Um…” Beca hesitated, wondering how the man knew, but he rose his eyebrows with a kind smile.

“You’ve got couples T-Shirts. I saw her over there.” And he pointed at the ‘Pet Rehoming Tent’.

“Thanks.” Beca said with a grateful grin, and began making her way over to the tent. It came as no surprise to her when she saw her wife sat giggling in a small pen as a bunch of puppies leapt on her, licking her face excitably.

“Oh, there you are!” Chloe said as she looked up and saw the brunette approaching the pen with an amused expression.

“Yeah, some dude saw my shirt and said he’d seen you here.” Beca said and grinned as her wife stood up, dusted herself down, and stepped out of the pen.

“See,” the redhead said as she took Beca’s hand while they walked out of the tent, “and you thought these t-shirts were a terrible idea.”

“I didn’t say they were terrible.” Beca corrected, raising her eyebrows at her wife who smiled at her, “I just said they were embarrassing!”

Chloe let out a light giggle, “Well you can blame Aubrey for them.”

“Oh don’t you worry, I already did.” Beca said, then she spotted the DJ booth and began leading her wife in it’s direction.

Chapter Text

Beca and Chloe are sat side by side at the Bellas table. Beca is eating a brownie while the other Bellas are busy washing up. Chloe slides her plate to one side and holds her hand out to Beca with a sweet smile on her face. Beca pauses her chewing, looking down at Chloe’s hand, then gives her a quick ‘low five’ with her own hand.

“Nooooo!” Chloe says with a grin, “I want a bit of brownie!”

Beca shakes her head, “No way.”

“Pleeease!” Chloe begs, her bottom lip sticking out as her baby blues shine out at Beca and a small smile wipes over Beca’s face.

“Dude no,” and she motions to Chloe’s plate which has some food left on it, “you didn’t eat all your dinner!”

“But-…I-I…” Chloe stutters as she looks down at her plate, “I’m not hungry for dinner any more!” she says in a squeaky voice that used to irritate Beca in the early days of their friendship but now Beca finds completely endearing.

“That’s not the point! The point is you don’t get brownie until you finish your dinner!” Beca insists with raised eyebrows and a broad smile. Chloe looks back to Beca with her bottom lip stuck out again.

The Bellas grin while they watch their co-captains’ cute interaction. Beca rolls her eyes and slides the rest of the brownie over to her best friend then gets up from the table to clear both their plates.

“You’re gonna make a brilliant Mama one day.” Chloe says with a broad smile, but Beca tuts.

“No I’m not.” She says with an amused tone, “Because I caved and gave you the brownie anyway!”

Chapter Text

Chloe let out a massive walloping cough, rolling onto her side, her upper body hanging off the side of the fold-out bed that she shared with Beca in their little studio apartment in Brooklyn. She let out a loud groan, not wanting to move any more, so making do with laying on her front.

The redhead’s eyes drifted closed and she began dozing off. Her body felt weak. This cold had really taken over her body. And she wasn’t one to normally get sick.

When her eyes fluttered open it was because she felt the bed dip a little by her stomach and she saw the familiar petite figure of her best friend. Beca, who she thought was out at work, now sat beside her, looking down at her with a worried expression.

“Beca?” Chloe managed to croak, but it only caused her to cough, which she did before pulling the bedcovers up to her neck while she shivered. “You’re home?”

“Yeah I’m home sweetie.” Beca said softly, bringing her left hand up to stroke some of Chloe’s red hair back from her face and Chloe hummed happily. Her eyes drifted closed again, a gentle smile over her pale face at the feel of her best friend’s soothing touch.

“How you feeling?” Beca asked quietly, having not ever seen Chloe this run-down before. But the redhead scrunched her nose up with a little squeak.

“Same.” Chloe mumbled, her eyes still closed, her body still weak.

“I bought us some soup for dinner. You want me to heat it up now?” Beca asked as she gently ran her hand down to Chloe’s back and smoothed her palm around it. Chloe let out a small grunt, nodding slightly, her eyes remaining closed. So Beca stood up and made her way over to the tiny kitchen in their apartment, picking out a saucepan and tugging the lid of the soup off.

Chloe, meanwhile, had turned onto her back with another groan, blinking slowly as she peered over at her best friend. Her heart felt warm despite her freezing body, because she loved the relationship she shared with Beca. They were each other’s family. Taking care of one another when necessary. Supporting one another through everything. Providing one another with affection and comfort if and when they needed it.

The older woman dozed off again with a small smile on her face. When she woke up, it was to the feel of the bed dipping again, and she looked over at Beca while the brunette smiled gently down at her. “You want your soup here?” she asked quietly and Chloe nodded slowly.

She winced and groaned slightly as she sat up in the fold-out bed, clinging to the bedcover and letting out an exhausted sigh as she reached a comfortable upright position. Chloe rubbed her eyes sleepily, letting out another exhausted sigh, then reaching out while Beca held out a bowl of steaming hot bowl of soup.

The redhead sipped a couple of mouthfuls of the food, letting out a content “mmm” of approval. Then she paused and looked over at her best friend who was watching her with a soft smile on her face.

“You’re staring at me, weirdo.” Chloe croaked with a weak smile on her face, still having very little energy left in her body. Beca blushed noticeably, looking down at her hands with a mumbled, “Sorry.” But Chloe placed her spoon back in the soup bowl and let out a small wince as she leant over to place it on her bedside table.

Beca, always particularly attentive when Chloe needed her, immediately brought her hands out to help, and once the bowl was on the bedside table, Chloe sat back with an exhausted sigh.

“Come snuggle up with me.” Chloe mumbled, holding her arms out gently to Beca and the brunette smiled softly, slowly getting to her feet. She tugged her sweater off, slid her boots off, then snuck under the bedcovers to join her best friend.

Chloe let out a small weak moan as she moved her body a little to snuggle up in Beca’s arms, and Beca wrapped her arms tightly around Chloe, wanting to comfort her best friend while she was feeling so ill. She placed a light kiss on top of Chloe’s head.

The two best friends lay in their fold-out bed together, letting out tired sighs. And they both drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms, calm smiles on their faces…

Chapter Text

Aubrey walked up to one of her dearest friends, letting out a light sigh as she took a seat beside Chloe at the booth in the Brooklyn bar they were sat at. Tonight was The Bellas reunion at the Brooklyn Aquarium. And a tipsy Beca had just revealed something very interesting to Aubrey.

“Well, Chloe,” Aubrey said with another sigh, a big smile on her face, “I’ve no idea how you’ve done it. But you have.”

Chloe furrowed her brow slightly, looking up from her phone at her eldest college friend, “Done what.”

Aubrey leant closer to Chloe, keeping her voice low, “Beca’s got a toner for you.”

“Wha-?” Chloe began, her mouth open in shock. Because this must be a joke. This had to be a joke. There was no way the woman she’d had a crush on for seven years finally felt the same way about her.

“I know, I’m as surprised as you are.” Aubrey said with a shrug, taking a sip of her cocktail as she looked over at Beca who was currently talking to Amy, Stacie and CR, “Clearly your patience and constant attention has paid off. She’s finally let her guard down. She’s finally let you in. She’s finally revealed she’s got a crush on you.”

Aubrey turned back to Chloe, a soft smile on her face as the redhead had tears in her eyes, a look of disbelief still on her face.

“Go get your girl, Chloe.” The blonde added gently, and her smile broadened as she watched Chloe knock back another shot she had in front of her.

The redhead stood up from the table, strode over to Beca, and tugged the woman’s arm so she gained her attention. The two best friends stood before one another, looking into each other’s eyes for a few moments, their friends all looking at them with baited breaths, wondering what was about to happen.

Then suddenly Beca reached up, grabbed the back of Chloe’s neck, and tugged the redhead into her, kissing her hard on the lips. The Bellas all whooped and cheered as Beca and Chloe began kissing passionately in the middle of the bar. The two women parted, placing their foreheads against one another’s with goofy grins on their faces.

And Aubrey chuckled quietly to herself. She had to hand it to Chloe. It may have been a long seven years, but it had clearly taken that long for the redhead to encourage Beca to feel the same way Chloe felt in return. And from the looks of things, it had been worth the wait.

Chapter Text

“I miss herrrrr!” Beca wailed as she stumbled through the door of the studio apartment she shared with Amy and Chloe. The Australian followed immediately behind her. The two had been out at their local bar since 4pm, Amy’s idea to drown Beca’s sorrows because out of the blue this morning Jesse had called the brunette to break up with her. Four hours on and the two friends were suitably drunk.

“Oh chill out Shawshank she won’t be away forever.” Amy slurred in a tired tone. Beca had been banging on about Chloe for a good couple of hours now. And Amy wasn’t stupid, she knew the woman had a crush on their other roommate, not that the stubborn twenty three year old would ever admit it.

“I miss her red hair-“ Beca began as she stood, swaying beside Chloe’s side of the fold-out bed she shared with her.

“-she’s been away for twelve hours Beca and you’ve been at work for eight of that…” Amy interupted, but Beca didn’t pay any attention, stumbling as she bent down to pick up Chloe’s childhood scrappy stuffed rabbit.

“-and I miss her smell-“ Beca wailed again, sticking her bottom lip out as she cuddled Chloe’s stuffed rabbit tight. And if Amy wasn’t so drunk she would’ve rolled her eyes. But instead the Australian collapsed in a heap on her bed and passed out. Beca, meanwhile, fell onto the side of the bed, sitting, swaying, staring down at her phone while she still held Chloe’s little rabbit under her arm. She furrowed her brow as she tried to find her best friend’s contact details.

“Beca?” Beca smiled at the sound of Chloe’s voice down the phone and let out a sigh of relief, “Is everything okay?”

“It is now.” Beca slurred, still swaying.

“Aww, you missing me?”

“I’m really missing yooooou!” Beca wailed and began to cry, “I can’t believe you’ve only been gone a day and you’re going to be gone another four! I need you a-and I love you a-and I want you a-and-“

“Beca sto-hop!” Chloe said with a giggle and Beca sniffed loudly with a sigh, looking down at her knees, still swaying slightly thanks to the alcohol in her system. She was getting tired now. “What makes you think that I’m away for five days?”

Beca furrowed her brow, sniffing again, “Because you said you were going to Savannah for a meeting. And that town takes ages to get to.”

“Beca, open the door.” Chloe said in an amused tone. Beca looked up at the door.

“Wha-?” she slurred in confusion.

“I went to Savannah’s! The bar in the city, you idiot.” Chloe said lightly, a giggle falling from her mouth and Beca let out a small groan.


“Just open the door!”

Beca winced as she pulled her body up off the fold-out bed, and stumbled over to the door of the studio apartment. She fumbled for the handle, then tugged the door open. Beca let out an over-dramatic gasp as Chloe stood before her and she threw her arms around Chloe’s neck, holding her tight while mumbling, “I missed you so muuuuuuch!”

Chloe let out another light giggle, guiding Beca backwards into their apartment while the brunette kept hold around her neck, and the older woman closed the door behind them.

“Come on,” Chloe said as she peeled Beca’s arms from around her neck with another giggle, “let’s get ready for bed.” And she tugged Beca’s pyjamas out from underneath the woman’s pillow, holding them out to her. The brunette, however, had fallen back onto the bed they shared, and had let out a sleepy sigh, her eyes drifting shut while she tried to shimmy out of her pants. She let out an exhausted groan, giving up. Chloe rolled her eyes with an amused smile. It wasn’t unusual for the two women to help one another to strip and get into their pyjamas if the other was drunk. Tonight it looked like it was Chloe’s turn to help Beca.

After fifteen minutes a drunk and drowsy Beca scrambled under the bedcovers, tucking herself into Chloe’s body while the redhead lay beside her. Chloe wound her arms around her best friend and the petite woman let out a light squeak, her eyes closed as she collapsed into Chloe.

“I missed you” Beca mumbled weakly and Chloe let out a light giggle, placing a gentle kiss on the top of Beca’s head.

“I missed you too, weirdo.”

“Jesse broke up with me.” Beca mumbled quietly, and Chloe froze, still holding onto her best friend tight. She’d thought it was weird Beca going out drinking on a Thursday evening. Now she knew the reason why.

Chloe could hear Beca’s heavy breathing while her body became limp in her arms and the redhead realised her best friend had fallen asleep. But Chloe wouldn’t sleep that night. Because Beca was finally single. For the first time in their friendship. And Chloe’s mind went crazy as it thought up a million ways that she might ask Beca out if she ever had the chance.

Because she adored Beca. And had done for five years now..

Chapter Text

September 2015

“And here we are!” Beca said finally as she stepped through the door of the tiny studio apartment she’d moved into three weeks ago with her two best friends, Chloe and Amy. She paused by the doorway, watching her boyfriend as he stepped into the apartment and stopped to look around.

Beca was pretty impressed with what they’d done with the place. In a very short space of time they’d managed to make this place feel homely - though that hadn’t been too difficult once all their stuff had been moved in.

After a few moments of looking around Jesse furrowed his brow, “Why is there only two beds?”

“Well technically there’s one bed and one couch that is currently folded out into a bed..” Beca replied smartly, a cheeky smirk on her face, proud of her own comeback. But that smirk wavered when she saw her boyfriend look at her seriously, raising his eyebrows.

“You know what I mean Beca. If three of you live here then where do you sleep?”

Beca closed the apartment door over with a shrug, “Um…” she paused, twiddling her door key between her fingers. She knew this was the beginning of a fight. Any conversation about Chloe turned into a fight. And this conversation would be about Chloe very soon. “Amy has the double bed and I have the fold-out bed.”

“And Chloe?” Jesse asked, and Beca could already sense the aggravation in his voice. He never said it, but Beca knew the man didn’t like her best friend. He never told her why though.

“Um…” Beca said, hanging on for the slight pause which was time enough for Jesse to raise his eyebrows again, and she cleared her throat nervously, “She has the fold-out bed too.”

Jesse scoffed to himself, shaking his head slightly as he turned back to the ‘bed’ in question, “So you and Chloe share a bed now huh?”

“Jesse let’s not get into a fight about this. You’re only here for two nights.” Beca warned, always being good in an argument but not wanting to waste the precious two days that they had available to spend together. It was bad enough that Jesse lived and worked all the way in LA so they only got to see each other once every six weeks. She didn’t want it ruined by an unnecessary argument about Chloe.

“Yeah and where am I supposed to sleep Beca? Because Chloe’s in your bed-“

“It’s not my bed, it’s hers and mine, so yeah she would be in our bed but she isn’t because she’s away this weekend!” Beca said sharply with a frown on her face. It always came back to Chloe. Like it was one full fucking circle. The redhead had shipped herself off to kip on Flo’s couch for the weekend, to give Jesse and Beca full reign over the apartment for the weekend, Amy being out of town visiting a boyfriend a few towns away.

“And why the hell are you two sharing??” Jesse asked loudly, his chest noticeably rising and falling. Beca didn’t know it, but her boyfriend was panicking.

“Because Amy takes up all the space in her bed!”

“You’re small babe, and you barely take up any room, you could figure it out!” Jesse tried desperately but Beca was having none of it.

“Chloe and I have our sleeping positions worked out just fine thanks!” Beca snapped, folding her arms. She wasn’t backing down. Why was she being blamed for this?

“Well I’m not okay with having sex in a bed that you share with your ‘best friend’!” Jesse said in a frustrated tone as he motioned to the fold-out bed that Beca had spent thirty minutes earlier changing the bedsheets for so they were fresh for her boyfriend’s first visit to Brooklyn.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Beca accused as she mimicked her boyfriend’s ‘double fingers used to emphasise words’ motion that he’d done when saying the words ‘best friends’.

“It means I don’t want you sharing a bed with Chloe any more!” Jesse yelled.

“Why the hell not?” Beca yelled back, her voice high and confused. She couldn’t see what was so wrong with sharing a bed with her best friend.

“Because you’re going to cheat on me again that’s why!” Jesse burst finally.

Beca let out a loud groan, throwing her hands to her face for a moment before letting them drop to her sides, “Ugh I knew you were going to bring that up again. I knew it!”

Last year Beca had got drunk. Like, really drunk. It had been the end of year acapella party, held at Jesse’s group’s house next door to Beca’s group’s house. The Bellas had all gone over to The Treble Makers house. Everyone was drunk. Someone called out at one point for truth or dare. And amongst the hubble Beca had answered “Dare” to Amy’s “Truth Or Dare?”. Amy had dared Beca to kiss Chloe. And Beca had. Except…what had started out as a kiss had turned into a full on make-out session to the point that Jesse had had to step between them and pull his girlfriend away. They’d argued hard that night but never really spoken about it again, despite the teasing from their friends.

“Jesse I was drunk. That kiss meant nothing. And just because I share a bed with her does not mean that I make out with her every night before we fall asleep!” Beca said firmly. Unbeknownst to Jesse, Beca had wondered every night since they’d moved into the tiny studio apartment what it might be like to make out with Chloe in their fold-out bed. But she was never going to tell him that. Just like she was never going to address the huge crush she still held for her best friend, that had been burning away for a good year or so now.

“We’re not having sex in that bed.” Jesse confirmed in a low voice, folding his arms.

“Chloe will be thrilled to hear that..” Beca retorted, then wandered over to the small filter coffee machine in the corner of the tiny kitchen, crashing about in a mood while she prepared a coffee for both of them. She was angry with him