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Basics Of Being A Family

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"Nagasone-nii-chan, Hachisuka-nii-chan! Isn't today the best day ever?!"

Urashima threw both his arms into the air and started a weird little dance around the kitchen, he and both his older brothers had been granted exclusive use for the whole evening.

Watching the scene from his side of the kitchen counter, Nagasone still wondered, how they had managed to convince Hasebe to let the three of them occupy the maybe most important space of the Citadel unsupervised - he normally wouldn't even let them go on a mission together without some, what he liked to call, "Disaster-Prevention-Control".

It might either have been the soothing nature of Mitsutada's charming smile, when he, without missing a beat, lent them his favorite 1001 Christmas cookie recipe book. Or more likely the belief that working together on a peaceful project would help them settle their family spats, which probably ranked high on Hasebe's list of things that gave him a constant nervous twitch below his left eyebrow.

Regardless of how they had achieved it, so far things had been working out pretty well.

Ever since entering the kitchen, Urashima had been either taste-testing himself through the entire stock of sweets or jumping around from one side of the room to the other with enough energy for all three of them. Hachisuka had taken up the important task of preparing the cookie dough, which for one reason or the other hadn't made much progress for the past 30 minutes - and Nagasone himself, well, was granted to stay present.

"Urashima, please keep your voice down.", Hachisuka demanded in a stern voice, not looking up from his never-ending task.

For anyone else his expression must have looked serious and hard, the embodiment of the strict older brother prudent for parenting his little brother into a well-behaved young man - but Nagasone had very well seen the little snort, he had barely managed to suppress in the last second.

Noticing his amused grin, Hachisuka frowned even more.

"But I am so happy today!", Urashima answered, oblivious to what was going on between them, "I finally get to spend time together with both of my brothers!"

Overwhelmed by his own enthusiasm, he started twirling around, ready to build up enough force to jump directly into Hachisuka's occupied arms and both of them probably would have been sent flying onto the floor, hadn't Nagasone mindfully snatched his little brother mid-air.

One arm wrapped around the much smaller waist, he pressed Urashima against his chest and ruffled his hair.
"Now, now, your brother is right, if you keep it up like this, you might disturb the other guys."

Legs pedalling around the air, Urashima kept on giggling in his grip and Nagasone spun him around the air a few times.

Just per accident, his glance fell towards Hachisuka, who looked less the bemused, rather close to murdering him and the happy laughter in his belly immediately died away.

Putting Urashima to the ground again, he forced a wry smile onto his lips.

Of course, always remember to stay in line.

Despite the cheerful atmosphere, each one of them knew, the only reason they were able to gather together without Hachisuka trying to throw a fit and exclude him like all the other times, was because Urashima had insisted he would accept no other present, than spending an entire evening together as a true family - no discussions about Fake or Geniue allowed.

Nagasone could very well imagine Hachisuka's desperate attempts of promises to bury Urashima in gifts to not having to do this, but the threat of never ever speaking any word to Hachisuka again must have defeated him in the end. That, and the admittedly harsh blow below the belt, when Urashima had compared their dysfunctional family situation to the cheerful elaborate gatherings the Awataguchi usually enjoyed and what a picture-perfect older brother Ichigo was compared to them.

Not that he couldn't understand how hard it must be for Hachisuka to pretend to get along with him.

Despite Nagasone's best attempts to fit in and all his efforts to make up for the fact that he was not Geniue, his brother would probably never be able to forgive that he had dared to put such an ugly mark onto their prestigious family name. Their relationship would forever be torn between resentment towards his betrayal and the need for kisses hidden behind Shoji and hushed moans under moonless nights.

Although he knew how much of an insult his presence must feel like every time Hachisuka had to see him, for his own selfish reasons, he could not find it within himself to simply leave. As much pain, as it brought to the both of them - and perhaps even Urashima in a sense - too addicted was he to the feeling of being close to the people he viewed as family. He'd rather stand his ground against a life-time of curses, than ever giving up on the pair of arms wrapping around his waist at night, when they sought security only he himself seemed to be able to provide.

Leaning himself against the kitchen drawers, he crossed his arms and took a moment to just quietly observe the others.

While Urashima was busy taste-testing the different kinds of chocolate chip flavours, Hachisuka had started to roll out the dough into a thin layer across the counter.

Maybe it was wrong - Nagasone's thoughts and their whole messy relationship - but he could not help being drawn in by the other. Especially when he got so caught up into his work, he forgot all about keeping up his usual prideful mask.

Sure, Hachisuka was a gorgeous beauty, even when he had his gloomiest scowl plastered all over his face. But the way he would furrow his eyebrows absent-mindedly whenever he was highly concentrated, lips slightly parted and huffing soundlessly with every movement, oddly enough always felt the most intriguing to watch.

Pausing for a brief moment, Hachisuka brushed away a streak of long hair fallen loose into his face, before again wrapping his long slender fingers around the rolling pin, pressing the hard piece of wood firm against the flour coated dough...

Nagasone quickly turned to Urashima to distract himself.

"Say, what have you planned for the cookies on top?"

Their youngest brother paused in the middle of stuffing another handful of chocolates into his mouth.

"Eeeh, I don't know, what can we do?"

"Why don't we just take a look what's written in the recipes...", Hachisuka interrupted their awkward silence with a heavy sigh.

Putting the rolling pin aside, he turned around to peer into the cookbook, lying amongst scattered cookie cutters, and dusted off sprinkles of flour from its glossy pages. With a quick dab of his tongue, he wet his fingers to turn the pages, while Urashima curiously hopped next to him.

Casually wrapping his arms around Hachisuka's slender waist, he took a peak aside his brother's shoulder.

"Lemon icing... chocolate icing... brittle chips... Howah, all of them sound so good...!!"
With each new word, the glitter in Urashima's eyes seemed to intensify and Nagasone could swear he spotted a small trail of drool running along the corner of his mouth.

"I am sure we can do a mix of these. Mitsudada-san always stocks up on everything.", he answered, already opening the upper drawers to look for more supplies.

It was their special evening, he sure could spoil them a little bit for the night. Reading labels might also help to distract him from thinking too much about a certain soft tongue and what he would love it to do instead of just wetting fingers to turn pages. He could swear, Hachisuka had done it on purpose...

Then again, he also knew his brother would rather swallow said tongue, than ever getting close to him in that way.

Reaching up into the top shelf, he grabbed the bags they needed.

"Alright, I will prepare the icing. You two can go ahead with cutting out the dough."

"Yay! Shapes! Shapes!! Hachisuka-nii-chan, what shapes should we make?"

The way Urashima started jumping around Hachisuka brought an unconscious loving grin onto Nagasone's face.

Their little brother had been right to keep insisting on this.
He refused to believe it was their first time altogether, but today felt like the first time in ages, that they were able to spend an evening together without the mood being tainted by constant bickering.

Although it was probably just a fleeting moment, it gave him a glimmer of hope, that maybe someday, they could put their past issues behind each other and keep laughing about silly things, like a real family. Like real lovers.

The smile Hachisuka showed, when he thought himself at ease, looked so much sweeter than all these cookies combined...

Nagasone bit his lip.
He really needed to stop slacking off so much and focus on the task at hand.

The instructions seemed easy enough.
Take one egg, crack it into an empty bowl.
Except that egg shells were thinner and much more fragile than he had assumed.

Meanwhile Hachisuka must have been in possession of somewhat like a sensor for every time he messed up somewhere. Before he even had so much of a chance to start looking for a towel to clean off the mix of egg shell bits and yolk, an unmistakeably deprecating scoff came from the other side of their kitchen counter.

"God, this is why Fakes are no good... can't even do the most simplest of tasks."

Wrinkling up his nose, he refused to spare another glance at Nagasone's direction, but instead devoted all his attention into gracefully creating - for the lack of a fitting cookie cutter - what must had been intended to become the shape of a reindeer, but, if he was being really generous, reminded him more of a deformed kraken.

Next to him, Urashima was stamping star shapes out of the dough in what seemed like lightning speed.

Grabbing a towel, Nagasone shook his head with a grin.
No matter how dysfunctional they seemed to other people, he wouldn't trade any of them for someone else...


"...10 minutes to go...

Pleased with himself, Nagasone set up the timer and wiped some imaginary sweat off his forehead.

"Can I eat the cookie dough?" The question hadn't even fully left his mouth, when Urashima already took the liberty to answer it himself. A shameless relishing smile on his lips, he gathered up the left-overs onto his finger with one big swoop. "Ah, yummy, yummy...!"

Immediately Hachisuka got next to his side, snatching the bowl out of his hands.
"Put it down, or else you will get a horrible stomach ache!"

Urashima pouted, but stuck his dough-coated finger into his mouth regardless.
"Hachisuka-nii-chan is no fun at all..."

Their youngest brother seemed to have gotten pretty confident as master of the puppy-eye-technic and it was impressive how shameless he was using it. Unfortunately Hachisuka didn't give in.

"That may be, but it's only for your best. You can eat all the baked cookies later, as much as you like."

"You can go play until they're finished, we will clean up the kitchen in the meantime.", Nagasone added, patting Urashima onto his head with a condescending grin.

"Okay, okay!"

Their little brother was no one to argue when it came to playtime before eating and seeing that he got no chance for this delicious little treat, there was really no reason for him to stay and pursue them any further.

Once the door shut close again, Hachisuka made sure to turn his back on him a bit too quickly, aimlessly stacking random dishes together and moving them around without much purpose. Nagasone let out a small sigh and rubbed the back of his neck with one hand. Really, his brother was such a handful.

Not daring to move away from his spot - and possibly coming too close into Hachisuka's striking range - he stayed put leaned against the kitchen counter.

Somehow he wasn't sure, whether he misinterpreted the small signs, he had received the whole evening or if they were just tricks his mind had been playing on him.

Admittedly, after months of nothing but tiring missions, it might very well just be his starved brain sending him hints that he wanted a little bit more than just embracing his pillow during the night. Something a little more... human. A little more Hachisuka.

He prided himself to be modest, but it had been way too long, since he last had been able to feel the other's body heat beneath him, to mark the the slender neck, peaking out of that golden Yukata like a taunt, daring him get what he wanted. (Heck, it even had been a while just watching Hachisuka sleep peacefully at night, since his oh-so-dear brother still hadn't given up on putting up this ridiculous paper wall between their futons.)

A sudden hiss pulled him away from his thoughts.

"Could you stop staring at me and start doing something useful for once? God, is this an issue with all Fakes?"
Drawing out an annoyed huff, Hachisuka rolled his eyes and gave his ponytail an elaborate flick over his shoulder.

"You look so hot, when you're baking, d'you know that?", Nagasone responded without missing a beat.

Stopping dead in his tracks, Hachisuka stared at him with wide eyes.

Oh crap. Had he said that out loud just now? Scratching the back of his head, Nagasone sent him an apologetic grin.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Hachisuka furrowed his brows in deep pretense-contemplation, taking yet another exaggerated long breath, full of anguish for his own pitiful fate.

"Honestly, I don't know what crime I have done to be punished like this..."

A few seconds passed, until he decided to regain his composure again and look up to him, another round of insults already lingering on the tip of his tongue.

Nagasone blinked.

Thankfully, after all these years of living under one roof with both his brothers, he was trained enough to suppress all kinds of reflexes, otherwise he would have risked a very painful, hand-shaped mark across his cheek by inappropriately laughing out loud at the sight in front of him.

While Hachisuka definitely looked at him with the sort of disdain, that probably would have sucked out all life-will of any other creature, a huge trail of flour right where he had touched his face just seconds ago, took away any sense of integrity.

When Nagasone didn't respond in the way he was used to, Hachisuka raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"What is it... Has your Fake-ness finally gotten to your head?"

Desperately fighting to hold himself back, Nagasone covered his mouth with one hand.

"I am sorry, Hachi... it's just...", he tried, shaking his head. The questionable look on Hachisuka's face didn't make things any better. Still trying his best to hold himself back, Nagasone pointed towards his face. "You have... flour..."

Blinking at him, a few seconds passed, until Hachisuka began to finally realize. Cheeks flushing bright red from embarrassment, he quickly tried to wipe away all remains with the sleeve of his Yukata.

Both of them knowing he had lost this round - and both of them knowing, Nagasone knew -, his brother turned away, using his backup-plan of completely ignoring him.

Nagasone smiled, a resignated sigh drawing from his lips, when he stepped behind Hachisuka. Slowly wrapping his arms around the foreign slender waist, he squeezed him tight against his chest.

"I take it back... you are really just incredibly cute."

"Let go of me! Disgusting! I don't want to be touched by a Fake like you!"

"Hmm, really? Strange then you stayed behind here with me, when Urashima went out to play...Thought you'd be the first to leave...", Nagasone whispered into his ear, a wide grin on his face. Leaning down a bit, he feathered a row of tender kisses along the other's ear, hesitated, then bit down the earlobe, rolling the sensitive flesh between his teeth.

Hachisuka mewled and, as expected, started winding around in his grip like a fish on a hook, but Nagasone only wrapped his arms tighter around him. Closing his eyes, he took the opportunity to bury his nose into the other's neck, deeply inhaling the scent of the long, silky hair.

"Hmm, you smell so sweet, just like chocolate..."

"And you smell like a Fake, let go of me-"

Ignoring the weak insult, Nagasone kept lingering. Holding Hachisuka in his arms felt so nice, even more so after all the time they had spent apart and he pushed back every thought of whether or not they had time to fool around like this.

No one should blame him, how was he even suppossed to resist, when this sweet tempation was right in front of him, lying in his arms and calling to him like the prettiest Siren he knew.

A wave of unusual bravery welled up in his chest, took over his body and before he knew it, Nagasone had bitten down into the other's smooth skin. Not too rough, to not scare Hachisuka. Just enough to draw the cutest little yelp out of him.

Upset about the betrayal of his own body, Hachisuka's cheeks flushed into a deep pink and he yanked his arm into Nagasone's rib. Breaking away from the grip around him, he fled a step forward, but Nagasone only followed suit, trapping him between himself and the kitchen counter.

His voice was breathy and low, when he whispered into his brother's ear:
"We still have a bit of time until Urashima is back..."

Hachisuka immediately turned his head away.
"I don't know what you're implying."

Forcing his lips into a wry smile, Nagasone sighed. Stubborn as usual. He would be lying though, if he denied not loving this side a little bit.

When Hachisuka wasn't in his worst mood, spoiling his little Diva was one of the greatest feelings in his world. Especially when he could watch the aloof expression on his face slowly succumb into a maze of pleasure, lower lip bitten so hard the skin seemed close to breaking and fingernails dug so deep into his back, he more than once had to awkwardly explain to Urashima he had been fighting off some wild animal from the Citadel grounds.

Unfortunately, he doubted they had much time right now for playing their usual game of catch.

Nagasone spared a quick glance to the timer above the oven, watching the red letters steadily counting down.
So must have Hachisuka.

"If you do it, make it quick, I don't want to be seen with someone like you..."

Nagasone chuckled, placing a row of quick kisses along his neck.
"Sure thing."

The other would probably rather bite off his own tongue, than ever being honest, but it was fine by him.
He didn't need pretty words, when Hachisuka's body spoke for itself.

Playfully biting into the dip of the other's shoulder, Nagasone let his hands restlessly wander across the fabric of the golden Yukata, searching for an opening to slip underneath.

The touch of naked skin on his hands felt even better than their embrace. Taken over by a wave of excitement, he pressed himself closer against the warm body beneath him and started rubbing himself against Hachisuka's perfectly shaped butt, moaning softly to himself.

He could feel a shudder going through Hachisuka, followed by a lustful sigh. Slender fingers trailed up his neck, tickling sensitive skin until coming to a rest against his cheek. Nagasone turned his head and placed a loving kiss into the palm.

To his confusion, the hand pushed him away, but before he could protest, Hachisuka leaned forward again, using the space between them to shove the lower end of his Yukata up above his hips.

Although he had to listen to an endless amount of smart ass comments from Kiyomitsu or Kanesan every day just how unfashionable his tracksuit looked, right now he was more than thankful to not have his dick painfully trapped within some uncomfortable pair of tight pants.

Licking his lips in anticipation, Nagasone hooked his fingers underneath the elastic band, when all of a sudden all color left his face.

"Oh crap..."

"What is it now?", Hachisuka murred. The glance he threw back at him unmistakably told him, he'd better not take his sweet time anymore. Cold sweat started to form on Nagasone's forehead.

"I don't have lube with me..."

Had someone recorded the whole situation, the transition of Hachisuka's expression from slow realisation to disbelief into blank terror would have been a fascinating showcase for the range of human emotion.

"Honestly, that's why Fakes are no good...!"

Holding himself together with all of his remaining willpower, Nagasone buried the excuse of who the hell carried lube around with them all day deep into his throat. There was no time left for fighting over trifles, not when the letters of the oven timer continuously counted down like a red glowing threat and both a very furious Hachisuka and his rock-hard dick demanded an immediate solution.

"I could go in just like that."

"Are you insane?!"
Hachisuka looked at him as if he had lost his mind.
He'd probably do the same.

No lube was perhaps not the best idea anyway.

Nagasone looked around. There must be other solutions for this sort of problem, he refused to believe every other human lived in a constant state of surprise-sex-preparation.

The timer kept ticking down. So did Hachisuka's patience.

"What about this?"

He pointed his finger above the other's shoulder.

"If you think, I will willingly let you use this on me, I have to admit, I underestimated just how big your delusions really are."

Nagasone shrugged his shoulders and grabbed the left-over piece of margarine in front of them.
Sure, he had to admit it was pretty dumb, but...

"It's not the most ideal, but we are also running out of time."

5 minutes and 36 seconds to be precise.

Hachisuka's face stayed hard.

"I will not allow to be humiliated like that. It's already enough having to deal with a Fake like you..."

5 minutes and 14 seconds.

"Urashima promised to spend Christmas with us - every.single.minute, if I recall it correctly..."

For a moment they just stared at each other and Nagasone could swear he could audibly hear the time ticking by, until Hachisuka finally shook his head with a loud groan and turned away from him.

"You are the worst... I hate you so much..."

As if he wanted to physically swallow down all his pride, Hachisuka gulped down hard, before he hesitantly leaned his upper body forward onto the kitchen table, his face hidden between his crossed over arms. Carefully reaching out, Nagasone patted him on the head.

"I am sorry, Hachi... I will make it up for you next time."
Which didn't mean, he could idle around until the other had a change of heart and decided stuffing his mouth with a fistful of left-over hazelnuts was more satisfying than having a quickie on a kitchen counter.

He took the block of margarine into his hand and gave it a squeeze.
The warmth of his palms seemed enough to melt it quickly, the first sticky drops already running through his fingers.

With no time to spare and fairly impatient himself, Nagasone hooked his right-hand thumb into the waist band of his pants and pulled them down to his knees, while simultaneously trying to knead the piece of margarine into a sort of liquid state and not making a mess everywhere. The whole ordeal had definitely worked out nicer in his head and he swore to himself to keep a spare bottle of lube in his pants at all times from now on.

Not having touched him yet, Hachisuka decided to spare him another curious glance over the shoulder, but immediately buried his face into his arms again.

„This is the most ridiculous thing ever... I can’t believe this is happening... A geniue sword like me...“

Nagasone decided it was best to keep quiet and let him whine.

While it might not have been the most graceful moment between them, touching himself felt pretty nice.
Once he thought himself slick enough, he placed his hands against Hachisuka's butt and gave it a light squeeze, then spread his cheeks apart.

Being distracted by the sudden touch, Hachisuka stopped his self-piting wallows and Nagasone could hear him hiss sharply between grit teeth, when he pushed his finger inside without any warning.

While the thought of using margarine ever again definitely ranked pretty low on his mental list of erotic moments between the two of them, it proved surprisingly handy to easily glide in and out the tight muscle ring.

After scissoring his fingers a few more times apart, he deemed the other ready enough. Hachisuka tensed his back and gripped tight into the counter top, a sharp moan drawing from his lips, when Nagasone sank himself into him.

They both held their breath for a moment to accustom the the new feeling, before Nagasone slowly started to rock his hips back and forth, speeding up his rhythm with every new thrust.

Just a little bit, he regretted not having more time to exchange sweet confessions and tender kisses.
Hachisuka always pretended to hate doing these little rituals, but he knew how much they meant to the both of them. The other might need them to grasp onto some form of security - that he was allowed to let himself fall every once in a while and not always had to keep up the image of the strong, genuine Kotetsu.

To Nagasone it much more meant, that he was loved by someone, despite not being a real part of the family - never would be.

He also couldn't see the appeal of just rutting into someone like a dog - wasn't peeling away layer over layer of Hachisuka's dismissive shell, until he lied beneath him, unraveled, lips swollen from too many kisses and fingers still clinging into his hair, so much more fun.

The thought brought a small smile on his lips and Nagasone leaned down to place a trail of sloppy kisses along the other's neck, painting the white canvas in violet and blue. He probably would leave the explanation of these to Hachisuka. The way he tended to stammer up ridiculous excuses for Urashima was always just too cute to handle.

Still holding Hachisuka's hip tight with one hand, he let his right hand wander down.
Trailing his fingertips across the other's gorgeous thigh, he gave it a light squeeze, then proceeded rubbing his fingers in circular motions up again, towards his crotch.

Nagasone felt his skin pulsing hot against his palm, the other's dick already wet from pre-cum and a tension ran through Hachisuka's spine, when he started pumping him to the rhythm of his own thrusts.

The silence of the room filled with the noise of skin slapping against skin, paired by the steadily increasing sound of lustful moans. Nagasone bit down into Hachisuka's ear and neck, leaving wet trails along the skin.

He could feel himself getting closer with every new thrust, the vision in front of his eyes melting into a star fire of colorful lights, pouring in hot waves into the tightening hole around him.

One hand gripping tight into the edge of the kitchen counter, just in case his legs were as weak as they felt, Nagasone slowly pulled away. Following his example, Hachisuka leaned himself next to him, absent-mindedly brushing his Yukata down his legs to hided the sticky trail dripping down between his inner thighs.

Before the air between them cooled down again, Nagasone took the opportunity and gently placed his hand against Hachisuka's chin, turning the other's head around for a short yet tender kiss.

Words started forming on his lips, about how much he loved him, how much he had missed being with him and that he would like to do something more special the next time they got a few days off, but the sudden loud ring of the alarm clock made him jolt backwards in surprise.

One hand grabbing his chest and desperately panting for air, he still tried to recover from his near heart attack, when all of a sudden the door slammed open against the wall, a way too eager and way too early Urashima appearing within its frame.

"Hachisuka-nii-chan, Nagasone-nii-chan, are the cookies ready?? Let us eat!!"

With what must've been reflexes of light, Hachisuka grabbed the half empty bag of flour left on the counter next to them. Before Nagasone had so much of a chance to grasp the situation, a direct hit against his still exposed crotch made his mind go blank.

Through a cloud of white dust, painfully burning his throat, he recognized Urashima yelping in confusion. Their youngest brother jumped a few steps back, directly followed by a Hachisuka-shaped shadow herding him out of the kitchen.

"Urashima, stay back! This good for nothing Fake made a whole mess out of the kitchen. God, this is why you should never ever let Fakes do anything... "

"Eww, Hachisuka-nii-chan, don't touch me, you're all sweaty...!?"

"That's just the anger. Let's take a bath together-"

The rest of their conversation got cut off by the door falling shut again.

His eyes still watering from the stinging pain, Nagasone blinked towards where they had left, then down onto the mess around his pants and the floor.