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Taconny's Wildehopps Christmas Week

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Christmas Caroling

Taconny's Wildehopps Christmas - Day #1

Written by LapisLucius42

"Please, Nick!"

"No, Fluff. I don't want to."

"It'll be fun! I promise!"

"The answer is still no."

An annoyed Judy was standing in front of Nick, who was sitting on the sofa and had been watching television when she approached him. The bunny grew more irritated by the second and her foot started to thump on the floor.

Nick was trying his best to see the television screen but his attempts were thwarted by Judy blocking his view every time before he gave up and slunk back. He stared up at his wife, trying to avoid wilting under her stare.

"And why not?" Judy asked annoyingly.

Nick shrugged his shoulders, "Because I don't feel like going Christmas caroling this year. Can't we take a break for once? We've done it every year since I joined the ZPD."

Judy frowned as her arms dropped and hung freely, "Really Nick? That's your excuse?"

"Carrots, if I wanted to listen to Christmas music, I can just pull up a video on the Internet." His smug smile then appeared and he wiggled his eyebrows. "And if I wanted to hear your lovely voice, you can give me a show right here right now."

Judy stood up straight again with her paws on the hips, "Christmas caroling is more than singing! It's also about spending time with your friends and family and spreading the Christmas spirit to everyone!"

"And we can do all of that from the comforts of our home. You, me, and our two lovely kits."

It was Nick's turn to see a smug grin appear on Judy's face. He knew she was planning something and judging by her response, it involved their kits.

"Ella! Ridley! Come out here please!" Judy called.

Nick and Judy heard the sounds of foot padding on the floor. They grew until the parents saw the fox and bunny kit running into the living room and up to Judy.

"Yes, Mommy?" They said.

The doe kneeled down and smiled at them, "You two ready for your first time Christmas caroling?"

The kits smiled and were filled excited. Ella started hopping and Ridley's tail swished.

"Yes!" Ella cheered.

"Can we go now?" Ridley asked.

"I'm ready," Judy then looked up at Nick who at this point had a nervous expression, "But your father needs some convincing."

Ella and Ridley turned around and saw their dad sitting behind them. The kits padded over to him and climbed up onto the couch and then onto their dad's lap.

"Please Daddy!" Ridley said.

"We want you to come too!" Ella said.

The two were giving him their cute look inherited from their mother's bunny genes. It was one thing for his wife to do it since he can attempt to hold out until a distraction came along. But he stood no chance against his kits as they had him outnumbered, outmatched, and cornered.

He didn't last three seconds. Nick smiled and ruffled the fur on their heads before letting them go, "I can't say no to those faces. Okay, I'll come."

"Yay!" Ella and Ridley jumped off their dad and ran off to their rooms to get dressed.

Once the parents heard their doors close, Nick turned to Judy with an annoyed smirk. "You evil bunny. What happened to not using our children as leverage?"

Smiling victoriously, Judy stepped forward and grabbed his arms, "I didn't. I just needed to remind you of your promise." Judy pulled a lazy Nick off the sofa while he grunted from being lifted. Judy sauntered off to their bedroom as Nick dragged his feet along after her.

Minutes later, the family was all bundled up in winter clothing and on the road to their designated neighborhood. Judy drove and Nick sat in the front passenger seat. They could hear Ella and Ridley humming in the back.

Nick looked back from his seat and saw them reading the music sheets. "Have you been practicing like we said?"

"Yes," Ella said. "We've been doing so every day after Thanksgiving."

"That's great," Judy said. "Do you remember the routine we set up?"

"Ella and I lead while you and Dad sing the chorus," Ridley said.

"Good, now remember," Nick said. "No matter what happens. It's important to have fun."

"We will!" They said before resuming their humming.

Nick and Judy focused back on the road, looking forward to the night ahead. The bunny excited for another year of sharing the Christmas spirit. The fox slowly feeling less reluctant about going caroling from seeing his kits' behavior.

The family arrived in the neighborhood and parked on a grassy curb. From there, they walked to the nearest house, the kits between the parents as the latter led the way. Standing in front of the first home, Nick went to ring the doorbell and quickly returned to his wife and kits. The family had their music sheets ready as they heard the door being opened. As soon as the mammal answering appeared, the kits started singing We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Nick and Judy saw the occupants of the home, a family of beavers, step out to watch and listen. The parents then joined in when the chorus arrived and they could see the smile in their audience. When they finished singing, the family applauded and the kits gave a small bow.

The rest of the time had been wonderful. They received warm welcomes from every house in the neighborhood. The only exceptions coming from the empty homes. Mammals were surprised and delighted to have the WildeHopps family singing at their doorstep. After the caroling finished, the families spend a short time together afterward before the carolers moved to the next house.

Ella and Ridley had enjoyed the entire experience and by the time they completed the neighborhood, the kits felt exhausted on the ride home and were more than ready to fall asleep when the car stopped and assumed they had arrived home until the two saw a different house.

"Mommy? Daddy?" Ridley asked as he yawned. "I thought we were going home?"

"We are," Nick said while unbuckling his seatbelt.

"This will be our last and only stop in the area," Judy said.

"Okay," Ella yawned.

The family gathered their music sheets and Judy went to ring the doorbell. The bunny returned to the rest of her family and they got ready. Seeing the door being opened, Ella and Ridley were about to sing when saw who lived in the house. Their eyes widened in excitement from recognizing the two foxes standing in the doorway.



Nick's parents knelt down with their arms out and watched their grandkits run up and embrace them in a big hug. Nick and Judy smiled at the scene before moving forward for the introductions.

"Mac! Taylor!" Judy greeted.

"Hi, Dad. Hi Mom." Nick said.

Mac looked ahead at his son and daughter-in-law while hugging Ella, "Good to see you all again! We're glad you could make it tonight."

"How was your Christmas caroling this year?" Taylor asked. She then looked down at Ridley, "We heard it was your first time."

"It was fun!" The kits exclaimed.

"Well come on inside and tell us all about it!" Mac said. "No need to stand outside in the cold and freeze ourselves."

"Nick, Judy, would you mind helping us with the refreshments?" Taylor asked.

"Not at all," Nick said.

"We'd love to," Judy said.

"Do you need our help?" Ella asked.

Taylor shook her head, "Thank you dear, but you've got to rest for now."

The family returned to the house and after removing their coats and jackets, Ella and Ridley ran into the living room while Nick and Judy joined Nick's parents in the kitchen. The kits climbed onto and laid out on the sofa as the fireplace warmed them up. Minutes later, the adults entered the living room with a tray of cookies and drinks. Milk for the kits, tea for Judy, and coffee for the foxes.

"Cookies! Yay!" Ridley said.

"Thank you!" Ella said.

Mac smiled, "You're welcome."

While the family helped themselves to the treats, Mac and Taylor listened as Nick, Judy, and their kits regale their caroling experience. They could hear and see the excitement in their grandkits' voices.

"Sounds like you two had fun," Mac said.

"I think we ought to see that for ourselves don't you think?" Taylor winked at her husband.

"I don't know," Mac turned his attention to the kits, "Do you think you have enough energy for one more show?"

Ella and Ridley looked up at their parents who smiled and nodded. The kits jumped off the sofa and went for the music sheets, the parents joining them after retrieving their own.

"Do you know which piece you want to sing?" Judy asked.

Ella and Ridley revealed their selected sheet, "This one,"

Nick saw the title and smile, "Good one."

Taylor and Mac got comfortable on the sofa as the rest of the family gathered into their routine.

"Ready when you are squirts," Nick said.

Ella and Ridley took a deep breath and started singing Hark! The Herald Angel Sing.

Nick and Judy joined in for the chorus and the house was filled with Christmas music. Taylor and Mac had smiles on their faces the entire time and had to hold back their tears of joy. When the singing fished, the grandparents gave them a huge applause. Ella and Ridley padded up to them and the older foxes lifted them onto their laps.

"How was it?" Ella asked.

"Did we sing well?" Ridley asked.

Taylor ruffled the fur on Ella's head and smiled, "You two sang beautifully!"

"Like angels," Mac said. "The only thing missing are your wings,"

The kits squealed with laughter as the grandparents began tickling them. Ella and Ridley made futile attempts to fight back as the four laughed. Nick and Judy stood happily watching them play.

The doe pulled Nick in closer so she could whisper, "Still wished you stayed home?"

The tod continued to watch his parents play with their grandkits. He kept then whispered back to his wife, "Thanks for hustling me,"

A/N: Hi, Lapis here! Much thanks to Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps and AWildeHoppingTaco for inviting me onto this project! It's been a privilege and blast to write this.

Also, thank you again to Cimar for allowing to his characters Ella and Ridley. Those two are so sweet.

A/N : Hey everyone this is Taconny aka AWildeHoppingTaco and as my good friend Lapi mentioned this collab was brought together by Cimar and Myself whom both really love Wildehopps as well as Christmas and decided to bring you the gift of these fluff filled stories that will hopefully warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. This week starting today, we will continue to post a story each day, all Christmas themed until Dec 25th (Christmas Day) each story will be written by a different author and together all of us hope you enjoy these stories. Thank you and I hope you all look forward to a Happy Howliday with us :)

~ Peace, love and tacobuns