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Horror Story 9/13/2012

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“Once upon a time a handsome king sat in his expensive, lovely palace. He was incredibly lonely, so he decided to create his own prince. He went to the town witch to ask for a magical prince.
“I want him to be tall and handsome, smart and cunning, clever and wise, good with a bad side, and most of all the strongest warrior ever.” The greedy king also asked for the most money. The witch tried to warn him, but it was too late. The prince had been created without the most important thing, love. The prince with no feelings at all attacked the kingdom and killed everyone, including the king . It has been said that on Halloween night if the conditions are right that the king will walk back here, looking for his prince and the even more beautiful witch, so pretty people, BEWARE!!!” John says.
“Is it true?” the other boy asks.
“Of course not. There are no such things as witches, and ghosts, and evil king that want to take the pretty people. You all are just jealous because you aren’t good enough to be taken away. Forget little 9th graders, I’m going to the senior party where all the fun is. Later losers,” the mean boy continues, “ What little babies believe a ghost story made for six year olds.”
He leaves the house and begins to walk to the other party when he feels a chilly breeze, in Phoenix, in August..
Lameos, he thinks.
But his heart drops into his stomach when he hears the ghastly, hoarse voice ask,”Where is the witch who condemned me to death?”
“Go away you peasant freshmen.” he yells.
“Are you the witch?”
Walk faster.
“Are you the evilly beautiful witch?”
The king appears before the boy,” I don’t like little witches who ruin lives. You will join me in the eternal misery of death.”
The king grabs the boy and disappears, leaving nothing but a phone and a scream.” The beautiful king, Alex, tells his prince, Thomas.