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Life at the Beach

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Summary: Girls take a well deserved break at the beach. It is fiction so timeline etc. is not real Feedback is welcome!!!!

The NWSL is over and they have a few weeks off and they decide to go back to California and rent a house on the beach. Tobin and Alex get there first. Tobin is looking around the house and Alex grabs their bedroom. Tobin is watching Alex put their stuff away, she looks up, How”s the house? Anyplace with you is perfect, she leans down and kisses Alex, it starts to get heated. All of a sudden the hear screaming and they both start to laugh. Kelley’s here. They go downstairs and Kelley is raving about the beach and Hope is bringing their stuff in And poor Ashlyn is trying to get all of her and Ali’s bags in one trip.

They all get settled and Hope,Ashlyn and Kelley decide to go food shopping. Kelley went straight for the alcohol and snacks and Hope and Ash got food. At home Alex and Tobin and Ali go for a walk on the beach. This is beautiful Alex, its gonna be a great week of relaxing. Thanks, Ali my sister helped find it.

When they get back Hope and Ash already have chicken on the grill and Kelley is making a salad. Why don’t you make yourself useful and set the table, Kelley chuckles. They all sit down have dinner and tell stories about their seasons . After a great meal and couple bottles of wine they start to quiet down. Tobin, Kelley and Ash are gonna get up early to surf and the others are gonna meet them at the beach. Ash and Ali make their way upstairs, Ash is brushing her teeth trying to talk and Ali is laying on the bed watching, giggling. Ash turns to her puts her hands in the air and says “Whaaaa” with her toothbrush in her mouth. Come here sexy, "How did I get so lucky?" I don’t know Alexandra but you must have done something right, ash laughs. Ali pull her in for some kisses and cuddles her body into Ash and they fall asleep.

Alex looks at Tobin with a sly grin, don’t we have something to finish upstairs. Tobin smiles and turns beet red. Kelley, turns around and gags, thats gross get out of here we will clean up and yells after them I better not hear anything, Baby Horse! So finally some peace and quiet come here, Hope picks up Kelley and she wraps her legs around her waist. Hope loves kissing Kelley and brings her upstairs forgetting about the kitchen. She gently lays her down on the bed and they both start removing each others clothes. Hope is glad she let down her walls and let Kelley in, but she didn’t really have a choice Kelley was persistent. they make love and comfortably fall asleep in each others arms.

Sunlight slowly creeps in and Tobin is excited to finally go to her favorite place. She looks over at Alex gives her a kiss on the forehead and gets her bathing suit. On the way out Alex mumbles , be careful, love you. Tobin gives her, her biggest smiles.

The girls get their wetsuits and boards and head down to the beach. Kelley can’t stop jumping around. Will you chill squirrel, Tobin yells and Ash can’t stop laughing at Kelley dancing around Tobin. Finally in the water the girls sit up on their boards and just take in the beauty. We have an awesome life Ash sighs, and the best friends Kelley states, now I’m gonna kick your asses she yells as she catches a wave. Tobin shakes her head, as she sees one coming, she up and she is just a natural, so cool Ash thinks. There are a couple more surfers coming. Sam and her friends are practicing for an upcoming tournament. As they are getting ready they are watching how good the girls in the water are. Sam notices one in particular.

Tobin was getting ready to paddle back out when a blonde surfer said, "that was some awesome riding dude," Oh, er,thanks, Tobin mumbles. The girl paddle out with Tobin. Kelley and Ash watched. I’m Sam, well Samantha but I like Sam. I'm Tobin but Tobs is fine. When they got out there Tobin introduced her to Kelley and Ash. If my crew stops fooling around they be out soon. When they get out there Sam introduces Caitlan and Jo. They are having a good time and seems like they all have known each for awhile .

Hope, Ali and Alex got the beach all set up and brought down lunch and snacks. After watching their girls and laying in the sun Alex and Ali go in the water. Ash rides a wave in and hugs Ali from behind, miss you baby, Ash whispers in Ali's ear. Kelley is in next and they splash around for a little and Ash yells i’m hungry, me too, Kelley whines! Come on my little surfers Ali says, we have lunch. Yes, Ash throws up a fist pump in the air. Alex turns to see if Tobin is coming and waves her in. They get everything ready Hope yells for Tobin and Alex looks at the water and Tobin is standing on her board with her wetsuit down to her waist, ugg, damn she is hot Alex’s thinks, and then she notices a blonde has her hands on her hips. Kelley sees Alex’s face and tells her thats Sam, her and her friends live here and are getting ready for a tournament. They are awesome surfers.

Tobin comes running up, i’m starving and gives Alex a kiss missed you babe. Alex mumbles I bet, "What, Tobin asks, oh nothing Alex says smirking. Sam knows alot about surfing I can’t wait to learn more. You guys will like them the’re chill. I invited over after dinner. Alex raises her eyebrow! Kelley jumps up and yells, Party, Party. I’m in Ash says. They spend the rest of the day on the beach. Hope and Kelley go on a walk they find a secluded rock formation Hope sits and Kelley scoots between her legs she looks up at Hope and starts to kiss her neck. Hope lets out a little groan. After awhile of making out and just holding each other, I could do this all day but we better get back Hope says. Kelley whines and kisses Hope hard and whispers, I love you, love you too my squirrel. When the get back Ash is sleeping almost on to of Ali and Tobin and Alex are sitting down by the water. Alex is sitting between Tobins legs with her back against her front and Tobins arms are wrapped tightly around her. Perfect end to a day at the beach. OK Kelley screams lets go get ready for tonight. Ali jumps and wakes ASH. Tobin and Alex just laugh!