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JoJo's Bizarre Slutty Adventure

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After trying to clean off what he could, Jotaro decided that it would be a good idea to contact his grandfather and ask him to give him a ride home because he really didn't want to be seen in public in his current condition.

Jotaro sighed before walking over to the nurse's desk and picking up the telephone. He then dialed the number to his home and waited for someone to pick up the phone.

"Hello? Who's calling?" a familiar voice answered from the other line.

"Hey old man, I need you to come get me" Jotaro said.

"Did something happen? Where are you?" Joseph asked in concern.

"I'm calling from the school and yes, sort of. I ran into one of the stand users sent after us and I'm not in the best condition right about now" Jotaro said, annoyed by the thought of the situation that just took place.

"Oh no, where is he now? And more importantly are you alright?" Joseph asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine... I just need a shower, it's a bit of a sticky situation, really gross" Jotaro said in disgust. "Also, he's knocked out.So I'm  guessing he won't be up for a while" Jotaro then said.

"Okay then, I'll be right there. Avdol is coming along too if you don't mind" Joseph said.

"Yeah, that's fine with me. See you soon gramps" Jotaro said before hanging up the phone.


It wasn't long before Jotaro's grandfather had arrived to his school to pick him up. Jotaro was relieved to finally get out of the building and he was hoping to hurry and get to the bottom of the situation with Dio so that he could not have to deal with anything like it ever again.

"Yare yare daze..." Jotaro sighed to himself as he left the school building with the unconscious redheaded student over his shoulder. He then walked through the gates and paused when he heard the loud sound of a car honk followed by a voice calling out to him.

"Hey Jotaro, over here!" Joseph called out to Jotaro who immediately looked his way.

"Gramps, you're here already. That was fast I didn't expect you to be here so soon" Jotaro said, though he was relieved of his grandfather's presence.

"Of course I'm here already, anything for my grandson" Joseph said with a pleasant smile. "Now get in already" he said afterwards.

"Coming" Jotaro said as he approached his grandfather's car. "Sup Avdol" Jotaro then said to Joseph's friend who was sitting in the passenger's seat.

"Hello Jotaro" A dol replied politely.

"So that's the guy eh?" Joseph said, glancing at the redhead resting on Jotaro's shoulder.

"Yeah that's him" Jotaro said before opening the car door and putting Kakyoin into the backseat. Afterwards, he slid into the seat beside Kakyoin and closed the car door.

"So you said he'll be out of it for a while right?" Joseph said, starting the car.

"Yeah, he's definitely not getting up for a while" Jotaro said.

"Hmph, well the sooner we get back to your mother's house the better" Joseph said before driving off.

Jotaro along with his grandfather and Abdul had finally arrived to Jotaro's home. Once again, Jotaro felt relived that the situation that happened at the school was finally over.

"Jotaro, the reason this guy attacked you wasn't because of his own will... It's because of this. This flesh bud attached to his head was controlling him. If we don't get this thing off of him he'll likely die within a day or two" Joseph said pointing to the huge spider like parasite hidden behind Kakyoin's hair.

"What the hell is that?..." Jotaro said in disgust.

"The flesh bud is made from Dio's cells thus, he can control someone's actions by placing one of these on his victim" Abdul said. "I know there's a way to remove it but I don't quite know how. If we can mange to get rid of in time we might be able to save his life but it's not guaranteed due to the damage it has already done to him" he said in a serious tone.

"Well, looks like I'll just have to rip that thing right out of his skull" Jotaro said, approaching Kakyoin's unconscious body laying on the floor.

"Careful Jotaro if you're not precise you could injure him far more" Abdul warned.

Jotaro then nodded before kneeling down towards Kakyoin. Afterwards, he called out Star Platinum to assist him.

"Wait Jotaro, there's something that I must tell you" Avdol said. "I myself had encountered Dio. It was four months ago while I was still in Cairo. I'm am a fortune teller by trade and I had just left my shop that night. It was then that I saw Dio.  He tried to influence me as well but I escaped his grasps and I ran far away. If it hadn't been for my escape, I would have ended up like him" he explained.

"And in a few years time you'd be dead" Joseph said.

"Dead? Not really, Kakyoin is not in the best shape but he's not dead yet" Jotaro said as he and his stand approached Kakyoin.

At first, Jotaro was not prepared for this at all. But he didn't want to see an innocent person suffer either. Now that he was aware of the fact that Kakyoin was under Dio's control during the time of the incident, Jotaro no longer was angry with him. And though he was pissed off at what Kakyoin had done to him earlier, he couldn't help but feel turned on by it at the same time and he wondered if Kakyoin would remember it as much as he did after removing the flesh bud from his brain. But despite all of the confusion and doubt, Jotaro was now prepared. He was prepared to fight for something that he valued.

"Okay, here it goes..." Jotaro said before grabbing onto Kakyoin's face, holding his head steady so that his stand could get a better reach of the flesh bud.

"Jotaro be careful" Joseph said.

"Don't worry old man I got this" Jotaro insisted.

With speed and precision Star Platinum began removing the flesh bud. But just as Star Platinum gripped the flesh bud between his finger tips, the flesh bud released it's tentacles and shot them straight into Jotaro's arm. Jotaro felt a sharp pain as the flesh bud penetrated through his skin. He winced at the sudden attack but continued to stay focused on his task.

'Fuck this hurts..." he bit his lip hard to conceal any sounds he could possibly make.

"Oh no,  Jotaro! It penetrated through his skin..." Avdol said in horror. "You have to stop this or you'll seriously get hurt!" he then said.

Jotaro didn't obey Avdol's words. Instead, he continued to hold Kakyoin's head still as Star Platinum pulled at the flesh bud , still just as focused as before.

"Jotaro, you have to stop this or it'll get into your brain!" Joseph called out.

By this point, the flesh bud had traveled all the way up  Jotaro's arm and was running through his neck and approaching his head.

'Shit' Jotaro frowned. But he was relieved when he saw Kakyoin's eyes open. He was now conscious and aware of the situation at hand.

"W-Why?..." Kakyoin spoke softly.

Just as the flesh bud reached Jotaro's face, Star Platinum ripped it out of Kakyoin's head just in time before he was it's next prey. Afterwards, Star Platinum tossed the flesh bud into the air and Joseph shot a burst of hamon energy at it, disintegrating it into nothing.

"Wait... why did you save me? Why would you risk your life for a complete stranger?" Kakyoin asked in confusion.

"Because no one deserves to suffer the way you did... Plus, what happened at the school earlier... I wanna do it again" Jotaro said before turning around to walk off.

"Wait a god damn minute here, what the hell happened at that school?!" Joseph asked.

"None of your business old man don't worry about it" Jotaro said back in a rude manner.

Kakyoin blushed a deep red. He couldn't quite remember what had happened between him and Jotaro but all he knew was that he could remember feelings of pleasure and intimacy.

"I... I'm not quite sure yet of what exactly happened, my brain is still kind of scrambled... sorry" Kakyoin said nervously.

"Oh... well see ya around, Kakyoin" Jotaro said before stepping out of the house and walking off.


The next morning Jotaro got up early for school. He was on his way out the door but he paused before leaving. Something was off. Something seemed out of the ordinary and Jotaro was determined to find out what it was.

'Thats right, my mom. She usually kisses me goodbye before school... As much as it pisses me of I can't help but feel that something's not right' Jotaro thought to himself.

Jotaro then headed back into the house in search for his mother. First he checked to see if she was still where she was resting and after not seeing her there he checked the bathrooms.

'This is odd...' Jotaro thought to himself. 'Wait... maybe she's in the kitchen' he finally concluded.
Jotaro then headed straight over to the kitchen. But when he got there he saw something he never expected to see.

There, lying on the kitchen floor unconscious was his mother. He then noticed the Avdol was to her aid with a panicked expression on his face along with his horrified grandfather.

"Mom..." Jotaro said quietly, staring in shock at the scene before him.

"A woman as kind as her doesn't have the inner strength to battle the curse of Dio" Avdol said with sorrow.

"Holly no... I feared that this would happen. I knew that she wouldn't be able to withstand this... I knew her having a stand would only result in her getting harmed..." Joseph said, fighting back the tears that wanted so desperately to escape his eyes.

Jotaro couldn't believe what he was seeing. His one and only mother was laying helplessly on the kitchen floor. One of his biggest fears was losing someone close to him. It was then that he began to think about how he had been behaving lately and how he'd been acting towards his mother. He wished he treated her better and been a better son to her. But what hurt most was the fear of it being too late and the possibility of him never being able to make it up to her.

"My dear Holly, how can this be..." Joseph cried out, gripping onto the collar of Jotaro's gakuran jacket. "I don't want to lose her..." he said in fear of losing his daughter.

Jotaro frowned and grabbed his grandfather's wrists. "Tell me... what can we do?" Jotaro said before pushing his grandfather away.

"There's is only one way we can save her and that is... to find Dio and kill him!" Joseph said in a dramatic tone.

"Fine... I'm in" Jotaro sighed. "Whatever it'll take to save her I'll be willing to do it" he said.

'Poor Ms. Kujo. I don't know her very well but I don't want to see her suffer like this. She's such a sweet person and she doesn't deserve any of this' Kakyoin thought to himself as he leaned against the kitchen doorway, watching the entire scene.

Jotaro then sighed before leaving out of the kitchen. He was so confused and afraid. How could something like this go unnoticed? Sure something in the air felt strange and all, but this was just beyond Jotaro's thoughts of possibilities. It all just felt so unreal. Not only him, but everyone else as well didn't see this coming. And now, it was time for them to take the situation into their own hands and figure out how to execute their plan. But first, where they were going to start was the number one priority.

After leaving the kitchen, Jotaro bumped into Kakyoin who stood there with a blank expression on his face.

"I know you were listening to us... you heard everything huh" Jotaro said, sliding his hands into his pockets.

"Yeah" Kakyoin admitted.

"Well just so you know, this has nothing to do with you so you can just go lye down and rest" Jotaro said before turning away to leave.

"Jotaro wait..." Kakyoin called out, stopping Jotaro in his tracks.

"Yeah?" Jotaro said.

"I-I haven't fully thanked you yet..." Kakyoin said as he approached Jotaro from behind. "After you saved my life I've been trying to think of a way that I could show my appreciation" he said, wrapping his arms around Jotaro's slender waist.

The sudden action caused Jotaro's body to tense up. He wasn't expecting Kakyoin to be so intimate with him and so suddenly out of nowhere.

'Does he remember what happened at the school?... No, I doubt it' Jotaro thought to himself. But why?... Why is he-'

"I remember. I remember everything" Kakyoin said, snapping Jotaro from his thoughts as he tightened his grasp around Jotaro's waist.

Jotaro then gasped in shocked. "Really?" Jotaro asked.

"Yes Jotaro. I remember your voice, your touch and the amazing sensations that my body felt during the whole ordeal. But I also remember the horrible things that I did to you... And because of that, I can't trust myself around you" Kakyoin said, feeling guilty for his actions.

"No, Kakyoin... that wasn't your fault" Jotaro said, turning to face Kakyoin.

"But Jotaro..." Kakyoin said, surprised by the other's words.

"It's ok it wasn't your fault" Jotaro said again softly, placing his hands on Kakyoin's shoulders.

"No you don't understand" Kakyoin said, grabbing onto Jotaro's hands. "As much as I want you I did something something terrible to you. I violated you. And because of that I don't deserve you" he said. Kakyoin then stood up on the tip of his toes to reached Jotaro's level and planted a soft gentle kiss on his lips, wrapping his arms around his neck as he did so.

Jotaro stood in shock. His heart was now racing and he could've believe what had just happened. He was not expecting Kakyoin to have any feelings for him after being released from Dio's control. He also wasn't expecting to get rejected right after Kakyoin revealed how he felt about him.

"Listen Jotaro" Kakyoin then spoke. "I would like to help you and your mother in any way that I can but nothing can happen between us" he said before releasing his arms from around Jotaro.

 Jotaro's heart dropped. The words from Kakyoin's lips hurt. They burned like alcohol on a wound. He felt a mixture of emotions and at this point he couldn't decided between punching Kakyoin square in the face or crying like a lost child and right now he felt abandoned and alone.

"Goodbye Jotaro" Kakyoin said quietly.

"So that's it huh, you use my body and then throw me in the trash" Jotaro said bitterly.

"That's not it, Jotaro. I-" Kakyoin spoke but Jotaro interrupted.

"No save it. Just go" Jotaro said and Kakyoin stood there hesitantly for a bit before leaving Jotaro's presence.

"I'm sorry, Jotaro" Kakyoin said quietly before disappearing from Jotaro's view.