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JoJo's Bizarre Slutty Adventure

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Jotaro was on his way to school just like every other morning. But this morning wasn't quite the same as the others. Just the day before, Jotaro found out from his grandfather that he was a stand user, which as far as he was concerned meant he was possessed by an evil spirit.The fight that landed him in prison that day told him that much . But there was nothing he could do about it because as of now, he was stuck with the spirit and no matter where he went, it followed him.The best he could do was pretend like it didn't exist ,so right now that's what he did. Instead of dwelling on the situation of having a stand, for now Jotaro decided to focus on something else, like making it to school on time.

It was then that Jotaro could hear the sound of high pitched voices, some in which were calling his name.

"Good freaking grief" Jotaro sighed as a girl from his school ran up to him along with a group of other girls from the school.

"Good morning JoJo" A girl with an orangish colored curl hair said, latching on to his arm.

"Hey JoJo, where were you the past four days?" another girl with short brown hair asked, latching onto his other arm.

"Hey back off, he's mine" One of the girls called out to the other.

"No way! JoJo would never want someone as ugly as you" the brunette responded before sticking her tongue out at the other girl.

"Shut up! That's why your boobs are small" the one girl called out.

"So what? At least I'm not ugly" the other said, flicking her bangs.

Jotaro ignored the two girls and continued walking. He tried hard to ignore them but it was a difficult task due to their loud shrilled voices. Eventually Jotaro couldn't endure any more of their loud shrieking and arguing.


"No boobs"


"No boobs"


"No boobs..."


"No boobs!"

By this point, Jotaro couldn't take it anymore and his last bit of sanity had flown straight out of the window.

"Shut up! You're freaking annoying!" he snapped, causing all of the girls to freeze in surprise.

"Oh..." one of the girls said before adverting her eyes away from the scene.

"Oh my god... he totally said that to me" one of the girls that were previously arguing said.

"No, it was meant for me!" the other said, basking in Jotaro's words.

"Give me a break..." Jotaro sighed before walking off, leaving the group of girls behind.

"So this is Jotaro Kujo huh..." a voice spoke from afar.

It Noriaki Kakyoin, a young man around the same age as Jotaro who was one of the many sent by Dio to assassinate Jotaro as well as his grandfather. But just like Jotaro, Kakyoin was a high school student and a stand user as well.

"Hmm... Upon closer inspection I can see that he's not too bad looking" Kakyoin said, finishing off his painting of Jotaro. "Actually I'll have to say he's pretty hot. He's got nice lips, nice hips and a face to die for, not to mention that he really does have a nice ass. Too bad he's going to die. But first, I want a taste... no use in letting it go to waste" Kakyoin said to himself. He then took his paint brush and drew a slanted line through the leg of the figure in the painting.

Suddenly, just as Jotaro approached the steps he felt a sharp burning pain in his leg, causing him to trip and fall down the stone steps.

"What the hell?!" Jotaro panicked as he tumbled down the stairs.

"JoJo!" Jotaro could hear those same high pitched voices calling out to him as the girls approached the stairs.

Just in time, Jotaro's stand Star Platinum grabbed onto a nearby tree branch in order to break his fall.

'What the hell just happened? Did I just get cut by a branch or something?... No wait. I didn't trip an fall until I felt something slice my leg. But why? What could have caused that?...' Jotaro thought to himself as he stared down at the semi deep wound in his left leg.

"Oh no JoJo! Are you okay?" one of the girls called out as she ran down the stairs along with several other girls.

"Are you okay, JoJo?"

"Are you hurt anywhere, JoJo?"

"It's nothing too serious I'll be fine" Jotaro answered.

Just then, Jotaro felt another presence behind him. He turned around and saw someone coming down the stairs. It was a male student that he'd never seen before. Said student was wearing a green gakuran uniform that wasn't one of the ones from Jotaro's school. He also had auburn colored hair and bright purple eyes. Jotaro first noticed the odd expression on his face, which made him suspect of him. But his mind quickly changed when the student spoke.

"Here, you seem to have cut your leg. Please take this handkerchief, it should help stop the bleeding" the student said, handing the handkerchief over to Jotaro.

Jotaro then reluctantly accepted the handkerchief and gave the student a suspicious stare.

"You gonna be okay?" the redheaded student asked.

"Yeah" Jotaro said and stood up on his feet.

The mysterious student then took off, walking ahead of Jotaro who watched him leave.

"Hold it" Jotaro called out, stopping the student in his tracks. "I forgot to thank you. By the way, I haven't seen you before, you go to our school?" he then asked.

"Yes, my name is Noriaki Kakyoin. I just transferred to this school yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you but I've got to get going now" the student answered before walking off again.

"Oh... So his name's Kakyoin, he's kinda cute" one of the girls said amongst the group.

"Yeah but I still think JoJo's way cuter" another girl said.

"Yeah me too" another said.

'Kakyoin huh... Something about that guy doesn't seem right, I'd better keep a close eye on him...' Jotaro contemplated as he reached up and rubbed his hand against the unknown star shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. 'Shit, why does my neck suddenly feel weird?...' he pondered.

The strange feeling in Jotaro's neck however soon faded. So he brushed it off and headed over to the high school and straight to the nurse's office to get his wound taken care of.