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from the start, my heart only beats for you

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Jimin had just settled into his favorite sweatpants, body sprawled across the bed, when the table shakes with vibration; his phone lights up. He ignores it the first time probably a survey or scammer, or who knows? It could be the president or his favorite idol, and post-work Jimin still wouldn’t move an inch. All he can think about is the blankets are engulfing him in just the right places, his back is blissful from the support the comforter gives. He could fall asleep right now if he just….closed…..his...eyes-


zrrrrrr zrrrrrrr


With great hesitation, Jimin rolls over to his phone, and roughly puts it to his ear, not even bothering to look at the caller ID.


“Hello.” His voice is stern and monotonous. He’s just not having it.


“Heyyyyyyy! I got an a-answer.” The voice is hard to hear over the party music, which booms through the speaker. There’s a series of hiccups that follow after. Jimin places the phone a few inches from where he had it, looking at the caller ID: it’s Jungkook. ‘Of course it is.’ Jimin just lets out a small sigh before answering.


“Jungkook? What are you calling me for? You’re supposed to be having fun, baby.”


“Baby?? Wait, hey! N-no! You can’t call me that. Only my- HEY! Give it back!” Jimin pauses, waiting for an answer, a slither of worry crawling into his skin. It sits there like an extension of his sleeves. There’s a few seconds of wait before something besides EDM music is heard over the phone.


“Yeah, hey! You’re Jungkook’s fiance, right? Jimin? Yeah, hey. He’s gotten a bit too drunk. He’s literally waving his arms over his head- AND OH MY GOD, HE’S TRYING TO TWERK. GO JUNGKOOK!” The visual in his head is too much for Jimin. The worried feeling is long gone and now replaced with second hand embarrassment.


“Okay, yeah, anyways. I’m a friend of his, and I have to go home early because something came up. I was supposed to take him home, but I don’t have much to come on that side of town.” Jimin assumes he’s somewhere different now because he can hear the other man clearly now, the music just a faint echo. The man has a nice tone and his voice is both deep and light. “Can you come pick him up? We’re at City Lights right now, the bar downtown on Van and Mang street.”


“Uh, yeah. I’ll be there...soon I guess hahaha. Just stay there a bit please until I get there. He worries me all the time.” Jimin’s already standing up, missing the warmth of the bed. He’s rushing through their apartment to find his keys, slipping on slippers, and by the time he’s out the door, he realizes he has two different pairs. On his left foot, is his yellow puppy slippers, and on his right foot is Jungkook's pink rabbit one, much too big for him, but he’s too much in a rush to go back. He sighs into the phone, Jungkook’s friend still on the line. “I’ll be there.” He hangs up and jogs to his car.



When Jimin parks his car in front of the club, there’s a tall man outside who looks too good to be at such a local one. He doesn’t want to assume that’s Jungkook’s friend, but they make eye contact through the car windows and he receives a small enthusiastic wave. Jimin gets out of the car and speed walks forward to the other. When the man approaches near the street lights, meeting him halfway past the sidewalk, Jimin smiles and shakes his hand. The man is handsome, he looks much like a model and wonders how Jungkook knows him. He looks nothing like the man he pictured while on the phone. This man, looks not much older than him, his face still has its youth, not a wrinkle in sight.


“Hi! You’re probably Jimin.” He gives Jimin a quick look, and suddenly Jimin feels underdressed, especially in his bright slippers, contrasting the dullness of the area they’re in. He wants to shrink and be devoured by his white blanket at home, but he’s here at 1 am on a Friday night. He’s going to make sure Jungkook pays for this. It’s also much colder on this side of town, the regret of not bringing a jacket is strong. The revenge will be twice as strong.


“That’s me alright. Nice to meet you. You two are friends?”


“Coworker, but we became friends. I’m Taehyung, Kim Taehyung” He smiles, and it’s a friendly smile. Jimin already likes Taehyung, he gets good vibes from him, and he makes a mental note to tell Jungkook to invite Taehyung over more. Taehyung moves a bit to allow Jimin to walk alongside him as they enter the club doors. As soon as the door opens, the bass vibrations can be felt; it’s too loud for Jimin’s liking but he has to find a missing baby somewhere. He turns to face Taehyung.


“Last time I checked, he was on the dance floor. He’s probably still there, knowing him and knowing alcohol. Thanks a lot, by the way. You came so fast. I appreciate it a lot, me and my boyfriend. He’s sick.” Taehyung sheepishly smiles. They exchange quick goodbyes before he leaves Jimin with his solo mission.


Jimin starts to push through the crowd of people, muttering the word ‘sorry’ in an endless stream. It’s sweaty and stinks of body odor and mustiness and a strong sharp scent of cologne all mixed together. Someone steps on his feet and Jimin turns his head to the person, annoyance apparent on his face. The guy raises his hands up in an attempt to apologize, but Jimin just wants to find Jungkook. You’d think it would be easy to find your boyfriend of 4 years and now fiance in a crowd of strangers, but it’s not.


He’s near the front of the stage and is about to do another sweep, when he spots his target. Jungkook is sitting on the stage steps, where a band is performing not too far away. He’s dramatically singing to the song, though Jimin knows Jungkook’s never heard this song or even this band. As he approaches, he feels like laughing because Jungkook just looks silly, banging his head to the music. He stands in front of Jungkook before speaking out.


“Jungkook~”He says in a singsong voice, and the younger man looks up, a twinkle in his big eyes. His dark brown hair is messy and damp, sticking to his forehead. His blazer is half on, barely hanging by the shoulders. His tie is probably gone in the crowd, and his the 2 buttons from the top are exposed, revealing a bit of chest skin.


“Jiminnie! Nice to see youuuu! What are you doing here? Where’s Taehyung?” Jimin waits to answer and instead leans forward to wrap his arm around the other’s body and makes it so they’re both standing. He has to lean on the wall for a bit before getting a good grip on his balance and Jungkook’s bigger frame.


“Taehyung went home to his boyfriend. And now your fiance is taking you home.” Jungkook stares off into space, looking confused and eyes even wider, as if Jimin just told his the secrets of the world. The he mumbles something as they both walk out, pushing against the crowd. Jimin has to tighten his grip a couple times because the boy would say hi to random people and become engaged in random conversations. It seems like an eternity before they reach the front of the doors and the cold air bites at the couple.


“Too colddd. I want to go back in.”Jungkook swivels around, but Jimin just urges him on.


“The car is just over there. Like 20 steps. Don’t be a baby, Jungkook. Don’t you want to go home with me?” This makes Jungkook stop, his body slightly angled because of his drunk state, and Jimin stops in return. They’re both staring at each other, until Jungkook tilts his head and frowns.


“Hey! Stop there you stranger. I can’t go home with you.” Jungkook points a finger at Jimin and shakes his head. “Why you ask? I have a fiance, his name is Jiminnnnn. Or Jiminnie, but now that you know, you can’t use it. Got it? So HANDS off!”


Jimin laughs at Jungkook. He’ll tease him about this tomorrow. “Shut up, dummy. It’s me.”


Jungkook looks off into space again, and Jimin just sighs and continues to walk the both of them into the car. He opens the passenger door and seats the other man, seatbelting him in as Jungkook warns Jimin about how his fiance will find him and hurt him for taking Jungkook. Jimin gives no response and closes the door, walking around to his side and coming in. The drive home is quiet, except for Jungkook’s light singing to the radio. It’s some american artist that Jungkook doesn’t know about, but he’s sure he’ll know in no time whenever Jungkook belches random songs at home. Jungkook clears his throat before breaking the silence.


“Hey you. You fiance. He’s so pretty.” Jimin glances at Jungkook. He’s laying on his side, staring at Jimin. Somewhere he must’ve twisted in his seat. His eyes are half close but he's fighting to keep them open. 


“Oh really?”


“Yup. The prettiest of them all. He has a lot of beautiful things. Like, like, he has these pretty eyes. Eyes that look like this book I used to read when I was a kid.”


“Uh huh. What was it about?”


“The stars. The galaxy. Everything above us. When I saw my fiance, his name is Jimin by the way. Did I tell you that already. I donno. But w-when I saw him in high school for the first time, I saw the stars in his pretty eyes. Trippy, huh?” Jungkook giggles and smiles, eyes now closed dreamily. Jimin mirrors his smile, the sight and words warming him up. Even drunk, he’s still as cheesy as ever. He quickly rubs Jungkook’s head before returning to driving.


"I'm sure he would appreciate you saying that."


"Nu-uh. He can't ever know. So don't tell him."




When they get home, Jimin takes Jungkook to the room, a mess really. He starts to remove his blazer, and then his shirt. but Jungkook stops him before he even reaches the buttons. 

“Whoa whoa. I told you. I’m about to be marriedddddd.”

“I don’t want to touch you." He tries to reach again, but Jungkook crosses his arms over his chest. "Okay, fine. I give up. Just go to sleep.” Jungkook nods and crawls on the bed, laying in the middle of it, curling into fetal position. Jimin sighs for the umpteeth time, but there’s a trace of adoration in it. He pushes Jungkook up to his pillow, faces him towards Jimin. He brings the blanket up so the both of them are wrapped. Once he’s situated in the bed he’s been away from for too long, he looks over at Jungkook; he’s out like a light now, somewhere in dreamland. Jimin kisses his forehead lightly and thinks he would save Jungkook a hundred times if he needed to, anywhere and anytime.


“Goodnight Jungkook.”