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up late

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You only wake up because you have to pee.

You don’t wake up when he gets out of bed, and it’s only when you do get up that you notice that your Sir isn’t in bed with you, though you’re still groggy, so you don’t think much of it at the time. Lately, you’ve been staying over with him more often, and you’re finally starting to get comfortable in his apartment, yet another sign of just how close the two of you have become.

You get up and head for the bathroom, stopping short when you see the door mostly closed, with the light from inside leaving a trail along the floor. Only now does it occur to you that that’s probably what has him up as well, and you decide to just wait for him, rather than going back to bed. It’s getting pretty bad at this point, and you hope that this doesn’t take too long.

But then you hear it; a sharp intake of breath, one that’s very familiar to you, and you can feel your entire body heating up reflexively. Before you can stop yourself, you peak in the crack of the door, open just enough for you to see Sir, his hand wrapped around his cock, his eyes closed, his lips slightly parted, and it’s very obvious what he got up in the middle of the night to do.

First, you notice that, in his other hand, he holds a scrap of fabric that he occasionally brings close to his face; except, you soon realize, it’s not a scrap of fabric at all, but the panties you were wearing, before he ‘confiscated’ them. Well, you knew he was pretty into that sort of thing, even if he’s yet to outright say that’s a huge kink of his, it was fairly obvious in his un-subtle actions.

Then, you notice that that’s not the only pair he has on his person right now, and that he has his other hand wrapped around another missing pair of yours, wrapped around his cock. You squirm, and not just because of your full bladder, intrigued and aroused by this strange habit- and you can only assume that it’s a habit- of his. Though you know that watching him without his consent isn’t the right thing to do, you can’t bring yourself to leave and, when you hear him breathe your name, you gasp before you can stifle it, alerting him to your presence either way.

He stiffens, his eyes snapping open and a look of guilt that you’ve never seen before crossing his face. Slowly, so slowly, he turns, placing the panties on the counter as he does, making no effort to cover himself otherwise as he steps forward, throwing the door the rest of the way open. You shrink back as he glares down at you, his cold expression masking his flustered state. It’s hard not to fidget too much under his gaze, but your sudden fear reminds you of your purpose for getting up. Something tells you it will be a bit before you’re actually able to do anything about that, however.

“Princess,” he says, his voice low, “just what do you think you’re doing? Aren’t you supposed to be asleep?”

“You were gone,” you say softly, your eyes darting from him to the counter, where your panties still sit.

“It’s not what it…” he starts, before sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Well, I suppose there’s no point in trying to make excuses, you saw what you saw. And? What do you have to say to that?”

Squeezing your thighs together, you say, “I-I mean, I knew you liked...well, those , I didn’t know that’s what you did but doesn’t bother me or anything! It’s actually kinda hot, but, well, I...can we talk about it in a minute?” He’s making you so nervous, glaring down at you like that, and it’s more than you can take, in your current state.

“Why in a minute?” he asks, raising a brow, not moving out of your way to let you in. Not that you would be so brazen as to do something like that in front of him, even if he did let you in.

“B-because, turn,” you say softly, and he only looks confused.

“Your turn?”

You ball your hands into fists at your sides, squeezing them as you squirm a bit more obviously, feeling as though you could lose it at any second, unable to try to maintain your dignity anymore. “I-I woke up cos...cos…”

Suddenly, his eyes widen, and your words and your stance and your fidgeting finally clue him in. “Oh,” he says softly, stepping back to grant you entry. You step in behind him, but he doesn’t leave to give you privacy, and instead picks up one of the pairs of panties and hands them to you.


“Please put these on for me, princess,” he says, a rare look of sincerity in his eyes, and you’re so confused that you take them and begin to put them on, even though you don’t understand. He still makes no move to leave, staring at you as you wriggle, now wearing the panties he once bought for you.

“Sir, can you please…huh?!” He surprises you by pulling you into his arms, holding you close to his chest and allowing you no chance of escape.

“Just let me hold you for a moment, Princess,” he murmurs. He’s acting strange, even for himself, and you have to piss so fucking badly that it’s hard for you to think of anything other than struggling, trying to break free of his grasp. You’re not sure how much longer you’ll be able to hold it like this, and you whimper, begging him to please let go, to show you mercy, only for him to ignore you and squeeze you tighter to him.

Until he suddenly pulls back, and moves so quickly that you don’t have a chance to react or pull back from him, and he grabs at your sides with both hands. Sir begins to tickle you mercilessly, and your giggles are mixed with screams as you plead with him, “N-no! Not now, not now, Sir, I can’t-”

And you certainly can’t. Your laughter is interrupted by a short, sharp gasp, and Sir stops tickling you then, pulling back to watch as it happens. Even as you piss yourself, you’re still struggling to catch your breath, still giggling a little bit while the dread washes over you and you feel your panties growing damp, the warm piss rushing down your legs, pooling on the bathroom floor with a hiss.

All the while, Sir only watches, his expression impossible to read, and your shoulders shake, tears starting to form in your eyes. You don’t know why this has happened, why he pushed you this far when he knew sniff, and then he’s pulling you into another hug, but this time, the pose is a little more awkward, with his leg pressed slightly between yours.

“That was lovely, princess,” he says. “Would you be surprised if I said I had...well, another weird kink I hadn’t told you about?”

“I...I guess not,” you say softly, only a little bit confused now. You suppose it wouldn’t be that surprising, to hear that something that like would count as a kink, and if Sir is into it, then Sir is into it. That fact alone leaves you more excited than anything else, and knowing that he watched you do something so humiliating and knowing that he doesn’t hate you for it stirs up new feelings in you, and you know that he isn’t the only one with weird kinks.

You begin to grind against his leg, suddenly shameless, suddenly so overwhelmingly turned on that you can’t help yourself, and he gives a soft chuckle. “Next time,” you breathe, because you know damn well that there will be a next time, “I wouldn’t mind if you scolded me for it too.”

“So my little princess wants to be scolded, hm?” he asks, looking down at you with a slightly colder expression. “I had a feeling that you might be into things like that, so I’ll be sure to remind you how disappointed I am in you in the future.”

You know that shouldn’t excite you as much as it does, but you’re helpless, grinding against him more and more, whimpering for him. He continues giving you that cold stare, practically sneering at you, and the more pathetic you feel, the closer you are, until finally, he commands you, “Come for me,” and you do, going to pieces just like that.

Sir keeps you steady even as you’re recovering from the afterglow, but all the while he’s leaning down, peeling off your soaked panties. You absentmindedly step out of them once he’s got them to the floor, and he holds them in his hand, staring at them with something like awe.

“You...may watch, if you want to,” he says softly, blushing, temporarily shattering the illusion of his complete control over you, but you don’t really mind. You nod, your eyes on him as he picks up the other discarded pair of panties, wrapping it around his cock again. Likewise, he holds the fresh pair close to his face, inhaling as he begins to pleasure himself.

There’s something so lewd, so downright depraved about this, something that both does not suit someone like him and suits him perfectly, and you can’t help teasing one of your nipples while you watch him. He closes his eyes, for the most part, and you wonder if he’s lost in a fantasy or simple overwhelmed by sensation; whatever the case, you couldn’t look away from him if you tried, and the knowledge that this is all inspired by you is more than you can handle, and you start to finger yourself as well.

In the end, you both reach orgasm at around the same time, you with more pathetic whimpers, and he with a soft grunt. He’s careful to avoid making a mess of your panties, controlled even now, and he gently sets both pairs aside as he catches his breath, his shoulders heavy.

“Thank you, Sir,” you murmur, not quite sure what you’re thanking him for.

“You’re welcome,” he replies. “Now, the two of us have made quite a mess, don’t you think? It’s a good thing I don’t have to work tomorrow, because we’ve got a bit of cleaning to do. Will you help me with that?”

Of course, you’re eager to, and once that is done, the two of you take a quick shower together and return to bed. As he holds you, he murmurs, “I’m very glad you caught me tonight, princess.”

“So am I.”