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Yoongi gets a message from Hoseok in the afternoon. And it says that he's very sorry (so so sorry) but he can't spend Christmas with Yoongi. He wish he could (oh really now?), that's like his biggest dream. Yoongi just rolls his eyes reading the stupid message.

Really fuck it, he says to himself. Not out loud though because he would scare the customers away. Yoongi knew a long time that Hoseok doesn't give a one shit about their two years relationship. And he cheats on him on daily basics. Who knows how long?

Yoongi found out like few months ago. Yeah and he still is with this asshole. That makes Yoongi a fool too, he knows it.

So well, Hoseok probably has a lot of fucks to do this Christmas night. Yoongi knows they weren't happy in like ages. Maybe never actually. Maybe he was fooling himself all this time. Hoseok got bored right away or something. And now they're not even talk much.

But when they do, when Yoongi comes to his house, it's fucked up. Yoongi always hears how 'skinny and ugly' he is. That his face pisses his boyfriend off.

Why is he even coming to him? He ain't a masochist. Hurting is no fun. So maybe he's just afraid of being all alone like in old days. He is 24 years old already and he works at convenient store. He is a boring, antisocial, gloomy loner. Hoseok is all he has. Well, and Haerim.

“I'm so sorry my brother is a douchebag, Yoongi.” She sighs, shakes her head and puts a lollipop back in her mouth. She's a nice, a little rebel 19 years old Hoseok's sister.

The store where Yoongi works is near her high school and she often hangs up here at breaks or after classes. Today she just came to keep a company to Yoongi. They like each others and understands.

“We can't help it.”

“You know, I would say you should break up with him but then he would like kill me if I would still talk with you. I feel sad for you, Yoongi.” She looks sad indeed, like he prefers Yoongi than her brother. But really can you blame her?

She hears some nights when Hoseok brings some people home. And not for talking. And they're not Yoongi either. Just some random guys or girls.

“You know that he's probably gonna fuck some dudes or bitches tonight, right?” She asks when the store goes empty for a while.


“And... It has to bother you. You deserves better, Yoongi.” She grits her teeth while thinking about her brother.

“Maybe. Or maybe that's the point.” Haerim just rises her eyebrows at that. “Maybe I don't. I don't deserve better than some jerks.”

“Such a bullshit. You're a great person! I like you. I would fucking date you. You know, if you would prefer cunts.” She sucks at the lollipop, not in a seducing manner. Just to fool a little with him. She always feels good with his presence. They really are great friends.

“Haerim, language.” Yoongi rolls his eyes at her smugly looking face.

“I would take you out with me and friends tonight.”

“You're going out?”

“Yeah. It's Christmas. No point in sitting in this fucking home alone.” She shrugs. “Anyway.”

“I would say no.”

“I know.” She sighs deeply. “Because it's not normal for 'such an old turtle like you to go with some teenagers', right?” She quotes.

“When did I ever called myself a turtle?” Yoongi frowns and throws a pen at her.

“You did not. I call you that.” She laughs. “You look like one. A pretty one!” She adds when he goes for a book to throw at her.

“Thanks for staying here, Haerim. Now go. You need to dress up all fancy and shit. To impress this boy.” He wriggles his eyebrows when she goes all red.

“W-when?! What?! How could you know?” She mumbles.

“Intuition. What's his name?”

“Not your business!” She blushes more. She is a girl in the end, even with her potty mouth.


Yoongi doesn’t really mind staying late in the store. He has no idea why be he stays even when it's time for closing. Not like his boss would mind. Few people are still going in. Steadily more and more drunk ones are coming in. Ah, Christmas, am I right?

He decides he has enough when it's midnight. He switches off the lights and closes. There is a thick layer of snow and makes it difficult to walk properly. Yoongi tries to sink a little more in his coat.

He could call a taxi or something but he wants to walk. Even if it's really far away from his place. He has time to complain about his stupidity. He gets a message after a while.

It's from Hoseok. Well, his number but... It has a picture of a girl (a sexy, bitchy one) and Hoseok in the back with other girl.

“You are saved as 'Uglyass boyfriend' so I thought I should have a little fun and write to you, to show that your boy has a lot of joy tonight! Marry Christmas!” Says the message plus a bunch of stupid emoticons.

Yoongi just glares at the screen. It goes black after a minute and he puts it back in his pocket. He ain't even feel like crying. It's so... cold. Inside him and so empty. The void is huge. He sighs and then he hears it. Someone's footsteps on the creaking snow.

Maybe that someone heads the same direction as him. Yoongi shrugs.

But after ten minutes it starts to be weird. Because he was turning in weird alleys and stuff. And the steps are right behind him all the time.

Yoongi accelerates his pace. The footsteps too. Now he's getting pale and scared. His condition is bad so after running for a few seconds he stops abruptly making the stalker dash into him.

Some big hand lies on his arm and Yoongi turns around. The dude is tall as fuck and he pants with a weird face. That's it. That's how Yoongi's gonna die, he thinks. Dying on Christmas, what a nice date.

Or maybe he should give him money? But he ain't having any...

“Fuck...” The tall boy pants. “What's... What's with your face?” He looks at Yoongi bewildered. Because the latter seems to faint slowly. “Hold on!”

“Why? I prefer to go unconscious when you're gonna kill me.”

“Kill you?! Why on earth would I do that? I was just waiting for you to close the store and... I was watching you for a few months now.” He says with a serious expression.

How's that any better?

“Wait, that sounds even worse, huh?” He laughs awkwardly. “I just... Thought that I should... Keep an eye on you. It's really late and I don't want anything happen to you.” He explains and... blushes. Yoongi is dumbstruck.

“You... Are fucking creepy. I don't even know you. And you wanted to walk me home? Following me? So I'd be safe?” He looks in disbelief with wide eyes.

“When you're saying it like that... But uh... I care about you, I like you.” This stupid tall boy reddens even more. Is he serious now?

“You can't... Why... For months?! If you... Like me... Why wouldn’t you just came into the store? I've never seen you before.”

“Oh... I am rather shy with... Such pretty boys so...” He fumbles with his fingers and lowers his head.

“So you thought it's a good idea to follow a complete stranger to his house? Wow.”

“Okay, maybe I wasn't thinking straight! But please don't be mad... I swear I am no killer whatsoever.”

“Says every killer in the world...”

“No, really! I can... I can leave you alone now if you want but... It's dangerous for you and...”

“What do you mean 'for me'?”

“You know, with such a pretty face you draw attention and...”

“You're a weirdo. You can walk with me.” Yoongi ain't sure why is he saying this. Maybe his brain froze.

“Really? Yay!” The boy looks like a happy puppy now, almost jumping up and down in his place.

“I am Yoongi.”

“I know.”

“Right... Creep.” How much this boy knows about him after months of stalking his through the store's window.

“I am Taehyung. Call me Tae.”

“Sure... So... You don't know where I'm living?”

“No, are you crazy? That would be breaking a law to follow someone to his house without their knowledge.” The boy frowns and looks serious. Awesome, completely normal dude. Yoongi regrets his life decisions now.

“Yeah... You don't have anything better to do at Christmas?”

“More important than keeping you safe? Of course not.” He smiles. He has a nice smile. Wait, this ain't right to think that now. “And you?”

“My boyfriend is busy fucking some bitches.” Why is he saying this? Really now.

“Not cool.” Taehyung's smile fades. “I would take you on an amazing date if I were your boyfriend.”

“Thanks...” His stalker is nice. Yoongi almost forgets that he IS a fucking stalker. “It's my home. See, I'm safe and sound. You can go now. And please don't follow me again? If you want to... talk just come closer and do it.” Yoongi says and notices that a boy has worry paint on his face. Why is he worrying about him so much? They don't know each other.

“Alright... You sure you'll be okay?” He ain't looking convinced at all when Yoongi nods. It's 1a.m. but maybe... Wait, it's weird. But still...

“Maybe... You want... To come inside? Keep me company?” Yoongi blurts out and face palms himself mentally for his stupid mouth. Taehyung acts like a puppy once again.

“With pleasure!” He walks through the door and takes off his jacket. “But don't try anything funny. It's our first date.” He states seriously glaring at Yoongi warningly.

“You're something else.” Yoongi can't help but laugh after a moment of being totally shocked.

“Oh, you're flat is so lovely.” Taehyung glances all around the living room. Yoongi wouldn't use that adjective to describe his place.

It's cluttered and small with a big amount of blankets and pillows all over the room. Colors are rather dark and dull. Just like Yoongi's soul for past months.

However Taehyung seems to be fascinated. He plops himself on the couch and sinks into the pillows. He is too comfortable as for being here the first time. Bizarre boy. Yoongi sighs and goes to make some coffee. He's gonna need it after whole day of working.

Yoongi can see now that Taehyung is a handsome dude. Like a model looking actually. He's stunning. Even with his crappy lighting in living room this boy manages to look flawless. Why would he ever be interested in someone like Yoongi? For months even. That's a lot more time than Hoseok was into Yoongi...

Hoseok that is fucking right now. Was Yoongi so bad in bed? Hoseok wasn't touching him in weeks. Well, not with fondness. Sometimes he would slap him if he was extremely mad. He always apologized though. Yoongi sighs, that is not the reason to forgive him.

“Do you want a coffee with sugar or milk?”

“Sugar please.” When Yoongi hands him a mug he smiles so kindly that Yoongi swoops on his feet.

“So, how old are you?”

“I'm 22. And you?”

“You don't know?”

“I don't know anything about you except your name and your work place. I wanted to find out from you personally.” He flashes him a big smile again.

“24. Are you a model or something?”

“No. Why?” He seems surprised.

“Well with your attractive face I thought...”

“Oh, that's sweet! Not as sweet as you but still. Thank you, Yoongi. Well, I'm working at the zoo. I love animals.”

“Yeah... That fits you. You're very... intense.”

And this boy smiles again. When is he NOT smiling even?

Yoongi immerses in conversation with him about everything and nothing. He actually enjoys this Christmas night. For the first time in years.


“Yoongi. Not that anything but... I think it's dawn already.” Taehyung chuckles. “I should probably go. Let you sleep. You worked a lot yesterday.” He smiles and stands up.

Yoongi wasn't even registering the flow of time. Now he snaps out from his soap bubble of bliss.

“Wait. Maybe...” Is he honestly thinks about asking his stalker to stay with him? Yes, yes he is. “Stay with me? Sleep with me? Wait, not like that...” He stutters and feels sheepish. “Just sleep.”

“If you want me to.” Tae agrees but not excitedly like before, now he has a reassuring smile. Well, they were talking about Hoseok too.


Yoongi walks into his bedroom and Tae follows. He's gonna sleep with a stranger in one bed. Fuck it. He would like that more than sleeping with Hoseok ever again. He's gonna break up with him. Maybe even today after sleeping.

“I can give you... His clothes, eh. His size will fits you more.” Well, Yoongi could always give Tae his clothes but that would look comically and so too tight and short. Just no.

“Uh... Not so happy about it.” He laughs a little taking the clothes sceptically.

“Don't worry. I washed it and it lied here so long that it ain't smelling like him. Just like my room.”

“Well then, no allegations.”

“You can take the shower first, Tae.” Yoongi just became a friend with a stalker, albeit a lovable one.


Tae looks nothing like Hoseok even wearing his clothes, thanks god. When Yoongi finishes his shower too he finds Tae in a deep slumber buried deep into his sheets.

Yoongi smiles at this sight. And he joins him. It's tempting to send Hoseok a photo of him and sleeping Tae with some nasty words. But no. He'll do it later, without photo. Just simple break up words. No need to get venomous.

He falls asleep quickly with the other's warmth so close to him. He wants to stay like that forever. He just wishes Tae could talk to him earlier. But it's good now. He really likes this odd boy.