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MILF’s Needs

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"You don't want these clothes anymore?" Airi asks her daughter. Holding the outfit she had on when she met Yami. It took a couple of times to wash the scent of sex because she fucked Yami a few times more. His cock felt too good to stop. So they went at it for the whole day. It's a good thing her husband and daughter had called in to tell her they won't be back home until the next day. Her husband is working overtime and her daughter is sleeping at a friend's house.

"NO!" Aya said. Her face is red with embarrassment. "A friend of mine saw a girl wearing that same outfit." she then holds her chest, "They said her tits are WAY bigger than mine." Airi should've seen this coming because she was with the King of Games. Good thing she had a wig on. Looking at the outfit is considering to wearing it again. "I'm going, mama!" Aya shouts leaving the house.

Later on, Airi used a large dildo to please herself. This is actually the first sex toy she bought. It's quite embarrassing. This is what she gets for having another man fuck her. Who has a larger cock than him. Airi tries to pretend the dildo is Yami's cock, but it wasn't big enough. Pulling her shirt up rubs her own nipple.

She really wants to have sex with Yami again. He is such a wonderful lover. Making sure she is well taken care of. Yami gave his number to her. Telling her he will call so they can make love again. So for the whole week, Airi waits for his call. She understands why it's taking so long because a tournament is going on.

When she was close to reaching her climax her phone rang and picks it up immediately "H-Hello?" she said trying to keep the lust in her voice hidden.

"Are you home mama?" Aya asks.

"Y-Yes." Airi said.

"Can my boyfriend and his friend stay for the night? Oh, and we're here already." Aya said in a cute voice.

"WHY DID YOU TELL ME SOONER!?" Airi shouts. Causing Aya to pull the phone away from her. Airi desperately putting her pants back on. Since she can't find a place to hide her dildo quickly kept in her pussy. But in adept to put her pants on accidentally flip a switch on the dildo. This made Airi moan loudly in surprise. So she bit her lip to keep that down.

The door opens and her daughter came in with two guys following behind. Airi recognizes one of them to be Joey Wheeler. But not the other man, tho Airi did feel like she seen him before. She finds it odd he's wearing sunglasses indoors. "Hi yeah." Joey said with a greeting smile. Before Airi can give the okay for having these two guys sleep over.

Aya pulls Joey to her room. Leaving Airi alone with a man in glasses He takes them off and pulls down his hood. "Yami!? Airi said in surprise. Realizing his status understand why Yami is wearing a disguise. Happy to see Yami again Airi jumps on him for a kiss. Yami wraps his arms around the older woman's waist.

Seeing the dildo in her Yami slowly pulls it out and replaces it with his fingers. Airi could believe his fingers feel a lot better than the dildo. "I missed you~" Airi said in between kisses. Her hands when under Yami's blue sweater and shit, to feel his abs and pecs. They stop kissing so Yami can go shirtless. Airi smiles and bit her lip.

"Sorry, let me make it up to you." Yami said as he kisses her again. He pulls down her top and massages Airi's huge breasts. Yami stops kissing so he can suck on her nipples which quickly grew hard. "Yami~" moans loudly and finally came. She became weak at the knees, but thankfully Yami kept her up. "Joey and Aya are busy having sex, so you can be as loud as you want." Yami said switching nipples.

"Are they using condoms?" Airi asks as Yami lays her on the couch. He was still sucking her nipples so only nods. She lets out a sigh of relief because her daughter is still in high school. Just then she hears loud music playing from Aya's room. That's going to be helpful for both Aya and Airi. Yami stops sucking on her nipples and takes off Airi's pants. Tossing them in some random direction.

Yami unbuckles his pants and whips out his large cock. Seeing how wet she wastes no time sliding his manhood deep into her pussy. "YAMI!" Airi cries out shutting her eyes, cumming again. Grabbing Airi's hip Yami thrusts his hip. Causing Airi's breasts to move in a circular motion. Airi grabs the pillow that was behind her head.

Airi's moans grew more erotic as Yami kept fucking her. It's a good thing her daughter is busy with Joey, because of the look of pleasure on her face. "Personally, you look better without the wig." Yami said. Earning a smile from the older woman. She can feel herself falling for Yami.

An idea forms in her mind. "I have something to show you." she said with a lusty smile.

"What is it?" Yami asks interestedly.

"You need to be in my bedroom for you to get it~" Airi said smiling.

"Alright." Yami said pulling out causing a moan from the both of them. Yami closed his pants and Airi leads him to her room. She told him too close her eyes so Airi can find Yami's surprise. He nodded and does as she asks. Then sat on the bed. Sounds of clothes ruffling but think nothing of it as he'll know when he opens his eyes. When Airi gave the okay Yami was met with a sexy sight of Airi in a see-through lingerie."I do like your hair down."

"Thank." Airi said blushing and smiling. She said on his lap takes off double sleeved red and black shirt then kissed him again. As they made out Yami lays Airi on her back. Her arms atomically wrap around Yami's neck. Yami's kisses feel so good that it left her had spun. Also very horny. Music was still playing from Aya's room. Good.

Yami and Airi stop kissing change positions so they can please each other orally. Yami quickly finds out Airi's panties didn't over her pussy. Very sexy. The scent of Yami's cock fills her mind. It made her body react on its own and takes it in her mouth. As she sucks him off Yami licks and fingers her pussy. Causing her to moan which sends lovey vibrations through Yami's cock.

Rolling on his back Yami grabs Airi's ass cheeks and sucks on her pussy harder. His lover cried out in pleasure. Her hips move on its own. Grinding her pussy into Yami's mouth. Causing her to cum. To show her thanks uses her huge breasts to rub his cock. She can tell Yami really liked this by his moan and his cock twitch a lot. She saw precum leak out quickly sucks on the head of Yami's cock.

With her switch flipped gets up, turns around to face her secret lover and sat on his cock. "So good~" she said moaning and starts to ride Yami. "Let me do the moving, okay?" she asks.

"Alright." Yami said nodding and sets his hands on Airi's soft thighs. It might be risky to not have Yami wear a condom, but his bare cock just feels so good. It's so thick that it fills her pussy right up. Also, it's long enough to reach her womb and crush it. The pleasure grew when Yami reaches up to rub her nipples.

"It feels so good! I can't stop moving!" Airi said crying out.

"It feels good for me too." Yami said thrusting as well. He places Airi on her back and takes his turn doing the thrusting.

"Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me!" Airi cries out as Yami sucks on her nipples again. Yami is willing to pull out but Airi had her legs locked around his waist.

"You should know I'm about to cum." Yami said moaning.

"It's fine~ I want you to fill my pussy with your seed~" Airi said lustfully.

"As you wish." Yami said and leans in to kiss Airi. She can feel her own orgasm building up. When Yami stops his hips sends a huge amount of cum into her pussy. Which made her cum too.

As both of them regains her breath Airi goes to get a book. Yami saw her reading it and wonders what it is about. After a few nods, Airi closes the book and said "You have a mother complex."

"I have a what?!" Yami said getting up.

"In this book as all the girls you dated and what they all have in common, they all are the same age as me." she said giggling. Yami was both speechless and embarrassed. She surprised Yami by hugging him and pressed his face in her breasts. "Don't worry, I'll by your mommy!" hearing those words caused Yami to become hard again.

Feeling this Airi have Yami fuck her again. This time from behind and Yami took off his remaining clothes. "Does it feel good?" Yami asks thrusting his hips.

"It does~" Airi said with a big smile. The music off so there's nothing to cover the sounds of their lovemaking, but Airi knows her daughter is a heavy sleeper and so is Joey. So no need to worry. "Make sure you cum in mamma~"

"Okay!" Yami said cumming again. Airi cries out in pleasure. She the feeling of Yami's semen pouring into her womb. Wanting a taste had Yami pull out and sit on the edge of the bed. She wraps her breasts around his shaft and sucks on the head. Yami moans and rolls his head back. It didn't take long for him to cum again in her mouth. She puts a hand on his chest and pushes Yami on her back. Airi went on top of his "So big~" she moans as Yami's cock enters her again.

She bounced on his cock wildly. This made the bed creak loudly and the bedpost hit the wall multiple times. With how tight Airi's pussy is caused Yami to cum again. Airi arched her back when that happened. She leans in and kissed her lover.

Locking hands both of them moves their hips together. "FILL ME UP!" Airi cries as Yami fired his remaining cum. "Good job, dear." she said resting on Yami chest.

"Can I come by again." Yami asks while regaining his breath.

"My door is open to you anytime." Airi said with a bright smile.

Since that day Yami came to visit Airi. They would go out on dates wearing disguises so they can their privacy. Also to have sex in peace. Because Yami came in Airi so many times got her pregnant. When Yami learned about this promised to be there for her and for his child. Aya is surprised that her father still had it in him to knock her mother up. Not knowing it was actually Yami who did it.

"Do you know what the baby is going to me?" Yami asks placing an ear on Airi's belly. He was wearing a black-haired wig given to him by Airi.

"Yup, it's a girl." Airi said smiling.

"You sure do visit my mom a lot Yu." Aya said to Yami.

"Since both you and your did is so busy Airi asked me to help her out." Yami said.

Aya heard her cell ring looks who's calling "It's Joey~" she said with a smile "Give me a sec." she then when upstairs. Leaving Airi and Yami alone.

"I love you." Yami said giving his girlfriend a kiss.

"I love you too my dear King."