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MILF’s Needs

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"Okay, I'm off." a man in a suit said about to leave the house. He stopped when his gal daughter running up to her.

"Papa! Drop me off of the way~" she asked him with cute tone.

"Sure." her father said immediately. He can't say no to her. Often giving her anything she wants.

Before she can get out of the door, her mother stopped her. "AYA! Where are your dirty clothes? You didn't wash them yet, did you?!"

"Sorry~ I left them on my bed." Aya said with an apologetic smile.

"I'll wash them for you." her mother sighs.

"Thanks, mama, see you later." Aya said leaving with her dad.

As her mom cleans her room, wondering why she is doing this. Maybe she spoiled Aya too much "Good grief, how much laundry does she have?" the mom asked out loud. The floor was covered in clothes. She picks up a jacket with a fur trim hood and places it on her "Wow, this is flashy!" she wonders when did her daughter start wearing this type of clothes. Just who is she hanging out with? Seeing the scattered clothes and make-up laying gave her an idea. She uses her daughter's make-up and puts on a blonde wig. Once done, is stunned by what she sees "Not bad~ Good thing I kept this." she said doing a sexy pose. "I want to show this off. I'll go shopping early."

Going outside dressed up in gal style is something she would never do. As well wearing her daughter's clothes; it surprising her daughter's shirt and jacket fit her since her breasts are so big. There's no point in turning back now. Many people looked at her, which made her feel she made her think this was a bad idea. Just then she sees a karaoke bar. She hasn't been to one in years. As she goes through the front doors, a few men spot her and make her their target. "I'll make you a card, do you have an I.D?" the man at front desk asks. This caused her to panic a bit, if she shows him her I.D, everyone will know who she is.

Three young men walk up to her and the nicely dressed one said "Hey, are alone?"

"We're about to go in, want to join us?" the taller one asks nicely.

Before she can say anything, Yami suddenly appears "There you are, I was looking for you everywhere." he said hugging her (causing her to blush) then pulls the confused woman away. The men glared at Yami. Jealous he had a such busty, sexy girlfriend. Yami is used to that kind of looks. The older woman felt her heart beat rapidly when Yami held her hand. "Those men like to play a rigged King's Game to get woman do sexual things to them."

"Are they even aloud doing that? Aren't their cameras?" She said in shock.

"The men running the place are in on it and kill the cameras." Yami said with a growl.

"Is there anything we can do to stop them?" Yami smiles at her and cops soon arrive and swarm the place.

"I finally got enough evidence on them and just tipped off the police." Yami said.

She can tell Yami got a lot of stress from that from the bangs under his eyes and the tiredness in his voice, so she thought to reward him for his efforts. "I'm Airi by the way." she said holding Yami's arm then leads him to a bar she knows. But she did mentally scream because she gave Yami her real name. And She knows him. Not because he's the King of Game; he lives in her neighbourhood. She even spoke to him. But it seems he didn't recognize her.

"I know someone with the same name. You even sound like her." Yami said making Airi nervous.

"Is that right? What a strange coincidence!" Airi said. Thankfully for her, both reached the bar. Much to her surprise, found out there's a secret private room for only V. Lucky for her, Yami is with her. "Amazing!" Airi said with widening eyes. She's never been in a place so fancy. The table had many alcoholic drinks from different parts of the world. Airi doesn't know what to drink first. There's too much to choose.

As she sat on the couch, notice who comfy it is. Yami sat beside her, pour Airi a drink and offered it to her. "Thank you." she said with a smile. Airi drinks it all down in one go. Impressing Yami. "Keep 'em comn'!" she said handing her cup to him.

"Sure." Yami said pour another drink. Something he did until the two large bottles are empty. She nearly fell asleep. When her hand went on Yami's leg came up with an idea. With a drunken look in her eye, Airi wraps her arms around Yami's neck "W-What are you doing?" he asks bushing. She chuckles at his reaction, finding it cute. For a while, Airi has an attraction for the King of Games. As kings go, Yami's the hottest.

"A hero deserves a reward~" Airi purrs slowly moving down to open Yami's leather pants. When she opens the zipper, Yami's cock sprung out. Yami wasn't hard but his cock beats her husband's by a landslide. Her hands were drawn to it and began to rub Yami's manhood. "Can we do this kind of thing?" she asks while stroking him.

"Y-Yes..." he moans "because they gave us room meant for couples."

"Do we really look like lovers?" Airi asks moving her thumb around the head of Yami's cock. He was fully hard and Airi couldn't believe how big he is. The term hung like a horse pops in her head.

"We were holding hands." Yami said in a raspy breath.

Letting go of his cock, Airi takes off her jacket and top. Showing him her large breasts to him. Airi was a bit nervous that Yami wouldn't be interested in them. She is getting up in years. However, the way Yamii's member twitched told her that's wasn't the case. More confident, move closer to his dick. Her nose took in the powerful scent it had. She couldn't stop smelling it.

Soon her mouth went dry and wraps her lips around the King's dick. Her loins burn with desire as she sucked on him. She did feel a bit guilty for sucking another man's cock, but her husband hadn't fucked her since their daughter was born. She's a woman with very strong needs. Which she feels will be very well taken care of by Yami.

Feeling more aroused, took more of his cock in her mouth until she reached the base. She choked on it for a bit and to her surprise, liked it. So she did it again, and again until her throat adjusted to fit his cock. The taste of his manhood is amazing. Her tongue kept moving all over his cock. She wants to remember his flavour.

Airi kept pleasing Yami's cock with her mouth, tongue and hands until Yami was on the brink "I'm cumming!" Yami shots and fired a large torrent of cum down her throat. The musky scent and the thickness of it made her head spin. Also gave her a desire to want more. So she sandwiches his still rock hard cock with her large, heavy breasts.

Because he's sensitive after cumming, Yami lets out a sweet moan. "Wow, your breasts are so soft!" he groans. As she moves her breasts up and down his cock, wonders if all guys have large cocks like Yami. She likes to think they don't. They hadn't had sex for a while, but still, remember what her husband's cock looks like. It doesn't hold a candle to Yami's.

"I want to show you something." Airi said moving so her pussy is right over his face.

"You're absolutely wet." Yami said laughing rubbing her damp pussy. He moves her panties out of the way to rub her clit with one hand and fingers her pussy with the other. This turns the older woman on greatly. Her moans kept flowing out of her mouth. His fingers felt amazing. She can feel herself getting even wetter. Remembering she was giving him a titty fuck, moves her breasts again.

The King of Games replaces the fingers on her clit with his mouth. Sucking on it hard "You'll make me cum if you do that!" Airi cries and sprays her juices all over him. Soon after her, Yami's cock fired its second load. The amount of cum that came out is just as much the last time. Airi instantly licks off the cum on her breasts.

Laying Airi on her back, position his cock between her legs. He looks at her to see if it's okay to fuck her. Airi nods with a seductive smile. Yami smiles back and slaps his cock on her entrance before sliding in. Airi arch her back as Yami's cock went inside her. She missed feeling that. It dons on her that they're not using a condom.

But she didn't care because Yami's bare cock feels so good. Yami begins to move his hips slow at first. To gauge what speeds she likes. "Can you move a little faster." she moans. The fact Yami went slowly touched her heart. It caused her to fall for him. A feeling she hadn't felt since her days at high school. With a nod, Yami picked up the pace.

"More!" Airi begs him loudly with closed eyes.

"You got it!" Yami said grabbing her soft thighs and pumps his hips at max speed. This made Airi's breasts bounce wildly and her moans of pleasure turn into screams. "Damn, your pussy is crushing my cock!" Yami groans. "You really like my cock, huh?"

"Like it? I love it!" Airi cries at the top of her lungs. She was about to tell him his cock felt a hundred times better than her husband's but was quickly cut off by a deep and passionate kiss. Airi welcomes it with open arms. The fact Yami don't taste like cigarettes is a major plus in her book. The taste of what he ate still lingers on his lips. Yami kept fucking and kissing her until he came.

Airi moans as Yami fill her insides with his seed. "Sorry for cumming in you." Yami said breaking the kiss.

"It's...fine." she pants "You made me feel really good."

"Want me to fuck you from behind?" Yami asks.

"Please~" Airi said with sparkles in her eyes.

Pulling out Yami watches Airi took off the rest of her clothes until she only had on is thigh-high boots. She then got on all fours and said look over shoulder "Fuck me, big boy~" she didn't need to tell Yami twice. He grabs her fine ass and rams his cock back into her. "YES!" she cries out. Her body loves how deep Yami's fucking her.

It wasn't long until Yami felt the urge to cum quickly approach. But he held that back the best he could. That was not easy because Airi came many times. Yami changes positions so he's sitting and she's riding his cock while facing away. She reached behind her to grab Yami's head. Airi recalls the sex she had with her husband, but he never fucked her good like Yami did.

"I'm going to cum soon!" Airi cries.

"Me too." Yami said in her ear.

"Let's cum together!" Airi shouts.

"Okay!" Yami grunts and blasts his largest load in her womb. Airi came soon after. It's the most intense orgasm she had in her life. As Yami's thick cum continues to flow, is convinced she may get pregnant. But she didn't mind. She just has sex with a really hot young guy "That was amazing~" she said with a satisfied smile and kisses him.

She wants to another round but sees what time it is "Oh dear, it's four!"

"You got somewhere to go?" Yami asks.

"Yes and fast." Airi said in a bit of a panic.

Yami smiles "My car is not too far, I can drive you there."

Airi's face lit up "Will you?! I'll really appreciate it!"

The two of them clean themselves up and Airi puts her clothes on. Yami leads her to his car which is dark violet, Lamborghini. Airi was very eager to get inside. Yami lets her in his car like a true gentleman and drove her Airi to where she needed to go. But before she got out sucked on his cock one more time. "D-Don't you have somewhere to go?!" Yami groans.

Airi didn't answer because she's too busy giving Yami a blowjob. It's a good this the windows are tinted. She desperately sucked and licked his cock. Wanting to drink his delicious seed. She didn't have to wait long as her efforts were rewarded. This time, she's ready and drinks every drop. Once done, slowly pulls his cock out with a loud pop. "We should do this again sometime~" she said licking her lips.