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You said to put it in a vault,
yet to forget you appear
that what we keep inside a vault
is what we hold most dear.

My heart was deepened by you,
more than it's ever been,
and just enough for it to keep
my love for you within.

It was so full my little heart,
I couldn't almost bear.
That's why I told your heart as well,
to help the burden share.

But you broke mine once again,
though every piece remains
faithful to you, beloved one,
through all the storms and rains.

I've steadily been by your side
and there I intend to stay,
despite the blows and the hurt
of what you do or say.

You said to keep it in a vault;
I do, but not by fear.
For what's a heart, if not a vault,
and you the treasure, dear?