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[11:36PM] dec.31 - einstein 

god bless america:

are you still at the party in the upper east?


yeah why?

you're banned from parties you know

god bless america:

david, its gonna taint my reputation if i'm not tagged in any pics this weekend

plus i've finished bob's burgers


so you've finished 171.25 hours worth of tv 

in a single weekend?

god bless america:

i'm not proud of it, okay?

just turn on your location and i'll meet you there

i promise not to drink.


not that alcohol really affects your stupid decisions

god bless america:




(location shared)

god bless america:


[11:43PM] dec. 31 - kateykins♚


whhhy are i so wireed? :----(


what do you mean?


noo one lekes mee

i just wannna leaveeeee ughh an d i might be sobering uup

need more juiceee


kate, don't drink too much.

also i like you plenty!


u doo? :-)

oosf speelled vvoak

sorryyy spilt drink on me hppone lololol

ughh y ami heeeeere

wot ar uu doing?


it's amazing how i can still understand you...

i'm on my way to a party lol


i thot u wear banned!!!!

naughtyyy >:-(


hey the only thing worse than being at a party on new years is being alone on new years

besides i wanna ring in 2018 with a cute girl


hahaaa 20gayteeen xD

heeehehee lolol im soo funyy



ttyl this is my stop


awwwwwwwww :-/


[11:48PM] dec. 31 - #201 Shirlin Street


By the time America got to the party, there were only 10 minutes left in the year but the party was in full swing. She almost hit a sweaty couple making out behind the door and nearly tripped over two stoned guys asleep on the floor. "Hm," America snorted as she made her way further into the house, glancing at the intense party surrounding her. "And I thought Upper Easters were classy." 

America eventually found David - who glared at her from a distance for 7 minutes before softening up -  and his friends, including Yogurt Girl who jumped onto her and started sloppily kissing her cheek. "'Mericaaaaaa, you're here!" She cheered loudly, prompting America to wiggle out of her grasp. "Hi Jenna," She awkwardly greeted the girl and gave her a forced pat before turning to David. "Anything interesting happen?"

David just scoffed before explaining, "Two girls tried to have a race in laundry bins,  a guy broke a lightbulb while singing 'Gucci Gang' and I'm pretty sure there's an orgy going on in the upstairs living room." America's eyes widened before shrieking, "There's an upstairs living room?!" Before she could turn towards the winding staircase, David grabbed her wrist and handed her a blue cup with something bubbly in it. "You're staying down here." he scolded and turned to pry Yogu- Jenna away from the giggling stoners on the floor. 

America took a sip from the cup (it was ginger ale) and wandered around the house. Everyone knew that the houses on the Upper East were essentially mini-mansions, but she was still amazed at the design of the place. A few crystal lighting fixtures hung from the ceiling and a shelf lined with trophies and medals were essentially pristine, despite there being a slash of what America hoped was tomato sauce above the shelf. 

Eventually, someone tapped her on her shoulder, prying her eyes away from the architecture of the house and towards a tall girl with a curvy figure and piercing green eyes. "Alone tonight?" she asked in a soft but husky voice that sent shivers up America's spine. The shorter grinned before cheesily replying, "Not anymore,"


[11:53PM] dec. 31 - Backyard of #201 Shirlin Street


Kate was miserable and it was her own fault. She was plenty social, having friends in archery practices and fellow cello instructees, so why did she feel the need to come to Becca Leorns' party? Kate knew how much she despised parties - how amazingly lonely she felt despite being pressed against a bunch of people - but for some reason, she begged Billy to join her. 

At first, it was just another chance to get closer to Cassie. She had been invited after being told Jonas and her were going through a rough spot and Cassie needed some leeway. Clearly, it didn't last long as she's been giggling in her boyfriend's lap for the past hour and had forgotten about Kate altogether. Don't even get her started on Billy - he's been on the arm of some beefcake (probably a footballer player) all night.

Lo and behold, here she was - shivering on the wicker couch outside, messily texting a girl who probably didn't give a shit about her while taking occasional sips of her watered-down drink. "I hope the new year will be better than this," she mumbled to herself while opening the Buzzfeed app to distract her quivering lip with stupid personality quizzes. After a couple more sips, Kate was utterly disgusted and rose out of her seat to dump out the rest of the drink onto the snow below the porch.

"Bartender mess up your order?" a voice behind her asked and she quickly turned around before staring familiar-looking girl with curly hair that was tied up into a ponytail and a blue top under a black leather jacket. "N-n-no, I just wasn't, um, thirsty anymore," she replied, tucking her phone into her skirt pocket to wipe her teary eyes with both hands. "Whoa, are you okay?" the girl asked, walking closer to Kate, who had slumped back onto the wicker couch.

"No!" she cried, before burying her wet face into her hands. She felt the cushion dip as the Curly Girl wrapped her arm around Kate's shoulder and gently rubbed her back. "I-I-I-I-I'm s-sorry," she stuttered, wiping her eyes again. "I'm a really emo drunk, and I'm super lightweight too," she explained between sniffs and sighed before looking up at the moon. It was hiding behind clouds but its light still glared down at Kate. "I don't know...I thought parties were supposed to be fun," 

Curly Girl just gently pulled Kate's head onto her shoulder and asked, "How long have you been here?" before Kate pulled out her phone to check the time. 11:56 PM. "Um...two, maybe three hours?" she unsurely responded and Curly Girl widened her eyes before shaking her head sadly and standing up. "No way," she muttered to herself, pulling out her own phone and tapped on the screen a few times before a rhythmic bass line blared through the speakers of the device. "Shouldn't you be inside? Y'know, not getting your shirt wet with the tears of some random girl." Curly Girl just chuckled and shook her head before placing her phone on the glass table in front of Kate.

She began lightly bouncing up and down with the beat and mouthed along to the softly-spoken lyrics as Kate grinned at the display before her. "What are you doing?" Kate asked, being pulled off the wicker couch, her hands swaying with rhythm and began swaying her hips along, a cheesy smile still plastered onto her face. "Giving you fun!" she declared, twirling Kate around before swiftly dipping her during the bridge. Kate's hands tightly gripped as Curly Girl removed her hands from the shorter girl's waist, giggling at her shrieking before pulling her upright. Curly Girl placed her hands on her partner's hips, pulling them closer as they swayed to the beat and smiled at each other.

While the girls danced and giggled on the abandoned porch, loud voices could be heard screaming the countdown inside the house. "4, 3, 2," Kate whispered along as the song came to a close and stared up into Curly Girl's eyes. She just softly smiled and cupped Kate's cheek before softly pressing their lips together while numerous teenagers screamed, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" and slowly pulled Kate closer, deepening the kiss. 

Fireworks went off in Kate's mind (and outside) as she wrapped her wrist behind the girl's neck, sighing happily. The girl eventually pulled away and smiled down at Kate while linking their fingers. "Did you have fun?" she asked as Kate aggressively nodded her head. She raised her head to pull her down into another kiss but was interrupted by the slam of the sliding screen door as a boy with yellow sunglasses poked his head outside. He shivered before yelling, "'Merica, let's go! The next bus leaves in 5 and it's a 7-minute walk!" 

Curly Girl groaned before slipping her fingers out of Kate's grasp and turning off her music before smiling sadly at Kate and following the boy back into the house. All the warmth left Kate's body as crossed her arms to heat herself up and froze in the doorway and she was face-to-face with the Curly Girl, who was grinning and pulled her up into another quick kiss before waving goodbye and disappeared into the buzzing crowd of teenagers. Kate froze in place, feeling the returned heat make her way up to her cheeks before shaking her head and scanning the growing crowd for Billy. 

As she pried him out of the house and down the damp sidewalk, she froze in place when her wandering mind came to a sudden realization.