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Kara's GF is Tumblr's No. 1

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It wasn’t unusual for a full-time reporter and superhero to be up in the wee hours of the morning but the inability to doze off this particular instant does not concern either of Kara’s more important preoccupations.

A few minutes past 2 AM, the blonde, buzzing with excitement, scrolled through a few more articles on her phone just to be sure and smiled giddily at the oblivious, sleeping figure of the brunette goddess beside her. It physically pained her to stop herself from showering kisses against the perfect jawline that would wake the woman up. The workaholic CEO needs her rest and any reasonable girlfriend should respect that.

How Kara Danvers’s reasoning is not always fool-proof may be evidenced by several first-hand accounts of people in the couple’s life. As in one event involving Kara absurdly flying side by side a commercial flight to the annoyance of the pilot and crew- just to make sure Lena makes it to a business meeting in Japan safe and sound. Or that fateful winter day in National City when the heat suddenly and inexplicably rose to the hundreds after Kara saw old photos of Lena in a tiny bikini to the bewilderment of weathermen.

Kara has already called everyone she knows and unfortunately has failed to elicit the same level of excitement and pride from Alex, Eliza, Maggie, Winn, James, Jess, J’onn and even Cat. Kara realizes that her signature pout does not actually work over the phone when she was answered only with colorful swear words and threats to her godly life, given the ungodly hour she wants to chitchat on the phone.

Kara’s last resort to fangirl over her own girlfriend did not turn out to be a very reasonable one either. With superhero’s courage she dared tread the dangerous webs of the internet where forums were flooded from something as wholesome as “Lena Luthor deserves a Nobel Prize for all the fields” to “I would let Lena Luthor choke me and fuck me in the ass anytime” and “If I had a girlfriend like Lena Luthor, I’d save everyone too, in gratitude for Rao’s most perfect gift.”

Kara felt like the luckiest girl in all of the galaxies. But the inevitable congratulatory sex to worship her wonderful A-lister CEO/scientist/philantrophist girlfriend can wait a few more hours.

“She might be the most popular celebrity on Tumblr, but Lena still needs her sleep, Kara”, the superhero mumbles to herself in resignation. Promising herself extra potstickers for exemplary self-control and reasonable consideration for Lena’s need for sleep, Kara quietly laid beside the CEO and contentedly hugged her from behind.

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All things considered, things have been much easier for Kara Danvers when she was outed as Supergirl.

In the first months of the reveal, Cat Grant was not at all thrilled when tons of gifts and mail started pouring from fans of the Girl of Steel. The blonde CEO eventually had a rather sizable personal PO box installed for Kara, as long as Supergirl and her "science friends" made sure nothing would harm the building.

For all the trouble, the former assistant offered to occasionally fly to France and get pastries for the woman who gave her superhero name. Although the Queen of Media insisted it wasn't necessary, competitive Cat eventually gave in and graciously accepted the freshly baked goodies (especially the imported wine) from overseas. She wouldn't let the lucky Lena Luthor have all the perks after all.

With her sudden popularity both among humans and aliens alike, men and women are suddenly romantically interested in plain ol’ Kara Danvers. This did not last very long however when rumors started circulating that she was dating L Corp's equally popular genius CEO. While the superhero herself gives off a very warm, approachable persona, nobody dared mess with the last Luthor’s girl. Potential suitors and stalkers had no choice but to instantly back off.


After obliviously pining for each other for over 2 years, Alex Danvers finally sat them down when all their friends have left after one ordinary game night. Another game night comprised of lingering stares and unnecessary beaming every time the other one says something not at all significant. The exasperated redhead nearly held Kara and Lena at gunpoint just so they would finally admit their feelings for each other. Apparently, the “heart eyes” and sexual tension is making everyone sick, J'onn most especially. If Lena wasn’t so shocked and grateful, she would’ve called Alex out. Lena has secretly dated women all her life, how dare this "newbie lesbian" meddle in her affairs. But boy was Alex right, Lena was smitten with Kara since day one. Crazy smitten.

With everything they've been through as 1) nemesis-by-basis of last names with too many near death experiences to count, 2) reporter-subject who secretly crushed on each other, 3) lunch buddies who can't stop staring at each other when they’re together (and sending emojis to each other when they’re not), 4) game night partners who just can't seem to be close enough Alex actually bought a much bigger couch, and eventually AND finally lovers, the lovestruck couple found no reason to hide their relationship anymore. They started attending events together, not shying away from questions about their relationship status, who's luckier than whom for snagging whom, and dodging questions as invasive as whether a Luthor tops a Super in bed, etc. When they’ve had enough of their conjugal celebrity, evading the press became relatively easy because of Kara’s heightened senses. Worst comes to worst, Kara would simply fly her lover away from prying eyes. The paparazzi eventually gave up as CatCo would get the exclusive on the lesbian power couple anyway.




Kara literally helps save the world night and day but Snapper remains to be unimpressed by her. During slow days, (not that she needs anymore goodwill to pad her resume), she is proud to be of additional help in lifting copiers, cooling overheated printers, looking for missing pens and finishing her office mates’ lunches. Kara has never been given so much free food in her life. The novelty of her heroics eventually wore off and Kara Danvers remained a regular office employee who regularly disappeared when help is needed and still needed help with her spelling regularly. 

Since Kara Danvers obviously can’t interview Supergirl anymore, Kara would fly a random CatCo reporter to the scene if the situation does not pose a threat. In the spirit of fairness, the pool of employees made a roulette (not the villain) to select whose turn it is to fly with Kara for a story. Surprisingly, most humans really enjoyed flying. It is environmentally-friendly and reduced transportation cost so Cat did not really care as long as she doesn’t hear stories of her employees throwing up because of excitement, motion sickness or both. Rival companies saw it as an unfair advantage and started hiring aliens too. Cat Grant is once again proud to be a trailblazer, aliens are given a chance at a normal life. Everybody wins.

The DEO has managed to remain anonymous. Even though more and more humans have become more accepting of aliens, there will always be misbehaving aliens as much as there humans who misbehave. J’onn was beyond grateful when Lena offered that L Corp's basement be converted into an incognito DEO extension headquarters complete with sun lamps and backup communication devices if needed. It made sense that Supergirl would want to be with her girlfriend after a particularly difficult fight, and that “FBI agent” Alex Danvers visit her sister’s girlfriend at L Corp more than occasionally. Similarly, nobody questioned whenever James and Winn regularly dropped by to see their new billionaire friend.


Kara chewed on her fifth potsticker since stepping inside the CEO’s office. She lounged at the couch, hoping to quickly to catch up with her busy girlfriend after missing breakfast due to a minor Supergirl emergency.

“Mr. Cruz sent me those nasty greens again, Lena. I cannot believe that silly old man, after saving his old person bum so many times from being hit by a car, he repays me by sending buckets of kale every day?! My office mates are turning green, Lena, even the human ones! Why does he insist on watering the plants at the sidewalk, babe? I told him so many times it’s the city’s parks department’s job.”, the reporter ranted exasperatedly.

The CEO chuckled and continued making final touches for her comments on the presentation for her current project. It is comforting that someone else is force-feeding Kara to eat healthier aside from Eliza and herself.

“Lena, can you drop by CatCo for ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ next Tuesday? Our copywriter Judy’s daughter Miya would really love to meet you. Today I found out that the kid likes making drawings of me only because there's an abundance of blue and red crayons at the daycare when in fact it is you she’s obsessed with. She’s very impressed with the latest robots you built. Supergirl slaves night and day but apparently her nerdy girlfriend will always be wayyy cooler! Maybe I should have a robot sidekick myself”, the reporter grumbled mid-chew. 





To: Jess H.

From: lk.luthor

Pls update calendar- CatCo visit, Tuesday. Bring tiny robot giveaways.


 “I cannot wait to bring our own daughter to work someday, babe. Cat even agreed to have a candy station set up for me-- I mean the employees' children after making me promise she won’t be dealing with a sugar-drunk Kryptonian—..." Kara narrated.

"...It won’t surprise me at all if you’re easily our child’s favorite mom because have you seen you? You’re just so amazing Lena. Tumblr people have the same sentiments."

The couple have had casual conversations about starting a family and seeing her girlfriend interact with children made Lena realize she truly wants nothing more than a perpetually hungry little Luthor-Danvers playing with high tech gadgets in their house someday. Admittedly, the notion of motherhood still terrifies her but with Kara by her side, she has no doubt they are indeed "Stronger Together". Lena has known for a while that Kara’s “it” for her but the thought of making these “somedays" "very soon" has been crossing Lena’s mind more frequently lately.

No matter how many sexist white males she’s crushed alive during meetings or how amazing L Corps’s latest breakthroughs are, the blonde’s surprise visits to L Corp remain to be the highlight of the CEO's work day. That they already sleep in the same bed every night is a minor detail. The brunette simply can't get enough of Kara’s presence. Kara’s voice alone soothes the stressed CEO so effectively she spaces out sometimes which is totally out of character for someone who was trained to be focused all her life. Lena felt guilty for only half-listening to Kara’s rambling but the proposed hospital wing for aliens is more tedious than she expected. She needed bigger ambulances for starters, meticulous personnel screening and training, completely different medications, she can’t believe some aliens are allergic to the color white-- there’s still not enough information on each species.

“Speaking of my girlfriend being cool, did you read the link that I sent you while you were asleep?”, the second box of potstickers half-empty by now.

“…I don’t even understand half of what they talked about but I can't help but totally agree with what they said” the reporter continued.

"Oh and that you’re probably a Veela or a witch or both and we are all under your spell or thrall or something. Apparently they control urges or appetites I'm not sure. Huh. Must be why I'm always hungry babe..", Kara wondered aloud. “Tumblr people have decided you’re at least part-Veela from your real mother’s side of the family."


 “Yes darling, I know what a Veela is. I’m quite familiar with the Harry Potter series. As long as I acted like the perfect daughter, the Luthors pretty much left me to my books as a child. You know I am neither a Veela nor a witch, Kara," Lena replied while multi-tasking at the screens in front of her.

Whoever Kara was talking to apparently had more to say as the blonde proceeded, “they also said I was clearly a Hufflepuff, which sounds yummier than a regular cream puff. What does a hufflepuff taste like babe? I feel betrayed we’ve never tried them. I am sure they don’t serve those at Noonan’s because I can practically recite all of National City's restaurant menus in my sleep.”

Lena wanted to make a dirty joke about Kara, Hufflepuff or not is the the most delicious thing she’s had in her mouth but the excited reporter was on a roll.

“There were also debates on whether you’re a Ravenclover or a Gryffindork or Slytherink because you’re so darn mysterious to them. You’re not on social media, and you barely give interviews. There’s this opinion from someone named Anon who claims they will let you "slither in their chamber of secrets" anytime which might have offended me if I didn’t know I'm the only one allowed to slither in yours, right babe?”

That’s it. Now Kara has caught the CEO’s full attention.  The blonde has been going on and on about a group of people saying good things about her which is still simply not something a Luthor is used to, even after all the good she has done.

“Who said what now?”, the confused CEO visibly swallowed as she stopped typing on her computer.

“The people of Tumblr, babe. They voted you the most popular celebrity of the year. I would’ve voted for you too, if only I were Tumblrian and not Kryptonian."

The CEO let out a laugh and finally took her eyes from the documents she's reading to stare at the still hungry Kryptionian at the couch.

Her girlfriend is just too much sometimes. Too cute, too adorable, too pure, too Kara. Lena Luthor is fluent in six languages and yet there’s not enough adjectives to describe her Kara. Lillian must be rolling at her grave at how a Luthor's extensive multilingual vocabulary is reduced by an alien no less.

"The residents of Tumblr seemed very cool Lena. Although I’m not sure I liked it when someone said they identify as Lenasexual because gosh that title should only be reserved for me, right? Which reminds me, I should go and update my CatCo profile now before the latest issue is printed for Pride month.”

 Unable to keep up with the blonde’s musings, Lena wondered if superheroes get concussions or if Kara has finally achieved potsticker poisoning levels.


~Kara Danvers is a lenasexual junior reporter based in National City who also sidelines as Supergirl~ How’s that babe? Is that short enough? Snapper says I should still improve on saying less because I tend to ramble. Do I babe? Do I? Do I ramble?"


Sending a quick “what is a Tumblr?” message to Jess on her computer, Lena shifts her full attention to the reporter.



jessH.lcorp: microblogging site. btw, congrats boss


“No darling, I myself am very partial to your voice. Ramble away, love.”


“Lena, I will never forgive the Luthors for not appreciating you enough. The people of Tumblr seem to think so too." 


With another giggle, Lena stood from her boss lady chair to give the alien a long overdue kiss on each cheek and on the crinkle between the blonde’s eyebrows.


“But I have you now darling. I also have the Superfriends, this company and I don't get threats anymore I actually miss getting them.


Obviously a little annoyed when she realized that Lena is not really taking her seriously, the Kryptonian huffed and munched on the last piece of food left.


"I’m sure Tumblr is not an actual place, darling but I’l ask Jess to send them a thank you letter”, the brunette assured Kara while wiping sauce off Kara’s chin with her thumb.


Like a little kid pre-tantrum, Kara protested, “I don’t get why nobody is taking me seriously on this. My girlfriend just beat Wonder Woman! I called everyone up last night and they just didn’t care. It is A big deal Lena.”


Lena cannot believe the alien had the audacity to actually stomp her feet for theatrics. The Kryptonian’s cuteness is maddening. It will definitely kill her someday.


"Oh so that was what Maggie’s text meant," Lena recalls as hugged the pouting girl of steel.




Detective Dimples: 2:37 am congrats and shit luthor but seriously tell your woman to stop calling us at night unless it’s a real emergency.


The CEO felt bad for the genuinely upset Kryptionian baby. No amount of formal training from the most expensive universities would have prepared her for that pout. She should have been immune to that cursed pout two years into their relationship but here she was, willing to give the entire world to Kara if that cursed pout asked her to. She’s a regular at Time, Forbes and Fortune 500 lists but this Tumblr thing is something equally important or even more so. She will probably never get why, but if it were for Kara, it is a big deal for her too.


"Sorry to interrupt Ms Luthor, the hospital director is here.", Jess's voice is heard over the intercom. 





From: Snapper Carr

Red boots, care to explain why you’re not on TV and also not at your desk 2 hours after lunch break?


“How about we both finish off our respective work things, you go back to CatCo, play nice with Mr. Snapper Carr and then we go home and celebrate my prestigious award by Kara Danvers doing exclusive and private things to Lena Luthor huh?"  Lena's eyes did the hypnotic thing making the blonde feel lightheaded and tingle all over.

The Kryptonian is convinced her girlfriend should revisit the Veela heritage discussion one of these days.


"Kara, darling, are you alright? I'll see you at home after work?"


With wobbly knees, Supergirl left L Corp so fast she almost breaks the sound barrier.


It's gonna be a long and busy night for Tumblr's no. 1 celebrity and her no. 1 fan.