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Stupid Sexy Sock

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"Fuck me"

"Hang on. The movie's not even over yet"

Sock leaves his place on the couch and sits on my lap, making sure to be close enough to be on my dick

"Fuck the movie too. I need a good dicking right now."

Sock's unholy blowjob skills left me pretty fucking spent, but I guess I could make an extra effort for him

He gyrates his hips softly and looks and me with his dumb fucking puppy eyes "Pretty pleeease?"

Yeah, I could definitely make an extra effort for him. He hasn't even cum yet

"You know what? Fine!" I say smiling and with half-lidded eyes. My hands make their way to his fat ass, pulling down the back of his undies and giving it a hard squeeze. "I don't feel like being gentle, though"

"I don't deserve any gentleness" he says, taking my hoodie, then my shirt off my body and tossing them aside. "I've been a bad boy" his hands snake down between us and free his huge cock from his boxers, he grasps it and starts jerking off slowly.

"And I want you to motherfucking wreck me."

 My dick is hard as a rock and that was all I needed to hear

"Where's the lube?"

"I'll get it"

Sock hurries away for a moment, walking towards the bathroom and not giving a single fuck about pulling his underwear back up. Good strategy, since I'm Just gonna tear It off him anyway.

He comes back with a bottle and squishes the lotion into his hand as he sits back on my lap. Sock's hand disappears behind him and he presses his finger on his entrance.


"Hmmm, fuck, that's good"

"Let's make It better then". I sit straight and reach for his asshole, inserting two fingers in on the first try.

"Fffuck!" "Shit, did I hurt you?" I ask concerned

"Just a little. Don't stop, though"

I do as Sock asks and start moving my digits inside him, noticing how quickly he adapted to the intrusion. Moans of delight start coming from his mouth while he starts wiggling his ass.


"Yeah, babe?"

"Put it in. I want it now"

Feeling as impatient as Sock, I pull my fingers out, earning a whine from my brunette horndog. He's not the only one feeling impatient. My pants and underwear get pulled down just enough to whip my cock out and get down to business.

Sock lifts himself up and aims his hole to the tip of my dick, slowly coming down on it. "So fucking good." He quickly gets tired of being slow and takes the whole thing in, making a loud slapping sound


Not a second is wasted until Sock starts bouncing on my dick, and if I had a little less self-control, I'd already be dumping my load as his tight asshole clenches on my cock.

"Fuck, you're so good"

"Aaah, shit! You like that, huh? You like having me bounce on your fat cock?" "Yeah, I love it, babe. Go faster."

As he picked up the pace, his hard cock bounced and bobbed right in front of my face. The thought of having someone so big wanting to get drilled by me was probably the biggest turn-on ever.

"Fuck yeah! Just like that, babe!"

"I love you, Jonny!"

"Love you too, Sock. Hold on for a second."

"What are y-hnng, fuck!"

With some maneuvering, I get Sock to lie on his side without out. "I think it's my turn to show you a good time" I say as I go back to thrusting inside his tight, warm hole.

"Yeah, Jonny! Fuck! P-pound me ha-harder! Shit, you're so good!"

The sloppy sounds of skin-on-skin and of my balls slamming into Sock echo throughout the house, as do Sock's moans and cries for more. The neighbors might hear us, but I don't give a fuck anymore as primal lust consumes us ad I smash Sock's prostate repeteadely.

"You sound s-so f-fucking slutty, you know that? Such a dirty whore."
"I'm- *GASP* I'm your dirty little whore. Yours o-only," His voice comes out trembling from the relentless fucking. "P-please fuck me harder! Touch me!"

My left hand leaves Sock's butt to wrap itselft around him to caress his left nipple as my right one grips his leaking cock. He immediately lets out a loud, wanton moan. Now the neighbors can definitely hear us.

I lean down to take his lips in a heated kiss and feels as he moans into my mouth. Fuck, I'm not lasting much longer!

Sock cums first, though, with a hot stream of jizz reaching the living room floor and the next shorter streams coating my hand and the couch in his cum. I keep on thrusting until, with a muffled moan, I fill Sock's ass with my seed, pumping every last drop into him and only stopping the kiss when my cock softens.

"Fuck yeah" he pants. "I want some more of this later"
"We've got all night.". I take his lips back into a short kiss. "But maybe we should eat some more."

"I'll let you eat the lasagna if you eat my ass later."

"Deal. Also, shouldn't we wipe the floor? And clean the couch?"
"I'll let you do that. I'm too sore to get up,"

We chuckle together and I go get something to wipe our mess. I'll just let him rest for a while.

After some moments of comfortable, homely silence, Sock decides to talk.



" you love me? Like, really love me?"

"More than I could love anyone else."