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Stupid Sexy Sock

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This is Sock. He just sucked his boyfriend his sleep

"Ready for round 4?"
"No! What the fuck, Sock?! Don't you ever get tired?!". Sock snorted a small giggle at this response. "So, same time tomorrow?"
"Sure" I answered, after which Sock slowly put his clothes back on, as if waiting for me to change my mind, said goodbye and left.
My name is Jonathan Combs, and I find myself in a rather delicate situation, my best friend and boyfriend is a sex-addict. Most people would consider that a blessing, but honestly? I don't know if I agree.


                 MONDAY 6:30 AM

I wake up even slower than usual, I am anything but ready to go back to the hellhole some may call "school". Once my feet touch the cold floor, I take my phone from the nightstand by the right side of my bed to check the time and I notice I received a new message.
It was from Sock, of course, and once I opened the chat, I saw a nude picture of him taken with the front camera, it showed the corner of his eye, his slim back and his plump butt sticking in the air

"Dammit, Sock" I typed "isn't it a little too early for this?"
"No such thing as 2 early ;p" he replied "send me one"

I sighed as I was about to pull my pants down, my half hardon straining against the fabric of my clothes, when I actually looked at the time

"Shit, 6:37!" I let go of my phone and run for the shower, 3 more minutes and I would lose the schol bus. I turned on the water and only paid actual attention to the parts that most needed cleaning, without even taking care of my slowly building up erection.
Once I was finished, I quicly brushed my teeth, clumsily put on my pants, shoes and signature gray hoodie and bolted to the bus stop to find Sock already waiting for me as the bus quicly arrived
"How the hell did you get here first? You were naked like, 3 minutes ago!"
"Silly Jonny, I took that pic yesterday night"
"You take pictures just so you can send later?"
"Don't you?"
"Of course not!"
"Oh innocent Jonathan Combs, if only you knew how many pics I'm still waiting for the right time to send"
Those were his last words on that subject as we hopped onto the bus and were take once more to "school"