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The Police and Detective

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~~~Jungkook's POV~~~

I'm walking to the station so I can continue working on the case. It's about a couple of girls that went missing and were recently found. Only one wasn't but we can't seem to find out about her. We can't even find her family, which is odd. I wish we could save her in time. I hate it when we can't save those who wanted to be.

I'm obviously not looking where I'm going but I am sure that the person who bumped into me was. I look up ready to yell at them but they run into the station.

"That's weird. Why was he in a rush?" I ask myself in a whisper.

"Jungkook, we better hurry or else the Captain will be mad." warned my good friend Hobi.

He and a few others work with me in the police force. My good friends like Yoongi, and Namjoon work in there too. Our boss is a mean old man who thinks he is better than everyone else, including the families who are grieving. He really is an ass.

"Alright." I say back.

We walk in and I see the same man from before, who ran into me.

'I wonder why he's here, and who all the people he's with are.' I think.

"Ah, Jungkook, Hobi. Get over here to meet the people who will be working on the rest of the case with you." says the old man.

There are 3 men there. One with chocolaty brown hair, one with bright red hair, and the other had plain black hair. They all turned toward us and I lost all my breath. They were all very good looking, especially the one who had the brown hair. Not that I would say it out loud or anything.

"Hey, I'm Jin. The one with red is Jimin while the brown one is Taehyung, but we all call him V." said the one with black hair, Jin I now know, pointing to the others while introducing them.



I wave awkwardly, while Hobi runs to them and is talking all sorts of speeds. I can see the other two, Jimin and V, quietly walk away until they stop at the table.

'What are they talking about that they needed to go away?'

~~~V's POV~~~

I was late, again! I'm currently running not quite looking at my surroundings. I bump into someone but I'm in too much of a rush to even care. I dash inside the station just as Jin and Jimin got there. I walk up to them and stand next to my best friend, Jimin.

"So, we're working with them this time?" I quietly ask him.

"Yeah, I guess their case goes with ours." he replies.

I look at the people across from us and see a white haired guy, a light brown and the Captain.

"Tae, do you see how cute the short one is?" Jimin asks me.

"I guess?" I say, more as a question.

"He's cute but I don't know. Last time I said a guy was cute he turned out to be the biggest jerk in the world." he says.

"Ah, Jungkook, Hobi. Get over here to meet the people who will be working on the rest of the case with you." says the Captain.

We all turn toward the people who just walked in. I see another brown haired guy and I see a kind of auburn haired guy. They both look good, but I wouldn't say it.

"Hey, I'm Jin. The one with red is Jimin while the brown one is Taehyung, but we all call him V." said Jin. He pointed at us as he said our names.


"Hi" I say a little awkwardly.

The auburn stands there and waves a little and the other runs to us.

"I'm Hobi. It's very nice to meet you, I'm the fun one around here."

That's all I heard because me and Jimin walk away, quietly. We reach a table and start talking among ourselves.

"The little one's cute too Tae. Maybe just your type." Jimin says with a smirk.

I feel heat rise to my cheeks but I say with a stern voice.

"It doesn't matter. Not like we'll have much time to talk about anything other than the case."

I see his smile fall before we hear our names.

We turn and start walking back, wondering what's next.


Hey everyone, I really hope you liked the first chapter. I probably won't be able to update much but I'll try. I'll see you later my Little Bug's.


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~~~V's POV~~~

I was laying in bed, asleep. Then my phone started ringing to the point I jumped out of my bed. I look at the caller ID and see that it's the boss.

"Yes sir?" I ask groggily.

"We just got a new case. We need you here now V. Don't make me wait."

"Already getting dressed. I'll be there in 20 minutes." I say.

He just grunts a 'OK' before hanging up.

I look at the time on my phone and see it's almost 4:30 in the morning.

"Ugh, why did they just now report something for us?" I ask in exasperation, although no one is there.

Or so I thought.

"Hurry up Tae! We gotta be there in 20 minutes like you said, so get your ass up and get dressed, eat, and do everything else." I hear my lifelong best friend Jimin yell at me.

"Why the hell are you in my apartment?!" I shout.

"I came to make sure you actually get to the station on time. Now hurry and get ready." he says while tossing me my clothes for work.

"Alright. Go make us something for breakfast."

"Already on it." he shouts from my kitchen.

Me and Jimin have been friends since we could crawl, although I was born a little later than him. My parents moved in next to his house and we met one day and have been friends since. Whenever I got picked on, he would be there to beat up the bullies while I helped cheer him up when he thought he didn't do good enough on something. We always have each others backs.

I finish putting on my clothes and walk in to find a bowl of cereal on the table and him sitting down on his phone.

"It's too early to be on that. Just eat before you drop it in the bowl." I tell him.

"Yeah yeah, I will in a second." he replies.

I sit down and start eating and he finishes his bowl, when his phone rings.

"Hello?" he asks the person.

"Yes, I would like to ask you if you would please come to visit our one and only dealership. We would really appreciate it Mr. Park." the voice says.

"No thanks. Bye," he states as he hung up on the voice.

"Another scam? Or maybe your ex is trying something?" I ask.

"Don't bring him up Tae." he says as he gets up and got to my guest bathroom to brush his teeth.

Last year Jimin was in a relationship with this one guy who wasn't that nice. Jimin eventually found out he was using him to figure out where the police were going to be on days for patrols so he could sell drugs to people in Jimin's house. Jimin nor the police were happy to find out about it. His ex was livid to find out that his boyfriend called the police on him. It was completely fair since it was Jimin's house and he saw random people going in and not leaving for hours.

I stop thinking about it and hurry to my room and brush my teeth. When I finish I find Jimin already at the door waiting.

"Let's hurry. It's almost been 15 minutes." he informs me.

"Shit, why're you just standing there?! Let's go!" I shout as I jump into my shoes and run out the door.

We finally reach the bottom floor and see there's 5 minutes left.

"Will we even make it?" Jimin asks me.

"We will. I know shortcuts. Come on."

We run down the alley and go through a bunch of streets and little alleys until we finally reach the station.

"We're here. How much time is left?" I ask him, hopefully.

He looks at his phone before answering me.

"We got here just in time. Let's hurry downstairs."

We walk into the station and find the stairs leading downwards. When we reach the last step we hear the boss's loud voice boom.


'Over dramatic much' I think.

"We're over here sir. We walked into the station right on time. We ran all the way here." Jimin announces while we walk towards the offices.

I see Jin working as usual but this time with bags under his eyes.

"Hey Jin, brief them over the situation. I have to run upstairs for a minute."

Jin nods and turns toward us. "Alright, so this girl was murdered in her bedroom and the dog was murdered as well. The dog had blood on his teeth, so we sent a swab with it on it to the lab. We'll have to wait a few days for the results to come back. The ME is currently going over her body to see if anything happened. That's all we know as of right now."

I breathe in before exhaling very deeply.

"Wow, that must have been horrible for her parents. How old was she?" I ask.

"17. The only reason we're investigating instead of the uniforms is because the family personally know's the boss."

"I was wondering why. What family?" Jimin asks.

"The Forces. The daughters name was Madeleine but was called Mimi." he tells us.

"You mean The Forces?" I ask in surprise.

The Forces was one of the rich families from across the sea. They were very well-known throughout Korea too. They got along with everyone, even gave money to the poor and homeless. Many were jealous, but they mostly idolized The Forces. No one had a grudge against them because no one ever fought with them.

"Yea, The Forces." he replied with a worried expression.

"Alright then, let's start looking for clues and everything." Jimin said with a uncomfortable look.

We all nod and head toward our stations and start working.

'This is gonna be a long case...' I thought.

~~~Jungkook's POV~~~

I was laying in bed thinking about the current case we've been working on. I woke up because the victims faces kept creeping into my dreams. The latest one was on a girl named Nikki. She was a 16 year old girl who went to the same school I went to. She was the daughter of Jong-Hyun. He was someone who works in the west part of South Korea, doing military work.

My phone shakes me out of my thoughts and I reach over to answer the phone.


"Kook, we need you over at the house. We found another mark." Hobi says.

"OK." I say before hanging up.

I dress quickly and grab a small snack to take with me. I get to the house 15 minutes after and go into the house. I see the others all around the couch and I head over.

"Where's the mark?" I ask as I come up.

"Right here. He made sure to hide it well. We missed it the first time we went through the house. But then our flashlights went over it." Namjoon explained.

'So it's him.' I thought bitterly.

"Everyone, move out and search." Yoongi shouts out.

I follow my team and search the kitchen for anything.

We search for hours until everyone confirms they found nothing else other than what was found the days before.

I sigh out of frustration.

"Calm down, we'll find him." Hobi assures me.

I nod and walk out to head toward the station. It's daylight now, so I head in and get breakfast and head to my desk to eat.

I hear voices from downstairs and know it's the detectives working on something.

'I wonder what it's like to be a detective?' I ask inside my head.

"Everyone, continue the job. Stop slacking around." the Captain barks out.

I sigh from annoyance and start my work.

'It's going to be a long one, I can feel it.' I think.

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~~~V's POV~~~

"Ugh! Jin, Jimin, if I don't get more information on this family I'm gonna scream!" I shout in frustration.

"Chill loser. You're literally the best when it comes to finding info. You got this." Jimin assures me.

"Yeah. Besides, why doubt your skills?" Jin asks, rhetorically.

"I don't. And I know I am the best." I say with a smug smirk.

"BOYS!" yelled a voice. We all jumped but turned toward it nonetheless.

Standing there was a old friend of Jin's that quickly became close with us as well. Her name was Tiffany Hwang.

"Hey Tiffany. What's up?" Jimin asks.

"Well, I got called in for an interrogation since I'm close friends with the Forces and they think it was someone who was close. I may be a suspect but I'm still a part of the station so I still got some details from them. Second, can one of you please calm my cousin down? I love her too death but she's thinking she'll be next, which I doubt, but she's adamant on the subject."

"I'll try. But I can't promise she'll listen since she doesn't like me a lot." Jin offers.

"She'll get over it. She needs to stop acting the way she does, because one day someone will come after her to just shut her up!" Tiffany said, pulling at her hair.

"Why don't you just go back and grab a coffee. You're obviously stressed to the extreme." I suggest.

She smiles softly toward me before replying," I will. To be honest I'm surprised that you aren't late. It's weird seeing you down here on time for once."

Everyone burst into laughter, before I pushed her towards the stairs.

"Bye everyone!" she yells to everyone in the basement.

"Bye!" chorused throughout the basement.

After that little exchange we quickly got back to work before mine and Jimin's stomach growled.

"You hungry too?" he asked.

"Yeah, you want your usual?" I ask him in return, already raising from my seat heading to the stairs.

"Of course." he says with a grin.

I shake my head as I walk up the steps thinking about his appetite. He may be small but he can eat like a wrestler. He eats 4 plates of different kinds of breakfast foods. He'll eat a full plate of sausage then maybe a half a plate of rice, but with beans covering it. Half the time he'll get seconds. I stop thinking about it when I reach it.

"Alright I grab a tray and fix his so I don't have to carry to much at once..." I mumble while fumbling around for a tray.

"You know that I don't like him! Stop trying to set me up with random people. I want to be the one to find who I like." a voice says quite loudly from across the room.

I turn toward it and see a small group of uniforms talking and laughing.

'Do they not have that much work this time?' I think bitterly.

Before I continue that thought I face back to the food and quickly make our plates before leaving.

"- I know? He's my best friend, of course I would how weird he is. How about you stop talking shit about him because I have no problems kicking your ass!" I hear coming from the bottom.

'That's Jimin..'

"But he's just so weird. He shouldn't be friends with someone cool." a voice says with haughtiness.

"You bastard! Wait til I get my hands on you!" Jimin yells.

I finally reach the last step only to get pushed. I look down and see blonde hair with purple tips.

"Tae, you okay?" Jin asks while running to my side.

I nod in response before getting dragged to my feet by him. I look to the person who is standing now with a fire in his eyes.

"Apologize." Jimin says with an anger I've witnessed many times before.

"No, it's true. You're one of the best and he's just not. I'm not apologizing for my own damn opinion. Deal with it." the guy said before storming upstairs.

"What the hell happened while I was gone?" I ask.

"You might wanna get comfortable." Jin says.

I sit down and forget about the food that is currently plastered across my clothes.


~~~Jungkook's POV~~~

"Let's take a break!" Hobi shouted.

"We can't and you know that." Yoongi said, though you could see he wanted to.

"What's one little break gonna do?" Namjoon asks.

"Alright, fine. So Kookie, how did your date go?" Yoongi asked.

"Horrible. I told you all I didn't like him." I say with a groan.

"Tell us." Hobi demanded.

"Well for one, he kept talking about himself and wouldn't let me get one word in. Two, he was really rude to those surrounding us! What kinda jerk yells at an old couple?!" I complain.

"Come on Kookie, I doubt it was that bad. Give him another chance. He told me that you guys hit it off!" Hobi exclaimed.

"You know that I don't like him! Stop trying to set me up with random people. I want to be the one to find who I like." I say, anger rising quickly.

"Calm down! I'm just saying! You're not getting any younger! You need to find someone who will be there for your dumb-ass!" Yoongi shouts.

"I'm not a baby! Just stop! If I didn't know any better you're treating me like the last officer!" i shout.

Their faces go slack before turning into one of sadness and guilt.

"I-I didn't mean too. I just got ma--" I started.

"It's fine. Just work." Namjoon says before they all turn towards their respective areas.

As I turn toward my space I hear quiet sniffles coming from my side.

'Sorry, hyungs...' I think.

I start working and faintly hear yelling come from the basement, but I tune it out.

"Let's take a break. What can one little break harm?" I mumble quietly.

I look to the folder holding the case and start fooling around with the pictures trying to find some kind of clue.

'What the hell happened to where it progressed so fast?' I think sadly.


Hey everyone! I truly am sorry I didn't update like I promised but I got busy. But I have finally updated after what? Almost a month? Anyways I hope you like the chapter, and thank you for reading the story. Until next time my Little Bug's!


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~~~Jungkook's POV~~~

"Hey, why don't we go out for lunch? We've been cooped up in here since this morning." Hobi asks.

"I guess we can. Where do you all wanna go?" Namjoon asks.

"Let's go to the pizza place down the street." Hobi says.

"I'm down. What about you Namjoon, Jungkook?" Yoongi asks us.

"I'm good. I'll stay here today." I say.

"You sure?" they ask.

"Positive. You all go on. I'll be here." I say.

They give me confused looks before leaving the station.

I sigh before getting up and walking toward the table with all the food.

'I shouldn't have mentioned him...what was I thinking?' While I was lost in my thoughts, I didn't see a person standing next to me.

"Um, are you going to get food or?" I hear from beside me.

"Oh uh sorry. Here yo-" I start while looking up before my breath catches in my throat. The person standing there was the super attractive detective. He had food all over him, and looked nervous.

"Sorry for disturbing you but we needed to talk about the case with you and they sent me up to while they finish up some work downstairs." he says.

"Uh, yeah sure. Are you uncomfortable? With all that food on your shirt?" I ask.

"Huh? Oh, yeah just a little but it's okay." he says.

"Follow me." I say while turning to the locker room.

He follows behind silently, kinda like a nervous kid. We walk to my locker and I open it up. Inside was my change of clothes, a hat, and other stuff. I pull out my extra shirt and hand it to him.

"Change into this, I don't think you wanna smell like food all day."

"I can't wear this. It wouldn't feel right for me to wear it when it's your's." he says while slowly shaking his head.

"It's alright, I did give you permission to wear it. Just go ahead. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on you if you kept wearing your shirt." I say with an amused smile.

He tentatively nods before turning around and taking his shirt off.

'He has really nice shoulders. I wonder what the front of him looks like. No, stop it. You're working with him on a case, that's it.' I think.

He finally turns around and is holding his clothes.

"Alright, much better. Do you have a locker?" I ask.

He looks confused before saying, "No, we detectives don't get lockers. Only you guys do."

My eyes go wide when I ask, "So you don't have a place to put your things? Where do you put it all? Do you even have a desk?"

"Aha, we do. We put everything in our desks. It's all there in our drawers," he says while chuckling.

"Oh, heh I didn't think you would since you don't have lockers. But anyway, what is it that you needed to discuss with me?" I ask.

"I have to talk with all of you guys, not just you." he says.

"Well they went for lunch when you came up. So you'll have to make do with me." I say, thinking how I'll have to brief them when they come back.

"Oh.... Well I guess I can just tell you. Let's go sit down, alright?"

I nod and we walk out. We pass the food table and as we are I grab a bagel to eat. When we make it to my desk we sit down.

"Alright. What was it?" I ask grabbing a pen and notepad.

"Um, we found out that all the girls were all calling some burner phones. We also found out where the last girl's cellphone is. I traced it to be in a field 20 miles from here. And then we got the latest victim, Madeleine Force, Mimi for short. Both her and her dog was killed, but the dog had some blood on its teeth and we have yet to get a result back from the lab. And then we have you guys to help out with everything else," he says as if it was the easiest thing ever.

"Wow, um that was.....a lot. How come we didn't know there was another victim?"

"You see, our boss is personal friends with them so they trusted us more because of that. And we're friends with Tiffany Hwang, Mimi's friend."

"Did you know that your case went with ours?" I ask.

"Nope. I didn't know til this morning. I would've told you guys if I knew." he says with a small smile.

"Did you know tha-" before I could finish I get cut off.

"Well lookie here. Taehyung, the worst of us all, talking to a officer as if they were friends. Get it through your skull Tae, no one likes your ass. Not even your family." said this guy.

"Wow, rude. Who do you think you are?" I ask, daring him to test me.

"No no. It's alright. But your wrong about a few things. My family does like me, otherwise they wouldn't be talking to me. Besides, I'm talking to him about the case, we aren't friends." he says calmly.

'Ouch, that hurt.' I think with a frown on my face.

"Whatever. I can't wait til you find out that no one likes you. I'm just waiting til it happens so I can say I told you so. Bye Taehyung."

The guy walks away and goes out of the station. What a jerk.

"That guy was horrible. How do you stand him?" I ask.

"I normally ignore him, and whenever Jimin is around he wants to fight him. I'm sorry for what I said by the way."

"It's fine, because it's true. But I would like to change that if it's fine with you?" I ask nervously.

He smiles when he replies, "Yes, I would like that. We can officially hang out when we finish this case."

"Agreed. Let's focus on the case now."

~~~V's POV~~~

Me and Jimin are talking about who will go upstairs and talk to the uniforms while we were deciding on who would help Jin with the paperwork.

"You should talk with them Tae. Last time you handled paperwork you spilled coffee on it." Jimin said to me.

"It wasn't my fault. Gene pushed me. You know how he doesn't like me, for whatever reason. I would've finished it properly had I not clean everything up and hand it over to someone else."

"It doesn't matter. He will make sure you mess up these papers too if you do them. He won't mess with you if you are working on the computer." Jimin says.

I sigh before finally giving in and saying, "Fine but you owe me lunch tomorrow."

"Deal!" he says with his infectious smile.

I turn away and go towards the stairs. I start thinking about what I'm going to say when I reach the main floor. I look up and see that really cute officer. He seems to just be standing there thinking. I walk over and speak.

"Um, are you going to get food or?" I ask him, seeing him come out of his thoughts.

"Oh uh sorry. Here yo-" he starts before stopping suddenly.

'What's wrong? Is he okay?' I ask myself.

"Sorry for disturbing you but we needed to talk about the case with you and they sent me up to while they finish up some work downstairs." I say.

"Uh, yeah sure. Are you uncomfortable? With all that food on your shirt?" he asks.

'What's he talking about?'

"Huh? Oh, yeah just a little but it's okay." I tell him.

"Follow me." he demands. I start after him as he walks toward the locker room.

We go in and go straight to, what I assume is, his locker. He opens it up and pulls out a shirt.

"Change into this, I don't think you wanna smell like food all day."

"I can't wear this. It wouldn't feel right for me to wear it when it's your's." I say, shaking my head.

"It's alright, I did give you permission to wear it. Just go ahead. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on you if you kept wearing your shirt." he says smiling.

I nervously nod before turning around so he can't see me take my shirt off.

I can feel his gaze on me and I hurry and put the shirt on. I turn around holding my clothes.

"Alright, much better. Do you have a locker?" he asks.

I look at him confused before saying, "No, we detectives don't get lockers. Only you guys do."

He looks surprised and he asks, "So you don't have a place to put your things? Where do you put all? Do you even have a desk?"

I chuckle while replying, "Aha, we do. We put everything in our desks. It's all there in our drawers."

"Oh, heh I didn't think you would since you don't have lockers. But anyway, what is it you needed to discuss with me?" he asks me.

"I have to talk with all of you guys, not just you."

"Well they went for lunch when you came up. So you'll have to make do with me." he says, annoyance flashing in his eyes before disappearing.

"Oh.... Well I guess I can just tell you. Let's go sit down, alright?"

He nods and we leave the locker room. We pass the food table and as we pass it, he grabs a bagel off the table. As we reach his desk we quickly sit down and he speaks.

"Alright. What is it?" he quickly grabs a pen and notepad.

"Um, we found out that all the girls were all calling some burner phones. We also found out where the last girl's phone is. I traced it to be in a field 20 miles from here. And then we got the latest victim, Madeleine Force, Mimi for short. Both her and her dog was killed, but the dog had some blood on its teeth and we have yet to get a result back from the lab. And then we have you guys for everything else." I say calmly.

"Wow, um that was.....a lot. How come we didn't know there was another victim?" he asks, confusion in his eyes.

"You see, our boss is personal friends with them so they trusted us more because of that. And we're friends with Tiffany Hwang, Mimi's friend." I reply.

"Did you know your case went with ours?" he asks.

"Nope. I didn't know til this morning. I would've told you guys if I knew." I say, smiling a little.

"Did you know tha-" but he got cut off by none other than Gene.

"Well lookie here. Taehyung, the worst of us all, talking to a officer as if they were friends. Get it through your skull Tae, no one likes your ass. Not even your family." Gene said.

"Wow, rude. Who do you think you are?" Jungkook asks him, eyes flashing dangerously.

"No no. It's alright. But you're wrong about a few things. My family does like me, otherwise they wouldn't be talking to me. Besides, I'm talking to him about the case, we aren't friends." I say.

"Whatever. I can't wait til you find out no one likes you. I'm just waiting til it happens so I can say I told you so. Bye Taehyung."

Gene walks away and leaves the station.

"That guy was horrible. How do you stand him?" Jungkook asks me.

"I normally ignore him, and whenever Jimin is around he wants to fight him. I'm sorry for what I said by the way."

"It's fine, because it's true. But I would like to change that if it's fine with you?" he asks, look nervous.

I smile when I say, "Yes, I would like that. We can officially hang out when we finish this case."

"Agreed. Let's focus on the case now."

Chapter Text

~~~Jimin's POV~~~

I was waiting on Tae to hurry down from talking to the uniforms when I see something pop up on my computer. It read, 'Mr. Park, We would like to invite you to our dealership for you have won yourself a new car!'

"Pfft. Sure I did, what a bunch of morons. Do they think I'm that stupid?" I ask aloud.

"What's wrong Jimin? Everything okay?" Jin asks me with his concern plastered on his face.

"Everything's fine hyung. Just a bunch of scams. I'll be happier though if they would stop calling me and sending me emails. It really bothersome."

While we were talking we hear some heavy thuds coming down the steps following by some others that were much lighter.

"Who's Tae with? Is it a new detective?" Jin asks.

"Hey guys! What's up. I've got someone with me that wants to see what it's like to be one of us. So without further ado, here is Jungkook, a uniform." Tae says with a huge smile on his face.

Me and Jin share a look of disbelief as we see Jungkook walk in shyly. When we met him he was much more confident.

"Hi, I'm Jungkook. Well you know that already since Tae said it. I really wanted to see what it was like to be a detective since Tae told me you guys don't get lockers so I wanted to see for myself."

"Aha, it's fine Jungkook. We can show you the fun parts and the bad ones. Get ready because we're going for a ride to The Forces penthouse." Jin said.

"YEAH! I've always wanted to see the inside of it, granted under better circumstances, but still. Let's grab our equipment and go." Tae said.

"Calm down Tae, we still have to wait on the boss. He won't let us leave unless we finish all the computer work." I say annoyed. The boss is the worst boss ever. Last time we didn't finish our work before leaving he almost fired us. We went to get lunch and he got mad at us because we didn't tell him we were leaving.

"I can finish for you guys. We'll be able to leave within 5 minutes tops." Tae said.

"Are you sure you'll be able to finish all the work? Like how much is it?" Jungkook asks.

"Hm, I'm sure I can. After all I am the best one with computers down here."

"It's true. He is the best. Whenever someone's computer is broke they come to Tae to fix it." I said with pride for my best friend.

"Aw come on guys. You're embarrassing me." Tae says with a slight blush, "But I need you to make the boss doesn't come around so I can do it. If he knows I'm doing you guys would reprimanded for it."

"Alright. Come Jungkook-ah. Let's go upstairs to make sure our boss doesn't come down so we won't get in trouble." Jin says.

"Okay." he says while looking at the ground.

'Cute.' I think.

~~~V's POV~~~

After they leave to go upstairs, I sit in Jin hyung's seat and start working. About 6 minutes of working I finally finish. Then I head to Jimin's seat. I finish within a few minutes because he didn't have much left.

'He could've finished this on his own.' I think while smiling.

I walk upstairs just in time to see the boss coming through the doors. I breathe a sigh of relief.

I walk towards the others waiting patiently.

"Why are you all up here talking when you should be doing your assignments? Do you want to be fired?!" he yells.

"We already finished Sir. We wanting to ask if we can go to the Forces place?" Jimin asks.

"Sir, if I can say something, we finished all of the work you gave us for the next couple of days." I say, hoping we can get out of here faster.

"Hmm, I guess you can go investigate the scene. None officers have stepped foot in there because I want my detectives to go through first. Don't mess anything up." he says while walking away.

"Ugh, after that exchange I got hungry." Jimin says.

"You better not eat anything. I saw the pictures of the scene and they were the most gruesome photos I've ever seen. I got sick just looking at the pictures." Jin says.

"If you say so."

When we started walking towards the door I feel a tug on my sleeve. I turn to see Jungkook standing there looking kinda lost.

"Um, can I ride with you since I only really know you? I just don't feel comfortable around people I don't really know. But I know you more since I talked to you in the locker room."

"Yeah you can ride with me. Just follow me."

"YO! TAE, HURRY YOUR ASS UP!" Jimin yells.

"Really Chim? You could've just said it, I would've heard it." I say with annoyance across my face.

"I like how you get annoyed." he says with a smirk on his face.

"Anyway, Jungkook is riding with me."

"WHAT?! But we're best friends Tae." Jimin says with a pout.

"We'll always be best friends, since I brought him, he's riding with me. Besides I don't you to ruin his innocence."


"Hey, I'm still plenty innocent." Jungkook says with a frown that makes him look even cuter.

"You are just so adorable aren't you!" Jin says from the car.

"We should probably head out." I say.


We get into my car and start our way.

"Your friends are very...loud." Jungkook says.

"Yea but that's what makes us friends. Like how Jin gets loud when he yells at us for throwing things the office or when he laughs, super funny by the way, and how Jimin gets to loud while talking sometimes. Me, I'm always loud." I say.

I can see him taking in all the information I just gave him. I look back at the road before stopping at a red light.

"So you're saying that you all are loud in your own ways but are never in trouble with your boss?" he asks with confusion showing.

"Ha, wouldn't that be nice. No whenever we get caught, we get yelled at all the time. And if we don't someone tells on us, mainly Gene but he only tells on me never telling about Jimin or Jin. But it's fine. I'll get him back one day."

"Was that the who insulted you earlier today? He was super rude." Jungkook says.

"I know. Let's forget about him and focus on the case, okay?"

"Yeah. I can't wait to see the penthouse, but I would've wanted to be here for better things."

I nod while driving to the destination. The rest of the ride was silent.

When we get there I park on the side of the sidewalk and climb out. Jungkook follows suit. We walk towards the building and go inside. We see Jin and Jimin standing there waiting.

"Jimin, Jin we're here. Let's head up, yeah?" I say.

They nod and we get on the elevators and go straight up to the penthouse.

"Woah, I never thought it would be this colorful." Jungkook says.

"Neither did we." Jin says.

"Well, let's go to her room and search."

When we get to her room we see everything all over the place. Clothes strewn across the floor, bed stained with blood, pictures smashed, lamps and tables knocked over. Her room was a total disaster. We looked around to see blood everywhere. On her desk, laptop, walls, just about every single surface in there.

"Oh, um wow. There's a lot blood here." Jungkook says from behind me.

"Well yeah. That's what's at every crime scene we go to. Haven't you every been to one, ya'know being a police officer?" Jimin asks.

"Not yet. They don't think I could handle all the blood and the smell."

"Well when I first saw a crime scene I puked right then and there." I say with a small smile.

"Well I can handle it. I've seen all the pictures. I know what everything will be like." Jungkook says with annoyance laced in his voice.

"Anway, let's get started searching, hm?" Jin asks breaking the tension.

We nod our heads and start looking around. After about an hour I shout.

"I found something!"

"Really? What is it?"

"It's her diary. And it's open to her last entry."

"Her diary, seriously? What good does that do?" Jimin asks looking so done with this.

"You haven't even read what it says. Let me tell you."

"Dear diary,

Today's been kinda strange. Like today in school this one kid Nick kept staring at me smirking. I felt really uncomfortable. Then during lunch he asked me out! Like talk about weird. But what was really strange was this morning. While I was walking to school, a man started following me. I just thought he was a person going for a walk but when I stopped so did he. I started walking faster and he started. I made in the school gates right before he could catch up to me. And when I was leaving school he was there at the gates waiting. I was creeped out but our car was waiting there to take me to my piano lesson. So when we couldn't see him anymore I let out a sigh. After my lesson we went home. I got into the house and ate with the family and went to take a shower. I finished around 9 o'clock, so I climbed bed and wrote in you. But now I'm tired so goodnight, write in you tomorrow.

Sincerely, Mimi."

I finished reading looked up to see their reactions.

"So he was following her. That's new. All the other victims were kidnapped and were talking to him. Maybe he's trying new tactics?" Jungkook says.

"What did you all call him?" Jin asks.

"We called him The Marionette Killer. Because he always went for girls that looked like dolls in a way. The 1st victim had beautiful brown eyes that looked doll like. The 2nd victim had the perfect teeth like a Barbie doll. And the list goes on and on for the others."

"Okay. We now know who he goes for. Doll like girls who are young. That shouldn't be too hard." I say sarcasm dripping from my voice.

"Hey, not every girl has doll like features. Maybe we should look for the mark so I can make sure it is him. Then we start working trying to find what he was wearing that day." Jungkook says, probably pissed.

"Alright, what does it look like?" Jimin asks.

He shows us a picture of a little doll that is mutilated that was drawn on the floor.

"Let's start searching for a creepy ass doll picture." I say, disturbed.

Chapter Text

~~~Jungkook's POV~~~

'I wonder how he got into her room. Don't they have security?' I think while walking around the room looking for more clues to see if it is him.

I look at the people I met awhile ago. Jimin is looking through her notebooks to see if she wrote more on this guy. Jin is inspecting the bed and underneath it. Tae is...I don't know what he's doing. He's just standing there looking up at the ceiling. I shake my head before walking over to him and tapping his shoulder.

"Um Tae? What are you doing?"

He looks at me with a confused look before answering me, "I was looking. He could've changed where he puts his mark and put it somewhere no one would think of."

I think it over before replying, "But how would he even get it up on the ceiling? He probably put it somewhere we've gone over before."

His eyes showed a flash of anger but it's gone as if it was never there. "Look. I'm a detective I think more rationally than most uniforms do. I think through all the options before making a final conclusion," he pauses when I start to open my mouth to retort he continues, "He could've put it in a place no one would think of because he already knows that you guys would look there instead of other places. That's why I was looking up on the ceiling."

I stand there shocked and shake my head to speak.

"Well, since you know so much more than me on where serial killers put their marks, please do show me." I say a little angered he thought I couldn't do my job properly.

He smirks a little and that infuriates me even more before saying, "I will. Follow me Jeon Jungkook."

I follow him as he walks around the things thrown on the floor while looking at the ceiling. He finally stops and looks down at me smiling. He motions up at the ceiling for me to look up. I look up and gasp. Right there hidden very well by some painted flowers.

"How? Just how?" I ask perplexed.

"I'm different than the others. Jimin normally looks around some type of writing. Jin always looks where the crime actually happened. I always do other things. Anyway, JIMIN, JIN!"

They both look at Tae before asking if he found the mark. They walk over and look where he points at and smiles.

"Always the best. See, this is why people always want to work with you on cases. You always do the best when looking for things!" Jimin says, pride evident in his voice.

"Good job TaeTae. You did good. Now let's go so we can tell the uniforms." Jin says with a small smile on his lips.

I stare on in awe from what I've heard. Is he really the best at everything he does?

They look at me and say, "Are you ready to show them? Now that you know it's The Marionette Killer."

I nod and start walking toward the door. I hear heavy footsteps behind me and then feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Jimin and he looks at me with a smile before asking me, "Hey Jungkook. Can I talk to you before we leave? Tae and Jin are going to go down before us."

I hesitantly nod before he pulls off to the side. I see Tae and Jin look over in confusion before continuing walking. He watches them as they left and turns back to me. He looks and me with a cold look which sent shivers down my spine.

"Look. I understand that you've done this a bunch of times looking for marks on serial killers, but we have done a whole bunch of cases that are worse than you could ever imagine. He knows what he's doing. He thinks before he acts. If he doesn't think it will work then he won't do it. But more than often he usually follows through with doing it anyway. Don't make him feel like he isn't doing his job right just because he doesn't do it the way you do it," he pauses and takes a breath before continuing, "He doesn't need another person to tell him he isn't good enough. You hurt him, I will make you beg to die."

After he finishes he turns and walks away leaving me standing there shocked. I start walking towards the elevator and make my way down thinking the entire time on how I should apologize to him. When I get out and go to them I see them all laughing and talking. I look over at Jimin laughing as if he didn't just threaten me a few minutes ago.

'How can someone so sweet looking be so cold.'

"HEY! JUNGKOOK! STOP STANDING THERE AND COME OVER SO WE CAN LEAVE!" Tae says with a boxy smile that makes a small grin to my face.

I start walking and finally get to them and they all hop in the cars. Before I get in I glance at Jimin and see a dangerous look in his eyes. I gulp before getting in the passenger seat. Tae looks over at me with a smile before speaking, "What did Jiminie talk to you about?"

I stare at him thinking about how to respond before I finally pick one. "He just wanted ask me about what we do. He was curious."

Tae looks at me suspiciously before saying a small 'ok' before starting the car and driving. I think of ways to say sorry for doubting him. When I finally open my mouth we are already halfway to the station. 'Now or never.'

"Tae? I'm sorry for doubting your um skills. I didn't mean to do it, but it's just-" I say before he cuts me off.

"It's because I do it the normal way the others all do it. I know, it's all I've heard from Gene. But I always have Chim and Jin there for me. They're my best friends." he says.

I stare at him thinking about how many times he's heard it from Gene. Before I can say something we pull into the station and we all climb of the cars and make our way inside. I never get the chance to tell him because we have to tell the others now that they're all here.

'This should be good...' I think before walking over.

Chapter Text

ALRIGHT CHILDREN! I want you to remember how many detectives there are in the precinct. There is over 200 and 120 of those are men. Around 10 hate Tae one way or another. I will put a list at the end of the names of the men and reasons they hate Tae. You can have fun guessing who it is.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

We got back to the station and see the rest of the uniforms. They're outside looking around for something, or maybe someone.

"What are they doing?" I hear whispered beside me. I glance at him and say, "Maybe they're looking for a certain person on their team? I mean, that's just a guess."

He smiles some before we park and hop out. I see the white-haired one look our way before starting to turn. He whips his head towards us so fast that we both wince. He shouts at the others to gather their attention. When they look at us they start running to us, more specifically, Jungkook. When they reach us, they basically push me out of the way. I step off towards Jimin and Jin who just arrived. I see them looking on confused at the scene before us.

"I know. I guess they freaked out that he wasn't there. Although I don't know why." I say, frowning a little.

"It's fine. I would worry over you two any day if I didn't know where you were going." Jin says.

Me and Jimin give each other a look with an evil glint in our eyes.

"You know what I'm thinking, right Tae?" I practically hear Jimin's voice inside my head.

"Of course! But how shall we do it?" I ask right back.

"Do it when he least expects it. I mean, he's probably going to kill us when the case is over, but it'll be worth it," he replies.

I nod before facing Jin. He gives us this look that practically shouts "Don't even think about doing whatever the hell you're planning". Me and Jimin say together, "What Hyung? We're not gonna do anything. Do you doubt us so?"

"Uh-huh. And I'm not handsome," he says, sarcasm dripping from every word.

We both giggle before noticing that the uniforms went into the station. We sober up some before walking over to the doors, and when we walk in, I notice a little paper stuck in between the door frame. I reach over and pull it out.

"Hey Tae, what's that?"

I shrug before we both start walking slowly, watching me open up the note. When I do both me and Jimin gasp. I drop the note and you see both a note and picture fall down.

"J-Jimin. That was me. I was in my room last night by myself." I say freaking out. Someone had taken a picture of me inside my room reading a book. I know for a fact that I was alone. No one was there.

"Tae, don't freak. Breathe in and out. It was nothing. Maybe it was someone else?" he said, even though I could tell he wasn't so sure himself.

"Hey, boys, what're you do--, oh what's this?" Jin says walking over. He starts to bend down to grab the note and picture before I swoop down and grab it real quick.

He stands up looking at me weirdly, saying, "Tae? Are you okay? What was that paper? Does it have anything to do with the case? And don't lie."

I shake my head saying, "It was nothing Hyung. I just knocked something over." I curse myself because my voice wobbled a lot while saying that.

He looks at me with this steely look we've only seen three times. Now we see it for a fourth time, except it's directed at me, and me alone. I gulp but my heart stops when he speaks.

"Kim Taehyung. You do know that I could easily take it from you by force or you could just give it to me so you don't get hurt. Now, give it to me Taehyung. We don't want what happened to Jared to happen to you now, would we? I don't want to hurt you but I will if you don't give it to me in the next five seconds."

I fumble with the picture before finally being able to give it to him. A mad Jin is a scary Jin. Jared quit after what happened with Jin-Hyung. Jin-Hyung got in trouble and was put on desk duty for a month before he was finally able to join us again. Jared was sexually harassing a few of the women detectives and once went too far. He didn't rape her but he was damn near close to it. Jin-Hyung's very protective of us, especially the women since they can get sexually harassed. I see his eyes widen in surprise before looking at me. I quickly turn my head avoiding his eyes the entire time. When I eventually look up I see both his and Jimin's eyes on me. I blush fiercely before finally gathering my voice and thoughts.

"Jin-Hyung? I didn't want to worry you when we're working on this case."

"You idiot! I love you like a son and you couldn't tell me this because you didn't want attention? Even if you didn't want the attention you'd still get it because of your skills and looks, not to mention your personality. Tae, I would worry about you anyway, even without the picture. I didn't need to see the picture and note to realize something wasn't right. Sometimes you show your emotions on your face clearly. Other times no one can tell what you're thinking because of your stoic face. If you didn't want me to worry, you should've given it to me when I first asked. Let's go get something to eat because all of this made me hungry." Jin Hyung says as he's wiping his tears from his eyes, slowly walking out the door. Me and Jimin just look at each other shell-shocked.

"Did I really piss him off that bad?" I ask in a whisper. I see Jimin nodding his head, opening and closing his mouth, no words even making their way out into the open.

"Let's go. I hear the others making their way over. We need to eat anyway. Come on." he says as he grabs my hands, pulling me out the doors. I look behind and catch Jungkook's eyes before turning around before I could see any question on his face. I don't want to explain to anyone. At least for now. Me and Jimin finally make our way to Jin Hyung's car, seeing him sitting in the driver's seat. Jimin tells me he'll take the front seat and I give him a look of thanks. We climb in and head off to our usual place.


When we reach the pizza place we park in our spot and head in. I see our friends, the EXO group. They're called EXO because that's the name of the pizza place. They have others in different cities.

"Hey, guys! What's going on down at the station?" Baekhyun asks as he walks over.

"You know the Marionette killer case?" I ask. He nods his head. "We're on the case because the uniforms are investigating it and our case goes with it. It's very strange to be working with them you know?"

"I see. Who died this time?"

"The Force's daughter, Mimi."

"Really? Who would want to hurt them?" Chanyeol asks.

"That's what we're wondering, too," Jimin replies.

We look at them standing there staying quiet and still before Jongin speaks up.

"What if they pissed someone off but no one knew? I mean, they've had to piss off someone before, right? Nobody's perfect."

'He's got a point..' I think.

"I agree with him guys. I mean, how many people have we pissed off? We're just doing our jobs and we get backlash." Jin says.

"Jongin's right. I doubt they're perfect. They might seem that way but no one's ever perfect." Kyungsoo speaks up.

Everyone nods with his statement and I finally say, "Guys, how would you like to help us with another case?"

"Are you sure your boss will be ok with it?" Jongdae asks, concern clear on his face.

"What he doesn't know won't kill him. Besides, the only time he pays attention to us is when we seem to piss him off." Jimin says.

I can see all of them starting to get excited, ready to help. We know how risky it is to have them help but we're gonna need all the help we can get.

"Didn't you guys come here for food, too?" Minseok asks.

"Shit, we gotta eat quickly before boss gets back! We want our usual." I say. They just laugh at us, shaking their heads.

"We always have your usual ready. Channie, go get it. And don't drop it please." Baekhyun says, smiling at his boyfriend.

Chanyeol huffs out a, "I'm not going to drop it." The rest of us laugh at him before he turns around, a small smile on his face.

After a couple of seconds, he comes back with our pizza. We sit down at the counter and continue to talk with each other until more customers come in. We finish our food before paying and walk to the car. As we get closer, we see something on the car.

"What's that? A note?" I ask. Jimin just shrugs before Jin grabs it. His face falls before looking at me. I look at him confused when he holds the note out toward me. I take and look down, my breath hitching. There I am, standing in my kitchen, drinking tea. My hands start shaking before I look at them.

"I'm gonna need a place to stay at," I say, voice wavering. Jimin looks at me and says, "You can always stay with me TaeTae. I don't mind." I look at him gratefully, nodding my head.

"We gotta go guys. We'll continue this later." Jin says, face still pale. We both nod our heads before we hop into the car.

~~~Killer's POV~~~

'He should know. He shouldn't be here. He doesn't need to be alive.'

The man walks around the room before he looks at his new victim. She's a beautiful girl, with the lips of a beautiful porcelain doll. So glossy and plump. She has blood red hair, which is soon going to be covered in the liquid. Her pretty eyes glassy from tears.

"Don't cry beautiful. You have such gorgeous eyes." I say. She just starts crying harder and I slowly feel my anger building. I grit my teeth before I give a tight smile. I look at her with an evil glint in my eyes. She starts to struggle, pulling against the rope and chair.

"You shouldn't cry. It'll ruin your pretty face, sweetie. We don't want that now, do we?" I say. I start walking towards her and grab a little knife. Her beautiful blue eyes widen in fear, which only makes me want to hurry and make them look better, with pain in them.

"You know, I love girls who look perfect. The last girl who went was loved by everyone. Do you know the Force's? Their daughter just... She made me feel things that I wanted to do. Couldn't though. Don't wanna be caught."

When I reach her, I slowly trail my gloved hand down the side of her face, watching her move her head away from my touch. I grab her face tightly and jerking her face toward me.

"Did I say you could move?" I growl. She shakes her head no, making me hum.

I move closer to her face and whisper, "It was nice having you here, gorgeous. But you've overstayed your welcome."

She starts begging me although it's muffled from the tape. I give a smile and stab her multiple times in the chest. Loving the way her hair matched the color of her blood.

I sigh and start cleaning up. I grab the mop and bleach, pouring it in a bucket and water into another. After 30 minutes I finish.

"Now only to deal with her," I say, sighing.

~~~Jungkook's POV~~~

When we get back to the station we get bombarded by Yoongi-Hyung, Hoseok-Hyung, and Namjoon-Hyung. I don't even get a word in before being bombarded with questions.

"Where were you, Kook?! We looked everywhere!" Namjoon-Hyung asks.

"Kook, you should've called and told us," Hoseok-Hyung says.

"They're right Jungkook. You should've notified us." Yoongi-Hyung says.

I didn't notice that we walked into the station before I being pushed down into my seat. I tell them everything, them looking at me in amusement from the locker room incident. I start to blush once they start teasing me, but it stops soon after when we hear shouting coming from the other side of the room. We look over and watch and Tae is being yelled at by Jin-Hyung.

'I wonder what happened?'

"Hey Jungkook," Yoongi-Hyung says, but I don't hear him. I'm too focused on Tae and what's going on. I then see Jin-Hyung walk towards the door and Tae and Jimin-Hyung look at each other shocked. They start to walk out and I catch Tae's eyes but he looks away quickly. I frown.

"Jungkook. Listen to me," Yoongi-Hyung says to me.

"Sorry Hyung. I was thinking."

"Sure. Anyway, weren't those the detectives you were hanging out with?" Yoongi-Hyung asks. I nod at him before he continues, "You should introduce us that way we can get to know each other since we're working on the case together."

"Of course. Speaking of that, they found some stuff out and told me to tell you everything when you got back." I say as I'm handing them the notepad. They look over it and furrow their brows.

"Why did you write Tae on here? Is he one of the detectives?" Namjoon-Hyung asks. I start to blush fiercely and I see them look at me in amusement as I try to stutter out an answer. Hoseok-Hyung eventually takes pity on me and starts talking.

"Let's leave him alone about his 'Tae' and continue using the clues."

I start choking and coughing when he says that. They start to laugh at my embarrassment and turn away. I turn toward my desk and pout while my cheeks are flaming. I slowly start my work using all the clues Tae gave us. I start to smile thinking about Tae.

~~~Next Victim's POV😭😭~~~
"I said no! I don't want to go out with you, now leave me alone." I shout into my phone.

"But Addie! I love you! I want you!" my annoying co-worker says. I sigh but before I can retort I hear someone walking towards me. I already know who it is.

"Hey, Matt. Will you do me a favor?"

"I'll do anything for you. What do you need?"

"I'm going to tell you where I'm at and you're going to write it down ok? Don't try to come for me, but if you hear me starting to scream, call the police. Understand?" I say, voice starting to slowly shake.

"Addie? What do you mean if I hear you start to scream? But I'll help. Just tell me where."

"Someone's following me. I'm on Samcheong-dong, near that one antique store."

"Alright, I know where you're at. I've been to that store."

"Stay on the phone with me, don't hang up or anything ok? Just make sure you know where I'm at. Also, I need you to tell the boss that I won't be in for work, und--" I say, not getting to finish my sentence, someone grabbing me from behind. I start to scream as loud as I can.

"MATT! HURRY!!" I continue to scream, hoping that he'll let me go. But fate is not on my side.

"Shh. You're ok, all you're going to do is go with me, you'll like it there," he says to me. I'm still screaming, tears streaming down my face. I continue to struggle against him before I feel him insert something into my neck.

"Just sleep and everything will be fine," he whispers, my eyes slowly drooping.

'I'm so sorry mom, dad, everyone. I'll miss you.' I think already resigning to my fate.

~~~Police Operator POV~~~

I'm sitting there waiting for calls how one does. As my eyes are starting to fall shut the phone rings.

"This is the police, what's your emergency?"

"I was talking to my coworker and she said that someone was following her. She told me to write down where she was at in case something and told me if she starts to scream call you. I stayed on the phone with her before she was telling me something when she was suddenly cut off. She starts screaming and I hung up and here I am." the man said breathing heavily.

"Can you tell me where she said she was at and I'll send someone over there at once," I reply already getting the other phone ready.

"She said she was on Samcheong-dong. She was walking home from work," he says with his voice cracking. I wince before telling him I sent someone. He thanks me and hangs up. I sigh before walking over to the food table and get myself a cup of coffee.

'I hope that poor girl ends up fine...'

~~~Namjoon's POV~~~

"Hey, guys. Do you think we should head to the detective group? That way we can talk?" I ask raising my head. They all turn to face me before Hoseok nods and starts to jump in place.

"I'm ready! I can't wait to see them and what they do!" he says.

"Let's go," I say, already walking to the stairs. We all walk down the stairs hearing shouting.

"What the fuck Gene?! Did you seriously fuck up his papers so he can't finish?!"

"So what if I did? He deserves it. Don't you see that?" this Gene person says. I see out of the corner of my eye Jungkook tense up and his eyes flash with anger.

"No! I don't see what you fucking see! Leave him alone before you get hurt! Karma will come and bite you in the ass. Just stop it!" the first voice says. When we finally reach the bottom of the stairs, we're met with Jimin and this man across from him, tension thick in the air. I watch them with bated breath ready to intervene if necessary before Taehyung comes and talks.

"Jimin, let him go. He can't help it if he doesn't have a brain to understand such complex sentences. You must remember that not everyone has a good brain. Now Gene. Your opinion doesn't matter, because everyone here likes me except you. I don't need you to like me." When Taehyung finishes the guy, Gene, suddenly punches Taehyung. Soon a fight breaks out. The entire detective side on Taehyungs side trying to push Gene off while some are pulling Gene off. When they finally detach them Jimin lunges at Gene. Everyone has to try just as hard as they had to with Gene and Taehyung. After a couple of more seconds, they're finally apart. Four people are dragging Gene away and everyone else is helping Taehyung sit up.

"TaeTae are you ok? I should've beat him more, shouldn't I?" Jimin says.

"I'm fine Chim. I'll just have to have the ME look at my nose to make sure it's not broken." Taehyung says wincing while moving his nose.

Yoongi suddenly clears his throat. Every pair of eyes stares at us. I shift a bit awkwardly, not really enjoying this.

"I'm so sorry. We didn't mean for you guys to see that, now did we. Everyone," Jin says, "what are you supposed to be doing now?"

"Working." everyone says.

"Yes. Now children, shouldn't you be doing that now?" he asks with this air that makes you want to listen to him.

"Yes mom." they all say. We choke a little hearing that and they look at us funny before going to work. Jin, Jimin, and Taehyung turn towards us.

"Hello. What can we help you with boys?"

"Um..well we actually came to talk with you about the case? I mean if you're not busy of course." I say, blushing.

"Of course. Jimin, take Tae to the ME. When you're done come back."

"Yes mom." both of them say before Jimin picks Taehyung up off the floor and takes him downstairs.

We turn back at Jin and he smiles. That smile makes me smile before I feel a jab in my ribs, turning to see Yoongi is the culprit. He looks at me with this look that says "what the fuck?" and I turn away.

"Now that we're here might I suggest a place we go and talk?" he asks.

"Of course Hyung," I reply.

"Good. You know that pizza place, EXO? We'll go there. In fact, I'll give them a call right now."

"But aren't they closed right now Hyung?" Jungkook asks confused.

"We're friends with the owners. Now let me call them. Excuse me." he says pulling his phone out. He quickly calls them and smiles. He says something that we can't hear before hanging up.

He opens his mouth but before he can say anything he's interrupted by the other two.

"Hey, we're back! Thankfully his nose is not broken, only busted. Now, where are we going? To EXO?" Jimin asks.

"Of course we are Chim. Where else?" Taehyung answers, making a 'duh' face at him. Jimin just smacks him on the head. Everyone but us laughs at them, saying that there they go again.

"Junmyeon called everyone and is meeting us there. Let's go boys." Jin says while Jimin and Taehyung cheer about pizza.

"Come on. Don't want to waste any more time." Jin says as he passes us. I follow right behind him hearing snickering from behind me. I turn and glare at the culprits and see the youngest two detectives doing it, looking at me amused. I turn back around and continue to walk. We finally make it to the cars and decide to carpool. Jin, me, Hoseok in one car while the other four in the other car.

"Let's go."


~~~Jimin's POV~~~

We make it to the pizza shop and see them already there before the 7 of us park.

"About time you made it. We've been waiting for an hour!" Baekhyun says, faking everything making us laugh. As they unlock the shop we all walk in. They lock the door behind us and we walk down to the lounge. When we get down and comfortable we start.

"Alright, now here's what we've got now," I say. But before I can continue a voice interrupts me.

"Um..we're not allowed to tell civilians anything," Namjoon-Hyung says.

"Ah. These are the uniforms you told us about. Nice to meet you. Let us introduce ourselves. I'm Junmyeon and the man next to me is Kris, my husband, the tall red-haired person over there is Chanyeol and the man in his arms is his boyfriend Baekhyun, the one with blond hair is Jongin and his boyfriend Kyungsoo is the one next to him, those two sitting in front of the couch is boyfriends Minseok and Jongdae, and over there in that small corner talking is Sehun and his boyfriend Luhan, those two over standing by the stairs is Tao and Yixing. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to business. What's going on? You got anything new?" Junmyeon asks.

"Yes and no. We found out that the man is around 5'11" and around 174 pounds. He wears a mask and gloves. He's smart. We still don't know how he gets them though and how he chooses them. We're stumped on how he does everything though." Jin says.

They all nod before we all start throwing out ideas. Not long after the other 4 starts throwing their ideas as well.

"What if he hits them in the head?" Baekhyun asks.

"That's not possible Baek. They would have revealed that to us. Besides, they weren't hit with anything." Jongdae says.

"What if they were poisoned?" Sehun asks. "Nevermind. That's stupid because you would've mentioned it before."

"I think they were stabbed beforehand. I mean weren't they stabbed when you found them?" Minseok mentions.

I shake my head saying, "Not all. Some were choked, poisoned, their throat slashed."

"Chim's got a point. Guys, what should we do?" Yixing says.

"Maybe they were drugged?" I hear from my left. I look over and see Namjoon-Hyung looking around nervously. We all think for a moment before Tae suddenly jumps up.

"Guys! He could've used a sedative to get them. I mean yea he obviously struggles since the video was seen. But to get them to wherever he takes them like that? Yea, not possible. Namjoon-Hyung is right." he says.

"Now that we know what he uses, we just need to find out how he chooses his victims and why he does it," Yoongi-Hyung says.

'God, even his voice is hot! Stop it! You're only working with him. Nothing more.' I think.

"Oh shit! It's almost 11! We gotta get back to the station before boss loses his mind! Thanks again guys for helping. We'll be needing it again in the future. Bye!"

We start rushing to get out and so are they. When we gather everything, Tae stops and says something.

"Everyone. I have an announcement to make. Someone has been taking pictures of me and putting them around the station and stuff. The pictures are of me in my house. I think we all need protection so we should stay somewhere safe. Any ideas?"

Everyone starts thinking before Baekhyun says, "We can stay at my place in the woods! No one knows where it's at and if you don't know the way you'll get lost and can't find your way out. But I suggest we stop driving around 2 hours away because there's a hidden garage underneath the ground. We'll get to the house that way."

We all say our agreements before we all leave, saying our good nights. We get in our cars and head back to the station. When we get there we go to our respective areas. Me and Tae sit down in our seats while Jin grabs some papers to write some things before we finish our work and go home. I look over and see the guys packing up, their shift have ended. We wait for them to walk over to us. When they get there we all start walking to our own cars, talking about the case some more before we get in our cars, mine following Tae's.

~~~Addie's POV 😭😭~~~

After I told Matt to call the station, I woke up tied to a bed blindfolded.

'What? Why am I tied to the bed?' I think.

As soon as I finish my thought, I hear a door open. Footsteps start making their way to me.

"Who are you?! What are you going to do?!" I yell.

"Addie. You're so gorgeous. I love the way your body looks. So perfect, blemish free, slim, just like a perfect Barbie." he says to me. I recognize his voice but can't remember.

"You're that one killer. The Marionette Killer, right?" I ask.

"I'm so glad you recognize me. I've always thought you were amazing. What with your perfect curly hair, beautiful eyes, body. Just you. The only thing that wasn't pretty is your drinking habit and temper."

"I don't have a drinking problem or temper!" I say.

"There's your temper! Always getting so worked up when you get told something you don't like! If you weren't bitchy, you'd be perfect. But no! You are just like every other woman."

"I am not! Let me go!" I shout, slowly getting angry. I hear the bed creak and feel a hand creeping up my leg.

"You know, Addie. No one deserves you. But I don't care. I'm going to take you by force if needed. Now, just be good and it'll be over quickly." he says, squeezing my leg while emphasizing every word.

"What do you mean?" I whisper.

"I'm going to appreciate your body. Don't worry, no one will bother us," he says. I can hear the smile in his voice. I start to whimper before I shout.

"Don't touch me! You can't touch me!" He grabs my leg harshly and I let out a pained yelp.

"I said to be good," he growls. He slowly makes his hands up to the hem of my skirt, before sliding his hands underneath. I try to move away but remember I'm tied down.

"Please don't do this." I whimper out.

He just chuckles before taking his hand out. He moves his hand to the waistband before ripping it off. He then moves to my shirt, slowly touching my stomach.

"Don't worry Addie. I'll take real good of your body. And no one will know it's me."

I start to whimper before I finally scream from pain.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

"Chim, should I pack all my clothes? Or just half?"

"Do like a third of your clothes. We can get the rest later. Now hurry." Chim says. I nod and stuff the clothes in my duffel bag and grab all the necessities and then we leave. When we get to his house we quickly eat, change, and flop onto his bed before getting comfy and quickly fall asleep.


I wake up feeling an arm squeezing the life out of me. I open my eyes and see Jimin before pushing him off only for him to whine.

"Chimmmmm! Come on! We gotta go meet with everyone to go to Baek's house. Now get up." I start to push him off again, him finally giving in and rolling off....into his floor.

"Hahahahahahaha Chim! Oh my God!" I say, dying of laughter. He gets up and glares at me with a pout. I coo at him and he just starts spouting off how unfair life is to him and everything. I just smile before getting ready. After like an hour we finally leave and head to the place we all agreed upon meeting. The pizza shop is closed on Sundays. We see everyone there and all of us gathered around an outside table. We talk over the plan and we decided to take three vans to get us to the halfway point. After a couple more hours, we finally part ways. The seven of us then decide to go get all our stuff for our stay at Baek's house, minus me and Chim. After everyone grabs their stuff we head to the station and get to work.

~~~Kook's POV~~~

We go to our homes to grab our stuff and then head to the station. We decide to put all our bags in Hoseok-Hyung's car. We go to our areas and start. About thirty minutes in, I see Gene walking over. So does Hoseok-Hyung because he taps both Yoongi-Hyung and Namjoon-Hyung on the shoulder. We all look at him before he looks at us saying, "You know, why do you like that annoying pest Taehyung? How can you stand him? He just bugs everyone. Do you pity him? Is that why?"

We look at him and as I open my mouth to speak I hear Yoongi-Hyung say, "We don't give a shit about what you think. If anyone's annoying, it's you. And if you don't like him, ignore him. And from what I saw, everyone hates you, not him. Now, would you please leave? Your face is making me even angrier than I already am."

Gene looks pissed but before he gets to say anything we hear his boss yell at him for not working. He looks at us one last time, glaring hardcore. He finally disappears downstairs, making us sigh.

I look at all of them before I turn around. As we're working I hear our boss start yelling about how we have another case and he wants us and the others on the scene at once. We gather our things before Namjoon-Hyung gathers the others. We all head to our respective cars and go to the scene. As we reach the scene we see a young woman's body in the alleyway we approach.

"This is the woman who went missing last week, right?" Hoseok-Hyung asks. The people around us nod. "Alright, everyone, start looking around the body for any pictures, clothing not from her, blood, anything. Just make sure it's our guy. Move out." Everyone starts moving around the scene, gathering evidence.

~~~Jin's POV~~~

"Alright, you know the drill. Look around the area in your way, if you find anything make sure you tell me before everyone else. We don't need all the uniforms looking and trying to take it away, just Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jungkook. Understood?" I say.

"Sir, yes sir!" they reply at the same time. I nod before waving them off. I see everyone walking around and notice something off to the side. I walk over and it's a rock that's got something written on it. It looks fresh. I go to it and it says, 'You'll never catch me. You should just go ahead and give up.' I walk over to Namjoon and show him. He puts it in a bag before shouting at someone to come and gather it.

"So, how does it feel to lead a group of people? I mean I kinda do downstairs but still."

"Well it's difficult at times, but I love it. It makes me happy to know people rely on me. Makes me feel useful." he says, a small smile on his lips. I smile at him as he looks at the group.

"So. Let's get back to work, we'll never find clues standing here." I say, interrupting his thoughts, making him look at me sheepishly. He nods before looking back with a serious look making his way to the alleyway.

We continue to walk around, looking for any clues.

~~~Joon's POV~~~

"Guys. Have any of you found anything?" I ask.

"No, we haven't sir. He's making it harder for us to find things!" Hyori, one of my officers says. I sigh before telling them to continue.

I walk over to my group and ask them, "What about you guys? Found anything?"

I see Jimin and Taehyung look at each as if they're having a silent conversation. After a couple of seconds Jimin sighs and nods at Taehyung. I see him turn to us, opening his mouth saying something shocking.

"It's him. But...there's something you should know about the girl. She worked at the office. With you guys. She was pregnant too, far enough you could see the baby bump."

We stand there frozen. We start thinking back through our memory, trying to remember her face. Eventually, Hoseok pipes up.

"I remember her! She was that one really cute secretary that made the appointments for people to see the captain. She also worked at a bar to make more money."

"I remember her now too! She was always super nice to everyone, as long as you didn't make her mad. She always made us food if we worked overtime." Jungkook mentions.

"Now all we gotta do is find out if it's our guy," Yoongi says, a frown on his face.

"You don't need to look. We already found it. Well more like Jimin did. It's over here." Taehyung said, making a motion for us to follow. As we're walking further down the alley, he suddenly stops. We all bump into him, asking why the hell he stopped. He just points up at something on the wall.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

Me and Jimin are looking for anything and everything, trying to figure out where the drawing is. Or who the girl is. As we're looking around the girl I notice I've seen her at the station before. I tap Jimin and he looks at me.

"Doesn't she look familiar Chim? I've seen her at the station."

"She does but I don't know her. I do remember her behind the desk though."

"Exactly. If I remember correctly her name's Addie and she was a secretary for the captain. She was recently dumped because she's pregnant. She had to work at a bar when she was off duty because she needed extra money. The only thing he could've killed her for is her eyes, smile, hair, and body. Anyway, we should tell them, right?"

"But we have to tell Jin first though. He told us that," he replied.

"True. But I think this thing should be shared with all of them at the same time. But first, let's look for the drawing." After I say that we look around more. We both look around the walls since no one else is. Some of the uniforms snicker at us thinking we're crazy.

'Yea and when we find it you won't be laughing.' I roll my eyes.

"Hey, Tae! Come here!" I hear Jimin say from the other side of the alley. I jog to him and he points at something on the wall. I look up and see something scratched into the wall.

"I'm going to give you a boost ok? Ready?" he says. I nod my head before he bends down for me to get on his shoulders. Once he stands back up I see the doll in orange and it's fresh. I tap his head to let me down. After that, we hear Namjoon-Hyung ask his group of people if they found anything. No one found anything. We look at each other and see him walking over. We go to our group, waiting for him.

"What about you guys? Found anything?" he asks.

Me and Jimin look at each other.

"Should we tell him? I mean we didn't even tell Jin." Jimin asks.

"But he asked if we found anything and we did! I don't think Jin will care at this moment." I reply.

"Fine. But if he shouts at us you pay for lunch an entire week."


Jimin sighs and I turn towards the others starting, "It's him. But...there's something you should know about the girl. She worked at the office. With you guys. She was pregnant too, far enough you could see the baby bump."

I see the others freeze in shock. After a few moments though, Hoseok-Hyung says, "I remember her! She was that one really cute secretary that made the appointments for people to see the captain. She also worked at a bar to make more money."

"I remember her now too! She was always super nice to everyone, as long as you didn't make her mad. She always made us food if we worked overtime." Jungkook mentions.

"Now all we gotta do is find out if it's our guy," Yoongi says, a frown on his face.

"You don't need to look. We already found it. Well more like Jimin did. It's over here." I said, making a motion for them to follow. As we're walking further down the alley, I suddenly stop. They all bump into me, asking why the hell I stopped. I just point up at something on the wall.

They all look up and their eyes widen. Yoongi-Hyung looked at us about to ask a question when Namjoon-Hyung opens his mouth.

"How the hell did you find that Jimin?"

"Me and Tae are really good partners so we know what and where to look at. In this case the walls. Everyone in your team is looking on the ground. That's where they all expect it to be. They never think it could be on the wall. They don't think outside the box like we do." he says.

"Aww, Chim! I'm glad you feel that way!" I exclaimed, wiping away a fake tear. He just looks at me before we both burst out giggling.

When we finally stop we see everyone looking at us, Jin with a fond smile while the others look at us like we're crazy.

"Ok...? Shouldn't we get pictures of the mark?" Jungkook asks, a confused expression on his face. We nod and start taking the pictures.


After three hours of looking around the crime scene, we finally leave.

"Finally! Now we can sit down and rest!" I shout as we walk down the stairs. The rest of the group stayed upstairs to work.

"Taehyung! I need your help! My computer froze again and won't work!" one of our co-workers, Bora, yells. I can tell she's stressed from the frazzled look on her face. I nod and head over, already thinking of ways to fix it.

"Alright, Bora. What happened this time?"

"Well I was working on some of the files for one of the cases I'm working on and then suddenly it froze! I kept trying the ways I heard to do from some people before since you weren't here but nothing's worked! I don't know what's happened and I need these files to be done by tonight or I'll be in trouble."

I listen and nod before I reply, "Well I can let you use my extra one so you can finish them up. Let me take your computer with me for the day and I'll figure out a way to fix it."

"Thank you, Tae. I love you so much for this. It's in your usual place, right?" she asks.

I smile at her nodding, watching her walk over to my desk before getting down and grabbing it from a drawer I have underneath. I grab her computer, forcibly turning it off. I unlock my bag before putting the computer in it and locking it.

"Alright, everyone! I've got an announcement to make!" our boss shouts. Everyone stops and looks at him. "I got promoted, so I no longer have to deal with you brats. Until you all get a new boss, the police captain will be watching over you. Which means Taehyung, Jimin you need to be on your best fucking behavior, understand? I don't need him thinking I did a shitty job on the job."

"Of course Sir. Why would we do anything differently?" me and Jimin ask, batting our eyelashes. He just glares before groaning and turning around.

"Jin, since you're the oldest out of everyone you'll be in charge," he says before going upstairs.

When he finally leaves everyone automatically pulls out their phones and texts our group chat, excluding Gene since he's a dick, talking about throwing a party to celebrate.

Me🐅: Alright! Where are we gonna party?

Jiyoo🐁: I have a place that's by the lake. No one but me and my family knows where it's at

Seohyun🐇: I'm down! I'll bring the drinks

Kyuchul🐂: I'll brink some special drinks. The place got a bar?

Jiyoo🐁: Yea. It's got 2 fridges so bring as many drinks you want

Jimin🐕: Ay I got you. I got some hardcore shit that'll knock you off your feet.

Me🐅: Alright. We got the place, I'll bring food. Jin, Byunghoon, Daehyun you're gonna help me. So get your car heaters ready because they'll be on full blast with the pizza.

Byunghoon🐉: Got it. But how many pizzas are we talking?

Daehyun🐖: Yea. I need to know that way I know which car to take.

Me🐅: Well if everyone's going then maybe 100? All different flavors of course.

Jin🐑: Why don't I have a say?

Bora🐧: Bc mama Jin, you wouldn't want us to starve, would you?

Jin🐑: ...

Jiyoo🐁: Alright here's the address. 16 ××××× road. Don't forget to turn right at the first crossroads. At the second turn left and then right again.

Everyone: understood! Bye guys

After we all stop texting we continue to work. Around an hour or so later, Yoongi-Hyung comes downstairs looking at everyone who's smiling. He walks over to Jimin and starts talking.

'Aw. Jiminie is gonna have a boyfriend by the end of this. I can tell.' I think before continuing my work.

~~~Jiminie's POV~~~

We all finish talking in the group chat before continuing our work. I don't know how much time had passed when I see Tae look up at the stairs, so naturally, I follow. I see Yoongi-Hyung standing on the stairs, looking over everyone. I stare at him before he looks at me and starts walking over. My breath hitches and I move my eyes back to my screen.

"Hey, Jimin. Why's everyone so smiley and happy?"

"Umm well. Our boss, well ex-boss now, just got promoted so we no longer have to work with him. He hates me and Tae, everyone hates him so the feeling is mutual."

I see him stand there for a second before talking.

"So you guys just lost your boss and no one is supervising you guys?"

"Oh no. The captain is watching us until we get a new boss."

"I see. Well, I hope you get a new boss who doesn't hate you. I'll see you later. Bye Jimin." he says walking away.

"Bye Yoongi-Hyung! See you later." I shout. I sigh when he disappears and look over at Tae to see him looking at me with a look.

"Shut up Tae."

"I didn't say anything though."

"You didn't have to. I know what you were thinking." He just laughs at that before he rolls his chair over to me.

"So Chim. How do you plan to get him? I'm pretty sure he likes you too. He looks at you a lot."

"He also looks at Namjoon-Hyung, Hoseok-Hyung, Jin, you, and Jungkook," I say looking at him.

"You're not understanding me here Chim. I'm saying that out of me and Jin, he looks at you the most," he says sighing.

"Whatever you say. Now, let's go out and get lunch. We need to talk to the team." I say. He nods and we say bye to everyone before heading up.

"Guys. We're going to get lunch. Let's go." I hear Tae say as he's walking towards the door.

All of them slowly get up from their seats before grabbing some files to take with us. After that, we all file out and get in our cars before driving to EXO.


"So you want a double tossed pan pizza with triple the sauce and triple everything on it? Are you sure? That's going to be over $40 or even 50." I hear Yixing ask the man.

"Yes, I know how much it's going to cost. And don't you make the pizza the way the customers want? Now stop standing here and go make it!" the man shouts, making those around him look at him in disgust for being so disrespectful.

"I'll be back with your food sir in about 30 or so minutes," Yixing says while giving a little bow. Before he can turn, however, the man loses his shit on him.

"What do you mean 30 or so minutes?! If it takes that long you won't be getting paid!" he shouts.

"Sir, all the toppings will take longer to cook. So I'm asking you to be patient."

"I want to talk to your manager."

"Sure, I'll bring him here now."

I turn toward everyone else and we just start giggling before turning back to the man. We can see the others all confused before watching too. We see Junmyeon walk over.

"Hello, sir. May I ask what's wrong?" he asks with a smile.

"Your dumbfuck employee over there," he says pointing, "kept giving me attitude. Kept acting like I was stupid as if I didn't know what I wanted to eat. Then he was telling me that I'd have to pay extra just because he didn't like me! You better fire him or I'll have this place shut down."

I see Junmyeon stand there for a second before saying.

"I'm sorry, but I can't fire him. You see, this place is run by me and my employees. I also know that you were lying just now."

"Don't you know what I can do?! I can have this place shut down with the snap of a finger!" he shouts, face red with anger.

"No, you can't. This is a private business, so unless I want to shut it down, there's nothing you can do. Now, you can either apologize to my co-owner or you can get the fuck out. Choose." Junmyeon says with a sickly sweet smile.

"My man, just fucking apologize! You're not gonna win this fight." some random woman yells. Pretty soon you can hear all the people telling him to apologize. Instead, he gets up, shouting about how the owners are so rude.

After everyone quiets down, they both walk over to us.

"That was pretty badass guys. When is the mid-point closing time?" I ask.

"It's in about 20 minutes. We need to go ahead and start making y'alls food. We know yours but what about you four?"

"Cheese," Jungkook says.

"Everything except the peppers," Namjoon-Hyung says.

"Cheese for me too," Yoongi-Hyung says.

"Pepperoni for me," Hoseok-Hyung says.

They nod before shouting it to Kyungsoo. You can faintly hear him shout back an ok. Some new people come in and ask for some pasta that doesn't take long to make.

"So, do you want us to go ahead down or wait?" Jin asks.

"You can go on. We're going to start ushering those who finished on out. They're regulars so they know the drill."

We nod and start walking, all thinking about the case and how we're gonna solve it.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

After that whole show, we make our way down. Halfway down I trip which makes Jimin trip on me. Jin stops after seeing me trip, telling the others to stop.

"Damn it Tae! What'd you trip over?!" Jimin yells from on top of me.

"It's dark, how the hell am I supposed to know?!" I shout back. He just hits me in the back before pulling me up with him.

"You're lucky it was just like four or five steps. Otherwise, I'd have to beat your ass."

I look at him with puppy eyes while pouting saying, "Sorry Chim. I didn't mean it."

He looks at me like I'm stupid. I sigh before saying sorry again and continuing to walk. When we get to the lounge everyone is already there except for Kyungsoo, Jongin, Junmyeon, and Yixing.

"Hey, guys, what's going on?" Baekhyun asks from Chanyeol's lap.

"We need help again. We found some stuff out and need you to go out to a place." Namjoon-Hyung says.

"I got you. Just tell me where and I'll go." Jongdae says.

"Well, she worked at the bar Riley's. She worked at the station too as the secretary for the captain. Her name was Addie. Make sure you're careful though guys, the killer could be lingering there." Jin says.

They all nod and as I open my mouth the rest of the group comes down, shouting about something.

"We have a problem! People are throwing things out front at the store! The windows won't last long!" Junmyeon shouts.

"What are you talking about?!" I yell.

As soon as that sentence leaves my mouth, we hear some glass shatter.

"Come on, you know the way, right?" Chanyeol asks.

Everyone but the other's nod and rush over to the wall mirror. Yixing pushes on the farthest mirror and it opens up.

"Why do you guys have secret doors?" I hear Yoongi-Hyung ask.

"That's not important. What's important is that we get out alive. Let's go." Namjoon-Hyung says.

We all rush in, thanking God we didn't take the files out of our bags. We run to the far end of the hall and wait for them to get there.

"Ok. The door is closed now. We're going to turn left here." Junmyeon says.

After he says that we can hear all the guys in the lounge shouting. We all run the ways Junmyeon tells us.

"Tae, run faster! We gotta hurry." Jimin tells me.

"You think I didn't know that?! It's dark and I don't wanna trip!" I whisper-shout.

"It's fine guys, the door is right there. Just push on it in the middle." Minseok says.

I do as he says and we all topple out from behind a warehouse they own. It's close to the shop but far away enough.

"What the fuck was that?! Why did we have to run?!" Hoseok-Hyung asks.

"That guy we pissed of earlier was a CEO of a powerful company which means he'll pay anyone to cause havoc, mostly criminals he's associated with," Baekhyun says, a little annoyed that the man did that.

They all nod before Namjoon-Hyung asks, "What company does he work for?"

I see all of their brain's working before Sehun mentions it.

"He works for the one that sells all these electronics and they're also loan sharks." Sehun answers.

"You mean XFade?" Yoongi-Hyung questions surprised.

"Yea. He's always had it out for us because we wouldn't sell the land to them. He's just being fucking petty in the worst way possible." Kyungsoo says, hatred dripping in every word.

"Anyways, now we have to send a message to everyone in town that we'll be closed for repairs. We're going to be losing so much money." Junmyeon says exasperated. I see Kris wrap his arms around him and hugs him close.

"Don't worry about it now. We must be on our way back. Do you know how to get out of here?" Namjoon-Hyung asks.

"Of course. We have the vans already in the warehouse so we'll just go ahead and take those. Do you all have your bags with you? Or at least in a car, you didn't take?" Luhan says.

"Didn't we put it in Hoseok-Hyung's car?" I ask.

"Yea we did! I was the one who suggested it." Namjoon-Hyung says.

They nod before opening up the side door for us to enter. As soon as we get in all the heat from the weather hits us.

"This feels nice. I've been cold since its been raining so much." Jongin says.

We all nod with him before we go into the office to sit and talk. While we're talking Yixing and Tao go and get the vans.

"So guys. I may have gotten a little bit of a lead?" Jungkook says from next to me, making it sound more like a question than a statement.

We look at him waiting for him to start talking. He starts blushing from all the attention and Jin starts cooing making him blush even harder. I feel bad for him so I ask him what it was.

"I found out that he has dyed hair. I couldn't find out the color. He's also got something in his pocket but I couldn't figure it out." his voice slowly going back to normal.

"You found out his hair is dyed but couldn't tell what's in his pocket when he takes it out?" Yoongi-Hyung asks.

"It was dark but his hair briefly went into some of the light which is how I found out. But it's better than before. Now we know to look at suspects with dyed hair."

"There are so many people out there with dyed hair! How are we supposed to find them?" Yoongi-Hyung asks.

"You've both got good points. But it's true Hyung that Kook did find something, so good job." Namjoon-Hyung says, smiling at him.

Jungkook just flushes at the praise that everyone is giving him. I turn to look at him before opening my mouth.

"You did great Kookie. You look cute when you blush." I smile at him, smirking at him when I notice him flush even more.

"Let's give the poor boy a break guys. He's probably losing blood from how red his face is." Jin says.

"Thank you Hyung," Jungkook says looking at him gratefully.

We all turn toward the middle and start discussing when we should leave tonight.

"I say around 6:30," Baekhyun says.

"Babe, they still have to work at that time. When do you guys get off?" Chanyeol says before asking.

"Me, Jimin, Taehyung get off at 7," Jin says.

"We get off at 7:30. We can all meet up at the station. Then we can leave from there. But just to be sure, wear masks that way if the people start following us they can't see your face. Then you'll drop us off at my house." I say. Everyone nods before we start packing everything up.

We walk to the vans and hop in. I look at the time and see it's almost 6.

'We've been here for over an hour?!' I think.

"We need to hurry back or we'll get in trouble. It's almost 6!" I shout.

I see the panic on everyone's faces as they pale before we all hop in and leave.


We just barely make it in after a few minutes past six. The guys will be waiting for us to give them our bags. As we all file out of the van, we see Tiffany with the other 8 of the girls (OT9 forever). They are the closest girls in the station.

"Hey girls. Going somewhere?" I hear Jimin ask.

"Yea, we're heading to Jessica's house because her place is bigger. We're going to go over a case we're all working on." Taeyeon says.

"What case is it?" I ask.

"It's about some people going missing near Jongno-gu. Some children have been disappearing in their neighborhoods. So far a small neighborhood has completely been kidnapped of all the children." Yoona tells me.

"That's horrible. I feel bad for the parents. How many children so far?" Jimin asks.

"Around 40 now?" Seohyun looks at the other girls to make sure. They all nod.

"Well girls, we won't keep you too long. And did you see the group chat?" Jin asks.

They nod saying they'll be there before we part ways. I look at my watch to see it's almost 6:30.

"Ok, we'll see you guys in an hour. I'm going to grab our bags from Hobi-Hyung's car to give to the others. Anyone wanna help me?" Jungkook asks.

I start to open my mouth before one of the detectives comes to me saying her computer broke down and she needs help. I say bye to the guys and head inside to fix it. I don't see Jungkook's pout.

"Now, let's get started fixing your computer," I say smiling at her.

~~~Kook's POV~~~

After Tae leaves, I start to pout. Everyone looks at me before Jimin-Hyung looks at me smirking.

"So Kook. Why the sad face? Are you upset TaeTae isn't going to help?"

I feel my face heating up while I say a small 'shut up'.

"I'm going to get the bags. Anyone else?"

"I'll go with you. I need something from my car anyway." Hoseok-Hyung says smiling at me. I smile back and we head over.

"So Kook. Seriously though, why are you so upset about Tae not being able to come with you? I mean I have an idea but." Hobi-Hyung asks.

"I'm not. I just wanted someone to come with me." I say.

"Sure. That little pout you did after he couldn't come because he had to fix that girl's computer says otherwise. You wanted him to come with you."

"I did not pout." I saying while pouting.

"Whatever you say. Anyway, let's get the bags and stuff and give them to the guys."

I nod and we grab the stuff. We head to the vans and hand them over before saying bye. We head inside to our desks and get working.


It's almost 7:30 and Tae and the rest of them are up here sitting on the couches. I look at the time on my computer.

'Just 10 more minutes.' I think.

We start working even faster to hurry and finish some of our documents. Finally, it's time to leave.

"Did you call Baekhyun-Hyung yet?" I ask Jin-Hyung.

"They'll be here in a minute."

After 5 or so minutes the vans pull into the parking lot.

"Yay! We can finally leave." Jimin shouts.

"Are you really that happy to go to Tae's house tonight?" Chanyeol-Hyung asks.

"Haha now, thank you guys for taking us to my house," Tae says.

"No problem. Now hop in children, time to drop you seven off." Junmyeon-Hyung says, pushing us into the vans.

'When did he even get out?' I think surprised.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

We get dropped off at my house and say bye to the others. I unlock my front door and invite everyone in.

"Welcome to my humble abode," I say with a flourish.

"Wow Tae! I never knew you were so clean considering how messy your desk is!" Kook says.

Jimin cracks up and Jin just smiles. Namjoon-Hyung starts scolding Kook about how he shouldn't say things like that.

"I'm glad you gave me a compliment to counter the insult." I say.

"Oh, sorry."

We walk to living room and tell them to sit. While we sit and wait for the others to pull up on the other street, we talk.

"So, does everyone have their stuff? We can't make any stops to anyone's house." I say.

Everyone nods and we get a call from Luhan-Hyung saying they're over on the street.

"That was Luhan-Hyung. He says it's time to move out. Grab your stuff and follow me." I say.

I turn off the lights, turn on the TV so it sounds like we're still here and watching a show, and walk out the back door.

"Now where do we go? I don't exactly see how we'll get over to the other street." Hobi-Hyung asks.

I wave them over to where some vines are hanging.

"Are you familiar with the story 'The Secret Garden'? I have a gate behind here." I say before I move them out of the way.

"Whoa! That's so cool Tae! But my question still stands. How will we get over there. There's a backyard between us and the road."

"Me and Tae are friends with her. We would play in her yard all the time as children. Tae eventually moved in the house here." Jimin says.

"So we'll just walk through?" Yoongi-Hyung asks with a doubtful look.

Before I can answer we hear some noise coming from my front yard. We stop and I open the gate, ushering everyone through.

We move slowly through her yard so as to not wake her up. We make it to the gate and jump it.

"Why didn't we just open it?!" Yoongi-Hyung whisper-shouts.

"Hyung, the gate hinges creaks really bad. If we opened it they would've known and she would've woke up." Jimin replies.

He grumbles but nods anyway. I shake my head and we see the vans. Once we make sure the coast is clear, we make a run for it.

This is how we're split up: Van #1-

Junmyeon, Kris, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Namjoon, and Hobi;

Van #2-

Jin, Luhan, Tao, Minseok, Jongdae, and Sehun;

Van #3-

Yixing, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Yoongi, Tae, Jimin, and Kook.

Let's get this show on the road.

~~~Hobi's POV~~~

"Hey, Kyungsoo-Hyung? What should we do about Kook? I mean he likes Tae but he won't admit it," I ask. "I don't understand why Kook can't admit his feelings. It's frustrating. I can see he likes him even though we haven't known each other for long. I'm pretty sure we've all met each other at some point but don't remember."

"I think we have Hobi-Hyung. I mean I remember Kook drooling over one of the detectives." Namjoon says.

"My advice is for you guys to let it flow." Kyungsoo-Hyung says.

"Take it from me and Kris. You shouldn't be wing-men. Just don't." Junmyeon-Hyung says front the front seat.

"You know, when we get there I'm pretty sure some of us will have to share rooms. Which isn't a problem with us since we all have someone but I'm worried about you seven." Kyungsoo-Hyung says.

"Me too honestly," Namjoon says.

I sigh before leaning back to try and sleep.

~~~Chanyeol's POV~~~

I'm sitting with Baekhyun and we hear giggling. We look over and see Tae and Jimin talking with Jungkook and Yoongi. I feel a tug on my sleeve and look down.

"Don't they look cute together Channie? They are made for each other," he whispers in my ear. I nod in response before saying my own.

"How many rooms does the house have again?"

"It's got 20. Why?"

"Babe, why don't we help them get together!" I whisper excitedly.

He levels me with a stare before saying, "Last time you tried to be a matchmaker you ended up sending one of them to the hospital. They never spoke again after that."

"Yea ok. It wasn't my fault though!"

"What wasn't your fault?" Jungkook asks looking up from his spot.

"I accidentally sent someone to the hospital. But it was their fault."

"How does one accidentally send someone to the hospital?" he asks with a confused expression.

"It's a long story," I say shaking my head wincing.

"It's nothing Kook. Just continue talking with everyone." Baek says, smiling at Jungkook.

Jungkook smiles before turning back to face Tae, Jimin, and Yoongi.

"Maybe you should let me be the matchmaker," Baek says.

"No. Don't forget you ended up almost making Kris and Junmyeon not get together because you made it seem that Junmyeon-Hyung pushed Kris-Hyung into the pool." I deadpan.

"Fine. Neither one of us is allowed to be it." he pouts. I coo at him which makes him pout even more.

"You guys hungry? Because this will be the only stop for two hours besides gas and bathroom breaks." Yixing asks. We all nod and stop to consult with the others about where to eat.

~~~Joon's POV~~~

"Alright, where are we eating?" I ask while bouncing on my feet.

"I think we should sit into all talk together. So I was thinking like pizza or something." Kris-Hyung says. Junmyeon-Hyung nods his head before going to the others and asking. They all agree before hopping back into the vans.

"Hey, Junmyeon-Hyung? How'd you and Kris-Hyung get together?" I ask.

"It's a funny story actually," Junmyeon says.

"It's not that funny," Kris-Hyung says before turning to face me, "Baekhyun decided he was tired of us being single so he took matters into his own hands. He almost made us never want to be together."

"What did he do?" I ask.

"He threw a party and thought it was a great idea to push Kris while I was behind him. We were already upset that day so he turned on me and started yelling. Baekhyun later cleared everything up and we finally realized we liked each other." Junmyeon-Hyung says.

"I was mad at Baekhyun for two weeks after before forgiving him," Kris-Hyung says.

"Why did he push you thinking that was a good idea?" I ask.

"We wonder the same thing." Junmyeon-Hyung answers. Kris-Hyung nods before texting Yixing-Hyung that we should find the closest pizza place and stop there to eat, preferably Pizza Hut. Me and Junmyeon-Hyung continue to talk about everything that's going on.

~~~Baek's POV~~~

As me and Channie are sitting in our seats we look over to see Tae, Jimin, Kook, and Yoongi passed out. I smile and look at Yixing and ask when we'll be at the Pizza Hut.

"Don't worry. We'll be there in a minute. See, there's the sign." he says.

I nod and lean over Channie to wake the boys up. They slowly wake up and start grumbling about how they're tired. I mention the food and they all perk up, forgetting all about their tiredness. I lean in to give Channie a kiss, taking notice of his blush.

"Why the sudden kiss babe?" he asks.

"Because I love you. I just wanted you to know." I say smiling at him. He smiles back telling me he loves me too.

"Alright, guys! We're here so get out." Yixing says. We all unbuckle and start filing out and walking to the others. Once we get there we start talking about how we're going to do this. We eventually decide that the ones who lose rock-paper-scissors will pay. In the end, Junmyeon and Namjoon pay for the food. Once we get inside the poor girl behind the stand looked so shocked and not sure what to do. Who would know what to do with 19 grown men coming in during the middle of the night. Her coworkers had to come out and help find a section with enough tables to put together so we all have a seat.

"Thank you so much, dear. I'm so sorry that there's so many of us." Jin says, smiling at her. She gives a timid smile back before taking our order. After we give it and she leaves we start talking.

"Ok, what's the biggest problem we have right now regarding the killer?" Junmyeon-Hyung asks.

"Well, I think it's his face and hair. Kook said that his hair is dyed but couldn't figure out the color. He keeps his face hidden, with a mask we think. Other than that everything's good." Namjoon says.

"He's not short so we can rule that out. And unless he dyes his hair again to a natural color then we can find him, but if he dyes it to a natural color? We're screwed and it will take forever to find him." Yoongi says.

As I start to open my mouth the girl comes back with 2 other workers with our drinks and tells us that our food should be out in a few minutes. We say thank you and she blushes.

"Do you not get thank you's a lot?" I ask smiling warmly at her.

"Not really, no. Normally they wave me away, but there's this one couple who always says thank you. And you're all so handsome so it's even better." she giggles at the end of that. We smile with her before she walks away to get our food.

"I liked her. She seemed sweet." I say.

"I agree. Too bad that she doesn't get that many thank you's though." Jin says while frowning.

She comes back with our food and we start eating.

"Now, what's next?" I ask.

~~~Kook's POV~~~

"So I found out something else. The man has piercings. Well, just earrings but still." I say.

"When did you find this out, Kook?" Yoongi-Hyung asks.

"When I was working earlier. I wanted to wait for all of us to be together."

"Good job, Kook. Now what kind of earrings we talking? Small, big, gauges?" Hobi-Hyung asks.

"Um, he had two gauges and one regular small one."

"See how great Kookie is? We would make a great team. I mean me and Chim will always be the best but still." Tae says. I smile at that.

"Tae! I'm glad that we're still the big power team that no one can get in between of!" Jimin-Hyung says while wrapping his arms around Tae. Tae smiles at him and wraps his arms around him as well.

"Well, now back to the case, what is our next move?" Yoongi-Hyung asks.

"Well, I think we should discuss that later. Those girls are walking over here. How much you wanna bet they're gonna try to get our numbers?" Tao-Hyung says pointing. Sure enough, they stop and ask Kris-Hyung first.

"Sorry. I'm married."

"I'm sure you'll want to leave her after spending a night with me," she says, putting her hand on his arm.

"I can promise you that my ass is better than that pancake excuse of a ass. Besides, I'm his husband, not a wife." Junmyeon-Hyung says with a smile and sass.

"Well, then what about you handsome? Are you seeing anyone?" one of her friends asks Sehun-Hyung.

"I'm gay and yes, this man right here." he says while pointing at Luhan-Hyung. She huffs and one of the friends asks all of us.

"Are all of you gay?"

"Yes." we reply in unison.

"Too bad. You could've had all this," they say while running their hands down their non-existent boobs and asses.

"Thanks but, I actually want the person to have a body worth looking at. So sad you don't have one." Tae says while smiling.

"How rude! I'll have you know that plenty of boys want us!" the main one says.

"It's because you're easy," Jimin-Hyung says smiling as well. I gape at them both, not believing that they just said that. I can see the girls fuming before turning and storming out of the place.

"Good job Tae, Jimin! How many times does that make now? Ten?" Yixing-Hyung asks.

"This has happened to you guys before?" Namjoon-Hyung asks, mouth open in shock.

"All the time. They always get mad and storm away. One girl even tried to blackmail us but it ended up backfiring on her, with what I have no idea. It's great." Luhan-Hyung says.

"Do you guys seriously get that many girls coming up to you?" Yoongi-Hyung asks.

Jimin-Hyung nods his head, "One-time Junmyeon-Hyung went to get us drinks when we went to a bar and this girl went over to Kris-Hyung, this was before they were married, but she reached up and kissed him. The girl basically oozed off 'I'm easy, please take me'. When Junmyeon-Hyung saw that he went and pulled the girl back and pushed her away! The poor girl seriously messed up with trying to seduce Kris-Hyung."

"It was honestly one of the funniest moments I've ever seen. That poor girl tried to fight back but ended up tripping and busting her nose. I mean Junmyeon-Hyung shouldn't have pushed her, but it was still funny." Tae says smiling about the memory.

"Oh my God! That sounds horrible! Did you really push her?!" Namjoon-Hyung asks.

"I did push her, but I didn't hurt her. I don't hit girls unless I need to, which hasn't been pushed. She tripped herself because she turned around to smack me but her shoes didn't work with her," Junmyeon-Hyung says with a sour face.

"Jin-Hyung, what's next?" I ask.

"We'll continue our way to the safe house after we finish eating. The vans have bluetooth right? We can just connect our phones and start a group call while driving."

"Good idea Jin. Hurry and finish eating so we can go. We'll call everyone." Junmyeon-Hyung says.

We nod and eat faster than what we were. Within 10 mins we finished and were on the road once again. Before we leave though we make sure to leave a big tip for them.

"Alright, let's start this call."

~~~Kris's POV~~~

I plug up my phone to the van and call the others.

(A/N bold is Jin, non-bold is Yixing, and regular is Kris)

"Hello? This is Jin. We're ready."

"This is Yixing, ready to talk."

"Ok, we know that his hair is dyed, he's got piercings, and he's 5'11". Any ideas?" I ask.

"He might have light colored hair. Kook said it was light and not dark." Chanyeol says.

"True. But we need to think about what light colors there are." Jin says.

"I mean there's the obvious white and yellow. But there's so many pastel colors. How will we figure it out?" Baekhyun asks.

"I mean the most used pastel colors used is pink, purple, and blue." Minseok says.

"Yea, I've seen a lot people with pastel purple. It seems to be the favorite color of everyone who dyes their hair." Namjoon says.

"Do you think he'll dye his hair again soon? Since he probably knows we've been watching the security tapes?" Tao asks.

"He's got a point, he might. But if he just recently dyed it then he won't dye it so soon after. If he does then it'll ruin his hair." Chanyeol says.

"Yea guys, he won't dye it again so soon. My cousin did it once and her hair was burnt from it. She hasn't dyed her hair since." Luhan says.

"At least we know he won't dye it for awhile. Let's just focus on getting to the house for now, and try to get some sleep. Understood?" I ask.

"Yes sir!" everyone shouts.

We all laugh before hanging up. We focus on the road ahead of us while the rest of everyone is getting some sleep.

"Babe, you should sleep too. You're going to have to take over for me soon." Junmyeon says.

I nod before giving his hand a kiss and leaning on the window.

~~~Jongdae's POV~~~

"Guys, when do we stop next? I gotta use the bathroom." I hear Sehun ask.

"We'll stop here in a minute or two, the next gas station is up here." Jin says.

Sehun nods and leans against the back of his seat. I look around at everyone and see them asleep except Jin. I coo at the cuteness of the others before turning towards my boyfriend.

"Hey, Min, you awake?" I ask.

"Yea, what do you need?" he asks.

"Just letting you know we'll be stopping here in a moment for bathroom breaks. Do you have to use the bathroom?" I ask.

"I do now that you mentioned it. How much longer?" he asks.

"We're here! Hop out everyone. Use the bathroom, get drinks, snacks, anything you need. No alcohol." Jin says while getting out. We all file out after waking the others.

"Remember everyone. Rush just in case they're following. So go!" Namjoon says to us. We nod before running off. After like 10 minutes we are all in the vans again with different drivers this time around. This time it's Tao driving.

'Let's hope we get there fast.' I think.

~~~Yixing's POV~~~

We changed the drivers out so the ones who were driving could get some rest. The one who's driving for us now is Chanyeol. I look at the others to see Tae and Baekhyun playing games, Yoongi sleeping, Jimin staring out the window, and Jungkook on the verge of sleep.

I shake my head and lay the seat back and close my eyes.

'I really hope we won't have to fight. Not again.' I think before sleep takes over.

~~~No one's POV~~~

As the gang are driving, you can see a small van following them. Inside Namjoon's van he looks in the mirror and notices it. He calls Baekhyun and asks if anyone other than them knows where the road is.

"No one but my family and you guys know."

"Call the others and tell them someone is following. We have to reach there faster."


They hang up and they speed up.

'Time to do this.' They think in unison.

~~~Jin's POV~~~

We get a call from Baekhyun to tell us to speed up.

"Alright everyone, second seatbelts. We're about to fly." Tao says as he's putting his on.

Everyone puts them on and gets ready.

"Everyone ready?" He asks. We nod and he presses the gas and off we go.

We jacked up the vans in case of getaways like this. We're going over 200 mph so we can get away.

~~~Yoongi's POV~~~

"Why do we need two seatbelts?" Me and Kook ask.

"You're going to understand why."

We do as we're told and get ready. As soon as they hit the pedal we're screaming from the sudden speed. It didn't help that we're on a curvy ass road.

"I feel sick." Kook says.

"DO NOT puke in my van or so help me God. You'll be meeting him if you do," Baekhyun says.

"Y'know what? I no longer feel sick. I feel perfectly fine."

'I wonder how the others feel...' I think.

~~~Meanwhile in the other car~~~

"Hobi stop screaming and crying!"

"Namjoon shut him up!"

"I can't! He won't stop!"

"Slap your hand over his mouth!"

He slaps his hand on his mouth.

"Now Hobi, are you going to be quiet? Because it's not that scary. You don't need to scream."

He nods and Namjoon releases his mouth. He calmed down enough to say sorry before passing out.

~~~Killer's POV 🔪~~~

"Damn it! I lost them! Argh, I was so close to them too!" I shout.

I pull over to the side of the road and calm myself down. I eventually drive back to my house.

"I'll get you guys. Nothing will stop me."

~~~The Gang~~~

We slow down once we get to the clearing with the entrance to the underground garage. We stop and Baekhyun gets out, walking to a rock. He pushes on the side and it opens the ground. He gets back in and we continue our way.

~~~Tao's POV~~~

"We're finally almost there guys. I'm ready to sleep," I say.

Everyone says "same."

"You should probably call in sick tomorrow so you can sleep. You need a good head and you won't when you're insanely tired." I say.

They nod before starting to unbuckle once they see the house. I pull up next to the others and kill the engine.

"Everyone out." We all hop out and follow Baekhyun into the house.

"Ah! Nice, soft, comfortable couches." Chanyeol says as he plops down on one.

"Stop laying on the couches! You're gonna get them dirty!" Baekhyun screeches.

Chanyeol just laughs and pulls him down.

"Can you guys stop? It's gross." Sehun says with disgust.

"As if you don't do it also. You and Luhan do the same thing too," Tae says.

"Everyone go wash up and don't hog all the hot water. We'll sleep until like, 11. That way we'll all be well rested. Now go!" Junmyeon says.

We all follow his orders and make our ways to our rooms. As soon as I get up to my room I look at the others.

"Goodnight." I say before walking into my room. I hear the others chorus 'goodnight's of their own.

'Time to sleep.'

A/N: these are the roommates.

Room 1:
Tae and Jimin

Room 2:
Hobi and Kook

Room 3:
Jin and Yoongi

Room 4:
Joon and Tao

Room 5:
Chanyeol and Baekhyun

Room 6:
Kris and Junmyeon

Room 7:
Jongin and Kyungsoo

Room 8:
Minseok and Jongdae

Room 9:
Sehun and Luhan

And finally, Room 9:

~~~Jimin's POV~~~

"C'mon Tae. We gotta hurry and go to bed." I say.

"Ok. I'll see you tomorrow Kook," he says.

We go up to our room and take our turns taking our showers. Once we're finished we jump on our beds, getting comfy.

"So Chim, what do you think about sleeping under one roof with Yoongi-Hyung?" Tae asks.

"I don't know what you mean." I say blushing. He smirks before standing on his bed.

"Tae, no."

"Tae, yes." He says before jumping on me. We start wrestling and laughing, before we hear some shouting from the others to, and I quote, "shut the fuck up!"

We laugh before falling back on the beds.

"Tae. I think I like Yoongi-Hyung..."

"I know Chim. I know," he says.

"Chim, I think I like Jungkook..."

"I know."

We stop talking and slowly fall asleep. Tomorrow will be hectic.

~~~Kook's POV~~~

I'm unpacking my bags when we hear laughing. I look over at Hobi-Hyung to see him staring at the wall.

"What are they doing?" I ask.

"Hell if I know. I just know they should be quiet."

As soon as we stop talking we hear multiple people yelling for them to shut up.

"Do you think they'll get yelled at tomorrow? By Yoongi-Hyung?" I ask.

"Maybe. I'm not sure to be honest."

I nod before continuing to unpack when I freeze.

"You like Tae."

"No I don't." I say with a hella red face.

"You do. Why won't you admit it?" he asks.

"Because I don't like him that way." 'And I'm afraid he'll reject me.'

Hobi-Hyung sighs before flopping on his bed. I hurry and finish and climb in as well.

"Goodnight Kook."

"Goodnight Hobi-Hyung."

~~~Jin's POV~~~

"I hope you're ready for some shouting here in a minute." I say.

"Why?" Yoongi asks.

"They always do this before they sleep when something like this happens. It doesn't happen often." I reply.

As soon as I finish the sentence we hear some laughing. I sigh and turn to the wall.

"Give it a moment though. People'll start yelling at them to be quiet."

"Shut the fuck up! God we're trying to sleep!" We hear from down the hall.

"That was Kyungsoo and Chanyeol."

"How'd you know?"

"I've known them for years. This always happens. At least it's not like it was last year."

I look over at him and see the question so I explain, "Last year we spent a month here because Tae and Jimin got hurt during one of our cases. Anyway, they were being too loud and everyone was really tired so Kyungsoo and Chanyeol went to their room and basically tore their heads off."

"I'd do the same thing had it been me. I like my sleep," he grumbles.

I nod and finish getting ready for bed. When I finish I gently fall onto my bed. I was out in 5 seconds flat.

~~~Junmyeon's POV~~~

"I'm worried. What if we can't keep them safe?" I ask.

"Don't worry about that babe. You're not alone in this. We have all of them, and if things get rough, then we can start to worry about that. But for now," Kris kisses me before continuing, "just rest. We'll discuss everything tomorrow with the others."

"Y'know, we still haven't discussed what we're gonna do about the restaurant window. Who are we gonna have fix it? We don't know anyone that knows how to fix windows. And the only place that can won't do it because the owner doesn't like us. More specifically me. I didn't even do anything to him!"

"We'll figure it out. For the meantime we're just gonna put boards and signs up. We'll be under construction for awhile. Oh the cost is already giving me a headache." Kris says while rubbing his head. I giggle and get comfy in his arms, getting ready to sleep.

"Babe, I love you." I say as I tilt my head to give him a small kiss.

"I love you, too."

We fall asleep fairly quick, thinking about both the cost and the safety of the boys.


~~~Baek's POV~~~

I wake up to Chan laying half on me and half off the bed. I giggle quietly before slowly moving out of the bed. More of a struggle when you have a giant on you not gonna lie.

I check the time and see it's almost noon.

'Oh god. We slept in later than we were supposed to.'

I sigh thinking about how much I'm gonna get yelled at for waking everyone up.

'Thank God we put a speaker system in.'


I sit at the table and wait for a couple of seconds before I hear shouting from upstairs.

"Baekhyun you dumbass! Why'd you use the fucking speaker?!" Junmyeon shouts at me.

"Because I was not about to go through all these rooms waking y'all up. Easier to do everyone at once."

"I'm going to kill you!" Kyungsoo says. I stick my tongue out at him before walking to the living room.

"Me and Kyungsoo will cook breakfast, you all sit and wake up." Jin says.

"I think Baek woke us up pretty good," I hear Sehun say.

"Excuse me sir, but I actually want to eat," I say to him.

"Now, now children. We don't need any arguments this early in the morning."

I turn and see Junmyeon smiling at us, but not in the good way. You know that smile a mom has toward her kids if they're misbehaving? That's the smile he's giving us now. We both sigh before turning to face the others.

"Alright everyone. Let's just watch TV until we eat breakfast then we'll talk."


"Yes sir."

"Alright Namjoon-Hyung."

After us all confirming we understand not to talk about it til after we eat, we watch some early morning shows. I snuggle up to Chanyeol and look out at all the others and who're they're sitting with. Jimin and Tae are of course by each other, but Kook and Yoongi is besides them as well. I smile before taking my phone out and taking a photo real quick.

"What are you doing?" Chanyeol asks me while whispering.

"Just taking a photo, to y'know. Show them that I knew they were meant to be when they get married." I whisper back.

"I swear, sometimes I wonder what you think."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing. Just sit by me for the rest of our days."

"Is this your way of proposing? Because if so it ain't a yes worthy one."

"Oh no babe. I'll have a well thought out proposal going. Just wait."

I sit there still as I process what he said.

'Holy shit! He just admitted that he's going to propose to me!' I think before blushing a bright red.

I look over to see Tae and Jimin staring at us with wide eyes. They look as shocked as I am.

"BREAKFAST! COME GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT BOYS!" we hear come from the kitchen.

We all jump up and make our way to the table to eat. When we get there we see eggs, bacon, toast, and the whole thing. (A/N There is Korean food mixed in there too but Idk what they all eat for breakfast. But Ik what we normally eat for it.) We all sit down and start eating.

"So what's the first thing?" is asked before questions and ideas are thrown around.

~~~Yixing's POV~~~

We sit there for hours before I finally say, "Alright. We need a break. We've been sitting here for like, 4 or 5 hours. Aren't y'all hungry?"

I see Junmyeon-Hyung nod and stand up.

"We have been sitting here for quite a while. We should have lunch."

"Me and Jin will cook something. We should watch something to relax." Kyungsoo says.

"I have the movies in the basement. Let's go and grab some!" Baekhyun says jumping up. Taehyung, Jimin, and Sehun jump up to follow.

"Yixing babe, help us clean up the papers."

I nod before getting up. As we start we hear a giant thump follow by a shout. I run over to see what happen but end up tripping.

"Oh my lord children. Y'all have got to be kidding me. What happened?" Minseok- Hyung asks while shaking his head.

"I was coming to check on them and tripped."

"We were coming up and I missed a step and we all fell." Jimin says.

Everyone sighs before helping us up. I turn and look at Baekhyun.

"I think you should put a light above the staircase. That way people can see."

He glares at me before making the rest of the way up. I shrug and walk over to the couch to sit beside Tao.

"Is it a scary movie? Please don't be one," he says.

"I agree. I hate scary movies." Hoseok says.

I see the matching smiles between them and already know that I'm going to be hit by Tao out of his fear.

"I regret sitting next to you now." I sigh.

Everyone laughs while Jungkook -who's sitting beside Hoseok- agrees.

~~~Killer's POV🔪~~~

"Why are they gone?! They should be here!" I shout.

Everyone looks at me with weird looks. I glare at them before turning to my computer.

'First they run off somewhere, and now they don't come in? Where did they go?!' I scream in my head.

"----- come here. We need some help with this paperwork," Hyelin says.

I nod before getting out of my chair.

'I can't wait for my next victim. They won't know what happened.'

~~~The Victim's POV😭😭~~~

"Girls, it's time for me to go. I have a test tomorrow that I still have yet to study for," I laugh as I get up.

"How you're passing is beyond me Justine. I just wanna know how you do it."

"I'll never tell my secret," I wink and smile at my friend.

I say my goodbyes once again before walking out. I have to walk down one of the busiest streets before turning onto my road.

'Maybe I should go to the mall tomorrow? I do need to buy some new pencils, I'm running out. Oh, and notebooks.'

While I'm stuck in my thoughts I don't notice how a man is walking straight toward me.

"Excuse me, but can you help me? I'm trying to find my friend but I can't seem to find him."

I hesitate at first before nodding my head. He gives me a smile before telling me where he last saw him.

"Sir, how much farther? I have a test to study for."

"Oh, not much farther. It's just around this corner."

I nod and turn with him. I realize that we're in an alleyway and I question him.

"Why're we in an alley?"

He turns to look at me with a smile, but it's not nice. It's sinister, terrifying, and dark.

He jumps at me and before I can scream he covers my mouth with a cloth. I struggle knowing what's going to happen.

"I don't think you're going to make that test," he says smiling.

My eyes widen before I lose consciousness.

~~~No one's POV~~~

"Skoot, where are you going? Come on, we're gonna be late."

Skoot barks before pulling on his leash.

"Ugh, I'm so in trouble for this," I sigh before he finally stops. I catch up and look where he is. I scream as I look in the alley.

"Oh my God."

It's late at night so not many people are out. I pull my phone out and dial the police. When they answer I practically yell out where I'm at before I run over to the girl. I vaguely hear the lady on the phone asking me what's wrong before I see a man walk out of the shadows. He's wearing a mask so I don't see his face but I can tell he's the reason she's dead. I start shaking, and Skoot gets closer while growling. How did I not notice that he was?

"You just had to come and ruin this, didn't you? Now I have to kill you as well."

"What?! You can't kill me!" I screech.

After I finish that we hear sirens. I give a relieved sigh before I pull me and Skoot back onto the sidewalk so the police can see us. I see his turn and run in the opposite way, but not before saying, "You better watch out girl. Because you're next."

I stand there for I don't know how long, just crying. Crying for this girl, her family, and for me. He's after me now.

"Oh God I'm going to die..." I whisper scared.

I feel a hand clamp down on my shoulder and I scream. I turn and see a police officer looking startled. I sigh in relief.

"I'm sorry miss. Are you the one who called?"

I nod before speaking.

"I am. He was still here when I found her. He was wearing a mask though so I didn't see his face. I saw his hair and eyes though."

They nod before hearing someone shout for them.

"Here, let one of our medics look over you for any injuries." I nod and let myself be led away.

"Come on Skoot. We gotta go see the doc."

~~~The Police Officer's POV~~~

"There's a doll drawing. We need to call in Kook and them."

"So it's him again. Why can't he just stop?" I say before calling Namjoon.


"Hey, we have another one. I'll send you the address."

"We're on our way. Stay there and wait for us."

We say bye before hanging up. I sigh, walking over to put police tape up.

'When will this end??'

~~~Time Skip~~~
~~~Joon's POV~~~

We walk onto the scene seeing an ambulance with a girl sitting there, police standing guard, and a dog by the girls feet.

"One of you go assess the scene and take pictures while I go talk to her." I say. We part and head to where we need to go.

"Excuse me? I'm Officer Kim but you can call me Namjoon."

She nods and sits there quietly.

"Ok. What happened?"

"I was out walking my dog, Skoot, when I noticed the time. I had to be back home because we are, or were, going to the beach tomorrow. We have to leave early since it's like three hours away. Anyway, I had to go back but Skoot wouldn't come on. I kept trying to but he kept walking until we reached the alley.

"I looked up and saw her just laying there. I screamed but where it's so late no one was around. I called you guys and just said where I was before running to her. I was checking on her when I saw a man walk out of the shadows. He was mad at me. He said I ruined it. Skoot got closer to me while growling at the man. I was shaking and crying. He then threatened me. He said I was next."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that. Did you see what he was wearing?"

"He was wearing black pants, a black hoodie and a black mask. His voice was deep, too. But I did notice his hair and eyes."

"What color were his eyes and hair?"

"His hair was blue and pastel purple and his eyes were a light brown."

"Thank you. What's your name and age?"

"My name's Justine Lee. My mom's American and my dad's Korean. I'm 16."

"Alright Justine, why don't you give me your parents number so I can call them to come pick you up."

She nods before handing me her phone.

"Justine Clarise Lee! Why are you not at home young lady? You were supposed to take a quick walk!"

"I swear, she's so over-dramatic." I hear her mutter.

"Mrs. Lee? I'm Officer Kim and I'm here with your daughter. She was threatened by a known serial killer."

"Oh my god! Babe get the car ready! Can I speak with my daughter?"

"Here she is," I say before handing the girl her phone back. The girl starts talking and crying.

'It's sad that this poor girl had to see this.' I think.

I shake my head and walk towards the others.

"Found anything else out?" I ask.

"Well this time he wrote a note. And the doll drawing was on a trashcan this time. Other than that nothing," Hobi says.

"What about you Hyung?"

"She actually met the guy. Like saw him."

They look at me in disbelief and shock.

"She said that he wore all black and was wearing a mask. We may not know what his face looks like except that his eyes are light brown, however we do know that his hair is dyed. It's blue and pastel purple."

"See! I told you it was two-toned!" Kook shouts.

"Be quiet!" Yoongi-Hyung hisses. Kook blushes and says a small 'sorry'.

"Well, we need to find more clues before we go back to the station. Let's spread out." I say.

Everyone nods before we start searching again. After almost an hour we finally go back to the station. We talked with Justine's parents before we leave, telling them that they're going to have to pack some bags so we can put them into witness protection.


"We have to catch this person soon."

"We know, Hobi. We'll find them and put them away."

We nod along with Jin-Hyung's words. I look at Tae and see him looking in the distance. I turn and look where he is and see someone staring back. I turn back to ask Tae what it is when I see him staring at me now.

"Um, Tae? You good?" I ask.

He doesn't answer, just looks back.

"The person who's been following me is here. He's staring at us. I can't see him, but I can feel him."

We are automatically on alert, getting ready to run at the drop of a hat.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

I can feel him looking. Like I'm his prey. I look over to where I feel it most and just stare. I can see Namjoon-Hyung turn and look so I look at him. He turns and asks me, "Um, Tae? You good?"

I look back out and tell them.

"The person who's been following me is here. He's staring at us. I can't see him, but I can feel him."

As I finish I see everyone tense and sit up straighter. We continue but look around every so often to check.

"I can't eat like this. We're gonna have to leave," Jin-Hyung says, standing up.

Everyone nods and follows suit. As we're walking to our cars I see someone following us.

"Guys. Not to alarm you or anything but someone's behind us."

"We're on a sidewalk Tae, of course there's going to be people behind us." Yoongi-Hyung says, rolling his eyes.

"Not what I meant, but sure. I meant that the person who's been following us is behind us. Like three people away behind us," I say.

"Tae, please don't get hurt. I don't know what I'd do without my soulmate!" Jimin tells me. I roll my eyes at his theatrics.

"I promise, I won't get hurt."

~~~Killer's POV🔪~~~

'So he thinks he's safe, doesn't he? I can't worry about him. Just gotta scare them a bit and then I'll be on my way. Still gotta get that girl...'

I follow them for a few more minutes before I see their cars. Time to go find that girl. As I turn away I hear them say something that stops me.

"At least we know what he looks like."

'They can't know! I've been so careful! If it wasn't for that damn girl I would've been just fine! I gotta find her fast.'

I walk with a scowl on my face down the street, people turning to look at me weirdly. I just glare with as much anger and rage as possible and they turn away. A little kid runs into my leg and looks up to say sorry but starts crying when he sees my eyes.

"Soo-An! Are you ok? I'm so sorry sir, he wasn't looking." She looks up and gasps. I'm staring at her with hatred and she quickly grabs her son and runs off.

'Little girl, you best be ready, because your last day is near.'

~~~3rd person POV~~~
~~~The Station~~~

"We got mail guys! Come and get yours or I'll throw it away!" Ji-Wan, the only man in the station to work as both detective and officer, shouts.

"You throw away my mail and I'll end you."

"Just bring it to us! We're busy!"

"Don't be lazy! We have work that we're doing!"

"Geez, do y'all not know how to take a joke?" Ji-Wan asks. You can hear the groans from the entire station. He rolls his eyes and walks around dropping everyone's mail off at their desks. He makes his way downstairs to give everyone else their mail.

"Hey Tae, you have a letter. There isn't a return address. Seems a bit sketchy."

"Really? Thanks Ji-Wan, you're the best."

He nods and gives everyone else their mail before heading off with his own.

~~~Tae's POV~~~

"Who do think it's from? The stalker?" Jimin asks, leaning over my shoulder.

"It might be? What if it is?" Jin-Hyung says.

"Then we'll swab it for prints to see if there is any," Namjoon-Hyung says.

I open it and while everyone stares at it, as if it might explode. It's just a letter.

"What does it say?" Jimin asks.

"It says, "Hello, it is I, the killer. (I roll my eyes) I'm just writing this to let you know that I don't appreciate having my targets taken and hidden from me. I will find that girl and I will record me killing her and send it to you, her friends, and her family. Everyone will know that you couldn't do a simple task. And then, when I'm done, I'm coming after you. More specifically, Taehyung. I hate you, I want you dead, I want to see you bleeding out on the floor with me laughing over you. No one will come to your rescue, not even your best friend. Jimin may act like he can do everything but he can't. He won't be able to save you, he'll attend your funeral with all that guilt weighing him down. And Jin won't be able to do anything because he will be trapped somewhere, far away enough but close enough to hear your screams. He will try his hardest to get out but it will be futile. As for the others, they won't even notice you're gone once it's too late. No one will be able to save you Kim Taehyung, no one. And nobody will catch me because they'll be too focused on finding you that I'll be able to kill anyone! I WILL BE THE GREATEST MURDERER IN THE WORLD AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO! Sincerely, Your nightmare." He's crazy!"

"Tae we'll never forget you, we'll be there to save you. Even if it kills us!" Kook says, trying not to cry. I smile and say, "I know. You guys will never let me down."

Everyone hugs me and cries, except Yoongi-Hyung, but he has tears in his eyes. I feel happy even though a killer is out there coming for me.

"Oh please, no one cares. You're just being over dramatic. I bet you wrote that, huh Taehyung?" Gene says. I sigh and look at him with annoyance. I feel everyone stiffen before turning to look at him as well.

"Gene, just go away. We don't need your negativity around us." Jin-Hyung says.

"Or have you come for another beating? Come at me, I will take your ass down." Jimin says, a snarl on his face. I feel him starting to let me go to walk over. I quickly grab his arm and pull him to my side.

"Gene, please don't start anything, don't you have better things to do?" I ask.

"I don't have any work, so no, I don't. But this is the next best thing! I have to go now though, my lunch is calling me. Bye guys," he says before turning around and walking up the stairs. I groan and start to untangle myself from everyone.

"Yoongi-Hyung, what are you thinking about? I don't like that smile," I hear from my left. I look over and see this creepy smile on his face.

"What smile? I'm just thinking about how he'll end up in the hospital."

"Hyung, no." I say.

"Hyung, yes."

I sigh before walking over to my desk to work. Jimin walks over to me.

"Are you ok, Tae? I know that letter freaked you out," he asks.

I look at him and say, "I'm not. I'm scared that he'll actually get me and he'll kill me before anyone can save me."

"Oh Tae, he'll have to get through me first! Now, come on, we're going to go somewhere to just chill after we finish this up. How does that sound?" Jimin says.

"I would really like that. I don't know how you do it, but you always know just how to make me happy," I say with a smile.

He smiles back and replies, "Of course, what kind of best friend would I be if I couldn't? Besides, you're always there for me."

The others come over to us and we laugh and talk with them before we leave. As we leave we pass by Gene and his little group. They all glare at us, more specifically me, as we walk out.

"Hey, where are we going to go for lunch? The pizza shop's closed for repairs," Joon-Hyung says.

We all stop and look at each other. Hobi-Hyung says something that we weren't expecting.

"My house. We can have lunch there for today."

"Thanks Hyung! You're the best!" Kook shouts.

"Thank you Hobi-Hyung." Joon-Hyung says.

He smiles and says, "It's not a problem guys. Let's just go on to my house so that way we can continue working."

We follow him out to the car. When we get to the car we notice something on it. It's a picture of us all sitting around a table talking. Namjoon-Hyung picks it up and crumples it in anger.

"Whoever this man is, he'll pay. He kills, he threatens, and he stalks his prey. He's a monster."

I shiver and notice everyone else does as well. I see Jin-Hyung go up to him and grab the picture and rest his hand on his shoulder. I see Namjoon-Hyung relax before looking at Jin-Hyung and smiling.

"Well, let's call the others to tell them. We should probably hurry on home. Remember the way Hyung?"

He nods before Kook runs in the station to tell them that we're going home to work. We all climb in the car before starting it. We wait for a couple of minutes before Kook finally emerges and climbs in. Hobi-Hyung starts up the car and starts driving.

"Let's hope that we're not being followed," I think.

~~~Baek's POV~~~

"Hey babe, what time are they supposed to come back?"

"In an hour!" Chanyeol shouts.

I sigh before I turn my attention to the TV, not even really watching what's on. I hear a loud thump before a shout. I jump up and run to the door and look outside, I see Tae and Jimin laying on the porch. I frown as I open the door.

"Maybe a warning that you guys are on your way would be nice. I thought someone was here. Now get up, the others will be back soon."

"Sorry Hyung, we tripped in our haste to get inside," Tae says, with a light blush.

"We didn't mean to scare you Hyung. We just wanted in," Jimin says.

They both get up and I finally notice the others walking our way. I smile and walk back inside, sitting down. Tae and Jimin follow and plop down next to me and snuggle up. I smile before getting comfy. I hear the others making their way inside and sitting down on the other seats.

"Where's everyone? I thought no one was supposed to be leaving?" Hobi asks.

"Chanyeol is working in the studio down the hallway, and the others went to go deal with the damage costs done to the pizza shop. They'll be back with food though."

"Ok, when did they leave?"

"An hour ago."

Everyone nods their heads and then go off to do whatever they wish. Tae, Jimin, and Kook stay with me cuddled on the couch, turning on a movie to watch.


We finished the movie about 20 minutes ago and are now cleaning up our trash. As we are we hear the door and multiple footsteps and voices coming inside. I see everyone come out of their rooms to see what's happening. Chanyeol gets up from the couch, he joined us about halfway through the movie, and went to greet them.

"How'd the meeting go?" Chanyeol asks.

"Well, the guy will be paying all the damage fees and he'll have to rebuild the pizza shop or else he'll go to jail. And we brought chicken!" Kris says.

We all cheer and rush into the kitchen to get some.

"If only we weren't hiding from a serial killer then this would be more enjoyable." I think with a smile.

~~~The Killer's POV 🔪~~~

"How can they just disappear like that?! I followed them, but that damned truck broke down and I couldn't follow anymore!" I shout in frustration and anger.

I hear a honk from behind me and I look in the mirror to see some snobby old man. I grin and turn my car off. After all, no one else besides us two are around here at night. I hear him get out and I follow suit, but not before putting my gloves on. I keep my eyes trained on the ground as he makes his way over to me, shouting the entire time. When he finishes I smile, then start laughing. I look up and the man starts shouting at me again before I look in his eyes, seeing the blood lust. He starts to scream and thrust my hand forward and grab his mouth. I lean in and start talking.

"You wanna know a secret of mine? One that'll be taken to your grave?" He shakes his head but I just smile even wider.

"Those girls that have been murdered? I'm the one who's killing them all! And I'm having a very bad day, so I need to let my stress out. And what better way than to do it to a man who is entitled."

With every word my hand starts to tighten, just enough to cause some pain, but not to break anything. I reach into my back pocket and grab my switchblade. The man looks at me in horror, starting to shake.

I just smile and laugh before starting the torment.

~~~Yoongi's POV~~~

We're sitting around the table eating before Jin-Hyung brings up the note and picture.

"We got a letter today from the killer. And he left a picture for us too."

Everyone freezes, before continuing to finish the bite they're chewing. I look up when Junmyeon-Hyung clears his throat.

"What did the note say?"

We slide the note over so they can see it. After a minute or two when everyone has read it, they all look paler. They ask to see the picture next. They look and then we start discussing.

"They can't expect to get through to us, right? I mean, it's them against all of us! No one can get through 19 people at once," Luhan says.

"I don't think that's what he's trying. He's trying a direct approach, like he's confident that he'll win. He's threatening Tae and all of us through letters and pictures. He wants us to know he's going through us one at a time," Kris says.

"I agree with Kris, because he's trying to distract us by helping that man destroy our shop, he's sending threats to all of them, and he's been stalking us. He's watching our every move, trying to find an opening. He's smart," Minseok pauses before saying, "but we're smarter. I don't think he expected to be smart, considering we own a restaurant and as far as he knows, we're just friends with you, not helpers in cases."

We all smile before starting on breaking everything down.

"He seems to have a personal vendetta against you Tae."

"I know! I don't even know why or how I pissed the person off! Like seriously dude! What did I do?!" Tae shouts.

"Maybe he's just jealous? I mean Tae is the best at everything."

"He's good looking too..." Kook says. When he registers what he said he turns red. Fast. We all coo at him when Tae tells him," I think you're handsome too, Kook." He turns even redder.

"Ok everyone. Let's make some ideas on our own before we go to bed and discuss them over breakfast tomorrow. Now, let's relax while Jin and Kyungsoo make dinner," Junmyeon-Hyung says. Everyone nods before Kyungsoo-Hyung and Jin-Hyung start complaining on why they have to be the ones who make dinner, as if they'd let anyone else make it. We'd all die if we ate someone else's food.

I smile at them before making my way to the living room and sitting.

"Look everyone, I made friends, I'm not alone. Could be under better circumstances, but still." I think with a small smile.

~~~Jin's POV~~~

"I can't believe they're making us make dinner," I say with a little smile.

"Would you rather the house burn down?" Kyungsoo asks me with a small smile of his own.

"You got a point there."

We talk about everything before he brings up the note.

"Who do you think it is?"

"We already assume, and it probably is, it's someone in the precinct. Not sure who but we know a few of them dye their hair. He might changed it, but we have pictures we can go back to look at. Although I don't think whoever it is will make it easy on us," I sigh.

"Don't worry, we got this. You guys have solved hundreds of cases, you'll solve this one too. And you have us to back you up. We won't let you guys fall down."

I smile and thank him. We finish up dinner and call everyone. It doesn't even take 2 secs before everyone is rushing in there to get a seat. Me and Kyungsoo both click our tongues and get onto them for poor table manners. But our smiles ruin the effect of sternness. We can worry about everything later, right now, I'm with my family.

~~~Justine's POV~~~

"Mom, do you think they'll catch the killer?" I ask.

"They will darling, but it takes time. I have confidence in them," she says from the kitchen.

I nod and say," I do too, I'm just worried they'll get hurt and we won't be safe. I don't want them to get hurt because of me." She walks over and sits down beside me on the couch.

"Darling, they're cops, they understood that when the entered the force they'd be risking their lives for others. You needn't worry. They'll catch him and be ok. Now, clean up, dinner is almost done."

She gives me head a kiss before going to finish dinner. I get up and wash up and head to the table.

"You guys have to get out of this alive. Please get out of it alive..." I think sadly.

~~~Jongdae's POV~~~

It's after 1 am and I can't sleep. I get up and head to the kitchen to grab me something to drink. As I walk in there I see a shadow, I scream and rush forward and knock them over. As we're wrestling on the ground I hear the others coming in there. The lights turn on and I look down and see Namjoon laying there.

I get up and apologize as he does the same. Everyone is staring at us, some looking at us still half asleep.

"Why did you scream? It is after 1 in the morning."

"I couldn't sleep because I'm worried so I came in here for something to drink. I was about to open the fridge door when I hear a scream. Then I'm on the floor."

"Sorry, I couldn't sleep either, I came to do the same when I saw him. I thought he was an intruder so I went into protect mode." I turn to look at him.

"I didn't hurt you do I? I don't know if I threw punches or not."

"I'm fine, no punches were thrown."

"Well, I'm glad that we found out that nothing happened, I'm going back to sleep," Yoongi-Hyung says, walking away. We chuckle before we all go back to our rooms to sleep. This time I fall asleep.

~~~The Next Victim's POV~~~

I can't wait for tomorrow! It'll be the first date we've had as an official couple! I can't wait to see him.

~~~No One's POV~~~

As everyone sleeps one person is awake, cleaning the blood out of his clothes. He chuckles to himself knowing that one day, he'll get to do that to the one and only, Kim Taehyung.

Our next unsuspecting victim is laying in her bed getting ready for her date the next morning. The woman has long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and perfect teeth. Her poor family will never know what happened to her. Finally everyone lays to rest for the night, ready for their tasks tomorrow, only one won't finish theirs. No one is safe, even you.



Here's the list:

Son Junhee- Doesn't like him because all the women like Tae. Dyes his hair.

Lee Jaeon- Hates him because he is smarter than him.

Nam Jinkyu- Hates him because he has a higher case solved rate.

Park Chanwoo- Saw Tae talk to his girlfriend once or twice and became convinced he liked her. Dyes his hair.

Kang Mansoo- He won an award that Mansoo wanted. Dyes his hair.

Kim Yunmin- Is just jealous because Tae gets his work done fast. Dyes his hair.

Kim Taesoo- Went to school together, Tae got higher grades than him.

Choi Sungwoo- Is best friends with Gene, doesn't like him just because Gene doesn't like him. Dyes his hair.

Gwon Wonsul- Doesn't like him just because. No reason really.

Won Gene- You all know why, he's just an ass and finds Tae to be lame and Jimin to be amazing. Dyes his hair.