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“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Furihata stiffened. It was subtle but it didn’t go unnoticed. Akashi looked at him, puzzled by his reaction.

“What’s wrong, Kouki?” Akashi said, concerned.

Furihata didn’t say anything. He just looked at his boyfriend, his gaze intense. Akashi met his eyes for a moment before looking down slightly. He was never one to back down over whatever it was that was thrown at him and yet, here he is, having trouble holding someone’s gaze on him. Furihata is the only one who could do this and he would never get used to it.

“No.. it’s just—this is the first time I heard you say it,” Furihata’s expression softened, “I’m just surprised, is all—and relieved too… I guess.”

Akashi head shot up and saw a warm smile this time. That is one hell of beautiful smile right there, Akashi thought, but there was something wrong in those words he just heard.

“What are you talking about? I’ve been saying it—”

Akashi paused. Oh. Oh.

Has he… never said those words out loud? He was sure he said, “I love you” whenever he thought about Furihata, which is maybe more than a thousand times at this point, also daily. But apparently, according to Furihata, he never said it to him before today. He said it over and over… only in his head (and heart) but never out loud. And his boyfriend is not a mind reader, so,

“I’m an idiot,” he muttered.

Furihata chuckled. He was about to say something when Akashi interrupted him.

“I’m so sorry, Kouki,” Akashi stood up and deeply bowed, “this is not in any way acceptable, I hope… I hope you find it in yourself to forgive me.”

Furihata eyes widened. He stood up and touched Akashi’s shoulder gently, urging him to stop bowing.

“What are you doing, Sei?” Furihata said, laughing softly, “it’s no big deal.”

“It is!”

Furihata was taken aback by such extreme reaction. Akashi straightened and looked at him intensely.

“It’s not okay! I can’t believe I never said such important words to you before today, when I heard it so many times from you. I couldn’t… I couldn’t imagine how you must felt,” Akashi shook his head, looking disappointed, “I’m the worst. I’m so sorry, Kouki.”

Furihata was speechless. Trust it to Akashi to overreact over something so trivial like this. The fact that he never said those words out loud made him insecure sometimes, but he always knew that his love for Akashi is not one-sided. His boyfriend’s action whenever they were together shows that Akashi loves him just as much as he does Akashi. But it felt strangely warm, knowing that Akashi was that concerned about hurting his feeling though they both knew it wasn’t intentional.

“Let me make it up to you,” Akashi said, giving Furihata a hopeful look.

Furihata answered in an instant.

“Say it again then.”


“Say it again,” Furihata demanded, though a slight teasing tone could be heard in his voice.

Akashi chuckled.

“I love you.”


“I love you, Kouki,” Akashi said more firmly and seriously this time.


“I love you so much, Furihata Kouki.”

Furihata, against his better judgement, started to blush (he couldn’t believe it, he was the one who started this goddammit), so he opted to rest his face on Akashi’s shoulder to hide his blush (and because he wanted physical contact). Akashi run his fingers through his hair and Furihata sighed contentedly.


Akashi smiled. This is going to be a long day (not that he minded, after all, he was just saying the truth, and saying it as many times as Furihata wanted is the least he could do).

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Stand up comedian Furihata Kouki once told the audience in one of his performances about how his boyfriend’s father is so against his relationship with his son because he is probably jealous, he likes his son’s boyfriend so much and wants him for himself. It made the audience laugh, it was a good joke.. but apparently the said boyfriend thought otherwise.

“I never thought of that possibility.”

“Sei, I’m afraid you’re taking this too seriously, as far as I know, your father is as straight as a ruler.”

“He could be bi.”

Furihata couldn’t help but chuckle at his boyfriend’s antics.

“You forget one tiny detail, it’s me we’re talking about.”

“.. What?”

“I could have agreed with you if I’m as attractive as Tom Cruise.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re even more attractive than him.”



“What I’m saying is–hey don’t you dare laugh at me, Kouki! This is a serious matter.”

Stand up comedian Furihata Kouki thought it will be hard to get a blessing from his boyfriend’s father to marry his son (because he very much wanted to do that right now), but he would try anyway.

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It was three in the morning when he woke up from what was supposed to be a short nap. He blinked, and slowly sat up. He sighed. It really was supposed to be a short break after he finished the first part of his assignment but apparently, he was more tired than he thought. Oh well, he could always finish the thing later, this one wasn’t particularly difficult after all.

He blindly reached for his phone on his bed, having no idea where exactly it was located. After a minute, he found it under his pillow and unlocked the screen. When it came to checking his phone, Akashi Seijuurou had two things he always did first:

  1. Check the time and scroll his schedule under the clock display, making sure he didn’t forget anything
  2. Open the chat app and click the first name on the chat list (he pinned that particular name so it stayed on top of the list), regardless of whether he had any new messages from the person or not.

The second ritual became his habit since about three years ago, when he started dating Furihata Kouki.

He didn’t know why, but looking and scrolling through his past conversation with Furihata had this calming effect on him. It could improve his mood, gave him power to go through the day. Even better when they were actually conversing. Sometimes Furihata would send him the most random things, like internet memes or funny videos. And much, much later, when he looked back on those, they became his treasure, because he knew Furihata sent those with him on his mind. And he was glad and just felt this overwhelming gratefulness somehow. It was a curious thing, how all of these worked. Just one of many things that happened when you were in love, he supposed.

So he clicked the name Kouki from the chat list to once again read those precious conversation he had with his boyfriend, but before he managed to read anything, he found himself frowning instead. Because there was this green dot that indicated Furihata was still online. He checked the time again.

3.07 AM

So, he began typing.

May I know why you are still online at this time of the night?

Furihata’s reply came ten seconds later.

I could ask the same to you lol

I just woke up


Are you okay?

Furihata’s concern warmed his heart. His boyfriend knew it was unusual for him to wake up in the middle of the night. If he was still up at three in the morning then he probably hadn’t sleep at all. Akashi usually slept around 1 AM and would not wake up again until around seven in the morning.

I’m fine. I just fell asleep when I read some random person’s thesis on my bed

You know, for my assignment


That’s normal

It’s not called studying if you don’t fall asleep in the middle of it

Akashi chuckled. Furihata was really amazing, he thought.

Now what’s your reason?

Furihata didn’t reply for five minutes.

Now Akashi was worried, because he could see that Furihata was still online.


It’s just my migraine

It’s acting up again

But it’s nothing to worry about, okay? Hehe

Furihata had been having migraines as of late, mainly because of the stress. He had so many projects he needed to finish, now that he was in his fourth semester. He said that everyone in his year was pretty much in the same condition. Some of them already had dark circles under their eyes, due to lack of sleep. His elaborate explanation did nothing to lessen Akashi’s worry though.

Without a second thought, Akashi pressed the call button.

“Sei, I’m fine,” Furihata’s voice was muffled, but Akashi could detect the tiredness in it.

“Have you taken any meds?”

“I don’t have any at the moment, so I kinda just wait? Until I feel tired enough to sleep.”

Akashi was silent for a moment, unsure what to do to help his boyfriend. If only they lived together, he mused. It couldn’t be helped though, because while they both went to university located in Tokyo, they were still some distance away from each other. It was difficult for them to have another long distance relationship but they both agreed it would be unwise to force themselves to live together at this point. At least, it was no longer hundreds of kilometers separating them. And Akashi was secretly thankful for that.

“Do you want me to come over?”

He heard Furihata chuckled, “Don’t be absurd.”

Akashi sighed. He was at a loss, but he really wanted to do something. He looked around his room until he saw a particular object on his desk. An idea formed in his mind.

“I might have an idea. Don’t hang up on me, okay?”

“Sei?” Furihata questioned, puzzled.

Akashi put his phone on his desk and took his violin. He began playing it slowly, testing the sound. Soon he found his rhythm and he could hear Furihata’s favorite instrumental song - the violin version of it - through his own ears. He was glad he practiced it lately.

He always enjoyed playing violin, he had been playing the instrument since he was a child. He often played it when he was bored or stressed. Or at times when he missed his mother. The violin was a gift from her and along with basketball, they became his personal treasure. And now he was playing it for another one of his treasure, one he hoped he could keep and cherish forever, and he was.. happy.

Akashi stopped playing after fifteen minutes. He put his violin carefully on his desk and took his phone to check on Furihata. He was about to speak, but stopped himself when he heard a soft snore from the other side. Akashi breathed a sigh of relief. His plan actually worked.

He looked at the clock above his desk. It was almost four in the morning now. Maybe he could get some sleep before he needed to wake up. So he walked back to his bed, his phone still on his ear.

He sat on the edge of the bed and closed his eyes, listening and making sure that Furihata was still asleep.

Or maybe he just wanted to hear the sound of his boyfriend’s soft breathing a bit longer.

After a minute though, he began to feel sleepy as well.

“Sleep well, Kouki,” Akashi whispered. He ended the call and put his phone on the bedside table. He rolled around on his bed until he was comfortable, and closed his eyes. Who knows, maybe if he was lucky enough, he could have his favorite dream. The kind of dream with Furihata in it.

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Akashi shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He eyed the door of the locker room not far away from the bench he was currently sitting at for like the twentieth time, and found it still closed. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He was nervous alright, this was his first time after all.

His first time playing in the same competition as Furihata after they were officially dating. His first time feeling excited of the possibility of facing Furihata in one of the matches, only to see that possibility being crushed by Shuutoku, who beat Seirin about an hour ago, in today’s second semi final (Rakuzan successfully beat Touou this morning in the first semi final).

It was not like he held a grudge against Midorima and his team for beating his boyfriend’s team or anything, it was just.. he was worried. He was worried about Furihata. This was his first competition as a captain. He knew Furihata was tough. Knew this was not his first loss. But still, it must be different, now that he got more responsibility on his shoulder. Akashi was a captain himself, and though he only ever lost once, he knew how devastating it was.

And if Furihata was devastated, this would be his first time facing him in that condition. And he was not sure how to handle it.

The Seirin locker room’s door finally opened and revealed a bunch of teens with puffy eyes and slumped shoulder, who made their way to the exit. He got up from his seat and examined them one by one, searching for the person he wanted to see the most. The last of the bunch went out and the door closed. Still no Furihata. The door didn’t open again.

He spotted Kuroko and immediately went to him.

“Kuroko, where is Kouki?” Akashi asked the blue-haired boy. Kuroko looked at him with dull eyes, as if he really didn’t want to speak right now.

He answered Akashi’s question anyway, “Still in the locker room.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Furihata-kun took the shower last, after personally cheering everyone up, one by one.. He told us to go ahead, because he needed to do something after he finished changing.” Kuroko closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, the dullness was gone, replaced by other emotion Akashi couldn’t really pinpoint, “He was really strong.. Please tell him he did well, Akashi-kun.”

Akashi’s eyes widened, not really sure how to react. Kuroko didn’t say anything after that and just nodded his goodbye. He then broke into a small run to catch up with his teammates.

Akashi didn’t move for a while, as if contemplating Kuroko’s words. After a moment, he nodded to himself and began walking slowly.. until he was in front of the locker room.

He knocked the door twice.

“Come in.” Said someone from the other side.

Akashi opened the door and found Furihata sitting in one of the bench, his phone in his hand. His hair was still damp from the shower but it seemed that he already finished changing.

Seeing it was Akashi who came, Furihata’s eyes immediately lit up, “Oh Sei! I’m about to text you.. I swear I didn’t forget our promise to meet after my match.” He smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, did you wait long?”

Akashi’s heart felt like it was being squeezed. Furihata’s cheerfulness didn’t sit well with him. He ignored his boyfriend’s question and walked closer to the bench. He sat beside Furihata, their shoulders almost touching.

“How are you feeling?” Akashi asked.

Furihata looked at Akashi for a second before he tore his gaze away and looked up at the ceiling instead.

“Disappointed,” The brown-haired boy answered shortly, “But uh, onwards and upwards.. I guess?” He added, still looking at the ceiling.

Akashi didn’t say anything in response, and just silently moved closer to Furihata. Then, ever so slowly, he reached out and gathered his boyfriend into his arms.

Furihata let out a small yelp at the sudden contact but didn’t pull away. Akashi held him tighter, nuzzling his nose into Furihata’s damp hair. It made his face wet, but honestly, who cares.

Furihata gripped the front of Akashi’s shirt then, and his shoulder started to shake. A series of muffled sobs was heard soon after that. They were painful to hear, but Akashi knew this was needed.

They stayed like that for what seemed like hours. Akashi continued holding Furihata, stroking his hair, rubbing his back and arm gently, murmuring how proud he was of Furihata, and how strong he was, and how well he played today.

After a while, Furihata began to relax. His breathing pattern became normal again, and he started to untangle himself from Akashi’s hold. He looked at Akashi for a moment before he ducked his head and blushed. Akashi’s heart skipped a beat at the sight. Furihata might think he was ugly after crying like that and the whole thing was embarrassing, but Akashi thought he looked absolutely adorable.

Furihata cleared his throat, “You better beat Shuutoku in the final for me.” He said, not looking at his boyfriend, but Akashi could detect the teasing tone in the request and he noticed how the light started to come back to Furihata’s eyes.

.. And well, he really couldn’t be more grateful.

Akashi proceeded to peck Furihata’s lips then, and pressed their forehead together after that. He closed his eyes, enjoying the close proximity. He opened them again after a moment and saw Furihata gave him a broad grin. He let out a small chuckle in response.

“You can count on me on that.”

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“Can I kiss you?”


The sound of the ball that fell from Akashi’s hands was deafening. From what he saw- Akashi staring at him in shock, eyes opened impossibly wide- he knew he just said something controversial. Something that shouldn’t be said out loud.

Something wrong.

Akashi was talking animatedly about how much he loved basketball then, twirling the ball in his hand with sparkling eyes. And he was smiling so much. And it was just… beautiful.

And Furihata wanted to kiss him bad.

So, he blurted the words without thinking. Which was a terrible mistake by the way. How- why.

A blush started creeping up Furihata’s neck and face. He hung his head in shame, regretting his error. Stupid, stupid.

He knew it was too late, but he apologized anyway. Hoping against hope he would be forgiven.

“I- I’m sorry I- please forget that. Please- please don’t-”


Furihata stopped speaking immediately, still looking at the ground. He closed his eyes tight, bracing himself for rejection.

Only to feel a finger tilted his chin up and soft lips pressed against his own.


Before he could properly process what exactly was happening, the whole thing was over. Furihata blinked dumbly, and frowned. A dream? An imagination? What is this thing called again?

“A reality.” Akashi chuckled, seemed to be amused by his reaction. “And yes you can. In fact, it’s very much encouraged.”

After that last sentence, Akashi smiled so bright, it was almost blinding.

Furihata was still dazed and lost (from the kiss, from Akashi’s words, from his smile) when Akashi took his hand and intertwined their fingers. “Go out with me… Kouki.”

His eyes widened, his heart beat so fast, and he was sure his face turned even more darker now. 

It was nuts.

… But Furihata was happy. Very.

So, he did the only thing he could do at this state (because speaking was too much of an effort): He nodded (and squeezed Akashi’s hand for good measure).

And then Akashi smiled, again.

Well, Furihata thought, as he looked at that beautiful, beautiful smile, that was good.

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Akashi Seijuurou is a strong man.

.. No, actually, scratch that, he is not strong. He is the strongest. The kind of man whose position is on top of whatever chains. The alpha. The leader. The emperor.

His stature might be small for someone who possesses such immense power, but everyone who actually knows him would beg to differ. There’s nothing ‘small’ about this guy.

With this knowledge, many people assume that his favorite activity is probably stuff like heavy sports or solving problems that require never ending intelligence. And his long life mission is probably something related to world domination? (No one would be surprised if Akashi is indeed interested at dominating the world, honestly).

Well, as it turns out, these people are wrong.

Because Akashi’s favorite activity is actually.. cuddling (cuddling with his favorite person (read: Furihata Kouki) to be more precise).

What kind of cuddling, some people might ask. For a strong man like Akashi, maybe it’s ‘cuddling’ as in super filthy hardcore sex?

.. Nope, wrong again (though Akashi gotta admit that super filthy hardcore sex with Furihata could be categorized as his favorite activity too).

The one Akashi loves is the soft one (with Furihata obviously). The soft cuddling, like the one they do when watching movies together. Or the one they do when one of them was having a bad day. Or the one they do in cold winter night in front of the fireplace.

How Akashi absolutely adores those cuddles.

Just like tonight.

They are just finished with their third round of love making (not the super filthy hardcore sex today, mind) and both are completely exhausted (and sated). Akashi then, almost in auto pilot, pulls Furihata closer to his chest and holds him gently (still naked and all). He also adjusts the blanket so it covers both of them completely. Furihata lets out a satisfied sigh and soon enough drifts off to sleep.

The act that Akashi doesn’t follow immediately.

Because sleep is overrated. Especially when he is offered a full view of what people these days refer as ‘blessed image’ (is there even such a thing? He is aware of the term ‘cursed image’ so he just uses the opposite word to describe Furihata’s sleeping state).

‘Blessed image’, because Furihata is a blessing. Simple as that. His existence, his presence, his love for Akashi. Everything about him is a blessing that Akashi swears, a long time ago, would never take for granted.

So he watches. Furihata looks impossibly beautiful at a tranquil state. He is usually more in a cute department when he is alert. What with his stutters and all. But at this state, wow.

Akashi watches some more. He runs his fingers up and down Furihata’s spine, while simultaneously nuzzles his fluffy brown hair (they use the same shampoo but why oh why it smells better on Furihata).

After a moment, Akashi feels Furihata shiver under his touch. It seems that tonight is colder than usual. Not wanting his beloved catching a cold (Furihata gets sick easily nowadays, maybe because of the constant stress he gets at uni, now that they are in the final year), he grabs his sweater which conveniently is the closest piece of clothes around him. He then nudges Furihata gently to wake him up. When Furihata is alert enough (though his eyes are still closed), he sits up, takes the sweater from Akashi's hand, and puts it on.

The sight nearly sends Akashi into cardiac arrest (not really, dramatic Akashi strikes again). Furihata Kouki. In his sweater. RIP Akashi Seijuurou.

Okay but seriously, the last time Akashi saw Furihata wore his clothes is in their second year of high school, when Akashi was still courting Furihata. One day, he draped his jacket on Furihata’s shoulders because it was raining and it was apparently a ‘romantic gesture’ (Kise’s words). He remembered Furihata in his jacket looked adorable.

But it’s nothing compared to now. Because this time, the sweater looks oversize (back then, he and Furihata was almost the same in size). It makes him realize how much he has grown physically and how much er.. Furihata is.. not grown. He is now way taller and bigger than Furihata (it seems that Furihata didn’t grow much after he graduated high school). He is still not as tall as his other Miracle friends (minus Kuroko and Momoi), but there is definitely improvement.

So his Kouki in his sweater right now is utterly stunning. He wants to pounce him but he also wants to protect him. Ugh. The infinite dilemma when you have a cute boyfriend..

Before Akashi can decide what he wants, Furihata collapses to bed and now on his way to settle himself in Akashi’s arm again. Akashi sighs in defeat but gives his unconscious boyfriend a soft smile. He can pounce or protect Furihata later, but for now he is good with cuddle. After all isn’t that his favorite activity?

He kisses Furihata forehead and continues watching him sleep. He thinks about all the sweaters he own that he might ask Furihata to try. That navy sweater would look sexy on Furihata.. probably. He falls asleep smiling to himself after that.

So Akashi Seijuurou’s favorite activity is cuddling with his boyfriend, and his long life mission (as of now) is asking the said boyfriend to wear all his sweaters.

.. Maybe it’s better to label him as a ‘strong man (with some unexpected cute twists)’ after all.

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You hear footsteps coming towards you. You hear the door opens and you instantly know that you are in trouble.

Not long after, a cold hand touches your forehead gently. “Why don’t you tell me you’re sick?”

He is worried. Not angry, just worried. And that’s why it’s troubling, because it makes you feel all the more guilty.

“I’m sorry.” You say.

Hearing that, he only sighs. “You’re burning up, have you taken any meds?”

You offer him a small smile and nod. “I’m going to be fine, please don’t worry about me. You have an important exam on-”

“Right, of course.” He cuts you off with a chuckle and proceeds to sit on the bed, occupying the small space beside you. “Not telling me about your sickness because I have an important exam. Classic Kouki.”

Your mouth forms a pout. It’s a logical thing to do, right?

He helps you sit and kisses your forehead. Cold lips meet hot skin is a wonderful sensation, you think.

“I appreciate the concern but don’t do this again.” Here comes the scolding. “You’re more important than that exam.”

Or not.

You feel yourself blush. Scolding is not supposed to make you feel this way.

“You’re more important than anything.” He adds after a while.

And before you can react to that, his mouth covers yours. Cold lips meet hot lips is a wonderful sensation too.

You close your eyes out of reflex at the same time his lips starts to move. You don’t exactly know what is actually happening because of your extreme fatigue, but your body apparently remembers how to react properly. You can feel his smile and hear your own satisfied sigh.

You retreat after a while to breath. It’s harsh, and there’s cough.

Wait, cough?

You look up to him, horrified. “Oh no.”

He frowns. “What’s wrong?”

“We kissed- I’m sick, Sei- you- you-” You stutter, your voice almost gone. “You’re going to- to get sick too!”

And that’s unacceptable! There’s an important exam coming up!

He merely lifts his eyebrows, not a hint of panic is seen. State of this guy!

You reach your nightstand and frantically search for your vitamins.

“What are you doing?” He asks, confused.

“I have some- some vitamins, you have to- to-”

You cough again and this time, he pulls you into his arms.

“Calm down, Kouki.” He says. He rubs your back like he usually do to calm you.

It works.

You’re calming down but everything is still wrong.

“You sound like a wife.” He comments, amused. “Are you my wife?”

You wonder if your sickness makes you sensitive, because somehow, his simple question reminds you of something that hurts.

The future.

You pull away and avoid his eyes. You can feel a headache is coming.

“I’m not your wife- I’m not.” You start to sniffle. “Your wife is going to be.. a wonderful person, way better than m-me.”

Damn. What is happening now.

He is silent. And it’s quite scary. You chance to look at him and see a sad smile.

“I see you still don’t like talking about.. our future.”

You look down and feel another guilt makes its way to your heart.

It’s true. You despise the future. Because there’s no way he will be in it, beside you. There’s just too many- too many things that prevent it to go the way you want to.

And he knows it, as well.

He pulls you into his arms again, suddenly. You wonder if he is mad.

“Alright, let’s just focus on the now then. Hmm.. I don’t want a wife. I want you-”

“You don’t know tha-”

“I’m talking about the present though, not the future, so I do know.” He says matter-of-factly.

You can only grip his shirt, silently telling him to continue.

“I understand where you’re coming from. I know It’s complicated but personally, I have high hopes for our future.”

You grip his shirt tighter.

“I can’t control it, I don’t want this to stop, I want you now, and I hope I can have you in the future too.. it’s okay to hope right, Kouki?”

Now it’s your eyes that is burning.

“Yes we don’t know the future, yes we might be separated in the end, but there’s a possibility we’re going to be together forever?” He pauses and let out a small laugh. “I know you’re more of a pessimist but give that one possibility a chance yeah? And let’s hope. Let’s hope for a good future together.”

You feel a tear falls. And another. And another. And the hug gets tighter. And there’s a kiss on top of your head.

You feel warm but you know it has nothing to do with your sickness.

“I love you.” He whispers.

And you smile.

Me too, you silently say. Me too.

Despite everything, it seems that your condition is getting worse and you can feel that you are in the verge of passing out. What an annoying thing, this sickness.

But no. No passing out before you say it back (because he deserves to hear that).

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Akashi Seijuurou was convinced that nothing in the world could compare to the beauty that was Furihata Kouki’s hand.

It was in the middle of the night and Akashi couldn’t sleep. So he randomly reached for his sleeping lover’s hand and studied it, hoping to find some comfort in the action. He ran his thumb across the palm and found a little scar in between the lines. He remembered this. Furihata got it when he tried cooking a tofu soup for the first time. For him.



“Kouki, what’s wrong with your hand? Are you okay?” Akashi asked his boyfriend worriedly, seeing the bandaged hand.

“Nah, it’s not as bad as it looks. Just a little burn.” Furihata waved him off.

“What? Are you sure?”

“Of course!” Furihata smiled, obviously trying to be reassuring. “Now please try the tofu soup. I hope the taste is acceptable.”

Akashi was not actually convinced but let the matter go, in the end. He then tasted the tofu soup as requested.

To be completely honest, it was a bit too salty for Akashi, but he didn’t complain. Furihata made it for him, and the mere thought was enough to make him felt the warmth. And yeah, if he was ever offered to choose between Furihata’s tofu soup and those from a five-star restaurant, he would always choose Furihata’s in a heartbeat.



Akashi brought Furihata’s hand closer to his face and kissed the little scar. He loved it.

His thumb continued its journey. This time, it stopped at Furihata’s fingertips. Akashi could feel the callouses, some were rougher than the others. He smiled. They were the result of Furihata trying to play Akashi’s favorite song on guitar, to cheer him up.



“What is happening?” Akashi asked. He just got back from work when he found Furihata fiddled with a.. guitar?

“Ah Sei, you’re home.” Furihata greeted him cheerfully. “Come sit with me.”

Akashi complied and sat beside Furihata, but before he could utter another word, Furihata cut him off.

“So I noticed you’ve been stressed at work lately, you know, more than usual.”

Akashi sighed. “Couldn’t help it. We’re about to expand our business overseas. It’s been pretty hectic since.”

“I see.”

“Now, what’s with the guitar?” Akashi asked again.

“I just thought this could help.” Furihata just shrugged before he began playing...

Akashi’s eyes widened. “The Entertainer?”

Furihata grinned. “Such a happy tune, isn’t it?”

“Wow.” Akashi was in total awe. The Entertainer by Scott Joplin was one of his favorite pieces, mainly because it was his mother’s favorite. He played it a couple of times on piano whenever he thought about his mother. Did Furihata really notice?

Furihata was now done playing but Akashi was still kind of speechless. “You just played The Entertainer on guitar..”

“It wasn’t easy, I admit,” Furihata said rather bashfully.

And it really wasn’t. As someone who also played it before, Akashi could easily spot some mistakes that Furihata made.

Furihata looked at Akashi’s face then, like he was studying it, before he smiled, warm and genuine. “You actually look better now, so it was worth it.”

Akashi was completely taken aback, his hands shaking a little. It was overwhelming somehow, to the point it was hard not to cry.

He really didn’t deserve this guy.



Akashi kissed Furihata’s fingertips gently. Each and every single one of them. Just like the little scar, he loved these callouses too.

He shifted his attention to the back of Furihata’s hand and once again, ran his thumb across it. Now, this one felt familiar. Too familiar.



“You’re still warm, you should get more rest,” Furihata told Akashi after he touched his forehead with the back of his hand to check his temperature for like, the twentieth time.


“Stop laughing at me!” Furihata smacked Akashi’s arm lightly with the back of his hand when Akashi found out that Furihata just screamed after seeing an ordinary hanging white sheet thinking it was a ghost.


“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright.” Furihata caressed Akashi’s cheek with the back of his hand the night Akashi failed to seal the deal with an important client.



Akashi swept his thumb across Furihata’s back of hand once more, before finally kissing it too. It reminded him of those romantic scenes in fairytales, when the prince was kissing the princess’s hand, as a gesture of respect and admiration, just like this.

And that was exactly what he felt towards Furihata; respect and admiration.

Also love, obviously. Lots and lots of that.

Akashi caught a glimpse of gold on Furihata’s ring finger, and couldn’t help but smiled proudly. Ah, how could he forget?

Akashi Seijuurou was wrong. There was something more beautiful than Furihata Kouki’s hand:

Furihata Kouki’s hand with a wedding ring.

Chapter Text

“Here you go, Kouki.” Akashi gave his boyfriend his ordered drink. 

Furihata took the drink and smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”

It was Sunday, the day that was reserved for their weekly date. The weather was pleasant enough so both of them decided to go on a picnic at the nearby park. 

Which turned out to be an excellent choice, because Furihata finally looked relaxed and happy. For the past months, he had been struggling with all the thesis stuff he needed to deal with, now that they were on their last year of uni. It made him stressed and anxious almost 24/7, and Akashi was constantly worried about his well being. So looking at Furihata like this was a relief, and Akashi was genuinely grateful for that.

Akashi was about to sit back down after his trip from the vending machine when Furihata looked up at him worriedly.

“Did it hurt when you fell?”

Akashi blinked. Did Furihata just..

“.. from heaven?” Akashi finished the (what he thought was) incomplete..pick up line. Which was new for Furihata. Because flirting was usually not his thing. Akashi didn’t complain though, instead, he gave Furihata a cheeky smile. “Why, Kouki. I thought-“

“No, I mean earlier, when you went to buy our drinks.”

Akashi froze. Oh.

“So.. you saw that.” Akashi could feel his cheeks burning.

Furihata nodded and closed his lips tight, obviously trying to hold back laughter.

“Well, that was embarrassing.” Akashi mumbled.

Furihata chuckled while retrieving something from his bag. He took out a band-aid and shifted closer to Akashi. He examined Akashi’s knee and spotted a small scratch there. “Sorry, and no it was not embarrassing.” 

Akashi could feel the band-aid being put on the small wound and sighed. “Yes, it was.”

Furihata urged him to sit back down. He then started to play with his hair. “You fell because you avoided stepping on a cat’s tail.” Furihata continued to stroke his hair tenderly. “I saw that part too.”

Akashi hummed. It was true, but it honestly didn’t make the whole thing any less embarrassing, in his opinion.

“You’re very kind, you know, like an angel.” Furihata smiled.

Akashi was stunned, looking at that brilliant smile. It wasn’t a big deal but Furihata made it like he was some sort of hero.. and it made him feel warm. At moments like this, Furihata always looked angelic, somehow.

I’m not the angel. You are.

Akashi returned the smile then. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, Kouki?” He blurted out without thinking.

Furihata looked taken aback by the sudden question but recovered quickly. “Yes, it did.” He grinned. “But I got to meet you, so it was worth it.”

Akashi could feel his face heated up again at this declaration, and it must be so obvious because his boyfriend started to snicker at him. He covered his face and softly groaned. “Not fair.”

Chapter Text

Akashi plopped down on the sofa and sighed. He closed his eyes and felt a headache coming. His hand massaging his temple on reflex.

Which didn’t work, obviously. Because the pain was not.. physical. 

He remembered  the event  again, and his heart sank.

“Sei? You’re home.” A sound calling him softly, footsteps approaching.

Akashi sat up straighter, schooling his expression, and trying to appear normal.

“Hello, Kouki.” He smiled to his beloved who was now standing before him.

Furihata looked at him for a moment and sat beside him on the sofa. Then, there was a pat on his back. “You okay?”

Akashi took a deep breath at that. It was sort of amazing how a simple act like  a pat on the back  from Furihata could emit such overwhelming warmth that, in this case, made him want to pour everything, from words to.. tears.

And so, he did just that.

“The deal was off. They didn’t want us to be their business partner because of some unknown reason.”

Furihata was silent. He knew what this was all about, and Akashi was at least grateful he didn’t need to explain further. He pressed his palms to his closed eyes. They were hot. “It was because of me, wasn’t it. I know it was because of me. I made a mistake somewhere, somehow. And I failed them.”

Akashi took a breath again, a shaky one, and pressed his eyes harder. “I failed everyone.” He finished with a whisper.

More silence. Furihata’s hand, that stayed on his back the entire time began to move. He tried to pry Akashi’s hands from his eyes. Akashi didn’t resist. They were now face to face and Furihata smiled sadly. “You’re not okay.”

“No.. no, I’m not.” Akashi said honestly.

Furihata got closer, forehead touching. “I’m so sorry.”

Akashi closed his eyes again, and let the closeness comfort him. “Are you disappointed in me, Kouki?”

“As if I could do that.” Furihata chuckled lowly. He withdrew a bit and looked at Akashi, his eyes bright. “No, I’m not disappointed in you, but I can imagine you are, right now.. but Sei,” he paused, his expression gentle, “I hope you don’t think of yourself as a failure, because you are not.”

Akashi’s eyes widened. Something flashed in his mind. It was an old memory.  A good one . Slowly, he began to smile. 

Furihata looked at him, puzzled. Akashi chuckled. He then held Furihata’s hand firmly. “Something like this happened before.”

“Huh?” Furihata looked confused, obviously not following.

Akashi shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Furihata eyed him suspiciously before he sighed, decided to let the matter go. ”Do you want some tea?”

“Tea would be great, thank you Kouki.” Akashi kissed his cheek before Furihata stood up and went to the kitchen.

Akashi watched his boyfriend’s retreating back for a while before he took his phone. He swiped and scrolled until he found what he was looking for. A picture of a beautiful woman.

“It’s been a while, isn’t it?” Akashi glanced at the kitchen and thought about how it was almost weekend. An idea popped into his mind. Suddenly feeling excited, he gave the picture his brightest smile. “We’ll visit you tomorrow.”



Akashi clutched his violin to his chest, ready to receive whatever lecture regarding his bad performance on the music subject this week. His mother was never mad at him but this time, he probably deserved it.

He approached the garden where his mother usually stayed during the day.. only to find there was a guest.


Oh, no.

Akashi took a step back, not wanting to disturb whatever was happening there. But his mother’s voice made him stop in his tracks.

“So, how is Seijuurou doing this week, sensei?”

“He is doing great, as usual.”

Now Akashi was intrigued. Did Matsumoto-sensei decide not to bring up that one particular failed subject or-

“Perfect score for everything. Well, except..”

Akashi felt like a deflated balloon. Of course it would be brought up. That was silly of him to think otherwise.

“Except..?” Akashi’s mother prompted.

“Except the violin lesson. He was struggling on that.”

A silence.

“I see..”

“I don’t think it’s something to worry about though, I could tell he genuinely like the instrument, and he is quite determined about the whole thing so.. yeah.” Matsumoto-sensei smiled reassuringly.

“Oh, I don’t worry about that in particular. I just don’t want him to think he is a failure because of this, you know, because he isn’t.”

Akashi’s eyes widened at that, and he felt overwhelmed somehow. 

But it was warm. And it was a good feeling.

Matsumoto-sensei chuckled. “I think I get it, yeah.”

“I’m proud of him, always will be.” Akashi’s mother paused. “I’m his mother, yes. But you could probably tell that, in a way, I’m also his biggest fan.” She added with a hint of humor.

Matsumoto-sensei gave a little laugh in response.

After that, Akashi went back to his room. He sat on his bed, repeating the entire conversation between his mother and his sensei in his head. He looked at the violin that was still in his hand with renewed determination.

For his mother, for his father, for his sensei. And especially, for himself.

He’ll try again.