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12 Days of Swan Queen Christmas: A Soulmate for Christmas

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Regina kissed her new girlfriend goodbye and watched Emma get in the car to go to work. She had some stuff to do around the house to get it ready for the Christmas dinner party she was hosting so she would be staying home from then on.

The brunette hummed, her new found happiness making her almost giddy. Even though the relationship aspect was new, they had known each other a long time. Thus, they had already talked about the future. About stability, commitment. Even having more children. ‘This is the real deal.’ Regina thought. Even Emma’s comment the night before made believing it more real.

‘Think if we ask Santa Claus for a baby we’ll get one? All these crazy characters I thought were just cartoons are turning out to be real, so why not Santa?’

‘What, you think we’re going to wake up Christmas morning and a baby’s just going to be in a box full of holes under the Christmas tree? Regina shook her head while laughing.

‘I don’t know? Let Santa figure out the logistics. My job is to ask.’ Emma playfully huffed.

The only thing that was currently throwing a wrench into the workings was the townspeople. They were all uncomfortable with the Savior hooking up with the Evil Queen. But she was confident they would come around in time. She just had to show them she had no intention of breaking Emma’s heart.

She was in the kitchen with a pad and pen jotting down everything that had to be done when knocking interrupted her thinking. “Did Emma forget something?” She muttered.

Regina quickly walked to the door and opened it. She stood there in confusion since no one was there. She was about to close the door when slight movement caught her eye. Her eyes widened in shock.

There, on her doorstep, was a baby.

Stunned, she leaned down and took the note that was pinned to the blanket. ‘Your majesty, please take good care of her.’

“Someone actually trusts the Evil Queen with a baby?” Next to the baby was a large box. She opened the flaps and peered inside. It looked like there were about ten bottles of milk. Whoever had given her up really must have had a good reason. It was not lack of love, for sure.

Regina grabbed the handle of the baby carrier and used her foot to move the box inside. The baby girl looked to be no more than a week old, if that. Well cared for, too. “Do you have a name, little one?” The brunette gently picked up the sleeping baby and looked around the carrier for a clue.

“How about we call what may hopefully be your other mama, huh. Would you like to meet her?” The baby decided to open its wee eyes. Regina’s face glowed when eyes the same color as the savior’s greeted her. “Well look at that! I think your other mama is gonna love you at first sight, just like I already do.”

Regina walked to the kitchen so she could call Emma. She put the cell on speaker and waited. “Emma, I have a surprise I think you’re going to love!” Was the first thing out of her mouth. She was too excited for pleasantries.

“Am I now. Are you home naked wearing nothing but high heels?”

Regina’s train of thought got derailed and she sputtered in a very un-Regina like manner.

“Emma! Get your mind out of the gutter. No it’s not that. I know you just left, but could please come back now? This is something you need to see.”

“On my way, my queen.”

Regina chuckled as she ended the call and faced the newborn. “Your mama is something else but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Mere minutes later she heard the door.


“In the kitchen.”

Emma halted when she saw a moving bundle being cradled in Regina’s arms.

“Uh…was I just here a few minutes ago or did I go through a time portal and it’s been nine months?” Emma asked as she stepped closer.

Regina laughed out loud, always surprised at how the blonde could always make her laugh with her crazy brain, even if something like that was actually possible in Storybrooke.

“Someone out there left her to me, can you believe that? Somewhere out there is someone who thought the Evil Queen was the person to raise their child.”

“What happened?” Emma took hold of the child when Regina transferred her. She stared at the cute scrunchy face of a kid just born. She looked up at the brunette.

“Someone knocked right after you left. She was at my door in a baby carrier with a box of milk bottles. There was also a note asking ME to take care of her.” Regina replied, still sounding amazed.

Emma’s eyes started tearing. “Regina, I knew we just got together, but can we keep her? I know you’re it for me and I would love to start making our family bigger.”

Emma looked so hopeful, so beautiful…

“You do know she’s going to need her mama all the time, day and night, right? Not just a couple of days a week?” The brunette leaned over the baby and softly kissed the blonde.

Emma pulled back and grinned. She took out her cell and made a call. “Dad, I know this is short notice and I’ll explain later, but right now, I need your help gathering up my stuff. I’m moving in with Regina, my son, and…my daughter.”