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12 Days of Swan Queen Christmas: A Soulmate for Christmas

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Regina hugged her girlfriend one more time before she entered the airport. “You know I’ll only be gone for a few days, so I fully expect to still find Halloween candy left over, Miss Swan.”

“Yes, yes! Henry and I promise we will not rot out our teeth inhaling candy. Good grief, Regina. Halloween was only yesterday and we have about three pillowcases worth of loot. Are you going to even miss me or just think about whether we’re eating nutritious food?” Emma pouted.

Regina squeezed the savior’s cheeks with one hand and kissed her. “Love you!” Then she grabbed her bag and left a slightly annoyed blonde behind.

As she got her stuff screened, she pictured her family trying to figure out how to get more candy. She could just picture the blonde tricking Storybrooke residents to convince them that trick-or-treating should also happen on All Saints Day and all Souls Day. Anything that would extend the Halloween holiday.




The brunette wanted to surprise her girlfriend by not telling her she was coming home early. With that in mind, she took an Uber instead of asking Emma for a ride. However, the surprise was on her the minute she stepped out of the car. There were so many Christmas decorations hanging everywhere, not a single square inch of house or ground could be seen.

A yelp from somewhere outside was heard and Regina, stunned and barely breathing at this point, walked towards the sound.

Emma appeared to be fighting with a ladder while Henry was busy putting various tools away.

The queen was briefly distracted by Emma’s booty shaking in the air as she placed the now folded ladder on the ground. “Regina! You’re home early. You like?” Emma grinned, cheeks rosy from the cool air and exertion.

“Mom! You’re back.” Henry grinned.

Seeing even more decorations scattered about, she spent a few seconds just opening and closing her mouth repeatedly. She couldn’t settle on where to start, so many thoughts crowding to come out all at once. “Are you two insane? It’s only,” Regina looked at her watch, “November 3rd!”

“I think you’re in trouble.” Henry stage whispered. He looked like he was a nanosecond away from hightailing it out of there.



“Is it too early to decorate?”