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Surround Me

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Don't overthink it,
just finish up your drink
and surround me.


It's surprisingly nice to have another girl on the team. Not that Riley has anything against women, obviously—she's just used to the way things are. Or, were.

Plus, Cage is kind of... intimidating, in a way that guys never really are, to Riley. Men are like gnats, whether they're trying to be an annoying father figure or annoy her in other ways. Always flying in your face, buzzing in your ears, making you brush them away with your hands like it's your job.

And Cage is just, like, a whole different situation. One Riley doesn't want to think about long enough to pin down exactly what kind of insect she would be.

But it's fine. It's okay. They've all gotten used to each other. It's still weird, admittedly. Riley has a very specific facade she wears to go to work with the guys, and she should know that Cage will see through it but it's still a surprise when she does. When she takes Riley's secret, and keeps it, and backs her up without question.

Riley doesn't know what to do with that, at all.

She ends up asking Cage to go for a beer after work, because it's all she can think of. Cage likes beer, so. There's that.

Riley is more nervous than she'd like when they get to the bar. Cage is still Cage, even if she's been smiling ever since Riley asked her.

They get their drinks at the bar and sit down at a table, and Riley takes a good few gulps of her beer before looking up to see Cage watching her, amused.

Looking away, Riley raises her voice to say over the noise, "It's loud."

Cage leans forward and Riley looks back at her as she says, "Do you want to get out of here?" One of her eyebrows goes up and Riley watches her for a second before nodding.

"We can go to my place."

They stand up and Cage waits for Riley to come up beside her, then walks at her side to the door, one hand at the small of Riley's back. She gets the door and holds it for Riley, walks Riley to her car, gets the address and then waits for Riley to get in and start the car before walking away.

Riley has to sit there for a minute, heat rising to her cheeks, and take a deep breath before shifting into reverse. She waits downstairs for Cage so they can head up together, and she's nervous again as she unlocks the door and waves her in.

"Do you want beer or whiskey?" Riley asks, heading for the kitchen as Cage wanders in the direction of her bookshelves and the photographs scattered there.

"Let's go with whiskey," Cage says, her tone distracted and her back to the room.

When Riley comes up behind her, she touches the glass to Cage's bare arm. She doesn't jump, but she does close her eyes briefly before turning to take the drink and tip it in Riley's direction, a mock toast. Then she raises the glass to her lips and drinks, her eyes never leaving Riley's.

The air between them has vanished, somehow, as Riley looks down at Cage's lips and Cage lowers the glass, leans forward, and kisses her.

Riley inhales, and it must sound like surprise because Cage pulls back to say, "Sorry, is that okay?" and Riley just kisses her again. She hasn't touched her own glass so she tastes the whiskey on Cage's tongue, free arm going around Cage's waist to pull her closer.

Reaching blindly behind Cage, Riley finds the shelf and sets her glass down on it, wraps that arm around Cage's waist too. The kiss has gone immediately from zero to sixty, and Riley's belly swoops where it's pressed up against Cage's, like she's going over that first hill on a roller coaster.

It's Riley tugging Cage's shirt off over her head and Riley walking them over to the bed but it's Cage who pushes her down on it, Cage who climbs on top of her and leaves Riley staring up at her for only a second before she leans down to kiss her again.

Then everything blurs into fuck, is this happening and fuck, that feels good, and fuck, fuck, fuck—and Riley goes back for the bottle of whiskey before her body can come down from its high.

She's lying on her belly, glass in one hand and the bottle on the floor, sheet pulled up to her waist, while Cage has migrated down the bed to play with Riley's hair and trace her fingers over Riley's bare back.

“I love your hair,” Cage murmurs, and Riley smiles a little, tucking her chin close to her shoulder to glance over.

“Why did you ask?” Riley says.


“Why did you ask if it was okay? Didn't you know?”

“Of course,” she says, like she's not really paying attention, “but you have to ask.” She presses a kiss to Riley's back, just past the ends of her hair, and Riley shivers.

“Does anyone say no?”

“What do you mean?”

“When you ask,” Riley says. “Does anyone say no?”

There's a pause, Riley staring down into her whiskey, and then Cage says slowly, “I don't know. I mean, I don't know the last time I've asked someone that.”

Riley tenses, taking a breath, and Cage's hand leaves her back.

“Does that surprise you?” she asks, and Riley exhales the same breath, closing her eyes and shaking her head.

“I didn't mean—no. I was just thinking, you're so beautiful, I can't imagine anyone telling you no. But I wasn't trying to—“

Cage's hand touches her back, skimming up over it as she moves to lie beside her, smiling. “I'm not offended. It isn't really a choice I've made. People aren't safe for me.”

Riley stares at her, eyebrows drawing together. “Am I safe for you?”

Cage just smiles, no worry pinching her face. “Not exactly. I don't think Matty would be thrilled with this development. But also... yeah. You are.”

Riley kisses her, reaches blindly to put her glass on the bedside table and then shifts closer, rolling Cage onto her back and pressing her thigh between Cage's legs.

“You trust me?” Riley asks, rocking against her, and Cage nods, hands coming up to grip the back of Riley's neck. “Does that scare you?”

Cage nods again.

“It scares me too,” Riley says, dropping her head and rocking again, again. Cage's leg comes up between hers and Riley slips her hand between Cage and the bed, pressing it flat to the small of her back and rocking down on her.

Silence falls once Riley gives into it, just movement and breathing and bodies sliding slick over each other. It's silent when they come, too, the sudden stillness ringing out like a bell.

Riley eases off onto the bed, then gets up to open the window. “When's the last time you got high?” she asks, and Cage sputters a laugh.

“What makes you think I—“

Riley turns and raises her eyebrows and Cage rolls her eyes.

“Two or three lifetimes ago, I'd guess. Why?”

“Just think it would be... fun... to smoke with you.” Riley smirks, and Cage suppresses a smile, shaking her head.


“I'm just dreaming, don't worry.”

Cage just looks at her and Riley turns back to the window, then finds the bottle and pours herself another drink.

Holding up her own glass for a refill, Cage whispers, “Should I go?” and Riley looks her over as she pours.

“You don't have to,” Riley says, capping the bottle and leaning over to put it back on the floor. “You're welcome to stay.”

Cage nods, ducking her head and sipping from her glass.

“What about then?”


“Did you know?”

Cage smiles a little, closes her eyes, then raises them to the ceiling and says, “That's a bit more of a complicated question.”


“Riley, if this... I mean, if this wasn't a one-time thing, you need to know that whatever skills I may have, I will always ask you if it's okay.”

“'If this wasn't a one-time thing,'” Riley echoes, amused, and Cage flushes a very pale pink.

“Don't make fun of me!”

“I'm not! I'm just, maybe... enjoying this... a little. I've never seen you uncertain about anything.”

“Yeah, there's a reason for that,” Cage says, pushing a hand through her hair.

“Come here,” Riley says, reaching for her, and Cage looks up, crawls across the space between them and sits back on her heels. Riley's hands go around her waist and she rises up to kiss her, tugging Cage up on her knees and sliding her hands down over Cage's ass. Cage bites down on her lip and Riley says, breathless, “I don't think it's gonna be a one-time thing.”