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sweeney's lore

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The room was darker now, no noise other than you two softly talking to each other. The bed was comfortable, you thought, and surprisingly sturdy. Buile was over you, his face seemed darker, almost more mischievous.

You two had been like this for a while, just staring at each other while saying little things. He lifted his hand and let his long fingers play along your shoulders until he got to your neck.

"This is probably the most unique circumstances where I've ended up having sex," you almost whispered.

"I believe maybe for me too, lass." He said above you. "Are you nervous?"

"A little," you slowly uttered. He leaned up enough to let you sit up beside him.

"What do you want me to do mo ghrá?" His voice was riddled with patience. Anything to make you more comfortable was his goal.

You looked over at you two in the mirror on his closet door. This man was one of the most beautiful creatures you'd ever laid eyes on. He was intriguingly tall, his arms and chest were so built you thought about asking his work out regimen or if he even had one, and his face, good God that handsome ass face. He was a rough type of gorgeous with that fiery ginger hair and beard to match, and he was practically begging to make love to you. Why even be nervous? He clearly wanted you just as much (if not more) as you wanted him. So fuck it.

Your demeanor shifted, and not without his notice. You softly shook your shoulders to loosen your whole body one time and looked over at him. Your hands went to his shoulders for balance as you placed yourself neatly in his lap, he moved his arms out of the way just for you to sit. You held his face in your hands, slowed one good time to admire the look of anticipation on his face before leaning in to kiss him.

He received it with eagerness, glad you were finally comfortable enough to do it again. This was the moment Sweeney had been quietly waiting for, you to let your inhibitions down and let him pleasure you. His beard tickled your chin as you eased more into him. His hands were everywhere against your body, like he couldn't settle on one spot for too long.

You lifted his tank up enough to palm his immaculately toned chest, abs that felt harder than stone under your fingers. Your core was on fire, not to mention the steady growing heat rising through your body as you touched him and he touched you. He stroked down your back, easily pushing your chest closer to his before releasing to raise your top up and above your head.

You followed suit, eager to see him shirtless again and feel his warm body against your own. He kissed your jaw, your neck, collarbone, shoulder, breast, everywhere he could as you watched him eagerly devour your skin with slow, tender kisses.

He went to your nipple, pushing it into his mouth and making an obscene pop as he released it. He trailed kisses in between until he got to the other side to repeat to the other one. He licked the area surrounding your nipple before you couldn't resist pulling his lips back up to yours.

Before long you felt your heart beat quicken, almost ringing in your ears. You couldn't focus on anything other than how good all of this felt, how right it was. A smile couldn't help but trickle on your lips, causing him to do the same as he pulled back to look at you. His eyes were brighter than they had ever been, almost like his irises were auburn flames. You stroked his cheek, leaning back in for more of him.

Wanting more, he leaned over to lay you down on the bed. He stood to his feet and pulled off his bottoms, then he hooked his fingers in yours but waited for your nod of approval. Now you were both nude, his body now on top of yours as they melted together. The warmth was loading through you from head to toe, something that demanded to be noticed. Tingling along each nerve through your body, he traveled down until he reached your hips.

He lifted your legs and spread them over his shoulders, his own knees on the floor next to the bed. You peered down at him through your lashes, already wet with anticipation.

"Your body severely betrays you, mo ghrá" he whispered, mouth blowing cool air so close to your core. He started off easy, sliding his fingers in between the slick of your center before spreading it apart to lick against your clit. He placed a flat tongue against it, then added pressure as he used his whole mouth to suck hard.

You couldn't help the gasp you let out, your body twitching each time he repeated this. He did so again, the heat from his mouth mixed with your wetness caused him to groan softly into you. Instinctively your hands were tangling through his mane, his eyes looking up to watch you in amazement. He reached his free hand up to grab a handful of your breast, squeezing your nipple until you practically squealed aloud.

You were coming undone, and he was enjoying every second of it. He knew the harder he applied pressure to your sweet spot, the more your body shook and wraithed in pleasure. "Buile!" you yelled once he pulled your lower lips in between his and let go with another pop, and then abruptly moving away altogether.

So close to releasing, and he somehow knew. He came back up to lay over you, his arms on either side of your head as you grabbed his muscles, leaning up to catch his lips sooner than he could come down to meet yours.

You looked down at his throbbing length in a somewhat daze, worried that his size might be uncomfortable. It was thick and veiny, just like the rest of him. He looked already on the edge of bust as pre cum dripped from the head, his hands moving to line up your hips. At first he slowly eased himself in, an agonizing adjustment. You winced slightly and he noticed, stroking your cheek with worry. "You okay?"

You nodded quickly, even reinforcing by grabbing his hips to ease him in further. "I'm okay.." you reassured him. After a few more slow and torturous thrusts he couldn't help himself.

He came back down to whisper in your ear, just as he started to go faster. Whatever he was saying sounded like gibberish, a language that you had never heard. Even still, the pressure between your legs, his hands tangled through your hair, and the heat from his chest over your body, encompassing your figure. His lips so close to your ear as he breathlessly whispered sweet nothings (you only assumed).

Even through all of that, the only thing you could focus on was the stars forming in your eyes, the headboard slamming into his wall, and how hoarse your throat was already becoming from desperate moans and soundless screams of his name.

The pleasure was indescribable, Sweeney was hogging every sense in your body. You were his instrument in this moment. And he was already an expert in playing you, using you to make the sounds he needed to hear more than anything else.

You heard his voice turn into wordless groans, even a slight whimper that definitely surprised you. Both of you were dangerously crashing into an intense orgasm, a sweet and chaotic release. As you slowly drifted back down, after feeling like your body had floated to the ceiling, you felt him slack against you.

You smiled, more satisfied that he decided to stay inside you as he caught his breath. Your hands moved to play in his ginger locks, slightly damp from sweat. You pushed his shoulders, trying to flip him gently on his back, rolling with him since he was still inside you.

He opened his eyes and watched you now over him, eyes dark with lust. You had never seen a man more handsome, especially in this moment. You blushed under his seductive glare, easing up and off of his length.

You trailed kisses down his chest, all the way to his suddenly re-emerging erection. He was already getting painfully hard again as you grabbed him, small hand firmly gripping his base. You licked all the way up, tasting yours and his wetness around him. The groan he let out was low and deep from the base of his throat. He leaned back, freckled arms covering his eyes as you took him fully in your mouth.

Knowing there was no way for you to fully suck him you went as far as your gag reflex could handle, tightly stroking the rest with your hand. You did this repeatedly, ever so often licking and kissing the swollen red tip and just below it.

"Mo grhá, what are you doing to me.." he groaned in desperation, he had never felt so hopelessly indulged.

You had never truly enjoyed fellatio until you performed it on Sweeney. The sounds he was willing to make, the sweet shyness as he came more and more undone, the view of his broad freckled chest and the way he watched you in pure amazement and adoration. You felt yourself become more aroused just from doing it.

He sat up and reached at your waist, pulling you up and back on to his dick, just before he could cum again.
"I need to be in you again," he whispered once your body was parallel to his own, gathered on his thighs.

He guided you up and slowly back down, making you almost quiver. He pulled you by your waist again, up and down. Up and down. "Buile...please.." you begged, him catching your lips in a slow kiss.

This time, as if possible, you felt yourself come even harder than before. and definitely louder as you laid your head on his shoulder, barely able to do anything other than shake uncontrollably on top of him. You were already coming down but he kept going until he reached his orgasm too.

He hugged your body close to his, his chest enveloping your entire upper body. He smelled fresh, probably the soap he had just showered with, and the glisten of sweat covered you both. You listened to his heart beat, it was fast and erratic, his chest slowing as he gained control of his breathing. He was warm inside of you, you lamented the loss of feeling and warmth as he pulled out of you.

He got up to grab his towel from the bathroom, his tall frame returning through the doorway to wipe you off. After he cleaned himself up, he laid back down beside you, pulling your body with ease up the bed and over his own. You instinctively lay your head on his chest.

"I don't think sex has ever been that satisfying for me," you admitted. He chuckled above you, kissing your forehead reflexively.

"We're just getting started, mo ghrá."