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“Mirio, what time is it?”

“8:0…” Mirio readjusts for the second time in ten minutes so he can reach his bedside table. “8:08. We’ve still got an hour.”


They’re in Mirio’s room, lying face to face on his unmade bed. They have been for the past twenty minutes now, kissing back and forth in a world of their own. It’s warm and sticky outside, but that’s nothing compared to the feverish heat trapped between their bodies. School and work are realities that can left for tomorrow, Mirio thinks, because tonight is the June neighborhood association meeting, his house is empty, and they don’t get many opportunities like this.

“Wanna keep going?” Mirio asks against Tamaki’s forehead. It comes out a little wobblier than he intends, but twenty minutes is a long time to kiss.

“Actually, I… um,” Tamaki’s voice is wobbly too. He swallows like he’s trying to find it and curls a little more into the crook of Mirio’s arm. He breathes nervously.

“Can we.... turn off the light?”

“The light?” Mirio repeats, confused. Tamaki has hidden in covers and jackets a million times before, but he’s never asked for the light off. Does that mean...

"Is it something new?”

Tamaki nods.

Before Mirio can even say Great, because he doesn’t need to ask to know that the answer is Great, Tamaki laces his fingers with Mirio’s embarrassingly sweaty ones in the space between them. With a small tug, he pulls their joined hands up, all the way up to his mouth.

His lips tremble against the back of Mirio’s hand, shuddery breaths sending warm air across his knuckles. Teeth graze the side of Mirio’s index finger, and Mirio’s not sure if it was supposed to be a kiss or just a nervous slip, but either way it's the most erotic hand holding of his life.

“I...” Tamaki’s voice is muffled by their hands. His eyes are closed and his face is deep red. "...I want to try mouth stuff.”

Mirio misses a breath.

The implications of mouth stuff are intense. Mirio knows right away. They’ve been fooling around for a little while now, rubbing together with their hands and bodies, but so far the only thing they’ve done with their mouths is kiss. And this would be a lot more than kissing.

But it’s also not like Mirio hasn’t thought about this half a million times. The answer is Great, definitely Great, except-

“No light though..?”

Tamaki stiffens and Mirio instantly regrets his words.

“No light though! Sounds hot,” he tries. He also tries a quick peck to Tamaki’s forehead, hoping it communicates his apology and that he is very much ok with getting his first blowjob in the dark.

“Mirio…” Tamaki mutters. But he loosens a bit, and Mirio grins.

He pulls away from Tamaki’s warmth a second later, something he’d only do so willingly if it was for something wild like this. He knows his childhood bedroom by heart, so it’s one-two-three steps to the light switch, one-two-three steps back, and then he’s crawling over rumpled sheets to find Tamaki in the dark. 


Blowjobs become a regular thing after that, hungrily seized at every opportunity. Even if Mirio’s dad is due home in thirty minutes or Tamaki’s sister is right there down the hall. Their love is a poorly-kept secret anyway, but at the rate they’re going Mirio thinks the only thing saving them from total discovery is the fact that his dad works overtime a lot these days.

Really it’s better than anything he could have ever imagined. Even though there’s a catch:

No lights.

It’s Tamaki’s request. But Mirio obliges right away and promises himself that he won’t pressure Tamaki into anything. They’ve been reading each other's minds since they were eight, so Mirio has a pretty good idea, that this stuff is all still so new and embarrassing and Tamaki’s just not ready yet.


Mirio can wait. He’s super into it regardless, and it’s still hard to believe he gets to do these things with Tamaki at all now. In retrospect, most of their fooling around happened under blankets or on late evenings anyway. During movie nights in Mirio’s room or study sessions in Tamaki’s. So it’s not that inconceivable to think that Tamaki would have a preference for doing stuff in the dark.


But he’s curious. On the train to Sir’s office just before summer break, Mirio does a highly-specific internet search of “Shy blowjob in dark”. The results are porn titles that make his ears burn hot. He rephrases to “Shy having sex in dark”, even though he and Tamaki aren’t that far yet, and his ears burn hot again.

Apparently it’s a thing. There are articles all about it– things people can try to overcome their shyness, things to talk about with their partners. The advice for the partners themselves basically boils down to “be patient”.


July days are long. One evening they’re in Tamaki’s room and the blinds are drawn, but there’s a faint glow of twilight slipping in through the cracks in the shutters. Not enough to reach the bed, but enough cast a deep blue shadow over Mirio’s fourth blowjob ever. For his birthday, no less.

Tamaki’s eyelashes flutter against Mirio’s stomach for the briefest moment when he slides down Mirio’s chest. That's when Mirio realizes his night vision sucks, and he does, actually, really want to see what Tamaki looks like.


Giving Tamaki blowjobs is the best. He makes the sweetest noises, all embarrassed and needy and embarrassed about his neediness. Sometimes Mirio closes his eyes and imagines his face. Tamaki’s got a little freckle on the inside of his nose, and it probably crinkles up when he’s about to come. 


Mirio tries not to think about what Tamaki’s face looks like with his cheeks hollowed and his ears burning red and his lips dripping with cum.


He really really tries. 


Tamaki prefers it this way, and Mirio would never force anything.


But Mirio thinks about it a lot.


The news that UA students will begin dorming on campus starting August is met with excitement, nerves, and anticipation. Third-year students get to move in a week before anyone else, which Mirio reckons makes sense because they have seniority.

After three days, Mirio reckons it makes sense because they’re the guinea pigs.

“Thermostat’s stuck again,” Maeda calls from the kitchen.

“Are you kidding me? They said they fixed it this morning!” Kiyohara gripes from the dining room.

On the couch, Tamaki reaches for his water bottle. It’s beyond hot, and the sticky blanket of midsummer heat is smothering the entire common room. Kiyohara scowls as he passes by on his way to the elevator.

The dorms really aren’t that bad, Mirio wants to tell them. Personally he’s pretty excited about the convenience of it, and even more personally he’s only two doors away from Tamaki now. But still, Heights Alliance is far from perfect, and even Mirio struggles to find an optimistic explanation for why the air conditioning comes on and off. Usually off.

“Do you think Principal Nezu scheduled our move-in first because we’ve been here for so long?” Tamaki theorizes beside him. He plays with the hem of his shirt as he talks. “I don’t think anyone’s parents would file complaints when we’re about to graduate…”

“Yeah, maybe,” Mirio laughs, rubbing his sweaty palms on the seat of the couch. The sun went down an hour ago while he was on his way home, but the air is somehow even more humid than before. He scoots a little closer to Tamaki anyway, half-watching the travel documentary on TV.

“How was work today?” Tamaki asks quietly after a moment. “You’re back earlier.”

Mirio lets his knee fall against Tamaki’s. “Yeah! Yeah. Kind of boring to be honest. Sir just had me organize emails.”


“Yeah. All day.”

Tamaki presses his knee back against Mirio’s, brushing their calves together. Tentative. “So no… no training.”

“Yeah,” Mirio shifts sideways, dropping his voice a little lower. Also tentative. “I've uh… still got lots of energy.”

Tamaki nods. Mirio bites his cheek and speaks again.

“It’s really hot today, huh?”

“Yeah,” Tamaki’s whisper is almost lost to the sound of the TV. “I’m melting.”

Mirio laughs weakly and swallows thickly. “Think it would be any cooler upstairs?”

“Maybe… heat rises...” Tamaki mumbles as he stands up. Mirio’s stomach jumps in anticipation.

They slip out of the common room and are only noticed by Hadou. After three years Mirio’s pretty sure Hadou notices everything. She chirps “Bye! Have a good night you two!” as they leave, and Mirio manages to say “Thanks, back at you!” while Tamaki coughs.

But as soon as they’re around the corner, Tamaki manifests a tentacle and extends it down the hall to call the elevator. Mirio starts walking faster.

They haven’t had a chance to fool around since they moved in. Fatgum gave Tamaki the week off to adjust to the move, but Mirio wasn’t so lucky with Sir. He’s been working late every night until today. And now he and Tamaki are alone in a slow-moving elevator, squeezing each other’s hands eagerly because they both know what’s about to come.

Mirio sways on his feet as the car ticks up from Level 1 to Level 3. Tamaki’s breaths are getting louder and heavier. The door rattles open and they let go of each other's hands, stepping out and turning down the hall.

Mirio’s already pulling his key out of his pocket as they move towards his room, nearly tripping over his own feet in eagerness. When they’re finally in front of his door he slams the card against the scanner and holds it there. He can feel Tamaki hovering next to him, checking up and down the hall to make sure no one is looking, so when the lock finally clicks open they can stumble inside and kiss and kiss and kiss.

Mirio’s room is even more like a steam room than downstairs. He pushes the door closed behind them as soon as they’re in and doesn’t even bother with the lights, they’re going off anyway, and right now his hands are too busy finding Tamaki’s slim waist.

Tamaki’s hands are busy too, running up and down Mirio’s arms and settling behind his neck. He pulls Mirio down for a kiss, wet and eager. Sharp teeth graze Mirio’s bottom lip and it's never intentional, but god if Mirio doesn't love it. Tamaki’s fingers climb into his hair, tugging gently until Mirio’s knees feel weak and he’s squeezing Tamaki’s hips in sudden desperation.

They need to get to the bed, or a chair, or something. Mirio pushes back, trying to take control of the kiss and walk them backwards without breaking apart. He gets about two steps before Tamaki’s entire body stiffens and his lips stop moving completely.

“Tamaki?” Mirio pulls away confused. “Tamaki c’mon, let’s- do you wanna… bed..?” he tries. He can’t make out Tamaki’s expression in the dim moonlight, but Tamaki hasn’t frozen up like this in a long time. Maybe more kisses....

“Mirio-, Mirio w-wait- I… I…” Tamaki strains against Mirio’s arms, breathing fast and shallow and not right at all. Mirio loosens his grip around Tamaki’s back immediately.

“Everything ok?” he asks carefully. The air between them is thick, and Tamaki’s head is angled down between their bodies.

Tamaki doesn’t speak for a long moment. Then:

“I… I want to turn on the lights. If you want to… too.”

Mirio chokes.

“If I… the ligh-- the light o-… on- Are you sure?” he stutters. The whole atmosphere shifts, or maybe the world tilts on its axis and flies towards the sun, because suddenly the room is twenty degrees hotter.

"Yes, and… and…” Tamaki’s voice is barely a whisper. “...And I want to do it. To you.”

Mirio can’t breathe. He forces his suddenly-shaking hands to settle on Tamaki’s back and hopes to god it’s reassuring.

“O-Ok. Sounds… really great.”

“Ok...” Tamaki doesn’t move, and neither does Mirio. Then Mirio hears a fumbling sound near the door, near the light switch, and suddenly the room is illuminated in a white glow. He blinks twice and catches the snaking motion of a tentacle retracting into Tamaki’s finger before it’s gone.

And then he sees Tamaki’s face. It’s red. So deep red. All over his cheeks and down his neck and up to his lovely pointy ears. His eyes are fixed on the ground and his fingers are laced together and his hair is a mess and god he’s cute.

“Ta...Tamaki,” Miro says as naturally as he can. “Can we lie down?” Tamaki nods. He’s still stiff, but he steps out of Mirio’s grasp and towards the unmade bed.

This bed is at least slightly wider than the one he had at home, though not by much. They settle in next to each other, Mirio letting Tamaki take the inside against the wall.

Mirio’s wanted this for a good two months, a blowjob where he can see what’s going on, but suddenly he’s swallowing down a mix of shy and giddy that’s bubbling up from somewhere in his stomach. Nervous, the way Tamaki probably feels all the time, and somehow everything’s a bit unfamiliar.

Mirio tries a small peck to Tamaki's lips, dry and gentle. Tamaki returns it, harder and wetter, carefully taking Mirio’s hand. Mirio’s lips curl into a smile.

“You wanna go slow?” he asks.

“Yeah,” Tamaki nods, red cheek dragging along the pillow.

“Me too. I’d love to kiss more.” Mirio shifts closer, bumping their knees together. Tamaki swallows and adjusts his own legs so they slot between Mirio’s.

They lean forward at the same time and kiss. Then they kiss again. And again. They pull back a bit each time, but Mirio keeps his eyes half-closed and lidded through it all. The sticky heat of the room seeps into everything, and their kisses turn wetter and sloppier by the minute.

Tamaki squeezes their joined hands on the bed every so often and Mirio squeezes back, locking their fingers together. But after a while like that it’s just too hot. He wiggles out of Tamaki’s grasp. Tugging at the collar of his T-shirt, he aligns his nose with Tamaki’s.

“Can I take my shirt off?”


“And… pants too?”


Mirio nods, accidentally bumping their foreheads together before he pushes himself up on all fours to phase out of his shirt. It drops flat on the bed a second later, and rustle of loose fabric makes a loud statement between them. Then he quickly flips into a sitting position to take his pants off – without his Quirk, because otherwise he’d lose his underwear too, and that’s a lot to throw at Tamaki at once.

Or at least- he tries to take his pants off without his Quirk. It becomes a drawn out process of unbuckling, then unzipping, then awkwardly scooting his butt up the bed. His right ankle catches in his jeans on the way out, and he really wishes he was allowed to wear shorts to work because this is ridiculous, he nearly falls off the bed trying to tug his foot free and loses half his boner in the process. Finally he gets them off and turns to Tamaki triumphantly in his boxer-briefs.

It isn’t his intention, but Tamaki laughs.

“You- You could have just phased out of those too,” Tamaki snickers. He brushes his bangs out of his eyes while he sits up smiling. Mirio smiles back. Grins really, despite his embarrassment, because this, at least, is familiar.

“Just didn’t think you’d be ready for the full package,” he teases, leaning forward on one arm for a kiss.

“I’m going to take them off anyway,” Tamaki says quietly.

“Very true!” Mirio laughs. His voice almost cracks around it, because the reality that he’s about to watch Tamaki give him a blowjob is still hanging heavy in the humid August air. But laughing helps.

They stay like that for a long moment, seated across from each other on Mirio’s new bed. Bent knees touching, Mirio mostly naked, and Tamaki clutching the hem of his own shirt ever-so-slightly.

“Wanna keep going?” Mirio asks.

Tamaki looks down. “I’m going to take my shirt off,” he begins. “And after that we can… uh...” Tamaki’s teeth poke out over his lips as he trails off and adjusts on his knees. Then he pulls his shirt over his head with an awkward jerking motion that isn’t sexy at all, objectively, but is incredibly sexy because it’s Tamaki. Mirio beams.

“Have I ever told you how amazing your body is?”

“Stop, that’s embarrassing,” Tamaki mumbles as he makes a weak attempt to fold his shirt into a ball.

“Nope, sorry! Can’t stop,” Mirio smiles, leaning in to kiss Tamaki’s shoulder. He means to sound cheery, but he’s about three-quarters hard right now and his voice is getting rougher. “I think I might like it too much.”


Tamaki’s red again, and now Mirio can see that his blush goes all the way down past his clavicle. It’s crazy seductive. They’re still sitting awkwardly, halfway-sideways on their knees, and as if on cue Tamaki realigns himself to face towards the head of the bed.

“Could you lie back against the pillow? Please.” He directs his voice to the rumpled blanket beside him and not to Mirio himself, but Mirio shuffles up the bed so quickly anyway that he falls over his arm.

“And could you… ah....” Tamaki’s gaze is fixed on Mirio’s slightly-bent knees. Mirio takes that as a silent cue to spread them apart and swallows around a sudden dry lump in his throat. He hopes it looks inviting. All splayed out in the light like this he feels a little ridiculous, even though he’s still in his underwear, and even though he’s no stranger to embarrassing nudity anyway.

Tamaki is a fierce crimson, bent forward and staring down at Mirio’s hips. Then he glances up at Mirio from under a mess of black hair, ever-so-slightly, and Mirio sees a look he’s never seen before.

It’s hunger. Or maybe desire, or want, or determination- Mirio doesn’t even know the right word for it. But it’s the most overwhelming thing he’s ever seen, and it’s hovering right above him. Mirio nearly sits up to kiss him, to get closer. He wants to.

But then Tamaki adjusts onto all fours. He hides his face with his hair and begins lowering himself, but moving forward, until his forehead is pressed determinedly against Mirio’s chest. It’s a weird position. Not anywhere near Mirio’s currently raging hard-on. Mirio stares down at Tamaki’s head and swallows in anticipation when Tamaki shifts.

“I’m… I’m going to… do it now.”

“Ok! Sounds great, g-- oh, T-Tamaki-”

Tamaki’s tongue suddenly presses down on a nipple, hot and firm and completely out of nowhere. He laps at it slowly, licking, sucking, licking again with the flat of his tongue, until Mirio’s squeezing his eyes shut and clenching helplessly at the sheets. This is new, this is-- And Tamaki’s the nicest guy in the world, but it's completely cruel when he changes rhythm, flicking his tongue against the bud, working the other with deft fingers like he doesn't see what this is doing to Mirio. Sharp teeth graze along his chest, trailing down, a possible attempt at open-mouthed kisses that are sloppy and messy and have Mirio out of his mind.

Tamaki slides lower, dragging his body right along Mirio’s cock, and Mirio can’t even attempt to suppress his moan. He closes his eyes tighter just to keep it together. He’s so worked up and so close already, and it’s not until Tamaki breathes hot against his stomach that Mirio realizes the lights are in fact on, and he can see Tamaki if he wants to, if he just opens his eyes.

When he does, he has to bite his lip hard to keep from coming.

Tamaki is looking at him. His eyes are dark and puffy, his red face is framed by messy hair, and his mouth is parted in hunger or desire or whatever word Mirio decided on. He blinks, freezes, and Mirio is taken.

“T-Tamaki-” he props himself unsteadily up on his elbows. Tamaki’s face is past his belly button now, hovering just above the skin.

“Tamaki, you… you’re beautiful.”

Tamaki’s mouth drops open. He stares up at Mirio in wordless surprise, eyebrows drawn together nervously. Shyly. It’s only a second until he looks away, but it’s so adorable and so genuine that Mirio thinks whatever this watery feeling in his chest is, it must be love.

“You’re so cute,” he whispers. His whisper is loud. Tamaki squeezes his eyes shut in embarrassment, burying his face into the crook of Mirio’s hip. And Mirio really really doesn’t want Tamaki to feel embarrassed right now, but Tamaki’s chin is right next to his dick and he’s so hard that he really can’t stop himself.

“You’re so cute, it’s crazy, Tamaki, please-”

Tamaki makes a noise that’s somewhere in between a squeak and a whine, which is also cute, and then Mirio feels a cool hand wrap around the base of his cock. Tamaki squeezes gently, stroking up and down like he’s buying time. His hand is right next to his own head and it looks a little funny, all scrunched up, but it’s also hot, so hot, when Tamaki finally turns his head and Mirio’s cock aligns with his sideways mouth.

Half of Tamaki’s face is covered by hair that sticks to his forehead in sweaty, messy clumps. He parts his lips slowly and Mirio watches, as Tamaki draws out his tongue and takes a first lick.


Tamaki licks again. And again, and again, only interrupts to whisper a breathy “Mirio…” before he readjusts to lick again. From base to tip, long and smooth. Mirio almost falls backwards, ready to succumb to the pressure of Tamaki’s tongue. His arms are straining to keep himself propped up, but the headboard is too far behind him and he wouldn’t dare look away now.

Even through the blur of pleasure he can see perfectly. Tamaki’s pink tongue dragging along his length, thin fingers curled around the base and tugging gently. Dark eyes flicker open and closed, up to meet Mirio’s and then back down. Tamaki works him like that until his lips start to curl nervously, hesitantly, and then he wraps them all the way around Mirio’s cock and slides down in a single motion.

They both moan at the same time.

Mirio’s entire body trembles on his arms, tight all the way from his shoulders to his curled stomach. His hands clench into fists, nails digging into his palms as Tamaki bobs his head, swallows around him, and the sounds Tamaki is making are obscene. Little whimpers and sighs of pleasure, so much louder now that Mirio can see Tamaki’s mouth making them, building to a crescendo in his ears until Tamaki finally pulls off panting for air.

Mirio seizes the opportunity to scoot back, dazed and clumsy, finally sitting up halfway against the headboard. The wood pokes sharply into his back, but that immediately becomes a non-issue because Tamaki is following him, crawling towards him actually, and dropping down between his legs like every fantasy Mirio's ever had.

“Mirio, please let me-”

“Oh god, Tamaki.”

Mirio has to bite his fist to keep quiet. Tamaki has always been good at this, but this is beyond anything he’s ever done before. He’s going faster, and deeper, pulling back slowly enough to swirl his tongue around the tip and pushing forward quickly enough to make Mirio shudder, and Mirio can see all of it.

He wants to see more. He has to be going crazy. He slips his hand through Tamaki’s hair, over and over, threading through the coarse strands until he’s cradling the back of Tamaki’s head. He tilts it back, brushing away sticky bangs as he stares in a daze.

Tamaki’s face is blazing red. His jaw is lined with spit, and his eyes are so big and dark and hungry, that’s what it is, that Mirio almost doesn’t hear him when he pants–

“More. Mirio-”

That voice isn’t Tamaki’s. It's far too low and husky, but it’s coming out of his mouth.

“Mirio, please… please let me keep going.”

Oh god is Mirio’s last thought before his hands twist in Tamaki’s hair and he pulls him down onto his cock. Tamaki’s mouth is burning hot now and Mirio can feel himself sliding deeper and deeper. Tamaki’s eyes are watering with tears and Mirio has no idea how he’s doing this. It’s so perfect, Tamaki’s so perfect, and Mirio can’t keep his eyes open anymore when hips buck on their own and orgasm flashes through his body, all at once like turning on a light. 


“Why today?”

They’re settled into Mirio’s bed, noses almost touching, a familiar position even in the new dorm. They’re in just their underwear; Tamaki kicked his pants away just in time to finish himself off with his hand and he hasn’t bothered putting them back on yet.

Tamaki responds to the question with a nod and a tense voice.

“It was more along the lines of ‘why not today’,” he mumbles. “I wanted to… I’ve been wanting to, it was just… kind of… embarassed. Sorry. It doesn't really make sense…”

Mirio scoots closer, and up, tucking Tamaki’s head under his chin.

“Hey, none of this stuff makes sense,” he laughs. They're in uncharted territory as far as he’s concerned, because who’s ever been in love with their best friend since third grade like this?

Tamaki hums, draping an arm over Mirio’s hip. It’s a hum that suggests he could use a little more convincing.

“But-” Miro continues dreamily, planting a kiss to Tamaki’s forehead– “you're pretty amazing.” Another kiss. “Remind me how I got so lucky?”

“I'm pretty sure that's my line,” Tamaki mutters. But Mirio can feel the smile against his neck. And then the faint kiss in the same spot. And then:

“I liked the way you looked... when I was doing stuff.”

“I always like the way you look,” Mirio’s voice carries his smile. Tamaki laughs.

“I always like the way you look, too.”

A comfortable silence settles between them. It's still hot, and Mirio hears the distant buzz of cicadas outside the window. The air conditioning never came back on. He briefly wonders if this will be the youthful summer he thinks back to someday, when there’s a nostalgic song playing on the radio and Tamaki’s sitting there next to him.

It’s a dumb thought, but maybe that’s what love makes you think. Mirio puffs his pectoral muscles out to nudge Tamaki, and earns a tired but not-quite-annoyed laugh.


If this really is the peak of his youth, he might as well make the most of it. It’s been fifteen minutes, and knowing Tamaki’s stamina…

He can’t help the goofy smile that spreads across his face.

“You wanna do it again? But my turn. I can't wait to see you.”