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A Long Weekend Away

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Entering the narrow and dimly lit bathroom, Diane slid open the shower door then reached inside the compact shower cubicle and flicking on hot water, giving it time to heat up, during this moment Diane removed her dress, followed with her underwear, just tossing them carelessly by the radiator. She stepped into the shower, instantly slipping shut the door trapping in heat, she backed into the sprinkle, humming as the tranquil water cascading down her form, unaware she was being watched.
“You started without me.” Kurt stated, his voice low, a smug half smirk spread across his features, his eyes glued to her wet nude figure just behind a sheet of glass.
“Well don't just stand there, come on in.” Diane chuckled out, observing intently as he undressed, smiling at him when he slid open the door.

She backed up enough for him to join her, his hands immediately grasping her hips, pushing his sopping body into hers. Diane could already feel his shaft hardening against her lower stomach glaring into his hazel orbs the desire for her revealed.
“I thought I said just a shower?” Diane whispered just as Kurt lowered his face to her collarbone, his tongue gliding temptingly over the ridge of bone, he placed sloppy kisses over her saturated skin, his lips moving along her chest kissing all over her warmed soft flesh. Only seconds passed when he heard her breathing elevate, feeling her breasts heaving and pushing into his shoulder, he grinned into his next kiss recognising he had successfully turned her on.

Using his fuzzy moustache to brush over her nipples until they hardened, he placed a tender peck on each nipple his attention to them all too briefly for her, however he didn't stop trailing his luscious lips further down her glistening toned body. His lips travelled over her stomach making his journey to her navel. His desire to taste her only burning into him, he knelt in front of her, kissing from the centre of her flat lower abdomen to her left hip bone, his tongue drawing patterns over her soft skin, his hands still holding her hips tightly ensureing he kept her exactly where he wanted her.

Kurt began licking over her teasingly, Diane opened up her stance subconsciously ready for practised mouth to touch her in the manner she now thoroughly desired, however Kurt had other ideas.

Glancing up at her profile and seeing her panting, her eyes dark full of lust and wanting him to continue, Kurt let out a snigger when she looked down frowning at why he had stopped. Kurt ducked his head back to her centre, his eyes remained focused on her face as he let his tongue slip slightly beyond his lips, touching her with just the tip, observing as her head fell back on her shoulders. She closed her eyes with the water splatting over her face, but Kurt soon paused his actions, blowing cold air over her generating goosebumps to cover her shimmering skin, she release a growl in exasperation. Kurt couldn't help but chuckle at his teasing mainly with how it effected her entire body.
“Please don't do this to me.” Diane whined out to him, her face scrunched up agitated.
“Do what?” Kurt responded knowingly, his voice way too innocent, a cheeky smirk expanding over his profile with his teeth scraping over his bottom lip seductively.
“Please Kurt.” Diane virtually begged, clearly wanting him to finish what he had started. Kurt didn't respond verbally just pushed his pointed expert tongue between her folds, licking from her opening up to her sensitive clit, Diane moaned her hands falling to his shoulders for balance as Kurt became relentless, his tongue fluttering repeatedly over her clit, he could feel her swell against his mouth, her arousal spiking under his professional touches.
Her moans increasing in volume as well as frequency, with Kurt pointing out his tongue and holding it against her labia, then shaking his face from side to side between her thighs, humming as he did for her rapture, her knees and hips bucking violently against him as the pleasure took over her body, that familiar tingling sensation coursing from the tips of her toes to radiate her entire body. Her heart thumping rapidly against her sternum, Kurt didn't slow down his mouth enveloping her clit, and tenderly sucking whilst the middle fingers of his right hand easily slipped inside her, bending to touch her delightful spot of her inner walls, which provoked her to screech out his name, her nails embedding into the flesh of his shoulders, creating a few droplets of blood to escape the tiny wound she had made, which combined with the water then trickled down his spine, not that he was bothered, he kept thrusting his fingers still able to feel her internal muscles contract and quiver. Her clit continued pulsing against the tip of his tongue aeven though he continued circling his tongue over her, then enveloping his lips around it and sucking deeply.
“Kurt no more please, I can't.” Diane stammered out in more of a whimper, Kurt withdrew his fingers from her placing a tender kiss on her clit, her body flinched as residual aftershocks hit her core, obviously her system still extensively sensitive. Sneering her stood back in front of her pushing his body back against hers, his lips pressed over hers, giving her a passionate, melting kiss, sharing the taste of her along his tongue with her, she moaned into his mouth.

Their time cut short as the water fell at a cooler rate.
“Okay, let's pack and go home.” Kurt finalised with a huff. Switching off the water and sliding open the cabin door for him to swiftly exit, wrapping a warmed towel around his hips then handing her the other, she following in his footsteps literally, as his wet feet left a trail behind him, walking back to their temporary bedroom.

“This weekend was a great idea.” Kurt expressed redressing, Diane glanced over her shoulder beaming at him.
“It really was.”
Diane dressed and with the help of her husband. Once appropriate she packed their case ready for leaving their cosy little cabin, and returning back to their reality. Diane sighed heavily during their ride home. Going back to her firm spending very little time with her husband saddened her, the feeling of his hand grasping her thigh brought her back to him.
“What you thinking about?” Kurt asked focused mainly on the road ahead.
“Nothing, I love you.” Kurt peered to her a smirk forming under his thick moustache.
“Love you too.” Diane leaned to him kissing his cheek.