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Crane's Cry

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You were on your way home, loving the dry leaves crackle under your boots in every step. It was dark in the forest but you are confident about the flashlight given to you by your uncle. Also, you clutched the knife to your chest to ensure yourself everything's fine as long as you keep the thing near you. The trees were quiet as you travel in them. The owls cooed and the wind blew softly through you.

When you turned around the second last tree at the right front corner of your house, a faint cry echoes. You didn't recognize whose cry was it at first. As curiosity built up on you, you went to the direction of the sound. A bird covered with white feathers that were splattered with crimson, a rope tied on its black neck and a trap pierced through its wing to its belly. The red crowned crane cried out and forced your body to move on its own accord, rushing to aid to poor bird.

You slashed through the rope that held it and gently opened the bird trap to remove him from being impaled. You carried it slowly and noticed it was unconscious. You felt scared and observed its chest fixedly and was relieved to see it was rising. You quickly ran home that was just a hundred steps away.

You barged in your cottage, catching your breath and didn't know tears were falling from your eyes.

"Oji-san!" you exclaimed.

Your uncle immediately helped you in mending the crane. Gladly, he had some experience of being a veterinarian.


Hours later, you sat in bed with the sleeping crane above your lap. You caressed its red spot on its head which it found calming as you watch him. Thankfully, the wound on its stomach wasn't that deep and his wings was thoroughly bandaged to ensure it would lead to fast recovery.

Your room was dark and only the moonlight gave shine to the crane you were holding. Whose feathers were surprisingly glowing beautifully, you could thought it was magical, but maybe, you were just drowsy as sleep welcomed you while your hand was on the crane's crown.


You woke up to see that the crane's lost. You hastily jumped out of bed, didn't care even if it is at the middle of the night. You searched your whole house, fearing that the crane might get hurt or something. You checked the living room, the kitchen, the comfort room and you even busted inside your heavy sleeping uncle to find the bird. But it was no where to find.

You searched outside in your pajamas. Out in your backyard and around til you reached sight of the second last tree at the right front corner of your house. A white figure ran to it. You blinked your widened shocked eyes and took a step backward.

There was something glowing at the back of the tree. Is it a ghost? A spirit? A fairy? These are what is running on your mind as you stay calm and trying to think of what might-

A man peeked from behind that tree, smiling.

You stood there, speechless, entranced. He revealed his whole glimmering existence. His hair flowed white and shimmering to its shoulders that made you trail to his white clothing. Then back to his eyes.

His eyes were gold. And smiling.

He was lovely.

"Yo!" he greeted, "Are you surprised that somebody like me came here so suddenly?"

You screamed being thrown on the ground in fear. Crawling backwards while staring at his advancing image.

He screamed with you and laughed hard, "Are you surprised?" his smile never left his face.

You still sat at the ground, gaping at the boy in front of you. He seemed to notice that you were not moving.

"Ah no, no." he chuckled, helping you to stand, "My bad, my bad." he apologized.

You saw his arm covered with bandages. He immediately covered it his white coat when he saw that you looked at it.

Chuckling shakily, "I got in some kind of trap- I mean, some commotion in the woods some time ago." he shrugged it away nervously, smiling again.

You remained speechless. The man looked down and turned degrees away. You sensed that he was about to leave.

"Ja, I'll be going now. Nice meeting you-"


"Ohh, I thought I surprised you too much. I would held responsibility if you can't speak anymore."

He gave his cheeky grin to you. It felt wonderful as you're being melted like marshmallows on fire. You felt soft.

Stuttering, "W-What's your name?" you asked.

He waved, "I'm Tsurumaru Kuninaga." he answered.

He reminds you of the crane you found at the woods a while ago. You remembered that you were looking of that crane that gave you the same sensation you were feeling with that man.

You wanted to keep him by your side.

"Tsurumaru-san." you called, "Please don't leave."

Tsurumaru walked steps back to you. He looked at you with his golden irises.

He sighed happily before taking out a white feather from his coat, "Alright. You look full of surprises anyway." he stated.

In a blink, he vanished bursting from glowing feathers. At first, you tried to catch the feathers in you hand but they were just a figment of your imagination. They faded by your reach.

Tsurumaru was gone. And the crane was no where to found. You decided to climb back to bed as it suddenly became very dark and you tended to mend your aching heart that longs for that ravishing figure you had never seen before.

You wished to see him again. And your crane.