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Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

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{wicked ones}


The sound of engines revving drags a thrill from Jimin’s body like nothing else, mingling with the cheers and jeers of the ragtag crowd convening on either side of his gunmetal grey car. Some scream his name, others boo at him, but he hears none of it, his eyes on the empty stretch of road ahead of him, a wicked grin tugging at one corner of his lips.

To his right his opponent revs his engine at him again but Jimin doesn’t indulge him. The guys wants a reaction, keeps taunting at him in hopes of pissing Jimin off or breaking his concentration. What he doesn’t know is that nothing breaks Jimin when he’s behind the steering wheel of his trusty mechanized steed.

This kid has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

Doesn’t he know who Park Jimin is?

On his left side someone approaches his car, leaning on the door, head shaking. “Those little shits over there, cheering for that guy,” Taehyung says with a chuckle, “Hoseok says about a handful of them are the dude’s college buddies and the rest of ‘em he hired so support wouldn’t be totally one-sided in his first race. A born and bred rich kid. His daddy bought him that car.”

Jimin finally casts a sidelong look at the kid, who stares back. He looks like a smug little rich prick. Jimin can’t wait to wipe that stupid smirk off his face.

Turning back to his friend, Jimin says, “Money can’t buy brains. Bet that car can’t hit 60 in any less than 6 seconds. Probably can’t even hit 200.”

“And this baby?” Taehyung asks, running his hand along the car, his eyes trailing over it’s profile like it’s a damn pornstar sprawled out in front of him. Jimin only recently got his hands on it, so he hasn’t had a chance to properly appreciate it. “2.8, you said?”

Jimin lets a proud grin split his face and he nods. “Caps out at about 250. But I don’t think I’ll even have to push her that far to knock this kid’s ego down a notch.”

“Nah, probably not.” Taehyung’s eyes return to Jimin and he cocks a brow at him. “But it might be kind of fun just to show off, right?”

“Maybe just a little bit.”

In front of the cars a girl steps out, holding her boyfriend’s hoodie up as her makeshift flag. Taehyung steps back, rapping his knuckles on the side of the car before joining the crowd.

Jimin rolls the window up and settles into his seat, eyes on the road again, peripherals on the girl as she counts down with one hand, the other still gripping the hoodie.

In a blaze of red, she swings the fabric down and Jimin accelerates, body pushing back against his seat as he zooms by her, her skirt flying up around her hips. And he’s off, flying down the road like gravity is merely a guideline to him. It takes seconds before he leaves the kid in the dust and he can’t help but let out a whoop of victory as the hills around him disappear in a blur.

His hands grips the steering wheel and even when he knows he’s won he doesn’t stop. He pushes a little farther, laughing and cheering himself on like a complete mad man as that little hand on his dash pushes closer and closer to 200. No point in stopping now when he’s so damn close.

Jimin’s never been one to say no to a good thrill.



{trouble in mind}


Jungkook shoots another wad of paper into the wastebasket beside his desk, smacking a large wad of gum loudly between his teeth. He’s beyond bored, waiting for news from Namjoon about where he’s being reassigned to. He’s getting a new route today because apparently there’s some stretch of highway that isn’t patrolled enough and he’s the only person that didn’t bitch about working a graveyard shift.

He’s always been a night owl so there’s really nothing to complain about. Honestly, how much work could possibly need to be done on a sparsely traveled highway in the middle of the night? Why anyone would turn down such an easy job, he can’t comprehend.

Now, if Namjoon would just get out here and tell him where this easy job is, he’d love that.


Within the first hour, Jungkook decides maybe an easy job isn’t the best job. By the time the moon reaches its highest point in the sky he’s already bored to tears. He’s scrolled through his Facebook feed five times now and drawn every pattern he can think of on his window in the steam from his breath.

At least he can see the stars out here. Those remain interesting for another five minutes.

And then he’s bored again.

It’s a full moon tonight.

He briefly wonders if werewolves exist.

And he’s still bored.

With an exaggerated sigh—as if that one sound will garner the universe’s attention and convince it to make something happen for him—he opens up his car door and steps out, leaving it open to hear his radio in case he needs it. Not likely. Even radio chatter is dead tonight.

The universe is truly against him.

He sets about pacing around the pull-off he’s parked in, kicking at pebbles, writing words in the dirt with the toe of his boot. Standing with his hands on his hips he shakes his head at the sky.

Another hour passes of Jungkook sitting in his car and he grows restless, getting out and planting his hands against the side of his car, doing as many standing push ups as he can before those too become boring.

That’s when the universe blesses him.

His ears perk up at the rumble of engine in the distance, a car accelerating as it nears him. Whoever it is he can tell they’re driving too fast just from the sound.

Jungkook hops back into his car and readies himself, waiting with bated breath as the car comes ever nearer, the headlights shining around the bend. Then it flies past him, disappearing almost as fast as it came, and he flicks on his lights, red and blue flashing as he peels out onto the road.

The siren echoes off the hills as he follows the car, which seems to have no intention of slowing down. Whoever it is, if they don’t stop soon Jungkook will lose sight of them no matter how hard he pushes his own vehicle.

Goddamn, he has no idea how a car can even move that fast.

The car rounds a corner, Jungkook speeding after it, and he damn near has a heart attack when the car suddenly decelerates and swerves onto a wide shoulder, surprisingly graceful for how fast it had been going. It would be a lie to say Jungkook’s not impressed with the mystery driver’s skill.

He pulls up behind the car, feeling a little smug as he steps out and approaches the left hand side. He knocks on the window, leans down as the tinted glass slides away.

“Do you have any idea how fast you were driving?” Jungkook asks as he props an elbow on the door. He tries his best to give the driver a look of disapproval but he can feel his eyes go wide when he’s met with a shock of blonde hair and the most stunning eyes he’s ever seen. He loses his breath at the sight of the man before him, all soft features and wicked gaze in perfect contrast.

“Damn right, I do,” the man says, lips twisting into a crooked grin. His eyes drag over Jungkook’s face, down his chest, then snap back up to his eyes. “But I bet I could ride you faster, officer.”

It takes everything not to choke on his own tongue or balk at those words. Instead, he just raises an unimpressed eyebrow and runs through the process in his head of everything he needs the driver to provide. Somehow he’s forgotten how to do his job after years of perfect service.

“License and registration?” he finally manages to say, and the driver reaches into his back pocket, lifting his hips as he does so. Jungkook tries to keep his eyes up, but they do drift southward just for a moment.

“Here you go, officer,” the man says, eyes locking with Jungkook’s as the cop takes the needed documents and peers down at the, ignoring the heat rising to his face at the way this guy stares at him.

He scans the license, memorizing details he doesn’t actually need. He’s just so very curious about this man.

Park Jimin. Born October 13th, 1995. Just two years older than Jungkook. A tad shorter and a bit lighter than him, too—at least at the time this license was issued. His hair is black in the picture, not the platinum blond he sports now.

“Aren’t you a little too pretty to be a cop?” Park Jimin asks, and Jungkook’s eyes trail back up to him again. Fuck, he’s hot.

“I didn’t realize there was a particular look cops had to have.” Jungkook hands back Jimin’s documents, forgetting again what he’s even trying to do when he looks into Jimin’s eyes like this. This guy has to be some sort of wizard or something with the way he puts Jungkook under his spell like this.

Jimin waves the license and registration in Jungkook’s face with a chuckle. “Don’t you need these for paperwork or something? Don’t you have to take them back to your car, work some magic, and come back with a ticket?”

“Sounds like you’ve done this even more than I have,” Jungkook says, and Jimin laughs. Shit, Jungkook kind of likes the sound of his laugh.

Jimin sets aside the documents, dropping them into his passenger seat as he leans a little closer to Jungkook. “What can I say? I love trouble.” His eyes rake over Jungkook again. “And I love when officers like you punish me for it.”

Jungkook’s breath catches in his throat and he leans back, standing up straight. It’s a miracle he’s not pitching a tent in his pants already.

He knows this guy is playing him, that this is exactly what he wants, but Jungkook can’t look at him or lean that close to him much longer without the situation getting very awkward, very fast.

“Consider this a warning,” Jungkook says, hoping Jimin doesn’t catch on to the fact that he honestly just forgot he’s supposed to give him a ticket. “Just don’t let me catch you driving that fast here again.”

Jimin’s head tilts to one side. “Maybe I want you to catch me.”

Jungkook’s lost for words as Jimin blows him a kiss and revs his engine. Jungkook leaps back to avoid his toes being run over as Jimin tears out of there, dirt and dust flying up behind him. He hits the pavement and flies off, back down the road.

Jungkook can’t even be bothered by the fact that Jimin’s already speeding before he even gets out of sight. He’s too busy rushing back to his car and slamming the door shut. And maybe he undoes his belt and maybe his hand dips into his pants and maybe he thinks about bending Jimin over the hood of his car while he jerks himself off on the side of the road.

And maybe Jungkook feels a little guilty for not doing his job tonight but he forgets about that once he’s coming across his hand.



{raise hell}


That’s not the last time Jimin sees the gorgeous policeman. He zooms past the cop’s little resting spot every night for the next week, always getting an extra little thrill when he sees that red and blue in his rear view mirror. It’s not even the risk of getting caught that excites him. It’s the risk of getting caught by him.

The second time they meet the officer doesn’t seem to recognize Jimin’s car and waltzes up beside it, looking bored as he knocks on the window. Jimin rolls it down with his signature smirk on his face.

“Do you know how fast—” the cop drawls out, then his eyes meet Jimin’s. “Oh, Jesus, you again.”

“It’s Jimin, actually,” he quips back, “but I’m flattered. Speaking of, Officer, what’s your name?”

It only takes a few minutes of chatting him up to get his name and leave without a ticket once again.

One might think Jimin does this just to get out of paying for his crimes. Truthfully, if Jungkook gave him a ticket every time Jimin would still do it. He really just thinks Jungkook is so pretty.


The next few times Jungkook does recognize Jimin’s car and he pulls him over, walking up and not even bothering to ask that same little question again. Instead, each time he walks up to the window and Jimin has it rolled down in preparation for him he just tells Jimin how fast he had been driving.

It becomes a ritual; Jimin speeding by, Jungkook stopping him, telling him his speed as if trying to top the speed from the previous night, the two of them chatting for a bit, and then Jungkook letting Jimin off with a warning before he takes off again.

It’s a strange and unexpected relationship that forms itself on the side of a backwoods road. This funny little push and pull between the two of them, both constantly vying to be in charge. Jimin feels confident that right now their score is a solid 50-0, with himself in the lead.

Jungkook doesn’t even mention his speeding the sixth time they meet, just walking up to the car and launching into yet another talk, this time about growing up in Busan.



{oh no}


Tonight, Jimin speeds by Jungkook’s spot too early, before his shift even starts. He’s just a tad disappointed but once he reaches his destination—a little roadside bar along the same stretch of highway—and finds his best friend waiting for him just inside the door, thoughts of the gorgeous cop vanish. Mostly.

“So, what, the guy just talks to you and then lets you go?” Taehyung asks around his drink, the dew on the outside of the glass collecting around his fingers. He cocks one brow at Jimin and chugs.

“Something like that.” Jimin mimics his friend, knocking back a shot before calling for another set for the two of them. “He’s cute. All doe-eyed and innocent. Totally not what you would expect from a cop.”

Taehyung chuckles and accepts his fresh drink from the bartender with a soft thank you. He looks to Jimin, lifts the glass. They clink them together and take the shots in unison. Taehyung scrunches his face at the burn, then looks to his friend. “God, you’re a sick man, Jimin. Always corrupting the innocent ones.”

Jimin licks his lips, waggling his brows at his best friend. “I like ‘em young and fresh—”

“Jesus, Jimin!” Taehyung shoves at his shoulder, throwing his head back as he laughs. Jimin laughs with him.

Then someone bumps him, nearly knocking him off his stool, and he turns to frown at a mountain of a man, all frowns and angry eyes squinting at him.

“Watch it, knuckle dragger,” Jimin drawls before motioning the bartender over again. But a hand on his shoulder wrenches him around. Taehyung tenses beside him. In front of him several more men have gathered behind the first.

“What did you call me?”

Jimin cocks his head to one side, another smirk playing at his lips. “I called you a knuckle dragger, knuckle dragger.”

And then there’s a fist in his face and Jimin is retaliating, his own fist colliding with a heavy jaw. Somewhere near him Taehyung smashes a bottle over another guy’s head.

The bar falls into chaos. Just how Jimin likes it.


Tonight’s going to be peaceful, Jungkook decides. It’s well into his shift and Park Jimin hasn’t shown up yet, so he decides to cruise along the road and scout for any other criminals along his route.

(Who is he to call Jimin a criminal when he’s broken about a hundred laws by letting him off every damn night?)

Part of him resents the other man for reducing him to little more than a sad little puddle of goo but he knows he really only has himself to blame. He could charge Jimin. He could give him the tickets. Hell, at this point he could throw him in jail for a good long time but he doesn’t.

Because the second he charges Jimin with anything so ends their strange little game. He’s not really ready to stop seeing that angelic face, forever tinted with a hint of mischief. He wants Jimin to keep coming around, feeding into the wet dreams he has every time he goes home after seeing him.

He’s gross and pathetic and he knows that but, goddamn, who wouldn’t be when it comes to Park Jimin?

Jungkook tries to shake his thoughts of the other man, knowing that that always just leads to him tipping his seat back and shoving a hand down his pants. No one’s ever made him quite as frustrated as Jimin does.

As he rounds a corner, Jungkook catches sight of a little bar he’s never noticed before. How he’s never seen it, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t pay much attention to the sights on his patrols, too bored to focus or too distracted with chasing Jimin to care.

Tonight, though, the bar catches his eye and holds it, because as soon as he begins to near it he sees a man come flying through the door, tumbling across the ground and landing, dazed, staring up at the sky. It’s what he sees next that has him slamming on his breaks.

Park Jimin, a fire in his eyes and a streak of blood smeared under his lower lip, tearing out of the building after him and tackling him where he lays on the ground.

What the fuck.


Jungkook is out of his car in a second but a whole crew of men have filed out after Jimin by then, one guy—just as pretty and reckless as Jimin—covering the blonde as he continues kicking the shit out of the first guy.

“Hey!” Jungkook shouts, and Jimin rolls off the man, hopping to his feet and widening his eyes in Jungkook’s direction.

He looks almost as dazed as the man on the ground, sporting a black eye and a split lip. “Jungkook! Hey there. Good to see you again,” he says, swiping the back of his hand across his red-painted, stupid grin. He glances over at the lone guy defending him and taps him on the shoulder. “Time to go.”

Jungkook can only watch as Jimin and the other man split off in opposite directions, booking it to their own cars and leaping in before the other goons can catch up to them.

Torn between whether or not he wants to arrest the guys left behind at the bar or arrest Jimin and his friend, Jungkook can only watch. His eyes follow Jimin’s car as the tires spin, kicking dirt and rocks up at the attackers before speeding off, his friend doing the same but in the other direction down the highway.

Speeding down an empty highway is one thing, Jungkook thinks, but Jimin’s just added assault to his list of crimes and, quite frankly, Jungkook just wants to see him try and talk his way out of this one.

So he gets back in his car and peels out too, whipping a u-turn to fly after the blonde.



{hold on I’m coming}


Jimin doesn’t drive as fast as he can and Jungkook doesn’t turn on his sirens. Jimin knows he’s following him and he’s just waiting for the right moment to pull over.

Jungkook has no idea what he’s planning to do when Jimin does pull over. He just knows he needs to summon the strength he hasn’t found in the past week and at least give Jimin a ticket. He has to do something.

Like his job, for fuck’s sake.

He swerves after Jimin as the blonde pulls over, pulling up right beside him and partially blocking Jimin’s car into the wide clearing. Jungkook gets out of his car, leaving the headlights on to keep the area lit up as he he circles around and sees Jimin leaning against his own car.

“Did you start that fight?” are the first words out of his mouth, and Jimin mocks offense.

“C’mon, why would you assume it was me?”

“Because I know the mouth you have on you and you never know when to shut it.” Jungkook strides up to Jimin, leaving a wide berth between them. He doesn’t trust himself to get within reach of that temptation.

“Want me to show you what my mouth can do?”

Jungkook bristles at that. He doesn’t know why he’s so angry. Maybe because it’s the only way he can resist. “God, you just don’t give up, do you?”

“On someone as pretty as you? No way.”

“Listen,” Jungkook crosses his arms over his chest and sighs, “it was one thing letting you off when it was nothing more than you risking your own life on an empty road, but add assault on top of that… Do you know what I could charge you with right now?”

“Um,” Jimin cocks his head to one side, “assault, I would assume?”

That last bit of sarcasm is all it takes for Jungkook to snap. “Alright, that’s it,” he says as he whips out his handcuffs and lunges at Jimin. “I’m taking you in. This was your last chance and you blew it.”

“I know something else I can blow—” Jimin’s words are cut off by Jungkook yanking him around and pulling his hands behind his back, cold metal clamping down around his wrists. Jimin’s smirk never leaves his face. “Ooh, glad you know how to work a pair of these. That’ll make things more exciting later.”


“Yeah,” the criminal says, and Jungkook nearly chokes on his own tongue when he feels Jimin’s hands twist into the front of his shirt and drag him forward, his ass grinding back against Jungkook’s crotch. “Later, when I finally get you to fuck me.”

Jungkook starts to take a step back, his skin heating up and cock starting to ache behind his pants. But that one misstep allows Jimin to spin around and he half expects the man to run. Instead, Jimin hooks one leg around Jungkook and pulls him close, leaning back on the hood of his car.

The officer stumbles forward, his body crushing against Jimin as soft lips find his, planting firm kisses and then light nibbles to Jungkook’s lower lip until the cop lets out an involuntary moan.

Jimin leans back and grins at that, eyes hooded as they scan over the taller man’s face. “Think maybe I could get off with just a warning one more time?”

“I really shouldn’t—”

“Just one more time, Officer Jeon?” Jimin croons, his lips a mere inch away from Jungkook’s. “I can make you feel real good.”

Jungkook swallows hard and tries to ignore the way his cock practically screams at him to accept the offer. “Are you bribing an officer with sex right now, Park? You know you could be charged for that, too.”

“Are you promising to punish me right now?” Jimin purrs, snapping his hips forward and Jungkook keens, then bites his lip, ashamed he’s letting this little shit get the best of him. Again. But goddamn, who could resist him? “C’mon,” the shorter man nuzzles into the crook of Jungkook’s neck, nibbling and sucking at the skin there, “aren’t you even a little bit curious about what I would do for you if you accepted?”

Jungkook breathes in, acutely aware of how shaky his voice sounds. “No.”

With his leg still wrapped around Jungkook and holding him in place, Jimin plants his hands on the hood, giving him the leverage he needs to grind harder against Jungkook, their clothed cocks rubbing together. Jimin feels so good against him as he finally lets the muscles in his body relax, splaying his hands across the hood on either side of Jimin and slumping forward, and, oh god, the way he practically moans every word he says is intoxicating.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Jimin murmurs right in his ear, hips still moving at a steady pace against Jungkook’s. The cop starts to reach behind him, fumbling with the handcuffs but Jimin plants a solid bite to his ear lobe that has him recoiling. When Jungkook looks down at him, Jimin has that damned smirk on his lips again. “Leave them on.” He runs his lower lip through his teeth. “And undo your pants.”

Jungkook doesn’t have to be told twice, his hands unsnapping the button of his pants without ever looking away from Jimin’s eyes. He feels like he’s being sucked into the middle of an inferno and he can’t bring himself to mind even a little bit. Especially when Jimin leans in close, hands still secured behind his back, his lips working teasingly slow over Jungkook’s.

His breath is hot when he speaks, his words muffled against Jungkook’s lips. “Touch yourself for me, gorgeous. Come on, get yourself hard for me.”

That in itself is almost enough to make Jungkook wanna come right then and there. He obeys, wrapping his hand around his cock and tipping his head back as Jimin begins nibbling at his neck, lips teasing at his throat. It barely takes a second for Jungkook to get hard, moaning into the night air as he looks down at Jimin, watching as the other man sinks to his knees.

“You listen so well,” Jimin praises, leaning close enough for his breath to ghost over Jungkook’s cock. He peers up at Jungkook through his lashes, tongue darting out to dampen his lips.

He says nothing more before those shining lips are circling the head of his cock, tongue pressing against the slit as hands weave into his hair. He gives Jungkook’s cock a hard suck, teasing it before pulling off and making Jungkook whine. He licks a strip along the shaft, then takes it into his moth again, and Jungkook has to refrain from fucking his throat raw.

His hands tug at Jimin’s hair, his thighs trembling on either side of the blonde, his lips parting as he stares down at that blonde head bobbing on his cock. Jimin’s mouth is hot and warm and wet and the way he hums around Jungkook’s cock sends shiver up his spine, his hands shaking with need. God, he needs so much more. As skilled as Jimin is, there’s only so much a mouth and a tongue can do and all Jungkook can think about is burying his cock in Jimin’s ass.

Oh, how that would feel.

Jimin pulls off without warning, a loud, wet pop as his lips leave Jungkook’s cock alone and exposed to the slight breeze. Jungkook groans and looks down at him in question.

“C’mon, officer. What are you holding back for?” Jimin smirks up at him, lashes fluttering with false innocence that he further proves is fake when he opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out in invitation.

Again, Jungkook doesn’t need to hear it a second time to understand.

He finds grip on Jimin’s hair again and slides his cock past those sinful lips, heavy on Jimin’s tongue, hitting the back of his throat. The wet gag from Jimin sends another shiver up Jungkook’s spine and it only takes a moment before Jimin’s moaning around his cock, high and needy as he hollows his cheeks.

Jimin takes all of Jungkook like a pro, his cock disappearing behind those pink lips over and over again as he fucks into his mouth, nearly knocking Jimin’s head back against his car with the sheer force of it.

The lewd slurping noises from the blonde only add to Jungkook’s arousal, the slight gagging as precome and saliva pool at the corners of his mouth and his eyes gazing up at Jungkook through black lashes and, fucking hell, he swears Jimin is still smirking at him through all of this.

Then Jungkook feels heat coiling in his abdomen and he tries to warm Jimin to stop. But when he tries to push Jimin off, Jimin pushes back, and who is he to deny the opportunity to come down Jimin’s tight, raw throat.

So he does. With two more jerks of his hips he slams his orgasm down Jimin’s throat, the other man slurping up his come like it’s syrup and smiling as he does it. Once he’s milked Jungkook of everything he has, he pulls back, the corners of his lips shining as he stands.

Jungkook tries to hide the post-orgasm trembling as Jimin stares at him with hooded eyes, tongue darting out to lap up anything that didn’t make it into his mouth. Then he dives in for another kiss and Jungkook can taste himself on Jimin’s tongue. It’s like nothing he’s ever felt before—Jimin’s tongue pressing into his mouth, pressing down on his own, dominating him in every way, shape and form.

He’s putty in Jimin’s hands, can only stand there with one hand propping himself on the hood of Jimin’s car and the other resting on the blonde’s waist, trying to catch his breath and failing every time he meets Jimin’s eyes.

At some point, Jungkook regains his bearing enough to undo Jimin’s pants for him and slip a hand inside, making the exciting discovery that Jimin’s not wearing any underwear. He jerks him off as their lips crush together again, bruising each other, and he drinks in the heavy pants and sharp moans that escape Jimin as he bucks into Jungkook’s hand.

He’s just as desperate for a release as Jungkook had been. Who’s Jungkook to deny him that after the way he just sucked Jungkook to high heaven?

Jungkook kisses deep, tongue fighting back to explore Jimin’s mouth before he moves on to his neck. His lips attach to the other man, sucking harshly at the skin, leaving purple spots as his hand pumps Jimin faster. And faster. And faster until his voice, hoarse and raw from Jungkook’s cock, breaks on a high moan.

He shoots streams of white between them as Jungkook keeps up a steady flick of his wrist, making sure Jimin is totally done and spent before he stops. His lips linger on Jimin’s collarbone, his shirt hanging low, as they both come down from their highs, catching their breath.

Jimin once again leaves without a single ticket.





The next few days consist of Jungkook’s workmates teasing about the hickeys on his neck. He ignores them, for the most part, but it’s difficult because every time they poke fun at them it just reminds him of Jimin.

Of Jimin kissing him.

Of Jimin grinding his cock against his.

Of Jimin on his knees.

Of Jimin sucking—

And he ends up in the bathroom every damn time, slamming the lock down and jerking off to the memory of Jimin’s mouth on him. That hot, wet warmth behind those perfect lips.

And Jungkook comes hard and fast without fail each time.

He had stopped following Jimin after that night. He would speed by and Jungkook would just let him go, afraid of being drawn in, of the temptation taking over and pulling him to his knees this time. There’s already enough guilt associated with just not doing his job properly and letting Jimin off.

Not doing his job properly and getting Jimin off just eats away at his very soul. He became a cop to do good, not to face fuck some pretty street racer on the side of the road and continue to let him terrorize the streets.

No, Jungkook will not fall under Jimin’s spell again.

(Jimin begs to differ.)


After the third day of Jungkook not pining after him, not chasing him down the highway just to talk, Jimin decides it’s enough. He didn’t just give that asshole the best head he’s ever had to be ignored.

Jimin doesn’t consider himself an attention seeker—not in the grand scheme of things—but when he finds someone whose attention he does want he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get it.

Luckily, Jimin paid attention whenever Jungkook was around, gleaning whatever information he could off of the cop’s car and badge and clinging onto any hints in his words. He knows exactly where Jungkook works.

So Jimin waltzes through the police station, mostly unnoticed, careful not to make eye contact with anyone. He can see the familiar form of Jeon Jungkook across the way, head bowed over a file as he disappears down a hallway.

An empty hallway. Alone. Well out of sight of everyone else.

Another wicked smirk plays across Jimin’s face.


Jungkook sighs as he shoves another file back into place, jostling the entire cabinet around as he tries to fit it in. They really need a better filing system in this shit hole.

He slams the drawer shut, jimmying it around a bit until it finally shuts all the way, then sneaks a glance at his phone as he turns to leave the room again.

“Hello, officer.”

Jungkook nearly jumps out of his skin, his back hitting the filing cabinet and his phone hitting the floor as he stumbles. His hand claps over his heart as his eyes land on a grinning Jimin, closing the door and leaning back on it. “Holy fuck,” Jungkook breathes out. “Jesus, what are you doing here?”

“You’re so dramatic. And honestly, haven’t you figured out by now that my name is Jimin, not Jesus?” Jimin chuckles, and it’s a sound that’s both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It sends a little thrill down Jungkook’s spine and all he can think of is what happened between them just a few nights ago. “I’m hurt, Jeon. I thought you’d be more excited to see me.”

“You can’t be here,” Jungkook says as Jimin crosses the room, sliding onto a desk in front of him. He props one foot up on a chair and it takes all of Jungkook’s willpower to keep his eyes locked with Jimin’s when the other uses his new position to shamelessly spread his legs.

“Live a little, officer.” Jimin practically moans the words—or maybe Jungkook just imagines it sounds that way because he’s already feeling a little too hot, a little too constricted, a little too eager. Especially when Jimin catches his lower lip in his teeth, hooded eyes watching Jungkook like he’s prey.

“Goddammit,” Jungkook sighs, hanging his head. All he wants is to charge at Jimin, to pin him down on that desk and fuck him senseless right in the middle of his workplace, make him scream his name so everyone can hear it.

He can’t. He can’t give in.

Jimin plants one hand behind him on the desk, the other running over his thigh as he leans back, his throat exposed to Jungkook. Tempting him. Inviting him in. And his jeans are so tight, hugging the curves of his body, his v-neck dipping so low it should be made illegal. And Jungkook’s eyes just won’t stay northward no matter how hard he tries.

“I’ve missed seeing you on the road,” Jimin says, those words sounding so much more sultry than they ever should. His tongue pokes out to run over his lips and he grins and Jungkook knows whatever he says next will wreck what little resolve he has left.

It’s hanging on by the smallest of threads.

Jimin breathes in deep, then sighs, white teeth flashing, a devilish twinkle in his eyes.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about that night,” he says, leaning forward, finger curling to beckon Jungkook closer. He licks his lips, pops them together. “I couldn’t talk right all day. You tasted so good, too.”

Jungkook snaps, using the filing cabinet behind him as a springboard to launch at Jimin, who looks all too ready to drag him in with eager hands.

They crash together, lips meeting in bruising kisses, too fast to be graceful. Jungkook fits himself between Jimin’s legs, open wide for him and wrapping around Jungkook’s waist. His hand cut trails through the cop’s hair, tipping his head back and letting Jungkook kiss down his throat, teeth scraping over his skin.

Hands grab at the front of Jimin’s shirt, then flatten across his chest and push him back, flattening him out across the desk. Jungkook pauses before crawling onto the desk after him, taking a moment to appreciate the way Jimin’s shirt slips to one side to reveal an expanse of smooth, tanned skin, the way his blonde hair splays out around him, how his lips part, plump and pink and abused.

Jimin’s fingers find Jungkook’s belt as the cop crawls over him, one hand in Jimin’s hair to tug his head back, lips on his throat again as Jimin gasps. His fingers fumble around until he manages to undo Jungkook’s pants, tugging them down until one hand curls around the outline of his cock through his underwear.

Jungkook bites his tongue to suppress a moan, eyes fluttering shut and head snapping back as Jimin begins to stroke him, hand slipping past that last barrier and wrapping around his bare cock, rock hard and weeping with precome.

His hand leaves Jimin’s hair, planting it on the desk instead as his other hand unsnaps Jimin’s jeans. Their eyes lock as he tugs the too-tight material down. Jimin’s face is flushed red with need, eyes cloudy with lust and desire, and he smiles when Jungkook gets his hand on his cock, thumb smearing precome around it before he tugs.

The cracked little moan that escapes Jimin makes Jungkook’s head spin. He’s intoxicating, seeping into every bone in Jungkook’s body, wrapping his mind around his little finger and tugging him around like a puppet, playing him like an instrument. It’s like Jungkook has no idea who he even is anymore when Jimin looks him in the eyes, free hand sliding through the cop’s hair, all the way around to the nape of his neck and down his back.

Jungkook crashes down against Jimin’s lips again, their bodies melding together as he pushes Jimin’s hand away from his cock, taking both of them in his own hand and jerking them off in time with each other.

His tongue pushes past Jimin’s lips, swiping over his teeth, along the roof of his mouth, Jimin letting out a breathy moan as he bucks into Jungkook’s hand. He takes hold of the side of Jungkook’s shirt, then slides his hand along his ribs, over his lower back to slip beneath his pants. Fingers press into the bare skin of Jungkook’s ass cheek, kneading and urging him to buck into his own hand, sliding his cock against Jimin’s.

A moan finally breaks past the barrier of Jungkook’s lips, shameful and loud, panting into Jimin’s mouth, hot breath mingling together.

He can feel Jimin smiling against his own lips before the smaller man pulls him around to bury Jungkook’s face in the crook of his neck as they both thrust into his hand, chasing their climax. His lips travel along Jungkook’s jaw, arm wrapped around his shoulders, practically cradling the cop against his chest as he squeezes his ass again.

Lips stop at Jungkook’s ear, breath tickling his skin. “Come for me,” Jimin gasps, his voice shaking and weak as Jungkook tugs at their cocks again, heat coiling in his stomach. “C’mon, gorgeous, I want you to come so hard— come all over me—”

Jungkook’s toes curl, head snapping back, hips bucking down to grind against Jimin. And then he’s coming over his hand, across their chests, pathetic whimpers and cries escaping him as his hips jerk down against the other man. He keeps stroking them together until Jimin’s voice hitches on a broken moan, back arching up, hands gripping Jungkook like his life depends on it, nails pressing crescents into him, and he comes hard across the both of them.

They’re both left a panting mess, chests heaving against each other, Jungkook trying and failing not to rest too much bodyweight on Jimin. He’s too weak to hold himself up any longer, his arms shaking.

He feels Jimin press an uncharacteristically soft kiss to his jaw, his hand carding gently through his hair like he’s comforting him.

Jungkook could lose himself in that moment, blissed out and high on the adrenaline, Jimin keeping a solid hold on him, touching him soft and slow, warm breath ghosting over his ear.

But somewhere outside the room are footsteps and a loud, “Where the hell did Jeon get to?”

“Filing room,” someone calls back.

Neither Jimin nor Jungkook have ever moved so fast in their lives.

(Jimin cackles like a witch the whole time Jungkook fumbles to clean himself up.)





Somehow Jungkook had gotten lucky enough not to get caught jacking himself and Jimin off in the empty filing room of his workplace. He even (barely) managed to sneak Jimin out of there without being seen.

Once they both reached the back alley safely, Jimin had dragged Jungkook into another kiss against the brick wall, the unevenness of it poking into Jungkook’s back though he barely noticed. The taste of Jimin’s tongue in his mouth was enough to distract him from any discomfort, the sensation of hands slipping beneath his shirt to trail over bare skin.

After he left Jungkook promised himself no more Jimin. He’s cutting himself off. Jimin’s like a bad drug and Jungkook’s a mindless junkie, chasing after him without question because he needs to touch him, to feel him, the hear him.

He knows nothing about this guy except that he’s a fucking criminal and has the tongue and cock of a damn god, yet he can’t seem to drag himself out of the black hole that is Park Jimin. He’s all encompassing, pulling in everything around him and tearing it down to its very base matter when it gets too close. Jungkook is reduced to little more than his primal instincts when he sees Jimin and it’s not fair. How the hell is he supposed to resist such a tempting, uncontrollable force?

Jungkook tells himself he can do it.

(He knows he can’t.)

But he holds out for at least a few days, watching Jimin zoom past him on that highway and fighting down the urge to follow him.


{down boy}


It’s well after midnight the next time Jungkook sees Jimin. He zips around the corner as always but this time he slows down, just crawling past Jungkook’s car, window rolled down and a challenge in his eyes.

Jungkook tries to ignore him—he really does—but Jimin gives him this look he can’t possibly erase from his mind because it’s the same look Jimin gave him when he was sprawled across that desk. When he was flushed and panting, hard and wet in Jungkook’s hand, and all there was in Jimin’s eyes was outright desire.

So when Jimin speeds back up Jungkook is following right after him—no sirens, no tickets ready to not be issued. He flies down that road after Jimin and, rather than staying behind him, he accelerates until he’s driving right alongside the other man’s car.

He can’t see him through the tinted windows of that low-riding, gunmetal grey car, but he can imagine Jimin grinning as he pulls ahead, then slows down so he doesn’t leave Jungkook behind (because there’s no way his car would ever actually keep up.)

They fly down the road, side by side, taking up both of the empty lanes, and Jungkook speeds up a little more, pushing his pathetic little patrol car to its limits. And suddenly he understands why Jimin does this. There’s a very real, raw thrill to speeding down an empty highway, no limits, no rules. Just letting go.

It’s fucking liberating.

But the highway doesn’t stay empty for long as they round a sharp turn and Jungkook is nearly blinded with the high, bright headlights of a truck.

Heart pounding, he decelerates, Jimin flying ahead to give him space to move over, and he swerves onto the proper side of the road just as the truck’s horn blares across the empty expanse of road. He watches wheels bigger than him roll by as the truck passes, then focuses on the road ahead.

He feels shaky, sweaty, clammy as he searches the road ahead to find Jimin already pulled onto another wide shoulder. Jungkook slows down and pulls in alongside the sports car and shuts his own off, taking a moment to recover.

He’s on an adrenaline high as he steps out, circling around his car to see Jimin leaping excitedly out of his own, a childlike grin on his face.

“That,” Jimin shouts as he makes his way over to a dizzy Jungkook, “is what I’m talking about!”

Jungkook can only watch the blonde as he strides over to him, one hand on the hood of his car to keep himself upright. Shaky legs barely support him and he feels like he may have had a heart attack somewhere along the road without even realizing it. But that all vanishes from his mind with the low, sultry sound of Jimin’s voice assaulting his ears.

“God, that was fucking hot,” the blonde growls from somewhere deep in his throat. Jungkook barely has time to process what’s happening before Jimin’s body collides with his, their lips locking as he slams Jungkook backwards against the hood of his patrol car. Jungkook topples backwards, hands grasping at Jimin’s waist as he keeps getting pushed back until he’s flat against the hood. Jimin leaps up after him, straddling his hips as he dives in for another kiss. 

Whatever plans Jungkook had to resist him before fly out the window as fast as he’d accelerated earlier and grabs at the other man’s waist. Their lips slot together in hurried, open-mouthed kisses, Jimin’s tongue plunges into an all too willing mouth, hips grinding down.

Nothing but the shine of Jimin’s headlights illuminates the area around them, leaving them in a glow as dark as their desire. Jungkook almost has a moment of clarity, a moment where he nearly pushes Jimin back because, goddammit, they’re out in public here and he promised himself he wouldn’t do this anymore.

But Jimin’s body fits with his like it was meant for this and his tongue works wonders around Jungkook’s and it reminds him of the things Jimin did to his cock with that tongue and he remembers the tight wetness of the blonde’s throat and the way he was so willing and eager to take all of Jungkook. All Jungkook can think now is how good it would feel to be inside Jimin.

Thankfully, the blonde seems to be thinking the same.

“C’mon,” Jimin groans against his mouth, breathing labored as his hips snap forward, clothed cock dragging against Jungkook’s. “Don’t deny yourself anymore, gorgeous. I wanna feel you—” He buries his face against Jungkook’s neck and moans when Jungkook’s hand slips between them and palms at his bulge. “Wanna feel all of you inside me.”

Jungkook presses forward, lifting Jimin so he’s sitting upright on his lap and Jimin looks down at him, heady with lust but also a little flustered, a little frustrated that Jungkook had stopped his movements, stopped the friction.

“Your car have enough room for us?” Jungkook asks, a little ashamed at the needy, breathy sound of his voice. Jimin turns him into such a pathetic, wanting mess of hormones the man could probably tell Jungkook to beg for him and he’d do it just to get another taste of that tongue, just to get that mouth around his cock.

Jimin grins, setting off about a million triggers in Jungkook’s body that scream at him to pin Jimin down and fuck him blind right now. “Plenty of room,” Jimin murmurs, leaning into to press a slow kiss to Jungkook’s lips—too slow, too soft, teasing him. “I’ve got everything we need. And I’m nice and stretched for you, too.”

Jungkook shivers at that, hands traveling under Jimin’s shirt, the coldness of his fingers earning a gasp from the blonde. He grazes his teeth along Jimin’s earlobe, then gives it a soft bite. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Jimin bucks his hips down, bites his lips and chokes back a moan and, god, Jungkook can feel just how hard Jimin is against him. “Been f-fucking myself, thinking about you. Wishing it was your cock instead.”

Jungkook digs his fingers into Jimin’s back as he grinds down again and it makes the blonde snap his head back, lips parting and voice cracking as he mumbles Jungkook’s name. It’s enough to tear down any doubts or hesitations Jungkook might have.

He grips Jimin’s hips again, lifting him off. Jimin plants his feet on the ground, hands taking hold of Jungkook’s and yanking him up, and they collide again. A mess of lips and teeth and hands tugging at clothes as they stumble across the space between their cars, Jimin fumbling with the passenger side door. He breaks away from Jungkook when he finally manages to open it, bending down to lean the seat back.

Jungkook takes the opportunity to drag his eyes over the smooth curve of Jimin’s back, the perfect roundness of his ass sticking in the air. And he reaches out, grabbing his hips again and yanking his ass back against his cock, grinding against him. The little yelp of shock from him cut off by a filthy moan damn near breaks Jungkook’s willpower, the way one hand comes up to grip the frame of his car as he snaps his hips back.

Spinning him around, Jungkook crushes his lips to Jimin’s again, pushing him backwards into the car, and suddenly Jungkook’s no longer the hesitant, law-abiding cop anymore. He’s just a needy mess with a handful of blonde hair and pert ass and he needs more.

Jimin turns them around, shoving Jungkook into the passenger seat and crawling in to straddle him. He yanks the door shut and wastes no time in snapping his hips down against Jungkook’s, hitching the cop’s shirt up out of his belt, practically tearing the buttons open.

Getting undressed is an ordeal, being cramped in Jimin’s car as well as having all of Jungkook’s extra gear weighing him down, but they manage and Jimin mewls when he slides their naked cocks together, precome easing the gliding of his fingers around them.

Jungkook’s hands find his ass again, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh there, dragging his hips forward to make Jimin buck up into his own hand. And Jungkook loves the way Jimin stares down at him through hooded eyes, lips parted in a smirk as Jungkook falls apart at his finger tips. He wants to fuck himself up into Jimin so hard the other man won’t be able to sit behind the wheel of his car and make Jungkook chase him around everywhere.

“Slide down a bit, like this, or it’ll be awkward.” Jimin lets go of Jungkook’s cock, earning a frustrated growl from him. He just smiles and tugs at Jungkook’s hips, sliding him down the seat. “C’mon haven’t you done this before?”

Jungkook takes a moment before answering, grinding up to slide his cock along the underside of Jimin’s and make the other man keen at the friction. “Fucked someone, yes,” he says, hand sliding up Jimin’s front, fingers stopping on his right nipple to tweak it. The breathy moan that leaves Jimin as his head lolls forward, eyes fluttering shut, sends tingles through Jungkook. “In the front seat of a car? No.”

Jimin pulls back to stare down at him, head cocked to one side, hands on Jungkook’s shoulders now. “Really?”

“It was the back seat.”

With a smirk and a snicker, Jimin tugs on Jungkook’s cock again, rougher this time, thumb pressing over the slit, smearing precome around the head, and Jungkook snaps his head back against the leather seat. Jimin reaches back with his free hand, popping the glove compartment open and Jungkook, somehow through his haze of lust and want, manages to peer around him to see a little bottle of lube inside, surrounded by a rather large handful of condoms.

He tries to laughs but it just turns to a moan when Jimin jerks his cocks again, sitting back on his thighs and watching him mewl and writhe under him like it’s the most enrapturing sight he’s ever seen. Jungkook loves the idea of Jimin being unable to take his eyes off of him, much like how he never seems able to resist the blonde. He wonders if Jimin ever gets as frustrated with his urges as Jungkook does.

“B-bit overboard, don’t you think?” he manages to gasp out when Jimin tests out a little twist of his wrist and it sends Jungkook into a squirming mess. He frantically pushes at Jimin’s hand, too close to coming just from watching the man on top of him. If he doesn’t stop he’ll come before he’s even inside of him.

Jimin grabs one of the condom packets, flipping it between his fingers before reaching for the lube as well. The smile on his lips is downright sinful as he tears open the packet with his teeth before leaning forward again. “Always good to be prepared,” he whispers against Jungkook’s lips as he shoves the bottle of lube against the cop’s chest. “Now fuck me with those long fingers while I get your cock ready. I’m sick of waiting to have you pound into me until I can’t walk.”

Jungkook shudders, hands leaving Jimin’s hips to hastily uncap the bottle and coat his fingers, rubbing them together to warm the lube before reaching behind Jimin. He presses two slick fingers against his hole. Jimin hadn’t been lying when he said he’d prepped himself for Jungkook. He’s still nice and tight but the slide is easy and Jungkook moans at the thought of Jimin fingering himself, uttering Jungkook’s name in an empty room, imagining that it’s Jungkook’s cock fucking him hard and rough. What Jungkook wouldn’t give to witness that. He would love to see Jimin sprawled across soft sheets beneath him, quivering in his hands as Jungkook pounds him into the mattress.

For now, the car will have to do. To hell with waiting until he can take Jimin on a bed. He needs him now.

As Jimin slides the condom on Jungkook’s cock, pouring lube over it, Jungkook presses three fingers in, knuckle deep, massaging the warm, wet walls of Jimin’s ass. Breathy moans hit his neck as the blonde buries his face there. His hips rise and snap back to take those long fingers deeper into his ass, shuddering when the tips brush his prostate. One hand clumsily coats Jungkook’s cock with lube while the other holds onto his shoulder as an anchor, nails pressing crescents into otherwise flawless skin.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Jimin chants, leaning back, hair flipping back out of his face, a single bead of sweat rolling down his temple. “Fuck me.” He lifts his hips, Jungkook’s fingers leaving him, much to both their discontent. But Jungkook knows what comes next. Jimin’s breaths suddenly grow heavier, excited, and he smiles again as he slides forward, positioning his entrance over Jungkook. “Wanna feel that big cock in me,” he moans, low and quiet, eyes piercing into Jungkook’s. “Fuck me so deep you’re all I can feel.”

Jungkook growls, yanking Jimin down by the nape of his neck for a rough kiss. The blonde takes hold of Jungkook’s cock again, lining it up with his entrance and lowering himself with no hesitance, pressing the tip inside and then sinking all the way down.

He sighs like Jungkook’s cock inside him is all he’s ever needed and he’s finally, finally fulfilled. And in a way, it kind of does feel that way to Jimin. Jungkook fills him up so well he almost wonders if any of this is real.

Jimin bites down on his lower lip, forehead pressed to Jungkook’s, the cop’s hand curled tightly behind his neck and the other gripping his ass, kneading one of his cheeks. Jimin can’t help but moan, loud, shameless, thick moans, filling the car with the sound of his own voice and the quiet breathy “god, you feel so good— so fucking tight, Jimin” from Jungkook.

He’s always hated how in pornos people seem to immediately start moaning before anything really even happens, always figuring they were faking it. But with Jungkook filling him to the brim with his thick cock, pressing against his walls, he kind of understands. He whimpers at every little movement, panting loudly as he finds a rhythm to bounce on Jungkook’s lap, his cock sliding out and slamming back into him. Jungkook takes on a ruthless pace, hand leaving Jimin’s neck to grip the seat instead, giving him the leverage to ram up into him.

Jimin’s a shaking mess within seconds, his lips pressing to Jungkook’s in messy, open-mouthed kisses, much like when they were in the police station. Their bodes are red hot with lust, slick with sweat, the air around them heavy with the smell of sex, and Jungkook is so lost in the feeling of Jimin’s thighs clenching around him, slamming his ass down on his cock like nothing will ever be quite enough for him he almost can’t remember where they even are, how they got here.

Jimin feels like heaven around him, tight and wet with lube, and he looks like heaven too. Especially when he leans back again, back arching as he reaches behind himself to brace his hand against Jungkook’s knee, his other hand sliding through his hair as he stares down at the officer.

His lips, pink and abused from Jungkook’s rough kisses, part in soft mewls and heady moans, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he tries and fails to swallow down the sound of his own voice. He’s usually not this loud, crying out Jungkook’s name every time he slides back into him, throwing his head back and groaning at every little movement. He usually does this hard and fast, talks dirty to get the other guy off quicker, and then gets the hell out of there. But with Jungkook he just wants it to keep lasting and lasting and lasting. He could lose himself in the feeling of Jungkook fucking him, in the way he grips Jimin’s thigh hard enough to bruise, anchoring him as he thrusts up into him.

This time when Jimin leans back down to whisper in Jungkook’s ear it has nothing to do with getting this over with. It’s because he wants more. He wants Jungkook to fuck him harder, mark every inch of him, fuck him open so wide he can’t walk for a week. He wants all of Jungkook and more.

His lips trail up Jungkook’s jaw, pausing to suck a bruise onto his neck, then move to his ear. “We should m-move—” he barely manages to gasp out, and Jungkook’s movements slow down, much to his dismay. “Turn us over and put my— my legs around your neck. I want you to fuck into me so hard you break me in half. I want—” He rolls his hips, earning a moan from the cop, whose grip on him tightens, pulling him in closer as he snaps up into Jimin again. Jimin mewls. “I want that cock so deep in my ass I’ll feel it even when it’s not in me.”

That does it. Jungkook’s pulling out of him, arms around his waist to keep him close as he flips them both over. He presses Jimin into the leather seat, sweat making him slide down it, and leans in to press harsh kisses to his lips, then down his neck and chest, leaving marks all over him, teeth damn near drawing blood where they bite. Then he takes Jimin’s nipple between his lips, sucking on it until it’s hard and red, then doing the same to the other.

Jimin watches him work his magic across his body, making Jimin his, making sure everyone outside this car after tonight will know he did this to Jimin. Then he’s hitching the blonde’s legs around his shoulders, Jimin curling them around his neck, tight, those thick thighs flexing and making Jungkook’s cock twitch. And then he’s sliding into Jimin’s hole again, hands gripping his thighs as he finds a brutal, unforgiving pace.

Bracing his hands on the seat, Jimin does his best to keep himself from sliding along with Jungkook’s thrusts and closes his eyes, biting down on his lower lip again. God, he wants to be so loud. He wants to tell Jungkook how good he feels but he holds back, doesn’t want to sound like a begging, whining little bitch.

But then Jungkook’s cock slams into his prostate and Jimin nearly screams, eyes flying open and hands clenching down on the seat. “Oh, fuck fuck fuck, Jungkook, d-do that again— Right there, holy— oh my god—” and Jungkook does it again. “Fuck, yes, Jungkook— h-harder— fuck, fuck me faster— fuck me until I c-can’t— oh fuck—” He arches his back as Jungkook’s pace quickens, fucking him open, fucking him until he’s a writhing mess. But he still holds back his moans, even when he starts touching himself.

Then a hand leaves his thigh, Jungkook’s thumb pressing against his lips. Jimin meets his eyes, his breath escaping him when he sees the pure, dark desire there, so much more sinister than anything he could have imagined in those big brown eyes. He lets Jungkook’s thumb part his lips, slide into his mouth to open it wide, and then the cop smiles, a lazy half-smile he can barely manage to hold through his lust.

“Wanna hear your voice, Jimin,” he gasps out between pants, still fucking into the blonde. “I like— when you moan my name, tell me what you want— want me to do to you.”

Jimin keeps his eyes locked with Jungkook’s as he nods, then closes his lips around Jungkook’s thumb and sucks, tongue swirling around it. Then it leaves him, hand back on his thigh, Jimin still stroking himself, and he lets his voice out. All the broken, pathetic, sinful moans, the roll of Jungkook’s name off his tongue, the breathy whines for more more more.

“You’re so— you sound— and look so fucking beautiful—” Jungkook yanks him down on his cock, slamming into his prostate again, and this time Jimin really does scream, his vision going black as he comes before he means to. He’s usually so good at holding back but not with Jungkook.

He feels the cop’s hips stutter, hesitant to continue, but Jimin’s hand lashes out, ignoring the streaks of white across their chests, and he grabs Jungkook’s arm, their eyes meeting again. “D-Don’t stop—” he moans out, and so Jungkook slams into him again. “Keep f-fucking me— ‘til you come— W-wish you were fucking me raw— want you to come inside me, fill me up…”

Jungkook groans, head lolling forward as he fucks Jimin to a point of overstimulation he’s never reached before. Every nerve in his body is on fire and he can’t even bring himself to even think about touching his dick again just yet. So he grabs at Jungkook again, pulling his attention back around.

“T-Take it off,” he orders, when Jungkook stops, looking wild and frantic and like it takes every ounce of his strength to stop fucking Jimin. “Take the condom off,” he orders again, wondering if he’s losing his mind yet not really caring if he is. “Want you to fill me with your come— wanna feel it dripping out of me when we’re done…”

And Jungkook, as always, does as Jimin says, all too eager to strip that last layer between them away and toss it aside. He readjusts, pulling Jimin’s legs down around his waist and securing them before he thrusts into him once more, the slide of Jimin’s walls against his bare cock like heaven on earth and the whiny, desperate moans from Jimin as his cock finds itself growing hard again.

Jimin bends nearly in half as Jungkook fucks him, leaning down to capture his lips in a kiss. Jungkook can feel himself getting close, heat coiling in his abdomen, legs trembling as he pounds Jimin into the seat, his ears filled with the sound of the blonde’s sinful moans, dirty words tumbling from his lips, begging to be fucked raw, crying out for Jungkook fill him with everything he’s got.

He can feel the vibrations of Jimin’s moans against his lips as he kisses down his throat, sucking more bruises there until there’s so many no one in the world could miss them, then he leans back to admire his handiwork, staring down at the utterly wrecked Jimin beneath him, stroking his own cock, desperate to come for the second time tonight, Jungkook’s cock still disappearing into his ass, skin slapping against skin.

Jungkook’s hips jerk and stutter as he watches Jimin spill across his hand again, back arching and eyes shut tight, screaming out Jungkook’s name, and that’s all it takes to push him over the edge. He finds his his release with one last snap of his hips, filling Jimin up to the brim with his seed, watching the other man take in a long, shuddering breath as he stares up at Jungkook, watching him as he finishes inside of Jimin.

They both stay like that, staring at each other as they try to catch their breath. Then Jimin’s hands find Jungkook’s shoulders and tug him down, attacking his lips with bruising kisses, teeth pulling at his lower lip, tongue plunging into his mouth.

Jungkook falls into the kiss, letting the slide of their lips together calm his racing heart. Jimin’s fingers dig into his back, sliding over the quickly cooling sweat on his skin,

Kissing Jimin, Jungkook thinks, feels almost as good as fucking him.




{the walls came down}


A sigh slips from Jungkook’s lips as he steps out of his patrol car, swinging the door shut behind him as his boots crunch across gravel and stone. He pushes his hair back from his face and strides up beside the car, knocking on the window. It rolls down. “Do you know how fast you were driving?” he asks, hating the monotonous line he has to use every time. He’s met with hysterical sobbing from a red-faced, teary-eyed girl, and he damn near just walks away right there. He doesn’t handle tears well.

“I-I’m s-s-so sorry, Officer, I’m going to be s-so late, though—”

“Alright, okay, okay, just calm down. It was only five miles over,” he says, already planning on writing off the ticket and letting her go with a warning. He’s already proven time and time again he’s a terrible cop anyway, seeing as how many times he’s let Jimin off. “Look, just… slow down the rest of the way and I’ll let you go with a warning,” he tells her as he hears another car approaching, one with a familiar purr that sends thrills through his body.

“R-really?” she chokes out, staring up at him with wide eyes.

Jungkook glances back as another car rounds the corner and he recognizes it. Exactly the car he expected it to be. It slows down when it comes into view and cruises by slowly, the window rolling down to reveal a smirking Jimin.

“Th-thank you, s-so much, Officer. Really, I c-can’t thank you enough—”

But Jungkook isn’t listening anymore as Jimin revs his engine a few times, then peels off down the highway, easily surpassing the speed limit by at least 20.

Jungkook nods at the girl. “Just be careful,” he says before heading back to his car and fighting back the stupid smile on his face. He hops into his vehicle and turns on the sirens, checking for any other cars before screeching out onto the highway and flying past the girl to chase Jimin.

Maybe morally Jungkook isn’t the ideal police officer but he’ll be damned if he lets that stop him from playing this game with Jimin. Besides, this is their little secret, known only by this little back road. What everyone else doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

He catches up to Jimin, pulling up beside him when the blonde stops. He rolls down his window, grinning from ear to ear when Jimin cocks his head at him.

“Looking to race?” Jimin asks, hand flexing on his steering wheel.

“What are the stakes?” Jungkook calls back, and Jimin throws his head back as he laughs. He loves when Jungkook plays along, when he breaks the law just for Jimin.

Jimin pretends to think for a moment, then licks his lips, gaze capturing Jungkook’s. “If I win, I get to top you tonight,” he says and Jungkook would be lying if he said he didn’t like that idea. Just imagining Jimin’s cock reaching the deepest parts of him, stretching him… He might just lose on purpose. Not that he has much chance against Jimin’s car anyway.

“Alright,” Jungkook says, “if I win, we do this properly. In a bed, for once.”

Jimin laughs again. “Hope you don't need to sit down much tomorrow.” He revs his engine, still grinning, and Jungkook hopes he doesn’t need to either. Jimin’s not going to go easy on him… In this race or afterward. “Three honks to start, remember?”

Jungkook nods. He may not be a long time street racer like Jimin but he knows the basics. He rolls up his window, Jimin does the same, and he listens for the first honk. The second. The third.

And he slams down on the gas pedal.

They both speed off, Jimin pulling ahead in no time with his damn zero to 60 in just a few seconds (Jungkook doesn’t remember the exact time. Jimin had told him about it in the middle of receiving a blow job from Jungkook so he was a little distracted.)

Jimin rounds a corner and Jungkook just shakes his head, knowing there’s no way he’ll catch up now. Yet when he comes around the bend he finds Jimin decelerating, intentionally falling far behind the patrol car. Jungkook almost slows down, not wanting to win just because Jimin let him.

He keeps his foot on the gas pedal anyway. If this is what Jimin wants, he’ll give it to him. Jungkook would never admit it aloud but his side of the bet may or may not have to do with actual feelings coming into play. He wants something a little more than roadside sex with this damn gorgeous, blonde criminal and he tries not to assume that this means Jimin feels the same. Even if he doesn’t, Jungkook just likes being close to Jimin.

Whatever the case, they crash through Jungkook’s bedroom door later that night.