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22nd - Story of a lifetime.

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Osomatsu have been planning this day for a whole month. It would be a blatant lie to say everything went smooth and easy. Having to force himself to behave exceptionally at work was one of the hardest things he had ever done. Although his boss did not seem to acknowledge his sudden change, Osomatsu managed to snatch one day off right under that old man’s nose.

He wouldn’t have put half of the enthusiasm in his job if it wasn’t for Choromatsu. Most of his fulfilling and worthy accomplishments were done with his Omega in mind. Even when they were too young to understand what life had prepared for them, Osomatsu had always unintentionally put Choromatsu above everyone else. Naturally, that have never been a case of favoritism. Osomatsu loved all of his brothers equally, Choromatsu just happened to mean something entirely else for him. However, realizing how they felt towards the other at such a tender age lead them to innocently tell their parents about their discovery, and although it felt right it didn’t sit well with their family.

What did they know when they were just children.

After that, their parents didn’t hesitate to drown them with many visits to doctors of all kinds. General Doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, even specialist in the field of ‘the second gender’; anyone that would claim to his parents of having a cure or a way out of that deviated infatuation, they had been forced into their clinics. Regardless of their parents attempts to right the wrong. It turned out there was no wrong to fix. Every single visit ended with the same positive answer.

Luckily, for their past selves, it played to their favor.

Mere trifles and mishap crossed their way, but after fighting and surpassing glass and stones, they managed to create their safe space, pushing through and making it blossom to what it was now.

As if that wasn´t enough, Choromatsu had to go and outshine him by delivering their daughter into the world. For that immense effort, Osomatsu was beyond grateful. It was nothing but simple fairness that he gave back a bit of what Choromatsu did for him. For them.

Starting the day with a plentiful breakfast sounded like a good idea. Pancakes were not that hard, and Choromatsu was going to need more sugar if Osomatsu wanted him to be awake for their special date.

"Osomatsu what are you burning now?"

"Eh?" Looking down on the stove, the visual aid of the dark smoke turned his senses back on. "Aw shit." Pulling the pan out of the stove, Osomatsu lowered the heat and tried to scrap the burnt pancake off.

He could not believe that pancakes betrayed him.

"Osomatsu… It’s too early for this." Sighing; Choromatsu dragged his feet to the fridge. But, before he could take out the sugar for his coffee he froze, turning his head to the side to look at Osomatsu over his shoulder. "What are you doing awake so early? What day is it anyways?" Choromatsu shook his head, in an attempt to clear it. The restless nights were catching up to him.

"Uh? The twenty-second?" Osomatsu nonchalantly answered as he tried his alleged confidence with a better pancake.

"The twenty-second." Choromatsu hummed, repeating his words. "That’s a weekday." As his brain oiled up, his voice turned up a notch, bleeding distress. "Osomatsu it is a weekday! W-what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be working by now?" Without giving Osomatsu the space, nor the chance to explain, Choromatsu’s face drained of color. "Oh no… O-Osomatsu did…did they fire you?"

Ok. Fuck the pancakes.

Tending to his confused husband, Osomatsu abandoned the stove, leaving the batter to cook by itself on low heat. In one short step, Osomatsu closed the offending gap between them. Delicately embracing his tensed body as he chased away that sour scent emanating from his Omega with his own.

"Hey. Everything is fine." Oso started, sneaking his hands on the lower part of his back. "I promised I was not going to fuck this up, and I assure you my job is more than fine." More than fine? Choromatsu was not going to buy that, better correct it. "Listen. I just asked to have this day off. That’s all."

Within a few seconds, Choromatsu’s body slowly melted in his arms. Letting that spiraling shortage to dwell and suffocate. His delicious scent, their scent normalized.

"It’s not that." Taking a deep breath, Choromatsu moved away. "I trust you, I’m just kind of out of it at the moment." Covering his mouth, he yawned. "Oh. And you are burning that again."


Making Osomatsu a big favor, Choromatsu opened the window to let the smell of burnt breakfast out of the cramped kitchen. Then he went back to preparing his coffee; now pulling out another mug for Osomatsu.

The best intentions couldn’t save his second pancake. Another one going to pancake heaven.

After his third attempt, Osomatsu got the hold of it.

Setting their single wood table for two, Osomatsu placed all the pancakes in one huge stack meant to be shared. While Choromatsu dashed off the room, following the cries of their awoken daughter, Osomatsu took the charge to finish up, serving the bowls with different toppings and placing their warm mugs of coffee to wash the sweetness of the breakfast down.

"How hungry is she?" Osomatsu asked Choromatsu, adding finishing touches to the table, such as the napkins he always forgets to put.

"Very. Why?" Choromatsu answered, questioning him right away.

"Come here then."


"Our breakfast is going to get cold." Osomatsu used his whiny tone to try to convince him. But if it didn’t work, he would take his creation to his starving husband. 'Impossible' wasn’t really a word he adapted in his vocabulary, let alone implement it in his life.

The lack of response could either be good, or transform into a solid reason for a lecture on how perverted he was. Pushing that aside, Osomatsu knew that Choromatsu felt a bit too naked when he had to feed their daughter, those tremors full of insecurities intensified tenfold when he was there to see. His impeding anxiousness didn’t let him relax in their own home.

"I don’t understand why you want me to feed her in front of you." Blushing, Choromatsu walked in their living room, carrying their daughter in his arms. "If this, is some sort of fetish I am not doing this in front of you ever again." Choromatsu warned him as he sat down.

Hesitant as always, but without the chance to delay it any longer, Choromatsu unbuttoned his nightshirt in silence, nothing aside the baby’s coos could be heard. Osomatsu held his breath entranced with the view, his personal definition of blissful perfection. Seeing his Omega guide their eager and hungry daughter towards his chest swell his heart with an incommensurable sensation of belonging. Her open mouth sought the soft tenderness until she successfully latched to his bud.

"This still sucks." Choromatsu hissed. "Two months in and I can’t get it together." He continued rambling. But Osomatsu had a strong hunch as to why his husband’s mouth was running miles.

However, Osomatsu couldn’t help to wonder; why was Choromatsu so gorgeous? How couldn’t he see that on himself? And how in hell did Choromatsu put up with him? Seven years of marriage didn’t seem to give him a real answer whatsoever.

"I think you are doing just fine and if she loves it, there is nothing to worry about." Wanting to lighten up the atmosphere, Osomatsu smiled at him, moving his chair next to Choromatsu’s.

"I guess." Choromatsu said, not fully convinced while he kept his gaze glued to their daughter.

"Besides, from my point of view." Leaning to his side, Osomatsu planted a sweet kiss to the tip of his nose.  "You look breathtaking…"

For the second time in that morning, Choromatsu looked at him.

Osomatsu didn’t want to embarrass him by any means, when it seemed appropriated to gush sincerity to the person that had always completed him.

Sitting down and enjoy breakfast together was a rare occasion. Forever turning into a special splurge of affection with the littlest of things. In this case, it was spoon-feeding his flustered Omega and sharing the same silverware to feast on that stack of delight.

Eleven in the morning quickly found them, biting their asses with the fast pace it rushed. With the outing idea Osomatu surgically traced, he should start jogging if he wanted to make it work on time. Standing up, he began taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen sink.

"I’ll clean up here, you go get ready."

"Okay?" Following every move with his sight, Choromatsu looked for any hints that would show him why Osomatsu was acting like that. Until his head came up with the closest idea. "Ah… Do you want to get something from me? Because I am not sure I can do anything intimate with you if the baby is here."

Osomatsu almost broke the plate when it slipped from his grasp and into the soapy water. Turning his head to the unimpressed face of his husband, Osomatsu stared back at him. Choromatsu’s expression did not budge.

"I swear I wasn’t thinking of that." Emphasizing the second word, Osomatsu defended his non-existent honor. "I was leaning more towards the idea of spending the day outside. Just the three of us."

That twinge of confusion didn’t budge, however, Choromatsu’s expression softened as he covered himself up the best he could while securing their daughter in his hold.

"Actually… That does sound like a good idea." With a tiny smile, Choromatsu stood up. "But I am going to dress her up first."

With that settled, Osomatsu celebrated his first victory of the day.


Getting ready with a baby was never meant to be an easy task. Osomatsu could only witness how his husband walked from one side of the room to the other, mumbling and calculating while losing his mind. How many diapers he should pack? Were two socks too much? Having an extra pair wasn’t a waste of space, right? What about her beanie? Was that too warm or was she going to catch a cold?

Somewhere vowed between that chaos, Choromatsu packed the baby bag to the brim with everything he thought it would be necessary. Thanks to Choromatsu’s borderline obsession with order and cleanliness, Osomatsu didn’t have to worry about sneaking extra things in there for their little girl. Only then, they were ready to leave.

Pushing the stroller forward, Osomatsu walked side by side with his Omega. Pride rushed through his veins as his Alpha side gloated the family he had put together. The family he could confidently call his.

Their first stop were to simple street food stands to get something to snack on for lunch. With a box of recently done Imagawayaki’s and two Taiyaki’s, Osomatsu lead the way to the nearest park that was casually close to their next stop. Taking a seat among the sea of warm colored leafs; Osomatsu took charge of feeding the little girl with the prepared bottle in her well-packed bag, which was snuggled under the stroller. Like Choromatsu said, that stroller was a good inversion. It was worth every penny if it could carry some bags too.

"Oh. Lucky. Custard." Choromatsu smiled, splitting his imagawayaki in two, he bit into one portion. "Do you want the other half?"

Opening his mouth wide, Osomatsu waited for Choromatsu to give him the other half. It was a good custard filling. Definitely worth every penny too.

It was past five when their bundle of love broke out in tears. Osomatsu could not help the strong signals that cry sent to his head.

"I think it might be time for a change." Choromatsu said, trying to sooth her distressing cries of a soiled diaper with his gentle touch.

"I’ll go with you too."

"Uh? If you want to." Calming their baby girl was not working and Choromatsu was visibly getting nervous for not being capable of tending to her, as he should. "I know a public toilet nearby where I can change her." The minuscule knots in his cords strummed his voice with a light tremor while he flew to get on his feet.

Avoiding any kind of sourness, Osomatsu chased after him. Unusually quiet, guarding his husband from prying eyes with a direct message through his scent. The wait to get to use the darn thing, extended so much, it gave the somber nightmare of being eternal. Her loud and pained cries did not help.

While Choromatsu changed their poor daughter, Osomatsu lowered his guard. Taking his wallet out to check he still carried the reservations he hid a week ago, Osomatsu looked at them. Imprinted with a fancy hue of gold calligraphy that informed the hour and the address of their last stop for the day shocked him with a giddy feeling he had not felt since their last date. Real date that’s it.

How long has it been? Osomatsu counted almost every private moment and one on one outings as a date, but for Choromatsu it didn’t seem to be just that. For his husband it was more of a significant and formal event to court and feel like a couple again. Because of that, and the lack of romance in their lives, Osomatsu went for something different, out of their comfort zone, so he could impress him. Make him feel loved, important and wanted. Gosh, it wouldn’t hurt to take him.

With almost two full years of living on their own under their belts, they couldn’t help but to be all over each other for the entirety of the first year. As soon as Osomatsu crossed the threshold after work, they would be discarding clothes all over the floor and messing around wherever Osomatsu had the urge to take Choromatsu. Pouring his heart out to make him his like an appetizer for their night. Whether that was the dingy couch, they used to own; the entry to their home or up against the wall, the accumulated frustration of years they could not satiated, bloomed with every kiss. Exploded with each desperate groan and touches, that liberated their chains, until their tamed hunger for sex tainted their home as theirs.

It was a sense of belonging, the freedom of privacy and achievement of growing that shook them awake to see and accept how unhappy they had been, by living at their childhood home their first years of marriage.

Unlike the youngest, when they decided to tie the knot, no one was helping to pay for their ceremony. They saved all the money they could just to have a niche private event. They covered all the expenses with their hard work and celebrated their union with their heads high. Proud of another milestone surpassed together. However, that initial glow disappeared, due to the uneasiness that constantly swum in their house.
Their parents humbly offered them the only other room they had at hand, to evade sharing a bedroom with the three remaining brothers living under the same roof. They understood the situation was a bit weird and uncomfortable for everyone, but the toxic atmosphere continued to spread regardless of the individual’s attempts to subdue it.

Ah, but there was one person that didn’t want to operate like the rest of them. One that haven’t been doing it for a long time now.
Drowning in that level of shittyness was how they found their new goal. Getting an apartment.

"Those years were crazy weird." Sighing with a slight frown, Osomatsu secured his wallet back in his pocket. "And to think I saved years of income for him. I don’t even do that for myself." With an airy laugh, he ruffled his own hair, as his head filled with images of his husband expressions when they pooled up the money the needed to leave.

"What are you doing?" Choromatsu’s laugh yanked him back to earth.

"Thinking about you." Osomatsu responded with a smile.

He nailed that one. What a perfectly taken chance. He was dominating the courting part of the date.

"With your dick, I see." The soft tone of his voice turned cold after he gave him a quick glance from head to toe. "Where else are we going?"

What a way to take a man down.

Sighing in defeat, Osomatsu kept his head low, but when he opened his eyes to stare at his shoes, he comprehended the brutal change in his husband. He was indeed, thinking about Choromatsu with his dick.

Now, he will have to be sneaky enough to fix himself.

"Hey. Get closer and fix that."

Thanks to Choromatsu and the support of the stroller, he managed to accommodate his hard on. Who would have thought that strollers were good for those kind of accidents? What an amazing investment.

Doing the job of a magician, Osomatsu used everything in his sleeves to guide Choromatsu to their parent’s house without giving away where they were going. Sadly, and after making him walk in circles, Choromatsu did figure out where they were getting close to. He was not happy.

"Why are we going there? I though you wanted to spend some time together. Just the three of us." Choromatsu's tone died down as he used the same wording against him.

Seeing Choromatsu put that face, forced his head to wonder if his plan was a good idea. If it came down to choose between a romantic dinner and making his husband smile. It was without a doubt, that he would ditch anything for that priceless smile to bloom.

"Well… Yeah. But I also wanted to spend some time with you." Osomatsu bid his luck in his honesty. "If you want to, we could go home." He offered him.

For the tiniest, shortest minutes of his life, Choromatsu eyed Osomatsu. Ever so cautious and with a drop of the unexpected, his husband decided on his own accord to stay on board with Osomatsu’s plan.

"We can always leave if you think it is going to be too much."

Nodding, Choromatsu focused on the road ahead of them.

When they reached their parent’s house, Ichimatsu was the first face they saw. The various child sized shoes painted the entry with their own colors.
Todomatsu’s litter being there told them the youngest had a similar idea of wanting some quality time, possibly in private.

Walking in, Osomatsu took their daughter off the stroller and handed her to Ichimatsu, along with his packed up bag.

"Your stuff is upstairs."

Thanking him, Osomatsu didn’t let Choromatsu dissect the situation, nor process it before he lead him to their old shared bedroom by his hand. Getting a plethora of questions that Osomatsu did not bother to answer, he slid the door of the room open and dragged his confused husband inside. Closing it, Osomatsu turned around to face him with a big smile. One that Choromatsu did not digest.

"Can you explain to me what in the world are you doing?" His stern voice came back from the death as he pressed his lips tight in an aggravated line. "I let you have the benefit of the doubt and you do… this?"

"It’s a surprise! But you have to get dressed for it." Osomatsu quickly responded, pointing out behind Choromatsu.

Raising both eyebrows, Choromatsu followed where Osomatsu was aiming at with his sight. Having to fully turn on his feet, Choromatsu let a susprised ‘oh’ escape from his lips. Both their wedding tuxedos were hanging up against the wall, waiting to be worn again. However, If Choromatsu took notice of the details, he probably noticed that his vest was in a darker shade than the one he used for their ceremony. Hinting that it might be new.  

Astonished, Choromatsu approached his set up outfit. Gingerly tracing his fingertips over the well-preserved fabric that had been ironed for the occasion.

"These were in our apartment." Choromatsu muttered, solely focusing on the attire. "For how long were you planning this? And how in hell I didn’t catch you doing something like this?" Frowning for how narrow minded and blind he had turned as to overlook anything Osomatsu might have been doing at that moment. Choromatsu sighed.

"Yeah. They were. Now they are here." Osomatsu simply said with a smile. "But we should hurry up if we want to be there on time." He added, teasing the surprise without giving away anything.

"On time? Time for what? Seriously, you don’t have to do any of this Osomatsu." Feeling the burn on his cheeks, Choromatsu began undressing.

"Of course I have to! I am the best Niichan there is." Sticking his chest out, Osomatsu pointed at himself.

"…You can start forgetting about doing anything else after this ‘surprise’."

Choromatsu was being extra mean, shooting down all his innocent flirting like that.

Taking half an hour to properly dress up, and still have some minutes to do more. Osomatsu separated from his husband, going to the bathroom. Looking himself in the mirror, he saw nothing that bad. Quite the contrary, Osomatsu thought he looked the best he could for the day. Nonetheless, the whole thing was missing something.

After staring like an idiot, Osomatsu realized he could go further. With a big smile, he rummaged in the cabinets for the hair wax and comb he knew he was going to find.


Putting a bit on his fingers, he brushed his hair back in place and with the help of the comb, Osomatsu styled it as he pleased. Leaving a few pieces on the left side of his face to comfortably fall, complimenting his features.

"This is what I am talking about." Osomatsu chuckled, thinking in the face his husband was going to make when he saw him.

"Oh? You two are going on a date too?"

Acknowledging Karamatsu’s presence, Osomatsu nodded. He didn’t even notice he was waiting outside of the bathroom. That was his fault for not locking the door.

"And you just dropped your newborn daughter here for a date?"

Perhaps his direct younger brother didn’t mean it. Maybe it came out wrong and he was hinting at something else. However, Osomatsu could hear the tension clinging to Karamatsu. Then he remembered what usually triggered it.

"You saw Totty?" He didn’t need to heard an answer to that when his face gave it away so easily.

Karamatsu always reverted to his harsher side when he met with the youngest, and for some fucked up reason, he kept on venting with him. Better him than Choromatsu. His husband didn’t need that and Osomatsu learnt to deal with it in a way he found it just mildly annoying, but nothing bigger than that.

"Well, That is…"

"Don’t say it, brother. I do not need your wise words." Karamatsu cut him off, knowing by experience what Osomatsu was going to say. "Now. Are you done? I want to use the bathroom."

"Sure." Getting out of the bathroom and out of his way, Osomatsu exchanged places with him.

As he was going to say. That was all on him. Now to more pressing matters, Osomatsu had a surprise to unveil.

When he joined Choromatsu at the entry, he found his husband verbally attacking Ichimatsu. Their poor sibling couldn’t say anything longer than a broken ‘yes’ after Choromatsu vomited all the directions and procedures he should follow regarding the care and supervision of their daughter.

Choromatsu, exempt of blame for putting so much pressure on their younger sibling, uncrossed his arms and stopped his rambling, noticing how uncomfortable Ichimatsu was. With a heartfelt apology on his behalf, he dropped the subject. With an extended good bye to their daughter, they slipped their shoes on, secured them in place and went on their marry way.

Wanting to show off his good qualities as an Alpha, Osomatsu got Choromatsu the best of the best to arrive. A cab. Fidgeting and incessantly straightening his vest, Choromatsu looked through the window as he bit his tongue not to interrogate Osomatsu with the much-needed answer of where in hell they were going.

Reaching for his hand, Osomatsu smiled at him, promising Choromatsu that he shouldn’t be so nervous about it, that he actually did something good. Without accidentally breaking anything in his way pursuing it. Unless Osomatsu counted the mug, he dumbly broke when he received the reservations through the mail. Yes, that didn’t count.

Parking close to the address, Osomatsu paid for the trip and helped his husband to get out of the cab.

"Seriously Osomatsu. Where are you taking me?" Choromatsu asked, in a weird mix of being annoyed and excited for the surprise. But his face paled and his mouth opened when he saw where they were. "Osomatsu…. Osomatsu what did you do? No… H-how did you—"

Choromatsu didn’t want to finish that sentence, too worried about the money that had been thrown to the fire for something like a ‘surprise’.

"Calm down, I did nothing bad and it was more of a matter of luck." Osomatsu’s inflated chest could be seen from miles away with how proud he was of his good luck.

"You do know where we are, right?" Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he went on by his side. "This is the most expensive place you could have taken me." Sighing, Choromatsu tried to rid himself of the permanent frown on his face. "This is so unnecessary, Osomatsu."

When they arrived at the end of the block and Choromatsu eyes read the letters on the side of the building, he swore his head felt lighter.

"Osomatsu… Osomatsu tell me you didn’t." Gulping, he stared at it wide eyed.

"I didn’t." He chuckled at his expression, showing him the reservations he took out of his wallet.

Speechless, Choromatsu looked up and down, changing his sight between the sumptuous reservations and Osomatsu’s smiling face. Choromatsu couldn’t help relaxing his semblance to share the same infectious smile with him.

"How did you get those?" Choromatsu asked crossing the road hand in hand.

"I won this expensive reservations out of sheer luck." Osomatsu laughed.

"You won them? Where? How?" Although he was formulating so many questions, Choromatsu’s smile did not leave. "I still can’t believe I did not notice any of this."

"Oh, it was from an online contest." Osomatsu explained as he walked in and held the door open for Choromatsu.

A stuck up waiter took their reservations from their hands and made them wait in the lobby. Sitting down on the comfortable chairs, he heard Choromatsu hum as he observed the decoration. Too much for their taste.

"An online contest uh?"

Right when Osomatsu was going to keep talking about the contest and how he won, he saw Todomatsu walk in with his partner.

"Hey! What a coincidence. What are you doing here?"

Osomatsu stood up followed by his husband and both shook Atsushi’s hand and saluted Todomatsu a bit more personal.

"What about yourselves? Isn’t this place too expensive for you two?"

His sly way to direct a conversation didn’t fool either of his older brothers, and Choromatsu looked anything but happy. All because both, Todomatsu and Choromatsu held high in their heads the idea of advancing to better things. Regardless of it, they knew Todomatsu hid something.

With the same attitude he goes in life and the zero pride he holds towards anything. Osomatsu answered with a smile.

"Oh! We won a reservation here. It was a contest about sharing your love story."

"You won too!?"

Osomatsu smiled in all his smugness, catching Todomatsu on his pretentious stance.

The regret in the youngest face was hilarious to say the least. He had been busted and epically too. What a brat. All those years living together and he did not learn not to go against them. Feeling Choromatsu’s finger tap the back of his hand, flared his excitement, having a good idea of whom was going to make the youngest world quake.

"So, this place is also too expensive for you two, uh?" Choromatsu said, trying to provoke Todomatsu.

When Atsushi laughed at the obliteration of Todomatsu. When that weird man continued laughing at his husband, Choromatsu and Osomatsu shared a subtle high five.


"Hey! Which side are you?" Todomatsu kicked Atsushi with his elbow.

"Sorry honey, I’m sorry."

Oh. Oh no. Osomatsu could not deal with silence after that fun little bicker. He wasn’t patient enough for that. He wasn’t Choromatsu.

"So… What have you two been up to?" Osomatsu asked.

The rapid change in Todomatsu’s presence served as a trap for having the guts to ask.

"I’m pregnant."


Without hiding their amaze, Osomatsu and Choromatu’s voices echoed at the same time.


Taking another brave movement on his side Osomatsu directed his sight to Atsushi.

"Dude, you have money, buy a TV or something."

Although he meant to give Atsushi a humble, funny advice, it kept rubbing him on the wrong side. Didn’t Atsushi know what it takes to bring a child into the world after witnessing several times? All the effort the body of an Omega has to go through? Osomatsu could barely hid the guilt he felt when he saw Choromatsu succumbing to a pain Osomatsu could not help to sooth in his last few months of gestation. Since it was his first pregnancy, everything was new to him. To them. And no to mention all the drained energy when he delivered their first born.

"Nii san!"

The alarming voice of the youngest was cut short when another stuck up waiter interrupted what could have been a long chat about safe sex and pregnancy. If that was ever a term Todomatsu put on practice. Because as Osomatsu saw it, the litter those two have, just kept on growing.

'Your tables are ready gentlemen."

As if one waiter wasn’t enough, another one came to take him and Choromatsu to their table.

"We’ll catch up later. Enjoy your meal." Choromatsu said before they parted ways following their own waiter.

"Take care. You two enjoy your meal."

That sounded less plastic. Coming from the youngest of the Matsuno’s, it was a greatly appreciated gesture.

Little shit. Making his older brothers worry.


The place waxed the embedded meaning of the word ‘luxurious’. From the floor length draped curtains to the silver centerpiece holding the apricot amber, flaming at the top of pristine candles. All the tables were the same and yet the real life fairytale remained in their grasp.

Taking the table at the far corner of the vicinity, both Choromatsu and Osomatsu kept eyeing and inspecting the surreal situation they were living. However, the view was great. With windows as big and tall as those, Osomatsu could proudly say he did more than a good job at taking the chance at that contest.

"This is… This is more than I could ever ask for." Choromatsu breathed out, relaxing in his seat. "I was sincerely expecting something more like dinner at home."

"With one candle in a shot glass and chips as the entrée." Osomatsu completed a more levelheaded romantic dinner.

"Don’t forget your sushi." Choromatsu smiled.

How could he? Sushi was the food of the champions. When the waiter gently laid their entrée’s on the table. Osomatsu had a weird epiphany. Could that contest, be his biggest mistake so far? At least Choromatsu was making a similar face with the dish in front of them.

"Sometimes, I forget expensive food comes in hamster bites." Choromatsu bluntly said. "Elegant hamster bites."

Osomatsu snorted a bit too loud, recompensing by covering his mouth with one hand.

"Maybe the main course would be slightly bigger." Reaching for one of the bite sizes dishes, Choromatsu calmly tasted it. As expected of a four stars restaurant it was delicious. "You should eat yours too."

Without a conversation, both brothers dug in, leaving no traces of any ingredient behind.

"Back at the lobby, you said you had to share our love story to get the reservations." Choromatsu started, reviving a topic his head nagged at him to question.

"Yeah. Is something wrong?" Did I do something wrong. That was what he wanted to ask.

"No, no." Taking his time to gather his thoughts correctly, Choromatsu blushed. "How did you…No. How did our story won? Did you wrote something to make it more normal?"

"Why would I do that?"

"Because our story is not a conventional one, Osomatsu."

Ah. He was worried about that again.

"If it makes you feel better. I have no idea how we won. Maybe they were looking for something different?" Osomatsu chuckled, wanting to ease his worries. "Besides, how many couples can say they have been together since birth?"

The shy smile Choromatsu showed him for his words, told Osomatsu he had done something good. Maybe some other day Osomatsu could come clean and tell him what he wrote. He had a hunch Choromatsu was not going to be as happy as he was now.

The next dish took the place of their empty plates faster than they expected. Excepting the ridiculous size of the portions, it tasted as good as it looked. But the dissolving tenderness of the meat wasn’t satisfying enough for them. As good as a once in a lifetime experience that dinner was, they couldn’t find it in themselves to fully enjoy each other’s company in all that elegance.


Putting all his focus on his husband, Osomatsu waited for him to talk.

"I know you planned this whole thing and everything, but." Averting his gaze to bring it up again, Choromatsu sighed. "I rather spend the night at a cheap motel with you than having to eat another bite-sized food."

If the gates to heaven had a song, what his husband said would be the lyrics of the one that would be playing for him. However, with the lecherous grin that broke its way out, Osomatsu doubted he would end up in a place like that.

"We haven’t finished yet. How about we go grab a real dessert."

Mouthing those words felt so natural to him. Choromatsu’s response did not disappoint either, getting a prurient filled gaze.

Before the same waiter could do his job, Choromatsu partially dragged Osomatsu out of the restaurant. Fast walking all the way out, in a silly mix of sparkling anticipation and the audacity of ditching riches for sex. Taking another cab, they reached the love hotel they used to visit for special dates in record time.

Taking whichever room was unoccupied at the front desk, they made their way to it, passing by all the others rooms in a mute melody that holed up within. The first thing Choromatsu did was get some condoms and lube from the vending machine that would always be situated in one of the wardrobes.

Chuckling, Osomatsu ate up the image of his husband, as he sensually approached him with what they needed in both hands. Roughly pulling him tight against his chest, Osomatsu leant forward, nestling his head at the crook of his neck to take a good sniff of his provocative scent.

"Is this your idea of dessert?" Licking his lips, Osomatsu gripped his waist over the offending suit. "Because I like it."


"Uh?" Confused, Osomatsu straightened his posture, already missing the emanating warmth from his skin.

"This is dessert." Choromatsu said, showing him one condom and throwing it on the bed along with the lube. "This is a thank you." He brought a second one up to his lips, nipping at the edge of the package. "And this." Using his other hand, he moved it in front of Osomatsu’s mouth, which he instantly took in, grasping it with his teeth. "This is all yours, Alpha."

His plan went better than expected. Whose plan? Depending in their point of view, that answer might have some variations.