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22nd - Story of a fated meeting.

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Todomatsu was sitting on the fuzziest couch of his living room, the one Atsushi bought for him seven years ago when they were given the news that Todomatsu was pregnant, so Atsushi just wanted him to have the best furniture for his tired body and to take care of his child. It supposed to be for his tired body, but this day, he was exhausted for a different reason. He wasn´t tired physically but emotionally and the waiting seemed to be infinite even though he was watching his little boy sleep in his favorite blanket on the rug, and when Todomatsu did that, the time passed faster than any other moment, but not even his precious baby will take his mind away from what was crushing his chest. Todomatsu was trying to focus on the little gestures of the smallest of his children. Most of it because he has this strange habit when sleeping, with his barely one year of age just four months ago, he stretches his left arm above his head as if he was trying to grab something, every time before going to sleep, and he could held that position for hours.

Watching him sleep he though it couldn´t be that bad having another one. That was when he remembered what he was waiting for. That morning it occurred to him while he was taking the kids to their respective institutions; Elementary school, kindergarten and the nursery, that he had lost track of his last heat, which, he count, was three months ago, an extra month than what it was supposed to be. With the anxiety of being pregnant again, the only fear Todomatsu had was to miss his smallest baby´s precious moments if he needed to be again pregnant and a mother of one, then two, now four growing children. The eldest can take care of himself; he was already six and was more busy making friends and trying to socialize in Elementary school than being with him. Painful? Yes, but also a big help. The girl, his beautiful, little and shy four years old girl, she was no problem, she lived grabbed to Todomatsu´s pants mumbling all the things that happened in her day, she was, really a nice girl. Then again, the other one, in her terrible two, was a walking twister; she wanted to know everything, the “whys” and “hows” of every little thing that crossed her path. She was too smart for her own good and was being grounded several times by her teachers, with an early-developed speech skill and forming already coherent phrases; she liked to gossip, to talk back, and to be smarter than everybody else. Was definitely Todomatsu´s and Atsushi´s daughter but, she was the one that caused more troubles of them all. After her, came the one Todomatsu was looking now, he was in a crucial age when they needed their mother the most, and if he really had another baby, that won´t be as possible as he would like to.

The only thing he needed now was for the ring´s timer to sound, so he could check if he was pregnant or not.

“Why do I always forget to use any type of contraceptive in my heats? I become so stupid in that state. And stupid Atsushi is no better, he just succumbs to anything I would ask.” Setting free the most mortified sigh of his life, Todomatsu wanted to end with the expectation, if he was pregnant again, fine, he´ll figured out how to handle five children, his mother could do it with six at a time so, why wouldn´t he be able to do the same with five and in different ages.


“Finally!” After surrounding his baby with cushions to prevent him rolling away and hit something, he walked to the bathroom and picked the test up from the sink.

The two lines in the small window of the plastic object sealed and gave a closure to his swarming thoughts. He was pregnant, he really was. Thereby, doing the math, Todomatsu probably was reaching his second month, maybe a little less or a little more?

“Ok, if I´m really pregnant, this baby is particularly small or something because I have nothing!” Used to have at least a little bump by the second month Todomatsu was surprised how flat his belly was.

After making up his mind and set it up into disperse any type of misunderstanding or false result, he took one hour of his day to go to his medic, the same one that had taken care of him with his other children. Todomatsu was received by him with the usual kind guileless smile followed by the phrase “are we ordering more children?”, well it wasn´t like Todomatsu was looking at the catalogue consciously, he surely needed to be more careful with his heats honestly.

In less than thirty minutes, he was again out of the hospital with his results, showing how pregnant he was. His indisputably and irrevocably state. With the piece of paper in his hand and after sitting his child in the back sit of his SUV he was now ready to continue with his day.


He stood in front of his test, reading repeatedly the part that indicates he was indeed carrying a child. Atsushi´s child. His child.

“Shit.” Tearing up in happiness, he wouldn´t ever be able to understand how a responsibility as big as a child made him felt even more connected with Atsushi and overjoyed. How everything lighted up and became so amazing just after the news of a new baby.

There was this idea roaming his mind for the past month, in a couple of days it´ll be November 22. With a house full of children, and one on the way, the time they spend together is just diminishing. They didn´t love less, they surely aren´t neglecting the other, Todomatsu even could swear Atsushi was more attached to him, and he to Atsushi, than ever in their relationship, but their attention is being divided between the blessing of their kids and each other. Now was crucial, he wanted to spend a day with Atsushi and only with him, if he lets his belly grow all his ideas are going to go to waste, he know how he is when he´s pregnant, and if he´s demanding and spoiled normally, with all his cravings and moods he´s a pest. A pest his husband loves nonetheless.

The original reason he wanted to do it was because next month it´ll be their 10th wedding anniversary.

After a sigh of realization, he muttered to his baby. “Mommy and daddy have been married for ten years, can you believe it?” The baby was shaking his hands in the air at the mere sound of his mother´s voice, laughing and kicking. “Yeees.” Todomatsu said in a soft tone grabbing the infant´s foot. “Ten years, honey.” Laughing together, both not knowing why the other was doing it, they shared one last moment before Todomatsu started the engine.

Ten years was a lot, and the time haven´t wavered their love. Therefore, a proper celebration was necessary. He heard this contest the other day when he was doing the groceries. A radio station said that one should send their love stories to a certain page and they´ll receive a reservation in the Bulgari restaurant. It wasn´t like it were one of the fanciest and nicest restaurant in the city so who wouldn´t want to win a dinner there, right? Atsushi deserves it; their love story deserves it too.

Todomatsu delved if he should narrate the story without adding lies and thing to spice it up. But honestly, his story had enough turns and bumps to suffice the required drama to move anyone to tears.

When he was 16, two years after presenting as an omega he met a guy two years older than him. An alpha that treated him nicely, or at least that was at first. When their relationship reached their first year, without Todomatsu´s consent, the asshole marked him, he bit him and practically abused him using as an excuse that Todomatsu enticed him under the effect of his heat. Thing that wasn´t completely true. Yes, Todomatsu had an almost uncontrollable heat, he forgot to take his suppressant that time, and he asked him to take him home before his heat clouded his mind. Now that he remembers, the idiot took more time what it should to do simple things, like paying or tying his shoes. He was making time so the heat could wrap Todomatsu completely, and once he was entirely submissive to his own desires, he was taken to a love hotel, where his supposedly boyfriend did whatever he wanted with him. It was his first time, so it was a miracle he didn´t end up pregnant that time. After that, as a marked omega, he didn´t have much choice, he belonged to his alpha. Despite how rude he started to behave.

The cold attitude towards Todomatsu just rose with the years. Todomatsu also remembers trying to ask for Karamatsu´s help, but his older brother had been quite distant and indifferent for the past years, so when he refused, saying that it was Todomatsu´s problem because he accepted the guy, it wasn´t that much of a shook. Things with Karamatsu got fixed naturally towards the years, and now that Todomatsu thinks about it, maybe he was just jealous. Well, as much fixed as they can be, they grew apart and Todomatsu swears to life itself that Karamatsu even now, doesn´t like Atsushi. It could also be his imagination.

After he felt like he had no one to appeal because the last resource had just gone to waste after Osomatsu tried to defend Todomatsu in a futile attempt. Obviously there wasn´t much his eldest brother could do over a mark. But just right there, when Todomatsu was building an internal wall of resignation, thinking he was going to marry that man and carry his children with disdain, was when he met Atsushi again.

The meeting was magical, almost like a script on a romance show. Todomatsu was late for work and on his way to the subway, he slipped, falling down the stairs, or at least that was how it supposed to be, but someone grabbed him tightly around the wrist. It was Atsushi, they haven´t seen each other for almost five years, he was so older than he was when they were at school. He was his savior, in all ways possible he was.

Following an unnatural course of events, as both of them had work to attend; they turned their backs to the world and went to take a cup of coffee. They talk for hours, laughed, they throw their characteristically sour comments to each other, insulting the other in the politest way they knew. They both were feeling the undeniable attraction. Thus, Atsushi ventured a brave movement to grasp Todomatsu´s fingers with his. Despite how much Todomatsu loved the electrical wave of that simple touch, he took the chance to tell him he was in a relationship, just because under the welcome feeling of his skin the revolting of his stomach was rising too. That stupid omega condition over other alpha´s intrusion, was killing Todomatsu. Nevertheless, his mouth wasn´t shackled, so he didn´t censor the type of relation he had. The joy in Atsushi´s eyes died, in that moment, he thanked Todomatsu for the company and excused himself from the place. Todomatsu had the slightest hope Atsushi could take him of the hell he was living. He was an alpha too; maybe he could make him his omega. Just a fairy tale, a marked omega has no option but to live with the alpha that marked him. The only options were for the alpha to die or reject the bitted omega, thing his boyfriend won´t do.

A week later, he was on a date with his boyfriend, and out of nowhere, something tugged at his arm that was holding his boyfriend´s body. Without a word and only hearing his boyfriend´s roars in anger, the only thing Todomatsu could see was Atsushi dragging the other alpha to a car. Panicked, Todomatsu didn´t do anything but to follow and witness how the guy was being pound to a pulp, just an excuse of what the man he used to be.

Atsushi disposed him like the piece of trash he surely consider he was, and took Todomatsu in his car. Long story short: Atsushi asked for permission from Todomatsu to mark him over his former boyfriend, so he could lose all forced rights he had over Todomatsu. That wasn´t something common, an alpha can´t touch a marked omega, neither just take it by force. Albeit, something in Atsushi seemed so determined and Todomatsu wanted so badly to get rid of the guy he was seeing that he would try everything. He liked Atsushi, and that feeling toured his body like a lighting knowing Atsushi felt the same towards him.

After hours of fighting, Todomatsu getting sicker and sicker the more Atsushi touched and the less clothes were on them. Todomatsu´s smell was becoming acidic to Atsushi´s nose, both of them throwing up constantly at the rejection of both bodies. They didn´t belong to each other, and their vessels knew, despite how much their souls wanted otherwise.

Frustrated, Atsushi pulled air determined to end that circus, forcing Todomatsu to stay still in a tight grip, making his face land on the bed. Using the last ounce of strength, astonishing as the self-nature of the act: he bit Todomatsu. A loud yelp run boundlessly from him, a last struggle to set himself free, and then, peace. Heavily breathing but relaxing his muscles every time he dragged air, Todomatsu was entering a calmer state.

That day Atsushi forced himself on Todomatsu´s mark, but he never compelled him. After a long talk and a tremulous confession, behind agonizing words of fear as both hearts had been hurt, both souls soiled. Therefore, they decided that the other´s dark defiled existence was the perfect solace for their demons.

After a month, they got married.


Todomatsu was finishing preparing diner hearing his children turmoil in the living room, playing while trying to do their homework as they waited for their father to arrive from work. Despite what he thought when he entered the contest, Todomatsu wasn´t confident on wining the reservation. Their story wasn´t nice or romantic, he knew that. Although Todomatsu stressed in his story how after four children, Atsushi has been the same lovely man he was the first day they spend together. How he still treated him as his everything, and never complained of anything, on the contrary, with the announcement of each new child, he exploded in happiness.

For this reason, Todomatsu put special attention that he had never given anything to Atsushi, and he wanted to do something for him in return, at least once, and this, with their fifth child on its way it was something he needed and wanted to do.

Well, apparently it worked. He received a call a couple of hours earlier to announce him one of the reservations was his, the invitation was going be mailed to his house in a couple of days.

Now Todomatsu had two great news for his husband, they were going to go to a date together next week and they were expecting a new baby.

Finishing the diner, Todomatsu finally could spend some time with the children; sitting them in the living room´s coffee table, he can have an eye on the problematic two while the smallest slept. At that time the front door opened, Atsushi had finally arrived, and just like that, all kids, except the smallest one obviously, lunged at full speed at their dad. Same as always, his precious shy girl stopped some feet away waiting for the unruly behaved of her siblings to finish their chaotic way of do things. Then, she knew dad would pick her up, kiss her in the cheek and hug her firmly, tenderly. Just as she needed.

“Dah!” the smallest one screamed seeing his dad. “Dah, dah!”

“Weren´t you asleep?” Todomatsu asked him with a big smile picking him up from the floor to take him to his dad.

In Todomatsu´s arms, the boy was fidgeting excessively, stretching his tiny body at his father´s direction.

“Welcome home.” Todomatsu said to Atsushi shortening the distance between them.

“Mmh, is it me or you look cuter than this morning?” Atsushi placed a hand around Todomatsu´s waist and kissed him.

“You are aware you said that every time you get home right?”

“You are aware that you´re the cutest every second it passes?”

Nuzzling their noses and kissing, Todomatsu guided his husband and his litter to the dinner table. Not without hearing first, the joking disgust of their daughter in his father´s arms because she had to witness the kiss in first row.

It was always the same, that routine they deeply love; chatting about everybody´s day, parents half eating half watching their smallest children. Until all the kids finished their meal, leaving the adults alone in the kitchen with the baby.

“I wasn´t ok with the arrangement, but well, you know, sometimes you just need to agree to whatever your boss wants, right?” Atsushi said, after they were left alone, he was eating his last bite while Todomatsu assented shrugging. “And you? What else did you do today?”

“Um…I baked.” Todomatsu smiled mischievously. “There´s a bun in the oven.”

“It is?” Atsushi glanced at the stove, confused because there were nothing inside.

“Also, Atsushi I won this reservation for next week, can you ask to have the day free so we can go?” Todomatsu placed the invitation with golden letters, engraved at the front.

“Oh wow! You won this? Isn´t the Bulgari a really expensive restaurant?”


Lacing his hand with Todomatsu across the table, Atsushi smiled.

“Aren´t you the lucky one? Or better said, me, what did I do to have you?”

“Being an asshole as much as myself?”

After a gratifying horselaugh, Atsushi assented.

“Wanna toast for my luck?” Todomatsu gave his husband a beer, while he poured some soda for himself.

“Hey, toasting with soda isn´t a little weak? C´mon Todomatsu I know you can hold your liquor.”

“Oh, yeah I know, but I shouldn´t drink alcohol.”


“Didn´t I tell you I have a bun in the oven?” kitty-smiling Todomatsu traced the path from his drink to his belly leaving it there lazily.

Atsushi furrowed his eyebrows confused. After looking at the oven, then the drink to finally land his sight on Todomatsu´s hand, he stretched the muscles of his face after understanding what that puzzle was about.

Unable to contain his lip´s juncture to curl up into a smile he asked. “A-are you… pregnant?”

Biting his lip Todomatsu laughed in a way that couldn´t be heard as anything else as the most refreshing sound for his husband. “Yes, I am.”

In a rush of overflowing emotions, Atsushi ran to his husband to pick him up like the princess he was, kissing him with the same passion like ten years ago. How many more times can Todomatsu make him happy? How much more can he gave him?

Sharing an overwhelming and renewed love for each other, that night, after they took care of all their children needs, Atsushi made love to Todomatsu tenderly, possessively and endlessly happy to become a father one more time. He wanted to spoil Todomatsu for the rest of his life.


November 22nd. Everything was a chaos, but a more controlled chaos than when Todomatsu was alone at home. In the morning, Atsushi accompanied Todomatsu to take the children to their schools, and then they spent most of their morning shopping for clothes and other things. Atsushi was driving while Todomatsu was trying to get his mother to babysit the kids. She accepted, mumbling something about Osomatsu and Choromatsu asking for the same favor. She also commented how happy she was of having all her grandkids together. Well, it seemed they weren´t the only ones wanting to spend this day together. It was a good thing his mother was so attached to little kids.

Everything was settle, Todomatsu, at his mother´s request, took the children almost directly after school. He just made them change clothes. Granma wanted to make them their meal, so be it. Todomatsu was eager to be on a date with Atsushi so if his mother wanted to keep them for a week; it was perfect for him.

The stampede of children made their way into the house, saying their “hellos” to everybody. Todomatsu left his baby boy in Karamatsu´s arms, being this one the one that opened the door.

“Tell my mom I´ll say hello in the night when I come to pick them up, and tell her she shouldn´t give them any candies until they have finished their homework.”

Karamatsu unpleasant expression made Todomatsu hesitate on leaving the baby with him, but he was his uncle, and despite his latest shitty attitude, he was a good brother, and will take good care of the baby.

“Todomatsu, let´s go.” Atsushi hurried him.

It wasn´t Atsushi´s voice what made Todomatsu move from the front door, but Karamatsu´s eyes towards him. Karamatsu was being childish and it was better to leave that issue for other day.

“Ok, Karamatsu-niisan, thank you, take care.” Todomatsu said walking back to the car.


The day race ended around four pm when Todomatsu could finally lay back on Atsushi´s car taking with him the sit´s back.

“Are you ok?” Atsushi lean next to Todomatsu, they were just arriving to a parking lot near the destination.

“I´m just really tired, I was going to let you know last week that I´ve been feeling extremely exhausted for the past month, but then I found out I was pregnant so, that explains it.” Craving to feel any part of Atsushi, Todomatsu reached for his face. “You know, all the signs were there, it was just me not realizing I was pregnant.”

Taking the hand that was caressing his face to kiss it, Atsushi hovered the top part of his body over Todomatsu earning a playful smile from this one.

“You were too busy with the other children, it was normal.”

“Atsushi-san, what are you doing?”

His husband wanted to play a game and eager as he always was to chase any wild idea from him, Todomatsu didn´t stop his own wandering hands.

“Looking at you.” Not moving a single muscle Atsushi held his position inspecting every inch in Todomatsu´s face.

This made him blush, too conscious of himself. “Do you like what you see?”

Atsushi´s normal vicissitude of humor was something Todomatsu had grown accustomed, but it always take him by surprise.

“Well, you see.” He started not in a romantic way. “I was actually wondering what I saw in you.”

Todomatsu was wondering right now if Atsushi believed he was immortal or simply his husband was the stupidest man on earth to provoke a pregnant omega that way.

“You better improve that phrase in the next .02 seconds or else…”

“But I mean it, I mean the first time I saw you I thought `from what zoo did this monkey escape?´ The worst part is that, when you talked, nothing was better, you were as horrible in the inside as the outside.”

“So, let me see if I´m understanding this.” Todomatsu create a psychological barrier between them, crossing his arms in the front and letting all murderous desires explode. “The only chance I gave you to compliment me, to say how cute I really am, how you can´t live without me and how splendid I look with my pregnancy glow, you threw it away? Instead you choose to compare me to a monkey?”

Humming his answer as if both had agree that, that was a game they both were enjoying Atsushi continued. “Yeah, you´re right, I think that a better description would be to say `you´re like dark chocolate for me´”.

Dubious if he should soften his stance or keep glaring at his almost murdered husband Todomatsu decided ask for a clarification of the statement. “Dark chocolate, why?”

“I hated it.” Atsushi blurted out showing a gesture of his hand as if the answer were obvious.

Todomatsu was fuming in anger. Anyway, Atsushi continued

“It was bitter, too dark, didn´t smell good and I eat it thinking it was normal chocolate, hence, it was also a disappointment. So if I´m thinking back, you were the same, I didn´t like a lot of things from you.”

Holding in awe every thought and muscle, Todomatsu gave one last chance to Atsushi and correct what he just said, or else he will surely lost some privileges… bed privileges.

“But I really believe you can only be appreciated under a constant exposure.” Atsushi said finishing his train of thoughts.

Todomatsu was going to buy for himself the most expensive clothes he could ever find, and that perfume he liked it? Bought. The boots he liked it that came with a beautiful hat, yeah that´s bought too. He was going to empty Atsushi´s cards with every craving and whim after this, and he was going to buy a cot for Atsushi and placed it outside in the backyard, he won´t be near Todomatsu for the rest of his life.

“I don´t think people understand what you are.” Atsushi´s demure tone made Todomatsu slightly reconsider his stance and somehow softened a few nerves in his  face. “I´m sorry Todomatsu, but I could only think about you as an `acquired taste´. It still amazes me how I used to think of you as nothing especial, but the more I knew about you, the more I was next to you, you were unwinding your beautiful features. I discovered how indisputably cute you were and are, and how the shitty person you always were, was not but another charming characteristic in your being. I couldn´t picture life now without you, and I could beat to a pulp whoever that dare to say you´re not cute. I really love you.” His heart was at top speed for the gamble he just played at speaking his mind the most honest way. “And I´ve been thinking about our baby, um, the new baby.” Touching Todomatsu´s belly, he fondled it with love. “I can´t but wish he or she looks like you, and I thought this way with all our children, I didn´t want them looking after me, I wanted them to have your big eyes, your round tiny nose, your spongy top lip and those cute expressions of yours, all of them.”

“Did you complimented me or insulted me?” Todomatsu said confused.

“I´m sure I didn´t insulted you, I just told you how I felt about you at first.”

“Hum... somehow I don´t feel happy.” Applying force against Atsushi´s chest, he made him recede to his sit. “If you want me to feel happy you´re going to buy everything for me today, every little wish, you hear?”

Curtailing the insufferable space between them Atsushi made his mouth wandered on every place Todomatsu let him. “…And don't I do that always? I´m yours Todomatsu, you sang a spell of love for my ears only, and I´ll be grateful the rest of my life if you don´t stop. Whatever you want, name it, it´s yours.”

“You know what I want?” Todomatsu decided to use a soft, sugary tone with Atsushi.


“I want to be a whiny bitch today, and you will put up with me. Now move because I want to do something else than being secluded in a car with you.”

Determined already on that even long before Todomatsu asked for it, Atsushi was ready to harmonize with the idea and he will do it happily.


Before Todomatsu noticed and thanks to Atsushi´s efforts, the omega was having the day of his life. It had been so long since he spent a day with his husband in that way, and he loved it. Atsushi fulfilled his promise and really did buy everything Todomatsu wanted and they flirted as if they were the only couple in the world.

Fifteen minutes before the appointment time, they were close to the restaurant and Atsushi was securing the invitation in his hand.

“I´m so excited.” Todomatsu said walking inside after Atsushi opened the door for him.

“Me too.”

Right after they were greeted by the waiter and politely made them wait in the lobby, Todomatsu couldn´t believe his eyes or his ears after the voice that greeted him.

“Hey! What a coincidence. What are you doing here?”

Osomatsu and Choromatsu were waiting in the lobby, just the same place they were directed to wait for their tables too.

Osomatsu stood up followed by his husband and both shook Atsushi´s hand and saluted Todomatsu a bit more personal.

Todomatsu, straighten his posture, trying to think a way to convey his thoughts and thinking twice if he should tell them about the contest he won. If he confessed that wasn´t something he paid for it, wouldn´t it be a little pathetic?

“What about yourselves? Isn´t this place too expensive for you two?” Deciding on asking first before giving any information, Todomatsu restored to direct the spotlight to them. It wasn´t like he wasn´t thinking exactly that, so he asked anyway, although he knew Choromatsu wasn´t going to be happy with the way he was asking things, and his pronounced frown just made it clearer.

With the same attitude, he goes in life and the zero pride he holds towards anything, Osomatsu answered with a smile.

“Oh! We won a reservation here. It was a contest about sharing your love story.”

“You won too!?” Regretting the words a second after they came out of his mouth, Todomatsu grimaced just after speaking. Whatever façade he wanted to build between them, it was broken by now. But he think he did his best to hid his self-disappointment.

Osomatsu smiled in all his smugness, catching Todomatsu on his pretentious stance.

“So, this place is also too expensive for you two, huh?” Choromatsu said trying to provoke Todomatsu.

The great support Atsushi gave to his husband was a laugh. The more Todomatsu pouted the more he laughed. He was spotted, by the three of them and it wasn´t nice, he was going to take his revenge one of those days, at least on his brother´s side, but with his husband, the things could be settle right there.

“Hey! Which side are you?” Todomatsu kicked Atsushi with his elbow.

“Sorry honey, I´m sorry.” He said, not repentant at all. As if he haven´t done enough today.

The awkward silence was broke by Todomatsu´s eldest brother.

“Soo… what have you two been up to?” Osomatsu asked.

Angry, offended and without a desire to drag any news to an unnecessary suspense, he answered. “I´m pregnant.” He just wanted to say it, and made them know the pride he held. How much Todomatsu felt self-satisfied with his state.

Not hiding their amaze, Osomatsu and Choromatsu´s voices echoed at the same time.


Taking another brave movement on his side Osomatsu directed his sight to Atsushi.

“Dude, you have money, buy a TV or something.”

“Nii-san!” Alarmed for obvious reasons Todomatsu was a second late to scold his brother, but he was interrupted by the waiter.

“Your tables are ready gentlemen.”

Another waiter joined him and both were pointing at different directions.

Thank God we´re not sitting together.” Todomatsu though.

“We´ll catch up later. Enjoy your meal.” Choromatsu said before they part ways following their own waiter.

“Take care. You two enjoy your meal.”  Said Todomatsu, honestly wishing them to have a good time.

Once they were placed on their table, the first thing Todomatsu saw was the great view the place had and the atmosphere of the place reflected the elegance of its renown. Wining this reservation was the second greatest thing that had happened to Todomatsu this month, the other one obviously was his pregnancy.

Enjoying the sight of the city shining in its magnificence was the perfect touch for that beautiful date they had. Todomatsu had stopped being a spoiled brat, hours ago, after his husband accurately concede every wish with a smile and his undying loving eyes.

Ordering their drinks and with the appetizers in front of them: a row of small dishes in strange shaped plates with what it looked like an excuse of a shrimp salad, a salsa and a cracker with humus. They were ready to dig in. Despite what Todomatsu and Atsushi want to appear in front of everybody, that wasn´t a place they frequented and if they once dreamed about it, after the arrival of their first child the common spots to spend an afternoon or a holiday were familiar, like aquariums, movies, parks and others.

Any of the two noticed how tense they were, how quiet, trying to eat their food the most graceful way in an attempt to impress the other.

Todomatsu broke in laughter first.

“What are we doing?” he said leaving the cutlery on a side.

“Eh? Being completely honest, I´m not sure.” Atsushi followed relaxing his shoulders.

“This is stupid, we didn´t need this expensive place to spend a good time together. I think I had more fun out there buying junk food than here.”

“You just took the words out of my mind.”

Sipping his mineral water with lemon Todomatsu smiled at Atsushi. The place didn´t matter anymore, they were together and he wanted to talk about his family.

“I was thinking that, the house is starting to look small with so many children. Also my little bun will need space too.” Caressing his belly Todomatsu finished the appetizer almost in a bite, not in the mood anymore to impress anybody.

“Speaking of that. I commented with my boss about our growing family, he said he can promote me, but that would meant we need to live in another city for two years, then we can come back if we wanted to. Although a house would be included in this new job, and I saw pictures of it, it´s huge.”

“Wow… umm, moving? You´re talking about moving?”

The next plate was served to them.

Sipping his champagne Atsushi agreed. “Yeah, I know it could be a huge change, but, it will also mean we can live better, and the difference in payment is huge, we´re talking about two extra zeros in there.”

“Oh my God! Are you serious? That much?” almost chocking with its food Todomatsu´s eyes were open as plates.

“It´s going to be an important change.”

“Atsushi, what are you talking about? With that, we can give the kids whatever they need. We can do this, if we´re talking about just going for two years and coming back, we can do that Atsushi.”

“Ok, look, this is what the job is about…”

Taking their time in the topic that will surely change the way they were living, they enjoyed as a background entertainment the parade of dishes that were served. Atsushi showed Todomatsu pictures of the house through his phone, told him about the new work hours and the city.

Just when Todomatsu was eating a second dessert, same one that Atsushi masterfully bargained with the owner after telling him his husband was pregnant. The topic continued.

“Then, if I really go, you know the office is going to end up a chaos, they were going to move all the positions and start doing promotions and start hiring again. I would like to see them struggle.”

“Wait…” swallowing a mouthful of his chocolate ice cream from his fancy sundae glass. “Would it be too meddlesome on my side if I tell Osomatsu-niisan about your company? I mean, c´mon he and Choromatsu had done all they could together, and alone, there were times I wanted to help them but, I just couldn´t or didn´t know how.”

“Totty…” tenderized, Atsushi´s smile widen in a warm wave touring his chest.

Blushing at the nickname Todomatsu ate more ice cream, mumbling. “It´s been so long since you called me that way.”

“You care about your family more than what you like to admit, and I love that about you.”

“You´re an idiot.”

“Yes, for you.”

Not wanting to be too obvious, Todomatsu finished his dessert quickly and he excused himself trying to look for his brothers and tell Osomatsu the good news, but they were nowhere to be found. It was fine, those two deserved to have a day for their own; he admits how much they have fought to have what they own.

“Where you looking for your brothers?” Atsushi said placing Todomatsu´s coat on his shoulders.

“Yes.” He confessed knowing his disappointed face couldn´t be hidden.

“Call them tomorrow, all the preparations are going to start next month.” Kissing his husband´s forehead, Atsushi slipped his hand to hold his waist. Getting closer to his ears, he then whispered. “Would you let me take you to a place, a more private place where I can enjoy you wholly?”

Thanking the waiter and the personal of the place, they walked through the main door to face the chill of the night.

“What are you talking about? Atsushi-san, I´m pregnant.” Todomatsu continued as if there never were a pause, wearing his most devilish expression as a mask of pride, Todomatsu start walking in front of Atsushi, wobbling his hips side to side.

Striding to reach his husband Atsushi secure him tight in his arms.

“Don´t bullshit me, Todomatsu, we had had sex just yesterday, and in all your previous pregnancies, and you´re just in your second month, I still can pound you hard you know?”

Gratifying shivering Todomatsu melted in Atsushi´s arms.

“Take me wherever you want.” He answered.

Chuckling in his calm way Atsushi laced his finger with Todomatsu and took him to the car.

Life was perfect as it was.” Were Todomatsu´s thoughts, and that date was even more charming than what he ever imagine. Yes, his husband was an asshole, but he was pretty much of a dick too, and they enjoyed their life together.

“I will show you, what Todomatsu Matsuno can do in bed.”

The awkward smile Atsushi acknowledge Todomatsu´s statement only made him broke in laughter.

“What?” Todomatsu said. “Why are you making that face?”

“Well, I´m sure I´m aware of what you can do in bed, and I have five children to backup.”

Clinging to his neck and standing in his tiptoe Todomatsu played with the always-kept hair of his husband. “Well, we can play around all we want until this baby born. Then, we really need to invest in some contraceptive.”

Shortening their distance in a kiss Atsushi caged Todomatsu´s back in his arms. “Or at least remember that we have something like “condoms” in the house.”

“Right?” Todomatsu said in a happy tone.

Not asking permission from anyone, because he didn´t need to. Atsushi took Todomatsu in arms one more time, carrying him the same way he did when they married. He now had a giggling Todomatsu in his embrace and he will take him that way to the car, then to the hotel, and will climb any number of stairs, if there weren´t any elevator, in that same position until he could make him lay carefully and comfortably in a bed.

At the end, his beautiful husband deserves that and much, much more.